Praise for Fatman – what about the 16 year old boy?

One member of the duo who participated in a widely publicized alleged robbery of ZR driver aka Fatman was remanded to prison for 28 days until his next scheduled court appearance. on August 22, 2023

After witnessing pictures of the 16 year old boy’s procession to be processed yesterday flanked by two policemen, first thought from the blogmaster was how did society fail the youngster? Many will be happy to reconcile the matter by thinking, he did the crime therefore he must be prepared to do the time, forgetting there is a bigger issue to be solved.

81 thoughts on “Praise for Fatman – what about the 16 year old boy?

  1. Hasn’t lost his mother’s features yet! Is this the one who cried out for his mother? I cannot remember.

    They didn’t look credibly threatening, or Fatman would have reacted differently, I believe.

    Clearly, he was correct in his assessment.

    I think we need to save these youngsters rather than lock them up with hardened criminals.

    • Was it a real gun brandished like the one brandished in parliament by Estwick in the presence of our sitting AG?

      Are the two youngsters known to the court like Lord Evil for example?

      To a simple minded blogmaster the youngster is being made an example against by officialdom in a climate of rising lawlessness. If yes what does it say about our inability to implement sustainable programs aimed at preventing crime especially by the youth.

  2. Most children appearing before the criminal courts will be the subject of reporting restrictions which prevent the publication of their name, or other details that are likely to lead to their identification.

    The youth’s photo / details should not have been disclosed.

    The criminal justice system treats children and young people differently from adults and significant weight must be attached to the age of the suspect. The youth court is a specialist tribunal which can make adjustments for children who may struggle to participate in the plea or trial process.

    Youth gang membership prevalence varies by locality. Surveys of urban youth samples indicate that from 14% to 30% of adolescents join gangs at some point.

    Child soldiers are any children under the age of 18 who are recruited by a state or non-state armed group and used as fighters, cooks, suicide bombers, …

    • re :”The youth’s photo / details should not have been disclosed.”

      Am I missing something here???

      Was “the youth’s photo” already not disclosed across social media !

      It’s therapeutic – I imagine – to talk about protecting minors before the justice system but when ‘minors’ act brazenly in publicly visible crime performances these days how on earth can that therapeutic chatter be practical or make sense!!

      Yes David, it’s not ideal to have the youthful offenders with hardened criminals but do tell brother where and with whom were they most likely leading up to the ‘larking’ behaviour.

      Juvenile delinquency can’t be continually shrouded in the same old cloaks, good sir.

      Anyhow, peacefully morn. I gone.

  3. He committed an adult crime.

    Were the parents in court?

    Society did not fail this “child” his family did.

    Thomas Sowell’s view …… “only the village idiot believes it takes a village to raise a child”.

    • I do not know where to assign blame, but to assume that his family failed him because he acted like a criminal and an idiot is stretching it a little.

      Most parents try to do the best they can, but we also know that our children can sometimes go off the path.

    • According to the news report his mother was in court and she was the person who handed him over to the police.

      When reference is made to a village raising a child it is not meant to absolve the parent from the responsibility, it is about the other support nets older Barbados relied on in civil society which seem to be failing us nowadays.

    • you do the crime. You serve the time. Hès got a only take a second to kill someone. if Fat man didn’t drive erratic and said everyone will die only God knows if they wouldn’t have killed him. These young people taking the Easy way out with a gun.

  4. Surprisingly and so far, I have found myself in complete agreement with the blogmaster. His two questions are deserving of an answer.

    Further, what concerns me is that our justice system has a habit of beating up in the poor and weak. One may be able to assess this family standing in the community based on the reaction of the justice system.

    I am also pleased that it has dawned on someone that he may be ‘missing something’s. About time. (You like dat😃)

    • Was the gun found / turned over to the police or it still in the hands of an unknown
      If he he’d kill fatman or was still on the run u would be making ur poor and weak comment

    • Why are you shifting the argument regarding concerns expressed by a majority of Barbadians about how we raised a 16 year old to allegedly commit the crime recorded? It is a valid concern while not minimizing that it should be addressed. We have a big problem to address to curb deviant behaviour. Continue to focus on enforcement only to our peril.

