Wren Herbert – Lawyers Continue to Abuse the Public with Abandon

Concern has been perennially expressed about the distress members of the legal fraternity visit on the lives of citizens of Barbados. Although the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) and the Disciplinary Committee have grounding in law to discipline the profession, there is little evidence lawyers who run afoul of the laws are satisfactorily sanctioned.

We are a nation of laws enacted to protect the rights of citizens from those willing to abuse said laws. It therefore goes without saying we need lawyers to represent us to ensure equity based system design. What we need to get right is to implement a framework where actors in the legal system can be held accountable.

The following paints another sad tale of a man, WREN HERBERT, from West Terrace who took advantage of a situation and to date despite the best effort of the person abused (AV), WREN HERBERT has gone unpunished. This is despite communications to the BBA. From the blogmaster’s research Wren Herbert appears not to be a practicing attorney at this time, he was. He is the brother of the infamous Caroline Herbert.

See report received via COMPLAINTS ——> LAWYERS.

Submitted by AV

Unethical and Dishonest Conduct-Wren Herbert Attorney-at-Law

I am aware that nothing will result from the following which I am outlining, concerning Wren Herbert. However, for the record, I still wish to detail an issue of integrity which should remain extremely concerning for any country when significant numbers of its lawyers fail to act with integrity and trustworthiness. These lawyers elude accountability because of the structures which fail to recognize that it is essential and important for lawyers to be honest and behave lawfully.

It is possible that Wren Herbert may already have been removed from the Bar Association. I was unable to gain information on this because it is extremely painful on soliciting information from any governmental or official body in Barbados when overseas, even emails go unanswered; one encounters a ‘brick wall experience.’

This ‘brick wall’ is all constructed on the basis of, the ‘judging’ of the individual who is seeking the information; drawing conclusions about the individual’s perceived circumstances and actions, a very ‘subjective’ stance is adopted. This ‘judging’ is then evident in non-responses or lack of desired actions from the governmental body the information is being solicited from. Rather than acting as a professional public body should, the actions of governmental and public bodies’ non-responding and non-action, are personally rooted and can inadvertently support the unlawful conduct of lawyers, totally concealing their actions or lack thereof.

Concomitant to this, the country’s development in terms of justice, is hindered and in the eyes of the world, it comes to be seen as corrupt; all engineered by systems that are links in the chain which strengthen unfair and underhanded practices by lawyers.

Outline of Issue

  1. On emigrating from Barbados, I left as a vulnerable, broken divorcee in search of a new life. I had a NEW Green Toyota Tercel, acquired through a vehicle loan from a Government Ministry. The vehicle was just under one year old.
  2. As a lawyer, and a named friend, I asked Wren Herbert to act on my behalf, to return the vehicle to the Ministry as when I left, I was unsure as to whether I would indeed stay in the new position which I was offered; hence not returning it immediately upon my departure, in the event, that I returned.
  3. When I was confident that I was not returning, less than a month later, Wren Herbert stated that rather than return the vehicle, that he wanted to acquire it and he would therefore take possession of the vehicle and repay the outstanding loan amount to the Ministry.
  4. Wren Herbert, did indeed collect the car from my then home.
  5. A friend, who was staying there at the time, handed Wren Herbert the keys and all the particulars of the vehicle and its loan documentation; undoubtedly, Wren Herbert took the car and rang me to confirm that he did have the vehicle.
  6. The witness is willing to provide a statement to verify that Wren Herbert did indeed take the vehicle from my home and many people, I am sure would have seen him with the green Toyota Tercel, car.
  7. Subsequently, I made several attempts to ascertain the status of Wren Herbert’s undertaking i.e., payments to the Ministry; no response ever came back to me from the Ministry, I was being ignored. Overseas telephone calls were a waste of time and money as I was put on hold, disconnected, passed to unhelpful individuals and overall I was placed on a GNVQ course of, ‘going nowhere very quickly.’
  8. I sought confirmation from Wren Herbert and indeed several more times from the Ministry of Education but got no response from either party. This went on for some time, until I finally gave up since although I felt uneasy about the situation, I still did not believe that as a lawyer who was then working for the Hewitt Law firm, that he would be that dishonest.
  9. During 2021, and as it is the entitlement of the governmental bodies in Barbados to disregard enquiries, after an entire year of battling to receive my Barbados work pension, I was forced to enlist the services of a solicitor to secure responses to my requests for information on my pension application from the Ministry concerned. I was told that some people have to wait years not just one year; is this what is to be expected and accepted?
  10. However, after this year long battle and scars of paying a solicitor to indeed receive my pension from the Barbados Ministry, I was startled to learn that on receipt of my pension award from the Barbados government, that Wren Herbert had kept the vehicle or sold it and had NOT repaid the vehicle loan; therefore, the outstanding amount had been taken from my retirement pension.
  11. That outstanding amount which has been taken is $29,166.62, which Wren Herbert owes to me; this clearly is not the way a lawyer should act.
  12. I engaged a Barbados Law firm which has written to Wren Herbert in respect to this and Wren Herbert has ignored the correspondence but I shall not give in.

