Prime Minster you are the one talking foolishness

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Minister of Finance
The Honourable Prime Minister Mia Mottley

Since I contributed several times on the NIS, I must admit when I make a mistake. For some time I have used the number of $320,000,000 to represent the sum of NIS contributions deducted from govt/SOE employees but not remitted to the NIS, by that employer(s), pre 2018. That was incorrect. The actual number given by the PM is $457,500,000.
I have also stated that was a criminal act. That nothing in the National Insurance Act gave any employer the right to withhold from the NIS monies it deducted from its employees. The PM referred to this as “monies it {GoB} took on trust”. Apparently whether employers have the legal right to withhold and open Accounts Payable (on trust) to the NIS, the PM is willing to give the GoB “a pass”. As she was willing to do with other employers, just admit it and talk to the NIS. In context, this seems to be because a decision was taken to pay it back, and she was clear to state the full amount of $457,500,000 had been repaid via Bonds. She said series Series B, I thought it was Series J, doesn’t much matter.

This then created the peculiar situation where it was OK to write off $1.3B in Bonds, but not $457.5M in unremitted contributions, which was repaid in Bonds, as if, the source of the money in both cases were not the same employee/employer remittances? The caveat being, the GoB will attempt to recapitalize both the NIS and the CBB as it can afford to do so.

The PM also mentioned that certain talk regarding investments was “foolishness” because the NIS has Investment Guidelines. The actual term until now has been an IPS, an Investment Policy Statement, and for the record it WAS NOT followed, and that is how the NIS ended up with a mountain of GoB Debt as ‘assets’. Investment Guidelines or policies, are of NO VALUE is they are not followed, and there are NO CONSEQUENCES to those who decide NOT to follow them. Hence, anybody who has concerns about ‘Investments’ is not without some just cause.

The PM also stressed the importance of the tri-annual Actuarial Report (likened to a medical check-up), while claiming the NIS was now current up to 2015, even though those annual reports have not yet been made public. She continued down the now well worn path of using the accrual accounting versus cash accounting method as the cause. However, said some modifications were being implemented so audits could be completed “in a hurry”. I have some difficulty believing it has taken them 5 years to arrive at this solution. It is interesting, that reports of a similar vintage from both the Caves, and then the BTMI did not mention this accounting dilemma, BUT, that information could not be found. Accountants could not verify/qualify that for which there was no tangible record.

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  1. Northern…..when it rains it pours, ya got company..

    .Pacha…everyone, there is a 54:50 audio clip on 789 Whatsapp group…you cant miss it, everyone should listen.

  2. Why not?

    I was surprised that since the PM again reiterated the importance of the CBB and NIS to the debt restructuring, they owned the bulk of local debt, no journalist asked her why pay White Oaks a hefty success fee, when success was predetermined based on the approval of just the NIS and CBB to meet the success threshold. That fee was in the range of BDD$50,000,000.
    That is the first of 26 payments to the NIS to ‘recapitalize’.
    Appreciate White Oaks received (may still receive?) a monthly retainer of BDD$190,000 per month, in addition to the success fees.
    Recall, that back in May 2019 when this topic was “ripe”, most hadn’t yet figured out the impact on the NIS. So the discussion focused on the ongoing debt restructuring of the time.
    One article of that time

  3. Pacha…William, Bushman…but werent we telling them this for YEARS…the Afrikan population is bombarded with the WRONG education system…now that too has expired…they are telling us what we have begged beseeched and cussed them to get rid of for years… the stench has become all-incompassing , overbearing and reflecting ON THEM…as failures….lots of pretty talk…wrapoed in nonsense…but no Afrikan education for AFRIKAN DESCENDED children still…no mother tongue ancestral language, cultures, traditiobs…EDUCATION still..

    “CEO of regional exams body says significant changes needed in education system

    By Marlon Madden

    The top official at the Barbados-based Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) is calling for an education overhaul to create a system that is no longer elitist, that caters to the needs of every child, and stops condemning some students to a “life of doom”.

    In fact, Chief Executive Officer and Registrar of CXC Dr Wayne Wesley suggested that the current educational system across the region could be contributing significantly to the social ills facing society.

