BU Calls for the Immediate Resignation of Speaker Michael Carrington and Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson

Speaker and Deputy Speaker Michael Carrington and Mara Thompson

Speaker and Deputy Speaker Michael Carrington and Mara Thompson

The Barbados Underground household listened today with deep sadness to the news Deputy Speaker Mara Thompson denied the request from the Opposition to debate a No Confidence Motion against Speaker Michael Carrington. Barbados finds itself in a position where the Speaker of the House was recently directed by by a Barbados Court to pay a former client over $250,000 after he was found to have withheld monies owed for years. And we have a Deputy Speaker who was named in a recent filing to the Court by the CLICO Judicial Manager.

Where is the outrage?


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  • YEAP back to square one,, paragraph 20000…


  • are-we-there-yet

    Dee 2 uh dem is jus people dat know dat nuttin en likely to happen tuh dem cause dey have protectors in all the high places dat count and dey don’ have nuh shame.

    But the Judge, possibly to the surprise of many, has ruled in the favour of the little people to unseal the report.

    Who else from the ranks of the powerful is willing to bell the cats? Let’s see if Freundel lives up to his usual modus operandi and does nothing and the other sheep throughout the Institutions that can do something about the 2 of dem, follow suit.

    Bushie and DeeWord; Wuh wunnah tink MAM should do now dat the house has again shown that it has no residual honour?


  • cat piss and pepper sprinkled wid horse shit ..blp style now go find something to do wid wunna time like pay back the taxpayers for the free lunches and the absenteeism from doing the people work.
    btw mottley would be a bigger fool for listening to wunna misfits ever again.wunna had she back all the way u in a corner wid that last dumb stunt,


  • Perhaps we should also do a forensic audit of the BWA as well to determine where all of that money has gone , which Barbadians were asked to pay in the form of an increase in rates, shortly after Thompson landed the job as Prime Minister in 2008. Cause the BWA is still borrowing money. Today we heard from Jepter Ince that the BWA has secured a loan to purchase Smart Water Meters.
    Pardon me, but as a Bajan with very short memory, I thought that the BWA has already embarked on an island wide change out of Smart Meters to consumers. Daily we were advised in which areas they were installing new smart meters.

    But word on the street is that these meters which are presently being installed are not really ”Smart Meters”at all, and what this loan is all about , is to purchase the real smart meter, in preparation, and in cooperation, with the other two metered utilities, to do away with meter readers, and have a coordinated reading of the three types of consumer meters, by wire from a central location. Another Monstrous waste of taxpayers money.


  • “The Barbados Underground household listened with deep sadness………”

    Awww poor babies. Never mind. Go play with ‘race’ instead.


  • Here’s some rum shop talk, and it probably hits home in some respects!


  • This is a very serious constitutional issue that BU-David has raised and by most of the comments it’s not begin taken very seriously. Barbadians need to wake up and pay closer attention to what’s going on, filter through the political HORSESHIT and ask some intelligent questions.

    Anarchy maybe just around the corner if it’s not already here.

    I do like the BWA questions, at least one reader has been paying attention.


  • Mara must know the more this issue becomes protracted the more the public …

    Step down, Mara


  • robert ross March 12, 2015 at 12:04 AM #

    I tell yuh, notice RR always plucks up the courage to defend the immoral and , for a lawyer, should know better in this circumstance.

    For a true true lawyer that is….

    Always defend this nonsense, …but then, probably suits his ‘needs’..

    Hey Mr xal Pal….. ? Someone’s best buddy maybe?


  • What shall Stuart say now to protect Mara…….”the matter is a private matter” or “get a lawyer”? Time to stop this foolishness Stuart…..Mountain has labored and what born …mice


  • @ Crusoe
    LOL … you got Ross figured out…

    You would know that as long as certain ‘types’ are involved Ross’s position will be predictabull 🙂


  • The very reprehensible and contemptible Speaker, Mr Michael Carrington, who also happens to be the person presently sitting in the St. Michael West seat in the House of Assembly of the Parliament of the government of Barbados, and Ms Mara Thompson, the Deputy Speaker, the person presently sitting in the St. John seat in the same House of Assembly of the Parliament of the government of this country, are from the same intellectually and politically backward, bankrupt and  discredited political faction – the monstrous DLP. This very  disgraceful DLP is presently part of the House of Assembly fraternity which also involves the equally very disreputable disgraceful BLP (many people can still now remember the massive corruption and gross misrule that took place under their last administrations in this country). And much more can be stated by the PDC along those lines.

    So, calling for the immediate resignation of Mr Carrington and Ms Thompson, simply does not cut it in the minds of many thousands of people in Barbados.

    What is clearly needed now more than ever before in Barbados is the emergence of a necessary revolutionary transformation in the social, political, material and financial affairs of this country, to help put this once beautiful beloved country onto a path of reactivated redirected national growth and development.



  • Why are the Laws of Barbados continually being ignored for these people…..a poor man goes in Popular supermarket and steal $20 in Lamb necks and he on remand, affa a charge of $385,and a further 3 months in Dobbs if not paid in 30 days. Where is Equality Justice in this flippant Land?


  • I repeat if I had my way Ross would have been frogged March to Seawell Airport,bundled on the next Bulldog plane and kicked off this island for all time.
    Bloody humbug and confidence trickster,offering blessings in exchange for favours.Dawgs ‘n doctors.


  • What about William Layne the former permanent secretary he’s bashed Mr. Green Verbs non-stop but if you read the fine print it suggests hanky panky transactions took place under his watch. While holding no brief for Parris who really is a piece of work this is not a straight forward slam dunk. Looks as if people who bawl most and act virtuous are not washed in the blood of the lamb. Enquiring minds will keep a close eye as this fiasco unravels.