• Finally, as stated in the above description of this issue, public office holders and other official bodies in Barbados, more often than not, fail to respond to any issues or complaints; this supports the unscrupulous lawyers.

• Throughout this scenario, judging people and situations, cause public office holders to renege on carrying out their duties effectively i.e., never responding to letters or calls concerning providing information which you are entitled to.

• Consequently, situations escalate unnecessarily, victims are further damaged and lawyer misconduct grows, casting a dark shadow on the overall ethical position of the country.

• I should like to mention that Dale Marshall did respond to my letter, stating that this was more a ‘personal matter;’ I however beg to differ.

• As a lawyer, Wren Herbert cannot separate his personal ethics or lack thereof, from his professional ethics and conduct.

• Wren Herbert was acting professionally when he undertook the agreement to either return the vehicle or repay the loan.

• Who else has been damaged by Wren Herbert as lawyer?

71 thoughts on “Wren Herbert – Lawyers Continue to Abuse the Public with Abandon

  1. LOL, @David, you threw this up for discussion but my first impression is a hearty laughter!

    Maybe it’s years of this type of thing or maybe it’s that long practiced dictum ‘don’t mix business and friendship’.

    1.When I read that the person turned over the car to Herbert to take up the loan payment still under said person’s name I cringed.

    Surely she could not be that naive (stupid)/indifferent to that dictum mentioned, I thought. That was MADNESS.

    If Herbert wanted the car from me then he would need to go get his own loan and pay me out that I could clear my name of that obligation … in most instances if you do NOT have a legal obligation to act you will invariably BS your way and try to get a ‘freeness’.

    That’s just selfish human nature and that this person had to learn it the hard way is unfortunate.

    Marshall was absolutely right… “this was [definitely] more a ‘personal matter”. The author did engage Herbert to act legally on her behalf but then very clearly it became a PERSONAL business transaction when she agreed that Herbert would acquire it himself.

    Thus he was then acting first with their personal contract ‘sale’ obligation.

    They say that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client … alas, it would surely also be true then that if you allow a lawyer to represent you and himself on the same matter that YOU would be a fool too, not so!

    This is a sad tale but one must note carefully that oft used Latin phrase ‘caveat emptor’… the buyer (divorcee here) was unjustly treated surely but good Lord one must BEWARE not to place oneself so blissfully into a bad situation!

    (Coda: I too left a car when I demitted so the situation resonated with me; I got screwed a bit but that was after years of benefice, so nothing so)

  2. maybe you should treat this matter as a crime to be reported to Police

    Wren C. Herbert

    Hincks St., Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados

    he also seems to be in paradise papers database
    for offshore entities

    DJO INVESTMENTS INC. Director 25-APR-2008 – 25-APR-2008 Barbados – Paradise Papers

  3. @ dpD at 6:32 PM

    You have stated your opinion on this matter quite diplomatically. I wonder why David BU prints these “hard luck” stories with the intention of demonizing the Legal Profession. This is a personal arrangement that went sour. There is a legal contract between the complainant and the GoB Dept that issues Staff loan and said complainant decides to sell a vehicle on which said department has a bill of sale.The conditions under which car loans are given are explained to the borrower. In any case any public servant who is entitled to a car loan is expected to kwow the law that relates to car loans.

    • We have reached a place where we separate personal honesty and integrity from professional ethics. The world had descended to this kind of place.