    “Quality education will not be achieved if it is that every child is not afforded the opportunity to realise their fullest potential. We will only be talking if that does not happen. If it is that we want every child to recognise their fullest potential, then it needs [to] be that we create a system that accommodates every single child,” Wesley told a ceremony in St Kitts and Nevis at which the May/June 2023 CXC results were released on Thursday.

    “It, therefore, begs the question, and we should ask ourselves, what would have caused a human being to be transformed from the cradle of love to the crucible of hate where governments across the region are currently challenged with social ills [and] a security budget that is ballooning because of the challenges we face?”

    Connecting You and the Caribbean

    Wesley insisted that opportunities should be created for everyone, including “those who we consider requiring more attention, those who we consider to be gifted”.

    “What are we doing with them? Because, perhaps, with what we are experiencing across the region, you don’t know if it is the gifted meeting with those at the lower end and coming together to create the kinds of challenges that we are facing,” he said.

    The CXC official said the education system in the Caribbean needs to be transformed, moving away from the “failure approach where we speak more of what students have not achieved” and instead highlighting more of their achievements.

    “If we move in that regard, then we will stop the propensity and inclination for us to be blaming aspects of the education system. We need to resist the urge [to blame] students, we need to resist the urge [to blame] parents, we need to resist the urge [to blame] teachers, we need to resist the urge [to blame] principals, we need to resist the urge [to blame] ministries of education, we need to resist the urge [to blame] ministers of education,” he contended.

    “What we need to understand is that what has evolved over the years is a system that creates segregation and we need to break that system down – move away from creating an elitist movement to one that caters to every single child.

    “We need to create that system and stop relegating our students and children to a life of doom. When we change what we are doing as a region and begin to put the resources where the resources should go, we will see improvement,” Wesley insisted.

    His call comes as the Ministry of Education in Barbados continues consideration of education reforms, including replacing the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Exam (BSSEE), commonly referred to as the Common Entrance or 11-plus exam.

    Wesley told the hybrid ceremony that CXC officials were also cognisant of the need for transformation within the regional examinations body.

    “We are also playing our part to transform for greater regional impact,” he said.

    “That transformation will see us repositioning ourselves by reimagining our philosophy, by creating multiple pathways for students to demonstrate their competence. We are rethinking our qualification framework where a competency, skills-based approach first is being contemplated, recognising competence as we go.”

    Wesley said that in addition to the classical innovation, which includes the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE), CXC was working towards “hybrid innovation and proxy innovation”.

    He said the hybrid innovation included collaborative work with ministries of education to develop a curriculum that would work alongside national programmes.

    “Our proxy approach will begin to recognise national programmes that are designed towards equipping students with the requisite skills and competencies, also working with countries’ national programmes through a quality assurance mechanism.

    “In that context, we can do it and we must do it. It is urgent that we take that step to save our young people and present them with a future where they can see themselves being prosperous and attaining the highest level [of achievements],” the CXC CEO added.”

  4. Waru

    Nothing will happen until the entire Western, capitalist, neoliberal system collapses.

    Certainly, Mia Mottley ain’t only now talking foolishness.

    In his day OSA talked nuff foolishness and got away wid it.

    However, Mottley has been talking foolishness, on steroids, for years. Of course, adorned within a rechtoric which has been the opium of the polity, and her long term defenders on BU.

    She’s been the darling, a compradore, for the dying system.

    Maybe she too has started to believe her foolishness toooo. This makes her a very dangerous woe unto man.

    The truth has always been that Mottley’s handlers in Washington always wanted to destroy all structures which have any relationship to socialism.

    Can’t we see that that even government itself is being privatized or destroyed.

    This writer just happens to be, today, in a country where the company registry and the central bank are both in private hands.

    Should we repeat!

    This should not surprise many. For the Federal Reserve itself has long been a private entity.

    Be warned.

    These are what this show pony for empire will make unavoidable. Indeed, the wars on China, Russia and Iran are precisely for them to hand over their monetary sovereignty to City of London and Wall Street banksters.

  5. Another audio clip 1:03:29 highlighting our ancient African ancestry on 789 Whatsapp group..

    ..dont know why in this day and age you have to warn grown people that not everyone admire them or their neferious behavior and will not tolerate it…

    Maybe they need to be made a prime example..