    The more Peter Wickham speaks the more we realize why he was identified as a CIA informant by Wikileaks. He cant be trusted and he’s not that far removed from Parris except by a little better grasp of grammar.


  • We have people in public office across the globe who routinely resign when they bring the office they hold into disrepute; not Barbados.

    On Thursday, 12 March 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • On a very serious note: “The wheels are starting to fall off the cart”

    Clico Report released.
    Hoteliers not receiving their promised concessions, while Sandals received theirs in a matter of weeks.
    Sugar consultants issue a warning to Sinckler.
    Calling for the resignation of Carrington, and Thompson for ethical matters, and how many other embarrassments before this by the DLP.

    In all of this, where is the Opposition, the Director of Public Prosecutions, and especially the citizens? Passive as ever. More emotion is shown at Kensington Oval, or the Garrison, or vote buying on election day!

    We do know one thing for sure, Frundel is somewhere with his fiddle while Barbados is burning!


  • “We have people in public office across the globe who routinely resign when they bring the office they hold into disrepute; not Barbados. ”

    The best way to catch these crooks is to record them covertly.



  • Thompson’s actions do not implicate his wife … But is it not time that the final will and testament is read ..?



    What are you smoking?

    Money acquired through nefarious means by her late husband is posited in the estate of Thompson of which she is the executrix.

    On Thursday, 12 March 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • Dee Ingrunt Squared

    @Are-We: “…and DeeWord; Wuh wunnah tink MAM should do now dat the house has again shown that it has no residual honour?”============

    Far be it for me to advise the esteemed leader of the opposition.

    She didn’t take my advice to stay in the House and make the oppo’s presence felt repeatedly and purposefully on the issue re Mr. Carrington so surely she will not take it now.

    I’ll leave that to Bushie.


  • @ two cents u either blind dumb or can’t see nor hear..How could u In all fairness involve William Layne negatively in this issue. Do u think it takes an Einstein to write a check after Layne and the group took charge for only a few days and didn’t even their feet wet. That thrifting man grasped the opportunity before they became fully responsible and finish his nasty deeds with the support of Thompson and Terrence Thornhill.To say that Mara is not responsible for what Thompson did is reprehensible ..Was she not the office manager??? BAFBFP can you tell us who signed the cheque from Thompson company that went back to Leroy Parris…


  • A lot of wunnah who got wunnah own agendas continue to be two mouthed. Mia did nothing wrong she needs the support of Bajans to make sure we get rid of these bandits and we ever do is talk..


  • BajanBoy

    Agree. Even worse the cheque was prepared prior to the formalisation of the Committee so William Layne had no say.The fact that it was deposited after the the committe was setup still absolves him from any blame.


  • @are-we-there-yet March 11, 2015 at 10:49 PM #

    Bushie and DeeWord; Wuh wunnah tink MAM should do now dat the house has again shown that it has no residual honour?

    MAM has said that the Committee of Privileges made a report but the Mara Thompson who chaired the meetings has refused to tale the report.

    As a result, MAM had no choice but to go back. I did not agree with Roy Morris in yesterday’s paper saying that the dems won. He is not too straight so he would always agree with the lawlessness of these wicked demons. Bajans can see what is going on.

    I am so fed up with these mobsters that I am getting to the point where I am going to stop talking as it makes no sense. These people are plain out wicked and deceitful. This current dlp mob has turned people off, never in my years have I seen such blatant misuse of power.

    We are doomed! These two need to go. We need to get up and start picketing Bay Street.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Prodigal Son March 12, 2015 at 10:29 AM
    “I am so fed up with these mobsters that I am getting to the point where I am going to stop talking as it makes no sense. These people are plain out wicked and deceitful. This current dlp mob has turned people off, never in my years have I seen such blatant misuse of power.
    We are doomed! These two need to go. We need to get up and start picketing Bay Street.”

    Doomed indeed! Unless the Opposition does what is in the long-term interest of Barbados and exposes the corruption and blatant disrespect and disregard for the laws of the land by publicly revealing in the international press and writing to the various international agencies whose membership this lying corrupt administration likes to brag about.

    The Leader of the Opposition, despite criticisms from certain quarters questioning her loyalty to Barbados and her lack of jingoistic credentials, ought to write to Her Majesty, HoGs of the member states of the Commonwealth and Caricom, IMF, Interpol, OECD, IADB, the Canadian and American Inland Revenue Services and the various embassies and high commissions around the world to shame the present administration by telling them about what is going on in prim and proper Barbados should the rule of law continue be treated with such disdain.

    But I keep forgetting that the social class blood of corruption and family ties of the godmother tree have more weight than the scales of blind justice.


  • @ Miller
    How exactly does Lucifer take actions to deal with Satan?

    Can you see now why David Thompson DID NOT PURSUE the matter of Arthur’s $75,000 cheque?
    Do you see why the opposition seems to be “getting it all wrong” in their response to the Carrington matter?
    Is it clear why there is no official call for Mara to step down?
    These people are ALL crooks.

    Not ONE of them has stood up and condemned the blatant thievery…..
    NOT A FELLA…..

    Bushie would have RESIGNED and left that bunch LONGGGGG ago…

    Same shiite with the big names on the CLICO Board……
    NO principle …. NO guts …… No damn honour.

    What damn opposition what…??!