  4. He may be culpable but trusted that a professional lawyer would act on his behalf to return the car, and was also lied to by the lawyer that he would pay the loan if he transferred the car into his name, with proof of evidence and a third party witness. Police should take his statement and investigate, if they don’t prosecute for a crime then a civil case for small claims could be pursued for the value of the car and legal costs.

  5. It is now clear to me why there is a backlog of cases in the Legal and Justice System. There are cases in the pipeline that should not be there. Many items that reach that stage could be settled outside the court system. Scarce legal resources are being wasted on trivia. But the low fruit tax payers are saddled with the bill.

  6. Completely agree @Vincent.

    Of course wrong is wrong @David. No one disputes that Herbert “needs a couple big rocks”.

    But as @Vincent notes pellucidly : “This is a personal arrangement that went sour” when Herbert the lawyer became Herbert the friend and told the divorcee he wanted to buy the car from her AND she incongruously left him to act for HER and indeed for HIMSELF on the matter of the “legal contract between [her] and the GoB”.

    @David, life is about being wise to affairs of this type … if you abdicate your rights and duties casually then you MUST accept some blame when things go awry.

    Your lawyer CANNOT be your contractee buyer and your legal adviser on the SAME matter … that’s just a recipe for disaster.

    So yes of course Herbert was a scalliwag … one is born, every minute of every day somewhere … we have to be vigilante and BEWARE!

    • @Dee Word

      There is nothing personal about a professional engaging in dishonest and unprofessional conduct. The two cannot be separated.

  7. This isn’t one of those cases,
    there are petty cases such as what people say on social media, arguments between neighbours about driveways, boundaries, trees which rack up legal costs of hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars (which now have parity).
    Maybe it can be settled the man way if not the law way and smash up his knee caps for much less.

  8. @ David BU at 9:00 PM
    We were always at this place. But you have put the cart before the ass. The person joins the profession. The constant is the dishonest person.Persons who are honest and have integrity do not have problems with professional ethics. You have no scientific basis for holding the professional to a higher standard of morality.

  9. Human nature is that you would try to get a freeness??????


    That doesn’t mean that the person did not act in an unwise manner and not in keeping with the conditions of the loan.

    And David is correct in that
    lawyers/ officers of the Court are expected to act with integrity in their personal affairs.

  10. “lawyers/ officers of the Court are expected to act with integrity in their personal affairs.”

    going public can damage his professional reputation and his law firm’s and his future businesses and also his esteemed lawyer sister’s career and their worthless families

    so spread the word as extra strength scum remover spay is required

  11. @David, come now … you are much too astute to make such a remark about a legal affair …

    You said: “There is nothing personal about a professional engaging in dishonest and unprofessional conduct. The two cannot be separated.”

    That’s a truism surely … but it does NOT speak to the issue I focused on and surely which you MUST grasp in THIS matter.

    The divorcee was ill advised to have ‘her’ attorney acting on a matter for her and also acting for himself as the buyer of the car.

    The fancy term is ‘conflict of interest’ … in simple Bajan it’s bare stupidity.

    So yes you BETTER separate that.

    It’s absolutely expected that a professional should NOT engage in dishonest and ‘unprofessional’ (unethical) conduct. Come on bro, that’s precisely what being professional means … an expectation of integrity, efficiency, promptness and just behaviour.

    That’s NOT the point here.

    BTW, talk about professionals acting with honesty and separating personal from business matters … Theranos verdict for former CEO Holmes… Guilty on several counts.

    A scammer is born every minute bro … and not all lawyers to wit 😇.

    Again agree with you @9:24 @Vincent … and absolutely we can’t put “the cart before the ass”! 👍🏿

    • What matters is that Herbert exceeded the ethics of his profession. This is the only thing that matter to the blogmaster. And we wonder why these lawyers get away with murder.

  12. it is reprehensible behaviour for any walk of life, lawyers may think they are superior, above the law and untouchable like gangsters,
    the only reason he got away with it was not because he was smart, but because he was trusted as a friend and he abused that trust.

  13. Criminals have far more honour than arrogant bighead lawyers who think they can manipulate anything and everything.
    Word is bond is how you judge and make the distinction between friends and trash.

  14. So when you borrow money from the Barbados Gov’t (Min. of Education) to purchase a vehicle don’t they put a lien on the vehicle? If the loan isn’t paid and they know that the borrower has departed the island wouldn’t they try to repossess the car and recover the funds? Perhaps that wasn’t necessary since the Ministry can seize the individual’s pension…….

