Tangled Webs and High Light Bills

Submitted by Observing

The good thing about having wall flies as friends and white rum bottles as magnifying glasses is that sometimes the random story pops out. Last night under the moon in the glare of a pint was one of those nights.

Barbados woke up to the appointment of an Acting Registrar by the name of SD. Congrats SD!!!

But, does the average Bajan know the intertwinnings, interwranglings and woven webs that may have an impact on their lives and cost of living?

Let the rabbit hole begin.

SD according to LinkedIn is the substantive Chief Legal Officer in the Ministry of Housing.

Recently she was the Acting Public Counsel for the Ministry of Energy and Business Development.

This means that she was ASSIGNED to represent WE THE PEOPLE in the case against the Barbados Light and Power Company who are now seeking to FLEECE good Bajans for more profits than they have yet to show are merited.

Let the rabbit hole continue.

The Chairman of the FTC hearings is a gentle man called DC. DC from recent reports is also the Chair of another Board in Barbados.

But wait,

A fly in the rumshop buzzed that SD is ALSO a member of the SAME Board which DC apparently chairs and meets with often…together.

Get it yet?

If not, let’s recap.

DC is the chair of a Board in Barbados on which SD currently sits.

DC was appointed to determine whether our light bills go through the sky. So far he has already sent them halfway there without cause. From all accounts he intends to let them rise to the high heavens no matter how much WE THE PEOPLE protest.

SD, who sits on a SAME Board with DC, was appointed public counsel to represent WE THE PEOPLE in an FTC case over which DC presided and judged.

The FTC case ends, SD is appointed Acting Registrar shortly after and we ride off into the sunset.

Get it yet??

God bless Bim

54 thoughts on “Tangled Webs and High Light Bills

  1. @Observing

    Another titbit you could have mentioned is that the substantive Chair of the FTC recused herself which elevated deputy Carrington to Chairman. A tangled web for sure.

  2. @ David & Observing

    Good catch by Observing…

    The REAL joke is actually the way that these things are done in our faces… like they KNOW that they are only dealing with brass….

    They don’t even try to justify the shiite… and when a few protest…
    like when they unleashed the ‘IDB bulling brigade’ on the schools recently, they just farted in the faces of those who dared to question this… and they all went away like good little lambs…

    The whole FTC thing is a massive FARCE.
    But here is the joke… practically EVERY BB Bajan seems to have resigned themselves to a serious ‘Emera rear end attack’ (minus vaseline) when the Farce and Trickery Commission finally comes back with their prewritten ‘decision’.

    SD probably raised a bit more alarm, and showed more public spiritedness than the schemers had anticipated when they put her there AT THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT to represent the people, …so this must be plan B, to shuffle her off to a safe promotion.
    What a shiite place….
    Once a shining example of progress and getting things right…..

  3. There was never any progress Bushman…it was just an illusion and shining example of how to keep the slaveminded trapped in perpetual subservience, oppressed and in an exploited state for others to enrich themselves generationally for the last 100 years. Especially for those who accepted their fate always at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder where they congregate to complain and attack each other…but do nothing else to save themselves except to get trapped even deeper….and lead each other further away from light and knowledge instead of *********** and doing much better.. Now they are really stuck.

    “They don’t even try to justify the shiite… and when a few protest…
    like when they unleashed the ‘IDB bulling brigade’ on the schools recently, they just farted in the faces of those who dared to question this… and they all went away like good little lambs…”

    That crime will follow them through eternity. They made their beds of deceit and now have to lay in them. They will not escape what they did. Karma will see to that.

  4. Don’t fool yourself Bushman…there was never any progress, it was all an illusion for the last 70 years and a shining example of how to keep the slaveminded perpetually enslaved, subservient and downtrodden while giving them the freedom to attack each other…and always at the very bottom of the socio-economic ladder where they too love to see each other congregate to complain…when they could *********** and do so much better.

    get used to the * I have stopped giving crucial information since we spent years learning that it’s not appreciated.

