Out with the old

It is ironic commentators refer to Barbados as an ageing society but we struggle with implementing adequate frameworks to attend to the needs of the elderly. The biggest embarrassment is to read about senior citizens who are abandoned at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and elsewhere by family members. 

The blogmaster can list many reasons we should take good care of our elders, however, the one reason that resonates the most is that a it is the humane thing to do.

Increasingly the scourge of Alzheimer’s disease has made it more challenging to care for senior citizens. We need to have a relevant policy and develop a better system to care for the elderly. As they say, you can tell a lot by how any society looks after the elderly and animals.

Thanks to Bently.

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  1. By all means we should be a humane society but like it or not, in the next 20-30 years the vast majority of the elderly will be no longer with us regardless of what we do.

    They will be replaced by another sector of the population, the one which at the moment can reproduce and which is supposed to be paying for the humanity in the society!!

    It is in their interest to pay because their turn will come around not long from now and they will need someone to pay for them.

    • Quaker John

      “Your silence is deafening.”

      Usually, you would’ve found a way to include Trump or the Quakers into the ‘discussion.’

      What are your thoughts on the recent revelation that Rupert Murdock admitted Fox News, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, Maria Bartiromo, Laura Ingraham and former host Lou Dobbs promoted the falsehood about the presidential contest being stolen……

      …… a lie YOU believed and promoted BU.

      Carlson said he “HATES Trump passionately.”

      Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani’s conspiracy theories were based on the ramblings of a woman who said she time travels and the wind talks to her, asking at one time if she is a ghost.

      And, Fox News is “FAKE NEWS” as well.

    • @Artax, of course as anyone who was not MAGA-braindead knew well the entire Fox opinion pundit group were simply promoting election lies daily … and continue to this day (as evidenced by the latest sham production of selected CCTV from Jan 6).

      So the real issue for everyone, particularly Bajans – who may be far removed from the daily tribulations in the US but are just as inextricably linked to the maddening social dysfunction – … the serious issue is that many, many of over 76 million people (2 million or so from the highly rated Fox audience) fundamentally ACCEPTED the continuous lies and when there were any attempts to dispel or fact-check the falsehoods those folks REFUSED to watch/listen or engage rationally!

      Regardless of the lies, obvious BS and deception they wanted what they wanted even if it required violence.

      Spreading deliberate falsehoods is but one step in the process to a dystopian sham … we who tune-in to the off-key vibes from the piped-piper are the ones who step forward to completely fracture society…. we are well along that path….

      … those like @John are silent now because they are gleefully buoyant at achieving a lot of what they set out to do!

  2. I, personally, am glad I have managed to grow old enough to know I don’t know everything.

    To me, iff (if, and only if) I claim something, it means I actually know what is claimed is true. I expect the same from others working in the spaces.

    I trust that makes sense to most… AI is a thing.

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  4. ‘Nice try.’


    In a shamelessly dishonest broadcast, the Fox News host portrayed Capitol insurrectionists as innocent “sightseers” who were taking out their anger over an election that had been “unfairly conducted.” Don’t believe that for a second.

    “…… on Monday night, Tucker Carlson kicked off his latest and most egregious effort yet to get Americans to doubt what they saw. The Fox News host—whose primetime program boasts a viewership of 3.5 million—aired a series of selective, edited clips of footage from the Capitol that day that he exclusively obtained from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and claimed that the narrative around January 6 has been a lie. “These were not insurrectionists,” Carlson said over images of Trump supporters wandering through the Capitol taking selfies. “They were sightseers.”


  5. “Capitol Police Chief Condemns Tucker Carlson’s January 6 Segment As ‘Offensive And Misleading’—With Support From McConnell.”

    Sara Dorn – Forbes Staff

    Mar 7, 2023,04:27pm EST

    Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger tore into Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a letter to the police force on Tuesday, a day after Carlson downplayed the January 6 Capitol riot, calling the depiction “outrageous and false,” prompting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to firmly side with the Manger.

    Manger accused Fox of “conveniently cherry-[picking] from the calmer moments” of the 41,000 hours of video footage provided to the news network by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) last month.

    Carlson’s “most disturbing accusation” was claiming “unscrupulous politicians” lied when they said Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was “slain” on January 6, Manger wrote.

