Difficult Conversations – Was it Worth It?

All people like to hear what they want to hear – even if it is not true. There are three common reasons to tell people what is not true: (i) to encourage them, (ii) to avoid trouble, and (iii) to deceive them.

When children are learning to play musical instruments, their parents may tell them that their initial poor renditions are good – to encourage them to keep practising. A newly married man may think that he has options if his wife asks him if she looks slim. Those married for a while understand that there is only one right answer.


We accept exaggerated compliments from individuals, because we know that the giver had no ill intent. But untruths from corporate and national levels can be dangerous to everyone.

A business selling unsafe products may deceive people in a nation that their products are safe. When consumers are inevitably harmed, the business is negatively branded, and its employees are implicated in the scandal. The longer the deception continues, the worse it will become – for everyone.


A nation does not try to deceive its citizens. Rather, a nation and its citizens normally try to deceive the world. It may start as an innocent mistake – a leader misspoke. But when the citizens conspire with the Government to promote the deception, both may suffer the terrible consequences of negative branding.

The historical record of knowledge transcends law, politics and religion. It is assumed to be accurate, and is taught as fact to children of all nations. Corrupting the historical record is not tolerated, since all people rely on it for research. Tragically, we have corrupted this shared historical record. Fortunately, we can correct it now with no consequences – or be implicated in the certain scandal to follow.


In 2005, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration passed the Referendum Act, CAP 11A. In 2007, they promised Barbadians that they would get their consent with a referendum, before making Barbados a Republic. [1]

In their 2008 election manifesto, the BLP promised Barbadians that they would “consult the public fully by way of a referendum”, before making Barbados a Republic. [2]

On 15th September 2020, the Governor-General of Barbados read the Throne Speech, stating that Barbados would “become a Republic by the time we celebrate our 55th Anniversary of Independence.”

The following day, the Queen’s response was published: becoming a Republic was “a matter for the government and people of Barbados”. [3]


The following day, on 17th September 2020, the Barbados Labour Party administration informed the international news media that Barbadians had given their consent for Barbados to become a Republic. They claimed that it was at the 2018 General election, stating: “we certainly campaigned on it in the manifesto”. [4]

On 28 June 2021, Foreign Policy reported: “Mottley, who has campaigned on republicanism, won a landslide victory in 2018 elections when her party won all 30 seats in the House of Assembly.” [5]

On 22 November 2021, the National Geographic reported: “Charismatic and outspoken, Mottley campaigned on republicanism to become the nation’s first female leader in 2018.” [6]

On 26 November 2021, iNews UK reported: “She campaigned on republicanism, ahead of her landslide victory in 2018 elections.” [7]


The truth is that there is no mention of any plan to make Barbados a Republic in the BLP’s 2018 general election Manifesto. Further, none of the nine political parties that participated in the 2018 General Election campaigned on Republicanism. All adult Barbadians, both at home and in the diaspora, know this to be true.

To their utter shame, this generation of Barbadian: leaders, politicians, historians, poets, teachers, pastors, journalists, entertainers, writers, media practitioners, and youth leaders seem willing to support the corruption of the shared historical record of all nations.

There is always a reckoning. Our children will inherit the consequences of this reckless support. At that time, they may ask whether our active or passive support for deceiving the world was worth it – and we better have a good answer to give them.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com
[1] Still A Voice. Nation, 26 November 2007.
[2] Barbados Labour Party Manifesto 2008, page 77.
[3] The Guardian UK, Patrick Wintour (Diplomatic Editor), 16 September 2020.
[4] Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Phil Williams (Chief Foreign Correspondent), 17 September 2020.
[5] Foreign Policy, Stéphanie Fillion (United Nations based foreign affairs reporter), 28 June 2021.
[6] National Geographic, Jacqueline Charles (Pulitzer Prize finalist, 2018 Maria Moors Cabot Prize winner), 22 November 2021.
[7] iNews UK, Michael Day (Chief Foreign Commentator), 26 November 2021.

114 thoughts on “Difficult Conversations – Was it Worth It?

