Infected by Political Opportunism

… Powah [power] is a funny thing. Persons we may otherwise have seen as rational and students of sound governance suddenly do the oddest of things. Isn’t this the ongoing crux of the NIS? And it happens frequently in the private sector too. Despite all the protestations, did ICBL get contracts which were facilitated? What else did they get? The fourth estate has never seen fit to publicly question the Board of CBL? I know of situations where a subsidiary may begin sinking, and the Board changes like rats off a sinking ship. The big ups from the parent don’t want association with a failure. But that doesn’t stop the same persons who bailed from forcing their decisions upon the Board, sometimes even at the complete exclusion of the Board. Powah is a funny thing…


The blogmaster has been observing the strident views expressed by citizens of Barbados about whether to vaccinate. A few thousand were motivated to march during the pandemic. People have the right to behave as they like provided no laws are being broken. Local newsfeeds both traditional and and social media continue to be choked daily with news about Covid 19. There is so much information being shared that it is thought to be contributing to Covid 19 fatigue globally.

The environment is perfect for opposition forces to put ‘licks’ in the government to win favour with a general election due in 2023, the latest. It is the idealist who believes political forces in any country will ever see the benefit of working together in the interest of the public if there is political capital to be gained.

Does it make intelligent Barbadians ponder why political parties and agents are motivated to be ’vocal’ about selected issues? In recent months there has been some noise made about the decision by the Mia Mottley government to replace the Queen of England (soon to be King) with a local daughter of the soil. The anecdotal feedback from a cross section of locals continues to expose a lack of understanding about the workings of the government. One suspects it will take a generation of educating the general public to meet the civic awareness gap.

If there is a lack of understanding about the basic workings of government is it reasonable to expect Barbadians to be motivated to march in thousands or flood daily talk shows about governance related matters? For years the National Insurance Fund has been managed like Babsie rum shop. Under successive government the embarrassing situation exist where our most important fund is unable to produce up to date audited financial statements. Through it all the Barbados public continues to be unaware of the accurate state of the fund.

Why has the public, including the Fourth Estate not vigorously pursued the Four Seasons transaction to hold political actors accountable? This is a transaction that exposes mismanagement and corrupt behaviour of both political parties when in government supported by senior public servants. We have Mia Mottley who was contracted to do legal work for Four Seasons now prime minister and one of her Mercedes driving financial consultants Avinash Persaud, former executive chairman. Not to forget a former dead Prime Minister David Thompson who hired both of them.

The political outrage directed at Mark Maloney for failing to deliver Covid 19 vaccine is interesting if seen in the context of a player who was heavily engaged by the former DLP government. The blogmaster does not condone the obvious lack of transparency surrounding the procurement of Covid 19 vaccine. What is being asked of our gullible Fourth Estate and Public Servants whose role is to serve the public for good of country – why have you vacated your responsibility? Some of us will not be fooled by those who seek to manipulate public opinion to satisfy narrow interest.

For more than a decade no audited financial statements of the National Insurance Fund, for more than a decade the Auditor General has been highlighting issues without redress by successive governments, for more than four decades successive governments have turned a blind eye to private transportation woes in Barbados, to the point it has developed a sub culture, for decades successive governments have pursued the lazy path to managing the economy by dumping our eggs in one tourism basket, for years we have asked successive governments to revamp the education system to ensure our people are adequately equipped to sustain our competitiveness in a fast moving world, for years we have asked for a fit for purpose waste to energy solution, a judicial system promising for years to crash under its weight …

Barbadians are some of the issues mentioned not worthy of your outrage? Are you willing to march if asked for any one of the issues mentioned? We know the answer therefore do not expect anything to change.

In 2023 the blogmaster will ask Donville Inniss to start a new political party to lead us to a different place. A suggested slogan sure to win favour with the public is ”The Return of the Don”.

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  1. Road construction, Dodds Veco, Capital work projects, loans with finders fees etc bag men and middle men are used to siphon off funds from taxpayers.

  2. @DIW
    Glad to see you back regularly.
    Let’s forget the indictments. It’s about altering the status quo.
    If the checks and balances that one blogger speaks of with great pride, were to be actually used, the potential indictments may be few and far between.
    Whatever was known as the rule of law, has quickly become the rule of will. The rules shall be whatever suits me. And effin you don’t like um, vote we out.

  3. “Minister Forde wants an education campaign. Lewwe hire some new consultants and spend money we en got.
    “She said Government has to reassure the public that ALL political figures are not corrupt and suggested a public education campaign.”
    Why doesn’t she tell us of ONE political figure who has been convicted?”

    she is LYING…she knows that they are all corrupt and she has ALWAYS ENABLED it with her silence…making her CORRUPT AS WELL….

    she will not get away with this lying to cover up this time, she has done this before..

  4. They are the ones believe that their legal loopholes will cover them forever, nah, ya bound to run out of loopholes…

  5. @ Dick Traci October 13, 2021 10:43 PM

    What is your problem???

    Of course, our island is the private property of our construction magnates, not of the naive black masses who have been living on handouts since 1966. So they are also allowed to finance the election campaigns of their house servants.

    Anyone who thinks Barbados ever stopped being a plantation is very naïve. The Barbadian welfare state with its repressive high taxes is nothing but a continuation of the plantation. With these economic conditions, the black masses remain eternally poor and backward.

  6. Yes, Tron. There is a danger in the over-reliance on welfare. The safety net is supposed to catch you when you fall. If you do not attempt to climb, you will not fall but you will stay in the same place.

