Barbados – Call a Spade a Spade

Submitted by Steve Prescott (LLB)

Calling an election now is clever political strategy, but, it is beyond doubt, it is nothing but self-serving. Why? Because the political landscape has not changed since 2018. Let’s be clear about the 30-nil whitewash. The BLP didn’t win because the whole country believed in her. They won because there was no credible alternative. The electorate, in the absence of pure drinking water in a desert, will drink anything else if it stands a chance of meeting their needs – even on just one policy issue. With a fledgling unelected Opposition in the house made up of no new blood, the DLP not yet able to gain real political traction who still might not be able to present a full slate of candidates, and smaller parties that have been silent over the last 3 years, the BLP know their odds of winning are pretty good.

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  1. An interesting attempt at analyzing why the election was called one and a half years before it is constitutionally due. He describes it as clever. Which definition of clever should the reader use/ understand?

  2. @ David BU
    We are still into the trivial sport of political one -up- manship , I notice. I was under the impression we were about proper management of the people’s affairs. We too like to make sport at black people. Where is the paradigm shift you promised? How many external shocks does one need to bring us into the realm of reality?

  3. Bjans are still stuck on things like:
    Why is there an election?
    Why did Barbados become a Republic?
    But both are real things already

    The election has caught out the opposition with a sneak attack and they are struggling to get their ducks in a row

  4. Vincent,

    She needs to do what she is asking citizens of Barbados and world leaders to do – take an honest look at herself and self-correct.

  5. We too love a distraction?
    One the first decisions the incoming BLP administration made was the default. (Within a month?) Unsure why, but this caught many on the ground by surprise. Truth be told, the majority hadn’t a clue how their government had been funded. Ok, they knew it wasn’t good….but….it couldn’t be that bad? Even a party supporter, himself a lecturer in Economics, Tony Wood, stated later, he didn’t understand what “debt re-profiling” meant, and he had campaigned all over, for the B’s, recommending it.
    As noted in the thread article, gains from the default – cost of Covid, has us back to square one, the 2018 election.
    Do we not understand what deficits in every year, save one, from 2006 onward means?
    The PM understands the decisions which lay ahead of her. She now knows; the perennial pipedream of M’s of F that somehow, revenue will outstrip expenses, remains a pipedream. It ain’t happening in 2022.
    So while you will not be told, as you were not about the Republic, this election is about a renewed mandate. A mandate which would be far more difficult to achieve in 18 months, when the decisions which lay ahead have been made. Do you find anything about J-series Bonds in the last manifesto? And you won’t find them or similar in a 2022 manifesto either.
    Expect a rash of early decisions in the new mandate (which you also will not find in any manifesto). She needs time for them to subside before the next election, now due in 2027.
    This election is about buying time when you need it most, the next 3 years.

  6. @NO
    Simply and succinctly put.

    The election call was purely political and selfishly strategic. Not national or in the public interest.
    The BS about divided country and united around ONE leader was really too much to swallow
    2022 will be a tough year, requiring tough decisions and many sacrifices. Having discontent in your own camp doesn’t make that any easier. 5 years will always be greater than 18 months.

  7. @Northern, I agree succinctly put … not sure of the simplicity, however.

    I just thrashed this out with @David across de way so not going to rehash.

    I will dig into one thing which was also highlighted by @Observing

    “The BS about divided country and united around ONE leader was really too much to swallow
    2022 will be a tough year, requiring tough decisions and many sacrifices.
    Having discontent in your own camp doesn’t make that any easier.”

    That latter highlight still trumps everything in my view.

    So to your ability to be succinct, we are in full agreement that “This election is about buying time when you need it most, the next 3 years.”

    The rationale on WHY she needed to buy that time is the contention.

    I leave with this truism … MAM on current trajectory will lose seats but it’s unlikely that she will be anymore severely disadvantaged come Jan 22nd 2022 than she would have been on May 31st 2023 or thereabouts !