  6. The problem here is that all this repayment by bond to the NIS is not negotiable cash. It is a glorified IOU cashable hopefully sometime in the future.

    What the fund needs is an injection of hard negotiable cash which can come in yearly for a guaranteed period of time. Even 50M a year for 10 years will go a long way. This slide of hand using government paper as the deck of cards, is useless to us in terms of the fund meeting its needs. What you going do give 82 year old Mrs Brathwaite a bond to spend at massy valid when she is 90? I appreciate the PM was given a bad wicket with the fund to start with thanks to Sinkyuh printorama, but the answer can’t be writing off 1.3 B and expecting the fund to rebuild itself based on its current revenue base. Some form of compromise must therefore be found.

    • @John A

      Aren’t you disregarding what the actuaries said about the how an injection is likely to benefit the fund?

  7. The Honourable Prime Minister Mia Mottley will soon be taking the Exit from Little Island politics as per her previous statement and will be drawing her retirement pension.

    Roots of Contemporary Music
    Here’s a link from a field song, to the blues, to jazz and soul, to house music

  8. Nope I am agreeing with what the economist said instead. Well cuhdear if you looking at a cashflow issue then only cash can solve the issue correct?

  9. @ WARU
    Note they cannot make up their minds which word to use. Sometimes it is reforming ; another time it’s transforming.
    Completely at sea with their now exposed brand of pure nonsense.
    We cannot simply reform
    the education system by renaming buildings.
    So, the next best cop out is to brand it a transformation.
    They have once more missed the point. If we reform the system we will automatically transform our socio economic condition. It is therefore sophistry to talk about transforming something before you put the tools in place to reform it.
    That’s why we talk about reforming the system.
    We are still waiting to see the blueprint on reforming the system .

    • Ya know the wordsmiths int too bright already..

      But it gets worse…exposure over who, while minister of finance dipped their hands in the NIS to give millions to their father…i had forgotten Owen initiated a court case over that….but once election 2018 stepped in, the writeoff artist got to work……and with Owen departing….a new chief justice, friends with benefits, was put in place to squash the case…but now evabody hearing bout it, the coverup did not work…..a very ugly chain of events, embarrassing to the people, the island and their offshore employers…

      Now boldfacedly lying to the people..

  10. Skinner

    You may even go to synthesis, try!

    For you can’t on the one hand continue with a dated economy, which is always failing.

    While on the other be asking for either reforms or transformation elsewhere, in education for example.


    If neoliberalism has taught us a few things they should be

    That democracy has no meaning beyond an imperial tool.

    That markets are never fair, never free.

    Indeed, the NIS was attacked precisely to create additional markets for financial firms like Rawdon Adams has admitted.

    When he says that instead of NIS investing locally or regionally, like they made a mess of, the American FIRE sector is to invested to guarantee 6 percent return.

    What fools!

    FIRE – finance, insurance and real estate.

    • Things have taken a drastic U-turn…

      “As employers decide job candidates no longer need degrees.”

  11. Credentials in Capitalism aka The Devil’s Workshop
    Although I have skills and experience in Collateral Wealth and Asset Management, Income Reporting, Investment Markets, Shares, Pension and Fund Accounting, Asset Transfer Services, Banking, Accounting, Financial Global Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions etc etc .. it all reminds me of Slavery..

  12. Northern…the NIS is a hot topic…evabody’s piggybank especially for those who pay no NIS for their employees but can draw off millions….Apes Hill and 4 Seasons scam are but two of what seem like thousands…..evabody dipped their hands…now comes the fallout.

    Disgraceful….that’s the talk of the town…famous enuff.

    • WW&C
      Who knows?
      The story a few years back was the Gildan founder had ‘purchased the assets’ of Apes Hill. One is not required to buy ALL assets, but it generally means unlike buying all the shares of a company, the asset purchaser does not buy/assume liabilities.
      Without a relevant annual report who knows the NIS position? Apparently shares were sold in the new ownership entity.

      Ditto for 4 Seasons. Given that CBL essentially used tax payer money to settle many debts, one may ‘hope’ the NIS was protected?
      The land ownership is apparently still in the courts, but again without NIS annual reports only a few actually know what became of NIS ‘investment’.