    The safety net is not supposed to be for those who do not attempt to climb.

    There must be balance or else the people do not learn to climb. But there must be a basic safety net to ensure they do not fall through the cracks.

    Is it your position that the government’s interventions have dulled our recent ancestors’ edge?

  7. @Northern, merci and same to u: as I have noted previously I always look out for your insights. You know a lot of the ‘inside baseball’ (or rather ‘inside hockey’ would be the jargon in ur neck of the tundra) and should shine more light, more often.

    I agree yes that it’s “about altering the status quo” so I do hope some meaningful change occurs, but it seems that those “checks and balances” are more a wisp of endless expectation than an expected certainty for action.

    In order to have a strong independent department with legal authority to investigate those in power we need a solid framework of suppressing/avoiding retribution and back-channel usurping … easier said than achieved!

    Some framework exists in Bim in name only as we see with the non action on multiple auditor general reports; evidence in Commission reports (like Duffus and several since); lack of investigation on the allegations like the wire-tapping or even the ICB matter!

    When we consider what happened in US where their well entrenched checks and balances with strong independent authorities like the FBI were still subverted and nearly usurped to the will of a powerful president we should realize that neither B or D power-brokers will give such all strong independent power to an entity that can properly investigate and prosecute their shenanigans.

    We have read of the things that Barrow’s regime is alleged to have covered up (Stokes matter but 1, HARP a mild 2). We were told in that Duffus that all roads led to the Dipper… so in short anything of note which happened in Bim was known by the leader.

    That is a damming (but obviously true with all autocratic democracies 😇🤦🏾‍♂️) as we have seen for years.

    In same vein all roads led to Tom, Owen, David (Stuart lesser extent) and now to Mia … they absolutely know of and (allegedly) facilitate the corrupt practices.

    Just the udder day, Pres 46 set a precedent – some way will come back to haunt his office- when he disallowed executive privileges for data re the ‘insurrection’ … he did the right thing to address an assault of the conscience of his nation and redress ‘the rule of law’, yes!

    Though a less direct in-our-face frontal assault like that in US still the conscience of our nation has been assaulted by “corrupt” practices for generations and clearly our leaders are less willing to do the right thing and bring back rule of law … but then again maybe we all no longer know what is the ‘right thing’ rule of law.

    So likely you are quite astute to suggest that in fact we all say “[t]he rules shall be whatever suits me” … afterall we vote dem in and out effortlessly so we must “like um” or can’t do any better.

    I gone.

  8. Luckily for me, Covid aside, i already saw this last gasp/grasp by the frauds in the parliaments and business communities to assert complete/total dominance over Afrikan populations using the pretense of “keeping everyone safe” which they never cared about before…in their world of GREED….so I already REMOVED 90% of my business from Caribbean banks…

  9. Dr.Duguid showing the outward signs powah has gone to his brain?
    “the Government had no requirement to consult the engineering association on any topic of national interest.”
    “The housing minister said: “Let me say that clearly that kind of technology of using steel frame, cladded for concrete board is already available in Barbados, at no time or there is no responsibility of the National Housing Corporation to consult any association of professional engineers;” (BT)
    I sincerely hope the Minister was MIS-quoted.
    For it is steel frame cladded WITH, not for.
    Further the dentist should know that all steel studs (frame) are not the same gauge (thickness nor material), nor are they all coated with a corrosion resistant coating that is the same. Since the advent of concrete board, not all concrete panels are the same. So one cannot treat a system as generic. They are massive differences. Even the coating on the screws used are very different.
    I was building these structures back in the 90s. The Chinese in particular, were famous for using cheaper coatings which did not last. (Were not corrosion resistant) Not all, but they had so many types, one needed to be sure what one was buying.
    They made some ‘cement boards’ which were wonderfully light, but couldn’t take a screw, and ended up failing when installed. No racking strength. The meshes in some failed prematurely.
    The Minister may be well advised to be more conciliatory, and appreciate the engineers know a thing or two (I am not a trained engineer)

  10. Mr . Duguid is a Johhny nothing more nothing less
    His arrogance stinks the building up
    Makes for wonder what has he ever build in his whole life
    Outside his bank account which his respond would be to say none of your business

  11. Browne the president of BAPE response to Duguid in a form of an apology was priceless
    He should be awarded a gold medal encrypted as a Merit of a Distinction working on behalf of the people for self empowerment
    Wow his apology should have put the arrogant Duguid in his place
    Duguid policy helped the Rich Chinese economy while leaving the crumbs for the local builders and contractors to hammer out

  12. Loved Browne apology and in the way he framed it
    At first reading one gets an impression that Browne would have allowed Duiguid utterances to go.unchallenged
    But it gets better

    Drum roll.please and a drop Mike response

    Duguid question his decision to import basic houses from China,” said Browne.

    “I am indeed sorry – and I mean that sincerely,” he said.

    However, insinuating that professionals in a given area should be able to question decisions made by policymakers without consultation, Browne added “As a country we seem to have fallen so far behind the days when we actually enjoyed leaders who truly thought, and spoke ‘for the people’, days when Barbadians benefited from that vision as I did over the past 40 years. We all should be truly sorry for this country if citizens are not fully aware that ‘where there is no vision, it is the people who will suffer…’”.

    In fact, pointing to his years of experience across the engineering profession with local, regional and international firms, Browne maintained that there were many Barbadians capable of producing quality housing within budget and on time.

