Mia Mottley Government Must Work Harder to Build Trust with Barbadians

Prime Minister Mia Mottley was a bubbling fountain of information yesterday. She was courteous enough to advise Barbadians she will be jetting off to New York to attend a climate change meeting at the United Nations, New York and will take the opportunity to have a bilateral exchange with the President of Ghana. One positive all will admit is that Mottley has raised her profile in the international arena, definitely above her regional counterparts. This will boost her job prospects post prime ministership and unlike her predecessor will not have to secret herself from the public, content with drinking Merlots and reading books.

Besides observing the frustration leaking through of the Prime Minister during the press briefing yesterday the blogmaster takes the opportunity to introduce a few others.

A key characteristic of a good leader is always defined as the ability to be empathetic – “one who has a genuine interest in his/her team members’ lives, the challenges they face, and their overall feelings. This kind of leader makes an effort to understand their situations and what they are going through, in order to offer support and help”. Several times during the press briefing Mottley became immersed in highlighting government successes at a time Barbadians are understandably more concerned about the pandemic wrecking havoc on households; both socioeconomic and mental. The blogmaster understands she is a politician and leader of a political party with a general election due soon but with delta variant on the rampage …

Mottley took the opportunity to shoutout White Oakes for expertly (blogmaster’s word) assisting with the domestic and international restructuring. Really prime minister? Do you understand how the domestic restructure of debt has decimated the networth of the middleclass and senior citizens whose peace of mind was punctured by your decision? It is a win for the government but at the micro level it NOT.

Prime Minister Mottley also took the opportunity to remind Barbadians international reserves stand at 2.6 billion. With all the respect this blogmaster can muster, who gives a rats ass? Is there pride in your (Mottley) suggestion Barbadians should pleasure in the country’s improved capacity to borrow post 2018? Of course it is a tactical win for the government but in a pandemic requiring situational awareness, really?

Last but not least, Mottley publicly commended some key members of her economic team, Dr. Kevin Greenidge, Avinash Persaud et al. Really Prime Minister? At the risk of being repetitive, who gives a rats ass. The majority of Barbadians are stressed and can do without hearing the platitude. There will be a time on the campaign trail coming soon to pat members of the economic team on the back, for now do it at your inhouse meetings.

The blogmaster does not know everything, who does. What is known however is that good political leaders never miss the opportunity during a crisis to demonstrate empathy. The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Arden is a case study of a good example. Interesting Mottley often references New Zealand and Arden in her briefings. The blogmaster has no issue with the government’s policy of over-communicating with Barbadians. However there is more work for the public relations team to do with scripting and content targeted to build trust with the public. Let us hope David Ellis adds value to the team.

153 thoughts on “Mia Mottley Government Must Work Harder to Build Trust with Barbadians

  1. Mr Blogmaster, Barbadians (at least this one) would be interested in learning what position Is Ambassador Liz Thompson, brought back from an overseas posting, now holds and at what cost to the borrowed reserves in the treasury? Does her new position require additional staff and if so, how many and at what cost? Will Mr Hartley Henry be retained by Government or the BLP for the impending task of electioneering and if yes, to whom will he be reporting? Mr/Mrs Wickham? For a country DEEP in debt, we seem to have more experts, Ministers and consultant that countries with populations ten time our size. Will we ever be privy to how much borrowed money this dream team is costing the nation?

    There is an old say that you can pay too much for gold. Have we reached that point yet?

  2. The good news strategy implemented yesterday as part of the Covid engagement was to send a message to Barbadians that inspire barbadians handing them magical words that inspite of the bad news there is good news
    But then again all.have seen that when bad news takes flight govt have used political opportunity to land the plan
    Meanwhile back on earth the realities of pain and suffering persist
    Wonder what are Mia thoughts on those problematic concerns which are affecting bajan households

  3. Thank you for updating me Mr Blogmaster, silly me was under the impression that we already had a Minister and fully staffed Ministry tasked with that responsibility. It completely slipped my mind of our redundancy protocol of many, many, many hands making light work. Matter of fact, the next time we are faced with a power outage, the BL&P should be reminded that many hands make lights work. One can only wish that they too will find a lender who is not concerned with how many hands borrowed money is dispensed to in order to get the same job done.

    • @FearPlay

      You may recall in an interview with David Ellis 51 days after winning office Mottley was questioned abut the large cabinet and bevy of advisors, the many hands make light work and the expectation the electorate will be asked to appraise her government’s performance in 2023 was offered as an excuse. It might explain Mottley’s platitudes of her cabinet and team of consultants yesterday with 2023 on the horizon. It is all about political jockeying to win the minds of a gullible electorate.


  4. Oh dear! Glad I missed the briefing! Recently I heard firsthand and secondhand stories of people who have experienced not eating for three days. Apparently, the welfare system is backed up. “We will get to you as soon as we can.”

    People who have limited means are forced by proximity to the hungry to share their food with them and trust that they will be able to restock.

    Bajans are behaving really well, in the circumstances. Things are very hard for people for whom they have not been hard before.

    Three days without food. Sure pride had something to do with it but… some people just don’t know how to ask.

    And some don’t know WHO to ask.

    David is absolutely right. Mia’s message seems completely tone deaf.

  5. @ Donna September 19, 2021 8:21 PM

    Your “starving people” must be an urban legend. When I shop at Popular Discount or PriceSmart, I see mostly fat to extremely fat locals walking around.

