For You Shall Be As Gods

Submitted by Terence Blackett
For You Shall Be As Gods’! Quantum Mechanics: Archetypal Apotheosis & How Mystery Babylon the Great & Kabbalah Esoteric Time Lords Seduced Mankind through Quantum Deception & Neo-Spirituality Shaping a New World Disorder

“The man who does not read does not have an advantage over the man who cannot read” ~ (Mark Twain)

On October 19th 1964, Simon & Garfunkel released their chart-topping single – The Song of Silence – what some at the time described as a commentary on the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), (35th President of the #Yet2BeUnitedStates), and the inability of humans to communicate emotionally and to love each other. In that song, are the hauntingly ominous lyrics that cascades [58] years down to our time: “And the people bowed and prayed to the ‘neon god’ they made and the sign flashed out its warning, in the words that it was forming; and the sign said the words of the prophets are written on subway walls, and tenement halls, and whispered in the sound of silence…” Little did Paul Simon foresee that the ‘neon gods’ today flash their diabolical message on the subway walls of social & mainstream media in looped reverb: “TRUST THE SCIENCE” – “FOLLOW THE SCIENCE”! Yet what passes for science is nothing more than a hodgepodge witch’s brew of “Pharmakeia” and the facile regurgitation of ancient Mesopotamian occult knowledge cloaked in tech spin and blinding multimedia graphics. Over time, the “Truth” became inconvenient grief with most having followed the herd over a cliff – making too many comfortable in accepting a lie for truth.

The fight for truth terrorism is an epiphenomenon that is taking on unbelievable proportions as the world approaches the mid-2020s. For in this current decade, the bare, brass knuckled truth is unapologetically naked truth that is graphically and emotionally painful. For when truth bombs are offloaded and deployed they can result in untold cerebral collateral damage – as fickle consensus authority is debunked; ultimately vilified and seen for what it really is – LIES! The question is –‘how do we speak the plain truth in love – a truth that may cut deep, but at the same time, can heal lost souls?’

There are [3] alchemies of evil which have become so sacrosanct in our age that even those who claim some form of Scriptural authority are so blinded by the speck of dust in their own eyes – yet remain unable to see what’s actually in the eyes of others. No wonder the prevalence of darkness is so deep. As Scripture opines, “for if your eye is single – then your whole body will be full of light”. The three are:

  • The idolatry of identity
  • Fake heroes who laud idolatry
  • And, the idolatry of man worship

ABBA Yeshua, our Precious Creator, Lord & Saviour had fasted for [40] days and was hungry. The slithering, shape-shifting serpent appeared in expected form suggesting: “If ‘You’ be the Son of God – turn these stones into bread.” Bend ‘Nature’ to supply your current need, if you are who you say you are. (More on this quantum syncretism later).

Having failed miserably, the ‘ole slewfoot’ took Messias to the pinnacle of the temple (the place where ‘community’ gathers) and opined: “Throw yourself off” and ‘Divine Technology’ will save you from bruising your foot on a stone given that You are the One who created the laws of gravity.

Sin is truly a mystery. The wily foe in a third and final attempt, takes the “Good Shepherd” up to a high mountain and shows Him all the ‘kingdoms of the world’ and says: “I’ll give you ‘ALL THIS’ – if you ‘BOW DOWN’ and worship me.” This would have been laughable if it weren’t so diabolical. A reasonable question posits: ‘how do you give away something that is patently not yours to give, knowing that the primordial creative genesis was spoken into existence by your own lips, however, through usurpation, criminal subterfuge, and subliminal sophistry, you duped yourself and others into believing it was yours to give’? This was the quintessential quantum entanglement dilemma that is yet to be answered while most shy away from entertaining the very thought of it.

Man-centered duplicity and man-centered worship remain at the heart of the most pernicious of all alchemic evils today, as so-called intelligent men try to hog-tie us up with facile strands of scientific cob-web, based on their mutterings and ruminations of salacious concepts like – Beta-philosophy; archetypal rediscovery of mythological apotheosis; Pan-psychicism; Copernican Cosmology; Pantheistic Monism; scientism & issues relating to Dark Matter/Dark Energy. All these devilish concepts were caged up in the ancient Babylonian Talmudic Kabbalah of esoteric knowledge, where that primordial Serpent was able to slice a scalpel across the nerve endings of our souls – severing any connection we may have had with our Creator and the power of good that He availed to us. Now men seek ‘godhood’ through the profligate use of dark sentence structures, angelic magic, dark esoteric knowledge and the manipulation of time/space (dis)entanglement and scientific apotheosis. All of it being nothing more than a colossal hoax; damn lies from within the bowels of the bottomless pit.

So what are these highfaluted concepts – Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Dimensionality, Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Cosmology?

Let’s start by asking the pivotal question: what if The Creator God was to remove the interdimensional veil that separates mankind from the full-force of the ‘Fallen Entities’ that existed before the Flood? What if the ‘Bene-ha-Elohim’ we see depicted in Hollywood movies as extra-terrestrials were to become a common reality amongst us? Is the illusory world of our sordid imaginations to become a clear and present threat? Well it was in the days of Noah!