    There is no conceivable way – unless some major criminal acts had been released – that the DLP could have regained the govt; nor likely that they will win more than 8 – 9 seats.

    Thus this new ‘mandate’ had MUCH less to do with any external opposition or economic austerity measures.

    Anyhow this wondrous snap election does ‘distract’ from the serious issues afflicting the BLP governing party… when THAT shoe drops will be the real macoy in flight!

    I gone.

  8. @ NO
    You have it right! Buying time. Note that Integrity legislation has not been delivered and that was a major plank; what about bringing all the corrupt to justice- another major plank.
    Same Duopoly BS.

  9. Do not worry, Bajans ready. Do not doubt our priorities.

    Alcohol stocks ‘running out’ ahead of New Year’s celebrations
    Article by Marlon Madden
    Published on
    December 29, 2021

    An events promoter has called on authorities to make an early decision about the staging of Crop Over 2022 to alcohol suppliers to stock up on beverages, as he expressed concern that companies were “running out” of alcoholic beverages to meet the demand for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations.

    Orlando Newton, founder of the popular ticketing service TicketPal, told Barbados TODAY that some distributors of spirits have been unable to get their supplies on island due to persistent supply chain challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    He said stocks of the big names in celebratory alcoholic drinks, such as Champagne, Smirnoff and Ciroc, were low.

    “When we call for products we are hearing now ‘we are sold out of that’. You know why? Because everybody was scared and they did not bring in the products to service the industry,” he told Barbados TODAY.

    It is against that background that Newton, who is also operations manager of NewArch Inc. which is operating the newly opened Halo Ultra Lounge in St Lawrence Gap, urged Government to make an early announcement about whether there would be a Crop Over next year.

    He said: “If we wait too long, with the shipping problems we are having right now across the world, we would not get enough products into Barbados. We would not get enough products into Barbados to do a proper Crop Over because the warehouses need to be full of products in order for us to be able to execute properly.

    “When a guy has a band on the road they use hundreds of gallons of alcohol. If the warehouses don’t have it and you announce Crop Over in May, they can’t get it here in time. So, that is the problem we are having in the industry.”

    The shortage of some alcoholic beverages was corroborated by some importers who also confirmed to Barbados TODAY that this was due to the ongoing issues surrounding shipping logistics, which started more than a year ago.

    “Right now it is really a nightmare,” said one distributor, who explained that her company was still awaiting a shipment of spirits ordered nine months ago. “I have a container scheduled to come in from South Africa at the end of the month, which was ordered in March.”

    While the time for a container to arrive on the island depends on several factors, the lead time was three to four months prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Adding that other industries were also affected, the distributor said: “The challenges faced with global shipping, everybody has faced them. It is not New Year’s Eve specific, it has been going on like this for a few months already. There has been no improvement as yet, just different reasons for the delays – there is a lack of vessels, a lack of containers, various reasons – but we have been affected like this for a few months already. I am talking about customers, to partners, everybody has been affected.”

    “For example, Champagne, there is not enough. The demand is higher than the supply so there has been a shortage of Champagne, specifically, but it is not specific to one country of origin or one type of alcoholic beverage, it is right across the board,” she added.

    Meantime, Newton expressed concern that while the local entertainment industry was on pause for close to two years, people overseas were busy creating opportunities that could possibly provide stiff competition for Crop Over and other festivals in the region.

    “There were people creating festivals because there was nothing happening in the Caribbean. So, a colleague of mine started doing a festival in New York on the same day as Crop Over and he was successful. Now give me a reason why he should stop doing it as a businessperson? So, we have created a competition for ourselves by not getting involved in the marketplace [earlier]. Right now the Caribbean is absent from the entertainment sector,” he lamented.

    Newton said he feared that with other places already announcing dates for their festivals in 2022, Barbados risks not being able to attract favourable numbers.

