Gonsalves and Police Police Raids

Submitted by Nathan J Green

We Should Not Assume Gonsalves Knew About Police Raids Before They Happened

Is PM Ralph E Gonsalves a Marxist-Stalinist? I do not think so! Despite some people voicing that opinion over the years.

A search warrant is a written authorisation that allows an official police investigator to enter premises to search for material or individuals. A court usually issues search warrants following an application by a police officer or other investigator to a Magistrate or Justice of the Peace. Most search warrants authorise the investigator to seize and retain relevant material named in the warrant found during the search.

In the UK, a 2016 review by the National Crime Agency found that 79% of investigations had defective, perhaps illegally applied for warrants (of which 8% had significant deficiencies). Is that mirrored in SVG?

It certainly looks like the police raids on people after the demonstrations were politically orchestrated. Because many of the demonstrators were ULP members but only particular well known NDP members were raided. People seem to assume PM Gonsalves instructed the police to carry out those searches of the NDP members’ homes, but there is no evidence, nor should we assume such.

People think that because Gonsalves told them he oversees every square inch of SVG, he is involved in just about every branch of everything. However, he told us he sometimes tells lies which must create doubts in people’s minds about anything he says or denies. Therefore, telling us he is a liar must put the responsibility of doubt in him by some citizens squarely on his shoulders.

We know PM Gonsalves is the minister in charge of the police, yet I have never personally or publicly heard him say to the police not to harass, intimidate, or beat people up; that made me wonder if the harassment was under his direct instruction. After considering that position, I concluded, of course not, and we should not assume that. We have no direct evidence or proof he gave those instructions; we really must not believe that without such proof or evidence. We must certainly not say that or repeat that because that is hurtful to a man’s feelings, the last thing I want to do is hurt his feelings.

Here is what I think. The police have got into a pattern of supplying the magistrates or ULP appointed JPs with false evidence in obtaining search warrants. I further believe the police have no suspicion that the people they get search warrants against have’ firearms, ammunition, or drugs’ in their possession. Because if they had that suspicion and it was a reasonable suspicion, or from the information they received and was believed by them to be accurate, they would not need a search warrant. They can raid someone’s place of abode or work without a search warrant on those reasonable suspicions or received reliable information about the possession of ‘firearms, ammunition, or drugs.’ Suppose you don’t open the door to them after they have voiced their suspicions or reasons of ‘firearms, ammunition, or drugs’ being on your premises or person. They can kick the door down and enter, using reasonable force in doing so [only kicking with the left foot]. I feel that the police believe PM Gonsalves will be pleased, even elated by their actions in searching with falsely worded search warrants the homes of NDP members and confiscating their electronic devices. In doing so, trying to find evidence and make charges of illegality to bring against those people. But perhaps worse than that, I think they act spitefully and maliciously and do not expect to find anything; I believe it is a matter of putting political frighteners on people.

Without any public comments from PM Gonsalves against the police never-ending fishing trip behaviour [obviously he is unaware], the public rightly or wrongly assume he, as PM and minister in charge of the police force, approves of these actions. As the minister in charge of the police, surely he has the right to all the information and actions taken by the police as he has the right, perhaps the duty, to discuss and opine with the police. He says he does not instruct the police what to do. But as the minister in charge of them, I believe he can and should instruct and guide them if those instructions are legal. He is a great friend of the chief of police. Do they not have the occasional chin wag about policy and direct police actions?

So, suppose the PM as minister in charge of the police is now informed of what the police are allegedly doing by the publication of this very letter. In that case, he should be seen to take the appropriate action to bring the police under proper control. Or to launch a formal enquiry into why and how I believe every warrant ever obtained by the police against NDP people during the last twenty years contains the words’ possession of “firearms, ammunition, or drugs.”

If the comrade speaks out, I believe the people will stop thinking he has some hand in the whole process of illegality in obtaining search warrants.