  1. UWI poll: Republic preferred option

    46% wanted referendum first
    A POLL CONDUCTED by The University of the West Indies (UWI) has shown that while Barbadians were in favour of the country transitioning to a republic, nearly half wanted a referendum on the issue.
    This was revealed yesterday during a virtual panel discussion hosted by the Cave Hill Campus, in collaboration with the University of London and the UCL Institute of the Americas.
    UWI professors Dwayne Devonish and Cynthia Barrow-Giles presented the research findings on the topic A National Republicanism vs Monarchy In Barbados.
    Barrow-Giles said it was clear that Barbadians did not have an attachment to monarchical rule.
    The survey of more than 500 people, undertaken from October 23 to November 10, showed that:
    • 35 per cent of participants wanted Barbados to become a republic;
    • for 29 per cent, it was neither here nor there;
    • 16 per cent said no and supported retention of the Queen as head of state;
    • 15 per cent did not know if they wanted a change or not; and
    • five per cent did not care or were not interested on the subject matter.
    Meanwhile, 74 to 83 per cent of those in favour believed the change would have a positive impact on the country.
    “We have not detected any great divide on the issue of whether Barbados should have retained the monarchical system or become a republic. To me it is far from that, as the results are showing,” Barrow-Giles said.
    “Those who supported the transition outnumbered those that were supportive of the status quo . .
    . . There is little evidence of any powerful or meaningful attachment to the Crown in Barbados at this point in time.”
    However, she said there were a number of participants who were not well informed about the difference between a monarchy and republicanism, and the change in governmental system was neither here nor there for them.
    The research also showed that 46 per cent of the participants wanted a referendum on whether the country should change to a republic.
    As it relates to the head of state, 36 per cent said they wanted a ceremonial head, while 52 per cent called for him or her to be elected by the people.

    Source: Nation

  2. right, someone will believe some fake poll coming from the political PIMPS at UWI…steupse…

    bottomline the wicked negros LIED TO and ON THE PEOPLE.AGAIN …as usual taking away their RIGHT TO CHOOSE…treating them like SLAVE MINDED CHILDREN who understand nothing…


  3. @ David

    Do you remember a ‘BU regular’ ‘saying,’ “The Guardian newspaper APPEARS to have COMPLETED ITS SURVEY,” while providing the below link to substantiate the comment?


    Do you also remember me asking the following three (3) questions, which, to this day, have all remained unanswered?

    Was the survey commissioned by the Guardian newspaper?

    Was the survey conducted by UWI on behalf of the Guardian?

    Or, was it conducted by UWI, with Professor Cynthia Barrow-Giles, who was reported to be the ‘lead investigator,’…….”the EARLY RESULTS of which were SHARED with the Guardian?”

  4. we were told yesterday on BU that NOT EVERYONE can think logically or critically…so the best question to ask in this fake scenario is WHY WAS THE UWI POLL not done BEFORE the fake republic waste of taxpayers money……they had 3 YEARS in which to do it it and 20 YEARS post 1998.

    that’s me thinking logically…..still to issue a critically thought out comment on this FARCE…and obvious FAKE NEWS…

  5. but what i can say is…GIVEN how the nurses human rights were VICIOUSLY AND MALICIOUSLY VIOLATED and LIED ABOUT….it’s clear that the half a republic IS A FARCE and will GO NOWHERE…. that those who are unable to think logically or critically CANNOT SEE….

    so…since i have no time to be explaining the WHYS and WHEREFORES…..i will just put it in my next book…..cause ah done know who will read it and understand…

  6. forgetting the issue with the nurses and Caswell having to fight practically ON HIS OWN when it only happened in the last 72 HOURS….= short memory syndrome

    it really must be SOMETHING IN THE WATER…

  7. here is a list of issues discussed re the nursing negotiations from the Nation
    Uniform allowances:
    General allowances:
    Laundry service:
    Environmental matters:
    Late Payments:
    Training for nurses:
    Nurse practitioners:
    Medical insurance:

    here is a list based on comments from Sen Franklyn earlier in BT

    better pay
    health insurance
    remuneration for degrees
    continuous training
    better working conditions

    wha missing?

  8. The nurses had a laundry list of grievances including lack of medical equipment, they cherry picked what they know would appease the foolish nurse’s association who did NOT EVENN FIGHT ON BEHALF OF THE NURSES but JUMPING OUT TO TAKE CREDIT FROM CASWELL…they have no damn shame…..and can’t see the government is using divisive tactics..

