Angry Black Men

Submitted by Terence Blackett

Angry Black Men: What Is the Categorical Imperative Given the Psychopathology of Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder and Its Perturbations on the Black Family?

You cannot heal what you do not understand…” Dr. Joy DeGruy

To unpack any controversial piece of literary discourse can be a daunting task. What is even more challenging is tackling a taboo subject area that can be unnerving, as the pertinent issues of the historical argument, ebb and flow, while trying to build a knowledge base that may have timeless structural integrity.

In exploring this volcanic concept of “Angry Black Men” – there remains a Herculean edifice under construction. So the opportunity to rumble, (with no holds barred), gives this postmodern phenomenon the oxygen it needs to bring openness to a socio-political rift that seriously affects the Black family, but moreover, how this psychopathology can be contained and managed through a variety of remedial recommendations, radical policy initiatives, and most urgently, grassroots programs that will shine a floodlight on Black murder rates, Black suicides, Black prostitution, Black human trafficking, loss of Black community and probably most important of all, how do we teach the lost sons of Israel about their true heritage without the shackles of Albino-centric religiosity.

It is a scientifically proven fact that intergenerational transmission of social, cultural, moral, philosophical and spiritual capital has reproduced inequalities across the periphery of the Black family and any attempt at a one-sided explanation of the issues that merely focuses on just socioeconomic relations or Black culture or socio-academic discourse or religious exercises is in itself radically incomplete at best, and copiously sterile at worst.

Philosophers and sociologists argue that – “on the possibility of achieving goods which are valued and which bring recognition, the inequalities in resources and opportunities themselves have little or nothing to do with the moral worth or merit of individuals, but they have a major impact on self-respect” (Sayer 2005). Heretofore, it is on this issue of self-respect that seems at the heart of the problem with Black men, as some would argue. But is it really that simplistic? Or are there more profound and complex vagaries at play, given the historical transmission of coded imprinted trauma lodged in the DNA structure of Black men?

To unpack the body of lies, myths and subterfuge levelled at the sons of Ham, we must look at the moral penchant of men like German philosopher & sociologist Emmanuel Kant who opines on what he HYPOCRITICALLY CALLS the “Categorical Imperative” which denotes “a moral principle that you should act only in accordance with that maxim through which you can at the same time will, that it become a universal law”, meaning that “you should act a certain way only if you’re willing to have everyone else act the same way too.” This kind of rabid “Enlightenment Thinking & Theory” (still taught in our universities unchallenged) has crossed over into a clash of civilizations’ over whether the sons of Ashkenaz are the rightful rulers of the earth – to govern over all other men.

Kantian philosophy remains buggered by the defense of ‘moral equality’ and the gangbang usurpation of ‘assumed lawful dignity’ of all humans – (except the Black man, of course). Kant’s misogynistic parlance is patently overshadowed by his necrotic racism towards Afrocentric people suggesting white men are naturally somehow superior to all other races, giving them the rights of rulership over the rest of the earth – creating a never-ending apocalypsus that has not changed since the days of Christ and grew into the Leviathan that now is, since the fallout from the aptly known – BLACK DEATH during the 1400’s – yet remaining a dominant scourge on the world stage until today.

Kant’s racist views are endemic features of the Western philosophical narrative of his era, along with other lauded, supposedly veritable Enlightenment figures whose “classifications” were used like a magic wand to inflict the maximum damage upon the souls and psyches of other human beings – namely, Black folks! All of the gimmickry fostered by a belief system in the divine right of kings to enslave upon dictat; socially engineered practices of oppression and subjugation at the end of a musket, sword, chains or truncheon – supported and upheld by socio-reLIEgious & political institutions like the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and other so-called Protestant churches that traded in the souls of men – (‘created in the image of God’), which now forms the historical context for much of this diabolical discourse, as seen in the spurious curse levelled upon Black and Brown people.

