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As we all witness the harrowing pictures coming from Afghanistan we are reminded of the events in Saigon, circa mid-1970’s, when American troops and their local interlocutors were ‘throwing away their frames’ from rooftops to catch a ride out of Vietnam.

Afghanistan has long been regarded as the graveyard for empires. From the Romans to the Soviets such hurried exits have always marked not only military defeat but the demised of imperium in to-to. At one major base the Americans just turned off the lights and left not even informing local Afghan military officers. We have argued elsewhere that this empire has not won a military conflict since the invasion of The Philippines, one hundred and twenty years ago, not counting Grenada of course.

And while the surrender of Afghanistan to the very people this misguidedly corrupt empire went there to defeat represents a watershed in global history, there are also many other indicators, in every environment, that the death of the American imperial hegemony is not less than certain.

Indeed, another clear marker must be the fecklessness of this so-called exceptional nation to have thrown up the reincarnation of the very mindset, of a Donald Trump-Nero personality, to make sure certainty of demise is unavoidable. And there are many other parallels between what’s been happening at this end of hegemony with events in past empires at similar stages of decline.

We have estimated that Covid19 is not unlike the misnamed Spanish Flu of 1918 as a political marker. This coming after another White man’s criminal war to, amongst other aims, reshape the financial architecture to again make slaves of most of us. World War 1 of course marked the beginning of the end of the British Empire with countries like Barbados being given a faux independence later.

After the ‘British’ assassinated their handpicked leader, Amir Habibullah. His successor defeated them in 1919. These series of historical events are properly understood within the context of Anglo-American conspiracies to globalize White control of the entire world even when there were fierce rivalries between them.

We must know that these days are ‘marked’ when the very people which this superpower armed to defeat the Soviet Union’s invasion of forty years ago in what Brzezinski infamously called ‘their Vietnam’, they themselves then militarily invading Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban 20 years ago under specious circumstances, the Taliban that are now armed to the teeth by the very Americans and their axis of White countries, are on the verge of overrunning the entire country in less than two weeks total, reinstalling an Islamic Republic, as they run the Western figurehead for a President out of the country while unmistakable delivering a most humiliating defeat to the United States of America and Joe Biden himself.

Twenty year of blood and treasure and in return the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, the Pakistanis, even the Indians will have vastly more political and economic influence within Afghanistan than the NATO White warfare countries.

This picture does not comfortably fit into the duality of Biden which seeks to divide the world into so-called democracies and autocracies like if the American empire had ever cared about democracy, even at home. And as far as autocracies are concerned, America and its White friends have always wanted autocratic regimes more suitable, in their minds, for bending the knee, like the Gulf-Arab states. Democracies as empire sees them mainly are to represent political theatre. A show not to be seen as primarily economic, which it must be. For all these reasons and more it is why their time is up. Good riddance!

At times like these we wonder what policymakers in Bridgetown could be thinking. When we forecast a world where a single united action by a small group of influential countries, acting in their self-interests, could overnight, finish-off the USA as empire. We find it hard to believe as these circumstances emerge that Barbados could be allowed, like a sitting duck, to take no actions, make no plans should those small number of countries decide, like some of them have already, that empire is vastly too unstable. That it lives off the rest of the world while using its highest debtor-nation status to fight unholy wars on all of mankind.

Wars of all kinds. though hybrid warfare including but not limited to illegal economic and monetary sanctions to pressurize populations, state sponsored assassinations, even the killing of heads of states as the means of making certain governments or regions compliant to its wishes, as if as payment of tribute. Empire is militarizing the heavens as they reduce the notion of peace on earth to the province of the end-timers, the dispensationalists.

World countries will soon have to declare the same type of hybrid warfarism on America as they ditch the dollars which has always been, since 1971 especially, its Achilles heel. This is the hyper-sonic nuclear weapon which they, collectively, have in their toolbox to save themselves and all of mankind from this vicious beast.

What are to be the responses, plans, of the policymakers in Bridgetown should such a global, apocalyptic series of events take place, in which US dollars are blowing about in the streets of Barbados and nobody will stoop to pick one up, so worthless will they be proven to be. Such a global action is no longer avoidable.


  1. This is a sad time for American families having to lose family members in senseless bomb attacks in Afghanistan
    Let’s not forget that these lives lost were helping to save the lives of people whose freedoms were disregarded
    May the souls rest in peace

  2. “Bet you all want Trump back now.”

    Trump exposed and showed the world all Americans are cunts which was a useful lesson to those who hadn’t realised already.

    “This is a sad time for American families having to lose family members in senseless bomb attacks in Afghanistan”

    They should never have been there and should never have joined the biggest warmongers in the world’s military. Dying in wars is an occupational hazard and part of their job description.

    You don’t have to be a prophet to know that their wars in Middle East would create more problems, but the shareholders of the war businesses and contractors made big bucks. