Minister Duguid, Who Are the Owners of EWBSB?

The country continues to be embroiled and pitched forked from one issue to the next; transitioning to a republic, pandemic, tanking economy, DLP resurrection, National Insurance Fund (blogmaster’s pick)…

The latest issue choking public conversation-feeds is veteran journalist David Ellis answering the call up to national duty to serve in the role as Covid 19 Public Advisor. The blogmaster has no problem with decisions made by individuals as it affects career and livelihood. Although it is regrettable the single journalist who stands tall in the local arena was first put out to pasture because of company policy, followed by his right to make a decision to leave the profession- he hosted popular talk show 2-days weekly- to serve in his new role. Let us hope for the sake of Barbados he is successful in helping the country navigate the Covid 19 challenge.

Ellis known to ask searching questions of public officials will be missed as it pertains to government’s recent decision to import 150 prefab houses from China. Peter Wickham hosted Minister Duguid last week to discuss the matter and more questions were created than answered from the exercise. When Mr. Ellis called the show to ask more relevant questions, it seems preference was given to reading messages from WhatsAppers.

It has been reported a local company East West Buildings Solutions Barbados promised to complete the setup of the prefab houses within 42 days. This government promised to be transparent therefore Minister William Duguid should be able to answer a few reasonable questions.

  1. Who are the directors (beneficial owners) of East West Building Solutions Barbados?
  2. Usually Mark Maloney and Bjorn Bjerkhamn are on the same page, this time both have been reported to be singing from different hymn sheets. What is different this time around?
  3. Why was Maloney not asked by traditional media if he has been(will be) contracted to supply services and materials as part of the physical preparation for setup of the Chinese prefab houses?

The taxpayers deserve to know.

The BU community is free to add questions or share information to enlighten an unknowing public.


  • Someone on FB posted China’s prefab houses for everyone to see….ah guess this is what yall will get,


  • “It is widely used for big project’s temporary labor camp, refugee house, economic house, etc. We got different kinds of solutions for houses. For more information, feel free to contact me.”

    someone opined below and i have to agree:

    “Our ancestors were master builders and here in the twenty first century we are accepting this product.
    This can be manufactured here in the Caribbean with better quality and design.
    Oh boy China is being genial this looks like a Trojan Horse 🐎.”

    Mia is NOT IN CHARGE ANYMORE…so don’t bother…and miss me with the bullshit excuses…..i have been quiet for days, leave it like that..

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  • @ David September 19, 2021 6:12 PM
    “Is Mark Maloney still driving the Hyatt duty free Merc?”

    Shouldn’t you be directing that question to both Enuff and John No.2?

    Maybe the Mal money fella has fired the Sales Director and is doing the job himself.

    Will the Mal money fella follow the lead of the MAM’s government and engage the services of the Chinese to build the Hyatt mirage along with the penthouses earmarked for the former Harlequin site on the south Coast?

    The Bajan economy needs real stimulation to feel the multiplier effects through really hard construction; not imported prefabs.

    To the John No.2, the miller is still sitting ‘on’ Malmoney’s lap waiting to feel some kind of vertical movement.

    Where is the ‘concrete-hard erection as promised to arise since May 2020?

    What’s really is going on down there? No sign of life?

    Should we ask your fellow yard-bird “Enuff” if the long ‘wait’ on easy money from the NIS has finally taken its toll and the project is now stone-dead from Covid?


  • It’s no different to buying a product and following the instructions to assemble it using a couple small wrenches, noted is that there are never more than 6 men present during assemblage and am sure one is a supervisor.

    the most work would be taking place in the factories and foundries.

    this is their tag line

    “China Cheap and Easy-install prefab house”

    so i don’t know what all those millions are for..

    finished product looks like a medium sized barn, complete with barn windows, all ya need to add is furnitures and ya have temporary housing, and hope it’s not permanent.


  • I guess you have to be careful what your buying. It seems the wheels fell off our french made LRT trains again yesterday, what happens if the wheels fall off a sub


  • Waru what are you talking about that building in your video looks Hurricane Poof to me.