    Anudder question, in whose name is the vehicle registered today? If it is registered in another name how was that registration effected?

    So many questions

    • @Sargeant

      From AV

      First if the Ministry answered requests for information this situation would have been caught and corrected early; allow me to fully explain.

      First, for example, even to get my pension application, applied for in Sept. 2020, they completely ignored my application and even in writing to the PS of MoE and to Dale Marshall no response was given.

      I had to hire another lawyer, to write to the MoE, with continous letters and phone calls for an entire year; then, threatening a court application BEFORE they responded and started processing my pension! Just imagine that! More money loss to legal fees. Is this acceptable in the 21st Century?

      Indeed, any lending agency will secure a debt, which was on the vehicle, hence asking Wren Herbert to return it to the MoE; if not returned or repaid, the loan amount will be deducted from the pension, as I doubt that the MoE would have tried to track the vehicle.

      Therefore, the vehicle I imagine, that Wren Herbert as a ‘trusted’ lawyer, with all the vehicle documentation, changed the registration at licensing authority and again as a ‘trusted’ lawyer sold it to some unsuspecting individual. Who? I don’t know. The vehicle could have even been repainted by Wren Herbert to alter It making It less conspicuous.

      It is easy to get these things done in Barbados since ‘trust’ and ‘collusion of who knows who’ plays a significant part in processes in Barbados.

      Unarguably, this all resulted because the MoE NEVER answered any of my requests for information about the vehicle after I had left the island and phone calls resulted in the same

      This is why these events need to be exposed if positive sustainable change is ever to be attained.

      I should point out that the vehicle issue commenced in 1998, but the pivotal climax of the discovery of Wren Herbert’s actions was only uncovered in Sept 2021 on receipt of my pension with the vehicle loan deduction so the vehicle is most likely long gone but not Herbert’s deeds and their effects.

      The Ministry along with the Ministers do not think that they are accountable to anyone seeking information and so lawyers’ actions are concealed and supported by this attitude, translated in an unwritten and moral injustice public principle which pervades the atmosphere of Barbados.

      Barbados’ public service needs to change from forming personal opinions and judgements to following principled rules in its engagement with the public.

      It would be prudent for Ba rbadians, to embrace this adage, ‘there are always three sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth,’ before passing judgement over others when having to interact with the public to carry out public service tasks.

      I trust that the foregoing has provided some clarity.

  15. Really…yall expect anything better from a brother of Caroline Herbert, yall have any idea how evil, vicious, heartless, thieving and criminal she was….but Karma is real…..her end was exactly as she deserved and can be called JUSTICE..

    …now everyone knows where ALL THE THIEVING UNETHICAL LAWYERS LIVE thanks to the voter’s information dump by electoral and boundaries.., /put their addresses out there….somebody they stole from will most likely put them out of their misery and hopefully not get a day for it..

    “I should like to mention that Dale Marshall did respond to my letter, stating that this was more a ‘personal matter;’ I however beg to differ.”

    TEETS, the unethical immoral jackass.

    it was dishonest, it was theft, he knew there was a contractual obligation to be met and still stole the car and reneged on his promise to pay the loan….then could get no information from the ministry, not even about his pension..

  16. “We are a nation of laws enacted to protect the rights of citizens from those willing to abuse said laws. It therefore goes without saying we need lawyers to represent us to ensure equity based system design. “

    the reason why Barbados has so many lawyers is not because people are so lawful

    it is because they are dishonest and criminal lawbreakers

    and lawyers aid the crimes

  17. If the blogmaster had to select a lawyer from the many why would he pick Wren Herbert after hearing about what he did at a personal level?

    @Vincent, Dee Word in all honesty would you?

    On second thought, do not answer.

  18. Folks, an offence was committed here and the named individual should be prosecuted if a complaint is lodged with the Police.
    The aggrieved person however cannot be seen as having clean hands.

  19. “There are 8 million stories in the naked city”
    I do not know anything of the man/his family other than what I read here.
    This victim must choose between pursuing justice or minimizing his/her losses.
    My advice would be
    Ignore much of what will be said here (and listen to me 🙂 )
    Don’t spend good money chasing bad money. I suspect the only thing that you will be getting is a bill from ayournew set of lawyers. Cut your losses.