    Our population could very well stand a “monetary reform” or a 200 percent fat and sugar tax. We don’t have a corona epidemic in Barbados, we have an adopositas epidemic. Hundreds die from it every year, but no one wants to talk about it because obesity, which is rampant on the island, is a national no-no subject.

    It really would be time to put the Williams brothers or Mark Maloney on our BBD banknotes. The three tycoons are very slim and correspond completely to my perception of the African body type.

  6. In general, on the speech of our Supreme Leader:

    I was completely convinced by the speech. I take back my prediction that the 2021/22 winter season will be a total disaster. If enough locals hold out their arm for the Pfizer-Biontech shot, there is now a good chance that we will get off with a slap on the wrist. Moreover, we should celebrate the prospect of the new Integrity Bill and the proclamation of the Republic.

    All in all, therefore, the best prospects for our island!

    I’m already looking forward to Christmas night under the palm trees, when the bush drums thunder in the valleys and the followers of our Goddess Bim dance around bonfires on the heights.

  7. I can’t wrap my head around how anyone can boast about 2.6 billion dollars sitting in a treasury as LOANS.. and ..IN DEBT…and claim it as some victory and achievement….am happy to have NO DEBT, don’t have to worry about anyone knocking my door because i owe them……since when did owing become a boastful achievement…and exactly when will that 2.6 billion be repaid with the ACCOMPANYING INTEREST..

    fowl Enuff loves to sing the halleluya chorus with every loan received..”.thank you jesus we got another loa”……this is a sickness…there is absolutely nothing normal about any of it…

  8. The GOB has a serious problem.

    All the protocols re COVID which it pushes are not working.

    The reaction is to blame Bajans for not following them.

    They need to try something different and not be stuck in what all other countries are doing.

  9. I have been trying to point out that in times of real crises, great leaders put aside needless politicking and become inspirational and statesman like.
    Of course those citizens who are only bent on blind support of a particular party, will not admit or understand the difference.
    I will say again the lack of inspirational leadership is now evident in all sectors including the political.
    I recall when Jamaica was about to degenerate into pure political chaos. The masses turned to Bob Marley and he answered that call at a concert and brought Manley and Seaga on stage to shake hands. That saved Jamaica.
    That’s what a country needs when in a deep , dangerous crisis. Inspiration not inferior political posturing by the political parties and their leaders and other so-called social partners.

  10. Oh David!
    Has David Ellis ever added measureable value anywhere.

    His whole life has been predicated on an endless, talking-head, useless set of diatribes with an unsophisticated partisan slant.

    Why would you invite a local Goebels type character to better mystify Bajans with state sponsored propaganda.

    On Mottley! Should it not be our considered view that when ANY politician feints empathy that it should be seen and intrepreted as a calculated political act and not imbued with any sense of human consideration?

    • Interesting article, one that confirms the lazy option of outsourcing to private sector and recruiting consultants. It seems the solution by many governments is to workaround the inefficiency of government (public service) by outsourcing instead of fixing the problems. If it is any consolation, Barbados is not alone.

  11. “I recall when Jamaica was about to degenerate into pure political chaos. The masses turned to Bob Marley and he answered that call at a concert and brought Manley and Seaga on stage to shake hands. That saved Jamaica.”

    Who Shot the Sheriff?
    is a 2018 documentary film is centred around the 1976 assassination attempt on Bob Marley.
    Seaga (JLP) and CIA (USA) allegedly used gang violence thuggery during election campaign and their hired gunmen shot Bob in an assassination attempt on December 3, 1976.

  12. Trust must be earned three years of political posturing and scolding PR messages to the people Mottley is yet to show the population that her level of authority has been one of trusting the people in her decision making
    Borrowing money to pay debt would not in any way be sufficient and enough to earned the trust of the people
    Trust delivers a distinctive measure of hope not only by word of mouth but by those deeds upon which a person can build a foundation for better
    Mottley has not delivered that measure of trust all in all for the past three years the people suffering has mostly fell on deaf years handed food baskets as a way of solace
    Heavy fines for breaking curfews
    Told to hold strain while big business received tax breaks
    Meanwhile the unemployed wait on line for months on end to receive their severance pay
    What trust! where there is no hope trust is lost

  13. “On Mottley! Should it not be our considered view that when ANY politician feints empathy that it should be seen and intrepreted as a calculated political act and not imbued with any sense of human consideration?”

    expediency v. efficiency = they will ALWAYS be ABJECT FAILURES who never learned the art of COMMON DECENCY…in their played out titled play acting colonial agents roles, armed with temporary immunity…..that game is OVER…they just can’t see it and won’t know what to do with and about it anyway…

  14. True
    Untrue (True Re-edit)

    Politicians are like record producers re-editing other peoples songs
    Koshas are the energetic layers of your body that surround your soul
    or sheaths, covering the Atman, or Self

    Luv N’ Haight (Edit Series Vol. 5: Darondo)

  15. I would never trust a black face colonial agent…none…who have spent over half-century in their revolving roles of reducing…financially/socially…and misleading the Black African population..,,just look at the condition of the Black communities, the structural deterioration, everywhere are slum like structures, only a little better than the ones in South Africa still under the dirty boer apartheid system the clowns in Barbados adopted and refused to drop it…….look at the condition of the treasury and pension fund…all tells…..and no one an explain the BILLIONS OF MISSING DOLLARS…that if applied as it was supposed to over the last 40 years, we would not be here speaking about it…

    expediency v. efficiency exposed

    and the population knows this, the frauds in the parliament coud only misdirect and mislead but for so long….before ancestral light shines on it……the people know…so they can’t massage them with lies and sleight of hand deceptions anymore.

    your time is up….invoking Pope White Dress every day won’t help either and only serves to confirm the depth of the SOCIETAL ROT…

  16. “Told to hold strain while big business received tax breaks.”