  9. All of this is a DISEASE OF THE MIND…and can even be found on BU…if some of weakwilled could they would TIEF EVERYTHING i accomplished over the last 9 years and hand it over to a bunch of NITWITS and DIMWITS…problem for them is, especially in the last 6 weeks i have gone global…so that’s way out of their reach….now….and before that….they had no clue what i was doing anyway, so attempting to tief some content is all they got…and we all know how that turned out..

    tiefing credit is nothing new to the SLOW IN MIND.

  10. From a trade unionist perspective, this type of action will have deeper implications going forward.
    The attempt to weaken or humiliate Caswell has failed.
    Trade unionists need to sit down and redefine how they will be acting toward each other in the future or the entire movement will be systematically weakened.
    However, as I posted on another thread, impartial citizens , will welcome the promise to address the nurses’ needs.

  11. Here comes a man who will give you a fair assessment. He is not blinded by party loyalty.
    I wait on the answer from J2.

    Happy morning to all.

  12. “However, as I posted on another thread, impartial citizens , will welcome the promise to address the nurses’ needs.”

    we also have to keep on eye on ALL OF THEM so that the nurses are not VICTIMIZED and TERRORIZED for bringing this clear violation to the attention of the public…and for this, everyone must, and most people have committed to BEING VIGILANT…

    remember the days when they literally STARVED those who did not comply with their Slave society, many times to DEATH…

  13. Wow.
    I went to put a comment on ‘Strike or not to strike’ and it is closed to comments.

    In my opinion, BU is now a joke/ propaganda arm.

  14. @TheoG
    I think that the 24 hour ( I think that is the time limit) to comment is ill advised. @David should take another look at it and revise

    • @Sargeant

      We abuse it and then we miss it. How many blogs have we had with commenters posting nonsense for days. The blogs will automatically close after 4 days. This should be enough time to sensibly debate any issue.

  15. Thanks Sarge.

    I was quite willing to place my comments anywhere, but to close an active topic when it appeared that the government may be on the receiving end of a sound flogging, was too much for me.

    The government responding to another union instead of Caswell reminded me very much of ‘1984’
    Our resemblance to ‘Animal Farm’ has been mentioned by many.

    This Orwellian paradise is too much for me.

    • Another example of a silly comment always prepared to ascribe motive. The blogmaster has posted many times blogs will automatically close. Even when blogs remained open did it prevent some of you from posting non related issues?


  16. @David
    Here is where I disagree with you and where I think you are dead wrong.

    The strikers post is an active topic and there is still breaking news. To close it out at this time serves no real purpose.

    There are some topics that you cannot close with a bit of programming code.

    • To repeat blogs will auto close. It is a global setting, no manual intervention by thr blogmaster. If the blogmaster or another contributor see value in posting another blog the avenue is open to submit. So many times the blogmaster and others take the time and a few of you come and post nonsense about something unrelated.

      For those who do not know or take it for granted it takes precious time to manage a blog like BU.

  17. The whole point is for those who know no better…..a poll AFTER THE FACT…when the people had no DIRECT PRIOR INPUT…DOES NOT COUNT….and only the well known assbackward would embark on such a sleight of hand fraud…

    in my opinion, it does not matter if it is a half or whole republic…IT IS STILL A DESTRUCTIVE SLAVE SOCIETY with all the structures, institutions and frameworks MALICIOUSLY KEPT IN PLACE……due to the corroded, damaged mindsets that are IMPOSSIBLE TO REVERSE or FIX…

  18. If you remember, I fully agreed with your decision back then.

    It is now clear that such a rule cannot be applied to all topics.

    It also happens that closing that post benefits the government which is consistent with ‘past behavior’.

  19. Theo…they forgot all about the nurse’s plight and already moved on to protecting the BS coming out of UWI…like if this violation of worker’s rights will not happen again…worker’s rights as you notice is NEVER A PRIORITY ON THE ISLAND…they are fully EXPECTED TO SUFFER IN SILENCE and get PUNISHED if they don’t.