  20. Anyone who has done the rounds and been through the shitstem can navigate it themselves

    Lawyers are glorified overpaid form fillers and you can get the forms yourself from court services

    and fight for justice yourself representing yourself much better

    the system has been designed to work within it

    and not take a route outside

    To reiterate Lawyers are scum crooks

    They read through case notes at top hourly rates and will open and close your file once a month to charge more

    They charge per useless letter sent and will call you to charge more talking social chit chat shit

    They build up costs per month per year

    Then they say the case is “complex”

    and will need to open another file

    with double the bills etc

    They don’t write statements to Courts you write them

    They don’t go to Courts, Barristers and Secretaries do

    and you are charged thousands by these lazy bums

  21. @ David BU at 6:37 AM
    You may have missed the point . Both Dee Word and I apply the aphorism” Emptor caveat”. We do not assist theft by neglecting due diligence of the person we are dealing with. I think the law may invoke the notion of collusion to create a criminal or civil offense. A couple of bad apples is no indication that we should reject the whole crate /container.

    • @Vincent

      Who is rejecting the whole crate? We operate with a reality which supports a deep distrust based on the public and the legal fraternity for a good reason. There is enough evidence to support that the professionsis not fairly regulated by the oversight agencies. In fact this shortcoming is endemic.

  22. @ David Bu
    You are asking the oversight body(s) to do the impossible. Where there is a supply ;there is be a demand. We must take individual responsibility for enabling immorality.

  23. Successful Skilled Scammers are the ones who cannot be traced after their misdeeds

    Unsuccessful Scam Artists are ones who name address place of work is known and can be prosecuted and banged up to rights

    It is past the time where Wren C Herbert has to make good for out of pocket monies he inflicted on his friend who came to him for help

  24. Thanks @Vincent … @David can be a tough nut to crack often but it seems u created a seam 😇

    @David you truly give me a smile daily …

    After all these years after telling you that my former lawyer was (other than the former Dean) de most honest lawyer in Bim .. you suggest that I would engage this scalliwag Herbert.

    Are u CRAZY!

    My then lawyer happened also to be a FRIEND … if he had done that to me as a friend I would have cussed his backside black and blue… ((and tell he wife bout de side piece – 🤣, no I would t have done that)) … but I would forget about professionalism one time, tho!

    BUT, @David as @Vincent said again “caveat emptor” … I also would NOT blissfully my friend de lawyer to sell a piece of land (or manage a car loan process) for me and then allow months to elapse without any word after he told me that he would buy the land from me!

    Am I crazy, u think, in addition to poor at analysis 🙈!

    As 5dub said so well, in some instances “lawyers are glorified overpaid form fillers” … his point is clear: we cannot simply pass everything over to ANY lawyer and NOT attend to his/her laziness, inepititude or blatant dishonesty.

    We don’t do it in any successful aspect of our life so why do we pretend it’s acceptable with lawyers!

    Yes they should be professional but are we to simply abrogate commonsense for our own well being!

    @Vincent, again thank you …
    maybe you can burst open the seam later 😇.

    I gone.

  25. @ d 12 12 :27 PM
    I value David BU’ friendship very highly. After Wiley’s relieving him of his red snorts and exposing his blue BVD and 555’s leaving him running around Commando style, there is no way I will expose him to the elements nor his enemies.. What kind of friend would I be?

  26. “The Ministry along with the Ministers do not think that they are accountable to anyone seeking information and so lawyers’ actions are concealed and supported by this attitude, translated in an unwritten and moral injustice public principle which pervades the atmosphere of Barbados.”

    then they will justify these repugnant criminal deeds by telling you it happens everywhere…the prevailing ignorance is why it’s still ongong..

  27. @Vincent re your 2:28 … I can say no more…

    I read the statement and nearly had a conniption but was guided by the ‘warning’: “It would be prudent for Barbadians, to embrace this adage […] before passing judgement over others when having to interact with the public to carry out public service tasks.”

    So I dun wid dat.

  28. Does this represent progress? Initial theft was in 2005.

    Will the victims be repaid? Has the money already been distributed to actors in the game through legal fees and other tactics.

    You win the case but lost your money. Best con game in town.


    From BT
    “Lynch was found guilty of stealing $50 000 belonging to the estate of Arthur O’Neal Thomas between August 18, 2005 and December 21, 2008.

