Are we ready for wet bulb events and rising temperatures?

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The blogmaster received the two videos drawing attention to wet bulb events and the alarming increase in temperature readings in recent times. It is predicted to get worse in 2024. What is scary is that our best scientists seem clueless to explain why temperatures have been increasing on the planet.

Here is what the blogmaster will opine, no human being knows how nature will react over time. Buckle up and wish for the best.

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  1. What I have found by keeping records of rainfall and putting my hand to farming and paying close attention to the weather is that El Nino and La Nina explains the weather.

    The attached numbers and graphs explain how these two are determined.

    There is a certain periodicity which is apparent.

    We are coming out of 3/4 years of La Nina and changing to El Nino. The predictions are we will get less strong hurricanes in the Tropics in El Nino periods, the opposite is true for La Nina.

    So, if for example we look at 1955 the year of Janet, we see the world was in a La Nina cycle.

    We watched the floods during Covid which came with the La Nina cycle but now in the El Nino cycle we are expected to see lower rainfall.

    Over the years of my research and observation it has always been surface temperatures in the Pacific and not the Atlantic that are predictors of weather.

  2. At the beginning of every month I look at the preceding 3 month average to see if there has been a change from the previous month and what could be expected in that month.

    So far I am getting better as I go along and watch the trends, learning all the time.

    The rest of this month “SHOULD BE” dry and hot but it is impossible to be sure. Early next month I will know from the numbers if there is a break.

    We “SHOULD NOT” see any serious hurricanes which is good as if we get to the end of this month with none it will be UNLIKELY that we will have one in the last quarter of this year.

    The question will now be how much rain will we get in the last quarter because that will determine how bad a dry season we will have next year.

    Next year it is possible BWA will smell hell.

  3. *The Cold War
    *The War on Drugs
    *The War on Poverty
    *The War on Terror NOW
    * The War on The CLIMATE (from global warming to climate change). You just can’t catch a break with these mofos.

    but Climate change has got to be the last rabbit these international gangsters pull out their arses. (I can’t imagine they’d have another scam up their grimey sleeves)

    Just listen to those buzz words coming straight from the putrid bowels of the WEF shills some fronting as climate scientists.

    ‘wet bulb temperature’ ‘human climate niche’ ‘blue ocean event’ ‘global bread basket failures’ ‘an existential threat to everything we know’

    In 4 days Jacobson had to increase the chart line because the temperature movement is rapid….skeeerrred! Ooohhlawd ‘Climate collapse could happen fast.’ Look at the ‘magnitude of that jump.’ Does it really work like that?

    This pale prepper is about to have a panic attack and watch me piss my pants.

    coyoteannie cut the bullshale!

    Watch these paid WEF shills push putridity on the pubic in preparation for the acceptance of pilfering Pedo Gates attempt to block out the sun or introduce some other dumb drastic measures while the sheep tremble in fear and lap it up just like they all stood in line to be injected with zio-covid-poison.

    Where are these panicked pale preppers when these gangsters carry out nuclear testing in the ocean resulting in tsunamis and destruction of human plant animal and fish life..Would that not explain the exponential increase in ocean temperature?

    These demons possess warfare weapons. Just ask the residents of Maui. They can start fires, floodings…

    Who’s giving us these distractive narratives while they continue to suck this earth and ocean dry of minerals for profit while maintaining a lockdown on our minds. Every narrative is a war. Their time is up! They are losing control!

    If the planet heats up who’s likely to perish. Maybe its a sign from the Big Man Above….and if if some of us accompany them so mote it be.

  4. Hopi..
    Or perhaps ‘global warming’ is the ultimate deception being dished out to gullible humanity, dark spiritual forces – whose objectives are much more sinister than ‘sucking the planet dry of mineral resources’.
    The ULTIMATE resource residing on this planet, exist in the form of the human being.
    It is a resource with absolutely limitless potential – when aligned with our natural spiritual foundation, but one which is destined for chaos and misery when separated from that foundation.