  5. Weren’t the laws about gun related crimes updated recently and isn’t he one of the first offenders since the updates

  6. “Why are you shifting the argument regarding concerns expressed by a majority of Barbadians about how we raised a 16…”

    18 and Over

    Is the 16 year old being tried as an adult, and could go to an adult jail if found guilty

    (being raped in prison would form his character to mould him into an adult)

  7. Obvious and clear @David re the village raising a child.

    It’s confusing that intelligent people make such absurd interpretations simply to be contrarian.

    Every culture uses groups or related folks (coaches, scout leaders, youth organizations, uncles/aunts etc) as part of the ‘raising a child’ formula.

    It’s nonsensical to say otherwise as it’s simply not true and never has been. Only a village idiot would make such assertions.

  8. Good luck

    Peer pressure greed / drugs and probably no “fatherly”corrections ( some will call it abuse )when needed just to name a few

    • Deviant behaviour – especially among the youths- must be assessed against a background of increasing crime and other societal problems. We can look at this incident with the boy is isolation. Let us have an adult discussion.

  9. Boys will be boys.

    “In a news release Tuesday night, Toronto police announced that a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl have been arrested in connection with the incident.

    Police confirmed to CTV News Toronto that the boy was the alleged driver of the stolen vehicle.

  10. David

    Deviant behaviour among youth is something I am deadened to
    Hear about them everyday on new, read about them everyday on my neighbourhood app

    There are mall/s here that youth can not go into without being accompanied by am adult or something to that effect
    Counties/cities that have curfew for the youth and the parents are held accountable if curfew is broken

    Shootings and car theft [especially kia

    I am on the side of u do the crime …….

    My sympathy lies with the mom not the robber

    • You John2 may want to compare island life with that rat race over there, the blogmaster prefers not!

  11. David
    on July 26, 2023 at 9:06 AM said:
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    According to the news report his mother was in court and she was the person who handed him over to the police.


    One sane parent, a start.

    Were’s the father?

    …. and where was society?

  12. Society was actually there in the person of the prosecutor.

    Society has taken the rules parents enforce with punishment and made them into laws for the prosecutor to apply and seek a more severe punishment.

  13. Not comparing but if u wanta call it that then that’s ok by me
    Yes we are both talking from different experiences

    The good, bad, ugly, rat race – started in USA sooner or later copied in bim

  14. “Why are you shifting the argument regarding concerns expressed by a majority of Barbadians about how we raised a 16 year old to allegedly commit the crime recorded?”

    what are the forces is play?
    psychological – is the youth a psychopath?
    social – has the youth been influenced by society, peers, gangs, tv, computer games?
    spiritual – has the youth been possessed by demonic forces?

  15. The problem is most probably due to 16 year old boys having access to guns.
    They become obsessed with using them without regards to consequences.

    • “You can’t go wrong with…”

      Proving my point exactly! I didn’t rely on others to do my thinking even as a child watching westerns on Saturday morning television.

      Because you can go wrong with ANYBODY.

      No one person has all the answers.

      And Mark Levin probably has fewer than a stopped clock.

  16. This tendency to quote Thomas Sowell on every topic seems as childish as quoting Rush Limbaugh always seemed to be.

    Really, this overreliance on the mouthings of random people is idiotic. Who are these people that they should be so idolised? What gives their words authority above and beyond those of anybody else as though quoting them is like slamming the last three dominoes, knowing that everybody else has to be passed.

    I could never understand it.

    The only hero I have ever had is a sporting hero. And that was because of indisputable performances on the field not words that are subject to opinion.

    And I kept the hero in his place of heroism – on the cricket field.

    He became a mere mortal as soon as he stepped off the ground.

    Hero worship leads to cultism.

    I don’t have to tell you where that ends. I’ve been watching that unfold since 2016.

    If I know anything at all, it is that no one person has all the answers.

    Nobody is always right!

  17. David,

    Keep trying! Hopefully, we one day would move beyond the simple blame game and seek to find solutions.