An exegetical reading of the book of Enoch paints a rather lurid, graphic illustration of how supernatural forces played around with man as if they were toys to be used for pleasure. Further to what is written in the book of Enoch, can be found in the Talmudic Kabbalah, assertions that quantify explanations of quantum physics/mechanics based on Babylonian mysticism – where modern astrophysics, quantum dimensionality, quantum entanglement and astro-dimensionality are aligned with Kabbalah text and Kabbalah scientism.

Quantum mechanics is as lurid a concept as quantum entanglement. To the mind of those who read and understand the prophetic inspiration of Scripture, knows only too well, that these fallacious concepts are as concretized as mathematical modelling, with guestimate measure of probability, and a measure of esoteric divination thrown in for good measure. Scientists and especially particle physicists’, use as justification, in explaining supernatural and mystical phenomena – a reconciliation of science with arcane spirituality. Particle physics and atomism in concert with the science that underscores quantum epistemology, harks back to the Babylonian esoteric teachings, and like atheism and other nebulous hermetic doctrines, can be found an occult connection, pantheistic monism, that was filtered down from millennia past, (most notably, the antediluvian period), when the fallen sons of God practiced their esoteric arts.

Today, this is a polished, refined, scientific worldview that has been repackaged by so-called Kabbalistic time lords who pose as scientists, scholars, teachers, mystics, entrepreneurs and religious leaders – where the actors are the same as in the past, but the costumes are a different façade – reflecting the emperor’s clothing of Gucci, Armani & Versace.

What passes for science today is sleight of hand, and it can only be described as scientific alchemy. The postmodern scientific empiricist thrust posits this shadowy belief in non-locality on the quantum realm and if they are to solve the mysteries around births & deaths and be able to manipulate everything in between – the solution to these cosmic mysteries would have to enter or transcend into the quantum realm(s) of dimensionality and through actuality reach that apotheosis or holy grail that makes one become similar to what Lucifer (the light-bearer) wanted to be – “Like God”!

One can safely argue that Quantum Physics with all its merits, is nothing more than a pseudo-scientific backdoor to the metaphysical, esoteric world of the ancient, occult mysteries that effectively teach that at the subatomic, quantum level, none of the conventional laws of physics continue to apply and so paradigms like super-position, quantum entanglement, infinite potentiality, parallel universes, – are all considered likely possible, although on a macro-dimensional-scale, they would be considered laughably ridiculous.

Additionally, within the gambit of modern-day theoretical fantasies, academic rigour now centers around concepts like relativity, free energy, natural harmonics, semantics et al that are seeing a resurgence like never before from scientific institutions of lower learning. Research into how electromagnetism affects everything around us, including tides; sonoluminescence, magic mushrooms & esoteric knowledge; flat earth theory & the book of Enoch & enclosed cosmology; fake NASA helio-centric space alien propaganda; the Copernican NASA paradigm & the humanistic expansion of occult knowledge through scientism and the embrace of Hermeticism.

Within quantum mechanics, some argue that it is inadvertently a quantum deception which holds no real basis in reality, knowing that science is beginning to prove that it is more spiritualism on steroids and not based on inarguable tested empirical science but more of a quadrant of probabilities and guestimations. What we see therefore in the book of Jeremiah the prophet, chapter 51:1-64; 25:15-38; 46:11; 48:20; Isaiah 21:9; Micah 5:5-9, 10-15; Revelation 14:8; 18:2, 9,11,19 – is the duality of pagan & “Mystery Babylon the great” (the created 21st century world forged out of the alchemy of hermetic arts – erected on the foundations of a stargazing, Nimrodian civilization) who thought they could ‘construct’ an ‘esoteric man-made-ladder’ between earth and heaven, but is finally crushed by the startling revelations of “Apocalyptic Doom” prophesied against this transmogrified beast-like, world system. An ominous picture is painted of a future of sudden catastrophic destruction and desolation – where men will be drunk on bloodshed and war; while famine & pandemics rage and then, finally to come face to face with utter ruin. The picture is one of which faith in the ‘dark arts’, bottom filled with meaningless esoteric knowledge, while enslaving the souls of men and hoarding massive reserves of wealth, at the expense of the poor, marginalized, sick and dying.

The quest to determine this new neo-spirituality is at the root of the quantum drive for apotheosis with the use of quantum computers, magic mushrooms, psychedelic cannabinoids and other forms of hallucinogens. Human personal-exploration and consciousness development is now hitched to the expansion of neuroplasticity and how the quantum mechanics of neuroscience can foster a level of brain and mind expansion – elevating men to god-like status – worthy of worship. The legalization of what is called recreational drugs (opioids), notwithstanding and including, the fractious use of these opioid stimulants and their debilitating effects on quantum mechanical brain function was not only a social policy engineered to solicit mass percentage-wise population compliance, but was also floated as a catalyst for the exploration of creative genius and human excellence, but also as an exploratory panacea for those with alpha neuro-cognition who need help getting to the next stage of evolutionary transcendence. This is the sole reason and purpose why Silicon Valley et al exists and continues to mushroom its tech ‘gods whose consciousness needs to stay in a Enochian hacked primordial vortex.

In conclusion, the illusory world that has been created in our image and likeness by the Master Deceiver is not confined in ambient reality. We can argue all day long about the veracity of the Hegelian Dialectic. We can also assume that that ‘order comes out of chaos’. Feeble, weak-kneed men can insinuate that we need a “Great Reset” – a ‘New World Order’ of their making but all the historical, epistemological and esoteric knowledge gleaned from almost 6000 years of man’s occupancy of this planet shows nothing but virulent “Disorder”!