    “They don’t even try to justify the shiite… and when a few protest…
    like when they unleashed the ‘IDB bulling brigade’ on the schools recently, they just farted in the faces of those who dared to question this… and they all went away like good little lambs.”

    This will follow them around forever, they can’t run far or fast enuff from it, they will never escape, it’s pinned to them. They have to sleep in the bed of deceit they made. Notice how quiet the world stage has become…no more gliding or galloping across it with mouth filled with lies and hoax recently.

  5. #1 Trope repeated soundbite for the corniest Bu talking Parrots talking heads bums in 2023 is
    No Vaseline

  6. All shiite posts in this place are temporary – so that the appointees continue to be inclined to kowtow to the politicians.
    Her ‘new’ post is also temporary – probably until after the Farce decision…. when she will again be shifted.
    Darn woman sounds too independent.

    Bushie thought that she was complaining about being dumped into the position at the very last minute and not being given a chance to even read the brief….

    Obviously she did not get it that THAT was the plan….

  7. @ Wily
    After 400 years of systemic dehumanization, the REMNANTS can hardly be expected to be Bushman-type lions, so we can give a little slack…

    But shiite man… you mean we can’t see when people using we faces as toilets?

    we can’t see…?
    we can’t feel..?
    we can’t smell ….?

    How do you explain it Boss?

    • Bushman…fasten ya seatbelt because that is all you will get going forward thanks to those who are most comfortable assimilating into their own demise. Which is fine up until they tried to drag everyone else in with them and had the nerve to try to bully those who resisted. Going forward they will see the fallout from that disrespect abd deserve no atrention.

      Ya done know once Pacha is giving no details and William and TLSN are only watching, the situation is dire.

      Good news, those who know nothing have to sit and wait for someone to tell them…dont know who, but it wont be me…dont need their 2 cents worth of rubbish in any of this anyway. People are actively moving forward and not trying to roll backward. So it’s best they remain in their zones of…if they can’t see it, it’s not happening….safest plsce for them, and stay out of the way of those who actually know what’s going on, which is very easy to do.

    • @Bush Team

      See NO and Observer’s comments. We live in hope that the tipping point will come. We live In hope.

  8. Old people don’t protest or riot
    it’s an energy level thing
    and letters of complaint don’t cut the mustard in a rigged system

  9. What???? An independent woman???? Whoever heard of such a thing?????

    But….I feel sorry for all the fools who think they are accomplishing something by selling the people out.

    “All is vanity” in the end. I really feel sorry for anyone who is still chasing his or her tail like the proverbial dog.

    Though I have never seen a dog do that. Smarter than most humans are most dogs.

  10. The dots here, have me scratching the old noggin.
    SD was a long time Senior Crown Counsel.
    The ‘other Board’ relationship is confusing. B’dos is small, people know each other. Boards, Sports Clubs, Rotary,
    Lions, Church groups, School Assoc, etc.
    Is Registrar, some big promotion over SDs prior roles?
    Who did not do their job here?
    Why is the DC to SD relationship of merit?
    Shite, just noticed this bottle of Foursquare is 60% proof!! My daughters must want to kill de ole man.

  11. @ NO
    What promotion what!??
    If she is assigned as acting registrar, do you think that she will be able to challenge the Farce and Trickery Commission when they come out finally with their sham ‘decision’?
    How would it look for a government employee – representing the Ministry of Energy, no less – to be challenging the Farce decision – possibly in court?

    Mirrors and shadows boss…!!
    Perhaps ‘Come ye Song’ will be assigned to fill the role of public defender – he has shown himself to be ‘malleable’ enough for such a role… and it is not clear what the donkey he is supposed to be doing in his current mock position.

  12. Bushie
    Obviously I don’t understand the role of Registrar of SC in B’dos. Here it is a management role, with quasi judicial powers. It takes its cues from the Chief Justice. And is largely administrative.
    Hence should the FTC ‘pending’ decision be litigated, and reach the SC, SDs Registrar’s role will not be representing either party. Unless she retires and moves to private practice.
    At the speed such things move, both SD and DC will likely be retired for many years?