  • “China Cheap and Easy-install prefab house”

    so i don’t know what all those millions are for..

    You know if the houses in your video is the same houses that the government bringing in?


  • So why don’t you get them to show you what they are bringing in, what’s the secret??


  • You are the person who should uh get them to show you, so you won’t be on here posting every video you get.

    Anyhow, that would give yuh something to do.


  • There a wa drawing of the prefab house on the front page of the Sunday Sun two weeks ago.


  • Mia gotta go, enuff is enuff….that’s the popular sentiment among the BLACK VOTERS who PUT HER THERE…

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  • @ David,

    I don’t have access to the Sunday Sun but I am sure the houses will look good to those who matter.

    The people who lost their houses will be grateful.


  • @Hants

    Will put up a screenshot for you.

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  • David
    “The blogmaster had posted a simple ask of government- what is the bona fides of EWBSB, a company that has been awarded a significant public contr.”

    But the BU intelligentsia and the trini accented caller to Brasstacks already told you it is a California-based LGBT company. Look at the house on the front page of the Nation and the Salemite’s version. Go figure. 🤣🤣


  • @Enuff

    Do not deposit the blogmaster in a foolish category .


  • Some one asked if those Chinese make believe houses are up to code with Barbados building Code
    Almost three weeks and no answer either from govt talking heads
    The gladiator band of koolaid followers or the donkeys that bray on behalf of Mia here on BU


  • David
    Now pray tell why would I do such? I always play the ball not the bowler.


  • You know enuff where there is a vacuum of information all manner of extraneous matter will fill it.


  • David
    Let Dem fill it. It’s for govt to address. In my exposure to strict procurement, FOI etc I have never come across some of what the BUers demand. But yuh see prevention of corruption, the republic bill and IL about to drop?🤐


  • Waru how do you get electrics in your huts.


  • “Look at the house on the front page of the Nation and the Salemite’s version. Go figure.”

    Fowl Enuff…it’s the SAME initial structure WITH ENHANCEMENTS…more windows and trimmings…..but i won’t expect you to see that the designer made it more palatable to look at….it is a drawing remember….idiot..

    if it’s so beautiful and structural sound…why is it going to be temporary..


  • but even with enhancements, it still looks like a BARN with enhancements…


  • @enuff

    You are saying the public read taxpayers do not have the right to know who is EWBSB?


  • Temporary? Woman go rest yuhself and stop talking foolishness. 🤣🤣


  • David
    Stop trying to put words in my mouth. Thanks.


  • How should we interpret your comment in the context of the topic under discussion?

    It’s for govt to address. In my exposure to strict procurement, FOI etc I have never come across some of what the BUers demand. But yuh see prevention of corruption, the republic bill and IL about to drop?


  • David
    Interpret it how you wish. Am I not entitled to my opinions, especially given they are based on facts? I look forward to hearing State rather than Crown lands as part of our vernacular. You know very well I am no insider etc so I often marvel at the questions you pose to me.🤭


  • Our BU commentators should really be ashamed of themselves. Mark Maloney is our island’s first BLACK business tycoon. And what are they doing on BU? Condemn him like a criminal. No wonder we still don’t have enough black entrepreneurs.


  • Dear Tron:

    What’s black?

    What’s a tycoon?


  • @ David

    So based on the above snipet of Info you supplied these houses working out at roughly $150 a sq ft. When we add land and the cement foundation base to that what is the final cost then? You can’t make a statement like that and not tell us in detail what the figure includes. From what I have read over the last few days it seems the basic difference between these houses and what we would build now Is that instead of 2×4 pine for the uprights and floor plates, along with the roof frame, steel is used instead. This is nothing Structural Systems could not do and let our local guys then put on the outer cement boards. The only difference here is that they use bolts and nuts instead of dry wall screws our guys would use now with the pine.

    There is no rocket science involved here that our guys could not handle. If you could buy a steel shed from Carter or miss ram and get it put up wunna could assemeble these houses. Our people are not fools and have built some great properties here for all income groups.