    All rational human beings should by now be convinced that the materialistic, greed-based, albino-centric philosophy which we have adopted has failed miserably.
    It should ALSO by obvious that this TEMPORARY experience called ‘life on earth’ is at termination point – IN WHICH CASE, a mad rush to man’s true spiritual foundations would be priority number one….

    Unless of course the false narrative could be projected that it is ONLY a case of man’s activities ‘heating up the planet’ and causing some problems …which can be addressed if we all ‘invest in electric cars and green bonds’.

    So no need to ‘PANIC and seek righteousness’ as the end draws neigh, instead, we should focus on reducing our carbon footprints…so that there is no ‘end’….

    Unfortunately, the FACTS are that, just like every other living system, Earth’s vital systems are approaching terminal stage breakdowns and malfunctions.
    Wunna could plan and hope for a renewed ‘green’ midlife for mother Earth..

    But not stinking Bushie….

    de bushman got all he affairs in order, and he Will done write…and ‘e planning for a spot in ‘Project Life on Earth phase 2’.

    • Good video Pacha.
      Worth the time… even thought he is unaware of the REAL bigger (spiritual) picture…

      …where the Hell do you get the time to vet all these bits of info?
      Bushie can’t even keep up with the damn Nation newspaper…..

  5. Some are wondering how come this news is not on BU….it’s all tied in… thing’s for sure, prosecutors will be going after governments and their agents who ran that deadly, injurious covid-19 scam on vulnerable populations worldwide….now the first hurdle has been cleared….no one eill escape justice

    “”Supreme Court ruling: Covid vaccines are not vaccines.

    Hardly anyone noticed that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. won the case against all the pharmaceutical lobbyists. Covid vaccines are not vaccines. In its ruling, the Supreme Court confirms that the damage caused by Covid’s mRNA gene therapies is irreparable. Since the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States, there are no further appeals and the appeal possibilities have been exhausted.  Robert F. Kennedy emphasised in a first statement that this was a success that was only possible thanks to the international cooperation of a large number of lawyers and scientists. Of course, this judgement opens something internationally, especially here in Switzerland this judgement should make waves, because Switzerland has a special position here with its federal constitution.  For one thing, the Nuremberg Code is in the constitution with Article 118b, and the misuse of genetic engineering on humans is prohibited in Switzerland under Article 119 of the Federal Constitution.  This is supplemented by Article 230bis of the Criminal Code, … The perpetrators thus face up to 10 years in prison.  However, this ruling should also make the rest of the world sit up and take notice, because the Nuremberg Code has international validity and is also included in Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. In the case of criminal charges, reference must be made in the declaration to the thalidomide scandal in order to lend special weight to the significance of this charge. So politics is in for a hot autumn. One should also know that the German lawyer Dr. Rainer Füllmich and more than 100 other German lawyers were involved in these trials.”

  6. It’s going down …all types of sledge hammers will drop.

    Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. Seotember 17, 2023. @ 6:30 AM

    Article 7
    No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.

  7. UK qulaified astrophycist Piers Corbyn claims man-made global warming ins a hoax. He runs a business selling long term weather trends and forecasts and claims the record shows his forecasts are significantly more accurate than the UK Met Office’s long range forecasts. This, he claims, is because thanks to his training in astrophysics, his weather forecasts can incorporate solar activity and changing trends in solar radiation output which standard weather forecasts do not take into account but which have a very significant effect on earth temperatures and weather patterns. He maintains that if the earth were warming, the man-made CO2 content of the atmosphere would have a miniscule effect on the temperature rise. See video linked below:

    Piers Corbyn, 26 June 2023:

    “The World Economic Forum and their fake science hirelings and sidekicks have now gone completely mad with desperation to shore-up their failed man-made Climate Change / Global warming fake narrative which underpins so much of their crazed schemes to control us all and depopulate the world.

    They’re now raging on about ‘global heating’ when the world is cooling and comparing sea surface temperatures now and 1850 when there were very few measurements and the methods of measuring were completely different.

