Electricity Tariff Rates Cut by Fair Trading Commission

Submitted by the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE)
Trevor Browne – BAPE

Press release from Barbados Association of Professional Engineers

The Barbados Fair Trading Commission (FTC) in late 2022, granted an ‘interim’ rate increase to the Barbados Light & Power Company (BLPC) based only on that Company’s assertion that they were facing a ‘cash crisis’.

On November 28, 2022, the BLPC issued a letter to the public indicating that they would no longer be entertaining photovoltaic (PV) connections to their Grid, unless appropriate ‘mitigating measures’ were addressed.

These measures apparently require the provision of commensurate battery storage by the applicants themselves, or the granting of licenses to BLPC to install their own battery storage – to be 100% paid for by electricity consumers along with handsome guaranteed profits to Emera.

Just recently, in January 2023, the FTC also announced new Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) rates, which saw decreases in these rates now being paid to many private investors who install such systems.

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8 thoughts on “Electricity Tariff Rates Cut by Fair Trading Commission

  1. This statement from BAPE does not inspire confidence in our policymakers and regulator. The Blogmaster agrees a living relevant national energy policy is a prerequisite to a sustainable way of life for Barbados. The tail wagging the dog scenario currently playing out is unacceptable.

  2. I thought the BAPE analysis was fine, but am less confident about the proposed solution.
    No politician nor Emera will settle with no representation
    If B’dos follows those “failed” examples, there is always a tax which can be applied. This new entity cannot control taxation. Or any other levies.

    • The big picture scenario here is the cost of energy drives inflation. Then add the increase in general insurance proclaimed by that industry and what do we have? It is hopeless.

  3. It is hopeless.
    It seems that you are finally getting it David.

    Food, insurance, housing, energy,…..
    Inflation is the monster that trails bad management and borrowing.

  4. PM. Mottley and the private sector’s (BPSA) Administration (they surely aren’t our administration, we gets nothing from them) are working together to completely PRIVATISE the Barbados Economy. My concern is that the DLP is saying nothing…..but this is not really surprising, they sold our Cement Plant, the DLP and the BLP are TRAITORS, period.

  5. Why do we get entire articl⁸es from the nation newspaper by posted on this site but have to download a pdf to read a press release from BAPE?
    If you’re going to help, then help. Stop with this half-hearted shite.
    Convert the effing pdf and post the text on the effing blog. 🙄

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