Now in writing this, I am in no way accusing PM Gonsalves of committing any illegal act. On the contrary, I love him like a brother, he is a sweet, misunderstood man, and as he once told us, he is “the blackest PM in the Caribbean, because being black is an attitude.” Therefore, no one should falsely accuse him of being part of any unlawful act or behaviour.

But now, comrade, please step up to the plate in condemning the police action in what I believe is illegally obtaining search warrants or launching an inquiry to disprove my thoughts written here. I have warrants going back years, all worded the same.

If you cannot do either of these things, do not complain if the citizens believe the worst of you. We all must help ourselves in protecting our good names, and that includes you, Comrade. If you cannot take these simple steps, the blame for what people think about you must clearly be laid at your very own door.

In writing this, I have purposely not named or defamed any person herein. I have not expressly or implied any illegal or immoral act by any individual unless they have confirmed any such behaviour to the people. This piece is none political and non-discriminatory.

This is not a statement of fact against any individual.

At law, this is not a published statement accusing anyone of a misdemeanour, nor is it meant to be.

The words contained in this letter are not designed or meant to cause injury to any individual named herein.

The content is not false.

If anything in this letter is an irritant or causes annoyance due to political party alliance or family connection, I apologise in advance.

Everything, every word, is based on my own opinions, and are exactly that, opinions. They are not the opinion of the publisher who took no part in the composition of this letter and may run contrary to the publishers’ own opinions. But they are essential for publication because opinions should be seen, heard, and read to allow the public free speech and written word that is not defamatory.

17 thoughts on “Gonsalves and Police Police Raids

  1. Nathan Jolly Green is a consumate idiot.

    Thirty years after the fall of the USSR for anyone, in 2021, to liken a Vincentian prime minister to Joseph Stalin represents a desperate attempt at gaslighting.

    This madness by a Nathan Green is presented when all the visible evidence, for more than two decades, shows that Ralph Gonzales has long abandoned Marxist-Leninist principles and is indeed a fervent neoliberal in service of American empire.

    It is poignant that Nathan, alias Jolly, Green was never able to mount such critiques when there was indeed a real modern day Stalin within the seat of empire, just recently.

    An empire which he and his merry band of NGOers are inviting foreign military intervention to resolved in their favour, as suggested in Green’s last article.

    Don’t get us wrong. We have no admiration for Ralph Gonzales. But to make the fatal assumption that a prime minister you simple dislike is something he is not represents a dangerous lurch into backwardness.

    This nonsense by such an ignoramus is unworthy of our attention.

    • To gain traction with the population dissenting positions must resonate by offering pragmatic approaches and options.

    • In Barbados we have the same problem with those saying – do not vote for the BLP or DLP yet there is no credible alternative.

  2. David,

    I think the idea is that low turnout would send the message far and wide that we are dissatisfied with both parties. Voting, it is thought, lends credibility to the shenanigans.

    I was minded to stay away for the last two elections but in the end I felt I had to keep out what I thought would be the worse of the evils.

    Strangely enough the worse evil flipped in my mind between the two elections.

    Until Mia tackles this corruption thing as promised, there will be huge question marks over her head.

    We cannot move forward in any significant way with that hanging over her head.

    • @Donna

      Low voter turnout will not drive the change we want because the entrenched politicians and political class will enjoy their turns at the trough.

  3. Why does Jolly Green care what colour the cat is ——-‘-‘–‘ as long as it catches mice..

    Communism caught no mice and it was made to fail.

    So will the Washington Consensus he seems to love so much.. For it too is taking a beating from the State Sponsorship of Market Economy Model as practiced by China and Russia amongst others.