  20. I withdraw my earlier and hasty comment.

    😃His past actions led me to believe the blogmaster was still wearing his deep red outfit. It appears that he is dressed to play the part of 🎅 at a house party and not attending the political party.😃

    Sincere apologies to the blogmaster

  21. I am distressed at how news is being presented to the public.

    A few days ago we had a ‘banker’ contradicting Caswell and ignoring the account of nurses interactions with their banks. On the surface it would appear that he was rubbishing Caswell, but the banker’s words could also have been taken as an instruction to bankers to ‘cease and desist’ if they were preventing access to personal accounts.

    Bankers who are political lackeys and may/would have jumped the gun were told to stop.

    Now we have the Minister of Integrity conceding that changes have to be made but talking with everyone except Caswell.

    To a casual observer like myself, he is trying to give the win to a bystander. The minister is trying to push a central character (Caswell) to the sidelines or completely out of the story.

    It is clear that ‘news’ cannot be taken at face value. The public must look for the hidden message.

    “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”
    Joseph Heller,

  22. “A few days ago we had a ‘banker’ contradicting Caswell and ignoring the account of nurses interactions with their banks.”

    Who was the “banker” that contradicted Caswell Franklyn?

    • @Atax

      Did Simple Simon point out that the Director of Finance is not a banker? He is a public servant. Some of us need to take a breath.

  23. What franklyn need to do is to g’et back to the table., see if he Can g’et back the nurses pay that they losing and sommerunderholdning In the near future arrange a strike funds – instead of now begging the public.

  24. I can understand why the blogmaster found it necessary to implement a 4-day policy. It is now obvious that the policy is wrong and benefits one party more than the other.

    DLP- usually silent and doing nothing. Even a one-day policy would have no impact on them.

    BLP – badly crafted laws, hasty decisions, impulsive actions, over paying for slogans, overpaying for vaccines from scam artists, imperious (the list is endless)
    A four-day policy is a blessing… They don’t have to clean up the last screw-up before they initiate a next…

    They must refer to the blogmaster as ‘God’. God took seven days to create the earth, the blogmaster can clean up their shit in four.

  25. That reinforces my point. The don’t start/cease/desist’ is coming from givernment.

    Amusing to see the blogmaster doing an impression of cuhdear. (K)nit(ting) and picking.

  26. @John2
    you STRIKE while the iron is hot.
    After 18+ months of Covid, with no easing in sight, the time is RIPE for the nurses to demand more. Maybe wildcat, but the timing is ripe.
    Your a math man, tell us what cancelling the White Oaks retainer could provide for the nurses?
    Had no trouble finding $75K in bonus for Dr.Greenidge?
    Still haven’t heard a peep on what guarantees caused Clearwater Bay to write off $120M?
    You see you piss through money, a mobaton of Ministers and their expenses, entourages…you travel in bulk all over the world…you have big celebrations…you have consultants a many…you can pay White Oaks a success fee of $40+ Million, but your nurses are still underpaid by any measure.
    What de fellas used to call ‘jarking yuh’.
    Why back down?

  27. @ NorthernObserver, i Waiting to see when they install the hurricane shutters. lol

    distracted and I friten to say de wrong ting.

    Ladies of Soul – Somebody Else’s Guy (Jocelyn Brown cover) live @ Ekdom in de Morgen

  28. “Did Simple Simon point out that the Director of Finance is not a banker?”
    His sterling performance as head of the NIS for several years, was rewarded with a promotion to Director of Fine Ants.

  29. Gotta go…
    AC are you out there. I hope all is well.
    Surprise that AC is not delivering
    Leg break
    Outswingers …
    I see J2, Lorenzo and a few others shaking their heads and heading back to the pavilion with a big fat 0.
    Gotta go.
    Enjoy the day.

  30. @Hants
    Only causin I built a few…you NEVER line up the board joints with the window/door frame openings. Takes some effort. And planning. Almost guaranteed to crack. I will “guess” they are going to tape the joints and then (paint, spray, trowel plastic etc). Wood trims?? Silly…use cement board and plaster the whole lot.

  31. @John2
    we can debate many things which “should be”.
    The nurses as of today are not deemed essential.
    This group just put 4, or was it 5, Bills through the House and Senate. Lightning speed.
    They can proclaim nurses essential within days.
    They seemingly have many capable of producing Bills/Acts/Legislation

  32. NO

    I just giving my opinion.
    What goverment do or dont do it up to them.