    Sicknick, who died the following day after suffering two strokes, according to the D.C. medical examiner, would not have died if he had “not fought valiantly for hours on the day he was violently assaulted,” Manger wrote.

    Manger also said that Carlson’s team provided an inaccurate characterization of what it planned to air to the police force, despite Carlson saying on his show that his team “checked first with the Capitol Police” and their concerns were “minor” and “reasonable.”

    McConnell on Tuesday gave a full-throated endorsement of Manger’s letter, telling reporters, “I want to associate myself entirely with the opinion of the chief of the Capitol police about what happened on January 6.”


  6. Former U.S Capitol Hill Police Lieutenant Tarik “T.K.” Johnson’s FIRST broadcast interview since the January 6 attack, was by Leila Fadel of ‘Morning Edition,’ on January 20, 2023.

    Johnson told Fadel HIS VERSION of what occurred during the protest on the Capitol.
    And, that he was suspended from duty, but subsequently RESIGNED of his own volition, because he was worried there would be retribution for his criticism of the department’s leadership.

  7. @Artax: “And, that he was suspended from duty, but subsequently RESIGNED of his own volition, because he was worried there would be retribution for his criticism of the department’s leadership.

    There is a saying… No good dead goes unpunished. There is some truth there…

  8. The Judge held a hearing to decide which videos he would allow the jury to see under a novel legal theory that the defendants used other rioters as “tools” of their conspiracy.

    So, we’ll soon know.

    But, even if the footage is admitted, would it be enough to move the jury to acquit the defendants?

    However, I’ll take comfort in the fact that, so far, your opinions on anything dealing with Donald Trump……

    …… have all PROVEN to be INCORRECT.

    • @Artax, as you have surmised the gentleman is infused with a fanaticism/ideological bent that does not accept nor allow reason!

      It would be illogical that the brief scenes shown on Carlson’s show could be considered so ‘exculpatory’ to overturn the so called ‘Shaman’s’ self confessed guilty plea.

      Just totally illogical based on facts and evidence.

      If you break into my house by force and during that intrusion I am shown calmly leading you around my house for a period BUT also shown at other times arguing with you and you committing acts of destruction/theft then on WHAT basis can it be argued that during the moments when I tried to calmly de-escalate a possible fatal outcome to your violence that your break-n-entry was suddenly approved by me and just as suddenly became LAWFUL.

      How on earth can legal reason be invoked here to make such a ridiculous assertion!

      How on earth could they offer for example that the Babbitt lady was unlawfully killed when she had VIOLENTLY breeched the Capitol.

      Conservative fanatics simply want what they want and will spin all levels of absurd BS so to achieve … the man (or Babbitt and the thousand others) was NOT supposed to be there at that time …

      His being ‘escorted’ is irrelevant …his entry was illegal and thus he is liable and guilty … the video clip is merely FURTHER validation of his unlawful acts.

      It’s brazen how these folks show us their culpability but boldly tell us ‘I did nothing wrong’!

      “Amazing scenes here witness here today when …” SMH!