    In disclosing that the 150 houses would come from China, Duguid had also stated that local artisans would not be able to produce the number of houses needed in the time required.

    Following an assessment of damage done by Hurricane Elsa and a freak storm earlier this year, it was determined that close to 500 of the more than 2,000 houses affected had to be totally rebuilt.

    However, also pointing to the book of one of his “favourite local personality” – I speak for the People: The Memoirs of Wynter Crawford, Browne said this book proved that improvements came about in at least one organisation after questions were raised by those knowledgeable of what was required.

    “When we contrast Crawford’s vision with the current policy being executed by this ministry, one saying that Barbadians are incapable of building low-income housing at competitive cost and quality, and that therefore, we are somehow ‘better off’ by engaging Chinese people to facilitate us, the mind boggles, especially following the impressive work done by the very same local building sector to construct the much more complex North Point Isolation Facility in record time, within budget, and at high quality,” explained Browne.

    “In the circumstances, I must accept Minister Duguid’s call for me to apologize to the people of Barbados. So, I Trevor Browne, do humbly apologize to the people of Barbados for the fact that in 2021, after 75 years of totally free education, after producing more qualified and educated citizens per thousand than almost any other country on earth, we can have representatives of the people who, rather than inspire us to great things, can look us in the face and tell us that we are incapable of building low-income houses for our own people,” he said.

    Browne said: “I apologize for the fact that such a simple matter as fostering enfranchisement among citizens can be made to look like ‘pulling teeth’ in 2021, when Crawford, Errol Barrow, and Tom Adams made it look so simple decades ago – even at a time when there was almost zero local professional expertise available to them.”

    “I apologize for the fact that this minister – who headed the ministry with responsibility for engineering, appears to be unaware of the role of engineers in complex projects,” he continued.

    “That role is one of pre-emptive problem solving. It is one best done by discussion, examination of different viewpoints, openness to scrutiny and most importantly, by peer review examination.

    “No savvy member of the public would consult a rogue dentist, doctor or lawyer who was unregistered, or who was not a member of the specific professional association – where peer review and conformance to ethical practices can be facilitated and mandated,” he pointed out. (MM)

  13. It is inspiring when people outside of the political inside wheeling and dealing speak up
    Browne said all he had to say in a stinging public apology to Duguid
    Duguid a person who does not have the certification to question Browne or stand toe to toe next to Browne qualifications as an engineer
    Lol Duguid a square peg in a round hole has exhibit the art of being a nonsensical politician living off taxpayers money and handing it over to the Chinese govt for prefab houses which could have been built in Barbados under the guidance of Barbados civil engineers

  14. Dat Browne should be very careful in running afoul of Duguid, de last man who did it in Parliament is in the US prison system, remember “yuh muddah” etc.

    I think the PM should elevate Duguid to function as Deputy PM when she is off on her many jaunts, we need a dose of testosterone to balance out the estrogen in that rarified air.

    One of the first acts of the authorities on the achievement of Republic status should be to confer the title of “Defender of the Republic” to Duguid on his stout handling of the criticism by Browne about prefab houses.

    Remember the Chinese are watching, a word to the wise is sufficient.

  15. One of the first acts of the authorities on the achievement of Republic status should be to confer the title of “Defender of the Republic” to Duguid

    Xxxxxx I envisioned Duiguid to be a stouts defense of the Chinese Republic as was demonstrated in his insipid attacks on Browne
    Browne call was to have the worked handed to barbadians and rightfully so
    While Duiguid took and insulting position about time period

  16. Uh oh!

    King mum on rumours of his departure
    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office with responsibility for Culture, John King, says he will not be making any statements in response to reports that he will not be returning as the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) candidate for St Philip West whenever elections are called.
    In fact, when asked directly if he intends to contest the seat in the next General Election, King bluntly replied, “Let me be very clear, I have no comment, none.”
    For weeks, reports have circulated that King, who defeated Democratic Labour Party (DLP) stalwart Dr David Estwick, is to be replaced.
    Chatter within the political circles intensified last week following the announcement that Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley would be attending today’s St Philip West constituency branch meeting.
    However, King said that as far as he was aware there was nothing of major significance occurring at the branch meeting.
    “All I can say to you is that I have no comment. I try not to get too involved in stuff like that. It is not my business what is being said or what people think. My business is to get on with the business that I am in. As for the branch meeting on Sunday, there are not any major announcements that I can think of, it is just the usual branch meeting,” he said.
    Several attempts
    The Sunday Sun also made several attempts to reach the party’s general secretary, Senator Dr Jerome Walcott, but was unsuccessful.
    In his political outing, King, a first-time candidate, defeated three-time incumbent Estwick by 2 399 votes in a BLP clean sweep of the polls. He was given the portfolio of Minister of Sports and Culture, but two years later was relieved of duty in a Cabinet reshuffle.
    Mottley said then: “This is not a case of dismissing anyone. I want to make it clear I am committed to ensuring that each former member of the Cabinet is utilised in one manner or the other in furtherance of the work of this party in Government. They are all capable individuals who have a lot to offer Barbados and I will be leaning on them in some form or fashion to assist with the execution of our mandate to be effective as a Government and our resolve to remain the political party of choice in Barbados.”

    Source: Nation

  17. @ David October 17, 2021 6:55 AM

    In fact, there is no reason for rumours at all. Our Supreme Leader will decide in due course who will be the next Minister for this constituency.