    I believe people should be fair and honest in their criticisms.

    You always come to BU to give the impression ONLY “big businesses received tax breaks,” when you know they were EXTENDED to ALL businesses, whether large, medium or small, and INDIVIDUALS that owed taxes for a specific period.

    Getting into the ‘right or wrong’ of the tax write-off is another matter for discussion.

  17. “Meanwhile the unemployed wait on line for months on end to receive their severance pay.”

    I’ll ask you once again.

    ‘Government’ can only control the payment of severance to its former employees.

    Please provide BU with a list of government owned entities where employees were terminated and had to “wait online for months on end to receive their severance pay.”

  18. Nationalism is racism
    such as USA’s obsession to be #1 is inherently a deep rooted manifestation of their brainwashed white supremacy mindset

  19. Promises not delivered is a sure recipe that breeds mistrust in the minds of the people
    If one research Mia long campaigning speeches on accountability and trust while her over reach pointed to transparency
    One can clearly see that her actions presently and her pass mouthing does not add up to trust
    Trust is earned cannot be bought but delivers a measure of confidence on which a promise was made

  20. Meanwhile the idea of Mia poaching Ross University from Dominica left a bitter taste in mouths of many across the region
    Another sign of her disloyalty to other brothers and sisters in the region during their time of suffering

  21. “Another sign of her disloyalty to other brothers and sisters in the region during their time of suffering”

    You are always moaning, there is a Harvest Full Moon tonight in pisces which will make you more emotional than usual and you should stay off social media for a couple of weeks to be more introspective without communicating.

  22. William Skinner

    Tell us how you see the political, developmental, violence arc being differently bent, in the medium and long term, by the successful and critical intervention by the Great Robert Nesta Marley four decades ago.

    In short, would you have estimated that the last 40 years would have been any different given entrenched violence as internationalized by the USA in response to a history where both Manley’s party and that of Seaga, more so, were known to deploy instrumentally.

  23. David
    That the people buy into it is obviously much more bothersome.

    But that Mottley or any other politician could continue to pretend they have a genuine empathy when historically we well know that such is not the ” currency” of the political animals is tiresome.

  24. It is good to know that we have such a hard-working and caring Prime Minister.

    The accusations about White Oak are completely made up. Of course, our civil servants have no expertise in debt restructuring. How could they, it was the first official-official national bankruptcy (after the first not so official bankruptcy in 2013 with the CS loan). In addition, the civil servants who helped work out the CS deal in 2013 are no longer at the ministry.Therefore, it was not only right but even imperative to call in White Oak. This company has already advised other island states in the region and was therefore the first choice.

  25. 555 Dub StreetSeptember 20, 2021 11:03 AM

    “Another sign of her disloyalty to other brothers and sisters in the region during their time of suffering”

    You are always moaning, there is a Harvest Full Moon tonight in pisces which will make you more emotional than usual and you should stay off social media for a couple of weeks to be more introspective without communicating.

    Mind your own business and don’t let my emotions be of any concern to you.

  26. @ Pacha,
    Of course , over the last forty years, we would have expected greater development in all spheres throughout the region. Unfortunately this is not the case. In several areas we have retrogressed. However this does not alter my position that the only way forward is one Caribbean state.
    My position on our current local predicament is that there is a lack of inspirational leadership. I simply used the intervention of Bob Marley as a reference point or example of inspired leadership during a very dark period in Jamaica’s history.
    One can successfully posit that this collective lack of inspirational leadership is quite absent throughout the entire region.
    The struggle continues

  27. Imagine if our civil servants had managed the debt cut themselves and gotten screwed in the process. The opposition would have cried foul. That is why our Supreme Leader has my full support here.

    Tron, just fair and balanced

  28. How can there be any trust when there is ALWAYS accusations like this regarding the SAME SLIMY THIEVES tied to government sucking on the people with scam after scam.. Still trying to confirm this but don’t hold your breath that it’s false. It’s alleged that the fake company was swindled but unknown if the money came from government or the fake company..
    ..the quickest things crooks in Barbados can do is form a shady company…guess another crook like themself was quicker on the draw. They can only comfortably.rob Black people when the real sharks catch hold of them they run to court.

    Home Jurisdictions Barbados
    Barbados Gov’t ‘agent’ lost $6.7M in ‘COVID-19 vaccine fraud’
    A Caribbean firm operated by Barbadian developer Mark Maloney that says it was hired by the Barbados Government to procure one million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine for the country’s population claims to have been swindled out of $6.7 million. It’s not clear from a complaint filed at federal court in the U.S. last week whether the amount originated from the Government or the company, Rational Investments Ltd.
    September 19, 2021
    Radical Investments Ltd. v. Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC et al: Complaint
    Complaint alleging a $6.7 million fraud involving “non-existent doses” of a COVID-19 vaccine “for the purpose of vaccinating nearly 300,000 citizens of the island of Barbados” in Radical Investments Ltd., described as a St. Lucia company based in Barbados v. Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC, of Florida; Alex Lee Moore, a.k.a. Flex Moore; Prestige Pegasus LLC, of Colorado; Moniladae Coley, a.k.a. Moniladai Coley; Charles Stein, .k.a. Charlie Stein, a lawyer in California; Davidovich Stein Law Group LLC, a law firm California, and RDS Cargo Group DWC LLC, described as a Polish company based in the United Arab Emirates, at the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.
    September 17, 2021″

  29. lol…only found out because other people were researching another famous case….regarding Crooks Anonymous in Barbados….that got a judgement in US..