In the United States, the conceptual theory of the “Black Youth Bulge” is an epiphenomenon of late 20th century “strategic demography”which looks at population characteristics such as age, ethnicity, geographic location and numbers to help locate homegrown terrorists or those who pose criminal threats, as have been evidenced since the post-COVID PLANdemic fallout (notwithstanding, the irony can always be traduced by Caucasian men who themselves seem by overwhelming odds, to be the perpetrators of much more violent crime).

In Kant’s table of moral classifications, whites get the nod of approval, while Africans can only be “trained as slaves and servants”. He suggest that the American Negro slave is completely the opposite of newly stolen African slaves, (which implies the tenet of indoctrination and compliance), by opining that “they are full of affection and passion, very lively, very vain in the Negroes way, and so talkative that they must be driven apart from each other with thrashings. They can be educated but only as servants (slaves); that is, they allow themselves to be “trained” as servants. They have many motivating forces, are also sensitive, are afraid of blows and do much out of a sense of honor” (Harbovsky 2013)

In Britain, pilot studies now look at how social measures including areas of social policy, does have an impact on a growing segment of the young Black, Afro-Caribbean and Black African populations, who are clearly, increasingly and tragically disillusioned by the structural inefficiencies created by a closed-classist-cult-system that undermines and stymies accelerated upward mobility, (unless you are filthy rich as in the case of Rishi Sunak) and limits true social progress amongst ethnic minorities, with the determinant factors centering on: mis-targeted hate, spillover anger and gratuitous violence.

In Kant’s categorical imperative, “educated black folks” or those self-taught are created purely of physical coercion and/or corporeal punishment – hence, the concept of the “ROD” and the schoolmaster! No wonder I refused to be flogged! This glaring admission is nefariously redacted in Kantian philosophy as to how to flog the African servant or slave into submission and obedience. One must ask – how many generations have had to suffer from this kind of trauma (even today) – both from home and school? Kant suggest that in order to control and bring the African servants to total obedience or submission “a split bamboo cane be used instead of a whip, so that the ‘negro’ will suffer a great deal of pains (because of the ‘Negro’s thick skin’, he would not be racked with sufficient agonies through a whip) but without dying” (Eze 1997).

According to Kant, “to beat the Negro efficiently requires a split cane rather than a whip, because the blood needs to find a way out of the Negro’s thick skin to avoid festering” (Kant 1965). The justification for this view, he argues that this kind of “training” (corporeal punishment) is due to being “exclusively idle,” lazy, and prone to hesitation and jealousy – attributing all these negative qualities of the Negro to the fact that he (the Negro) through some climatic and anthropological reasons lacks ‘true’ (rational and moral) character”. These views above and beyond the limits of logic or reason about the African were informed by the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the 400-year-old horribilis diabolicus that has ensued in its aftermath.

In Britain, Black women who have babies are more susceptible to what Caucasian medical doctors believe, that Black pregnant women have a higher pain threshold than their counterparts and also that Black men have a higher pain tolerance level when it comes to medical interventionist procedures (cue the long list of medical experimentation on Blacks including the Tuskegee debacle). All these and more, cement the low-hanging demonic fruit that men serve up from the tree of the knowledge of so-called good and pestilent evil – peddled as a steady diet of malfeasance upon an unsuspecting and ill-informed group of people.

So the next time anyone ask – “Why are you so angry?” – ask them if they want the #LongVersion or the #Short! Anger is a natural human emotion that affects us all at some point. But for Black men, anger has a nascent psychopathology that is rooted in survivalist doctrine and etched in the endocrine structure of our being as anatomical facets – psychic scars that cannot be easily unpacked, and it is clear what happens when the windmill spins out of control, resulting in stabbings, gun violence, robberies and rape – causing irredeemable trauma for the Black family and other community relationships, friendships, work environments but especially law enforcement, (which is an extension from the plantocracy system that has not shed its malignant shackles).

