On the 18 April 2023 Barbados Underground shared a disturbing story that a medical student enrolled at an offshore medical school in Barbados registered under the name of Barbados International University (BIU) committed suicide. The reasons shared can be seen on the previous blog – INDIAN MEDICAL STUDENT DIES BY SUICIDE AT BRIDGETOWN.

Arising from the story it was reported in the traditional media on the 20 April 2023 local police confirmed the matter was being investigated. The also confirmed what is generally known- an autopsy will have to be performed to determine the cause of death. The blogmaster takes this opportunity to issue a gentle reminder about a related matter stuck in the ‘system’ – Media Barred from Emma McManus’ Inquest.

The question must be asked, why is the process in Barbados and other civilized counties used to determine cause of death being disrespected? Here is how the matter was reported in The Times of India on 20 April 2023.

Khammam student dies in Barbados

 Hyderabad: A 20-year-old student from Khammam suffered a heart attack on 17 April and died in Barbados in the Caribbean islands where he was pursuing his medicine course….

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The Times of India

The following received to BU’s inbox.

Hello sir

As you know that indian student who dies by sucide in Bridgetown international university. Now the Owners of the BIU is publishing in india as the student died because of heartattack. Whatever truth it might be without getting the autopsy report from the Barbados. How can the BIU can publish the news as it is a natural death. They just want to protect themselves to recruit new students. They are publishing the paid articles which publishes that student died because of Heart attack.

For your reference here I’m attaching the link where they published.

I sincerely request the Police authorities to investigate the student death . And also to let the whole world know for what purpose the student died. His soul needs justice . And the autopsy report must submit to the Indian embassy of Suriname as well as to the New Delhi. And also to the forensic department of India. It’s really very very sad to see this type of fake news publishing just to protect BIU management and owners and just to earn more money. I really request all the authorities to take certain action against BIU university. This is not fare at all . The BIU university is thinking that they can buy everything with money.


  1. In UK there have been many suicides in University
    (319 took their own life in three years)

    Issues raised about (alleged) duff qualifications and rip off scams by the pop up University should be treated as separate issues irregardless about the cause of death of one student.
    It seems that those still alive are dissatisfied with the business conducted by BIU.

  2. This week the great Kit Klarenberg broke the bombshell news that two (2) of the 9/11 hijackers were CIA assets as admitted in a court deposition issued by the official enquiry committee.

    Nothing new, some may say?

    But always intuition, common sense and every fibre in all sentient beings knew that this must have been an inside job.

    Millions of people were killed by the great satan – America! After this pretext. Of course, unlike the pretense of sorrow for the medical student, nobody remembers these mullions.

    But that the elites in Barbados, and the media whores operating as their factotums, satisfied that the IMF money continues flowing, are content to keep noise about a single death when a cancer is at the heart of empire, and its satraps, like Barbados.

    Thanks to the Grayzone, an operation we are happy to fund. An outfit which consistently does journalism, media generally, which continues to drive the big deckie into the poooooookerts of the powers that be.

    For only the large mushroom can overcome the wickedness of White people and their slaves.

  3. If everyone knows that student died because of the BIU. they will not get new students. That is the reason they are publishing the news like the student died with heart attack. I think they are feeling like they can buy and do everything and anything with money.

  4. So what can the police do about a news article written in India but wait for the autopsy and have the real cause of death distilled in the media to prove the school has ulterior motives and nothing is too low for them to do to lure and deceive students….they fit right Barbados..

    Pacha…the Slaves are utterly frightening, we warned about them for years….now everyone is seeing them for what they really are…no escape, no more hiding and pretending, no more fooling the people.

  5. For some reason, I am beginning to believe I am a great investigative reporter. Here is my interview of the Min of Ed.