    John ya should check it out…

  30. Now neither of these peice of shit CROOK COMPANIES are pharmaceuticals, one is a construction crook, and the other is a better crook…..but Mia was justifiying why the crook should be in Black lives, i keep telling the population to walk away from all of them before they cost Black lives and MORE SUFFERING…

    Radical Investments Ltd. v. Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC et al
    Florida Southern District Court
    Judge: Aileen M Cannon
    Case #: 9:21-cv-81761
    Nature of Suit 380 Torts – Personal Property – Other Personal Property Damage
    Cause 28:1332 Diversity
    Case Filed: Sep 17, 2021
    Parties (8)
    Docket last updated: 09/19/2021 11:59 PM EDT
    Friday, September 17, 2021
    8 notice Notice of Change of Address, Email or Law Firm Name Fri 09/17 4:13 PM
    NOTICE of Change of Address, Email or Law Firm Name by Ralph Robert Longo, IV (Longo, Ralph)
    7 trial Exhibits Fri 09/17 4:07 PM
    EXHIBITS Exhibits to Plaintiff’s Complaint 1-22 by Radical Investments Ltd..(Longo, Ralph)
    Att: 1 Exhibit Batch of Exhibits 1-22 (Redacted)
    6 service Summons Issued Fri 09/17 2:58 PM
    Summons Issued as to Moniladae Coley, Davidovich Stein Law Group LLLP, Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC, Alex Lee Moore, Jr, Prestige Pegasus LLC, RDS CARGO GROUP DWC LLC, Charles Zohan Stein Esq. (pes)

  31. Can Black governments in Barbados DO NOTHING FOR THEMSELVES….something as simplea s sourcing vaccines must go to known criminals, they act as though the population can do nothing..and must pay or buy from everyone else…hence there is always billion dollar robberies…against the people..

    diasster after disaster…the population must put and end to this to off load private sector criminals….and useless governments…get rid of the trash…..

  32. Thing is, am sure US and Canada, don’t remember if anyone else did, but they donated vaccines to the island, so what would have happened if they were not in a position to….with this run amok “government agent” getting robbed….6 MILLION DOLLARS….where would be the vaccines for the people now with Covid raging….

    Fowl SLave Enuff…government agent if you please……..🤣🤣😂😂

  33. You may have foundba new nugget.
    Google some of the companies mentioned.
    Number of employees
    Status.. active, dissolved, etc.

  34. I formed an LLC years ago but I never used it.
    Any GoB official who needs an ‘established’ company as a front, please hit me up

  35. Oh…China donated vaccines as well..

    Theo….am waiting for Fowl Enuff to jump out and hit me up with a word salad..

  36. Thanks Hants.
    Your investigative skills are impressive.
    Will hold back and watch the developments
    Updating my ad..

    Any Caribbean government official who needs an ‘established’ company as a front, please hit me up

  37. But did St. Lucia get the vaccines, i don’t see where it did….7 million EC is nothing to sneeze at either…

    so was that 6 million US….will have to be because THE CLAIM is in the Southern District Court of Florida…..where is the insider Fowl Enuff with all the info..he was so freely give me last week…complete with $50 words.

    “Radical Investments Ltd”

    don’t forget the name….the nerve on these crooks..

  38. “Barbados
    Home Jurisdictions Barbados
    Barbados Gov’t ‘agent’ lost $6.7M in ‘COVID-19 vaccine fraud’
    A Caribbean firm operated by Barbadian developer Mark Maloney that says it was hired by the Barbados Government to procure one million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine for the country’s population claims to have been swindled out of $6.7 million. It’s not clear from a complaint filed at federal court in the U.S. last week whether the amount originated from the Government or the company, Rational Investments Ltd.





  39. This shows why transparency is needed.

    A story like this has wings because the citizens are not in the loop. When we hear something it is because of the appearance of something going wrong with a deal or the product is not worth the money that was spent.

  40. The same thieves showing me attitude for warning the continent about them…..but i will MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE that by the time all of this is done, they are the ones who will have NOWHERE TO GO….because they would have robbed EVERYONE with corrupt governments continually pushing them to the front to usurp every opportunity…..

    now other Caribbean governments will have to be very careful of them…or get robbed too…lol

    btw…who pays out money 6.7 million dollars BEFORE acquiring and securing the product….oh, a fraud magnate that’s who….with no experience of the pharmaceutical world…fly by night…

    so where is BUs billion dollar projects manager…..hope ya ain’t sourcing vaccines too…😂😂🤣🤣.

  41. The same credible source also has info on claims in US courts of alleged fraud being perpetrated by criminals in Barbados, around the Caribbean and other jurisdictions…they rob others of millions of dollars and use the islands to launch those scams…

    these are the people given free reign in Barbados.

  42. This shows why transparency is needed.




  43. With so many law professionals at the heart of this government one would like like to believe they can distinguish between right and wrong?


  45. I am amused that White Oaks is being mentioned again after years of silence. No question the GoB needed assistance in the default. Yet, at what cost???
    The (bad word) contract with WO, gave them a success fee (bonus?) which amounted to (??) $US 40-50 Million !!!! And this was literally guaranteed given the formula, for once the NIS and CBB agreed to the default conditions, the success fee conditions were met. So suddenly the cost of the assistance rose from a $US 75,000/month PLUS expenses to a multi million cost. Ridiculous. A monumental waste of tax payers money. Not to mention it opens the door for a slush fund to pay other ‘consulting’ fees by WO. (otherwise known as kick backs).
    There must be some ‘good news’ pending as it relates to White Oaks?