World War Three looms – let’s see how we disentangle from that kind of hellish fury. World leaders have zero answers. Although, the modern-day time lords who think they are ‘prophets’ would have us believe that in a ‘Metaverse’ alchemized out of the toxic belly of a Star-Trek – The Next Generation simulation that we can somehow “beam me up Scotty” and our time/space distanciation from the democide of a world not only on tender hooks but clearly, a world where the crushing weight of reality will hit more than half the global population with a seismic dose of quantum actuality. It will not be pretty. For we are already witnessing the mayhem, as a scorch earth policy gathers momentum.

Do not believe the lie: “for you shall be as gods” – it is a figment of Satanic imagination and intrigue that has one end!

Semper Fidelis

67 thoughts on “For You Shall Be As Gods

  1. Terrance Blackette, like Bushie, is insistent in his constructive justifications of the primacy of a book of lies, from genesis to revelation. All lies.

    Maybe either one could show us a single independently provable case where any of the psuedo-sophisticated tales has been proven to be true.

    Both of them continue with these false narratives dressed up in psuedo-intellectualism as if to exert a preceived higher understanding of what is real and what is not.

    Both have NEVER been able to subject perceive knowledge to an actual historical record going back more than 6000 years. And within this timeframe no persausive evidence has been rendered.

    Neither can be influenced by an historiography which is non-European. This racist predetermination by these two tictularly Black men represents a denial of self. And there can be no genuine expression when your ever senew serves known lies.

    The concept of man being Gods was not first located in aliens or Babylonia but properly belongs to Afrikan philosophy. Not only man as God, but all other things within the universes.

    This presumption that human are somehow so much better than every other thing is the thinking of White people. That both Blackette and Bushie would continue to look no further represents a firm commitment to an unsophisticated and perverse slavery formation.

  2. I would be more concerned about the QUANTUM COMPUTER….that one country’s defense force now has at it’s disposal and what are the plans for it…

  3. Waru
    When the United Stated House of Representatives seek to indict Trump who id leading in all the polls in battleground states, by wide margins, and as an attempt to defeat the far right, who must know that empire is falling.

    This is what 2500 years of Whiteness, supremacy has brought us to. Crapo smoke we pipe!

  4. methinks that Pacha doth protest too much… 🙂

    For a start, why EXACTLY should Bushie seek to prove to ANYONE – far less a pseudonym on an anonymous blog, that the Bible is a work of inspired knowledge that has been guided by the ORIGINAL Creator?

    …and where is YOUR indisputable proof of the wisdom of YOUR ancients? …certainly not in historical records, since the albino demons have, over the past millennia enslaved, demeaned, and brass bowled this ‘wisdom’ into nothingness.

    As Bushie explained, there are only TWO key questions to be answered…
    1 – Is there a supernatural CREATOR who is responsible for ‘Life on Earth’ as we know it?
    2 – What is the INTENT of THAT CREATOR?


    Bushie has not yet been able to decipher what Terence is saying above, since he refuses to write in plain English…. 🙂

    BUT Bushie will say for those who care to know, what the answers to the two CRITICAL questions are:

    1 – OBVIOUSLY there is a Creator who is responsible for the brilliant, intricately inter-related, complex and beautiful reality that is Life on Earth. It takes a SPECIAL kind of fool to determine that such intricate complexity ‘just happened to come into existence from CHAOS’.
    2 – The INTENT of that Creator NEEDED to be documented SOMEWHERE for the record, AND to be retrievable by those who NEEDED to know…

    A ‘Bible’ was therefore a NECESSARY component of the creation.
    This ‘Bible’ also NEEDED to be CODED such that the message gets to where it is needed- and not be available, based on such HUMAN attributes as intelligence, academic ability, access to learning and books etc…
    If this was not done, Brainiacs like Pacha, Terence, BU David, and Ping Pong would be KING PINS in what is the MOST IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE IN ALL LIFE, while brass bowls such as Bushie and ac would be eternal losers..
    …the Bible has filled its role ADMIRABLY….

    It has been used by Racists, Bigots, Capitalists, Socialists, Bullers, Adulterers, Beggars and Billionaires – not to mention the thousand PLUS different religions …. To support their various shiite agendas.
    What BRILLIANT strategy – to hide the ‘tree of life’ in a FOREST…

    Now To Terence (since you seem open to serious debate):
    Boss, Life on Earth is essentially, a CRITICAL part of the process of the EXPANSION of the FAMILY of God.
    ALL LIVING THINGS are characterized by the process of REPRODUCTION.
    ALL LIFE is derived from, and modeled after, the Creator. The physical world REFLECTS the spiritual REALITY.
    It stands to reason, that REPRODUCTION is a reality that derives FROM the CREATOR-FAMILY.