    NOW their so called sea surface temperatures are not even measurements of temperature but satellite based estimates of precise (LOL?) sea level from which temperatures (the average from sea bottom to surface!!) are DEDUCED BY A COMPUTER (OhOh) MODEL”.

    “I need to be in Parliament to destroy these and all the other fake-science lies being regurgitated on us all by servile ministers promoting the Great Reset and all the dystopian evil that comes with it.

    Please join my campaign to get elected as MP in Uxbridge and South Ruislip 20 July – making that election into a REFERENDUM on the failed political system that has betrayed us all on the last 3 years. Come to our telegram group: PiersCorbyn4Uxbridge&SouthRuislip .

    Thank you!”

    FREE “Man-Made Climate-Change does not exist”

    24 page acclaimed science paper booklet by well qualified physicists Piers Corbyn (First class Physics Imperial College and MSc Astrophysics Queen Mary College and elected Fellow Royal Astronomical Society and Corporate member (WeatherAction) of Royal Meteorological Society) and Philip Foster MA (Cambridge).

    Download free => https://bit(DOT)ly/30TfVWN

    More at Corbyn’s web site:

    Video: Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn: “Man-made climate change does not exist”.


  8. Crooke made these comments 6 years ago at the beginning of Trump’s term.

    He did not think much of Trump’s ideas.

    He predicted no growth and stagnant or falling wages.

    Trump delivered both economic growth and wage growth.

    COVID and elections put paid to Trump but he is back again threatening to do the same.

    The powers that be will try anything to stop him.

  9. The house of cards that politicians buikt for themselves thought was so secure is about to come crashing down on all of them…they thought they were so slick….ha

  10. Not sure if Barbados is getting hotter but global warming is real as observed by crop failures accross South America where traditional farming communities cannot grow any food to survive let alone make an income and families are forced to migrate North or die.

    Conspiracy theories lie in the actions and reactions of world powers who’s ideas are always manipulations for leverage and advantage.

    An example is how Arab Springs were explained and blamed on crop failures and the dissatisfied unhappy angry people engaging in Spring Revolutions although their NGOs and agents were stirring shit up and spreading disinformation on social media to encourage people to rise up.

    This was a reworking of their war riddims for the previous 10 years.
    Gadafi had the support of African soldiers who fought as mercenaries.
    Now the West has copied this idea of using mercenaries to fight for them.

    Their corrupt ideas are like seeds that are planted, nurtured and grow into bad wicked plans. Observe the drip drip drip of their propaganda in media on a daily basis programming and brainwashing your mind to their hidden agendas.

  11. “Crooke is a former diplomat, a critical journalist.”

    He saw exactly what weee saw…….but….

    …where did Barbados get the story from telling the people recently, heard them myself bout…” Barbados will be first world by 2030.”…when, if first world dont change trajectory…they will be 3rd world by 2030…

    Can’t make any of this up.

    dont worry, they dont need Barbados’ input to do what’s necessary..

  12. “COVID and elections put paid to Trump but he is back again threatening to do the same.

    The powers that be will try anything to stop him.”

    Trump is facing ±100 criminal charges and will need to defend himself with evidence of facts and truth not the hyperbole intended for his followers.
    He cannot claim that Courts are acting on behalf of extremist left wing and right wing forces against him as that won’t cut the mustard in a Court of Law.
    His usual bullshit will also make him liable for perjury and more legal jeopardy.

    • Here is an issue about a reality that is something seems to be happening to how the planet is behaving that could have catastrophic consequences for humanity and all a few of you can do is listen to silly voices in youth head.

      Mentioning old white men like Trump and Biden who are figureheads in a political system geared at generating wealth for a single digit slice of the population makes who look silly?