    The only prerequisites are righteousness, sincerity – and loyalty and absolute obedience.

    • @NO

      This transparent government has gone deep silent on the matter. Same old same old. We see Duguid is now in a fight with the wily Browne, president of BAPE.

  18. “the next Minister for this constituency”….lmao, it is usually candidate for the constituency, or is every elected person now a Minister?

  19. DavidOctober 17, 2021 1:58 PM

    This transparent government has gone deep silent on the matter. Same old same old. We see Duguid is now in a fight with the wily Browne, peesodyof BAPE

    And Browne has punched the arrogant Duoguid into silence leaving social media to stomp.all over Duiguid
    Browne sent him one of the best apologies letting Duguid know that his job depends on votes while he Browne a certified professional engineer does not have to bow to his whims and fancy

  20. Duguid’s initial comments stunk of “powah infecting the brain”, yet Brown can more than hold his own. Something tells me this topic isn’t going to die quietly.

    • @NO

      It is the kind of reply PM MOTTLEY should address. You may recall OSA fired Liz and George for similar arrogant statements.

  21. @ NorthernObserver October 17, 2021 2:03 PM

    Three years after the rise to power, you should slowly familiarise yourself with the new customs! What really matters is not some outdated constitution but informal power.

    In a one-party state with unity of powers, the Prime Minister de facto determines the parliamentarians and thus the ministers. The citizens could theoretically vote out a minister, but then our government could challenge the election for electoral fraud.

  22. @Tron
    I suggest politely the ‘informal powers’ are not impressed. What may appear to be silent approval can jump out and bite yah.

  23. The current member of parliament of St Philip West John King will not be contesting the next general election.

    King made the announcement at the branch meeting moments ago at the Gordan Walters Primary School.

    #BTNewsYouCanTrust#LeadingOnlineMedium #StaySafe#BTNews #BTEpaper#BarbadosTODAY #Barbados#BarbadosNews

  24. King statement
    I made the decision that come next election, I definitely will not be seeking re-election. I believe that I still have a lot of things that I would like to accomplish within St. Philip West and across Barbados for the 300, 000 plus people that we have in it, but I think that I can do that in the different way,” King said

  25. Obviously McConney is more useful to Mottley than King ever would be, and Mottley could dangle some inducements to King so that he remains a good soldier while contemplating his next move.

  26. Let us not be surprised at John King’s decision. He was never welcomed in the BLP, they knew where his loyalty lies, his family loyalty for many years. John knows very well what the DLP did for him in his darkest of times but yet the DLP was a monster, no good. “Never bite the hand that Feed Ya.” There is no such thing as the Minister of Culture within the Prime Ministers’ office. The PM shaft him, place him in the backroom of “Nowhere” to self-destruct and so he did. John will now have to lick his wounds, understand that Mam doesn’t care, we are not in this together, and “If You Go To Breakfast With The Satan’s Sister Do Not Expect To Skip Lunch.” “My friend John King, Ya Give She The Vote now Watch She.”

    • @Hants

      The prime minister indicated at the branch meeting John King will be assigned to an archival/digitation project.

  27. DavidOctober 17, 2021 8:27 PM


    The prime minister indicated at the branch meeting John King will be assigned to an archival/digitation project

    Explain what does mean on layman’s English

    • @Sargeant

      The job was given great weight with the confirmation Barbados has the second largest middle passage archives after England.

  28. Word on the ground others are thinking or planning to make a move
    Mia once said many hands make for light work
    However it seems less hands gonna make light work for the treasury
    Mia yu go girl time longer twine
    Also a suggestion that u bring back those ancestor slave bones and place them in their rightful place in Barbados

  29. Word on the ground
    Where there is smoke there is fire
    Buyer beware

    I am hearing there will be no more General Elections like before after Barbados becomes a Republic. Like the US has a GOP who decides who will be President and not necessarily the number of votes by the people, MAM will have a governing body like the GOP. Hence, why she is putting out all who she thinks will oppose her position, namely, Payne, Prescod,Toppin, Bostic, and King do not have the testicular fortitude to oppose her so they have declared early that they will be leaving. Hinkson is still ‘lapping ass’ trying to get back into the good graces, but his position is still unsure. Sheriff Marshall, Symmonds De Abuser, and Straughn De Ecuntomist can only ask, “how high?”

    MAM is determined to hold on to power until she died with this Republic which is why it is being hastily pushed through. Instead of having the Constitutional Reform for the people to read and understand, then have a Referendum so that the people can decide if they want to go forward with the Republic or not, MAM, unlike any other PM or President in the world, is having the change to Republic first. It’s like building a house and then buying the land to put the house on. Once she gets her Republic, no one will be able to touch her, but a lot who should know better are saying that the change to a Republic is a minor political thing.

    She wants “The Lord has been the people’s guide, For past three hundred years” removed from our National Anthem. Is it because she will be the people’s guide now? MAY GOD HELP US ALL.


  31. May God help YOU in particular! You are speaking about the ELECTORAL COLLEGE, not a GOP.

    Also, we the electorate do not choose the prime minister by the number of votes by the people. We vote for and choose the member of parliament for our constituency. The members of parliament decide who will be prime minister.

  32. We are having a president much like the post of governor general. Sandra Mason is to be nominated as president.

    Only GP would think you are making sense with that convoluted mess.