    Shiite then…. even the damn policy holders WHO GOT ROBBED seem unwilling to stand up and demonstrate outrage…..
    …probably afraid that the spotlight may be put on THEIR dishonest asses too…

    @ Onions…
    Where did you get $300,000 to put in CLICO….?
    ..and no shiite talk bout fishing now…… 🙂


  • @BAFBAP @David

    Until you see who signed the cheques for money leaving the client trust account one has to assume that Thompsons wife was involved. After all she was the office manager. The funds should have been deposited to the business operating account of Thompson because the payment was being made for fees but it was put into a client trust account. The transaction was also structured to avoid VAT. The invoice from the Thompson Law Firm was fraudulent and excluded VAT.
    Since that invoice would never be recorded in the Thompson Law Firm books it would not show up in any VAT audit and would show only in the Trust account as funds received and funds disbursed. Would the officer manager of the firm not know about this. First Caribbean have all the answers. The policy holders should be pursuing this aspect.


  • I am wondering where the ethics or principle is Mr. Paris demand of $10 million of which he has already received $ 3.3 million fraudulently when other executives on the level of CLICO’s cannot see that sum in a lifetime of working at any institution, much less someone who has been receiving a salary, commissions, concessions on several lot purchases at development Crystal Heights….and we can go on with other perks, to the point where this financial misconduct has imperiled the company leaving thousands in the lurch having put their hard earned funds only to be devastated by such events?
    In other countries he could not be walking around a free man….only in Bim that could happen. He want locking up.


  • @SITH

    The point here is that the cheque was issued at a time when Thompson & Associates as a partnership was reported to have been dissolved. Thompson was PM at the time the cheque was issued for crissakes.

    On Thursday, 12 March 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • @David.

    That is exactly the point. The law firm was dissolved but the “client trust bank account” was not. That bank account was still open and payment deposited to it when it had nothing to do with client trust funds. Clico were paying an invoice for Fees, not advancing monies in trust. So there is the first part of the fraud. Only two people would likely be allowed to sign for disbursements from the trust account and one who would be the office manager who also happens to have been the PM’s wife. Until you see the trust account and copies of the disbursement cheques it will continue to be a speculation as to who was involved but clearly one of Thompsons were if not both.


  • Dee Ingrunt Squared

    @David; Two quick things.

    —- The law firm was not ‘dissolved’ because an invoice was issued from and paid to said law firm. The law firm was still a viable operation but the ‘Thompson’ part of it had been ‘dissolved’.

    As stated: “A fling made with the Barbados Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office relating to Thompson and Associates noted that Mr. Thompson was ‘no longer the owner of the business firm’ as of May 22, 2008. ”

    That obviously means that although it bore his name D. Thompson was not expected to or supposed to have any fiduciary or other involvement with the firm.

    Not only was his action fraudulent it was highly improperly or simply illegal based on the filing at the corporate office. The conflict of interest there was clear.

    Case of reference. David Bloomberg was Mayor of NY. He has a massive company that bears his name. He had to so a similar thing as Mr Thompson and sever his company ties while in office. Had he done what Mr. Thompson did he would have been strung-up legally for just the conflict of interest charge. Forget about the fraud.

    —–Is it definitely confirmed that Mara was the office manager during this period of review?

    And @ SITH: Excellent and astute examination of how the client and operations a/c process is a good indication of the crime here.

    Madly laughable that in that simple reference we see Mr Thompson actually following the ‘correct’ procedure to pay this money to the right a/c.

    After all it was client money and not operational fees as the invoice suggested.

    We can see the fix was on from the git-go.

    And we can also see as you allude to. Someone other than Thompson had to be involved because his NAME would have been removed from the banking records as a signatory. Not so!!!!!

    Because if it was not then that’s another illegal act based on the corporate filing.

    Almighty father… they really never expected any of this to come to light…this is like a really bad crime novel because no one would be this STUPID.

    Fact is always stranger than fiction they say. Oh my gawd!!!!


  • @DeeWord

    Reference to Thompson & Associates being disolved refers to what is a fact, the law practice was taken over by a group of young lawyers and Thompson (by exchanging documents one would expect) under our governance rules was not allowed to practice law in a private capacity.

    On Thursday, 12 March 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • Stephen McLeash

    Leave Thompy let him sleep nah?

    I am far more interested in the death bed pact between Thompy, Parris, Stuart, Gollop and SInckler.


  • Stephen McLeash

    That pact seems to have been sealed with the death of Thompy and barring his return from Fiddlers Green, the MOF can’t do as he wants, Stuart dear not more against him……….despite what Estwick says or does.


  • @ Bushie

    @ Onions…

    Where did you get $300,000 to put in CLICO….?

    ..and no shiite talk bout fishing now…… 🙂


    Back in March 2004 to be exact ….Myself and 14 other work mates won the state lottery in Jersey. You can get Hants to check dat…..Dat is how I manage to buy a moses.

    Beside that in 1986…I put up in a Yellow Fin Tuna off Tobago weighing 763 Lbs and sold it to the Japanese for a cool $61,040…do the maths.

    Mr. Nosy..So like I gine have to shoot U now ! LOL


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Tea March 12, 2015 at 11:41 AM #
    “@ Miller; How exactly does Lucifer take actions to deal with Satan?
    Can you see now why David Thompson DID NOT PURSUE the matter of Arthur’s $75,000 cheque?”

    Bushie I heard that the $75,000 cheque- waved so much in the face of so-called BLP yard birds on BU by ac & co- was a political arrow of coup d’état dimensions aimed at the Achilles heel that successfully put an end to OSA.