      Private sector being asked to help keep schools cool
      By Donna Sealy

      An appeal is being made to businesses to assist schools in beating the heat when the new academic year begins tomorrow.
      With high temperatures predicted to continue until October, interim president of the Association of Principals of Public Primary Schools, Ivan Clarke, said when the executive met around the middle of last week, how to combat the heat was on the agenda.
      Although Clarke will be on pre-retirement leave from Hilda Skeene Primary School in St Philip, he said the plan was to conduct some classes under the shade of the bigger trees on the property, which may offer some reprieve from the heated classrooms.
      Fans in demand
      At schools with active parent-teacher associations, he said, they would be asked to provide additional fans.
      “Principals will ensure there are deliberate water breaks for students and teachers. We would be reaching out to the private sector to help schools acquire more fans. I am appealing to them to help us by donating fans, water stations for those schools that don’t have them installed, donating cases of water or water bottles so those students who may not have, can fill up and drink during the day.
      “We would also like to have at least He added that “a process of regular meetings” with the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Education has started to address any concerns and the hope is this will continue.
      Asked if there were any lingering concerns from the last academic year pertaining to students, Jackman said: “I think people are still coming to grips with the grooming policy and of course we’re all concerned about the rising level of violence across the island, not only in schools. There’s a rising level of violence happening in communities . . . .”
      Given this is the second year students will be in the classroom following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said this year will “tell us how far back we are”.
      “I think people are used to being back in schools and this year is going to tell us just how much gains we have made in terms of returning to normalcy. We’ve got to remember it is a slow process that is going to take a little time for everybody to get used to it.” (GBM)

      Source: Nation

  13. Lots of informatiion and msinformation all around, but when the dust settles…

  14. “It is tiring to have to respond to purveyors of misinformation.”

    People like to think they are good liars.

    My advice is always speak the truth.

    When you do this you develop an intuition to discern and determine truth.

    Truth has a resonance which rings loudly for all speakers of truth who learn how to recognise it.

    The truth is always out there and will eventually emerge

    the truth will never die

  15. Well…the storm water that drowned thousands in Libya was not manmade as we were told…neglect caused the deaths….and there were many responders on the way to help Libyans..with tons of food and other lifesaving needs from international countries.. ligistics is alwats a problem…….so where did that story come from…cause that is not what Libyans are saying….and why would they lie when one man who lost a wife and 5 children said he also lost 50 members of his family…not one person blamed anyone but their local government…

    Blood is thicker than mud….inserting oneself comes with consequences…just ask who tried and failed miserably…with tons of regrets..

  16. Global Warming Remedy

    Black and Brown skin is clothing protection against the sun

    Smiling Sunshine = Happy Emotions
    😄, 😆, or 🙂

    Sun Burned Faces
    People rich in melanin have protection from the sun by design
    and their skin does not get burned easily from limited exposure
    and are less likely to catch a skin cancer

    People low in melanin can’t take the sun and need ACs

    • Not so fast Einstein, black people do get skin cancer and the survival rate is much lower than for white people because for many black people it shows up in places that are not always exposed to the sun e.g. soles of the feet and under the fingernails and tend to be ignored.

      BTW Bob Marley died of melanoma (skin cancer).

  17. David
    on September 17, 2023 at 9:27 AM said:
    1 Vote

    Here is an issue about a reality that is something seems to be happening to how the planet is behaving that could have catastrophic consequences for humanity and all a few of you can do is listen to silly voices in youth head.

    Mentioning old white men like Trump and Biden who are figureheads in a political system geared at generating wealth for a single digit slice of the population makes who look silly?


    After the economic success of the Trump Presidency which generated wealth for all Americans, not a single digit slice of the population, Biden set about dismantling the systems that Trump instituted and is well on the way to destroying the American economy.

    It is uncanny to watch how one man who claims to have received 81 million votes could so bring down what was a booming economy, shades of EWB et al.

    It is almost as though he was controlled by dark forces and sent to destroy his own country’s success.

    America is blessed with huge amounts of petroleum reserves which if exploited again will put America back on track to contradict Crooke’s predictions.

    Within the past month Biden has taken out vast swathes of Alaska from the supply of petroleum products.

    No doubt Trump will reverse Biden’s policies and return success in wealth generation to the American economy.

    The Globalists will not want that as America’s self sufficiency in energy will spell their doom.

    It is seeming more and more like the only way they can get him off the world scene is to assassinate him.