    • A reminder the unions have a seat on the Board of the NIS. Too much hypocrisy.

      Moore: Focus on what can be made better

      General secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Toni Moore has suggested that the entity would be willing to go back to the drawing board to further discuss Government’s controversial pension reform proposals.
      Earlier this month, Minister of Labour, Colin Jordan, in a ministerial statement in the House of Assembly, announced that Government would in 2028 increase the pensionable age to 67.5 years, then move it up again in 2034, this time to 68 years.
      Then on Friday, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, during a nationally televised press conference, told the country the reforms were fair and reasonable, while revealing that Barbados’ pension payments were the best in the region.
      Further consultation
      While addressing the BWU’s 81st annual delegates conference yesterday in the Sir Hugh Springer Auditorium, at Solidarity House, St Michael, Moore responded to critics of the union’s seeming lack of response to Government’s controversial pension reform plan, but also said further consultation could make a difference.
      She said while the union already had a resolution in 2017 on the matter, it was open for further discussion.
      “We must be sure what we stand for. Today, the Barbados Workers’ Union will go the route to ask you (delegates) to revisit it [the resolution] because either you want a pension system or you don’t and either you get caught up in all the narratives about all the things that were done that you can’t change, or you accept things as being where they are, and try to let us continue to use our influence to make things better.”
      Moore said this would form part of what this year’s conference would be reflecting on.
      “There have been calls from many for the Barbados Workers’ Union to add its voice to the debate and to the [protest] action in Town (Bridgetown) regarding the increase in the pensionable age. But do you know why [I] have not said anything on that?
      “Because it was in this very room at our 76th annual delegates’ conference back in 2017 where the union’s highest decision making body, after listening to a presentation from the then director of the NIS (National Insurance Scheme) decided we should do two things in particular: Make sure we should put pressure to bear on those who had the decisions to make, but to involve wide consultations and to make sure we had a national pension system not only in place for ‘today’, but for ‘tomorrow’ as well,” she said.
      Actuarial reports
      Moore said it was the executive council of the union which had called for that presentation to take place as they sat on the NIS board and realised there had been two consecutive actuarial reports which had seemingly been ignored.
      The general secretary
      also mentioned a situation where she was asked how she felt spearheading actions which were undermining the business of another black woman. To this, she said “massa” day was not as done as some may think as there are those who still act like slavers, with many of these modern day ‘massa’s’ being black people.
      “It was about a week after we had workers at KFC walking off the job because after talks were ongoing regarding the conditions they had to endure, those workers found that it had got to the point where no changes were being made and they had to withdraw their labour.
      “There are some who are black just like me, who consider themselves so far above and beyond that they can only see how an action is hurting those who are engaging in a form of modern day slavery. ‘Massa’ used to be white but in many cases, ‘massa’ now looks just like us – ‘massa’ goes to school with us, ‘massa’ goes to church with us and preaches to us.
      “As a black woman I do not consider myself as undermining another black woman; I consider myself supporting the hundreds of black women who go to that institution daily who are being undermined,” she said.
      Another issue Moore said the conference would address was the cost of living. She said one of the main ways the union would do so was through negotiations, adding they had successfully negotiated more than 40 contracts within the past year.
      “We recognise the problems surrounding the cost of living are not only localised, it is what the world around us is experiencing. A lot of it is globally driven but the sad reality is, we must also accept that we can’t say that to the mother who can’t buy school clothes or the family who doesn’t have anything to put on the table so we must devise ways [to help] and those answers do not only reside among the executive staff of the BWU,” she said. (CA)

      Source: Nation

  13. It gets worse, a long list of investors, we had the names a few years ago, everyone ran…ICBL was part of the parade, huge loses, NIS took a big hit…

    Other big conflicts came up, the pretend empire fsmily got kicked out …
    Pyramid suddenly collapsed…then everyone shut up….all should be in prison.

  14. Yolande Grant -African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on August 26, 2023 at 7:16 PM said “evabody dipped their hands…”

    Not me.