  10. In speaking with a friend recently, he raised two points that in my opinion, deserve some consideration.
    1. In the interest of this country and it’s citizens, the time has come for parliament to fix a time and date for elections to be held. This can either be every four or every five years, in the best interest of Barbados, not a party or politician.
    2. Consideration be given to voting for a Prime Minister who once elected, will hand pick Constituency Managers in collaboration with the Executive Council of the victorious Party. The current method has outlived its usefulness as constituents only have contact with their representative for a short period before an election. Take for instance the current situation, how many expect to have any contact after the election. In addition, voting for someone because “I like he” does not cut it in this day and age. By any name, we currently vote for a Party even when they offer a dummy.

  11. Try Again

    Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot

    The Key Issues 1-11 above are permanent ongoing never ending efforts
    However Imho Corruption (11) should be moved to Number One Priority
    as it will effect all other efforts made and should be easiest to implement
    as the politicians have inside knowledge of their own systemic corruption

  12. Unrelated to my previous post BUT – I had the privilege on being present at two small gatherings during the Yuletide period and overheard two conversations by diverse individuals causing me to ask the following questions.

    Are you paying more than you think is reasonable for your medications? Secondly, has your life, health, car, and home insurance increased astronomically over the past few years? Have you ever wondered why? Let us disregard the old covid, supply chain, shipping rate excuses.

    One of the events I attended made me privy to the size of bonus paid to a director in the millions of dollars. This is not the only director at this company and bonuses are paid out of profits so you can guess who paid for these Christmas gifts every time you purchases medication.

    The information overheard at the second event was mind boggling. Certain managers were overheard discussing the size of the bonus paid to the CEO. I am only repeating what I heard and I have no reason to suspect that it was malicious gossip, but the number quoted was South of M$200.. Bare in mind that this Insurance company has many directors so the CEO would not be the only one enjoying this largesse contributed to by the policy holders, you and me.

    The Blogmaster may be in a better position than this humble pleb to ask some questions in pursuit truth or if this was only idle talk.

  13. I disagree with the handpicked Constituency Manager suggestion.

    The current method at least gives members of Parliament with majority equal footing.

    Putting all control in the hands of one person, without recourse, is insanity and a recipe for disaster.

    Northern Observer has summarised reasoning very well.

    There may be one more factor and it would be interesting to know if it has merit. I have no means of knowing.

    To put it one way, right now the BLP has substantial goodwill and regard over the DLP, so much that no money spent in a constituency can overcome.

    However, that substantial lead could dwindle enough over time, to be of concern.

    One wonders if this is relevant.

  14. David,
    Either yuh helping or yuh not helping.
    If yuh din want tuh post de man article tell he suh nuh!

    “Read full submission below”
    Man I gots tuh zoom de page to 250% to avoid passing out while reading de said same submission.

    Most perturbed am I. 🙁

  15. @DIW
    “but it’s unlikely that she will be anymore severely disadvantaged come Jan 22nd 2022 than she would have been on May 31st 2023 or thereabouts !”
    I disagree. We don’t know that? I freely capitulate to the PM on an appreciation of what lies ahead of her. And while I suspect she ‘hopes to be wrong’, she also knows the levers available to her have shrunk. Several decisions she ‘may have to make’, could be widely unpopular. Why take that chance, when you can secure 5 more years now. Appreciating they may be 5 years, any ‘sitting on a fence’ individual may shy away from.

    I have been awaiting the discussion on a non Westminster Republic. Is this why the move was so loosey goosey? Convince all the traditionalists, that apart from name, essentially little was changing. And then rock their boat. @Tron has long let this cat out of the bag, for President for life under current circumstances in NOT a position of influence.

    • @NO

      We were promised a national debate next year. We will have to try our best to demand that an informed facilitation is executed. This includes you journalists from traditional media lurking on the outskirts of BU.