    • Granny dumping must be laid to rest
      It’s a sad phenomenon that’s taking place in Barbados and you don’t have to be an expert social scientist to come to grips with it. It’s called “granny dumping”, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary
      “as the abandonment of an elderly person in a public place or nursing home” especially by relatives or caregivers who are unwilling, financially unable or disgustingly lacking in compassion to provide the attention and help aged people urgently need.
      Little wonder that Minister of Health The Most Honourable Senator Jerome Walcott, Chief Medical Officer The Most Honourable Dr Kenneth George, Government backbencher and St Thomas Member of Parliament (MP) Cynthia Forde, and the Minister of State in the Ministry of Health Dr Sonia Browne told the House of Assembly the other day during the Estimates Debate that the entire picture was agonising, to say the least.
      “These people should not be abandoned in the twilight of their years,” Walcott said.
      We could not agree more.
      George described the picture facing senior citizens and the country as “a very difficult situation for us”, and when Browne, the St Philip North MP, spoke, she explained that it was costing the country $500 a day to keep the elderly abandoned at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).
      That’s much more than some visitors spend daily for a hotel room. Yes, people’s lives are at
      stake and we must do everything in our power to care for them, but what’s also true, Barbados isn’t a wealthy nation and can hardly afford to continue that kind of expenditure.
      Global conditions
      Truth be told, people in Barbados are living longer, the cost of living is galloping along at breakneck speed caused by global economic conditions, and Barbadians are being forced to cut and contrive at every turn to make ends meet.
      Dumping the elderly is not only a local problem, but an international nightmare for many of the world’s richest nations. In Japan, for example, where the phenomenon of abandonment is said to have started centuries ago, published reports indicate that poor and senile citizens were once reportedly taken to mountains and abandoned.
      In the United States, an estimated 100 000 grannies are said to be “dumped” annually; while in Canada, hospital emergency doctors and nurses have recorded increases in abandoned elderly parents around Christmas and the New Year. Last August, an elderly woman was found abandoned in a cardboard box in Mexico without food or water; and five years ago an American dementia patient was flown to the United Kingdom and left in a car park. A man was later sent to prison in England for the crime.
      In our case, successive governments have attempted to deal with it but the nightmare persists. Right now about a dozen elderly patients occupy QEH beds reserved for patients
      requiring elective surgery and acute care.
      A good place to begin to change things is to expand the facilities that cater to the needs of the sick, elderly and indigent souls. The Harrison Point facility in St Lucy did a marvellous job during the COVID-19 crisis and it can help do the job with dignity, caring and cost effectiveness. According to the Ministry of Health, about ten elderly patients are already there. It would make sense to expand it. Secondly, we can consider defining abandonment as an abuse of the elderly, a move that would make relatives more responsible for people’s care.
      Make elderly a priority
      Third, improvement in service at the QEH’s Accident & Emergency Department.
      The entry point for the elderly must be a priority.
      Then there is the work of the Alternative Elderly Care programme. Expansion to accommodate more patients and those who care for the elderly to the services already being provided must be placed higher on our priority list. We must also educate the public about the services available to them and their loved ones.
      Whatever it takes, we must do all in our power to ensure our senior citizens live out the twilight of their years with proper care and comfort in the best possible accommodation.

      Nation Editorial

  9. Steupsss again…
    That whole exercise in Parliament is embarrassing….

    What granny dumping what?!!
    How many cases are we speaking of? 100? more? less?

    Is it not the role of all those ‘most honorable jokers’ to put systems in place for such elderly persons? They had to KNOW that they OFFERED to manage an AGING society ?

    Were they UNAWARE that with most people out to work, scrounging to earn a few dollars to maintain a basic subsistence, there would be caretaker CHALLENGES for some unfortunate families?

    What measures have our shiite GOVERNMENTS (all of them) put in place for this?
    – Did they improve and upgrade the District hospitals? – Nah – they CLOSED them
    – Do they provide daycare and recreational facilities to enhance the lives of retirees? – Nah they tax their pensions.
    – Do they encourage and support LOCAL ownership? so that resources are available for investment by the Private Sector? – Nah – they encourage the SALE of every shiite to foreigners (so they can get forex to fund their nonsense schemes and travels).

    Useless leaders complaining about THEIR OWN dismal failures….

    What a place!!!

    • Senior drivers over 70 should get renewal for 3 years

      THE EDITORIAL in the DAILY NATION of Thursday March 9, 2023 under the headline
      Consider senior drivers is very relevant.
      In the United Kingdom (UK), 505 centenarians hold a full valid driving license. There is no upper limit for driving a car, although most people stop
      driving by 85. However, all drivers have to renew their driving licence when they reach age 70 and every three years thereafter.
      About 134 000 people over 90 have driving licences in the UK.
      Barbados should immediately permit the renewal of a driver’s licence for three years from age 70, with a valid medical certificate.
      This is not only logical and sensible, but it would save senior drivers, doctors
      and Government officials a huge amount of unnecessary time, work and money. Government could also receive three years revenue in one year. Moreover there is no need to hire consultants. Just do it.

      – JOHN BEALE

      Source: Nation

  10. What is the problem here? Is he asking for a shortening of the time or the lengthening of the time. However, his proposal seem reasonable.

    In New Jersey, regardless of the age, one must renew his/her driver license every four years.