    Just like Human reproduction requires a 9-month gestation period where the sperm and egg evolve into a fetus, This SPIRITUAL reproduction requires a gestation period where the NEW LIFE is gestated in preparation for BIRTH. (it is actually the OTHER way around, but you get it…)

    The most COMMON statements made by Jesus were things like …
    You MUST be ‘born again’ to be part of God’s kingdom
    I am but the ‘FIRST BORN’ of many others who will come into God’s kingdom
    I go to prepare a place for YOU so that where I am, so YOU will be too…

    THERE IS A REASON why the Family STRUCTURE is sacrosanct….. see if you can figure it out and WHAT it represents..
    There is a REASON why Life has been STRUCTURED to reflect the BIGGER spiritual picture… this (Nature all around us) is where REAL learning resides

    There is a REASON why the so-called ’TRINITY’ doctrine is REALLY the ‘Anti-Christ’, in that it seeks to dismiss the CENTRAL INTENT of the Creator…..

    Once you understand the INTENT of the Creator, we can discuss the ROLE of the Spiritual Enemy and HIS mission….

  5. “Crapo smoke we pipe!l”

    only if you don’t prepare my friend…

    leaving things to chance was seen as a bad idea 2 decades ago, even worse now..

    Baba John Henrik Clarke was very, very clear about that many decades ago..

  6. Bushie
    And you are writing about things that you know absolutely nothing about. It represents an ordinary level of supreme ignorance.

    Have you ever gone to Ancient Kemet and seen the Medu Netre written on the walls dating back to more than 10,000 years

    Do you even know what Medu Netre even means?

    Have you seen the first developmental process, as science, of a god consciousness inscribed on those wall?

    Would it surprise you to know that your 10 commandments just happen to be lifted directly from the ancient principles of Ma”at?

    Have you ever gone to Sudan and seen the techno-complexes there?

    Have you gone to as far ‘north” as South Afrika to see the techno-complexes which over a much longer history gave rise to ancient Kemet, now known as Egypt.

    Living in an age of the greatest Afrikan intellectual renaissance since Kemet, have you read any of the great scholars so produced. Starting with Cheikh. Anta Diop and many, many others.

    Have you ever read the Husia, the Book of the Coming Forth by Day and other ancient writings? The Husia is modern.

    Do you know who gave writing to the world?

    Do you know that your bible was fictionalized by the Piso family of popes?

    And if you believe that foolishness why not probe that even a single character in it ever lived. A single story is true. Anything which can be objectively proved?

    Why are you so afraid to subject what you believe to objective enquiry?

    Are you not best understood in psychopathological terms, madness, believing in things which are not real?

    Bushie anybody who reads the bible and believes in christianity is a catholic. Not only a catholic but for a Black man in a socalled information age is still a slave as well.

  7. “Do you even know what Medu Netre even means?”

    i even gave them a link where they could take classes on our ancient scripts / hieroglyphics / languages/symbols etc…

    but ya done know when they are shackled and chained to an albiocentric world , no action is ever taken, that’s all they want to know and hear…..they are waiting for the next shoe to drop ON THEM…lol…while they regurgitate the shite stolen and THEN TWISTED by the same criminals from 6 thousand years ago…

    the others prefer go dig at more shite in the archives instead of what was gifted to them…

    at least am getting something out of it…to laugh…

  8. *but ya done know when they are shackled and chained to an ALBINOcentric world.

  9. Pacha…
    Why are you so keen to suggest that Bushie don’t know squat about Medu Netre or Sudan or Cheikh or Anta Diop…
    When Bushie TOLD you that he is just a little brass bowl shiite who happened to get a lil pick did a whacker…?

    Shiite Boss, Bushie don’t even know much about St Lucy or about George Lamming…. 🙂
    BUT…Bushie don’t give a rat’s donkey either.
    Perhaps your ire is better focused at scholars like Terence or NO than on a bushman….

    THERE ARE TWO KEY ISSUES for simple bushmen…
    1 – Is there a CREATOR?
    2 – What does HE say is important?

    Everything else …
    Lotta shiite!!!
    (but sometimes well worth some lively discussion here on BU to kill time..)

  10. Bushie
    You have always tried to propagate your doctrinal leaning through stealth.

    While Terrance seems to believe that by bombarding people with the psuedo-intellectualism of Europeans that the weak will find this christian foolishness appealing.

    If you want to plead ignorance all well and good. But certainty the collective history and knowledge of the world can never be found in a single book.

    And no one man’s mind can pretend, as an internal process alone, that some Boss Man, as imagined by you, could show any truisms. Nonsense, madness!

    Well if there is a creator why would She be White like your slave masters?

    And if the world is more than 6000 years old, contrary to what your ilk present, would it not be sentient to look past the last people to evolve on this earth,and their fictional writings to find truth?

    Your questions are merely aimed to deflect, subvert, derail. For if truth was really important you would have been able to address the questions asked by this writer. You would want to interrogate what happened before the bible. But you are a slave imprisoned by foolishness. And like the best of slaves the spectre of mental freedom is a bridge too far.

  11. After reading Pacha’s post, I checked my library. I have Henrik Clarke, Gert Muller, ben-Jochannan, and John Jackson but no Diop.
    Have to rectify ASAP.

  12. @Bushie

    “Bushie has not yet been able to decipher what Terence is saying above, since he refuses to write in plain English….”

    I love you bruh… Your wit is priceless!!!