    The causes of crime vary. Some people are definitely criminal-minded and, some are just weak-minded.

    Therefore, some can be saved and others can’t.

    Punishment is all we can do for some, removal from society for a while to give us a break from their criminality. Others only need a helping hand and a finger pointing in the right direction. Prison for them, cohabitation with hardened criminals, would be the wrong direction.

    We will never eradicate crime. We can only seek to keep it within manageable boundaries to prevent societal collapse.

    • @Donna

      A local sociologist think it is has predicted violent crime will increase in Barbados given current trajectory. What are we going to do?

  18. I stopped listening to talk radio for quite a while. However, even when names are not mentioned I can see some phrases come from directly talk radio.

    Regurgitation. No original thinking, even their politics/social commentary is by rote.

    • @Donna

      There are trade offs based on the culture we prefer to subscribe. The average Barbadian want a crime free and less deviant society but will never agree to some of the draconian laws practiced in Singapore.

  19. Crime has been on an upward curve in the entire Caribbean for at least twenty five years. Most noticeable , is the involvement of young females and the frightening increase among very young men below the age of twenty. Like everything else the trend cannot and will not be stopped and or decreased by pretty talk or quasi political grandstanding.
    Throughout the region ordinary citizens have been taking precautions. Homes are now constructed with security foremost in the homeowners minds. For example the huge verandahs are becoming a thing of the past; shopkeepers now barricade themselves and have less contact with customers after purchase; widespread use of cameras and other modern anti crime instruments are now prevalent.
    A lot of this has to do with cultural penetration and the influence of overseas media, imitating foreign , particularly negative American, and other lifestyles and habits. Of course the drug culture and industry is a major part of our collective problem.
    To save future generations, the region must revisit how our very young children are mentally and culturally developed. They must be seriously taught and inculcated with the importance of self esteem and how to combat peer pressure and anger management. The classroom must project respect for each others opinions and so on. Holistic is really not a fancy word; it really means addressing issues from several angles and then implementing the ones that are most needed at the time.

    • At least you hold hope, these pretenders are only interested in billions and trillions of dollars, all belonging to other people…they so desperately wannabe.

      They hold absolutely no interest in giving Afrikan descended children the REAL EDUCATION they need to bring forth knowledge of self, overstanding and balance, nothing ancestral in content….if they do, who will they sellout, socio-economically reduce and tief from generationally, a properly educated population will never allow them that disrespectful opportunity.

      This also applies to Pacha’s concern …the narrow narcissitic ignorance and arrogance holds nothing but unrecoverable intellectual bankruptcy….expect nothing good going forward. They are already stained and marked.

  20. Not fatman, alone!

    There were “fat man” and “little boy”

    The nuclear weapons dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    Well the local fatman is of a different vintage.

    Dropped on Japan as a warning to Russia. For the Japanese were already defeated and negotiating the terms of surrender.

    The local fatman is not known to be associated with the male chauvinism even now distorted in its association with nuclear weapons.

    That history borrowed from deep philosophy. A construction seen in the many
    obelisks in every capital city. Even bulbadus!

    And yet Bushie, the unread, will never under the metaphysical associations with the “big deckie in dey pokertz” this writer has well associated with these times😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    • And yet Bushie, the unread, will never under the metaphysical associations with the “big deckie in dey pokertz” this writer has well associated with these times
      Bushie don’t waste time reading shiite… NOT when first hand knowledge is readily had from the most IMPECCABLE source possible…

      But since you are in such a rollocking mood, Pacha, the bushman will share with you a titbit of reliable info that was recently passed on by absolutely reliable sources… 🙂

      THE END IS AT HAND…. literally… no more dilly dallying and ‘iffing’, …finito!!

      The GREATEST DECEPTION EVER unleashed on mankind is currently being played out with nearly 100% success.
      This one makes Covid look like a school play…

      Indeed, IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, even the bushman would have been deceived by the ‘global warming’ shiite talk.

      You see, …our earth is on its deathbed. It is suffering from a variety of ailments – from cancerous crime, destructive wars, tremors, and more recently, high fevers.
      Fact is … it has served its purpose and is ready for PHASE 2.