  13. To centre the self you have to sing

    Wahe Guru
    Om mani padme hum
    Sa Ta Na Ma
    God in every heart

  14. Ong Namo / Snatam Kaur
    The rain is pouring down
    Like all the souls you sent here
    Coming to this earth
    To find healing

    Mother earth takes in the rain
    Like your heart takes my voice
    Let us free eachother
    With our prayers, with our voice

    And I’m coming home
    And I’m coming

    Ong namo guru dev namo
    Ong namo guru dev namo

    Oh, my beloved
    Kindness of the heart
    Breath of life
    I bow to you

    Divine teacher
    Beloved friend
    I bow to you
    Again and again

    Lotus sitting on the water
    Beyond time and space
    This is your way
    This is your grace

    Ong namo guru dev namo
    Ong namo guru dev namo

    • @ David
      Put the ‘sleeper hold’ on de man nah!
      Your neck-lock aint wukking!!

    • @Bush Tea

      The blogmaster will allow everyone to contribute in a way that is reasonable. He posted his morning devotion, it should be enough.

    • LOL @ de Boss
      Bushie done know that…

      But it don’t stop the bushman from throwing some old time whacker licks in Kiki tail…

      The surprise is that you ain’t ban Bushie yet…
      ha ha ha

  15. Bushman..am just imagining if I was still at child bearing aģe i would be walking around with a fully locked and cocked bazooka for rancid pedophiles.

    It’s not like the 80s when all lthat was needed to chase pedophiles from raping children was a revolver and they knew you meant serious business. Now that they are being given license to go after anyone’s children and it’s been normalized, parents will have to stockpile and put them down. The situation is escalating. Am sure those who have already comfortably accepted gayhood to add to their slavehood wont mind.

    This was never about gays…but dummies wont understand that.

  16. Bushie has no idea what you are referring to AOPC.
    What bazooka?

    Hants is an innocent, if somewhat imaginative, observer – and is as harmless as they come.

    Bushy’s advice to Hants is actually for him to desist from wasting his valuable time with the ‘agents of evil’, when he could be fishing, or watching a good sport (not shiite cricket), or even sleeping… LOL

  17. Bushman…when am done, there should be no blood, hair, bone or evidence around…new age bazooka.


  18. Right-wing loony conspiracy theories worthy of Tucker Carlson!

    Long has there been a lobby to normalise paedophilia. It hasn’t gained traction yet and will not do so any time soon.

    MOST parents would buy bazookas and use them if any such laws came to pass! And that is why it will never happen. Chaos would ensue.

    The fight for lbgtq+ rights, as far as any sane person can tell, is simply that! And why shouldn’t it be????!!!!

    There is nothing about the fight that attempts to sexualise children or to gain legal access to children.

    How somebody could leap so far is a mystery to me!

  19. “Long has there been a lobby to normalise paedophilia.”

    it’s called
    church priests
    school teachers
    scouts leaders
    pop stars
    famous celebrities
    sport coaches
    3rd world tourism

    just regular everyday people in positions of trust
    sick people
    it’s always been present
    but is just coming out more now

  20. But shiite man… you mean we can’t see when people using we faces as toilets?

    we can’t see…?
    we can’t feel..?
    we can’t smell ….?

    How do you explain it Boss?





  21. @ BAJE
    Bushie puts it down to brass…ery!

    …and some kinda curse on our collective donkeys that make us hate ourselves…and those like us..

    It is quite amazing yuh!!

    Fortunately, Bushie looking to hold a likkle pick on one of the big Boss’ lifeboats, either wukking a whacker, or driving the lifeboat given the bushman’s ZR experience….

  22. Perhaps a growing feeling of disillusion in everyone around is a sign and a first step towards an awakening spiritualism

  23. @ King David,
    I noted this story in today’s BT.

    ” Harjit Sajjan, Minister of International Development and Minister responsible for the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada, will travel to Barbados and Jamaica from January 9 to 14, his office has announced.