Anger unmistakably damages personal relationships. We are cautioned in Scripture – “be angry but sin not” – yet these relationships are often the ones least likely most would want to lose when there is a hemorrhoidal flare up of any kind. The target is usually moms, dads, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, neighbours and the occasional nutjob. Thus, actions often taken under intense anger are regretted after the damage is already done because the ‘spirit’ which govern anger is of such a spiritual nature and few men can control themselves enough to be angry (or better yet – “RIGHTEOUSLY INDIGNANT”) and get the desired outcome. The Bible warns us that “the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God” and even though we can get angry, we must not knowingly sin against a brother or a sister for any reason whatsoever. The difficulty comes in balancing these two extremes and even for the most astute amongst us – the challenge proves far too great.

Our young Black men vigorously opine that it is their right to be angry given what they are up against within the system (and maybe rightly so). However, reason dictates erring on the side of caution, on that one! This psychopathology which was elucidated by social historian Herbert Moller’s 1968 article – Youth as a Force in the Modern World” in ‘Comparative Studies in Society and History’, argues that: “although the individual ‘age curves’ of psychopathy (or ‘sociopathy’) assume a variety of shapes, all manifestations of this personality disorder – from ‘wild oats’ behaviour, excessive self-assertion and pugnacity to criminal acts – are predominantly correlated with youth. It follows that primitive tendencies and psychopathic behaviours can be expected to increase in any population commensurately with its youthfulness.

In hindsight, there may some agreement on Moller’s assertion, however, today, over 7 million people in the US are behind bars, on parole, probation, or otherwise under supervision by the criminal justice system. Two-thirds of these prisoners are “DISPROPORTIONATELY” Black and now Latinos (who being the original peoples of The Americas) – these groups comprise almost two-fifth of the population as a whole, while almost half of Americans live in poverty and the greater percentage ratio is amongst African Americans. These disparaging social statistics are contributing factors to the climate of hate and anger so prevalent in America, as we continue to see all kinds of fallout from this man-made structural phenomenon.

In Britain, according to a 2003 Home Office Study, it is suggested that “1 in every 100 Black British adults is now in prison”. The numbers in 2022 are however much, much higher given the fact that foreign Blacks now also occupy British jails in increasing numbers due to immigration offences, drugs trade and other transnational crimes – symptoms of a legacy of virulent, imperial domination by Anglo-Saxons.

It is undeniable that the psychopathology of angry black men is wrapped up in the historical legacy of imperialism, colonialism, African slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, apartheid, and social injustice across the spectrum – something which 400 years has not been able to completely eradicate, remedy or heal to any measurable degree, no matter how prosperous, affluent or technologically savvy we have become. The scars of such historical pain still bear that psychic imprint upon the psyche of the Black man, bearing low-hanging fruit in the form of gang & domestic violence, HIP-HOP-YOB culture and increasing incidences of Black on Black crime, senseless violence and bloody murders.

W. E. DuBois reminds the Black man – “The Negro is a sort of 7th son, born with a veil, and gifted with 2nd-sight in this American world – a world which yields him no true self-consciousness, but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world. It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.” Is DuBois right? Are we really children of a lesser God?

It’s now 400 years on (Scripturally & historically) and the question remains: “What will it take to break this generational curse that still affects the angry Black man?”

Let’s posit what Dr. Joy DeGruy can answer regarding this question given its true primordial and anthropological complexity leaving her traumatic analysis here as a small light shining amidst the dense darkness that has veiled the lives of billions of Israelite descendants. As a proponent of epigenetics and how those visceral factors affect every Black person today is something that Dr. DeGruy can speak to with much more tempered alacrity and salient authority than anyone else on the world’s stage. I leave you in her capable hands…

Semper Fidelis

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  1. TheOGazertsAugust 8, 2022 11:37 AM

    I came to the conclusion that John does not believe half of what he says.
    Just trolling.


    You are only saying that because you can’t understand how it is that I am invariably right …. almost prescient.

    Just beyond your imagination.