    He was found guilty of stealing $407 634, the proceeds of a FirstCaribbean International Bank cheque made payable to Leroy Lynch and belonging to Thomas’ estate, between June 22, 2007 and December 21, 2008.

    He was also found guilty of money laundering in the disposal of $457 634, being the proceeds of crime, also between June 22, 2007 and December 21, 2008.”

  29. So we see that they will ‘bite’ if the check is $50k or more.

    Given the amazing amount of time (22 years) and of money ($500k), legal expenses and reputational harm, this lawyer should do his ‘crooked’ calculus.

    👍 Victims for having the patience, perseverance and resources to fight this protracted battle👍

  30. Last comment on this.
    If lawyers are being found guilty and no attempt is made to claw back the money from them or there is no attempt to provide meaningful restitution to the victims, then the trial is sham and a scam. It is a circus designed to frustrate and to waste the victim’s time and to wash the victim’s money as legal fees.

    The crooked lawyer’s defense team and the judge may need investigating, as what you are seeing is ill-gotten funds being laundered through legal fees.

    That yellow liquid running down your leg is not rain.

  31. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/05/18/judge-refuses-to-allow-lawyer-to-go-free-until-sentencing-for-fraud/

    From BT
    During the trial Lynch denied any theft of his client’s money.
    “I did not steal money belonging to the estate of Arthur Thomas. I cannot say what happened to my account or the monies on them,” he said in an unsworn statement.
    What next? My account was hacked?
    The account was a cabinet in the office?
    The bank the account was at closed?
    The bank did not keep records?
    Can someone help? I am not getting how money disappeared from his account.

  32. “I am not getting how money disappeared from his account.”

    Simple. He engaged in a conversion of his client’s property for personal use.

    Many of these doctors and lawyers come from humble backgrounds and were educated at the expense of taxpayers.

    And you’ll notice it is usually people from similar backgrounds whom they deprive of their funds.

  33. TheO
    The reason that no attempt is made to get the victim back his money is simple…
    They would have to expose the actual schemes…
    If they dug into the scams involved, then all but three (at most) of the lawyers in Barbados would IMMEDIATELY be exposed – since they ALL do the same EXACT shiite. Do we have that kinda space at Dodds?
    The few that are charged are the idiots who are EXTRA greedy and who think that they will be ‘protected’ by the system because it is too crooked to fail.

    It takes a special kind of integrity to have ‘access’ to millions of other peoples dollars, with NO oversight, NO audits, and. NO consequences – when all you have to do is play by the ‘rules’.
    The ‘rules’ are simple
    DO NOT ROB loudmouths or ‘black-hats’ who will create havoc.
    Simply pay them their money using proceeds from the HOARDS of retarded Bajan brass bowls who worship lawyers, and who will quietly part with their assets such as land, property, and funds, without much fuss.
    90% of these BBs will patiently wait (until they die) for the lawyers to hand over their assets. Of course these assets then mysteriously become the ‘property’ of strangely named ‘companies’ after the victim dies.

    With so many of the lawyers in our parliament, are you now surprised that ‘integrity legislation’ may be a hill too far?
    Ask David or Artax to dig up some BU literature on property dealings by the very official who is responsible for our laws being applied…

    What a cursed place…
    Are you REALLY surprised that we are where we are today…?

  34. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/05/25/lawyer-accused-of-stealing-clients-money-says-he-intends-to-pay-up/

    From BT
    ‘Jackman is accused of stealing $678 414.75 from HEJ Limited between June 23, 2006 and March 5, 2007, as well as allegedly engaging in money laundering by disposing of the sum between June 23, 2006, and October 18, 2011’

    ****2006-2022 a long time to have a next person’s money in your pocket. I can imagine this lawyer looking through the obituaries to monitor deaths resulting from covid.

    ‘The embattled attorney, who turned up on Tuesday without any legal counsel, said efforts had also been made for an alternative method of payment to Huggins in order to settle the matter.’

    ***I believe that payments made to other lawyers in this type of case is money laundering/washing. No legal representation, probably means funds are exhausted.

  35. From BT
    Mr Huggins said he wanted . . . $800 000-plus . . . . Documents were prepared to that effect but they were not signed off by Mr Huggins. One final effort was made to try and have the balance of the $325 000 [paid] by offering Mr Huggings other land that was free and cleared but he chose . . . to decline that.