  11. @TheoG
    In Barbados after the age of 70 you can only renew your license for one year on the production of a medical certificate attesting to your fitness to drive, it’s one of those regulations that make no sense like the “wandering” law and about a year ago the seniors group made a ruckus about it and the politicians promised to change it but you know what they say about promises.Having reached that ripe old age myself I am the proud holder of a temp drivers license and able to navigate the highways of BIMSafe on a daily basis without incident.
    I am going to the beach this am where I will congregate with other septuagenarians and we will talk about the brevity of the budget speech.

  12. Thanks for that bit of information.

    Quite often I see people in Barbados reaching 100 and they appear as “sharp as a tack’. It would be interesting to find out why this part of the law differs from what is found in most other places and who was the Einstein that sought to inconvenience those 70 and older in this way. Obviously, Einstein lite thought he/she would never reach this age.

    I see this as just another front in the war against those who are seen as weak. The elderly and children should be respected and protected.

    Alas, I am no longer as sharp as a tack … I am here struggling to recall a recent post about some discriminatory rule that is in place for older golf players .

  13. NOTHING in Barbados makes real sense!
    Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat.

    We are…
    Right behind the USA with their self-destructive instincts, and the albino Europeans, who are highly focused on bulling and feminization off every shiite.

    • Hinkson: Elderly policy off to Cabinet
      THE 2023-2030 National Policy for Improving the Lives of Persons with Disabilities in Barbados is on its way to Cabinet.
      Speaking at his tenth Anniversary Thanksgiving Service at Gardens Church of God in St James, Member of Parliament, Edmund Hinkson said that he was anticipating a chance to also debate the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill in the next few months. It is Hinkson’s tenth year as MP for St James North since winning that seat in 2013.
      Hinkson is the chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Disabilities, “I really look forward to later this year, when I can stand up in Parliament and debate the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill which we have in draft and, of course, the national policy document which is certainly already in the Ministry [of Elder Affairs] and should be going into Cabinet as soon as can be for Cabinet’s consideration,” he said.
      He also expressed gratitude for being able to serve as a representative for the St James North constituency and now, as an advocate for disabled people.
      Hinkson was Minister of Home Affairs when the Barbados Labour Party came to power in 2018 but was removed in the July 2020 Cabinet shake-up.
      “I served in that capacity to the best of my ability and now, of course, as I said being involved in disability strategic planning,” he said while also thanking Prime Minister Mia Mottley for allowing him to serve as a minister.
      Last Thursday on the heels of the Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals 2023, Hinkson announced that the bill was ready to “take off”.
      “We now have a draft national policy document as comprehensive as could be and we have draft Rights of Persons with Disabilities legislation. So we’re on the cusp to take off. . . Once we sign off on that national policy document and make sure that the draft legislation is coherent and in coordination with the policies, [we will be able] to finally have the ministry look at it for onward progress,” he stated.
      The bill is aimed at improving the lives of people living with disabilities and includes how Barbadians should treat disabled people. ( RT)

      Source: Nation

    • @Bush Tea
      Barbados is in good company you mean?
      Brassbados is in DOOMED company….
      Are you suggesting that this is NOT obvious?
      You think Pacha is joking…?

      Why do you think Bushie keeps telling Hants, NO etc to take the advice of the ‘Messenjah’… Luciano, to ‘come away’…
      Come ah me say come away
      From the land of the sinking sand
      Come ah me say come away
      Oh we children of Zion
      Come ah me say come away
      From the land of the sinking sand

      All we children arise
      Hear the words of the wise

      For too long you’ve been living in confusion
      Trapped in the world of delusion
      Now in this age of the Holy Armageddon
      Up ye mighty race, rise to this occasion