  2. Terrance…… thank you for posting…i have seen the first video before, but TRUTH never dies…

    some of us on here have said it AD NAUSEAUM….Afrikan children were NEVER PROPERLY EDUCATED…..but INDOCTRINATED for over 500 YEARS…particularly in the last 60 plus, and it has only gotten WORSE…….now we are left to witness and JUDGE the FALLOUT from all that UGLINESS…spilling out of dirty politicians….our jailers..

  3. TheO,

    Your rabbit sets his own exam paper, marks it and declares himself correct.


    But to the topic ALL the points would have been made before. We ALL know what needs to be done.

    We know that most young men are not violent criminals. We know that desperation is driving MOST of the young men who ARE violent criminals.

    What do they get out of it, these foot soldiers? They do not get rich. They do not live happy. They are caged like animals for decades or they die young.

    They sleep with one eye open. Never at rest.

    How many really want that life?

  4. Liz Cheney will know next Tuesday if she gets to run in the mid terms as a Republican in November.

    Polls say she is toast so she is begging Democrats to switch to Republican for the Primary so she holds on.

    Trump may have the last laugh … or not, ……. she may run against him the primary in 2024.

    A week is a long time in politics.

    My bet is she is toast, but who knows!!

  5. DavidAugust 8, 2022 4:00 PM


    It is a life some of them are forced to accept in order to survive.


    ….. choose, …. not accept.

  6. DonnaAugust 8, 2022 3:52 PM


    Your rabbit sets his own exam paper, marks it and declares himself correct.



    Donna like she frightened fuh me!!

    The wutless husband she claims to have chased away must have really fled!!


    Leads to … observation …… hypothesis …. test …. and BINGO!!

  7. doing real good….couldn’t do any better…

    “Record £300bn wiped off UK bonds and gilts as investors flee in biggest market collapse in decades”

  8. Once again …. amazed.

    I have seen people make sound and solid contributions, but it appears that we can only remember the facts that we think are hurtful or can embarrass. And like everything else, these facts get recycled every few days.

    It is almost like a playground.

  9. “Your rabbit sets his own exam paper, marks it and declares himself correct.”


    …… and that he’s a ‘genius’ as well.

  10. Grasshopper

    Never put you down for being gullible.

    I’m one of the few on here who is for real, most are just fiction, yourself included!!

  11. Rabbit, rabbit …..(repeat)
    rabbit, rabbit, rabbit…..(repeat)

    End Prophecy
    The Extinction Event

    “Metanoia” (change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion)
    “Metanoia” was a game-changer, but was it also a game-over other than either ending the series or revealing that this was all a dream/simulation.

    eLBee BaD The Prince of Dance

  12. TheO,

    Not facts, FICTION! M husband was not “wutless”. I did not chase him away. I left. BECAUSE he was too controlling.

    This story no more true than that I was a PATIENT of Dr. Mahy. PATIENTS receive TREATMENT. I did not. I received an exemption from UWI exams because I was young woman going through a depressing family situation that affected my concentration.

    These people are Trump Twisters! They did not “remember” what I actually said.
    They just make stuff up!

    Obama is a “buller” born in Kenya. Michelle is a tranny. The two children are not theirs. Joe Biden is a paedophile.

    The insurrection was carried out by Antifa and BLM.

    Trump supporters were only there as tourists.

    But…. suppose I HAD been or STILL WAS a patient of Dr. Mahy? SO WHAT?

    And suppose my wutless husband HAD run away and left me?

    SO WHAT?


    Pay them no mind! Actually, I am embarrassed for THEM!

    Let them carry on “smartly” like the Pride of Barbados scholars that they claim to be!

    Get back on topic before David bans you as he has banned your “poet”. lol.

    P.S. Personally, I think he should have just left her to Artax.

  13. David,

    John is correct on the choice thing. They feel desperate but I could think of other endeavours that they could band together and undertake. Many or most others from their communities and in the same position do just that. They get up every morning and put one foot ahead of the other.

