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Open Letter to ALL Rh Lawyers on behalf of Stephen Archer

The Barbados Today Editorial of September 26, 2019 reproduced here by request. Several of these so-called traditional media outlets scrape stories from various social media sites without giving credit, for this reason the blogmaster reluctantly post this editorial. For years Barbados Underground has been highlighting the ‘malbehaviour’ of lawyers and the dysfunctional justice system – see BU Lawyers in the

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Fee Setting by Legal Profession and other Associations Left Unchecked by Successive Governments

The following was posted to the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) website in July 2008. It is not necessary for the blogmaster to cover the below with comments except to say, ‘we not ready’. See FTC recommendations on page 26 of the document embedded. In 2007, the Commission began a follow-up inquiry into fee setting in the professions focusing especially on

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Justice Pamela Beckles Rules COMPULSORY Membership in the Barbados Bar Association is Unconstitutional

Justice Pamela Beckles recently ruled in a matter brought by former Bar president Tariq Khan versus Vonda Pile that compulsory membership in the Barbados Bar Association is unconstitutional. The Bar Association has signaled that the matter will be appealed. The following Barbados Underground blog which highlighted the matter was posted in April of 2013. Non Membership in the Barbados Bar

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New QCs Wear Silk Instead of Crocus

The blogmaster has many friends who are lawyers, honest and hard working to boot. Like any profession there are a few bad apples that make it bad for the group. In Barbados the lawyer group is visible because it is the dominant profession that comprise the political directorate. Also by the design of how we do business in the country.

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Popular Perception and the Regional Lawyer

“You shall not pervert the justice due to the poor in his lawsuit…” –Exodus 23:6 “What is the difference between a lawyer and a mosquito?” “One is a blood-sucking parasite, the other is an insect.” –Anonymous Frequent instances of disbarment, of defalcation, embezzlement, and of sundry other fraudulent conduct in one jurisdiction or another, inordinate delays at all stages of

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – A Perceived Evolution in Candidacy

With the minds of most Barbadians directed towards the upcoming general election campaign, some of the more recent nominations of those political parties expected to face the electorate have caused me to reflect on the evolution of the popular composition of the local political class. It was not that long ago that the traditional professional, the lawyer or the medical

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