      Now if brass bowls were to REALIZE this stark reality, then – except for the totally blind, deaf and dumb, there would be a mad RUSH to understand life’s FUNDAMENTAL meaning, …and to get IN phase with that ‘meaning’…

      If however, the demonic deceivers are able to convince us all that the REAL ISSUE is ‘Global Warming’ and that the ‘solution’ is to invest in solar panels and electric cars….
      …well then, who has time to bother about the FACT that life has much deeper meaning…. and that THE day of reckoning is imminent…

      Wunna can continue to worry about petty shiite … Bushie will be focused on the path to righteousness….
      Remember the Bushman TOLD wunna so….

  21. The Afrika-Russia Summit enters its second day in Saint Petersburg.

    When will there be a Caricom- Russia or a Caricom-China summit?

    Maybe never!

    It maybe permissible to have a Chinese stadium or a fling with Russia here and China there but Caricom instead of looking towards the new world is tooooo caught up in doing the bidding of the American racist, even fascist regime, in Washington, against Haiti.

    Haiti, a small part of Afrika within the region, still.

    Wonder what a Fatman knows about these real issues.

    • I am taking notice of certain things. ..

      “Work is already underway to open offices of the leading Russian media outlets in Africa: TASS news agency, Rossiya Segodnya [media group, which includes RIA Novosti and Sputnik], RT television channel, the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Rossiyskaya Gazeta [newspaper],” Putin stated.
      Some Russian news outlets already have bureaus operating in Africa, including TASS, which maintains a number of offices there. The outlet has so far focused on reporting African news to Russian readers, but will now expand its operations to broadcast to an African audience.”

    • Speaking of real issues…here is what most dont know. They are still running the medical marijuana scam, still have not legalized it but hooked up with Canadians again for some rigmarole am sure we will hear the down-come in the not too distant future while not telling the people that:

      They are too far behind everyone else, due to not having legalized the marijuana yet…among other cockups.

      Already locked out the majority people who could make it a success, out of the enterprise due to their greed and discrimination against the Afrikan descended population, and have no impressive product to call their own anyway. A BIG FAIL.

      In the meantime, on a platform out of Afrika, I noticed Jamaican restuarants and othe Caribbean businesses are doing it in a BIG way in Ghana and other Afrikan countries..

      ..what has the Afrikan descended population in Barbados gotten out of all the whirlwind tours of Afrika except shite talk…..failure squared….FIVE YEARS of it..

      Bushman…at least ya cognisant to notice ya right there now.

  22. I think predicting crime will increase is a no-brainer. I suspect this is true all over the world. There may be a temporary ebb in some places but, eventually, the flow will continue.

    My prediction: The price of bread will increase.
    (I will wait on your applause for my brilliant insight into the future)

    • The prediction is not crime will increase among our youth, it is that this group will be involved in violent crime going forward.

  23. Donna on July 27, 2023 at 7:57 AM said:
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    This tendency to quote Thomas Sowell on every topic seems as childish as quoting Rush Limbaugh always seemed to be.


    I understand Thomas Sowell, now 90, has a new book coming out.

    It comes highly recommended by Mark Levin, whose new book, “The Democrats Hate America” will be out in September.

    Incidentally, if you pre order from Amazon now you will get 40% off.

    You can’t go wrong with a Mark Levin book, Like Rush he just turns out No. 1 bestsellers again and again.

  24. Pacha….the distraction tactics from small island copiers no longer works on the vast majority….

    strong/powerful mindsets are holding steadfast…knowing that these have a limited stock in that regard and NO CREATIVITY…..another FLOP..

    They will soon run out of gimmicks.

    Someone should tell them that once the French population set the pace. .whom they underestimated and thought would lower their world view to fall for slick talking rubbish like they never heard it all and more before…..that was it…

  25. Waru
    And the obvious things are not being done.

    We’re not even suggesting a total commitment

    Only the preparation, opening up to and for other possibilities.

    Beyond circles of awareness.