  33. @ Donna

    The nonsense angela cox copied and pasted to BU in her October 18, 2021 10:28 AM contribution, can only be described as ‘pure, political propaganda and its author clearly doesn’t know what he/she is ‘talking’ about.

    Perhaps it’s a desperate DLP operative/foot soldier attempting to spread fear amongst the population……. and you dun know Coxy thrives in that type of environment.

    Note the contradiction:

    On one hand, the individual is suggesting Mottley is “PUTTING OUT all who she THINKS WILL OPPOSE her, namely Payne, Prescod, Toppin, Bostic, and King”………

    ……..YET, on the other, those SAME gentlemen DO NOT HAVE the testicular fortitude TO OPPOSE her, so they have DECLARED EARLY that THEY WILL BE LEAVING.”

    • Neil Rowe was a parliamentary secretary but was replaced when Mottley kicked MOE, Payne et al out. He functions as an MP.

      What we are seeing on the BLP landscape in the opinion of a lowly blogmaster is Mottley strengthening her hand in preparation for the next general election. Some candidates like John King washed in with the tide of a significant national swing and would have been swept out as same tide recedes.

  34. @Hants

    Only if I absolutely have to be there, I have a couple of friends that travelled down recently and the reports are not promising but I am still aiming for early next year.

  35. DavidOctober 18, 2021 12:05 PM

    Neil Rowe was a parliamentary secretary but was replaced when Mottley kicked MOE, Payne et al out. He functions as an MP.

    What we are seeing on the BLP landscape in the opinion of a lowly blogmaster is Mottley strengthening her hand in preparation for the next general election. Some candidates like John King washed in with the tide of a significant national swing and would have been swept out as same tide recedes

    What is being played out on the blp political landscape is a Despot throwing out excessive dead weight
    Making way for a clean scale in hurried time for early elections

  36. Mia favorable ratings keep dropping one can bet about 39 percent at this time
    Hence discarding old bagge maybe her way of bringing back new confidence amongst the people

  37. Artax

    Note the contradiction:

    On one hand, the individual is suggesting Mottley is “PUTTING OUT all who she THINKS WILL OPPOSE her, namely Payne, Prescod, Toppin, Bostic, and King”………

    ……..YET, on the other, those SAME gentlemen DO NOT HAVE the testicular fortitude TO OPPOSE her, so they have DECLARED EARLY that THEY WILL BE LEAVING.”

    XccxThe only thing contradictory is you
    You dig into others comments and interprets the comments by your way of understanding
    Once again u are dissmissed

  38. To show you how stupid these DLP yardfowls are – three hundred years stretches back into the time when the Laws of Barbados were built on slavery.

    At that time, the “people” of Barbados would have been the slave masters.


  39. AC

  40. Everything OSA said about Mia outside on the doorsteps of Parliament is coming true
    His prophetic voices rings loud and clear at the present events happening in the crumbling blp house
    Agard can now sit back and reflect on how Mia also used and discarded her in like manner she is doing to John King
    King has been humble and polite in his dismal quoting Mia as asking him if he was OK with his decision
    Yet in a blink of an eye before the words hit the ground running Mia had a replacement
    Not even a courtesy word came out of her mouth last night thanking him for his period of service to the country

  41. @ David

    Rowe was Minister in the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs.

    From what I understand, Mottley received several complaints about him from SMNW constituents.

    So far, the only significant achievement that can be attributed to Rowe, is the redevelopment of the market facilities at Pile Bay.

    I believe he will lose in the 2023 general elections.

    • Thanks for the clarification Artax. He was so invisible it was easy to have forgotten his tenure an minister.

  42. angela cox October 18, 2021 12:15 PM #: “What is being played out on the blp political landscape is a Despot throwing out excessive dead weight…..Making way for a clean scale in hurried time for early elections.”

    What is the rationale behind the above comment?

    I cannot understand how Bostic and King deciding not to contest the next general elections could be reasonably interpreted as “throwing out excessive dead weight.”

    There isn’t any guarantee the candidates replacing those individuals who have decided ‘not to run,’ will WIN in 2023………. or even if the PM ‘calls a snap election.’

    If there is indeed some sinister plan to “throw out excessive dead weight,” I believe the best political strategy would be to name the replacement candidates, then have them canvass their respective constituencies; and subsequently ‘test’ the island’s political climate by asking the incumbent representatives to resign, thereby facilitating ‘by-elections.’

  43. Artax

    If there is indeed some sinister plan to “throw out excessive dead weight,” I believe the best political strategy would be to name the replacement candidates, then have them canvass their respective constituencies; and subsequently ‘test’ the island’s political climate by asking the incumbent representatives to resign, thereby facilitating ‘by-elections.’


    That is your strategy
    In politics of essence
    If she plans on calling early elections
    It means getting house in order at quick speed would be her number one priority
    Not a strategy of running back and forth
    She has social media and local media in helping her to do some of the heavy lifting
    Her accolades of King was one in which she was able to define with clarity in marathon speed which her supporters would endorse

  44. “Making way for a clean scale in hurried time for early elections”
    Clearly NOT a page from the FJS playbook? A very smart move. Most leaders ‘fumble’ with the existing plethora of mistakes, instead of drafting newer blood with potential. At least as far as JoeQ Public is concerned. To my mind, it is more of the same.
    Wonder if Rawdon going to run in St.Thomas?
    Still the odds at Harrah’s are 22-8 B’s, whomever runs.