    We’re “ALL” still trying to decipher the words of the prophets (either written on subway walls or tenement halls) – notwithstanding, the limited linguistical epistemology of the “King/Queen’s English” as translated in the “Sacred Oracles” of Scripture… (smile)

  13. A CUNT, A CUNT, I say! Fancy language be damned! Surely we have ANOTHER CUNT among us!

    Oh dear!


  14. THE PRIMACY OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY: – a tough act to DEBUNK* by anyone living on 2 legs!!!

    According to, J. Barton Payne’s Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy, it lists 1,239 prophecies in the Old Testament and 578 prophecies in the New Testament, for a total of 1,817 prophecies… Some argue that there are as many as 6000!!! You decide…

    It is argued that between 44 – 100 prophecies of YESHUA* Messias were fulfilled, while others suggest as many as 300!!!

    For any “ONE” to have that amount of prophetic relevance is staggering, to say the least, & downright “DIVINE” at best…

    The ancient prophecies of Daniel (although seeped in a cesspool of Babylonian, Mithraic necromancy, divination & angel magick* – the “GOD OF THE HEBREWS” proved the errancy of those kings & rulers – to the point where the “GOD OF DANIEL” proved to be “THE ONE” who was the Revealer of mysteries and HE* revealed to whoever was found worthy!!!

    The Bible is the “ONLY BOOK” of a complete prophetic & typological nature (not the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, or the Daodejing) et al…

    The Bible “ALONE” prophesied & predicted the “Rise” & “Fall” of “ALL” earthly kingdoms & the final “DESTRUCTION” of the emerging “WORLD SYSTEM” that Rev 17 & 18 termed: “MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT – THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS” and a cage for every foul, unclean & hateful bird!!!

    In “ONE HOUR”, all we have held dear is “ALL” going to go up in smoke (like it or lump it) – prophecy will not fail…

  15. @ Terence
    Touché Boss.
    The hallmark of the ‘TRUTH’ has been that it has ALWAYS been ‘hidden’ from brass bowls.
    The original Bushman (JC) was the past Master at this …with his ‘parables’.
    You have now followed the trend – but using the language of the academics THEMSELVES.

    You clearly have put Bushie’s pal Pacha in a quandary ….
    Does he cuss the ignorant bushman…?
    Or does he cuss the academic Terence?

    LOL … or BOTH?
    ha ha ha

  16. @ Bushie

    I do not make any claims to anything, my beloved brotha’…

    I am an “ARSONIST”…

    I take pleasure in throwing petrol (gasoline) on fires…

    I stand and watch the “MADNESS” burn…

    Anything & everything is fair game…

    I said to one of my Asian brothas, this time last year (when he wanted to go into business with my wife & I):

    “THE ONLY THING THAT I WILL NOT CRITICIZE IS THE TABLE OF THE LORD…” If I can run a fine-tooth comb through it and pull it apart – I will!!!

    Haven’t heard a word from him since…

    Nothing in this life is “SACRED” but “CHRIST” & His Love for deaf, dumb & blind humanity…

    Hope this helps!!!

  17. Terrance
    You know not of what you speak.

    All kinds of people before your fictitious Bible was imposed tried to determined what will happen in the future. This you call prophesies.

    But who were the people making these prophesies. Can you bring any sources of actual evidence to so prove that these people allegedly making these prophesies lived on this earth.

    Let’s use the academic standard and you’ll have about about 30 different kinds of primary sources of evidence to so show. Our central argument is that none of the characters in the Bible were real. That they were eponymous.

    The academic literature is also filled with all kinds of hearsay, beliefs. So don’t just be a braggart about 1800 cites we care not. Our intention is to overthrow this foolishness that an army of idiots believe.

    . Give us the evidence, for instance that Jesus lived on this earth as one of your people claimed to have been prophesied, or that he was risen from the grave.

  18. LOL @ Pacha
    How is it a valid argument to ask for ‘proof’ of Jesus’s existence millennia ago, when we have no way of proving yours NOW? …or you of Bushie’s?
    How do you know that Bushie is not a figment of BU David’s vivid imagination?
    (Bushie has been wondering the same about ac for 10 years now… 🙂 )

    These are clear red herrings on your part, clearly to AVOID the two CENTRAL questions (which Bushie posits make all other considerations moot.)… namely
    Is there a Creator?
    What is that Creator’s INTENT?

    BTW Pacha, given your disdain for the White man’s Bible and his white Jesus, what is it with these wise ‘Ancients’ that you have been sharing with us via video on BU ….as experts on Ukraine and Russia?
    Are they not a bit albino..ish? LOL… ha ha ha
    What is the difference between your ‘expert references’ and the albino…ish references of the ‘white man’s bible’?

  19. “Is there a Creator?
    What is that Creator’s INTENT?”

    the thing about these two questions….the ancients did not need to ask, they already had the answers….we are the ones have to keep asking because that connection was broken…

    Pacha….tell them about the Dogon who could relate everything about the stars especially Sirius….they could read the skys…..still can, passed on that skill to descents…….and that was long before invaders appeared tiefing everything..

    …’s the criminal fake religions that Afrikan people refuse to let go will always be their downfall…

  20. Bushie

    Please. This level of shiiiite could only come from a christianized mind. Believe don’t know with certainty is your every mantra, about your stinking religion.