    Please note that I do not owe NIS a single cent.
    Don’t owe BRA
    Don’t owe BWA

    I don’t know who tief the citizens money, but it wasn’t me.

    • Good to see you again Cuddear…..

      The creatives have turned their graphic art into an appeal to bring back the stolen pensioners money…’s very impressive..being shared everywhere….international splash..

  15. Good morning Vietnam 🇻🇳

    @ War in the Bush

    Have some carrots with your lunch today Old Chap, don’t Regurgitate your 🐇 stew. Lord Chancellor won’t like the smell…1+2 = 😹

    It’s a blessed day today peoples. Let’s give thanks for privileged.

    Psalms 37:1-9 NKJV
    Do not fret because of evildoers, Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, And wither as the green herb. Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, And your justice as the noonday. Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret—it only causes harm. For evildoers shall be cut off; But those who wait on the LORD, They shall inherit the earth.

    I fear those who won’t be rewarded in the kingdom of heaven.


  16. General secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Toni Moore has suggested that the entity would be willing to go back to the drawing board to further discuss Government’s controversial pension reform proposals
    Is this her idea of a joke? Did she make any contribution to the matter when it was debated in the Hof A or did she sit on her hands? To come at this stage and say that the Union she leads is willing to go back to the “drawing board” to discuss Gov’ts pension reform “proposals” is laughable. Doesn’t she know that Gov’ts “proposals” are no longer proposals but are enshrined in law? Talk about closing the barn door when the horse is cantering down the road.

    BTW the PM said something about qualification for MP’s pensions should be changed, people should roll out their impression of the Mighty Charmer’s
    “Big Shot laugh”

  17. John A: if you looking at a cashflow issue then only cash can solve the issue correct?

    Reply ↓
    Budavid: It can help the ‘cash flow’ issue for sure but …

    Reply ↓
    Sidewalk Killer: FYI, I have developed a manifestation program that creates wealth in abundance within 40 days.
    This program can be purchased by BU members for the discounted price of $1000 as a special introductory promotional offer

  18. “All uh dis talk bout [edjukashun] drivin’ muh mad, makin’ muh sad…”

    This is decades that I have been saying what Wayne Wesley is now saying.

    Little ole me, no expert on education or anything else.

    Just eyes to see, ears to hear and empathy with those who have been forced to feel like fools and failures every day in a classroom.

    As for the NIS, when the time comes, I will advise my son not to put all his eggs in that basket. I have little confidence that the fund will be properly managed going forward.

    As long as we persist in Bushie’s favourite “albinocentric” mindsets, culture and systems nothing will change around here.

    I’m busy watching Africa, because there is where the change seems to be in progress.

    Perhaps where they lead, we will follow.

    Until then…..

  19. According to Bushman…what a time to be around, wont have it any other way.

    Everything is unfolding at the same time.

  20. Pacha….Prigozhin’s death confirmed.

  21. Are there any Bajans out there with any ideas to create manufacturing on the Island? Manufacturing that will provide employ for the locals and add to the GDP? Are there any Bajans with solutions? Not the critics we know they have nothing to offer but “denigration.”

    A tiny island, once a former hub for the enslaved and their slavers, what do you have to sell to the world to fill up your coffers?

    If the country is not run on debt, what do you have to offer to sustain such a ‘high’ standard of living?

    If the PM decides to make the island a Pimpers’ Paradise, why not make it the best gawd damn high class Pimpers’ Paradise?

    Or are the natives willing to return to the days of impoverishment?

    Hasn’t the debt been reduced? A debt incurred by incompetents?

    Money talks while Bullshale walks.

    Mr Adams just take 1 million from that $14M set aside for external markets and put it into Options and just watch it grow. If you cannot do it, just find a reputable house to do it for the nation.. Just rinse and repeat and watch it grow.

    MAM. please do not return to the WB nor the IMF for funding. Once you’ve paid them off, stay away from them. They owe us. We don’t owe them. Next time you need a loan maybe the African Bank will be in a position to help Barbados. Despite all the naysayings Barbados will be fine. She will weather this storm.

    Now, the time has come when the GOD of the Black Nations has removed HIS foot from our necks. The necks of the disobedient, the stiff-necked. Our Forefathers turned their backs on GOD, hence we were brought into captivity., into affliction, into lowliness. That foot has been removed .,,,but as soon as Our enslavement was over they brought Covid to the World to keep us in lockdown.