    During his visit, Minister Sajjan will hold discussions with regional officials on shared priorities such as justice, human rights and gender equality, health, including the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, and strengthening health systems for the prevention of future pandemics………………..”

    Given Canada’s appalling treatment of their indigenous communities and their African slaves since the arrival of the white man. They are in no position to lecture any country in the the world about human rights. If you listen to the podcast you will hear the word “industrial” used to describe a school. Sounds familiar?

    To compound the hypocrisy of this man’s visit; we are going to be given a lecture by a man whose origins are probably from South Asia where social injustice is the norm. Where the caste system is deeply embedded and destroys the life chances of those born into the wrong caste.

    I have two words for Harjit Sajjan: “FOXTROT OSCAR!”



    • @TLSN


      Some of us view these kinds of issues through conciliatory lens others, like you, adversarial. The Mandela approach is the blogmaster’s approach.

  24. T to the L to the S to the N passive aggressiveness is pure bait with the essence of the undercover snitch spy Hal ignorance manifestation.
    The current population of Asia is 4,740,698,285 as of Sunday, January 8, 2023, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Asia population is equivalent to 59.76% of the total world population.

  25. You are on point TLSN. Hence the reason there are alternate news sources, blogs etc that carry information, but only certain people are allowed access. Crucial information only go certain places these days, the others will have to scratch, cause no one will enlighten them the information shop flows in other directions.. The new white world order is a complete violation of human rights. The emptyheaded are welcome to remain in it. A personal choice.


    ©ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP via Getty Images
    Back to Asia and the Pacific
    Several countries in the Asia-Pacific region descended into full-blown human rights crisis during the year. In Myanmar, widespread opposition to the military coup in February was met by a ferocious response from the military in which hundreds of people were killed and thousands arbitrarily detained. The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in August was accompanied by war crimes and the abrupt curtailment of women and girls’ hard won fundamental rights and freedoms.

    In China, crimes against humanity persisted against Muslims living in Xinjiang, and the human rights situation deteriorated, particularly in Hong Kong. Failures over many years to embed respect for human rights and to hold perpetrators accountable for human rights violations directly contributed to these unfolding human rights catastrophes.

    Many governments continued to use the Covid-19 pandemic as a pretext for clamping down on rights. New laws were enacted in several countries to criminalize the spreading of “fake” or “false” information about Covid-19, and existing laws used to silence critics and prevent and disperse protests.

    This reflected a growing intolerance of dissent in the region. Controls on the media and internet tightened in many countries. Political opponents and others who criticized government policies or actions were subjected to increasingly harsh restrictions and punishments. Excessive force was frequently used against peaceful protesters, and governments across the region not only failed to protect the rights of human rights defenders, but actively prevented them from carrying out their vital work.

    Many governments remained ill-prepared to respond to new surges in Covid-19 infections. Their failure to adequately fund health sectors, tackle corruption, and protect rights at work of health workers resulted in thousands of people being denied adequate access to healthcare and avoidable deaths.

    Beyond Afghanistan, the situation of women and girls worsened in many countries in the context of the pandemic and related restrictions. In the absence of adequate social support, women working in the informal sector were among those plunged further into poverty. Across the region, women and girls continued to face high-levels of sexual and gender-based violence for which there was little or no accountability. Campaigns were waged against LGBTI people in several countries. Across the region, Indigenous people increasingly suffered the effects of environmental degradation.

    Tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan and Myanmar were forcibly displaced or sought refuge across borders. However, many were unlawfully returned from neighbouring countries to situations where they were at serious risk of human rights violations. Elsewhere, governments refused entry to asylum seekers and detained and ill-treated refugees and migrants.

    Repression of dissent
    The space for dissent narrowed in the Asia-Pacific region. The new military government in Myanmar sought to silence opposition to its coup by violently cracking down on country-wide protests, and arresting members of the former ruling party and pro-democracy activists. In the immediate aftermath of its takeover in Afghanistan, the Taliban curtailed media freedoms and used force to break up protests against its policies. In North Korea, anyone considered to be a threat to the country’s leadership or political system was interned in prison or sentenced to “reform through labour”. Authorities in many other countries harassed, arrested, detained and, in some cases killed, political opponents and others critical of them.