    Understand that You just giving ur opinion also

  33. @John2

    Nurses under Paid
    Police under paid

    You know whom you would never say are underpaid? Politicians

  34. One person was responsible for Barbados becoming a Republic and it was not me, it was the Bajan PM (aka Mia)..
    If you want to you can be a radical activist revolutionary like me
    or you can be a Bajan wannabe like William and Waru
    or you can be like Angela Davis..

    Music For Angela Davis
    The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab In Egypt

  35. TheOGazertsDecember 21, 2021 1:42 PM

    Gotta go…
    AC are you out there. I hope all is well.
    Surprise that AC is not delivering
    Theo all is well
    Out there somewhere on another playing

  36. @ TheO

    “ The Nurses will surely recall and remember this terrible experience by this current Administration! Understanding and knowing the basics surrounding treating your bosses of whom are the Residence Of Barbados being the Electorate“

    Copied from the nationnew

    You Can join her there it would be positive vibrations

  37. Today at the salon I spoke with a retired civil servant who was able to explain a whole lot about the issues at hand, especially the late salaries.

    Not bothering to elaborate but now I see the problem.

    Let the cussing continue!

  38. Was It Worth It?


    When a lie becomes your way of living,

    And your promises and mandates are unforgiving.

    Surreptitiously you enact unilateral decisions,


    Implementing them with significant omissions.

    Truths you obscure with creative anecdotes,


    When you choose to spread deliberate misquotes.

    Once you start this kind of deception you’re on the wrong track,

    Ruined nations fell from the same and found no way back.

    Take a step back and look with new eyes at the people out there,

    How in throngs they chase free VAT and pandemic restrictions disappear.


    Industrial actions are understandable when administrations are unfit,

    Take a step back and look with new eyes at the people, Was It Worth It?


    By Khaidji


  39. Gszzerts the only person getting a big fat zero is you as a comedian and Senator Franklyn for biting off more than hr can chew and being cussed left right and centre for being the publicity , cantankerous hound he is.Almost all other unions have distanced themselves from him and now to hear he does not have a strike fund to support those workers he cslled out on strike.Who is going to pay them for walking off their job?I underdtand their plight but there is a right way of doing things and clearly this id not in my view . I gone.

  40. Amazing. The first post directs people to discuss a poll, rather than the important issues in the article, and all but one commenter takes the bait and is led astray.

    The past 68 comments prove what I have written – most of our political and social leaders’ are politically compromised. So, the ‘led’ are easily diverted from the truth. Tragic.

  41. Good to see you Donna
    Thought I would have to put out an SOS.

    😃Will be putting out my Christmas awards shortly. You are nominated.

    This year, I have ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ categories. Refusal of the ‘naughty’ will be ignored. Refusal of the ‘nice’ will put a person in the naughty category.😃

  42. Looks like AC will grab 3 awards
    Most poetic,
    Most original,
    TheO’s Gold Medal

    Multi- award winner also include Donna and Artsc.

    Note the typo. If he rejects the award, I will do like the Minister of Integrity.. what are you rejecting? I did not call your name.

  43. @nextparty246December 21, 2021 8:17 PM
    You write that men must learn quickly how to compliment those in their life. And yet you haven’t learnt, to cease barking up trees most don’t care about. Manifesto’s are marketing gimmicks, broadly inclusive documents, 97% of which will not be achieved, and 95% not even attempted. Meanwhile, there will be several items, never found in a Manifesto, which the Government will pursue.
    I am similarly guilty, because I believe in the NIS, but no end of harping on that topic will change a damn thing. You can warn others, but one day when it hits them squarely in their ‘benefits’, they will awake. And probably do little. They were warned about the Debt, didn’t do a damn thing other than observe when it happened, that defaulting was bad, and they ‘felt’ the Government had other choices.

  44. “Yuh mean like my parody that you wanted to publish?”

    don’t flatter yourself…your parody was for fun, give those reading it a laugh…. and it is on my website right along with Theo’s as i said i would,,,…this person, a young man i presume, is a TRUE CREATIVE and WORTHY of the praise for spontaniety in his creativity, check out his website…..big difference..

    not everyone is a creative and some don’t know if they are because of the half century of suppression of Black creativity by two evil anti-black colonial/agent governments…..but the young generations now have the options previously denied…so they are a BIG FAIL…and can’t stop Black GENIUS EVER AGAIN…

    the blog needs more creatives…..it will definitely change the tone.