    The problem they will have is that every Republican contender knows what to do and will to a greater or lesser extent follow Trump’s lead.

    There is one policy Trump has enunciated which will be interesting to watch unfold, mass deportations.

  18. Crooke does not seem to have taken into account America’s access to energy. It was self sufficient until Biden came along.

    Nowhere on earth has this resource so his predictions for Europe will probably be right, it has exhausted the resources it can use to grow.

    Right next to the USA is Canada where there is plenty and if the time comes when these resources approach exhaustion, Venezuela and Guyana are there for the taking.

  19. What people fail to understand is that more people in this world are killed by extreme cold than extreme heat.

    Extreme cold has affected invasions of Russia, Napoleon and Hitler.

    The US will have as markets all of Europe for any excess fossil fuels it produces over and above its needs.

    That’s why Biden’s actions have been so mystifying where energy self-sufficiency in the USA is concerned.

    In weather related disasters, it is fossil fuel that saves lives. If you look at loss of life from hurricanes, the death toll a century ago was way higher than today for the simple reason that fossil fuel enables rescue attempts.

  20. “This study aimed to evaluate the global, regional, and national mortality burden associated with non-optimal ambient temperatures. Non-optimal temperatures are associated with a substantial mortality burden, which varies spatiotemporally. The below findings will benefit international, national, and local communities in developing preparedness and prevention strategies to reduce weather-related impacts immediately and under climate change scenarios.

    Globally, 5 083 173 deaths (95% empirical CI [eCI] 4 087 967–5 965 520) were associated with non-optimal temperatures per year, accounting for 9·43% (95% eCI 7·58–11·07) of all deaths (8·52% [6·19–10·47] were cold-related and 0·91% [0·56–1·36] were heat-related). There were 74 temperature-related excess deaths per 100 000 residents (95% eCI 60–87). The mortality burden varied geographically. Of all excess deaths, 2 617 322 (51·49%) occurred in Asia. Eastern Europe had the highest heat-related excess death rate and Sub-Saharan Africa had the highest cold-related excess death rate. From 2000–03 to 2016–19, the global cold-related excess death ratio changed by −0·51 percentage points (95% eCI −0·61 to −0·42) and the global heat-related excess death ratio increased by 0·21 percentage points (0·13–0·31), leading to a net reduction in the overall ratio. The largest decline in overall excess death ratio occurred in South-eastern Asia, whereas excess death ratio fluctuated in Southern Asia and Europe.”

  21. Sargeant
    on September 17, 2023 at 11:16 AM said:
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    Not so fast Einstein, black people do get skin cancer and the survival rate is much lower than for white people because for many black people it shows up in places that are not always exposed to the sun e.g. soles of the feet and under the fingernails and tend to be ignored.

    BTW Bob Marley died of melanoma (skin cancer).


    The highest skin cancer rates are in the higher latitudes which get closer to the sun than the equator.

    It isn’t even radiant heat (IR) that causes it, it is the UV rays which occur whether it is hot or cold.

  22. Listen carefully to what people say
    skin does not get burned easily
    less likely to catch a skin cancer

    you should note the disqualifiers disclaimers
    such as easily and less likely qualifiers quanitifiers
    seems like you were too quick to pull the trigger and fire off some shots

    I concur
    I had an Auntie who died from skin cancer
    and I have had dry skin from the sun in hawaii
    when brown people get darker suntans they can rub it off

    Point made was more the numbers game statistics majorities and shit
    not one or two anecdotes as rebutals

    Don’t worry yourself no apology is required

  23. Bob Marley had a malignant cancer under his toe alleged to be from football injury.

    Who Killed Bob Marley
    There are conspiracy theories that he was hit with lasers during a concert by the usual suspects {cough} {cough} the CIA, who also tried to get him shot by the Seaga thugs they had on their payroll.