    Thus giving the country options.

    All of this Mottleyrite cattle wowling is destined to create another lost generation just like every other one before.

    With the country left again to play catch up. Like it is now.

    • Pacha…while you were posting this, i posted something similar above.

      As the world has moved on through crisis after crisis….Barbados will no doubt be left behind fighting evil demons and criminal spirits with bad intent from the 1920s and 30s…trapped….for the last hundred years.

      There is no catching up, they couldnt in 100 years, never wanted to,, highly unlikely and impossible now…a particular mindset is needed and necessary for that reality…they dont have it and never will..

    • “With the country left again to play catch up. Like it is now.”

      Highly impossible. They know it, that’s why the stench of desperation is hanging so heavily in the air. So thick, ya can cut it with a knife.

      No one who is anyone cares about them and their thrashing around trying to appear relevant both them and their idiot supporters will remain laughing stocks with every failure going forward.

      As ordained. The dye is cast. No reverse available under those types. Only one option left wrapped up in a second option as one…..

      They set one of their tief brigade living in the southern US to talk pure rubbish yesterday…in another forum…. since their greedy covetous eyes are now fixated on the billions the population got in their savings accounts…easy pickings for them..

      That’s the stage they set and can do nothing better than perform their ritual of esfet…that’s what it finally reached to… …pun intended…

  26. Are BU’s prophets true prophets or false prophets or parrots?

    There are six types of possession:

    Demonic Possession – It’s when a demon takes over a person’s body without their consent.It’s what you see in most movies. It involves speaking in tongues, sudden personality changes, sudden violence, even superhuman strength.
    Physical Pain – This is a sickness or an injury due to a demon being inside a person. It doesn’t impact the soul, just the body.
    Diabolic Oppression – This is when a demon torments a person, causing tragic events in their lives the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a home. Basically, the story of Job.
    Diabolical Infestation – It’s when demonic entities take over a house, an object, even an animal.
    Diabolical Subjugation – It’s when the possessed invites the demon into their lives. They do this through game play or pledging their soul to the devil. It’s real in that if a human wants power, they can trade away their future for that power.
    Diabolical Obsession – It’s when a person has constant, overwhelming and irrational thoughts, making them act in perverse ways. It’s hard to detect because it’s the most highly functional of all the possessions. But it can lead to suicidal ideation and murder.

  27. January 1st soon heh again and, lookah muh crosses, we pinging ‘long still!

    Wuh I swear blind dat someting momentous was suppose tuh happen by de en’ uh las’ year.

    And yet here we go again wid de prophecy. Nuh date dis time doah.


  28. Lawd have murcee! “I want my muddah’

    There’s hope for the pliable, ignorant youth.

    Heroes don’t always wear capes. That taxi-driver is a hero and a National Treasure. He just saved three lives. Took me back to a time when Men were Men in Barbados….no-nonsense with BALLS! Now he can teach Drivers’ Defensive Course and How To Punk a Punk!

    Love it!

  29. The van driver has become a rock star.

    He appears in ads for various businesses, and everybody can spot him on the street and calls out to him!!

    At first when I saw the video it seemed staged but if the two boys are before the courts and will end up at Dodds, it got to be fuh true, and I loved it.

    Those two “boys” are going to get hell when they hit Dodds!! I

    I wouldn’t want them injured physically but maybe the emotional stress of having real criminals laugh at, belittle and mock them may put them back on track.

    If the van man became a rock star you know the two idiots are marked for life as objects of ridicule inside and outside of Dodds.

    The law may keep their names out of the press, but you know, and I know Bajans will find out who they are if they have not already and take delight in shaming them.

    I feel kind of sorry for them.

    Definitely a wake-up call for them and their families.

  30. Or….maybe the constant humiliation could spur them to get it “right” next time.

    My wish is that the youngster will not be placed with hardened criminals. As has been noted, he IS pliable.