    Today, that redemption is very evident in The Garden of Eden. Young men are standing strong and tall against the enslavers. Willing to die to set their people free (no death is more honourable) Soon, the tables will be turned and the enslavers will become beggars. All in “Divine Providence”

    MAM, get that flight corridor between The Mother Land and the Caribbean up and running. thus making air travel faster and easier while eliminating the US, France and any other European Stopovers.

    AFRICA, the Apple of GOD’s Eye, your time has come to shine Once Again and its unstoppable.

    BARBADOS, just get your Spiritual House in order and It will be Well, for this too shall pass. Feed someone who cannot feed themself.

    “Untie the tangle web of destiny that binds us as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.May we not be subdued by that which would divert us from our purpose, but illuminate the opportunities of present moment.”

  22. “If the PM decides to make the island a Pimpers’ Paradise, why not make it the best gawd damn high class Pimpers’ Paradise?”

    Is that the best you can do…you were right, you are not a student of ntr…you only passed through..

    …maybe if you can find some scholars of that leadership form, you can come up with the CREATIVITY NEEDED to bring the island out of the hole and away from backward STAGNANT thinkers…who are not creatives themselves…this has become more than the expired status quo..this is way above and past things colonial…..Pacha can expand on that…

    They do not have the forms of intelligence to do any better…or they would have in the last 30 years…but didnt…

  23. Psalm 9
    For the director of music. To the tune of “The Death of the Son.” A psalm of David.

    Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire
    Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire

    There is no more water to out the fire
    There is no more water to out the fire
    Let it burn, let it burn
    Let it burn, burn burn
    Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire
    Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire

    Judgement has come and mercy has gone (mercy come and gone)
    Ooh, weak hearts shall lick up and spit up (weakheart must get lick up)
    Judgement has come and mercy has gone (judgement time is here)
    Ooh, weak hearts shall lick up and spit up (weakheart must get sick up)

    Let it burn, let it burn
    Let it burn, burn burn (mercy gone)

    Blood, blood, blood; blood and fire
    Rasta Hail!

    Blessed is the weed, the healing of all nations in every corner of the earth
    Blessed are the fields of sensimillia that enlighten and erich our soul
    Blood and fire mek it burn bredren

    All weak hearts shall lick up and spit up
    And all righteous shall stand
    Hail, Rasta hail and wail (rastafari)
    Hail Rasta don’t quail (we not quail)

    Let it burn, burn burn
    Let it burn, burn burn

    • David, are you aware the Marcia Weekes Show is live on YouTube, with Lynette Eastmond, Kemar Stuart, Caswell Franklyn and Marietta Forde. A march is to be held on Saturday, September 3, 2023. One concern is whether or not the airport has been sold.

    • When did i tell you i wont be reading your post…i said i will be reading LESS…i remember well what I said…

      Good thing too, these days you never know which way people are swinging, that’s why one has to be so very careful…….but never expected you to take the weaker route….

      For the clean up process one must now seek higher vibration….apparently very few are equipped….much strength is needed.

    • When your house is fully mortgaged and you are a few payments behind – while you seek a loan from another institution to make the overdue payments…
      ..YOU don’t have any say in whether or not your house is to be sold…
      That is a matter for the Igrunt Money Funder (IMF) to decide.

      Typically, if you are a ‘good boy or girl’ and you adjust well to the vaseline, they may let you stay in residence… and you can even talk pretty and continue to pretend to be a home owner…

      ..but one slip-up , or just criticize a lgbtqia2s, and your donkey in potter!!

      But not stinking Bushie… the bushman don’t want no stinking big headed mortgage.

  24. David, the march is supposed to be about transparency and accountability. The organisors want Mottley to say if GAIA has been sold. They are also of the opinion that she is the only Barbadian PM that has been unable ‘handle the IMF.’

  25. Yolande….. To follow the crowd is the weaker route. I just took a different route. Bajans gave the DLP an extra 5 years to deplete their funds, instead of kicking them out early.

    Didn’t they just give Mia and co. another 5 years? Why?