  45. Shouldn’t those members of Parliament who have made it abundantly clear they will not be seeking re-election in the next round of general elections Constitutionally due by mid 2023 do the decent thing and resign immediately so that their constituents can get proper representation in these most challenging of social and economic times?

    And this advice also applies to the current LoO who is just functioning as a political waste bin.

    Why should the people be forced to tolerate those lame-duck dead horses and have to wait so long to elect committed candidates to represent their interests in Parliament?

    It is ‘clairvoyantly’ clear that MAM will be forced to call elections; not as a show of electoral arrogance but because of the pressures that will be placed on the MAM’s administration to administer the bitter medicine needed to save the Bajan economy from pending implosion.

    MAM cannot implement the necessary economic and financial adjustments in 2022 unless a mandate is obtained for a second term.

    Neither will the IMF continue to advance balance of payments bail out funds to finance conspicuous consumption unless the Bajan government lives up to its side of the agreement to reshape the economic landscape of the beleaguered country; a project in the pipeline since 2014.

  46. @NO
    Wonder if Rawdon going to run in St.Thomas?
    Wuhloss Rawdon must be a dud, one of those fireworks that never took off ah mean he was one who benefitted from the Constitutional change but wasn’t even named as a “junior” Minister when people like Neil Rowe and others were named to the many hands light work cabinet.

    Talk about de apple falling far from the tree.

  47. Observation Abstract: There is no such thing as Black Brown Yellow White Blood as All Blood Runs Red and is the same for one and all

    Wicked Babylon / Ketch

  48. @Hants
    Rawdon was left in the ” parking lot ” because he was a threat to the PM

    I know that you are in a joking mood

  49. Meanwhile hear at home the blp ship MaM tossed and turns and the chairs are being rearranged word on the ground says John King heading for NC Fand Carol King well her position might be a little more on the big wig side as an Ambassdor

  50. @Sarge
    One observation is a great many were given a chance to shine. Not only the many elected, but also from the unelected. Thus far, the rejects seem to outnumber the shiners. Some people are good at getting things done, yet this doesn’t always translate into getting others to do. The current PM is appearing more and more to fall into this category.
    Another is both SB and UPP were far more gender balanced in the candidates offered than the B’s or D’s at 6/30 and 4/30 respectively. The B’s are already +1 in SGN, and now potentially another +1 in St Philip. Of the +/- 17 named D candidates only two so far are women. And other than their President, none of the executive are women. The D’s continue to be gender challenged.

  51. Hants October 19, 2021 10:26 AM #: “Brasstacks moderator Corey Layne is to be nominated to run in the next election.”

    If that’s true, then, would be the appropriate choice for St. Michael North West.

    His origins are in the Black Rock area (his relatives have ‘deep roots’ therein)…….. he’s well known in the community and has done community service among the youth and adults during the tenures Clyde Mascoll, Mark Williams and Chris Sinckler.

  52. Remember, the former DLP candidate for The City in the 2018 general election, Henderson Williams, JOINED the BLP a few weeks ago.

    Perhaps Verla was also “throwing out excessive dead weight…..Making way for a clean scale in hurried time for early elections.”

  53. Way how govt has done this is so depressing
    It feels like a parent forcing a child to drink castor oil although the end result of the medicine is good the thought of drinking it and cannt say yea or nay becomes harder to to swallow

  54. The last person leaving Barbados don’t forget to turn off the lights
    Senator Franklyn describe the voting procedure as madness
    Once again his voice is a reminder of all those things OSA said about the govt
    They have lost the way
    The leader is a meolmaniac and a Despot
    Today one Senator had the balls to stand up and say HE’LL No
    Madness indeed

  55. David / Artax
    Rowe seems to be quietly doing more than just Pile Bay. For one a brand new vehicle spray painting hub is coming to Spring Garden and if you do the digging you’ll see the many things he’s doing and or are coming like kiosks under the Building Blocks Project and the upgrade (including lights) of every NSC sports facility in his constituency as part of government’s plan. Yuh gotta keep reading, more than covid is happening.

  56. Whax pah lax
    Caswell made history on the floor of Parliament
    Could not belive what my eyes were seeing
    The press went wild
    Caswell Hero of the day breaks tradition taking the bull by the horns and kicking it in the balls
    Certainly a day to remember

  57. What a ting doah embarrassment after embarrassment a govt that tried to hoodwinked the country barreling down a dark road called Republicism like a car without headlights
    What a sham What Shameful example of transparency and accountability

  58. The fist of the iron Lady is moving across making desperate inroads to curtail freedom of expression
    Tobias bajanman
    Where did I read that this was about ALL THE PEOPLE OF BARBADOS? Would that not urge INVOLVEMENT??

  59. angela cox October 20, 2021 4:36 PM #: “The fist of the iron Lady is moving across making desperate inroads to curtail freedom of expression.”

    My friend,

    I believe you should THINK a bit more and perform the necessary research before BELIEVING and REGURGITATING nonsense you read on social media, simply because it falls in line with your particular political mandate on BU.

    If former President Trump, even armed with an ‘executive order’ and law proposed by the US Justice Department, COULD NOT repeal ‘Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act,’ allowing him to say whatever he wanted on social media……….

    ………. please EXPLAIN to BU, how could the PM of Barbados, PREVENT people from posting on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok or any other social media platform………..

    …………. or without filing a law suit in the Supreme Court against the facilitators of those platforms in their respective jurisdictions?