  16. @ Crusoe at 2:09 PM

    I agree with you 100%.”putting all control in the hands of one person,without recourse,is insanity and a recipe for disaster.” Presently each constituency picks and votes for a person who best represents them. We cannot allow one person to do this. How does that differ from a dictatorship?. We have chosen to live in a Democracy. That person helps select the leader of GoB.. Many commenters are not sufficiently rigorous nor logical in their thinking.

  17. “Many commenters are not sufficiently rigorous nor logical in their thinking.”

    Remember @Vincent, that’s the joy (distress, truly) of social media: yah think up a ting and bang just so Tanti Merle, Lagabless and Ossie know bout it!

    Could be the most ridiculous or awesome ting but whereas we uses to pick up the phone (when we.get home) and rant to ONE bestie who would boldly tells us that we talking bare foolishness or gently persuade us to think about it more throughly after pointing out some flaws … NONE of that nowadays!

    Ah well.

    @Northern, fair enough re “We don’t know that? I freely capitulate to the PM on an appreciation of what lies ahead of her. And while I suspect she ‘hopes to be wrong’, she also knows the levers available to her have shrunk.”

    I do NOT disagree with u on that basic premiss … I am simply intrigued as to WHY the so sudden maneuver… there was some time yet to roam but the argument that is was more fraught is valid.

    Anyhow, as the blogmaster notes … that’s for us to find out!


  18. “ will hand pick Constituency Managers in collaboration with the Executive Council of the victorious Party” Please let me draw your attention to theses lines from my post. And pray tell what difference is this to the current system? We have a Prime Minister and besides the AG, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Housing, how many others can be named? A group of non-entities is who they are. You already have a dictatorship. .

  19. @David, WHAT… “We were promised a national debate next year. We will have to try our best to demand that an informed facilitation is executed”.. so why that debate still needed!

    New mandate means we agree wid evating de boss lady do …

    Fah sure the opposition AIN’T going prosecute that on no platform…. not a gal or guy dare attack Ri-Ri’s status neither.

    So wha republicanism debate yah talking bout, bro!🤣

    Just kidding!!! (Half way😇)

    Btw, any wondrous e-poster campaign this time around or are our BU activists minding other matters!

  20. David,
    I hear you man.
    I gine call a spade a spade when I catch back meself, but right now all i gine seh at de moment iz dis election is wholly and solely about Mia “big works” Mottley. It ain’t got nutton to do wid de country being divided or Bajans being ungrateful. Neffin to do wid Covid, the IMF nor hard decisions.

    Mia words and actions are always divisive except when performing for the international media. She is accustomed to doing whatever she likes and could not care less about how it looks nor what Bajan thinks. This was demonstrated time after time over the past three years, and we are now to believe that she wants to unify Barbados.

    The good people of SMNE will not do what needs to be done, believe you me, so it is up to the rest of Barbados to make their decision irrelevant.

    I cannot trust my representative to vote against her and since a vote for him is a vote for her, I will vote against him.


    • @Raw Bake

      Are you saying there is enough confidence in the DLP to effectively lead the country given the team presented?

  21. Fearplay,
    .At the moment, there is always the option to remove a leader, by a majority of MPs going to the President and stating no confidence in a leader.

    Under your proposal, what will such option be?

    Note that just because the option has not recently been used, it nevertheless exists and can be used at any time.

    So most assuredly disagree with any change that removes this ability.

    The process and controls must prevent any person absconding with power.

  22. David,
    I have said no such thing.
    But what team what?
    Has it not been a solo act these past three years?
    The said same consultants now employed at the public’s expense can be offered new contracts under new management.

    Since I do not vote for a PM, I am attempting to influence my MP’s vote when the time to choose first amongst equals arrives.

  23. @DIW
    “so sudden maneuver”
    this description, and you are not alone, surprises me.
    Going back to at least May 2021…and I cite this link but there are several…
    and it concludes (relevance)
    “The next general election is constitutionally due in 2023, but sources across the political landscape say they expect the proverbial bell to be rung sooner rather than later.”
    This was before Ms McConney was installed in St.Philip. Before Bostic not running again was voiced. There was chatter about Payne, Duguid, Forde.
    The ducks were being lined up?
    Even the frequently tuned out fourth estate had the idea.
    Hence I see little sudden. Some, accustomed to majority governments serving their whole term, may be ‘unaccustomed’, but the maneuver is certainly not unknown nor unique.
    It is called holding onto power. It is what politicians try to do.