    So what is wrong with MAM- now that her former in-house nemesis is in a state of political rigor mortis- using the strategy of a ‘born-again-Christian’ politician to oust Carriongton, Saint Mara of St. John and the whole Fumble crooked cabinet of wash-in-the-blood lying monkeys?

    The same way Mia has the audacity to attempt to personally deliver a letter expressing national outrage on the Solid Waste Tax or even to seek to garner support for the 25,000 signatures in the Queen’s Park petition why not send a ‘real’ letter of major national concern to people and agencies who can put real pressure on Fumble to release Parris from his leprous cell of protection and let Queen Mara face the collateral winds of justice and shame with Carriongton taking the devil’s moral hindmost.


  • Mara Thompson, our deputy speaker, will have to make a decision if it is worth it, for her children’s sake.

    On Thursday, 12 March 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • Steupsss @ Miller
    why not send a ‘real’ letter of major national concern to people and agencies who can put real pressure on Fumble……
    Good defensive shot…but we playing 20 over cricket boss …dat is a dot ball..

    So you think that Mia is washed in the blood of the lamb? (to borrow from Piece..)

    How will it pan out when she mind you and send this ‘real letter’ …and the next thing we hear- there is a forensic audit at Four Seasons…..?

    The problem with being part of a thieving “political class” is that there is no honour among thieves…. when the first piece of shit bounce off the fan, you will see a Pandora’s box with the lid brek off…..

    Bushie keeps telling David (BU) and the Fowler chick to start with the normal everyday DIRECTORS. Squeeze some of those balls and wunna would be surprised how much shit will start flying bout….

    You don’t clear a forest by cutting only at the big trees….drive the whacker in some o’ de quiet bush round the damn place and see how fast the place get clean up….

    @ Onions
    you go long with that story for now….
    You play that you ain’t know that Bushie done got the REAL story from the sea-cat woman ever since…..
    LOL ….also…
    Bushie warned you not to threaten BBE’s anointed ….even in jest yuh….
    Lucky for you ..the bush man beg fuh yuh …otherwise an angel coulda hold you in that moses and feed yuh to a barracuda or shark hear….

    …yuh may still get back enough berries from Parris to buy a few foods from Mustor fuh Sea-cat and Bushie…. Ha Ha Ha


  • They are all interrelated in one way or another, when Mara had chicken gunya Mia was there helping her to get better, so what do you expect. Mia is one of David Thompson daughter Godmother, so don’t look for any great event to happen, and she is the M of F best friend, so there you are. COOL IT (LOL).


  • Depending on how things play out…..Just Asking…..I hope the people take note. One way or annudda this SHOITE gine stop!



    @ Bushtea… How does Lucifer take action to deal with Satan?
    Sir I feel obligated to inform you that curious minds intent on learning your true identity are that much closer to doing so. Who else other than a member of the national darts team could so forcefully hit the BULL’S EYE?


  • Bushie:

    I do not understand why these people bout here want to know your TRUE identity!! Even I know that you are a little mousy man who gets a lot of nerve to spew a heavy set of Bushism here on BU as long as it is done incognito!!

    You may not know it but “old onions” get that 300, 000 from the proceeds of his SPYING career for the CIA. In that field 300, 000 is monkey money!! You think it was only Wickham spilling the beans on Bajans!!


  • @ Onions and Bushie. The one Onions ketch mussse other worldly. lol



  • Really fellas what all of you expect Mara with she stupidity stupidity self to do! This brings us back to Owen point, she was not the best candidate for St. John!!!


  • Yah know in alla this rigmarole I still real glad tha nobody en mek no nasty remarks ’bout Mara and Mia.

    This fella called just asking skate real close though but he just say that “when Mara had chicken gunya Mia was there helping her to get better”.

    Dey aint anything wrong wid that. And beside he say she is Godmudder to the child and ting.

    Because it wud be real bassa bassa if he did implying that Mara hairstyle does mean more than ease to manage and that she does manage things wid Mia.

    Wid all the other loose talk bout Ms Davey and being a travel companion wid LeRoi and how Duprey does like to start on the back nine when he ready to use he big iron off the tee, these tings could cause nuff embarrasements.

    Cause I don’t know if Davey or LeeRoi was good at golf. But I would imagine that if Duprey invite them to start on the back nine wid he irons then surely they would go and enjoy the outing and then drinks after.


  • old onion bags March 12, 2015 at 8:42 AM #
    Mr Barrow , unlike the present ,or absent, Prime Minister, never advised anyone to Get a Lawyer, but he did warned us that if we need justice, then stay away from the law courts. Very little has changed.


  • John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Mia AG and Owen PM also we must remember some people came in on the end and got catch . These 2 Bitches Butchers paved the road we walk on and live with Massive Land fraud that feed CLICO. and 90% of the Lawyers in Barbados , Some unknowing as People were mugged and crooked well above the Numbers of CLICO .

    St Vincent got robbed and also the People who Banked At Barclay’s Bank and CIBC Bank ,

    So keep the light on these cock roaches , We have a longer way to go in cleaning House and Home

    The Land Registry also have lawyers working in there We yet dont know how clean they are,

    As we can see These BLP / DLP crooks have us all like the old man in the wheel chair,,,

    Remember Land Fraud Deeds fuel CLICO and Fuel the greed and the greedy PMs AG, GG, COP of Barbados,

    Like even Nasty Ass Richard Byer is no better , He was remove from the House for his crimes, All , i say all of them in the House on both side Doing this Crime Shit, and far the CROOKS ass JUDGES not locking them up ,

    Keep your eyes on the Bench for those who to be our gate keeper,

    This Massive land Fraud with companies in BAR-BADOS HAVE LAUNDER MORE THAN A TRILLION DOLLARS ,




  • Where is the outrage?