    What many of us cannot understand or accept is that some people are stronger than others.

    We have to help the weak ones.

    These weak young men make bad choices because of how society has treated them. They succomb to destructive and ultimately, self-destructive emotions.

    We already discussed how they come to make these choices. They cannot feel the HOPE! As a society, it is our job to make them feel it.

    That is, if we want to be free of the fear of stray bullets as we go about our business. So…if we cannot do it for them, we should do it for US.

    Or we could continue a-cussin’ and a-lockin’up, round and round and round and…round until “we all fall down”!

  14. Did someone mention a new stadium still on its way recently….apparently it’s still a 5 YEAR OLD TALK-A-TON…..and we done know that China is not the problem, but finding steal/bribery in the project just may be…

    2017-2022 start counting…

    “Christmas is still some days off, but Barbadian sportspersons and fans have been promised an ultra-modern National Stadium thanks to the help of the People’s Republic of China.

    That welcome news came from the Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley as he addressed a renaming of the Mapp Hill Pavilion to the Robert Browne Pavilion on Friday at the Mapp Hill facility.”

  15. Hants….how ya missed this one…and from Santa Marta too…apparently this is a different one to the other bust..where Trinidad took the lead..

    “Aroca, 58, of Santa Marta, Colombia, was not required to plead to possession of 422.66 kilos of cannabis, having a traffickable quantity of the drug and possession with intent to supply on August 2. The drugs have an estimated street value of $3.381 million.”

  16. Chief Magistrate: Parents need help
    Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes has called for a national parenting programme to help families with issues.
    “If we do not get that national parenting programme, we will not turn it around,” he said.
    His comments came after he dealt with a teenager whose mother said she left it to the father to attend Parent-Teacher Association as well as form level meetings.
    Serrian Jamali Scott-Fagan, a 17-year-old farmer, of Jackman’s Alley, Orange Hill, St James, had just pleaded guilty in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court to having a knife on Hastings Road, Christ Church, and using the insulting language: “You is a f*** idiot” to Constable Renaldo Downes, both on August 6.
    “I’m sorry for using the language to the officer and for having the knife. Sometimes people does come ’round me and my friends so I had it to protect myself,” he said.
    The boy’s mother, who was in court, said she had counselled him that he should walk
    away from conflict, adding he probably learnt the foul language “from the road”.
    When questioned by Chief Magistrate Weekes, she said the boy lived with his father and not with her and it was the father who went to PTA meetings and to form level meetings. She said she knew because the boy would sometimes tell her about it.
    The mother said she also knew the teen had expressed an interest in becoming a rapper but admitted she had done nothing to facilitate her son’s dream.
    “Therein lies the problem in the country and it will not get any better. Wunna ain’t parenting. Wunna keep bringing children into our dear fair land and just leaving them rudderless around here,” the Chief Magistrate said.
    “Wunna children keep coming in here talking ’bout things wunna ain’t know nothing ’bout and instead of wunna trying to do some research to help them, you ain’t know nothing,” he said.
    He told the first-time offender: “You don’t curse
    police because the same police got to help you out. And you walking round with a knife.”
    In the end, Scott-Fagan was placed on a bond for six months on each count.
    If he breaches it, he will have to pay $1 000 forthwith on each or spend 90 days concurrent in prison.
    Prosecutor Station Sergeant Crishna Graham said lawmen responded to a report at Chefette Rockley and spoke to a youngster who said he had been attacked by a group of men.
    He then pointed to someone who was getting into a route taxi and identified that person as one of those who attacked him.
    Police later stopped the ZR and spoke to the person who turned out to be Scott-Fagan. The youngster then used the insulting language.
    Police searched him and found the knife tucked into the waist of his pants.