    Assuming the PM had reasonable grounds to file a law suit, would the case be heard and judgement given within a FEW HOURS?

  60. Artax
    Another first that only Mottley can bring to the public space
    Today October 20 2921
    A day of embarrassment
    Any govt Minister who can back a Despot in the making should be consider a traitor to the country

  61. Yuh see what uh mean current Parliament videos on u tube are being blocked on social media
    Exhibit A the above video and others from last week
    Democracy being shoved and pushed away

  62. Making Senator Franklyn statement in Parliament today a document of the BU Archives
    Those in favour say I Those against day No
    The I’s have it


    Senator Franklyn objects to Presidential nomination – by Barbados Today October 20, 2021
    Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn walked out of this morning’s joint sitting of Parliament after objecting to the nomination of Governor General Dame Sandra Mason as Barbados’ first President on Independence Day.

    He made his objection known after Speaker of the House Arthur Holder read a letter at the sitting, which is underway at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, from Prime Minister Mia Mottley who had advised that she and Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley had jointly nominated Dame Sandra to replace Queen Elizabeth II as Barbados’ Head of State.

    After reading the October 12, 2021 correspondence to the joint Parliamentary sitting, Holder asked whether any member of either House had an objection to the candidate being declared.

    At that point, Senator Franklyn stood.

    “I have an objection, Mister Speaker,” he said.

    The Speaker replied: “In accordance with the Constitution, I am therefore suspending this sitting.

    Both Houses of Parliament subsequently split to meet in separate rooms to cast secret ballots on the matter.

    However, when voting began in the Senate, Franklyn raised yet another objection – this time about the ballots.

    “This document has no validity. It comes from nowhere,” he shouted.

    “I have deemed it to be valid,” President of the Senate Reginald Farley responded.

    “You cannot deem something to be valid that has no constitutional or legislative basis, Sir,” Franklyn retorted. “You will not treat me this way today. I will not stand for it. You will have to put me out.”

    The Senator insisted that he be heard and when the Senate President said his concern had been noted, Franklyn said his concern had not been addressed.

    He repeated his position that “this document has no validity. It comes from nowhere”.

    “Somebody make up this last night after I told people get things in place cause I gine object. So ya rush and do this. I didn’t want to surprise anybody, ya know. I told everybody that this gine happen to show you that the nonsense that we did in the House and the Senate last time when we passed the Constitution Amendment Act, there are no rules!” he added.

    However, Farley indicated that the Parliament makes its own rules for voting.

    Franklyn refused to sit and after being warned he was bordering on contempt, he sought leave to exit and did so when leave was granted.

  63. Oh the ignorance mouthings of Dr. George Belle tones which are exemplary of dictators tones which have been added to the lighted spark of pushing Barbados further into the bowels of a dictatorship
    His asking for Caswell to resign is another tip of a dictatorship iceberg floating closer to the seashore

  64. Franklyn has the backing of social media
    Including B D and independents
    His comments yesterday opened up the eyes of those who have been taking a democracy for granted
    Those who belive that when laws are passed in Parliament these law are passed in good faith having country and people in mind and not borne on self interest
    Franklyn must be applauded for the position he took calling govt to accountability for not perferencing a diligence of that which is right and proper that govern and protect our special and fragile democracy

    • The not so bad thing is that we do not have a presiding Speaker who stole withheld money from his 70 year old client at the time. A speaker who you supported. Some of you can zip your hypocritical holes.

  65. DavidOctober 21, 2021 7:58 AM

    The not so bad thing is that we do not have a presiding Speaker who stole withheld money from his 70 year old client at the time. A speaker who you supported. Some of you can zip your hypocritical holes

    David slow down your comments speak of your ignorance
    What happened in Parliament was misleading and a disgusting process far away from good governance

    • The blogmaster congratulates President Mason on being the first President of the Republic of Barbados.

      Vive la République!

    • Republican noisemakers
      AS THE DATE NEARS for the ending of monarchical dependency status in Barbados, a debate is emanating from some quarters demanding that more “noise” and contending voices and views be heard on the question of republicanism.
      These demands were heard specifically in a University of the West Indies-organised town hall meeting on Thursday, October 14, where there was a claim that the move to republicanism was “soulless”.
      Significantly, everyone agreed that the retention of the British monarch as the Head of state of formerly British enslaved, colonised and oppressed Barbados is odious.
      Everyone agreed that an oath of allegiance to a British monarch and her unborn and unnamed heirs and successors by democraticallyelected parliamentarians is reprehensible. Yet, no one is loudly celebrating the termination of monarchical status.
      The claims to a “soulless” republic belie a desire for more “noise” and contention over the question.
      Some demand a referendum.
      Some insist on debate on the procedure of the transition and on the selection of the President.
      Despite the coming year of constitutional debate and review, some demand more than the mere replacement of the British monarch.
      They raise political economy questions and demand the reordering of production priorities, and the creation of new patterns of class ownership and economic redistribution.
      However, despite the urgent need for post-colonial economic transformation, from a constitutional sense, the replacement of the British monarch as Head of State remains separate from these issues.
      However, it is not difficult to explain why the replacement of the British monarch may be noiseless and “soulless”. First, the British government has raised no objection, and there is no “external” quarrel over the question. Secondly, coming 200 years after the real substantive republican challenges had taken place against European monarchical systems globally, the move cannot be seen as “revolutionary” today.
      Instead, the monarchy has fallen like a leaf in autumn.
      Thirdly, none of the traditional pro-colonial forces in Barbados have mounted an open and organised challenge to the republicanism. They have grudgingly accepted political reality.
      In short, there appears to be consensus around the move. The supportive majority is silent and ready to move on. In this regard, our commentators appear to be wishing for a quarrel when there is nothing around which to quarrel. It is like a married man who comes home in the wee hours of the morning, finding his wife in a pleasant mood, and initiates a quarrel with himself.
      Perhaps, instead of associating “soul” with loud debate about the “whats” and “ifs” of republicanism, we can perhaps inject soul by celebrating the fact that four centuries of British rule over Barbados have come to an end in one sitting of a unified Parliament.
      COVID-19 protocols permitting, the Rastafari and all progressives should hold a large rally, beat African drums and sing redemption songs that Babylon has finally fallen.
      Tennyson Joseph is a political scientist at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, specialising in regional affairs. Email