    We in the PDC are in an almost perfect position to tell many people any where, that the primary reason why these two intellectually and politically backward, bankrupt and discredited DLP and BLP factions continue to do, especially when at the helm of government in Barbados, a tremendous amount of foolishness and with political impunity, and the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country have been as yet to rise up against the two of them, is because the vast majority of such people have been getting into so many other kinds of social technological activities that are more relevant to their being in pursuit of, or that are more pertinent to their practicing of their own ritualistic utilitarian epicurian hedonistic pleasures and expectations, that political intervention is only hardly and more possible when

    A corollary to such behaviour is that they have substantially resigned to putting any sufficient confidence and hope in the DLP and the BLP leading the way in bringing about better and brighter in the future, nationally, socially, politically, materially, financially, developmentally.

    Too it is clear that many of these same people are really looking towards the development of serious political organizational alternatives to the DLP and BLP in this country, to really lead the way in taking this country to another serious growth and developmental level.

    Such persons have seen a certain
    future in Barbados, without the incorribly corrupt, decadent and disgraceful DLP and BLP inpvolved in the government of this country.

    Surely this is the time for many very able, committed, patriotic, nationalist, progressivist, developmentist, people-centered, and coalition building groups of ideological political people to form their own parties and movements in this land, and come to the center of the politics of this society of Barbados.



  • The PDC post just above was submitted by error.

    In the first paragraph there is an unintentional abrupt discontinuation of the paragraph itself.

    It should have been continued as follows: “serious national and subnational problems emerge sufficient for many of those same people to call for organized and concerted political action in response to those problems”.

    Our apologies for the error.



  • @ old onion bags March 12, 2015 at 7:02 AM #

    What shall Stuart say now to protect Mara…….”the matter is a private matter” or “get a lawyer”? Time to stop this foolishness Stuart…………

    Remind me again why this woman really got into elective politics!

    First she is no politician, that’s clear. She has no charm, no charisma at all, at all. There is nothing to this woman that would attract any sane person yet she was projected as a queen. She contributes very little to Parliament by way of debate, nothing of substance.

    Why the DLP ever thought that it was a good idea to allow her to run is beyond sane minds. I can only conclude that she knew what would eventually happen after her beloved husband’s death, the grim reaper called his number before he could cover all his tracks…… so she had to run to be “covered”.

    What a thing!


  • All separating Mara from others in the House is this matter.


  • @SITH March 12, 2015 at 12:53 PM #


    That is exactly the point. The law firm was dissolved but the “client trust bank account” was not. That bank account was still open and payment deposited to it when it had nothing to do with client trust funds. ………………………


    From what I remember, the law firm was not dissolved until after the first JM report was made public and the lawyers at the firm said that they did not know nor had anything to do with the stolen monies. It was at that point that the remaining lawyers formed a new company.

    Is it not ironic that a man who claimed during a campaign that “I will not lie, cheat or steal” was at the time a big liar and a thief but had the gall to call out someone who was given a campaign contribution for peanuts compared to what he was stealing from CLICO and that when he actually became PM, he was still operating a law firm which was only a money laundering outfit!



  • @ Lemuel

    Onions is a CIA man……Ha Ha ha ha…(MURDA)…..so by extention we can conclude Bushie is D pope !

    @ Hants

    Nice fish……


  • Tell me something I don't know

    My reading of this is actually that Thompson was no longer a PARTNER in the firm of thompson & Associates BUT that he and/or his wife still had control of an account bearing the name of the firm but which the actual firm’s lawyers were neither aware or signatories to. Now this raises many Questions. Any company, firm, partnership etc could have many accounts with the same name at different banking institutions for legitimate reasons.

    It seems to me that in the case of this special firm – which had this big client in CLICO and its subsidiaries, the then Principal of the Firm, may have created several accounts not all of which were known to the other partners.

    So it is entirely possible that this particular account was set up long before for the purposes of handling certain CLICO transactions “off the book” – maybe to keep any accrued earnings for the exclusive benefit of Thompson or from which other “off book” transactions could be dealt with – without knowledge of those who did not need to know.

    Mara as the Office Manager would have been well-placed to direct traffic – and deposit the various cheques into the appropriate accounts – Including this “off-book” account.

    Would be most interesting to find out what other transactions occurred on this particular account. That is where much of the CLICO money must have leaked.


  • Prodigal Son March 12, 2015 at 6:46 PM #

    First she is no politician, that’s clear. She has no charm, no charisma at all, at all. There is nothing to this woman that would attract any sane person yet she was projected as a queen. She contributes very little to Parliament by way of debate, nothing of substance.
    A late politician / undertaker, is on record, stating that if he were to bring one of his pine coffins, to a certain constituency, of which he was the sitting MP, ,and mark his party initials on it, he would be assured that it would become a Member of Parliament. Mara is St John’s coffin.



    Violet Beckles warned you all years ago on the Massive land fraud , you all think it was a joke , Clico just the tip of this nasty lawyers and Minister raping a nation, Better learn to google and not listen to the BLP nor DLp same bunch of crooks liars and scumbags,
    PM Owen and ex AG Mia need to be in jail and take Richard Byer and Jackman with them


  • @David
    The premise of this article about “listening with deep sadness” is so much baloney , why do you expect a sitting Gov’t in Barbados to imperil itself?