    Source: Nation

  17. Director wants action on crime research
    By Gercine Carter

    Director of the Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit, Cheryl Willoughby, says implementing research findings from departments such as hers is needed to help stem the tide of crime in Barbados.
    “What I have found is that we have all this information that we would have collected over the years. We have pretty much looked at crime using the health model where (like a doctor) we would have evaluated, diagnosed and prescribed,” she told the Sunday Sun.
    Using statistics
    “This is the same way we need to treat crime right now. I think that is the direction my department has been steered into, where we are using statistics, we are using research to diagnose the problem, make recommendations on how to respond to the problem. But having made those recommendations, you need others to say, ‘Let us give the patient the necessary treatment’ and that is where implementation comes in.”
    She suggested a “sustainable,
    whole country approach” involving every sector “in the treatment aspect of crime”.
    Willoughby also recommended that funds be allocated for investment in programmes for young people, adding it was also necessary to have dedicated people at the university level evaluate “the efficacy of what we are actually implementing to address or respond to crime”.
    Not new
    Speaking against the background of a recent public outcry about people accused of crimes such as murder being given bail and committing other serious crimes while out, Willoughby said this issue was not new.
    “This is something we have been talking about for years. We did a study looking at bail and I would have on a previous occasion expressed my concern with the number of people we are seeing being granted bail and who are coming back out and re-offending.”
    She added a study done by the Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit about ten years ago showed the recidivism rate at that time was up 68 per cent, which “had us greatly concerned”.
    “I cannot say the prevalence rate now is very high, but even if it is one, it should concern us,” she noted.
    Similar occurrences
    Three years ago, Attorney General Dale Marshall vented his frustrations on the issue of bail being granted to people accused of murder who secured release and then commit other heinous crimes, following a murder at Sheraton Mall. There have since then been similar occurrences, forcing Marshall to again express his views on the issue.
    However, last year a High Court judge ruled as “unconstitutional”, a section of the Bail (Amendment) Act 2019 that forced the courts to remand people charged with murder or serious firearm offences for 24 months before they could qualify for bail, after an accused successfully challenged the constitutionality in a case brought against the Attorney General.

    Source: Nation

  18. So, as I said, the research has been and is being done. I remember sitting in a classroom with this lady and also Yolande Forde over twenty years ago and hearing the results of studies presented.

    What have we done since?

  19. What a bunch of jokers!!!!

    Is it not interesting how it is all unravelling at this time?
    Keep focused on yearend….

    Does Magistrate Weekes know that Barbados had what was probably the best GLOBAL model for a ‘National parenting program’?
    It was called the Cadet Corps / Boys Scouts / Girl Guides etc where thousands of children FROM ALL SECTORS OF SOCIETY came under the PROACTIVE parental care of a special group of responsible adult leaders. Many with complete idiots for natural parents found MODEL foster-parents who guided their success.
    Where are these now? ….some nitwits changed focus to a ‘Youth Service’ targeting a particular sector – and with the OBVIOUS stigma associated…. now a complete waste.

    That whole ‘crime research’ shiite is a waste of time and money. Clearly just an attempt to give jobs to friends and to claim to be ‘doing something’. That is just like the ‘Productivity Council’ and the ‘Office of Public Sector Reform’…
    Lotta shiite.
    Any crime ‘research’ should be rightfully placed within the police force, to be a part of their performance appraisal, and to guide their operational planning. Having a bunch of clueless academics going around talking shiite is actually UNHELPFUL.

    The most interesting aspect of all this unraveling however, is the extent to which the idiocy permeates the whole society…
    …like a damn CURSE…. with no way out.

  20. Director of the Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit, Cheryl Willoughby, was a Sargeant of Police in the then RBPF.
    I believe she worked in crime prevention or the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programme.
    Cheryl also worked at the National Council on Substance Abuse, before being appointed as Director of the National Task Force on Crime Prevention.

    So, for that…… and other reasons, I won’t include her to be amongst “a bunch of clueless academics going around talking shiite.”

  21. Bushie was not seeking your endorsement Artax.

    Who questioned her background? What is an academic?

    Creating these highfaluting agencies with no real mission except to suggest that the politicians are ‘doing something’, is nonsense.
    But as Bushie said, wunna like dat!!