    The world is such that the central claim of your religion would have left a mark. No such a significant occurrence will fail to leave a mark. And we say this as a highly trained researcher. Big claims require big proofs. And indeed you people have long made these big claims.

    A few years ago this writer was in Brazil as a team unearth full skeletons and a wide variety of artifacts by which we were able to reconstruct the culture of Afrikans who came to the Americas 45000 years ago. The first Americans. Further digs when back to over 100, 000 years.

    ,Be yeshua christos! Your fiction only happened,, the lie says, 2000 years ago.

    We travelled all over Ancient Kemet where full evidence of what life was like 10 to 15 thousands years ago is routinely unearthed.

    Certainly if the son or Sun of god were to come to earth there would be not a more momentous event ever. Why are you intervening to block truth. We’ll tell you why. Because your every sinew needs these lies to give purpose. This is madness.

    And if we could find all kinds of evidence to do this cultural reconstruction for nobodies why cant we scientifically and with certainty do the same for the man who you fictitious make all kinds of specious claims about?

    We reiterate our position. Terrence could convince you with his bogus claim about being cited 1800 times but that is not the standard we need to meet the academic standard.

    Bushie you may have the last word. Your criminal intervention to support the lie tells us about the kind of person you really are.

  21. @African Online
    The Ancients had the privilege of actually walking and interacting with God. There would OBVIOUSLY have been no issue of knowing ‘TRUTH’, and CERTAINLY no question of any PROOF of God’s existence.
    Do you think the Pyramids are there by accident…?

    But what the Hell has THAT got to do with TODAY’s brass bowls? …whose donkeys Bushie has commissioned to whack in 2022?

    Barrow and Adams had viable VISIONS for brassbados too…just 60 years ago, …. but how is THAT relevant to the current set of political BBs? …. that won’t know a vision if it came to them with bi-focals.???

    See if you can explain to Pacha that the POWERS of the ancients are HISTORY….impressive as they were.
    The Challenges that we face in 2022 relate to the brassbowlery of the PRESENT.
    …and must be addressed as such…

  22. “See if you can explain to Pacha that the POWERS of the ancients are HISTORY….impressive as they were.”

    but, but, but….so easily REKINDLED to use under these conditions in these environments…and even more POWERFULLY SO…..thing about that, certain information can only go into certain hands to see success, it’s too sacred for the basic and shallow..;….

    Could you imagine putting that type of info in FOWL HANDS/claws, or that of the other clowns found on BU…lawd…what a calamity that would be…

    Pacha…that was actually one of the topics in last weekend’s meet….glad Bushman brought it up, it reminded me…..because the advice was what we had spoken about before.

  23. I think very deeply
    = tao (the way) = te (strength/virtue) = ching (scripture)
    Bushman could learn Chinese, or alternatively read a translation of their philosophy
    The Tao Te Ching
    dao, (Chinese: “way,” “road,” “path,” “course,” “speech,” or “method”)
    tao, the fundamental concept of Chinese philosophy

    The Cosmic Dao

    Dao is a philosophical concept that is multifaceted and has several interpretations. The most profound interpretation is that of the Cosmic Dao, the Way of the cosmos, which is evident in nature (tian). Thus, the philosophical and spiritual text the Daodejing (c. 300 bce) declares the Cosmic Dao to be the “source” of the universe.

  24. @ David
    Pacha is no hypocrite…
    Bushie is just seeking knowledge.

    It may well be that these video bloggers are really imbued with ‘knowledge of the ancients’ DESPITE their albino facades…
    Alternatively, it may be that when it comes to current affairs, any brass bowl can be an expert – except stinking Bushie… LOL

    But Pacha will explain the dilemma in his own time …and way.

    • Thanks for the clarification Bush Tea. Sometimes the blogmaster is convinced Pacha is a double agent LOL.

  25. Uh-oh! All animals are equal but some are more equal than others!

    Murdaaaah! I can see Animal Farm unfolding on BU! The separation progresses not so nicely.

    Will the useless horse’s asses be sent to the slaughterhouse?

    Such arrogance only leads to thoughts of glue factories.

  26. @Terrence Blackette, the excellent motivational book of Christian’s called the Bible written by Greek philosophers is about to discounted/discredited as central to all existence.. An acquaintance in the name of Prof Avi Loeb just sent me some essays that I will make available to the blogmaster.

    Humans, and the earth are but a mere insignificant drop in a massive ocean, perhaps we are the outcast of ethereal beings, who vibrate on a higher plane, where everything in our mortal earth bond world,is unique to earth. We expect other beings to be be carbon based with physical eyes etc, due to our human bias.

    We will soon start to learn the art of unlearning.

