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Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Our Cop’s. Love em or not, they are a necessity within all societies throughout this globe. While we wait, in whatever nation we are located, for police reform to kick into our city’s, I think a major rethink of the use of officers is essential. All police budgets increase on an annual basis, while crime statistics show an overall increase in violent crimes and the use of drugs, especially during this period of the pandemic. Just under 30% of homicides in Toronto are gang related.

Lots of weapons are available on the black market, and the Police / Border Security can only capture less than  20%  of what coming to Canada from the USA, usually by vehicle transport. 

Municipalities, States and Provinces are using camera’s as a road policing source, capturing road crimes on camera. Our medical essential services staff and teachers are dealing with violence in our institutions like never before. Teachers have no real authority, and medical staff should not be defending themselves from angry, often mentally charged patient’s. 

A Pivotal approach is needed to protect all our citizens. True community policing is needed in all urban settings. Having police among those they are pledged to protect, working with them, speaking to them and even perhaps teaching them has been proven to work. 

1.Placement of male and female officers in large urban schools.

a. protect staff and students, communicate social policing policies and the law.

b. 1 year appointment at a time allowing students to become familiar with officers.

c. Enlist officers who can communicate and possibly teach civics, the law and societal concepts.

2. Place officers with psychological / communicating abilities within large hospital facility’s.

a. Officers need training in de-escalation, dementia , and mental illness. Cannot act without understanding situation.

b. Chosen rooms within the hospital are needed where difficult patients can be isolated and receive patient care in a controlled environment.

c. Our hospital staff need “cool rooms” that would offer them a place to unwind, speak with a professional if needed.

3. There are troubled area’s within each urban area where crime thrives. Community policing, with the placement of officers who live with these citizens as neighbor’s can be an asset in community peace and management. Citizens in need, or who are fearful of gangland crime, drug dealing can have a neighbor with authority to investigate, communicate and deal with problems as they arise.

4. Police often complain that they lack intelligence that could have prevented or forewarned of a crime event. Community policing will allow civilian and security personnel to become one within the community. Hoping that “they vs Us” can evolve into “We” the community. Citizens often complain that the police are never around when something goes down. Police trained in community service 1st, enforcing of the law second could benefit both the services officers and those they protect.

5. Get the cop’s out of their vehicles and place them within every transportation system. Biking, horses, walking, running and mass transit too. Where ever a citizen may need assistance or a symbol of authority place an officers.

We are told that Police Officers are trained to shut out feelings so they can be objective, read the situation, and respond appropriately. That there is a purposeful silencing of emotional reaction and a build up of skills to take control, no matter what madness or sadness is taking place before them. Yes being in the policing profession is difficult, and society must do everything possible to assist and support our peace keepers.

We must never forget what millions of our fellow citizens have tried to accomplish these many decades. Civil rights, Police Reform, Equity for all have movements of people that need validation, that need solutions to our society’s problems. Our law enforcement agencies  are armed and dangerous. What are we going to do about that? Real police reform can be found in method’s of community policing. After all, all an officer need do is be nice, courteous and a true professional right?

13 thoughts on “Community Policing

  1. Once upon a time community policing was the men of the community looking after the well being of everyone. Then came feminism and the welfare state and women suddenly felt they no longer needed to co-operate with a man since the only thing men provided according to the feminist was money and security and that can be replaced by the police and the state. The result is boys growing up in homes with 3 generations of females and no men. They learn to act on emotions and believe “only God can judge them”.
    The author offers solutions that have merit but they do not address the root cause just the symptoms.

  2. Our fault again then, is it?

    How well were the women being “taken care of” by the goodly gentlemen?

    Were you doing a great job at valuing us as equal partners or were we being treated as mere underlings, CONTROLLED, and often SAVAGELY AND LEGALLY by your desires only?

    Were we anything more than slaves, servants or at best children in your households, totally at the mercy of your whims and fancies?

    These old fart narratives are completely false and self-serving in typical male fashion!

    You old farts make me sick!


    “Tick tock!”
    Goes the old fart’s clock
    And not a moment too soon!

  3. Men have ALWAYS acted on emotions even more than women do. They act on the emotions of anger and jealousy and hurt pride. THAT was not taught to them by any woman. Ego is the main reason for almost EVERYTHING you do. It even makes you unwilling to accept any responsibility for any of the world’s ills, even though you have been ruling women AND THE WHOLE DAMN ROOST FOREVER!


    • @Donna

      It is about how we are socialized as a people? It is about how we create opportunities for people living less well off?

      We have become too adversarial a people. Even if this forum, to agree to disagree by some seems the hardest thing to achieve. And some label ourselves the intelligent ones.

  4. By the way, I am unaware of these legions of women who feel they do not need to co-operate with men. We simply want good men who treat us as equal human beings.

    You are speaking of a few extremists!

    What bullshit!

  5. David,

    I am sick and tired of the Old Fart Narrative that draws on Genesis, a book written by men, that seeks to place all responsibility for the world’s ills on the shoulders of women.

    Both men and women have flaws and cause problems.

    This idea that all the world needed and needs is for women to know their place is disgusting to me. It devalues me in a way that I find to be unacceptable.

    Never ever did it occur to me that my place was to suppress my desires to accommodate any man. I think of compromise as a two way street. It is my natural state of being. Nobody around me was a Bible thumper and so I was never taught to be other than that. To be labelled as not a real woman because of what occurs naturally to me is infuriating! The world’s problems are caused not by women who want to be treated equally or homosexuals who want to be treated equally or “transgender” people who want to be treated equally.

    The world’s problem are caused by those who claim special privileges for themselves.

    Think about it.! White supremacists, sexists, homophobes, ALL trying to control others according to some religion or ideology and to keep grown people from self-actualising. All trying to subjugate people according to their beliefs! All trying to exclude other groups from rights which they themselves enjoy!

    I am sick of them!

    • @Donna

      Ignore and instead focus on sharing your opinions what your see the problems are and interventions to improve.

  6. And one thing we sometimes miss is that Genesis was not written in the beginning at all but long after the mess had been made. Men would have been looking around for someone to blame

    How convenient was their narrative! And the sleight of hand was really effective.

    “In the beginning” makes us fall into the trap of thinking that the writer was there in the beginning, But he wasn’t, was he?

    And don’t bother with that Holy Spirit story!

  7. David,

    Difficult to ignore when so many people, women included, have fallen for their narrative and keep trying to force society AND GOVERNMENT TO ACCEPT IT

    Their narrative IS the problem that must be challenged. It must be shown to be the self-serving crap that it is. It must be unravelled.

    • @Donna

      We have all types of people in the world operating from different perspectives and agendas. It is what it is. Amidst the noise you stay focused on your agenda as you make your way.

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