    Such resources should be properly focused WITHIN the police force, and with CLEAR and measurable target objectives.
    But THAT may be too obvious for this market…

  22. Wasn’t seeking your endorsement or approval either, Bush Tea.

    In MY opinion, allocating police officers to perform the broad functions of a Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit…… that could be adequately undertaken by an INDEPENDENT organization, working in COLLABORATION with the Police Service’s Crime Prevention Unit…… would be a waste of scare and valuable police resources.

    “Performance appraisals, operational planning and clear measurable target objectives…… as it relates to POLICING and policies, are already performed by police officers.

    You need to separate the functions of the Unit and the Police Service.

  23. Sociologist: Give youth a break

    Call to curb crime through use of job placements, entrepreneurship
    ENTREPRENEURSHIP, finance and business training should be on the curriculum of all schools, starting at the primary level.
    The recommendation was made Dr Lisa Jaggernauth, a University of the West Indies (UWI) lecturer in social work and sociology, during a panel discussion on Sunday organised by the Christ Church West branch of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), which she heads.
    “We need more entrepreneurship opportunities,” she told a packed hall at St Matthias Anglican Church in Hastings. “Our delivery method of education needs to change.”
    The discussion on the topic Youth And Crime was the final in a series of town hall meetings under the theme Engage, Educate And Empower.
    Jaggernauth was joined by Magistrate Graveney Bannister in noting that while fewer cases were being heard in juvenile court, more of them were of an aggravated nature.
    Presenting data from a 2016 study she conducted, she called for a “national system that allows for more timely transition to the workforce” that would address apprenticeships and job placements.
    There should be more structured community activities and emphasis on entrepreneurship opportunities with a focus on training and finance, she added.
    Among concerns raised by branch members were cases of people applying for jobs and being told they were “overqualified” while others did not have the business experience and financial records to qualify for loans.
    Senior Minister and Christ Church West parliamentary representative Dr William Duguid acknowledged a concern of people having difficulty with finding guarantors for loans.
    He said Government’s Trust Loan Fund was one way to address a business person’s lack of credit history. It offers $5 000 in the first instance and, on repayment, the possibility of doubling it.
    Credit history
    Duguid said repayment of the loans provided the credit history for an entrepreneur to seek funding from a financial institution.
    He added that while unemployment was a contributing factor in crime, education was a route to employment and success. He suggested education in conflict resolution could be one approach to tackling youth violence.
    Jaggernauth noted: “We are not teaching problem-solving. We are not teaching conflict resolution.”
    A mother of six said she was very firm with her children and checked their bags when they returned from school. She said they were told not to go on “blocks” and to be careful choosing those with whom they associated.
    Magistrate Bannister, who presides in the Juvenile Court, suggested the law be changed so parents were required to take more responsibility for the children. He said many offenders coming before him were lacking in education and unable
    to read and write.
    Value system
    He said crime involving the youth was not as bad as it seemed but “it depends on what their value system is. Instead of listening, reasoning or forming the correct judgement, they tend to act impulsively”.
    In her 2016 study of 12 schools and a total of 379 respondents, Jaggernauth said that on the question of “frequency of violence” at schools, 14.2 per cent said it happened every day, 24.5 per cent said it occurred a few times a week, 24.3 per cent stated once every few weeks and 22.2 per cent “hardly ever”.
    On types of violence, 54.1 per cent responded it was physical fighting, verbal abuse was 39.1 per cent while 14.1 per cent said the violence involved fighting with weapons. (HH)

    Source: Nation

  24. Steupsss
    A clear case of the blind leading blind brass bowls.

    Bushie grew up in the days BEFORE ‘sociologists’ (whatever the Hell THOSE are) existed, and when REAL POVERTY was the norm, and when only a few of us went to ‘high’ school.
    Bushie GREW UP on the damn block…. and was never warned about avoiding any areas – except where the rich, ‘educated’ bigoted people lived.