    It is one thing for the JM to sue the Estate of Thompson to recover part of the proceeds of the 3.3 million but it is another thing to prove that Mara knew of the transaction as the court can’t force Mara to testify against about her late husband as I believe “spousal privilege” still applies. If the law in Bim says otherwise Mara could do a Sargeant Schultz (Hogans Heroes) “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing” or “I know nothing about nothing” and who is going to prove her wrong?

    It seems that people can’t see the forest for the trees and from reading the bit of the Report I believe that the $3.3 m was pocket money for some individuals who treated CLICO as their personal piggybank. With all the missing documentation, missing statements and missing copies of cheques it was fortuitous that they could trace the 3.3 m because with a little more time the 3.3 might have been wired off to a numbered account at a FI in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands and the JM would be whistling in the dark.


  • are-we-there-yet

    Sargeant, re your post above.

    You may be right but I prefer to believe in right and wrong and karma and doing the right thing and I think that Bushie’s BBE arranged things that all the clues in the 3.333 million deal were fortuitously unravelled by the JM. I don’t think it is going to stop there. There are too many things going on at the present time for this to be glossed over.

    That 3.333 million dollar invoice may just be the thread that DeeWord talked about that will unravel the whole garment clothing the nakedness of this government and signal the start of the process of rebuilding by whoever takes over.

    I think that it is the attitude that you portray in that post that has Barbados in the position it is in today. Uncaring and absolutely selfishness in our leaders who can’t see that their amoral actions breeds a society of the same and which will sooner or later fall.

    Why would an intelligent man like you choose not to see the dark immorality of David Thompson’s misdeeds and the likelihood of Mara’s involvement and that, given the threads so far unravelled by the JM’s report, that it is almost certain that a significant sum of money purloined from CLICO in a serial money laundering scheme most likely resides in the Thompson estate which has been probated and that really that money should be tracked and used to help the myriad pensioners and other policyholders who have been sorely disadvantaged by the actions of Thompson and Parris.

    I read your post with “deep sadness” cause heaven help us if most of us think like you.


  • @Sargent

    Don’t be naive, the 3.3. million some of it found its way into the estate of Thompson now controlled by Mara Thompson.


  • @ are-we-there-yet
    …skippa, what Bushie tell wunna bout Sargeant?

    There are some issues and nuances that are above Non Commissioned Officers. If you want bravado and gusto and in-your-face big talk …call Sarge.

    ….but when he fire two grogs and start pontificating and philosophizing it is best to just ignore him until he sobers up and gets his uniform back on…..


  • @AWTY

    Not sure what you are reading into my post, first of all I was reacting to “David’s” indignation at the Deputy Speaker denying an Opposition request that would likely torpedo the Gov’t….. like if the Gov’t would let that happen and secondly the real world scenario of Mara reacting to potential legal issues and how her responses could be shaped.

    As to my other point about “forest for the trees”, the 3.3m is just the tip of the iceberg so while the focus on this blog has been on that figure much more was funnelled out from the “piggy bank” that was CLICO. The Report refers to an Appendix which was not included in the copy attached here so I don’t know what the terms of reference or the scope of the forensic audit except to say that there were troves of documents missing along with a potential uncooperative witness.

    Don’t know why you thought my comments were dismissive guess it’s my have seen/heard it all before attitude coming to the fore.


    Did you not read where I wrote that it’s one thing to sue the Estate of Thompson to recover part of the proceeds? Is that not an acknowledgement that I recognise that some of the funds may have found its way into the Estate?


  • @Bushie

    I guess you must have slept through those “Uses of English” classes that were common at Cave Hill back in the day.


  • What do you expect of Michael Carrington and David Thompson?
    Both have a poor social background and therefore rob as much as they can.
    In former times plantations, in post-colonial times so-called business men and politicians.

    Foreign investors are well advised to go to international law firms and not local QCs if they want honest legal services.

    The Freundel administration will never resign before next election day. They need their big Mercedes and diamond pensions whereas average Barbadians drive rotten 10 year old Toyotas and lost pensions at CLICO.


  • @Sargeant

    First Caribbean Bank have the cheques or other signed documentation that authorized the payout of the 3.3 million dollars. On it you will see the signature of the person who signed for the disbursement. We have already seen the Clico cheque with a 3rd party endorsement on it that deposited money into the client trust account when it should have gone into the business account. Who’s writing is that on the back of the cheque? We now need to see who signed for the monies to leave that bank trust account. It will be a Thompson. Normal procedure is for “office manages” to be signatories on this type of account.

    First Caribbean have all the answers. They need to be asked by the Policy Holders for copies of the authorization disbursing the 3.3 million from the trust account.

    Make no mistake the billing of fees and the then depositing of the payment into a trust account is clearly fraudulent.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Sargeant March 12, 2015 at 11:50 PM

    Where is your moral compass in all of this, Sarge? Why are you finding excuses for the current administration and its leader for facilitating and covering up the massively deleterious fallout from the biggest fraud ever perpetuated against innocent policyholders and pensioners?

    It is obvious that Mara is ‘genuinely’ complicit in the scheme to defraud CLICO and launder money on behalf of a most estimable gentleman who happens to be the PM’s pal and ‘materialistic’ godfather to the MoF who happens to have a liking for hand-me-down designer clothing and status symbol vehicles as the photo op of the local equivalent of Ascot Day clearly confirmed the intimacy of such a cozy incestuous relationship.

    For once why can’t you be on the side of decency and integrity instead of justifying the actions of a blatant corrupt gang of crooks, swindlers and liars whose presence at the wheel of governance has brought your country Barbados (which you love so much) from the pinnacle of political respectability and envious international admiration, economic sustainability and social stability to the lowest depth of embarrassing vulgarity, depravity and financial shame of coming pariah proportions on the international scene.