  24. Again @Northern, fair enough.

    Yep I saw those steps too and was particularly moved by the fact that MAM was lining up her candidates and the opposition(s) were still just “sitting shiva” as if in continuous mourning.

    I wasn’t reading the tea leaves that well to expect a call right outta the new year … certainly expected something a few months (Bajan few – like ‘just round de corner’ – so not 2) into the year … thus my description of “sudden”!

    Ah well a lousy prognosticator I am.

    I gone.

  25. Mia want Know she will be the first elected pm In the HER created new republic
    Just like she became the first pm with 30 -0. She giving herself the best chance of repeating
    18 month for dem to ynite behind sealy may give him a better chance of regainung his seat.

    New constitution and another IMF run will come

    Best chance of another 30-0 is a snap election with the other parturi still not prepared

  26. Northern..the rumor was around for at least 6 weeks….but since i pay no attention to politics, did not even bother acknowledge the election scam…i did put out there a couple days ago that tiktok goes the election clock, that is as close as i wanted to get to any of it..

    “The said same consultants now employed at the public’s expense can be offered new contracts under new management.”

    a collossal wast of taxpayers money while the people suffer…..they can do this and that and as soon as they are elected, it’s multimillion dollar consultants because they can’t do one shite BUT TELL LIES…

    it appears that all the corrupt criminals from the last lot are crawling out of the wood work…





    STEUPSE…..there uh seh it fuh yeh

  28. BU’ers pondering and speculating Mia’s game plan for an election are running with the theory that she needs a mandate for some maternal tough love and are treating this wisdom as the gospel truth in their conclusion

    But, maybe she is is more of a glass half empty girl and not so much of a glass half full girl and wanted to fill up her cup and make it overflow with 5 more years rather than one and a bit while sipping on some courvoisier and smoking a big fat head blunt cigar listening to the grass roots of dub while making her new year resolution plans to nice up the land

  29. This mix was created by one of the truest underground angels
    HER他 Transmission 037 DJ Brigida

    Why should we perish
    Bibliomancy is the practice of seeking spiritual insight by selecting a random passage from a Holy Book.

    The excerpt represents the core issue or deciding factor on which you must meditate, and is drawn from King James Bible:

    is spent; my lord also hath our herds of cattle; there is not ought left in the sight of my lord, but our bodies, and our lands:

    GEN 47:19 Wherefore shall we die before thine eyes, both we and our land? buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants unto Pharaoh: and give us seed, that we may live, and not die, that the land be not desolate.

    GEN 47:20 And Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold every man his field, because the famine prevailed over them: so the land became Pharaoh’s.

    GEN 47:21 And as for the people, he removed them to cities from one end of the borders of Egypt even to the other end thereof.

  30. Poor Rev Atherley heard him bellyaching about the coming election..Rev Atherley knows his days are likely numbered along with his cantankerous sidekick Mr Franklyn.They believed they had at least anorher year or so but Ms Mottley has catspradled them.The same with the dems like Ms Depeiza, Mr Worrell and Mr Walters who were suddenly experts in health and economics.Well the so called dictator has throw down the gautlet and they are all running scared despite the lotta long talk.Let them present their alternative plans to bajans if they have any.It is one thing to be critical it is another to have a clue about what to do.In my view most of these parties ain, t ready to run a bread shop far less a country..Let the chips fall where they fall.I gone.

  31. Another point that people have not touched on is the fact that the moratorium on the loan repayments would have expired PRIOR to the elections, had the boss lady let the elections run its full term.