    Mystiv Man (MM): Say minister, do you have an update on the reason why this young man died?
    Min of Ed: We were not aware of this death, but what are the reasons a person dies? It is either brain death or his heart stopped beating?
    MM: Seriously.
    Min of Ed: I was not being serious, but it amazes me how quickly the public want answers, These incidents are not one hour exams. We need time.
    MM: Are you saying it will take some time.
    Min of Ed: Brilliant. How did you figure that out? Of course it will take some time. We are still looking for the children who took the survey. None of them are registered at ‘Grade 2″.
    MM: Since this happened a year or two ago, wouldn’t it be wise to ignore Grade 2 and look at ‘Grades 3 and 4’.
    Min of Ed: Great idea. Raymond please take a note. We need this guy on our team.
    MM: But we stray from the point. Will you investigate?
    Min of Ed: This will have to take its turn. We have the IDB questionnaire; we have the teachers being threatened; we have three or four more issues that are being investigated. We will get to this, but it is number seven in the pipeline.
    MM: I guess I will have to check back here later
    \Min of Ed; The later the better.

    (I was told I have a writing style that is similar to Theo. I do not know if I should proud or shame. And for those of you who are challenged, MM does not stand for Mia Mottley)
    Mystic Man

  6. Breakings news.
    One of the 9-11 CIa recruits thought he was applying for a job at 7-11
    (Kind of racist on my part, but there is not much you can do with 9-11 – So 555don’t get your king-sized kinky knitted knickers knotted 🙂 )

  7. Al Qaeda were CIA Assets
    Bin Laden Family were Business Partners with Bush Family
    Drone technology was available for USA and Israel
    $480 billion failed trade settlements occurred at Bank of New York for 10 year bonds that was held in Black Eagle Trust alleged CIA Black Op funds from Iran-Contra scam w/ Bush 1
    (I wrote the FAILS report at BNYE that produced the data)
    (10 years before that I was at Pan Am calling Lockerbie Victims Families and also provided the head of investigation info about CIA inside job theory which was raised in a Court Hearing but struck out by the Judge)

  8. The student was suffering with mental illness. For weeks prior to his sad death, he was concerned about his grades and not living up to the expectations of family, who had sacrificed to ensure his education.
    The University has extensive supports to deal with such concerns. However, not all are successful. Excessive stresses can lead to heart attacks even in what may appear to be physically healthy persons.
    Do not wait on Barbados, unless the deceased can change their name to Warren Mottley. The medical examiner will follow instruction as to what shall, or shall not, be included in their report.
    Never forget, in one of the PM’s first international cover stories, Vogue, she appeared in front of a banana tree!! This was more about her coming Republic than tropical symbolism.
    Have a great evening.

  9. Kit Klarenberg is white?
    Or is he somehow not white. Or, you could give a flying fuck, once he is anti Amerika.
    Maybe he is gray, in the midst of a colour change.
    But white ain’t white and black ain’t black, so mix them and you get brown?

  10. “(Kind of racist on my part, but there is not much you can do with 9-11 – So 555don’t get your king-sized kinky knitted knickers knotted 🙂)”

    I see how your mind works and connections made in the synapses between neurons.
    I see you.

  11. Some links for the Sounds of the Bubbling Underground

    Our Purpose
    We are a new group composed of people whose ancestors profited from and supported transatlantic slavery and its many related industries.

    It is a history that we have all examined and acknowledged publicly. There are wrongs in today’s world that derive from the exploitation of African people and their descendants by Britain and other former colonial powers. We believe it’s important to acknowledge this crime against humanity and address its ongoing consequences. We wish to support today’s movements seeking apology, dialogue, reconciliation and reparative justice.

    We encourage others who have similarly examined their family history to consider how personal charitable donations, according to their means, can help the futures of people in the Caribbean and Britain. But our main purpose is to lend our voices as heirs of those involved in the business of slavery to support campaigns for institutional and national reparative justice.

    • We support the CARICOM nations’ Ten Point Plan for Reparatory Justice.

    • We encourage the UK government and other former colonial powers to open a dialogue with CARICOM concerning the plan.

    • We welcome initiatives from the Royal Family, the Church of England, the Bank of England and other institutions, private and public, to analyse their role in transatlantic slavery, and their responsibility to the descendants of the enslaved today.

    • We support efforts to better inform the British public about the history and ongoing effects of transatlantic slavery.