    Why not give Bajans the chance to decide if they want to continue on this path? I am sure that in your adopted country or any other jurisdiction after which Barbados likes to model itself the culture of the ‘educated and informed’ citizens would require that the moral rule of decency and justice prevail.

    How can a political administration continue with this CLICO scandal enveloping its leaders, past and present, marked by a total loss of confidence from its clients the citizens while hoping for a turnaround in its economic fortunes when almost every promised made to the stakeholders have largely remained unfulfilled.
    Barbados needs a moral SOS appeal not a unrelenting farrago of lies and deception from its leaders.

    “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


  • are-we-there-yet

    Miller, re. your 9:10 am post;

    My earlier post just sowed the seed. Your full blown fruit is par excellence.

    There should be outrage and disgust exhibited at the facts coming out of the opening of this cesspool. Not facile expressions suggesting that such actions by Thompson and his associates were OK and par for the course.

    Therein lies perdition.

    Now is the time for the Opposition to speak with a clear voice on these matters and the legal authorities to do their jobs, else they should all be made fodder in the coming day of the figurative wolves.


  • A logical political strategy would be for the PM TO CALL A SNAP ELECTION.

    Then those with the biggest impending legal problems can focus on their defence and bow out of the political arena.

    Everything is out in the open and the best strategy is to “GET A LAWYER”


  • These thieves and wannabe respectable criminals are a disgrace to Barbados.


  • Sunny Sunshine Shine

    There are grounds for protest action. We have a wicked immoral prime minister residing over the people’s usiness. We have a corrupt immoral speaker of the house ruling in the speakers chair. We have an immoral crooked wife of a disgusting dispicable dead rat crooked and pretensive former prime minister. All the nastiness is coming to bare on what we all knew about these frauds. We were waiting for proof for years and got some now. What the ass are we waiting for. Time to pickett and protest against this government. Carrington got go And Mara we dont want anymore. CROOKERY MUST STOP WE DONT WANT NO MORE OF THAT.


  • @Miller & AWTY
    I see from your recent comments that both of you are of the opinion that I have not expressed an acceptable level of outrage at the recent revelations on the CLICO saga. I will be returning in the next few months and will journey to the residence of the impoverished CEO suitably armed with pitchfork and torches to wreak havoc on the palatial estate. My next stop will be at the boneyard in St. John where I will perform a similar duty at the mausoleum of the late PM.

    Pobre moi at trying to point out the legal hurdles that the plaintiffs face in this matter, poor me at writing about the vast sums that are unaccounted for while others were focused on the 3.3m, poor me at suggesting that some of those funds may have made their way to foreign lands invisible to Bajan eyes (didn’t CLICO also have a Corporate jet? Who has the flight manifests?).

    There has been enough outrage on this matter in the last few years on this blog to fill the Caribbean Sea, I like to keep my head while others are losing theirs.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Sargeant March 13, 2015 at 10:06 PM
    “Pobre moi at trying to point out the legal hurdles that the plaintiffs face in this matter, poor me at writing about the vast sums that are unaccounted for while others were focused on the 3.3m, poor me at suggesting that some of those funds may have made their way to foreign lands invisible to Bajan eyes (didn’t CLICO also have a Corporate jet? Who has the flight manifests?).”

    What legal hurdles what?
    Legal hurdles like the lack evidence in the case of a boy from the block caught smoking a spliff and the police automatically charges him as if he is possession of a planted tradable quantity? What a waste of time in a country that would soon be importing marijuana products made in the USA!

    Or the self-inflicted wounding concocted story of how to get a man from facing the high court and jury for “accidentally” shooting his son while ‘playing’ with his gun?

    What about using social media to communicate what a Minister finds to be offensive and ends up in quick time before magistrate charged for the misuse of a computer?

    What about the frivolous and vexatious cases brought against the Nation newspaper journalists and management for showing hormone-driven school children engaging in ‘ordinary’ teenage hanky-panky birds and the bees entertainment in a co-educational environment which only served to fertilize the vulgar minds of the social media voyeurs?

    What are the legal hurdles facing the prosecution in the criminal case brought by the CoP against Parris for his refusal to stop selling bogus insurance policies after the CLICO collapse and instructed to do so by the then SoI? Where is the justice for such a brave public officer for being so uppity resulting in Leroy “Don’t-you-know-who–I-am” Parris demanding her suspension?

    What are these legal hurdles preventing the BRA from investigating Parris for an open and shut case of tax evasion? Is it that the MoF and the Commissioner are beholden unto God the Father Parris the giver of all gifts to titillate the materialistic taste buds of people who are ashamed of their origins of poverty and would wish to distance themselves from such socially confining trappings exacerbated by their secondary school profile and the resulting stigma of a liar of a monkey permanently riding on their academic back.

    What are these legal hurdles to prevent the charging of Parris for obvious ‘blatant’ fraud and engaging in money laundering schemes? People get charged everyday for alleged misdemeanors far less serious than gross misconduct as outlined in the now unsealed Forensic report.

    Even some lawyers find who find themselves in such predicaments especially for financial improprieties have been known to attend court not as legal counsel for a defendant in a criminal matter or even as an amicus curiae but as the person in the dock having to plead guilty or not guilty to the charges brought by the Crown prosecution.