  45. 👍I noticed elsewhere that the blogmaster stated that he would allow comments to be open longer.👍
    He appears to be a reasonable man and one that you can reason with.
    On my end, I will try my best to refrain from useless remarks or entanglements … and will support him on any necessary subsequent action.
    Have a great dayy, all

  46. Comedians often succeed where others fail to get the point across!

    Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers, Stephen Colbert and TREVOR NOAH have a much wider reach than dry “expositioners”. You know you can hide most information by putting it in a book! ( YOUR words, not mine. Not stealing warmed over soup today!🤣🤣🤣🤣)

    But… yeah…I did say that it was only a spot of fun! I seem to recall though…..you were the one who said that I was undervaluing its CREATIVITY.

    Now you are taking it back.

    THE ARCHIVES will show you up!

    As usual.

    Oh dear!


    Anyhow, that’s my bit of fun for the day! Don’t worry, David! 😇 THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS!

  47. Biden’s Top 5 Accomplishments in 2021:

    1 – keeping pandemic going
    2 – tanking the economy
    3 – flooding country with illegals
    4 – costing Americans their jobs
    5 – skyrocketing crime rates


  48. NO & GP2

    Republic expired 11/30/2021

    99.999% of Bajan dont Care about that topic again until its approching again In 22

    Deed done cant be reversed. People accepted and moved on

    • @John2

      In the same way a constitutional crisis was averted by the crossing of the floor by Atherley you mean?

      Door closed is right!

  49. @ David

    You’ve informed contributors of the new BU policy that automatically closes blogs after four (4) days, which according to you, “should be enough time to sensibly debate any issue.”

    Obviously, this policy has extended to the closure of blogs dealing with issues relating to LIAT.

    I’ll go ‘off topic’ just to inform you that the ‘government’ of Antigua & Barbuda has now decided to provide EC$2M to partially satisfy the cash component of the compassionate payout to former local (Antigua based) employees of the regional airline, while emphasizing “government has no legal obligation to make any such payments.”

    What are your thoughts?

  50. TLSN…some are saying that MORE THAN A PAINTING….had to be passed (they made a big splash about it in the Nationnews) for the two faced government to give PERMISSION (they said they were given permission) to a bunch of racists to immediately PUT UP A WALL to block Black people from accessing the beach…through a brand new hotel..

    that’s all these LYING, SELLOUT governments ever do…and then DENY they gave permission to block access….pretending they knew nothing about it, this is not the first time, let’s see if they lie in denial..

    keep telling the people to move away from LIARS/MINISTERS…saw them do it in a clip yesterday, when the wannabe dictator, slavemaster and half a republic maker tried to pretend to be a loved leader….THE PEOPLE MOVED AWAY….kudos to them for seeing that they and their families are being LED INTO A TRAP….for racists, thieves, oppressors and ENSLAVERS to PROSPER…..

    and they and their families will remain in poverty.

  51. Biden’s Top 5 Accomplishments in 2021:

    1 – keeping pandemic going
    2 – tanking the economy
    3 – flooding country with illegals
    4 – costing Americans their jobs
    5 – skyrocketing crime rates

    White people..
    Nobody gives a fuck about septic tanks yanks who are fucked due to their own hubris
    (or as Yanks say Everyone gives a fuck..)

    White Hero Trump is feeling pressure for his shenanigans in Capital Hill Riots by Home Grown Terrorists and is calling Executive Privilege to hide his guilt

    • You had to be the only commenter to respond. Further attempts to polute and distract from the topic will be deleted.

