Barbadian Property Owners Living Abroad, BEWARE

The following was received from a concerned Barbadian residing overseas – Blogmaster

Dear BU:

I have hesitated to make this matter public before as it involves the accounting system for Barbados Land Tax but my problem may be a test case that is aimed at the Barbados senior property holders living abroad.  Here are the facts: 

1) Timely tax receipts are non-existent and Notices come late so that those abroad cannot take advantage of a 10% discount.

2) Since 2019 a marked increase in discrepancies whereby I was double-billed for an arrears due on the BRA portal  I paid both and contrary to practice, the over-payment was  not brought forward as a credit and that receipt arrived a year late.

3) In 2020 I made 4 International Money Transfers in Barbados dollars to cover 2 residential lots and 2 co-owned agricultural lots to the BRA Account at Central Bank of Barbados and they were subjected to a charge of which I was unaware.

4) There was a misapplication of deposits with the sum for the second tranche applied to the first residential lot which had a higher tax.

5) A record was sent me by email that showed that the deposit on the higher taxed lot had been made before I had made the IMTs

6) Several registered letters and emails have been sent to the Commissioner Lewis Ward and to a senior accounting officer but they are yet to acknowledge BRA’s mistake and remove the penalties and now I am being charged thousands of dollars

7) To make matters worse, I sent in 2021 a wire to Republic Bank to cover the 4 lots – BDS$7808.98 with detailed instructions as to disbursement.  I asked for receipts but none came but in August 2022 3 lots appear with heavy penalties for non-payment of taxes.  The fourth agricultural lot which is being requisitioned was free and clear.  So where did my money go? 

I have all my receipts that showed nothing was owing until the false deposit. It would seem that this matter is not worthy of reply. nor speedy resolve.  But it has serious ramifications for the safety of money transferred to Barbados by taxpayers and investors.  Please warn other senior citizens.

Wire Transfer record – Redacted by BU

352 thoughts on “Barbadian Property Owners Living Abroad, BEWARE

  1. “As potentially a poor widow yourself, try collecting from the GOB!!”

    speak for thyself….i already COLLECTED WHAT IS MINE….

    GOB don’t owe me a thing…

  2. So, what you are saying is you do not want to avail yourself of any provisions may have made in the past to provide for future generations.

    so why the hoo haa over reparations if you don’t want anything from Quakers?

    …. a special kind of stupid!!

  3. “so why the hoo haa over reparations if you don’t want anything from Quakers?

    …. a special kind of stupid!!”

    describing yourself perfectly……since when the GoB is Quaker…..

    and my opinion about HOW reparations should be paid to AFRIKAN DESCENTS is well known… not ya little colonial slave boy ya cannot put words in my mouth..

  4. African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights ReservedSeptember 12, 2022 11:17 AM

    … not ya little colonial slave boy


    I would never have guessed you were a boy from your picture.

    Was the procedure painful?

  5. “Was the procedure painful?”

    ya should ask ya slave boy that…

  6. I read where he was guest-editing last week, but did not realize it had backfired….

  7. TLSN…..a terrible error by the Voice, who should have coached Charles TO NOT TIP TOE and TAP DANCE AROUND THE EDGES of the issues. of racism, slavery and hundreds of years of crimes against Afrikans…….

    “The prince quoted Jamaican reggae legend, Bob Marley, in his editor’s letter, in which he said he was “so touched”

    hope that is not a nasty habit he is picking up from the world stage runner who loves to misuse Bob’s words to grandstand and implement SLEIGHT OF HAND………

    Charles don’t look “so touched” that he would want to confront the demons following them around…..and they won’t stop trailing the family until they do…

  8. people must learn when you accept their symbols, titles and awards THEY OWN YOU….that’s why no one who understands the blueprint would take politicians seriously…trust them or follow them anywhere…they are OWNED..

    .this newspaper is now about to lose readership for not sticking to their own principles and for not telling Charles what is expected of him…

    “Almost all of the people involved in the special edition have received honours from the palace, fuelling concerns that the move is inherently biased and little more than a public relations exercise for the future king.

    Michael Morgan, a former writer for The Voice, told The Independent: “I feel this decision makes a mockery of the strapline ‘Britain’s Leading Black Newspaper’.

    “Seeing Prince Charles’s fingers on a newspaper that gave me my start and allowed me to grow as a writer, it’s left me feeling really disappointed.

    “When I wrote for The Voice it stood against personifications of oppression and suppression. I guess a lot has changed since then. It would seem when you hold a CBE or similar ‘honour’ bestowed upon you, you are a literal slave to the establishment for life. This PR washing is something that we all see through and I, for one, am not impressed.”

  9. The only Black UK newspaper gone through the eddoes for shortsightedness…..they could have REFUSED THE AWARDS and told the Palace to make donations to the homeless descendants of Afrikans who now live in generational poverty……BY DESIGN….. free them from that scam…

    there was so much they could have leveraged against what was happening, but when ya want titles and recognition, selling ya soul….there is a price to pay…

  10. TLSN……the article is too flowery and forgiving, trying to take a neutral stance……while demanding change…..they need to stop accepting awards…so they can deal head on with the issues and don’t have to worry about offending and not getting another award…

    .were i Charles i would be more concerned about the optics, after all this time and nothing has gotten better…the racism, oppression, suppression, apartheid, and don’t let’s talk about what happens on island atolls……all are out of control and directed at Afrikans….even and particularly when the countries/islands are majority Afrikan descent…..the neocolonialism is POISONOUS…nothing good has ever come from colonialism for Afrikans, the world’s original people, not in 500 YEARS and NEVER WILL…

    it is a conundrum and no one with commonsense would leave it in that condition for the next or future generations to become subjected to the soci0-economic monstrosities, the hideous plots and insidious motives…

    Charles does have his work cut out for him, and personally, I don’t think he can just ignore any of it, it’s following them around, won’t want that following me anywhere, especially not for another 500 years……….

  11. @John September 12, 2022 9:17 AM ” whether women outlive men in Barbados, or for that matter in most parts of the world.”

    Yes because we are smarter, take better care of ourselves, much less likely to engage in warfare or other violence, much less likely to consume alcohol in excess, less likely to consume illegal substances, less likely to use tobacco, in short more intelligent, and all around better human beings.

    That’s why women live longer AND BETTER lives than men.

  12. Here is an interesting Newsweek article.

    The difference in longevity may be due to changes in Y chromosomes as men age it shows may be the scientific explanation.

    Other reasons were given as well in the discussion.

    I guess Newsweek had to close down the discussion.

    It begun with these explanations and then ended!!

    “The reason men die younger than women is because they want to.”

    “If you’ve been married for 40 years like me, you wouldn’t need a scientist to tell you why men die sooner than women”


  13. “Research shows that people who are single, especially men, are living longer than ever before. In the past, men who were never married typically had the lowest life expectancy, but now the never married men are closing in on their currently married counterparts.”

    Make of that what you will!!

  14. Then there is this one!!

    Proverbs 18:22
    King James Version
    22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

  15. Barbadians are doing everything possible to beat the heat.

    And that has led to big bucks for businesses, as some people aim to get fans, air-conditioners, bottled water, or even sno-cones, to cool down.

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