  31. That lad who cried out for his muddah has shown that he’s pliable. He got caught up in something bigger than himself. I’d give him 6-12 months detention with labour. He should learn to till the land, learn the basics of carpentry. masonry, electricity, plumbing and IT and also clean his environment daily. Personal hygiene/deportment will also be monitored and taught if needed. I’d also offer him conselling x2 per week and monitor his mental/emotional. He will meet his ‘victim’ and offer an heartfelt apology. Should he show remorse and progress then he will be released back into society.

    The punk that proceeded to assault the driver with a bottle will be given hard time min 5 years.He too will be guided, ‘educated ‘and monitored.

  32. Mia is smart.

    She will distract with you racist tension where the situation may just be 1Arab vs 277,799 others.
    And what do you miss… a thorough investigation of Agencias Universales S.A. (AGUNSA)


    Dude this ain’t grain.
    Research before you start pecking.

    “Paraguay’s public works ministry (MOPC) cancelled the tender for the modernization of Asunción’s Silvio Pettirossi airport and also stated it would not use the PPP model for future improvements to the terminal, putting an end to the US$149mn project.

    Over a year ago, the country’s comptroller recommended cancelling the tender for the airport concession, pointing to alleged irregularities in the bidding process that benefited Spanish firm Sacyr, which participated as part of a consortium with Chilean firm Agunsa.”

    • “In April the comptroller argued that the MOPC – public works ministry – had avoided the prequalification process during the tender and that actively acted to favor Spanish construction firm SACYR…”

    • Bring the whole story. Tell we WHY the comptroller was against the process instead of coming with bits and pieces to talk $#¡t€ bout scam, yuh yardfowl pimp.

  34. The trick is this. 🐔s don’t have fact. They fly, squawk and shit. The fly out in attack mode, little realizing that they are a nuisance and not a threat.

    They drop a load as they are squawking hoping they hit something and then they fly away.

    It is easy to call them out, watch and see… You are not going too see that chicken again

    That last statement kafuffle that 🐔. Stay low and safe or fly out without any shit.

  35. Read your 7:24 p.m. bit again … “had avoided the prequalification process during the tender and that actively acted to favor Spanish construction firm SACYR…”

    I could help ya, but I will let you try to figure out. Obviously a case where literacy does not include understanding.

    • FOOL, it was the ministry that avoid the prequalification process, approved by the minister. It could be for a number of reasons. You only assuming. You in a dark room looking for a black cat.

  36. “Over a year ago, the country’s comptroller recommended cancelling the tender for the airport concession, pointing to alleged irregularities in the bidding process that benefited Spanish firm Sacyr, which participated as part of a consortium with Chilean firm Agunsa.”

    Keyword: Irregularities… The country controller would be more circumspect than I am.

    Please read to understand. The Gods have put their thumbs on the cale. Can VPN (and a new ID) defeat the Gods

  37. Is that how we do it
    What is vs what could be?
    The known vs the unknown
    Let’s punish the 16-year old for what he did and not what he might have done.

  38. The real trouble is when pathological liars who are taxpayer paid PUBLIC FIGURES trapped themselves into a corner with their continous LYING, got caught by the UK, US and Canadian diaspora Barbadians and put on instant blast PUBLICLY…

    It certainly happens everywhere…the yuung can be foolishly fearless.

  39. Sir
    I am 100% in agreement with both being punished for what and according to what thy have done
    I have already stated that I have to sympathy for the 16y old and the same now goes for the 18yrs.

    My first comment today was pointed towards the sympathy expressed towards the 16y old because of his IMO baby face,age and he cried for his mother

    If the two roles were reversed and brought to the public as they were then there would have been less sympathy for both robbers.

    In others if the 16y was just place in placed in the paper for the a number of crimes then the reaction would have been like ur – one man crime spree most wood have forgotten about his age or looks
    If it was the 18y in the van then because of his age and look there would have been the same level of sympathy expressed as towards the 16 yr

    The are both two young men who have gone astray just 2yrs difference, looks and how they situations came to public. iMO IMO. IMO

    Ps. Can’t punish them for the crimes yet they are only accused not yet found guilty b



    2 Timothy 3 King James Version READS
    3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.


    AND WE HAVE THE BU ILITERATI Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
    AND ALSO Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.


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