    Freedom of expression
    Governments continued to justify repressive laws and other measures that unduly restricted freedom of expression as necessary to prevent the spread of disinformation about Covid-19. The government of Malaysia enacted an ordinance giving it unfettered powers to silence critics under the guise of preventing “fake news” about Covid-19. In China, Bangladesh, Fiji and Viet Nam, authorities arrested and prosecuted individuals who criticized Covid-19 responses. Sri Lankan authorities issued threats of disciplinary action against health sector employees who spoke to the media about their concerns on the response there.

    Independent media came under assault across the region. In Myanmar, the military authorities closed news publications, revoked the licences of media outlets and arrested journalists. Journalists were also detained, beaten and harassed in Afghanistan where new media regulations effectively prohibited any criticism of the Taliban; by October, more than 200 media outlets had closed down.

    Defamation suits were brought against bloggers and journalists by the Singaporean authorities, and spurious accusations of financial irregularities used to shut down the independent news site The Online Citizen. Indian authorities raided offices of a Hindi-language news daily following its reporting on the mass dumping of bodies of Covid-19 victims along the River Ganges. In the Philippines, the work of journalist Marie Ressa was recognized when she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but she faced decades in jail for pending cases brought against her for her criticism of government.

    Many governments sought to further control access to and sharing of other online information. The Singapore government enacted a new law that gave it sweeping powers to remove or block online content where “foreign interference” was suspected. New legislation in Cambodia required all internet traffic to pass through an oversight body charged with “monitoring” online activity. In China, the authorities ordered internet service providers to sever access to websites that “endangered national security”, and blocked apps on which controversial topics such as Xinjiang and Hong Kong were discussed. In Pakistan, draconian legislation to censor online content was also enacted.

    Authorities in many countries also used existing laws to arrest and prosecute dissenting voices, including journalists, activists and educators.

  26. Bushman…ya better make sure that lifeboat is prepped and well fortified real soon….remember, information is severely restricted/limited these days, so unless there is direct connect…ya can miss it.

    Look how things changed while everyone was distracted in their fantasy world of delusions. While others were doing real work.

  27. Information is not the same as wisdom knowledge and understanding of a higher enlightened mind

    The duality of man as opposed to oneness of all

    It is better to sit down and reason with like minded brethren on the regular and sip a cup

    This is a Big tune on the Operation Eradiication riddim

    TLSN is not on point he is off point as is his support

  28. “TLSN is not on point he is off point as is his support”

    that’s exactly why you are stuck on BU with the Brigade of Clueless.”

    Just remember the opposite is just as indicting. Either way, all ah wunna will take blame for misleading the people, not me. A long term project got me good and busy.

  29. Look at the bright side, it wasnt nearly as bad as chauvinist pig the genius andrew tate attacking teenager Greta Thunberg and getting his ass handed to him with the same smallenergydik@loser.com, then showing off his pizza box with his address highlighted while knowing the police were actively looking for him on alleged rape and human trafficking charges. He is now safely confined behind bars.

    So it cudda been so much worse,

  30. On the Bu Bajans are the winners as David deletes the robust arguments against them
    David is finally deleting a lotta the shiite that you insist on pooping on each and every tread.
    He does have a soft spot, cause Bushie would have confined your burro to a SINGLE handle and flushed even more of the shaving cream.

  31. Dreadlocks can’t live in a tenement yard
    Can’t penetrate in a tenement yard
    Can’t I-ditate in a tenement yard
    Dreadlocks can’t lick him pipe in peace
    Too much Babylon and too much laws
    Too much….
    Too much informer…..