  52. Mia’s greatest accomplishment in 20 21
    is she slew the head of the Beast off
    Which offended Grenville Phillips aka Barbados Solutions Inc. (oxymoron)
    But, the Beast has many heads

  53. In USA ultimate power lies in the hands of the President
    The soon to be revised Barbados Constitution should have a clause for abuse of absolute power
    as highlighted by 45 revolutions per minute single

  54. Each time a hotel or any tourist complex is being constructed, the locals have to fight against being denied proper access to the beach.
    All that is needed is a strict law that a proper access road for citizens , with adequate parking etc., MUST be included with any such plans before a foundation can be even started.
    What happens is very simple: The hoteliers are given permission to do as they like and when the locals protest, the dastardly politicians pretend that : “dah can happen ‘bout hey”
    Same old story………,….
    Frauds and liars are the correct descriptions. BS going on for decades.

    • Years ago under OSA alien land holding laws should have been enacted with complementing laws re access to beaches and use of beach front property etc.

  55. William this is an easy fix.

    The politicians can fix it with a simple and single piece of legislation or the people must stop being cowardly and act. What goes up can come down.

  56. TLSN…it’s gets TIRING, BUT THAT’S THE PLAN…… unless and until the PEOPLE REMOVE THEMSELVES from the toxic, dirty retrograde system….that is all they WILL EVER GET…

  57. @ Theo
    These are the “ simple” things that should piss off any Bajan rather than talk BS and continue to defend the indefensible .Gabby addressed this crap donkey years ago. Nothing ain’t change. I understand some property on the west coast “ gave”
    the locals “access “ and not even a bicycle can’t pass. Pure BS!!!

  58. As long as there are BRIBES INVOLVED….a painting here, a car there, a million or two here or there….those who who have no morals and even less ethics will CONTINUE to sell out…..and LIE about it, this time the activists were watching so they can hardly JUMP OUT NOW with the USUAL LIE bout “not bout hay”

    that’s why i encourage young people to take up activism on stay on their corrupt asses, give them NO BREATHING ROOM…..expose the RIGHT AWAY….before htey can formulate the next lie when they believe everyone has forgotten,,

    and given the track records of the hoteliers whose lastest generation is controlling the whole show…..it’s more scams, more bribery and MORE SELLING OUT…buckle ya seat belts..

  59. “stop being cowardly and act”

    those are the key words, get PROACTIVE and stop allowing these pissy little VOTE BEGGING POLITICIANS carry out their BRIBETAKING and SELLING OUT right in front ya faces…your children and grandchildren ARE WATCHING…


  60. It was quite obvious from 2018 that the ONLY GOAL was to NORMALIZE CORRUPTION and make it acceptable to the people in Barbados and the Caribbean then spread their nasty dangerous POISON all around…and many imps and pimps were already willing to accept this EVIL and Black DESTRUCTION in their and their familily’s lives….


  61. ‘Beach battles’ of yesterday, that should have never been necessary and that that you thought were fought and won raise their ugly heads every year.

    The same ‘beach battle’, but with more variants than covid-19, will again surface in some form in the near future.

  62. Gotta go.

    Keep on hitting those ‘corruption’ notes wura. You have moved from insane to prescient.

    Enjoy the day, all.

  63. Lawyer to Govt: Review republic measures

    One of Barbados’ senior attorneys is critising the measures the Mia Mottley administration took which led to the island becoming a republic.
    Garth Patterson, a senior partner at LEX Caribbean law chambers, has gone a step further by sending a series of emails to Attorney General Dale Marshall, which were also circulated among the members of the Barbados Bar Association.
    In those letters, Patterson explained that Parliament went about it the wrong way, may have exercised powers that it did not have and had accidentally left out important reforms from the new republican Constitution for Barbados.
    In his correspondence with the Attorney General, Patterson explained that the effect of what Parliament did in enacting the Constitution (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 2021,
    was to reproduce the old 1966 Constitution, which had been provided to Barbados by the Queen at the time of Barbados’ Independence, but to leave out the many important reforms to that Constitution that had been passed by Parliament since 1966.
    The Queen’s Counsel queried why it was that the Government did not follow the examples of Trinidad and Guyana, who both became republics by getting rid of their old Independence Constitutions and passing entirely new ones.
    Patterson said Government had taken half-baked constitutional measures in making the historic move to get rid of the monarchy and replace the Queen with a home-grown President.
    He said while he was fully supportive of Barbados becoming a republic, he was concerned the Government had botched the constitutional process of doing that. Referring to the remarks made by the Attorney General during the Parliamentary debates in the House on September 28, 2021, when the bill was read for the second time, Patterson said that, “on the Attorney General’s own admission, the Government had “plucked up from the dust” the old, colonial, constitutional document,
    made a with few changes and then re-enacted it as our new Constitution.
    “But, they left out the important bits and pieces of constitutional reform that Parliament had made over the span of 55 years since independence,” he added.
    He noted that during the debates the Attorney General had taken the Opposition Leader, Bishop Joseph Atherley, to task for his remarks questioning the process and suggesting that the Parliament was getting it wrong. The Opposition Leader had pointed to the examples of Guyana and Trinidad, suggesting that they had moved to a republic in the proper way.
    In response to Atherley, Marshall had said that Trinidad “did more or less the same thing” as Barbados was doing, “except instead of amending the Constitution, Trinidad threw out the whole old one and enacted a new one, but we are not doing that – we are doing half of that. They revoked the Independence Order and then they put a new Constitution in place. That is what they wanted to do that suited them; we are not there.”
    Patterson said he had a problem with the Government only going “halfway” on such an important legislative measure, noting the legal consequences were far-reaching and problematic.
    “It was a momentous inflection point for our country, and the new republic of Barbados deserved better than half a constitution,” the veteran lawyer added. (BA)