    Again, excellent post as many are asleep and do not even know they are sleeping.g

  27. If man wrote the Bible it is the only accurate piece of literature accurate in content that composes of history psychology geography science medical information dietary information morals.. laws and all that attributes to mankind way of thinking actions and daily living

  28. Spiritual Healing
    We come to save the world
    Black Ark
    Easy Squeeze
    1 / 567

    Dichotomy Duality versus Unity as One Entity
    There is no good and bad energies in universe there is just energy
    Knowledge is accumulative
    preceded Jesus and Islam
    There is one God one Universe one Love one People one Heart
    Hindus have 33 million Hindu Gods and Godesses to represent various different manifestations of one God
    God. The Abrahamic God is the conception of God that remains a common feature of all Abrahamic religions. The Abrahamic God is conceived of as eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and as the creator of the universe. God is further held to have the properties of holiness, justice, omnibenevolence, and omnipresence.
    Jews believe in historical tribal traditions and diet
    Christians believe God can manifest in man and woman
    Muslims believe people should pray together
    you should respect and embrace all religions
    Learn about them all instead of being ignorant

  29. Maggot Brain

    “Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow”

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  30. Sounds of the Universe

    “I gave Bob Marley reggae as a present” — Lee Scratch Perry the Dub Organiser

    From Creation

    Dub Creation

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    Creation (Dub Four)

  31. Greeks told lies and they were not even philosophers…

    “the excellent motivational book of Christian’s called the Bible written by Greek philosophers is about to discounted/discredited as central to all existence..”

    they stole, they pillaged they deceived…..thousands of years worth of lying and stealing…

  32. Maybe some in here who scrutinize the Bible cannot face the truths written within because it exposes the many similarities of those people which can be found in mankind today
    Such as greed selfishness lying
    Lovers of self and immoral directives all man-made and directed towards one self
    The Bible is the only living source of knowledge that have spoken the many truths about mankind before events ever occurred

  33. The Bible is not a guide for the practice of spiritual growth
    there are no lessons on how to open up the mind and body
    just rules for social laws to contain the people to be obedient subjects.
    If Christian nations were believers there would be peace on earth and no war.

  34. Steupse! That man wrote the bible is obvious from its many inconsistenies!

    I, like Ron Reagan, am not afraid of burning in hell.

    • The face of ‘ugly America’

      by RALPH JEMMOTT A FRIEND DROPPED by and we got to discussing the state of Barbados and the world. It was generally speaking not a cheerful discourse as there is much in contemporary human existence to lament.
      My friend, a scholar of some repute, stated that among other things, he had lost faith in America, which I took to mean the United States. George Lamming once said that the United States was such an arrogant country that it had misappropriated to itself the name “America” which was originally designed for two continents.
      There are two aspects of the contemporary United States that must be of tremendous concern to those who feel an affinity with that country because we have friends and relatives living there, have visited from time to time or because we share many of its ostensibly liberal democratic ideals.
      One concern is the persistence of the gun culture and its defence by the National Rifle Association advocates in the face of multiple mass shootings involving the use of high-powered guns, clearly manufactured as “weapons of war.” It is an issue that the vast majority of other countries do not and cannot understand.
      A commentator on one of the television networks recently observed that an 18-year-old cannot buy a beer in a bar in the United States but just after his 80th birthday he can with relative ease purchase an AR 45 semi-automatic rifle and proceed to kill grade school age children and teachers. It truly boggles the mind.
      It is 23 years since the massacre at Columbine and ten years since the fatal shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. One sincerely thought that after Sandy Hook, America would retreat from its obsession with guns and pass strong gun control legislation. Now we have the fatal shooting at Robb Elementary in the small town of Uvalde, Texas.
      I stopped watching the report on that tragedy when the TV stations started publishing the photos of the children and the teachers who were killed. A report by the father of one of the children stated that one child was virtually decapitated by the gunfire and another’s body was partially shredded. Modest gun control legislation was passed in the House of Representatives but could be rejected in the Republican-controlled Senate.
      Republican Congressman Jim Jordan stated that while he was sorry about the incident in Uvalde, what was more at stake was freedom, more specifically America’s Second Amendment,
      the so-called, “right to bear arms”. Presumably, this includes the right to purchase a weapon of war at a “gun show.” Shakespeare would say, “O Judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason.”
      The Republicans proclaim that it is all a mental health issue, but as has been pointed out by people like Piers Morgan, other countries have people with the same mental health problems but nowhere near the same results.
      After the shooting in Tasmania and in Dunblane, Scotland, both Britain and Australia tightened their gun control legislation. Not so in America. The gun pathology in the United States is one that threatens all living in that country, including its most innocent and most vulnerable.
      The second ugly aspect of the contemporary United States that frightens is the now evident assault on constitutional democracy, the trend towards autocracy and more specifically the assertion of white hegemonic racism within the Republican Party.
      There was a time when we looked to the American constitution as a bulwark of personal rights and freedoms guaranteeing the separation of powers and equality before the law. Historically, America never quite fulfilled that promise – at least not to its indigenous, black and brown populations.
      It was naively believed that the election of Barack Obama as the first black president signalled the advent of a post racial America. Far from the truth. Obama’s election spurred a white racist backlash by Trump and the Republicans.
      Fear of a black and brown demographic has revived elements in American racism that truly never went away. White supremacist groups such as the Proud Boys, Oath Takers and Q-Anon supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and a new clique calling itself the Patriot Front represent a not inconsiderable element of white America.
      What if Trump is returned to the White House in 2024 with a Republican majority in both Houses of Congress? What if based on the current January 6 Select Committee investigations the former president is bound over to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution?
      America could face a second civil war of frightening proportions, with high-powered weapons of war available to all and sundry. The scale of a catastrophe that brings together America’s two deep rooted pathologies, the gun fetish and racial antagonism, could be terrifying.

      Ralph Jemmott is a retired educator and social commentator.