  14. A government Senator and elder of the ruling BLP is calling for elderly cre policy. Hmmmm.

    Call for policy on elderly care
    DEPUTY PRESIDENT of the Senate Elizabeth Thompson has urged Government to begin serious planning for the future care of its growing elderly population.
    With more than 17 per cent of the population over age 55, 4.7 per cent 75 years and older and a general life expectancy of 80.9 years, Thompson yesterday said these statistics indicated it was time for Barbados to consider the general policy and planning in respect of elderly care.
    Thompson made the observations and suggestions about the matter during her contribution to debate in the Senate on a land resolution in which a land swap between Government and a private concern at Waterford to facilitate construction of a new state-of-the-art Geriatric Hospital was eventually passed.
    She said while the Geriatric Hospital initiative was “excellent”, it raised “the issue of what is our general policy and planning in respect of elderly care, which is a growing issue.”
    “It is not going to get smaller. It is going to get bigger and it is going to get bigger in several
    regards” Thompson warned, while offering a number of suggestions on how the matter could be addressed.
    The former Minister of Health pointed out the major causes of death and disability among the elderly were non-communicable diseases, which were responsible for 60 per cent of the cost of health care in Barbados.
    “If you think of that as a growing number, it gives you some idea of the kind of costs that we are facing down the road and we have to start in terms of thinking of what our broad planning parameters are going to be; what are the full implications for health care; for the QEH and for the health care system generally; how are we going to manage these numbers, because we can’t put all of them into facilities…and what our broad planning projections are, not only in terms of the numbers but in terms of the options,” she added.
    Thompson said such prospects presented opportunities to train more people in geriatric care and in the associated specialties.
    She also floated the idea of extending the retirement age, saying the reality was that “at age 67 a lot of Barbadians are in good
    physical and mental shape, with a wealth of experience which can all help to enhance the workplace.”
    She also suggested incentivising and encouraging private organisations to build facilities such as day care centres, support services and respite care facilities for the elderly.
    In addition, she said there was an “urgent need” for legislation to protect the elderly. (GC)

    Source: Nation

    • “…… Thompson yesterday said these statistics indicated it was time for Barbados to consider the general policy and planning in respect of elderly care.”

      @ David

      Over the years, there have been compilation of ‘blue, white, green, yellow, red draft or working papers’ on elderly policy.

      In 1990, for example, former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and a former Chairman of National Assistance Board, Dr. Farley Brathwaite wrote a paper entitled, “The Elderly in Barbados: Problems and Policies.”
      The National Committee on Ageing produced a draft of the White Paper on Ageing…… and, in April 2015, NAB presented its “Barbados National Report on Aging (2007 – 2011).
      There was also “Determinants of health and well-being among the elderly (SABE),” which was a cross-sectional 7-country multicentre study of health conditions in urban Latin America and Barbados that was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank, Caribbean Health Research Council, PAHO in the amount of US$120,000.

      The list is ‘too numerous to mention.’ Mere ‘talks shops’ that conveniently surfaces whenever there is a main focus on the elderly…… WITHOUT any course of ACTION.

      However, ‘government’ is HAPPY to report about relocating illegal immigrant squatters from Rock Hall to Lowlands, where houses were built for them.

      That non-nationals who broke the law, have been REWARDED with houses, land at $2.50 per square foot and a $25,000 grant.

      And, while many of these UNGRATEFUL ‘FREE LOADERS’ are complaining that the process ‘is taking too long,’ or the houses GIVEN to them are TOO SMALL……

      …… those persons who decided to LEGALLY acquire houses, by applying at National Housing Corporation, in some cases over 10 years ago, are still awaiting housing units.

      Elderly Barbadians have also been experiencing difficuly in accessing assistance from appropriate government agencies.

      It is much easier for a young, ‘able-bodied’ female to receive a house from RDC or UDC, than a senior citizen.

      No wonder why Bush Tea calls Barbados…… ‘Brassbados.’

    • @Artax

      We have discussed a national problem we have when it comes to execution and implementation deficit. We have to listen to political talking heads and dismiss for what it is, we do flowery statements well.

    • What the deputy leader of the senate should urge government to do, is to be MUCH more selective in the QUALITY of the bombastic, low-minded persons they select to serve in high office.
      A minimum level of INTELLIGENCE should also be a key requirement.

      She should advise her pal, that anyone who sees no problem with unpatriotic citizens selling off the birthrights of future generations of CITIZENS – to strangers for a few pieces of silver, should be seen as TRAITORS….far less to be making national policy.

      When so-called ‘leaders’ take such ignorant positions publicly, they are actually BRAGGING about disenfranchising brassbados – and to add insult to injury, to suggest that this is justifiable because the traitor selling the national asset ‘may have seen some things that they like at Cave Shepherd’…..

      What a DUMB place…..
      Name another country with such a stupid, mendicant, attitude at ANY leadership level…

      “Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat”

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