  46. Vaccine Safety, Over Vaccinations, Who guards the guard and who can we really trust?

    A child born in America today, who follows the officially recommended schedule of vaccinations, will receive 38 doses of 14 different vaccines by age two and 70 doses of 16 different vaccines by age 18. This is more than twice the number of vaccine doses that were recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) just 25 years ago.

    Ideally, the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine should be fully established by the manufacturer of the vaccine before it is approved for public use. However, in the United States, vaccines are often approved without adequate safety studies. Moreover, a 1986 law, that exempted vaccine manufacturers from any liability for harm or injury caused by vaccines, has further undermined their motivation to improve vaccine safety.

    According to CDC’s current vaccination schedule, a one-year old child may be given up to nine vaccines during a single office visit. Most parents are familiar with the immediate reactions to these injections which range from mild (redness and soreness at the injection site, mild fever, headache, crying, etc.) to severe (very high fever, severe allergic reaction, apnea, syncope, etc.). Based on reports of such adverse reactions submitted by parents, the CDC-sponsored Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) compiles a national database of such immediate vaccine reactions.

    More seriously though, there is substantial evidence to suggest that over-vaccination may also be responsible for the sharply increasing rates of immune system and neurological disorders such as allergies, asthma, autism, Crohn’s disease, juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, seizure disorders, and so on. According to one study, Hep B vaccination of male neonates tripled their odds for autism diagnosis.

    Besides safety, the effectiveness of some vaccines is also quite limited. For example, flu vaccine is, at best, 50-75%, and, at worst, 0% effective at preventing seasonal flu. Moreover, the immunity obtained from many vaccines is short-lived compared to the life-long immunity obtained from exposure to the real virus.


  47. @David et al, Is it true Barbados will acquire herd immunity if more than 50% of population becomes vaccinated? Me hope it’s not another big fat lie. I find it strange that a tourist country which will be importing virus can ever get rid of virus.
    Hearing auntie and Doc Ferdinand spouting such.

  48. David

    It appears as though this government having rewritten its manifesto midstream, subjecting us to the fiction of a second throne speech and with the continuing failure of the misguidance of the republicanism project to gain traction is now relying on the dutiful political cognoscenti to further mislead us all.

  49. In US 1,900 on average are dying daily from Covid

    A Washington Post study which found that people who got their news from Facebook were less likely to be vaccinated than those who got their news from Fox News. The same study found that Fox News viewers were less likely to be vaccinated than the general population.

  50. btw…the luxury superyacht 2 tonner cocaine carrier Kalhu is registered in ST. VINCENT…not Jamaica, the UK media had made an error and others are now reporting….and is now reported as leaving SPEIGHTSTOWN, ST PETER….as others who saw it parked at one of the two private ports have been saying..

    the “billioniare” club is moving up in the world

  51. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2463253050486320&id=100004049461781


    RADICAL INVESTMENTS LTD V. GOOD VIBRATIONS ENTERTAINMENT LLC (United States District Court Southern District of Florida West Palm Beach Division Case No.: 9:21cv81761: September 17, 2021)

    Radical investments Ltd. a St. Lucia company based in Barbados has filed a law suit in the Florida, United States Courts against a company called Good Vibrations Entertainment LLC along with six other defendants. The 300, 000 citizens of Barbados are cited to be at the core of this case in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic and efforts to secure vaccines.

    INTERPOL has issued a global alert of organised groups attempting to defraud governments with fake offers to sell COVID-19 vaccines. The warning follows some 60 cases in 40 countries around the world where health ministries, governments, and hospitals have received offers for COVID-19 vaccines approved for distribution in their country.

    The Plaintiff Radical Investments Ltd.’s Claim is that it was deceptively lured into an elaborate scam to advance the sum of 10.2 million U.S. dollars for one million non-existent doses of AstraZeneca vaccine.

    The Claim alleges that on or around late March or early April, 2021, Mr. Mark Maloney, the principal of the Plaintiff, Radical Investments, was introduced by Cheryl Chamley, a Trinidadian national who resides in the United States and works in the PPE Sector to the principal of Good Vibes Mr. Alex Lee Moore.

    Ms. Chamley and Mr. Maloney are said to be business associates in the Claim. It is also asserted it the Claim that Radical had been authorized by the Barbadian Government’s Ministry of Health and Wellness to procure vaccines on its behalf. The purchase price for the vaccines was to be USA $10.2 million.

    As of the date of the filing of the Complaint, Radical Investments had been returned approximately $5.4 million of its initial deposit, leaving approximately $6.7 million in arrears. Radical Investment’s Claim is based on Civil Conspiracy, Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices and Fraud and Negligence. The Claim alleges that Good Vibrations at no time possessed the ability, or the intent to procure let alone deliver the vaccines to Radical.

    Radical had entered into a valid and enforceable purchase and sale agreement on April 16, 2021, for the sourcing and delivery of 1 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines by Defendants in exchange for money payments by the Plaintiff. The vaccines were never delivered.

    By virtue of this material breach of the agreement Radical alleges that it has suffered substantial economic damages. Radical is further claiming that it is entitled to an award of compensatory damages, including consequential damages, together with interest and costs, and an injunction prohibiting the Defendants from continuing to engage in the alleged tortious conduct.