    So we would of had to of looked for money to start servicing the loans before the vote, which would of meant tax increases and other measures to contract spending. Add to this the fall off in Fx receipts from a covid tourism sector and inflation from increased freight rates and commodity prices and you have a perfect storm for hard times.

    Plus the boss lady knew she could net get this economy to show any real growth in the next 24 months but 4 years was more doable.

    Say what you like bout we PM but you got to admire her as a master strategist.

  32. Master strategist my ass. Master strategist and people in her own party scrambling like everybody else? Y’all really like a lotta shite.

  33. @ John A December 29, 2021 10:19 PM

    You should not seriously expect the naive masses to know such a subtle difference as moratorium and debt relief. Of course, we are just as deep in the mess now as we were in April 2018, because of Corona. Our foreign reserves are primarily debt. The higher our reserves, the higher our debt. But the naive masses don’t realise the difference between debit and credit because all they have is debt anyway and they buy from Massa Market totally overpriced on credit.

    Since the tax screw has already been tightened to such an extent that we will have to reckon with falling revenues if there are further increases, our Supreme Leader has no choice but to rouse the masses from their permanent sleep and spice up their sweet lives a little by cutting the numerous social transfers.

    Personally, however, I would prefer a devaluation to tear society apart and generate the necessary power for innovation and work ethics.

  34. A pity Leslie Haynes cannot be as confident assuring us about when audited statements of the NIS Scheme – for which he is Chairman – will be made available. Let us see if the DLP dares to talk about it.

    EBC expects safe election

    colvillemounsey@nationnews. com
    CHAIRMAN OF THE Electoral and Boundaries Commission (EBC), Leslie Haynes QC, says he is confident that the January 19 General Election will be conducted safely even though the country is currently going through its third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Haynes told the DAILY NATION that the St George North by-election, which was held just over a year ago, served as a “perfect dry run,” and it would be a matter of replicating that plan of action on the larger scale.
    The EBC chairman also made it clear that even though the electoral body has four fewer days than the previous election to ready itself for next month’s poll, all of their ducks were already in a row. He said this included the voters’ list, which has been consistently updated over the years.
    Haynes’ comments came one day after Opposition Leader Joseph Atherley and President of the Democratic Labour Party Verla De Peiza, took Prime Minister Mia
    Amor Mottley to task over her decision to call the election in the middle of the pandemic. Atherley slammed the move as “callous” while De Peiza called it “reckless,” arguing that the health of Barbadians appeared to be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency.
    “We have had meetings as recently as today [yesterday] with the Ministry of Health and COVID Monitoring Unit. We have a first draft in place and we are awaiting the final word from head of the Covid Monitoring Unit, Ronald Chapman, who is conducting a revision of the protocols from the St George North by-election. So basically, that election was the perfect dry run,” said Haynes.
    He said plans were in the pipeline to ensure that those in isolation due to COVID-19 were not denied their right to vote.
    The protocols for the byelection included temperature checks, sanitising of booths after every five people, social distancing on the lines, mask wearing, and a spacing of the ballot boxes to ensure that no more than 500 people would vote in one box.
    However, Haynes warned that even the best laid plans could not account for every eventuality and the cooperation of the public was needed to ensure that the safety measures hold.
    “We are confident that we can replicate the success of the St George North by-election in terms of protection from COVID-19. The reality is that there are unknown factors, such as the person who is in isolation that comes out to vote and does not say anything.
    “We are confident that we can do it but we need the help of all Barbadians to make it possible. So, we are taking the precautions, but will they cover all eventualities is another story,” he said.
    As it relates to other administrative matters ahead of the polls, Haynes explained that logistical issues such as the election timetable must now be dealt with in the shorter time frame provided, which would require a more condensed approach to some of the outstanding formalities.
    “The voters’ list is ready and persons that need to register a change of address can come to the ECB office to do so.
    “The list is not an issue because it is kept up to date and every year a list is published by January 31.
    “What we have here is a simple situation where we have four days less than the last election.
    So, what is important now is our election timetable, which we will now set out and this would include things like special polling days when election workers and policemen will vote.
    “So these are things that we now have to do, but we will get it done,” he said.