    Don’t read white people’s propaganda

  24. Bob Marley was deemed a threat as he wanted to liberate the holy herb

    Western reefer madness propaganda tropes said it made black and brown people believe they were equals to the white race and mades white women want to have sex with people of colour

    Now his son is CEO of High Times and marijuana is big business for whitey and Bob is deemed a deity around the world and his spirit lives on in his songes

  25. In a “Godless Age”, where the prophetic word of ELOHIM* has been relegated to the dustbins of medieval folklore – some are beginning to see the “HANDWRITING ON THE WALL” just as Belshazzar saw it in the days of his premature but abrupt reign & ruler-ship in the golden age of Babylon…

    The Holy Oracles of The Bible predicted some 3 & half thousand years ago that one day very soon, there would be a tremendous change in weather patterns…

    In Isaiah 30:26, reads: “Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be seven-fold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.”


    In the very, very near future, (maybe sooner than we think) the prophecies of the “VIALS” of God’s Wrath will be poured out upon this artificial world – (FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH ARTIFICIAL HUMANOIDS) who could care less about The Creator God who gives life to all and yet demands no allegiance, as men are free to “SERVE” whomever they choose, as free, moral agents…

    The price however must be paid as Revelation 16:8-9 (KJV) declares:

    “And the 4th angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with “GREAT HEAT”, and blasphemed the Name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give Him glory…”

    What we see now is the tip of a looming firestorm where everything will burn and the so-called “WILDFIRES” across Canada, USA & EUROPE are the signs of the times and are portents of the mercies of a Loving God who wants “ALL MEN” to repent and turn from their wicked ways before the inevitability of complete & utter destruction cannot be abated…

    Climate change or whatever idiosyncratic artificial label you choose to infer to what is occurring before our very eyes will only get worst and mankind is patently inept at doing anything to solve what is coming down the heavens…

    The hour hand on the “ANCIENT TIME CLOCK” ticks prophetically towards that Midnight Hour when all of man’s labor will prove futile, baseless & irrelevant. For just as the inhabitants of “SODOM” (including those mindless “SINNERS” today who live in “SPIRITUAL SODOM”) whose deeds of licentiousness – the purveyors of all manner of “EVIL” – corrupting root & branch of family life and the institutions and harbingers of what ought to make society a clean, decent place to raise our kids & grand-kids is now a cesspool of rotting filth, choking stench, avowed wickedness & blatant evil…

    How much longer do you expect a LOVING GOD* to tolerate this kind of treachery and He not act swiftly???

    Climate change, whether ecocentric or anthropocentric, does not amount to a hill of beans – for in the end, what was meant to be a “BLESSING” to mankind is now an intensifying “CURSE” that will lead to “MASS HUMAN DIE-OFF”, notwithstanding, the fallout to the other aspects of nature & the creation (fish, birds, animals et al) along with diminution & collapse of every other ecosystem on the sin-ravaged planet!!!

    What more can be said???

    In the “IMMORTAL WORDS” of John the beloved, in the 20th verse of the 22nd chapter in the apocalyptic book of Revelation – “EVEN SO, COME, LORD JESUS…”


    August 27, 2018

    Oxley, who reportedly worked as an operative for the CIA for 29 years, is alleged to have said he was often used as a hitman on targets deemed to “represent a threat to the interests of the United States.”

    In a purported interview shared widely online, he admitted having no problem with proceeding with the Bob Marley assassination because “I was a patriot, I believed in the CIA, and I didn’t question the motivation of the agency – I’ve always understood that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.”

    According to the conspiracy theory, Oxley used faked press credentials to gain access to Bob Marley at his Blue Mountain retreat; introducing himself as a famous photographer working for the New York Times, and gave Bob Marley a gift.

    “I gave him a pair of Converse All Stars. Size 10. When he tried on the right shoe, he screamed out ‘OUUUCH.‘

    “That was it. His life was over right there and then. The nail in the shoe was tainted with cancer viruses and bacteria. If it pierced his skin, which it did, it was goodnight nurse.”

  27. Looking like a real bad day for me. Was complaining about the position of comments and then I run into the above …

    But it could get better … Barbados had a few deaths that need more explanation.