      Source: Nation

    • Confusing for many is that Leader of the Opposition supported the motion to appoint Sandra Mason, his appointment in the Senate appears to have an issue with the process.

      PM, Atherley pay tribute to Dame Sandra

      BOTH PRIME MINISTER Mia Amor Mottley and Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley yesterday paid tribute to President-elect, Governor General Dame Sandra Mason.
      Dame Sandra will officially take over duties as the country’s first President after a special ceremony on Independence Day, November 30, when Barbados becomes a republic.
      “I know only too well the journey that it has taken for women to come to any position that they did not hold before,” Mottley said.
      “We have just selected a woman who is uniquely and passionately Barbadian. She does not pretend to be anything else, and reflects the values of who we are.” The Prime Minister said Dame Sandra had maintained a humility admired by Barbadians. “Barbados does not like boastful people, but we like proud people. We like confident people and industrious people. We like people who fight for the underdog” she added. Atherley made it clear that Dame Sandra had achieved excellence in her public and professional life, and was one who has worn all the trappings of her current office with “dignity, polished bearing and the requisite mix of pride and humility, and was one who both symbolises and gives substantive expression to that which we desire to be ideally Barbadian”. The Opposition Leader added that the Governor General had, by the manner of service and appreciation of office, been a unifying force in the practice of the island’s political and governance models.
      Needed focus on women
      He also said he hoped her elevation to the position would bring a needed focus on women in Barbados.
      “It cannot be that we elect a woman as our first President and not realise that a much more robust effort is imperatively and urgently needed to counter economic exploitation of our women in the workplace; sexual harassment of our young ladies in vulnerable settings, or female domestic abuse now perceived as a cultural norm and par for the course,” he said.
      Atherley suggested the setting up of a presidential commission mandated to lead in the development of a national charter for single mothers.
      He also reiterated his objection to the country moving to become a republic at this time.
      “We believe the process is wrong and that both a public education programme and the formulation of the new republic constitution should precede the country assuming republic status. We believe the timing is wrong. Not the time or period of history, but this moment, and the circumstances which preclude a fulsome celebration and nationally expressed embrace of this step. The country is both distracted and depressed at this time,” he said.
      He noted that the alternative view as to the constitutional and legal appropriateness of the approach to the change in the nation’s status ought to be better addressed and put to rest.

      Source: Nation

  66. David all the above editorials cannot and have not endorse the govt mishandling of a historic process of naming a President
    It was a Shameful exposure which now begs question to.our election process under this govt
    One can’t just sit back and not asked the questions left opened by Caswell yesterday which leaves more mistrust of leadership upon this govt

  67. When history records yesterday Repubilc process it would also mention a process which exhibit an unlawful use of a democratic process by PM Mottley and cabinet members to name a President
    Caswell name when mentioned would stand alone as questioning the process and voting his conscience

  68. BTMI appoints Jens Thraenhart as new CEO

    After an intensive global search, the Board of Directors of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. is pleased to confirm the appointment of Mr. Jens Thraenhart, as Chief Executive Officer of the island’s destination marketing agency, effective November 1st 2021. Mr. Thraenhart, a tourism veteran of 26 years, emerged as the top candidate from an initial pool of 178 candidates of qualified professionals from around the world. The list included 20 applications from Barbados and 27 from the wider Caribbean region. The search and selection process was undertaken by Profiles Caribbean Inc. and a sub-committee of the Board and industry professionals. The agency also conducted proactive outreach to regional and international industry partners of the BTMI.

  69. @ David,

    It is possible that there are no Bajans who wanted the job but as I may have written on BU, how come Bajan professionals emigrate to Canada and work among the best and brightest ?

    • @Hants

      In an effort to be transparent the government shared the number and where applicants came from? There was a leak about this matter a few weeks ago. Will have to google it.

  70. @ David

    Is Jens Thraenhart the same individual Lisa Cummins denied knowledge of his appointment after it was leaked to the press?

    These guys are steadfastly preparing their wicket for a first innings defeat.

  71. @ Artax October 21, 2021 2:59 PM

    Well said, Artax!

    The ordinary voter just cannot rely on any statement emanating from the mouths of these lying politicians.

    Lisa has started off on the wrong foot and so early in her budding electoral political career.

    Why the need to cultivate that nasty habit of blatant bold-faced lying?

    Nothing she says from hereon can be taken as reliable unless with more than the proverbial grain of political salt.

    We can only wish and hope that this new high-flying CEO comes up with a marketing slogan befitting the seemingly challenged tourism industry the bread and butter of Barbados.

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