    Source: Nation

  35. If the tea leaves are right as some are suggesting
    Barbadians would be lead once again by self serving demagogue
    How sad

  36. “Barbadians would be lead once again by self serving demagogue
    How sad”

    She is a “strong black” woman who likes her lifestyle and is digging her heels in going nowhere

  37. She is a woman who has exposed and demonstrated her character as ruthless callous and mean-spirited not giving top hoots about the most vulnerable and couldn’t careless what any one thinks about her
    In a nutshell it is all about herself
    The country must brace itself for more years of hardships the most vulnerable would be tossed to the wind and those in her inner circle would reap rewards

  38. Sometimes it is best not to be a biased political animal working your little mind in overdrive, especially when the party you hate is having a turn in power and you are swimming against the tide using up energy but getting nowhere fast.
    This election should be looked at as a detox cleanse exercise, which is good advice for all Bajans who need to start up a healthier regime to get out of their head and into their physical body more. Wellness is about your mindset and easy long term regular practice.

  39. Mia has become Barbados poster person for Power Corrupts Absolutely having an Astride place next to her name which signifies the end does not justify the mean
    How can she justify having an election right after Barbados becomes a Republic and not having a New Constitution which can be a foundation for the election to stand
    Now all can see what is being put in the format as only a dictator can do

  40. Angela, yuh wirry tummuch. Only God can make a man immortal.

    Fear no man nor woman, for they rule for only a twinkle of time.

    The stars twinkle for eternity.


  41. @David
    The NIS chair has already blurted after the initial appointment exuberance. Expect nothing more.
    If this crew has a glaring failure in 3.5yrs, it relates to how few entities, have been unable to bring their financial reporting into ‘current’ status in the public realm. Their ‘lackadaisical’ PAC approach is also noted.

    • @NO

      Anytime Ryan Straughn raises his head in the media space he should be asked about the plan to hold SOEs accountable. He led the debate in parliament about it. This is something Covid 19 would not have affected progress.

      #talk #rhetoric

  42. Covid numbers spiking
    Not surprising after Mia callous adventure of having a VAT free day with no.plans or policies which could have assisted the merchants in detailing procedures in staying the flow of customers
    I lol when govt officials were sending out low numbers and the people were being lulled into a safe sense of security
    An observing mind could have easily understood that during the height of the holiday season the human resources of the work load would have been low and not sufficient to handle the daily task of completing the true figures of the results as well as the medical case of those infected
    Hence govt can no longer gloat on.low numbers as the back.log of cases results are now being told

  43. I know Mia was devious when she could not bring herself morally in not poaching Ross from the poor country of Dominica

  44. /re Say what you like bout we PM but you got to admire her as a master strategist.









  46. Listen I am the first to criticise when the PM et al do foolishness, but I got to give her credit for her timing. Do I agree with all she is doing? Of course not! Wunna fellows got to drop the party loyalty and see things for what they are. Long and short her timing is perfect.

    Having said that she looked at the commencement of debt service after the moratorium and our economic reality and made a call. The fact that the opposition are in disarray didn’t hurt either though.

    This way when she drops the whip around mid 2022 she has 4 years to deliver the medicine, then bring the sweets 6 months before the next elections. Remember you could postpone the day of financial reckoning but you can’t avoid it!

  47. @ John A December 30, 2021 5:34 PM

    It is good to know that other neutral commentators also recognise the genius of our Supreme Leader.

    We should all bear in mind that Mia Mottley is operating in extremely difficult circumstances: under her some 280,000 rebellious loafers who think hard work is slavery, the treasury empty, the debts piling to the sky and the beaches half empty.

    Unfortunately, sulphur rock cannot be turned into gold. But our Supreme Leader at least tries to give the whole lump a worthy coat of paint with perfume and gold.

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