    Since there’s a consensus that MAM is taking the nation to hell, why won’t the people turn their ploughsharers into swords and turn Mia out? Shut the country down. No work. No school.


    Is it that a nation gets the government it deserves?

    What will happen when the people decide that the services of MAM and her party are no longer required, who will replace her? The same shite bunch that preceded her?

    As I see it, the problem is with the People of Barbados. Bajans are a spoiled, coddled people who have more Pride than Industry therefore they are ripe for the plucking.

  26. Ya forgot to mention how corrupt both governments are, both raped the country, and tore up the socio economic environs, never built anything, only look out for their bank accounts, but expect to walk away from Karma…

    I see nothing to be impressed by or with…..i have higher ideals.

  27. We boast about our high level of education. How’s it that we can’t manage our airport; according to the PM, we can’t find a national to manage Tourism.
    We need to really stop the wishy washy pseudo intellectualism and take a good long look at ourselves.
    Quite recently the General Secretary of the BWU, said that Massa now looks like her(Black).
    We sell a man land / property and then say he does not own it and may not be compensated if it’s taken away by government. Now, we are hearing the land surveyor made a mistake.
    In the midst of all this backwardness , we still believe in throwing a few words around, pretending that we are the light to better governance.
    We are fooling no one. The masses are not ignorant to our pretense of caring. They know we are just defending the status quo and hoping they will ignore their abject poverty and economic marginalization.
    We are fooling no one.

    • All of them are exposed, the facilitators and their enablers….there is no getting away…..these decades long scams are the biggest heists in history from small islands….and so unnecessary…

      ..the people hired you after you begged and lied your way to the parliament…same people broke their backs toiling to educate all of you, and what did you do….BETRAY and SELL THEM…

  28. Bush Tea*****

    With such repetitive inter-generational behaviour, we have now left the hypothetical and ventured into the factual. There’s no pity for a people who love their chains. I say give ’em their World Class Pimpers’ Paradise.

  29. The criminals, their facilitators, and their little enablers who have misused, abused and weaponized an expired colonial system against the population… have now ALL expired themselves…their days are numbered, they can now pretend they are making changes but change has been in the air for longer than they think, not their system, they cant change a thing…….tick tock..

  30. Yolande Grant…Since you have higher ideals, why do you stay in this 3rd dimension complaining day in day out? Aren’t you burdening your soul. Must you not shake off those shackles in order to ascend?

    • My soul is fine i did not RoB an island of people for 100 years generationally …did not RoB other islands across the the last decades…especially with the vaccine scam and a clear case of wannabeism in Dominica…

      …you should instead ask the wretches WHY they targeted me for 49 YEARS…and if they had not, would not now be on my should ask them to CONFESS what they did..

      …i dont do the slave mind thing, or encourage and enable wicked politicians to commit evil, especially when it’s AGAINST MYSELF and MY FAMILY…you have to be a special type of brain damaged and suffer with something even more dangerous than Stockholm Syndrome…to be that level of accepting…

      So now…they will PAY….no matter who dont like it, their opinions are NOT important in the grand scheme of things.

  31. Btw…werent you the same one saying yesterday and this morning the people deserve what they get because they encourage these evils from corrupt governments, stay silent..and dont stand up…

    …so which is it…should they remain as slaves allowing politicians with EXPIRED colonial titles to walk all over them with their minority gang, sell and betray them or should they fight back…which do you want OR are you confused too..

    The fools made the biggest mistake of their lives…now am HUNTING…just dont get in my way..

  32. Yolande Grant…. let me tell you a little something. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Why don’t you go and solve your problem one way or the other and stop complaining. You sit in that chair and sing one song. There are those who know how to handle their business and they will be fine. Then there’s the other lot who complain and complain and do nothing and they will be plucked.

    As long as I’ve known Bajans I know that they are quick to do mischief to their fellow brother/sister but when there’s a greater cause that really needs collective assistance/resistance they run and hide. This is the group that deserves what they’ll get.

    How are Bajans going to live the high life they’ve grown accustomed to, if its not on DEBT? The tunnel vision is pusillanimous.

    You are too damn miserable!