    I remember killing a chicken once. Does that make me a murderer. Perhaps I could join the CIA

    Going back to bed.

  28. Can an Ethiopian change his skin, like a leopard his spots.

    Is the Bible not just a load of Conspiracy Theories.

    There are many Bible Bashers who have taken their masters religion to heart.

    Living in the Bible
    But, the Bible talks about Slavery in Egypt, Rome, Babylon and going home, in the same way that Rastas equate UK, USA, Europe as the same manifestation of wicked Babylon and Africa as Zion.

  29. Looks like several rabbit holes, if you ask me!

    People on this site believe only what they want to believe. Obama is a buller and killed his chef. JFK Jr. is a truth teller who won a case about vaccines (with a looney right wing court that suddenly becomes credible). Trump is a saviour under whom America prospered. And by the way, 2000 mules say he won the election. Also, there was no insurrection.

    They don’t care about lack of evidence. They don’t check the credibility of their sources. And some, like John Knox, outright lie in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

    It is disturbing how otherwise rational beings can have a pet subject on which they are so lacking in objectivity.

    • It’s way too hot!
      by DR COLIN V. ALERT

      IN 1979, FROM THE album titled Ladies Night, the soul band Kool And The Gang released the single Too Hot. Part of the chorus went like this:
      Oh it’s too hot (too hot) Too hot, lady (too hot) Gotta run for shelter Gotta run for shade.
      Back then, Too Hot was a big hit, and Kool And The Gang was a very popular music band. These days are too hot, but this has nothing to do with Kool And The Gang. It is related to global warming, and at the moment our planet is hotter than it has ever been. Unfortunately, unless human activity changes drastically, our planet will get even hotter.
      The best way to reduce body heat and avoid heat illness is to pay attention to your body, try to keep from getting “too hot”, and cool off when you’re feeling hot.
      • Avoid excess heat exposure. Try to stay in shaded, well ventilated spaces.
      • Take frequent breaks from strenuous activity.
      • Plan outdoor activities for cooler times of the day.
      • Stay well hydrated: drink lots of water, coconut water, juices, sports drinks but avoid alcohol and drinks containing caffeine.
      • Wear light, loose-fitting clothes.
      • Wear head coverings, like hats with brims, or caps with peaks, when outdoors. Use umbrellas where possible.
      • Rest and hydrate frequently, especially important for the very young and the very old.
      • Because temperatures are extreme, consider using a sunblock if you must be outdoors in the direct sun.
      • Particular attention has to be paid to our schools, which sometimes have hot, crowded classrooms. Our children should be advised about the early signs of a heat illness, and allowed to implement preventive measures, including access to adequate hydration and a shaded area.
      • Adults and children should avoid hot, crowded areas, whenever possible.
      Heat illness
      If you don’t want to end up in the emergency room, it is generally wise to avoid performing strenuous activities for prolonged periods during the hottest periods of the day. This not only applies to workers who work outdoors, like agricultural and construction workers, but also our athletes, as most sporting activity occurs outdoors. Overexertion in hot weather and exercising or working in hot, poorly ventilated or confined areas can increase the risk of heat-related illnesses.
      Heat illnesses occur when the body heats up too rapidly to cool itself properly, or if the body loses fluid too rapidly through sweating (or vomiting), leading to dehydration and overheating.
      Some heat illnesses are mild, like swelling of the hands or feet. Others are more dangerous, causing light-headedness, mental confusion, seizures, or fainting (syncope). High temperature exposure does not guarantee that you’ll get sick, but the more you’re exposed to hot environments, the higher your risk. And in the most serious of cases, exposure to high temperatures can be fatal.
      Temperature extremes most directly affect health by compromising the body’s ability to regulate its internal temperature, so that the body cannot cool down.
      Loss of internal temperature control can result in various illnesses, including heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hyperthermia.
      For every 0.5 degrees Celsius (one degree Fahrenheit) rise in internal temperature, a typical person’s heartbeat goes up ten beats per minute, resulting in a racing pulse, an altered blood pressure, and light-headedness. The brain tells the muscles to slow down, causing fatigue. Nerve cells misfire, leading to headaches, nausea, cramps, or even vomiting. This puts extra strain on the heart and lungs. The liver and kidneys can also be affected.