  52. One would think if governments have a combined 12 million US to spend to purchase vaccines like AstraZenaca, they would go DIRECTLY to the manufacturers of the vaccine and pay that money, but when you “authorize agents” as middlemen, who then coop 3rd and 4th parties to spread the money around….what yalll expect, ya get exactly what ya paid for……..😂🤣🤣😎.

    and don’t tell me that island governments cannot go directly to the source, they can, but when the only goal is skimming…shit happens…

  53. @ WURA
    The only amazing thing is that the only man who has been caught in the corruption net so far was apparently dealing in small change: $36000USD/$72000BDS
    The bigger boys are into millions. These “ agents” are all around us and they are assisted by the political class.
    Obviously Maloney was given the go ahead to be in the vaccine business.
    Maloney has certainly grown : construction, tourism, restaurants and now vaccines.
    It’s a good thing the DLP is still in power because we all know the BLP if they were in power would have clipped his wings ever since because Mottley our opposition leader says he is getting too much of the pie.
    Oops ………just heard that the BLP is now in power and Mottley is PM, the DLP ain’t got a seat
    The show continues. Duopoly in full flight.
    The show must go on.
    And that’s it for tonight folks see you next time………….

  54. “The only amazing thing is that the only man who has been caught in the corruption net so far was apparently dealing in small change: $36000USD/$72000BDS
    The bigger boys are into millions. These “ agents” are all around us and they are assisted by the political class.
    Obviously Maloney was given the go ahead to be in the vaccine business.
    Maloney has certainly grown : construction, tourism, restaurants and now vaccines.”

    swimming way out of depth….and entered waters with BIGGER more dangerous SHARKS…..should have stayed in Barbados where they have no oppostion…🤣🤣..

    ..but ya done know small time criminals, they just gotta show Black people just how big they are with the help of the haunted house crabs…

    still want to hear if it’s money borrowed in taxpayer’s NAMES that the agent so easiy handed over to thieves…

  55. “Oops ………just heard that the BLP is now in power and Mottley is PM, the DLP ain’t got a seat”

    should have stayed in Barbados where they have no competition..…

  56. After this revelation, I wonder if the kennel doors will be kept closed tonight. I believe Mia and her large PR team should provide the public with some much needed answers.

  57. And we wonder why things in Barbados are so bad. And why the country is decaying at such a fast rate.

    Anymore bad news to report WURA-War-on-U?

  58. TLSN September 21, 2021 1:16 PM

    And we wonder why things in Barbados are so bad. And why the country is decaying at such a fast rate.

    Anymore bad news to report WURA-War-on-U?

    Wait uh minute. Maloney getting scammed means that things real, real bad in Barbados?

    Man, you is one negative jackass clown, hear.

  59. the minions and IMPS for Slaves can’t deal with the bad news…we are supposed to hide it and pretend the criminal WHO should NOT be INVOLVED IN ANYTHING concerning Black/African business, particuarly money.. is a genieass….well suck it up, i made absolutely sure to spread the NEWS FAR AND WIDE and everyones knows who the idiot is, he now wears a target….easy pickings….so tek dah…try to undo it…Mia said maloney should be in jail…just like all of them…as i have been saying for months…everything the corrupt touches, turns to SHIT….

    so this one robbed taxpayers for far too long and now got ROBBED….all we can say is that we hope it wasn’t the MONEY BORROWED IN THE PEOPLE’S NAME…

  60. TLSN…actually that is among the best news we had all year…now they know they are only the BIGGET SCAM ARTISTS..in Barbados…they can’t pull that shit in Trinidad, they had to leave…..and are seen as nothing in other jurisdictions..

  61. With our old inbred habits of doing business we are not ready to become a republic.

    I have shown this video before but in a shortened version.

    Does there exist a Cromwellian figure in Barbados; an individual who is prepared to disrupt the old order and bring some integrity to the country?


  62. Piss on my leg and tell me it is raining.

    I remember when some were in favor of giving a large construction job to one of the magnates because only he could handle a job of that size. (Not even going to mention we are now going to the Chinese as he may be too slow)

    Pray tell me how MM is getting into the purchasing vaccines business? What qualifications does he has that others do not have?

    Are our exemplary businessmen glorified bagmen?
    “Journalist Jack Shafer defines “bag man” as a slang term “for criminals who perform deliveries and run errands for other criminals.””

    Donville was silly. He should have created a layer between himself and the funds and avoid the USA. Try Canada 😀.

  63. Perhaps my memory is wrong…
    But it seems as if the scammers are outsmarting our boys. Here hurting my head to figure out why I have this notion… Only coming up with the stolen slogan for tourism

  64. Same criminals believe intelligent people are going to sit back and allow them with their arrogant, racist thieving selves to roam freely on our continent just because Mia, who owns no continent…told them that they could…she and them better get rid of that notion…

  65. “Are our exemplary businessmen glorified bagmen?
    “Journalist Jack Shafer defines “bag man” as a slang term “for criminals who perform deliveries and run errands for other criminals.””

    pretty much, if they want to keep up the facade of 1st class citizens and societal barnacles…in Black lives…we can list all the bagmen for DBLP…they are famous..

    “Pray tell me how MM is getting into the purchasing vaccines business? What qualifications does he has that others do not have?”

    probably though it was just as easy as buying cement……🤣🤣 probably can’t even spell pharmaceuticals…

  66. @Theo, Pfizer sells their own vaccines. I do not know about the other companies but for all we know this activity may be illegal.

  67. If a company does not sell it’s own pharmaceuticals, they have authorized distributors….who would have provided authorization at both ends?
    Is there provision for this in the law that governs the pharmaceutical industry in Barbados that anybody can walk off the street and import drugs?
    So the government is in business with a drug dealer…literally!