    • We support initiatives by University College London, the universities of Glasgow and Lancaster and others to research the extent and impact of transatlantic slavery.

    • We welcome the Dutch government’s recent apology for the Netherlands’ historic role in slavery, and note its establishment of a reparations fund to tackle the legacy of slavery in the Netherlands and its former colonies.

    “We cannot change the past. But we can change the consequences” — Professor Sir Geoff Palmer, Windrush-era migrant to Britain, Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University

  12. Q: How can you tell if someone is racist*?
    A: See if they laugh at Dianne Abbot Jokes
    (*) “They” call it populism

    She would have been an excellent spokeswoman in Government any forthcoming debate about Reparations although the proceedings are slow but the Slavemasters cracked their whip and removed their whip and she still feels the chains around her feet. She should have watched her Ps and Qs speaking to white media about ticklish subject of white peoples racism ism schism divide to rule from school of dirty tricks in book of hook and crook. It dread dung in Babylon.

  13. I looked at the e-paper and did not find much to comment about.

    Sitting with a cup of black tea (no milk or sugar) and looking outside. I am amazed at how some bright sunlight, a few trees and a nice temperature can make this world a beautiful place. The beauty is simple The view through my window will not appear on postcards; it will not be listed on places to visit; but through that 4×2 opening I see an image that soothes my soul.

    Have a great day Barbados.
    May your eyes see and appreciate the simple beauty that is right in front of you. Selling your beach access for 30 pieces of silver is diminishing the value and the beauty of the world your children inhabit. Others come, see, appreciate and seek to acquire. Don’t miss the water or cry when it is gone. Console yourself with the thought “a fool and his wealth are soon parted”

    Have a great day Barbados.

    • @David, as much as you may be dis-inclined to so act, you really need a blog thread about these firings, the issues re free speech and outright mis-informing and as importantly how “influencers” in modern society at traditional media outlets or newer social media formats have a OUTSIZED impact on all of us.

      Carlson was a ‘propaganda’ TV anchor who continually presented quite biased OPINION as NEWS… so too Hannity and others.

      Of course the same but to a significantly much lesser degree can be said re Rachel Maddow the same Don Lemon and other ‘liberal’ voices.

      And those of us who follow this stuff well recall a conversation (interview) between Hannity and Ted Koppel some five or so years ago when Koppel told Hannity that he and all above like him are ‘BAD’ for society and that they was NO comparison to the early days TV anchors like himself, Cronkite, Brokaw, Barbara Walters, Peter Jennings or Bernard Shaw of CNN!

      This is now PLAIN to understand for anyone who couldn’t grasp it then!

      Who knows exactly why Carlson was fired but it really affect NOTHING – other than Fox’s other court cases, maybe. Surely, he will go to another right wing station or continue his radio show/podcast and blast out the same biased right-wing spiel!

      A big suck teet!

  14. Pacha…William…none of this can be refuted…too much evidence..

    All across the earth we are getting the same warning, governments are the enemy. Their supporters are the problem.

    “One of the most efficient ways to accomplish this, is by exposing how governments blatantly lie to the people, manipulate them, and use psychological techniques to control their behavior. Once people discover this, their blind trust is shattered, and they can begin to think for themselves, which is the first step towards waking up.”

  15. “their blind trust is shattered,”

    Prof. Small was correct in his assessment…after i found myself involuntarily reeled into their orbit of delusions, obsessions and deceptions, a place no one with any type of commonsense would want to be…i spoke to the Prof…as you know Pacha…..a definite voice of healing and balance, and that was exactly his final analysis..on target…a systemic blindness…now others are sharing the very same message at all levels worldwide…and that was just a few weeks ago i had that chat..

    I still would trust none of them…even if they start using walking sticks and seeing eye dogs…ya can never give those types your back at any time…as they have now proven..

  16. Here is a prime example of when ya want to swim with sharks, the only BLOOD IN THE WATER is guaranteed to be ya own…

    The Lo dude is sure to be executed if Malaysia ever catches up to him…lots of executions in the futures of the corrupt..

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