    • WRONG!!!
      Dreadlocks CAN live in a tenement yard…
      BUT keep your damn tampie smoke to yourself…

      Just because Natty is deeply into the ‘Mary J’ culture does NOT justify his IMPOSING it on the other yardies…

      …and yes – Bushiy is a stinking I-former

      Calling on ‘David of Babylon’ to ban your donkey….
      …and to bring back ac – fuh Bushie to cuss..
      ha ha h

  32. Bushman focus…the irrelevant already identified and destroyed themselves.

    am only posting this because i touched on this topic and my beliefs numerous times.

    I always knew from 12 years old that their false god was bullshit, Lord god Rothschild the physical god is more real than that shitehound they weaponized andnpushed in our faces for centuries,m that dumb black people continue to revere but the thing never existed….that’s their fantasy and fairytales……and the fake jesus they created never existed either..now they are not only telling you themselves …but they have already put systems in place for what is unfolding …

    …dont blame the players who have donevthis for thousands of years, that’s what they do, blame your evil minded slave minded black face traitors who covet world stage presence and attention and sold their empty souls, and the fowls, imps, pimps and slaves who enable them and enable attacks on us.

    We have our own dieties, for those who identify as Afrikan, the slaveminded dont count, but it’s a personal journey one has to embark on, there are no shortcuts.

    FIND THE ARTICLE…see for yourself.that you are being misled. Even Afrika is waking up to that reality.

    Hieil HitSchwab’s “right hand man Yuvak Noah Harari, who has a long history of saying the quiet part out loud, has declared that God is dead and “Jesus is fake news.”

    Opps, sorry folks, it was all a lie, you are the idiots who believed all of it….dummies of the white world…but there is more…blame wunna selves. They are telling us. The disrespectful fake bible scholar fake doctor must have soft bowels by now…this information is all over the place in the last week…fraud that he is, getting his just desserts..,i knew he would be taken down, just had to wait it out, and now he is too ashamed to attack any Afrikan woman with his ignorance and disrespect.

    “According to Harari, there is no place in the modern world for traditional christian values. It’s time for the world to accept the divinity of the World Economic Forum and let go of old fashion social taboos.”

    All of which our ancestors were misled into by the way….this is the replay…..and be very aware that local colonial media hand in hand with the parliament takataka (Kiswahili for GARBAGE), along with their enablers and supporters…are our biggest enemies…they are all the personal property of Hiel HitSchwab and Lord god Rothschild.

    The small dik with no balls on BU are only there to mislead and distract.

    Btw in latest news yesterday, prosecutors seized all andrew tate’s 7 small diks on very expensive luxury wheels and over 10 of his properties and land, guess he wont be attacking or showing off to any 18 year old girls of the Greta Thunberg type anymore, if he ever gets out of jail….the ladies are laughing their asses off.

  33. What’s Da Story?
    Is if for real now?
    Tell me did they really legalise the weed now?
    Is it still an offense to plant a tree now?
    Is it free now?
    Can I really bun a spliff at DC now?
    What will happen if they catch you with a leaf now?
    They label and they love to stigmatize marginalize criminalize
    Them love to criticize and libel lies
    But the healing of the nation finally they realize and sensimillia legalize
    Jacob Miller Peter Tosh they should be alive
    Bob Marley should see this time materialize
    to light up a chalice you can’t get penalize
    I was watching CNN as they know
    The say it’s legal but it depends on the amount
    you escape if you have a couple ounce
    but go straight to jailhouse for a pound
    It illegal on the streets but it legal in your home
    Illegal on the plane but not in your dome
    Rasta brethren call me on the phone
    He’s free to light the chalice down a Rome

  34. Bushman….am sure by now you have had a fullblown awakening and reveal….but trust me that’s nothing, not minimizing the approaching horror, but ya did not see what got revealed today…

    keep ya eyes opened and remember, as peculiar as the players are, that is who they are and what they always do, for thousands of years, nothing new, they just got tired of living in the shadows…,AND…they can accomplish none of it without the wicked traitors in black face, so dont focus on them….focus on the sellout nigga…so when their Karma and Retribution finally arrive, they will NOT get away with assigning total blame on the WEF….after benefitting from their VOLUNTARY roles in the destruction of Afrikans and their children.

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