    Huggins would be an idiot to take land from this lawyer. Tricks can’t done.

  36. Things will change when some aggrieved client takes the law into their own hands, when you are out hundreds of thousands of dollars with no recourse but the slow as molasses Court system to try to bring some semblance of justice and still no restitution some will be inclined to dispatch the lawyer from this earth.

  37. It will only stop when a law is passed requiring all monies from payouts and sales can only be paid via a cheque in the client’s name or transferred/deposited into an account owned the client.

    That law can pass now.

    • How about creating a clearing house where buyer and sell based on payment terms meet to consummate the deal, cheques or electronic transfer validated by authorized third party.

    • Attorney to give address today
      Money laundering accused attorney Ernest Winston Jackman yesterday begged for more time to prepare his closing address, saying he was unable to do so because there was “confusion” with clients in his office.
      He will now address the jury today.
      The attorney of Wiltshire Plantation House, St Philip, is on trial for stealing $678 414.75 belonging to HEJ Ltd, between June 23, 2006, and March 5, 2007.
      He is also accused of engaging in money laundering in that he disposed of sums totalling $678 414.75 being the proceeds of crime.
      Conducting own defence
      Principal State counsel Krystal Delaney is prosecuting, while Jackman is conducting his own defence.
      Jackman was scheduled to address the jury in the No. 5 Supreme Court yesterday.
      However, when the matter was called, Jackman told the court: “I thought it would be easy to prepare something but there was a lot of confusion in the office with clients.”
      As a result, he asked for “a little more time” to prepare his closing.
      Justice Pamela Beckles then granted him an adjournment until today.
      A jury of six women and three women has been hearing the evidence.

      Source: Nation

  38. @ CA
    “That law can pass now.”
    Sometimes you disappoint. As Bushie explained above….
    Brassbados would immediately come to an end….

  39. @David May 27, 2022 8:17 AM

    Waste of time and introduces an unnecessary third party charging fees into the mix. The money belong to the client, pay them and let the lawyer send their bill to the client.

    Client don’t pay the bill, put the client in court. That case would get called fast.

    • @CA

      The third party is important to validate/authorized the transaction. Who determines if a payment is good?

  40. Look at the date of the crime
    Look at the value of the crime
    Go small and you go to jail

    Barbados small crime courts
    From BT
    Darius Romain Blackett, of no fixed place of abode, was sent to the St Philip facility until June 8 after he pleaded guilty to three criminal charges.

    He admitted to dishonestly obtaining from JG’s Wholesale Discount Centre Limited, on May 13, liquor worth $750 via a forged cheque with intent to permanently deprive the company. Blackett repeated the offence the following day when he again obtained alcohol worth $800 from the same company, via the same method. Three days later, on May 17, he did the same thing and this time got $850 worth of brandy.”

    June 8
    He will know his fate.
    Of course he should be punished. However, the court moves with the speed of light when it catches a petty criminal

  41. If a crooked lawyer in Barbados steals your money and the offer to pay interest or repay on an installment plan ignore him/her. All he/she is trying to do is to claim that it as not theft as the two of you are in negotiations. Smart..

    From BT (Ernest Jackman)
    “ . . . . Because that was done, because that money was supposed to pay interest on, it cannot be stolen,” he further submitted.

  42. I would like to think EJ came up with this plan himself, but I suspect that this trick is embedded in a first year law course at Cave Hill

  43. TheO,

    Ha ha! Good one that short address one! Your jokes are improving.

    C/ A,

    In personal injury cases that is already happening.

    Of course it can pass.

  44. These simple sentences could save you thousand of dollars if any Bajan lawyer has your money.

    1) I want what ALL that the court said is due to me.
    2) Nope. No interest. No payment plan. No partial payments. I want ALL that is owed to me.
    3) Where is my FULL check?
    4) I need ALl of my money now.
    5) Gimme my money

  45. @ TheO
    Nah lotta long talk…
    Walk with a big plantain in yuh pocket, a collins wrap-up in newspaper… and a screw face.
    Then ask nicely for a bankers cheque – and wait for it….

    Matter Fixed.

    This particular lawyer however, is actually retarded…
    He probably DOES think that he is on solid ground.

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