      Source: Nation

  35. It is amazing how they lean on and how they parrot the wisdom of others. Not one independent thought.

    Follow the evolution of man, be aware of the increase of knowledge and one can only conclude… Mankind will eventually become as Gods.

    The only problem that remain unsolved, perhaps unsolvable, is the beginning. The big bang! Perhaps the next big bang is created by man. The God of GP and Bushie is not the answer and is headed towards irrelevance.

  36. Magnificent a.k.a Magno – Yu Heard Formula: C₂₁H₃₀O₂ IUPAC ID: (−)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-trimethyl- 3-pentyl-6a,7,8,10a-tetrahydro- 6H-benzo[c]chromen-1-ol on said:

    What is the meaning of life?
    What is our purpose?
    We are here on Planet Earth and Barbados Underground with no explanation or guidance.
    There is no one working here who is responsible enough to give us our meaning and sense of purpose in this thing called life.

  37. The Book of Life
    Barbados Underground is an online book club where people read books bluffing that they have read them, like a Holy Bible which no one ever reads.
    Every discussion about every book seems to degenerate into diatribes about duopoly of Africa denigrating Mia Mottley.

    The Intelligence Agents
    by Timothy Leary

    The Intelligence Agents is a collection of memos, articles, and pictures written in “future history” reflecting life on planet earth during Leary’s lifespan. A work of social, moral, religious and scientific satire, including articles by and about people who are changing the meaning of freedom all over the world, this is the fifth and final volume of Dr. Leary’s ‘Future History Series’ with lots of fun pictures and ideas for your brain!

    Dr. Timothy Leary, in his own chaotic style, recapitulates evolution from the first organism in which life began in the Eastern Oriental shorelines. DNA, the breath of life is always chasing the Sun Westward towards our neurological destiny. If you are familiar with Dr. Leary’s 24 Stage/8 Neuro-Circuit theory, then you will get a rise from this book. We have migrated from Asia to California as the launching pad into space where we will create H.O.M.E.s (High Oribtal Mini-Earths). The Intelligence Agents have already established their homes in future hive colonies. The secret to becoming an Intelligence Agent and Intelligence Increase is to SMILE (Space Migration Intelligence Increase Life Extension — the ‘I’ is squared).

  38. When Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, George Floyd, Brianna Jones etc etc were murdered by corrupt Police in a stupid War against Drugs targeting its own Black Civilians and planting guns and drugs on them to boost statistics and lying in Court with false evidence and false testimony, USA was divided into 2 camps the people who wanted to clean up the shitstem and racists. Trump represented the racist camp.

  39. .. B R E A K I N G .. N E W S…

    US Police Break Constitutional Law on the regular

    Fourth Amendment

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Fifth Amendment

    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    Sixth Amendment

    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

  40. @David, if you are going to say “Not to forget players like Alex Jones who has built a cult following based on lies!” then quite frankly Jones is merely a latter-day apostle of the gospel of lies and disinformation that has been intrinsic to the fabric of life in the US!

    One can start at any convenient point in that nation’s timeline … lies re the Native Indian population, lies that essentially started a civil war, lies of McCarthyism, lies that propel the massive media industry (Fox and others on right most odiously but on left too) and now most dangerously of course the lies of the current political discourse.

    So as @Northern referred recently about prognostications (re stocks and finance), mere mortals such as us really don’ know what the future holds but we cast our wordy pearls nonetheless. Thus I will contend re Jemmont’s ‘what-if’ query about President Trump 2024: will NEVER happen … However, re his second such query whether we can see possible civil war … that’s very likely! Very, very!

    Let’s be clear … the current US Att. General can be considered either ‘wise’ or ‘deeply concerned/scared’ re charges leading to an indictment against that former president. But that is DEFINITELY not the status for the Georgia District Attorney and Trump WILL be indicted there for conspiracy to ‘overthrow’ a election … so therein will be that spark feared by all!

    It is mindbogglingly instructive that the former US AG and chief law officer was also ‘wise’ or ‘deeply concerned/scared’ … although he believed that his president and commander in chief was DETACHED from reality he yet admitted that he would STILL vote for him if he ran again… In short, he may not act rationally and could start a nuclear holocaust on a whim and fancy but I wholeheartedly support most of his ideological “deep rooted pathologies” so what’s a lil craziness among buds!

    The spark will be a loud, booming and very combustible!

    I soon come!

    • @Dee Word

      We live in interesting times. Then again, this has always been the case as you alluded to in your screed.

  41. @ David
    What Dribbler is saying (as non-lukewarmly as he is capable), is that it is clear to him that our ass is grass, since common sense has definitely DEPARTED from among us.
    Bushie has been saying the same BB thing now for YEARS, …although not in the fancy words mastered by Dribbles….

    Bushie is well past that scenario now, (cause even Dompey can see that the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is an oncoming train.)

    But Bushie is always willing to discuss the aftermath for anyone who is interested…
    Except for Pacha of course, who is yet to get past the ‘ancients’…. LOL

  42. Mankind ask and demands transparency
    The Bible is the only piece of literature that details the lifestyle of many who were called the people of God
    King David is one the many examples where his life was less than holy
    In today’s world where the high and mighty in power are caught in immoral actions
    The truth is covered up
    If anyone wants to understand the true meaning of transparency and accountability read the Bible

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