    Some so-called big up people find themselves facing charges like Rodney Wilkinson and end up on remand for a short period with the extended expectation a court will find then not guilty but with the experience of temporary incarceration indelibly etched in their mind and reflected in their physical appearance. But we suspect Parris would find such a staycation at her Majesty’s pleasure an enjoyable and fully satisfying outing for the rest of his life.

    The problem is not one of legal hurdles but one of gross disrespect for the rule of law as being demonstrated by the inactions of the authorities. Parris had many a corrupt official in his pocket from the lowly customs officer to the Top Brass in the termite infested cabinet. Any shaking of that piece of rotten political furniture would result not only in the naming and shaming of many elites in class-ridden Barbados but also in the iconoclastic fall of the false deity worshiped by the poor whose adoring motto was indeed “DLP- Developing the Lives of the Poor”.

    Can that once great party redeem itself under the stewardship of Fumble and turn Skippa Barrow’s ship around by renaming it the “RRDLP” for ‘Rehabilitated for the Retribution & Destruction of Leroy Parris’?

    Leroy Parris needs to be charged immediately for fraud and money laundering and his many travel documents confiscated. Let the courts decide his guilt or innocence while the BRA sells his assets to recover back taxes due to the Revenue.

    If he is found innocent then the State will be prepared to compensate him for bringing ‘false’ charges against him just like the “fake” invoice he personally approved to swindle poor CLICO pensioners and ordinary life insurance policyholders whose chances of being properly compensated for their losses are as far apart as the rings in Greenverbs anus. Any compensation due to Sam Pokey Parris for wrongful incarceration would not only suffer the fate as the long wait of Carrington’s 14 years’ refusal to pay his client but would be put in the same queue as Al Barack’s comfort to a fool millions.


  • @ Miller
    Bushie withdraws all the many cussing that he had previously bestowed upon you on the basis of this posting above….
    …for the time being….

    Well said …. although is will likely be wasted on Sargeant due to it’s high level, commissioned-officer level slant.
    Those NCO types would much prefer you to fire two grogs and leggo some brass bowl swear words…
    …which you have been known to do on occasion here on BU… 🙂


  • @Miller
    That was certainly more than a mouthful let it all out, the comment about legal hurdles was applied to any difficulties Mara was facing and whom this particular blog was about trust you to bring in Sam Poochie and the duppy. Everyone wants to see the law followed but law isn’t justice, while you are on that track how come you didn’t mention the lack of charges on the players responsible for the apartment collapse when five people (remember them?) died.

    I am not going to defend the indefensible but isn’t the CEO’s lawyer placing some legal barriers on the matter before the Court? We may not like it but he is doing what a lawyer is supposed to do for his client, Mara’s lawyers will do likewise.

    @Bush Tee
    As in Tee Hee, with all this talk about grog have you fallen off the wagon again? The local Branch of AA will welcome you back or you could always talk to BBE he/they will understand.


  • @Sargeant

    Of course the parties are entitled to exhaust legal avenues but political fallout is a consequence.

    On 14 March 2015 at 21:48, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • @Sargeant March 12, 2015 at 9:52 PM “the court can’t force Mara to testify against about her late husband as I believe “spousal privilege” still applies.”

    Wrong Sarge.

    Death ends a marriage.

    Spousal privilege does not apply as a widow has no spouse.

    Never mind that I read every single Sunday in the Sunday Sun “wife of the late”

    If the man who used to be your husband is dead then you are NOT A WIFE, and spousal privilege cannot possibly apply.


  • Once again some of the supposed findings of another joke national public opinion poll is published in today’s Sunday Sun, March 15, 2015.

    Again, too, this poll, some of its findings and their publication in a couple sections of the local news media are being made food by the pollsters for influencing many thousands of people in the lead up to the next elections in Barbados.

    Again the principle of the holding of free and fair elections in this country will again be seriously undermined to make sure that this rotten dreadful social and political status quo in Barbados continues.



  • @ PDC
    LOL …it look like the only way you will show up on that poll is if wunna interview Wickham yuh….


  • Commander in Chief aka -Prankster the Mankster eating Mangoes sunnyside up and egging off while Alfing around to the Max

    Ha ! looka muh crosses doe
    BU calls for resignation and just stopped calling as though BU achieved its objective. Typical 9 day wonder has wandered. The guilty remains un-punished and BU has failed to keep the pressure on. Time for action BU


  • @Commander in chief

    You remind us of Statler and Walforf located on the balcony doing what they do best.


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  • Simple Simon

    Sir, you’re quite correct the surviving widow has no Spousal Privilege, but under US Law he or she has what is called: “Confidential Marital Communications Privilege” and this extends to persons whose marriages have been desolved through divorse and more importantly, the widow.
    Someone in the legal profession in Barbados, I am sure can speak more forcefully as to whether the same holds through for Barbadian Jurisprudence.


  • Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall also should be asked to resign.


  • Interesting to note that Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of Israel, was recently “convicted of accepting bribes to build an apartment complex when he was Mayor of Jerusalem”.It is alleged that he received $160,000.He was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Talk about integrity, transparency, accountability and freedom of information !


  • The Governor of the central bank of T&T forced to resign, and his girlfriend.



  • @David December 31, 2015 at 1:10 PM #

    Chuckle…..you realy expect that to happen here?


  • Shows that there is more integrity, transparency, accountability and freedom of information in T &T ! (Bajans have some damn nerve calling T&T “the Land of Bobol” ! Interesting to note that Basdeo Panday also had serious problems which, in great measure, accounted for the ending of his life as a politician !) “Little England” has indeed ‘lost its way’ and one must indeed question what is there to be gained by it becoming a republic in 2016 ?


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