  68. that goes for any product, had that experience recently when a product i use was no longer available on Amazon, etc…decided to contact the manufacturers directly and it was shipped within a week… or they have representatives who promote their products, samples etc…and you are directed to them once you reach out..

    this was some elaborate crook deal to bypass the manufacturers who could have directed them accordingly…and it blew up in their faces…bad enuff….😂😂😂..they can’t even lie their way out of this..

  69. This is how counterfeit drugs are brought into a country. It is an extremely dangerous method of procuring drugs. This practice is widespread throughout the continent of Africa.

  70. Barbados already had a problem with a shady Canadian company distributing fake drugs to regions across EU that caused deaths in the elderly and unsuspecting, they should be in prison by now, they were being hunted down.

    ..something as serious as a pandemic and these fools are going to send an agent who knows nothing about the pharmaceutical market to buy poison or in this case, get robbed…

    we keep saying with all the consultants sucking on loan money…none of them have a clue, particularly those in the parliament……thisis confirmation.

  71. This case is pretty recent:

    April 13, 2018: Canadian Drug Firm Admits Selling Counterfeit and Misbranded Prescription Drugs Throughout the United States

    “The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Chad Spraker and Special Assistant United States Attorney Paul Joseph, and investigated by the U.S. FDA Office of Criminal Investigations. The Criminal Division’s Office of International Affairs also provided significant assistance in this matter. The Department also thanks its law enforcement colleagues in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Barbados.

    Food and Drug Administration
    Office of Criminal Investigations
    U.S. Department of Justice Press Release
    For Immediate Release
    April 13, 2018

    United States Department of Justice

    District of Montana
    Missoula — Kristjan Thorkelson, a resident of Manitoba, Canada, together with several Canadian companies associated with Thorkelson, including Canada Drugs, Rockley Ventures, and River East Supplies, admitted today to widespread illegal sales of misbranded and counterfeit prescription drugs in the United States. Chief U.S. District Court Judge Dana Christensen sentenced the Canadian companies to forfeit $29,000,000 of the proceeds of their illegal scheme, to pay a fine of $5,000,000, and to five years of probation. The court sentenced Thorkelson individually to pay a fine of $250,000 and to five years of probation with the first six months in home confinement. Thorkelson and the associated companies were also ordered to permanently cease their illegal operations, surrender to the United States all domain names and websites from their businesses, and cooperate with the United States Justice Department and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in any further criminal investigations.

    In 2010, it came to the attention of the FDA that Canada Drugs was shipping to health care providers in the United States prescription drugs that were unapproved in the United States, labelled with foreign languages, and that lacked adequate instructions for use. During this time, Thorkelson was CEO of Canada Drugs. Further investigation revealed that various entities affiliated with Canada Drugs were smuggling unapproved and misbranded drugs intended for sale in foreign countries into the United States, including for sale to providers in Montana. To facilitate its sales, Canada Drugs purchased other companies engaged in this business and used the brand names, drug inventories, and customer lists of those companies to further its illegal operations. One of those companies was Montana HealthCare Solutions, owned by Montana resident Paul Bottomley, who was separately prosecuted for similar conduct. In order to avoid detection, Canada Drugs and its affiliated companies falsified customs forms concerning the value of the drugs shipped into the United States.

    In two instances, Canada Drugs, through its subsidiary River East Supplies, distributed counterfeit cancer drugs Avastin and Altuzan (the Turkish version of the drug) in the United States. Testing of vials of the drugs recovered from these shipments revealed that both contained no active ingredient. In 2012, Thorkelson and others at Canada Drugs became aware that they had shipped counterfeit Avastin and Altuzan to medical clinics in the United States. Thorkelson denied “selling or offering Avastin,” even while the company attempted to recall the suspect drugs. At no time did Thorkelson notify the FDA or other authorities in the United States that counterfeit cancer drugs containing no active ingredient had been shipped to providers in the United States.

    United States Attorney Kurt Alme stated, “By circumventing the FDA approval process, Thorkelson and the Canada Drugs companies jeopardized the health and safety of Americans. The FDA approval process is important for the protection of public health and safety, and we will diligently prosecute those who put unknown and unapproved substances into the American prescription drug market. But as this case shows, American providers and consumers need to beware when purchasing drugs on the internet.”

  72. What is rent-seeking?

    “Rent-seeking is the effort to increase one’s share of existing wealth without creating new wealth.Rent-seeking results in reduced economic efficiency through misallocation of resources, reduced wealth-creation, lost government revenue, heightened income inequality, and potential national decline. Attempts at capture of regulatory agencies to gain a coercive monopoly can result in advantages for rent-seekers in a market while imposing disadvantages on their uncorrupt competitors. This is one of many possible forms of rent-seeking behavior. Rent-seeking is an attempt to obtain economic rent (i.e., the portion of income paid to a factor of production in excess of what is needed to keep it employed in its current use) by manipulating the social or POLITICAL environment in which economic activities occur, rather than by creating new wealth. Rent-seeking implies EXTRACTION OF UNCOMPENSATED VALUE FROM OTHERS WITHOUT MAKING ANY CONTRIBUTION TO PRODUCTIVITY.”

    The whole history of Barbados from 1627 to 1838 was based on rent-seeking by the British, and more specifically by WHITE MALE ENGLISH people and their parasitic wives and children.

    The multi-million big hole in the ground where Paradise Hotel used to be was created through rent seeking.

    The multi million big hole in St. Andrew where a landfill was supposed to be built? That was “built” through rent seeking.

    Rent seekers are shameless.

    All they want is more money, without having to work for it.

    Unfortunately for the decent, hard-working, over burdened taxpayers of Barbados a so called “elite” in this community sees rent-seeking as normal behaviour. It is in their DNA, LITERALLY, it is who they are.

  73. @ David, authorized distributors like Mckesson are used to prevent fraud, scammers, drugs laced with poison, knock offs etc.getting to the population.

    • The point Heather is that to be a brokers is not illegal per se. the more relevant question is why did three governments feel compelled to contract a broker of Maloneys ilk going on the report.

  74. The fact that Donville now lodges in USA prison was caused by rent-seeking. I mean why was ICBL writing him a cheque? What labour has he ever performed for the company? They have never written me a cheque, not even one for $3, and yet I have put tens of thousand of dollars into that company.

    The fact that there is a perpetual brain from Barbados to Cuba, to Brazil, to Panama, to the USA to the UK, to Canada that too is driven by rent-seeking. Some of our brightest and best, some of our most hard-working and productive people refuse to stay here to be exploited by the “elite.”

    It is nothing new. It is as old as Barbados.

  75. @David “…drinking Merlots and reading books…”

    Actually brother David, there are few things to do during retirement that gives more pleasure than drinking Merlots and reading books. Lol!!!

    Don’t denigrate those activities please. Work is alright, but after working for 40 or more years there should be something to do that is pleasurably other than more work, work, work.

  76. @ Heather & David,
    Do either of you believe that some of these counterfeit vaccines are already circulating within Barbados? This will deter further some members of our population who are already reticent with receiving the vaccination. This reflects badly on our international reputation and could impact heavily on Barbadians citizens to travel freely.

  77. @Tron September 19, 2021 9:07 PM “When I shop at Popular Discount or PriceSmart, I see mostly fat to extremely fat locals walking around.”

    Ya lie.

    I shop at both places and even while I am horrified at the huge size of some of the PriceSmart customers, the customers at Popular are standard sized people. Tobesides the Popular aisles are quite narrow and 300 pounders would have difficulty negotiating those spaces.

  78. Looks like somebody ate Baloney for lunch!


    Too damn greedy! Gobble, gobble gobble!

    I wonder if he too has a red bag along with his briefcase of money.

    Carrot AND stick, maybe?

    He seems to have our government well and truly under his control. Apparently they are obligated to ensure his employment.

    What exactly qualified him to procure vaccinations for Barbados?

    Obviously NOTHING, or he would not have been scammed.

  79. “But United States District Judge Dana L. Christensen, concerned that Kristjan Thorkelson’s journeying to Barbados would disrupt the terms of his supervision, and impair the US Probation Office’s ability to monitor his “financial situation and activity”, has said no – twice.”

    Theo…every minority criminal/scam artist around the globe know they would never be arrested on the island even if they are convicted in other jurisidictions, he was a good candidate for arrest for running that fake drug scam from Barbados as well…and desperate to get back to the island instead of being afraid……that is who the slave minded in the parliament allow to roam free and commit endless crimes against other people….one day, one day, they too will be arrested for that backward shit…of enabling and condoning white and other minority criminals….the same Donville went to his prison cell and still has not revealed the names of those 4 scam companies who where based on the island and money laundering and committing other serious crimes in other countries….that is who the parliament crabs hold secrets for, they have no shame….that is who they are..

  80. @TLSN September 20, 2021 5:17 PM “With so many law professionals at the heart of this government one would like like to believe they can distinguish between right and wrong?”

    Actually right and wrong is not taught at law school. If parents do not teach the difference between right and wrong preferably before the age of 4, the person may never understand, because by the time a person gets to law school in his or her early 20’s values have already been formed. been ingrained, become habitual.

  81. “An advance-fee scam is a form of fraud and one of the most common types of confidence tricks. The scam typically involves promising the victim a significant share of a large sum of money, in return for a small up-front payment, which the fraudster claims will be used to obtain the large sum. If a victim makes the payment, the fraudster either invents a series of further fees for the victim to pay or simply disappears. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states that, “An advance fee scheme occurs when the victim pays money to someone in anticipation of receiving something of greater value—such as a loan, contract, investment, or gift—and then receives little or nothing in return.” There are many variations of this type of scam.”
    Source: Wikipedia

    Don’t tell me that our “elite” had never heard of advance fee scams? Long ago at work, sadly, I used to received an “offer” nearly every day. If the “offers” were real I would be richer than Bill Gates…alas however I am not. Alas NONE of them were real. I even received one from a “friend” of mine who was stuck in Italy and needed money so that she could come home, so I picked up my land line and called her land line and said said “friend are you stuck in Italy?” “No” she told me. “I am right here in town on the job.” so I did not send money to Italy. At home I got one yesterday on my cell phone from a 305 area code number, wanting to know my name, address and other details. I immediately blocked the number. How did I know it was a fraud attempt? The writer was TOO POLITE. The language was in stilted English. No native English speaker writes like that except perhaps for ac/mariposa.

  82. Let me engage in sheer speculation on why the gentleman is not allowed to come to Barbados.
    Rockley Venture Limited
    Incorporated: 19-MAR-2012
    Closed: 29-OCT-2012
    Registered in: Barbados

    Looking at the the short life of the company, it could have been set up for nefarious purposes (money movements).

    Wondering if the ‘Rock Hard’ guy was using a former ROCKley contact.

    Follow the rocks.

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