    Source: Nation

  64. Told them from the beginning that RoB is half of a republic and therefore INVALID.

    There were at least 17 to 19 amendments to the constitution since 1966.


    Yall will pay for reverting to a slavery constitution.. not everyone is asleep and following wannabe slave masters/dictators blindly. Not everyone is slave minded.

  65. Miller, Pacha, William , TLSN


    and they are so confident in their criminality they actually saw themselves getting away with it.

  66. With over 1100 lawyers and many constitutional scholars, I would love to see someone agree with or sternly correct Mr Patterson.

    Staying silent and keeping their head below the parapet convinces me that GP3 is correct.

    But the GoB may be like the duck struggling in the water. Calm and inactive above the surface of the water, but a hive of legal activity below. I suspect they will drop some constitutional amendments on us shortly.

  67. @David, what exactly are u suggesting “has to be tested in court” re the constitutional re-enactment/change to Republicanism!

    What Patterson has written was well ventilated by others – no less the LoO.

    The issues as they and others have expressed them – substantive (leaving out amendments over the years) and emotive (like the one about redeploying the old colonial coded constitution (despite our new status) are valid… BUT the parliament has enacted the ‘new’ constitution … so it’s the law, not so.

    Is someone going to test a matter which has the force of a previous amendment but supposedly not now availed by this new one!

    I have not read the new document so I surely can’t opine factually but it would seem absurd to me in basic law that this new document could now simply INVALIDATE statuary amendments made over the years – just so!

    A careful reading on what’s before us and a similarly careful reading of what’s to be done by the govt is required … I give them the basic benefit of doubt that they would NOT invalidate us into illegality by enactment a nonsensical new/old constitutional.

    They may have gone about it the wrong way but surely they and their hoard of lawyers in the AG’s office are not lawless idiots!


    • @Dee Word

      Paterson is repeating the government botched the patriation of the constitution, what are you going to do about it besides adding another opinion?

  68. LOL… lil ole me … nada.

    Because simply stated there is nothing as I see it that can be done.

    I am merely wondering what u see as any LEGITIMATE court test..

    There is legal noise and thrn there is legal visionary seeking case precedent … as is the situation with Phillip’s legal matter on change to Republicanism any proceedings brought to the court on this matter would be the former in my view!

    Has the govt invalidated, superceded or substantively changed the existing laws of the land by enactment of this constitutional doc; have they confused legal affairs!

    Unless that’s the reality then what legal eagles like Patterson are arguing is excellent legal theory/jurisprudence but it DOES NOT move to the precedent seeking legal visionary case status, as I see it.

    So yep… just my diddly-sqat impact opinion!

    Blessings of the season to you, your family, team and the entire BU collective!

    Peace out.

  69. Grenville was right from day 1….a fraudulent pre 1966 steeped in slavery constitution, generationally, STEEPED IN BLACK ENSLAVEMENT in 2021 is now the standard to DESTROY Black lives….and they thought they would slip it in, sleight of hand, how easy it is to get past sentimental fools…

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