    We shared whatever little we had, down to a few spoonfuls of sugar…. and crime was minimal.

    SUDDENLY the problem with the youth is ‘poverty’ ..and lack of schooling, ..and access to loans ..and all kinda shiite.

    Someone needs to tell Duguid that the problem with the youths is that, having been educated, and having access to $5000 loans, the current youths feel that if HE can create some ‘East West shiite company’ and ‘divert’ $28 million in steal houses, then why the Hell should they be content with weeding the roads for $100?

    As to the magistrate, what serious advice can HE give to youths when those of his ilk cannot get a BASIC judiciary system to function at the level it did 50 years ago…?

    What a damn place….mediocrity on steroids…

    • @Bush Tea

      You have to admit the structures which supported the society that mounded you have shifted?

  25. Of course…
    Instead of FORCING our children to attend Church and Sunday school, and get their little donkeys into the scouts and CLB, (Like we HAD to) we now sponsor Lil Ric and rebel ghetto Reggae artists who glorify guns, money and sex.

    Instead of making them choose a sport or photography, or cadets, in school, we let them watch U-tube videos made by society dropouts and gangsters, and we put them together so that they can more easily explore sex during their early puberty years..

    In short…
    Instead of planting sweet potatoes, we plantied pond grass … and now looking to blame the ‘rain and sun’ for the shiite that we are reaping now.

  26. MPs: Parents hold the key

    Fixing the home ‘critical to reducing gun violence’
    Two St Michael Members of Parliament (MPs) say that in order to clamp down on the rise in gun violence, change must start in the home, and from early.
    St Michael West MP Chris Gibbs and his City of Bridgetown counterpart Corey Lane said that while it will not happen overnight, they were confident of seeing results.
    They were speaking yesterday in the wake of reports that a 13-year-old was left nursing gunshot injuries to the foot following a shooting at Morris Gap, Westbury Road, on Wednesday night.
    That incident came on the heels of the shooting death of 26-year-old Akil Amir Junai at the corner of Beckwith Street and Oxley Road, near Nelson Street, The City, on Sunday night. Gladstone Llewelyn Bridgeman, 43, of the same address, was also injured during that attack.
    Gibbs, like Lane a first-time MP, said the rise in gun crime in his constituency was very concerning.
    “It is going to take time for us to get to the root of it. Obviously, you would look at issues
    like unemployment, which is a serious issue in the constituency. We’re working assiduously . . . to try to find as many jobs and opportunities for our constituencies.
    The home
    “You can’t just fix the child, but you have to fix the home as well. The home is an environment that needs to be uplifted that they can focus for school and learn well,” he said.
    The father of two said praising children when they did well and holding them as pillars in society was important.
    “Once you have pillars in society, you can prop up the society, and then others along with them will fall in line. We’re going to start there and then we’re going to come in on a case-by-case basis.
    ‘It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but we’re young, we’re up to the task and we care. Every time one of these incidents happen, I care,” he said.
    I think that we have to find opportunities for the youth, whether it be sports or extracurricular activities . . . . There is going to be a holistic approach to this thing. This is not a quick fix, but we are eager and willing
    to work with the communities to be able to solve the problem,” he said.
    Lane, who succeeded The Most Honourable Jeffrey Bostic following the last General Election in January, said that when someone died by gun violence it was as if a family member had died.
    “I’ve sat with these families, I’ve wept with these families, I’ve attended more funerals than I would like to count. About two to four of the persons murdered in The City would have been on my election team as drivers and so on, so these are not passers-by, these are families.”
    Lane said it was critical to “deal with the root and not the fruit”.
    “One of the things that disturbs me is every time these things happen, the media and even sometimes us as a Government turn to the Attorney General, which is really the end part of it, the crime part of it.
    “The root is in parenting. The root is in the education system. The root is in the economic situation in Barbados, and we’ve got to address the root. That is what I am seeking to do in The City and across Barbados.” (RA)

    Source: Nation

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