    This ain’t about no politics now this is about having faith in we own, especially when we have all the equipment and steel works here on the island already. Bizzy maybe you should build one up Cane Garden in the yard and show them how long it would take and what the final cost would be.


  • “Temporary? Woman go rest yuhself and stop talking foolishness. 🤣🤣”

    so it’s permanent housing? good to know, i could swear it was sold to the public as temporary…hope that don’t return to bite you…like Maloney is right now..


  • @WURA-War-on-U September 20, 2021 3:30 PM “Mia gotta go, enuff is enuff…that’s the popular sentiment among the BLACK VOTERS who PUT HER THERE.”

    Can you please post the link to the survey which has led you to this conclusion.



  • You’re too foolish, the meaning of temporary housing got you confused. I guess the PV temporary too. 🤣 Maloney bite me? Hahaaaaaa! Yuh got the wrong body mi dear.🤣🤣


  • @John A

    From listening to Duguid it is about government unbelieving local artisans are available to deliver all 500 hundred houses in the timeframe required.


  • @ David

    And what has he based that conclusion on my friend? Has he a document that has confirmed this? Has he contracted a leading QS firm to come to this conclusion?.if so please share the document.

    Yesterday in the press the PM stated the houses were ordered a month ago and should reach here by independence. So in other words over 3 months in total. So how many houses could a consortium of local builders erect with Sctructural supplying the steel structures and a consortium of all of the concrete manufactures and preconco supplying the concrete work and floor slabs?

    All a bunch of excuses to a desired end which have been backed by no QS reports or consideration to our local companies. And for what or more accurately for whom?

    Anyhow whats done in the dark always comes to the light. I vote for them caused I did want the rid of Sinkler and he band, but I ain’t happy at all with this big foot move by this group neither!


  • @ John A who wrote ” I vote for them cause I did want the rid of Sinkler ”

    da fuh lick yuh.

    How yuh like muh Bajan lingo?


  • The houses may be needed as isolation units at Harrisons point.

    ” 104 new cases “


  • @ Hants

    You right to get up there and laugh. Lol


  • Not laughing John A, just concerned with the very high daily number of new covid cases.

    Isolating families may become an option.


  • @ John A September 20, 2021 7:36 PM

    So now Bizzy Williams is supposed to fix it? Kind of ironic after the mob demonised our businessmen so much last year at the Nelson riots.

    Our honourable government is most likely fed up with the Coverley debacle and other failed projects with huts for 250,000 USD. Now it’s up to the Chinese to fix it.


  • “Can you please post the link to the survey which has led you to this conclusion.”

    you need to get out some more, go on other platforms..where thousands go to .discourse with other locals about current affairs on the island, they have formed groups with thousands of participants, i check them out once in a while, they can be found everywhere….not everything is archived as a link, check out the live groups…


  • TheoG: It is somewhat surprising that after numerous discussions and promises of transparency we find ourselves with an administration that does public businesses in complete secrecy

    Enuff: Care to tell us where in Canada one can find info on the beneficiary owners of companies awarded government contracts? Thanks.

    David: @enuff
    You are saying the public read taxpayers do not have the right to know who is EWBSB

    Enuff: Stop trying to put words in my mouth. Thanks

    BU is not a Court Room but I venture to say that it is a good thing that “Enuff” is not in the Witness Box


  • Worthy of reposting
    “We need to know the principals behind EWBSB though.”

    Only if the sh*t hits the fan will we be informed.


  • It’s two minutes past out five minute attention span …

    Who is ewe


  • The Maloney Scammed story has knocked this one clean out of the park. It confirms what the blogmaster has known for a long time- the inability of Barbadians to process/prosecute multiple issues at the same time.


    Note the political opposition is happy to hold press conferences on the Maloney matter because of the political mileage opportunity .

    Gone but not forgotten.


  • We have evaluated EWBSB on a 0-10 scale and gAve this a rating of 6

    0- safe
    1 – 4 probably safe
    5 insufficient information to classify as safe

    6 insufficient information on activity, but some bad actors (politicians) involved.

    7 fools and moneY parted
    8 hold wallet with both hands
    9 survival of the smartest
    10 – forget about it. Yuh money gone.


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