  33. Hopi…stfu…i never told you i had a problem, never seeked your advice or help …simply because it’s clear you wont know what to do……unlike yall i know what to do about corrupt traitor politicians…who inserted themselves in my ancestry without invitation or consent and got STUCK… no one called them… if you feel sorry for them…tough..nuff more to come…ALL DESERVED.

    You on the other hand LOVE to insert yaselves in what dont concern you at every opportunity…. I KNOW how to handle my business…

    one minute you complain about the thieving politicians, next minute ya kissing ass while blaming the people for not standing up and expose them……that is a damaged mind and it’s a disease on BU we watched for many years…

    Ya cant hold a thought or focus……..ya jump on the blog pretending but it didnt take long for you to expose yaself…how do you think that looks to sensible people….not a good example for the young…and as a fowl ya got stung very recently didnt you, massive blowback…….lol…dont worry, you will heal..

    ……, and you look less than intelligent doing this pretend game…..i have held this position for 12 years after finding out how corrupt they all are…now see if you can stop me from tearing them down….you are of no use, so mind your business.

  34. One things for sure…ALL the criminals with EXPIRED colonial titles got a lot to pay for, and pay they will, all their names are starring in racketeering…and there is nothing their corrupt minded supporters can do about it…this and other crimes are being shared in UK…everywhere..

    “I have other documents and will send them when I have time. This will do for a starter. The Coroner should be investigating this to see what really happened to lands at Arch Cot. She shouldn’t take any backtalk from the Planning Department too.

    Town Planner’s permission stamp: Connection to Arch Cot?

    I read in the papers that the police are investigating the “misuse” or forgery of the Town Planner’s permission stamp. The paper doesn’t say what it’s about. Could it be a cover-up to say that “no-one” gave the permission to build at Arch Cot? It would be convenient if the permissions history remained a big mystery, wouldn’t it?

    The paper says the fraudulent use of the town planner stamp was “recent” so maybe it has nothing to do with Arch Cot but I don’t trust Town Planning Department. Too many stories about landowners who can’t get permission to build and they sell the land and the new politician owner gets planning permission right away.”

  35. Yolande Grant……..
    Upon my return to this blog and browsing the postings I honestly thought you were a dingbat. It was just me being polite that caused me to respond to a post you initially addressed to me but honestly I found nothing of interest in your postings. Seems like certain of you stood on the sidelines and watched, then when you thought it safe you jumped in..

    Who stung me recently? You can hold your thought for 12 years or 1200 years, doesn’t impress me, and I’m glad to know our thoughts are contrary. We all come here with our own mission. I’ll do me.

    I posted. You jumped in after saying you won’t be reading my postings. Started spilling your guts on my post. Now your saying I insert myself? I’m not interested in your business, hence I dismissed your complaining and other than your shite, I can and will comment on any posting on this PUBLIC BLOG
    and there’s not that much that interest me anymore. (Other GOD, only David can stop me).

    You do realise there was a time when this was a vibrant blog but it seems to have lost beaucoup de zest. esp with you being parked here daily like dead weight.

    I’ve reached a point in my life today where I really don’t give a flying !uck and nothing has enhanced my new attitude more than the scamdemic where I saw BLACK people lined up and masked up like cattle to be injected with poison. That was a hard turning point for me. I just could not believe that Black folk were that stupid and cowardly. If they don’t care, why should I? I even had 2 Black women call the cops on me because I was not vaccinated neither did I wear a mask…and you think I cared? Nobody controls me.

    You being a foolish woman have to carry water for another. Not Hopi. I hold my own.

    You are way out of my league, way out. So stay out there!

  36. Advice for those heading to the continent…keep ya personal proclivities to yaself….death penalty in the air…and from news reports other countries will be just as draconian…to protect their family values….cant say ya did not know…

    Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. August 29, 2023. @ 12:42 PM

    Exclusive: First Ugandan charged with ‘aggravated homosexuality’ punishable by death

    August 28, 20233:59 PM AST Updated 21 hours ago

    KAMPALA, Aug 28 (Reuters) – A 20-year-old man has become the first Ugandan to be charged with “aggravated homosexuality”, an offence punishable by death under the country’s recently enacted anti-gay law, prosecutors and his lawyer said.

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