  4. I am sorry that some of you sweet people who comment here cannot see that I said I do not believe Gonsalves is a Marxist-Stalinist. But what has come out from Pachamama “all the visible evidence, for more than two decades, shows that Ralph Gonzales has long abandoned Marxist-Leninist principles” she claims he was once but is not now. Well how do you know he once was? How do you know he is not now? Would being a honouree member of the Cuban Communist Party be relevant? People in SVG are being roasted by the police, he is Prime Minister and Minister of National Security which is the ministry in charge of the Police. He has stated he does not tell the police what to do, I am saying he needs to tell the police what not to do, until he does that and does it publicly, the people will believe the bad actions by the police are of his doing.

  5. Nathan Jolly Green.
    We known with certitude that Ralph Gonsalves was a Marxist-Leninist from personal comversations around the UWI – Cave Hill back in the 1970s and from reading many articles written by him during that period, and more.

    We also know with certainty that he has not been a Marxist-Leninist for about three decades because the basis of his political ideology collaspe since 1991, that he does not think, speak or writes in the ways he did previously,

    Being a member of the Cuban Communist Party does not today hold the same invective your dated forebearers, like the consummate American Idiot Ronald Reagan would have you believe.

    Indeed, members of Communist parties in China, Russia, America and elsewhere are now fully integrated into the global system. Some of them are even multi billionaires but still communists without apparent internal contradictions. The problem is that you have chosen to be locked in a Cold War era mentally when a new war is currently being fought

    So even if Gonsalves, as you say, is a menber of the Cuban Communist Party that alone is not determinative of political ideology. SVG under Gonzales has relationships with the international financial system which Cuba could not and does not have. Gonzales every policy has been centered in neoliberal economics. SVG under Gonzales has worked to extend American foreign policy interests in our region. Need we go on?

    Like a child of 5 years old you are intent on playing a game after all the other children have left the room. So it is you, Nathan Jolly Green, who are making these specious claims to now answer some essential questions and stop this silly Red Scare for it harkens back to a bygone age.

    Have you ever read the Cummunist Manifesto? The works of or on Karl Marx, Lenin el al? Do you known the basis principles of Marxism, Leninism or Marxist-Lininist thought? And if you did how could it be so possible to consider this decades old political transformation of Gonzales anything but firmly neoliberal .

    On the issue of state sponsored police violence in SVG.

    This writer is well connected to our Garifuna brothers and sisters in SVG.

    And have long determined that there are no measurable differences in the levels of police violence in SVG and anywhere else.

    In Barbados, for example, police violence, of all kinds, has long been a normalcy. Barbadian police officers have long been crushing people’s testicles, forcing confessions, producing questionable warrants, killing suspects, and more. So for us, it strains credulity to accept that the police culture in SVG could be any worse than Barbados or approach some misnomer of being fascist-inspired, the feeble case being attempted by you.

    Stop writing and go and read. Maybe you’ll learn something.

  6. St Vincent prison officer jailed for helping inmate escape
    KINGSTOWN – For 12 years, Louie Cupid, 46, was a prison officer at Her Majesty’s Prisons, responsible for, among other things, preventing inmates from escaping. However, yesterday, he went to the prison, not as a guard, but as an inmate.
    Her Majesty’s Prisons is expected to be his home for the next year and 11 months after Chief Magistrate Recahnne Browne imposed the sentence as his punishment for helping an accused murderer escape from the same prison in September 2019. The Chief Magistrate found Cupid guilty of two charges in connection with Veron Primus’ first escape from prison.
    He was charged with, between September 29 and October 2, 2019, abusing the authority of his office by conspiring to aid the escape of Primus from lawful custody. He was also charged with agreeing with Primus on a course of action would would lead to his escape from lawful custody.
    Cupid was jailed for one year and 11 months on one count and one year and six months on the other. The sentences will run concurrently.
    During the trial, Cupid chose not to give evidence. (CMC)

  7. The time these fraudulent misleaders spent attempting to set up African descendants in the Caribbean ..faking concussion, wrongfully arresting Black people and lying about a rock to the head…should have been used to prepare for the Delta variant…..now they are all left scrambling while Delta is on the loose….small island idiots, forever full of shit..