      People with pre-existing illnesses, the very young and very old, are at increased susceptibility to heat illnesses. Our high prevalence of persons with one or more noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) makes us a population at great risk for heat-related illnesses.
      Certain medications can reduce the body’s ability to manage heat. Common ones include antihistamines (cough, cold and allergy medications), some antidepressants, and diuretics (water tablets often used to treat hypertension).
      Studies have shown that tasks requiring attention, memory and reasoning can be negatively affected when the brain is overheated. This can lead to decreased performance, and may show up as confusion, delirium, and even seizures.
      Symptoms of heat exhaustion, heat illness, and heat stroke
      Heat illness can sometimes be hard to identify because the symptoms can be caused by other medical conditions, and people with heat illness can initially have normal body temperatures. If it’s a hot day indoors or out, and you or anyone around you “just doesn’t feel right”, stop whatever you’re doing immediately. Rest, hydrate, and get to a cool place. Why? A mild heat illness may progress quickly, leading to a severe heat illness like a heat stroke.
      Heat can cause some degree of dehydration by causing us to sweat more and we lose fluids, but you don’t need to be dehydrated to be ill from heat. If your body generates more heat than it can shed, no matter how well hydrated you are, you can experience heat illness, especially heat stroke.
      Heat cramps may be one of the first signs of a heat illness, and apart from sweating a lot the affected person complains of painful cramps, generally in the legs and sometimes the chest and abdomen as well.
      The symptoms of heat exhaustion include light-headedness, nausea, headaches and lethargy. The body temperature can be normal or slightly elevated. The pulse is fast and weak. Heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke, a much more serious illness.
      Heat stroke occurs when body temperature is over 104 degrees Fahrenheit and the body is out of whack: loss of consciousness, seizure, mental confusion, or unconsciousness may result. A heat stroke is a medical emergency, requiring emergency room treatment. So if suspected, call for an ambulance immediately.
      How to reduce body heat
      Our bodies naturally offload heat by sweating. In dry weather, sweat is absorbed by the air through evaporation. In wet and humid weather, it’s harder for the air to absorb sweat. This makes a hot, humid day a more dangerous proposition.
      The most important thing to know about heat illness is it’s preventable. Use common sense to avoid excess heat exposure. Do what you can to stay cool and well hydrated so you can stay away from the emergency room.
      Water and other fluids should be given to counteract dehydration in hot or humid weather, regardless of your activity level. Drinking water helps lower your body temperature and replace the fluid you lose through sweating. Fluids should be consumed before you get to the stage of feeling thirsty.
      We don’t need Kool And The Gang to tell us that these days are “too hot”, and that we “gotta run for shelter”. While anyone can be affected by a heat illness, using simple preventative measures can reduce one’s chances of being stricken by a heat illness, particularly if you fall into a vulnerable grouping. Heat illnesses are potentially serious but are preventable. We must prevent them.

      Dr Colin V. Alert is a family physician. This article was submitted as a Letter to the Editor.

      Source: Nation

  30. @ Donna

    As Robert Anton Wilson (author of Illumunati Papers) once said the mind and brain is a sensual organ that is stimulated by conspiracy theories

    Another random RAW quote
    “It is obvious that every dogmatic faith produces around itself a secondary layer of doubt, denial and outright skepticism — about rival faiths. The most bigoted Bible Fundamentalist, for instance, is capable of quite corrosive cynicism about the miracles of Buddha. The most fanatic Marxist is also a cynic, about the infallibility of the Pope. The Ayatollah Khomeini believes every word of the Koran, he says — but he is downright atheistic about the pronouncements of the U.S. State Department. This is universal: every faith, every acceptance, creates a necessary doubt, or rejection, of things outside the faith. Every Idol is jealous of other Idols.”
    ― Robert Anton Wilson, The New Inquisition: Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science

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    The kingdom of heaven is within

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