    • The police in SVG have been rounding up people who were at the gathering in Kingstown when Gonsalves got a scratch to the head that needed no stitches. People are being charged under a 1950’s law that was replaced by the 1979 Constitution.

      That original law was to stop black people from holding political meetings or protests, it was never meant for what it now being used. The police are too stupid to do this on their own, the driving force has to be Gonsalves who is a lawyer.


      People are being terrorised at their homes by the black squad political police who carry big automatic guns and wear calf height boots with studs for noise effect. Sound familiar, well they behave like Hitler’s police who were dressed all in black and picked up the Jews, difference is these people arrive in great numbers, armed to the teeth and pick up black people.

      Let it be known that black people are being terrorised in SVG by a Nazi style police unit.

  8. As for our PolPot friend Pachamama. It is all very well your dying support for communism and your support of Gonsalves, the comparing of your police with Vincentian Police brutality. Because your police are so bad cannot be an excuse for accepting Vincentian police behave the same.


    Anyone with a thirst for reading the classic communist manifesto is obviously some kind of supporter of that system. Of course there are some political scientists who read such stuff for educational reasons. But to recommend others read such stuff points to that person being a rank red under the bed.

    Perhaps people in Barbados like SVG think that the Cuban and Venezuelan systems are OK, great even. Well I do not Gonsalves loves them and supports them, seems like Patchmummerup thinks along those lines as well

  9. Nathan Jolly Green

    You are indeed the simpleton we always feared you were.

    The year 2021 with signs all around us that American empire is in its end stages and you are misdirecting Nazi and Red Scare tactics.

  10. Pachamama, WE! is that the Royal WE? Who on earth do you think you are, Vincentians are in a living hell and you are supporting the tactics. America has got nothing to do with this, but it is obvious you hate them as well. The government and police have banned gatherings and meetings in SVG, they have banned protests and free speech and assembly. You have to ask permission to demonstrate and when you ask they say no. They are doing a copycat of what is happening in Cuba. They are prosecuting people maliciously using laws that precede the Constitution for taking part in the August 8/9 protest, they say they did not give permission to protest. There are people starving in SVG, there are more poor people no than ever before. 40% to 50% of people have no jobs. They still have turned people out of the safe places they were in following the eruption, old people in their 70’s and 80’s, no roofs on their houses. And you want to speak in support of Gonsalves. Just one word in his favour is too much. How dare you support the tyrant. Here is a man that stood up and told the people he sometimes tells lies. On another occasion he told the people that if you show him a liar he will show you a thief. He has been accused of rape and sexual assault by many women, not just one or two but many. Not just allegations he was charged with some of the offences but the DPP dropped all the charges against him and made a decision that he was not guilty, he has never been questioned by the police, never been before a court, never been before a judge and jury, not even a magistrate on these matters. Gonsalves came to power through revolution, what was called the road block revolution. Every Vincentian election there has been voting anomalies, boxes full of ballots found uncounted, hidden. Before every election they blatantly deliver up to 10 million US dollars worth of building materials to poor people on the condition they vote for them. None of that is fiction, it is all fact, it is all recorded. Put any words in Google search engine “Ralph Gonsalves Rape” “Ralph Gonsalves liar” “voting fraud Saint Vincent and the Grenadines” and any other mix of words, there are not just one or two references there are more than 50,000 pages about the man.

    Of course the world is full of communist dictators, tell the people who live in Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea that there is no communism, they all want to be free of it, and you are supporting those systems by denying they exist. There are also dictators who are not communist’s.

    Give the World a break, if you like those systems go and live there. I think the people of Barbados have got a lot to fear from people like you, you are a threat to democracy and decent Godley people, you certainly dash the hopes of all those crying and sobbing in captivity as political prisoners.

    Read anything written by the deceased Peter Binose, he wrote about 5000 articles about Gonsalves, and I believe someone had him killed. “Peter Binose, Ralph Gonsalves” try that in your search engine.

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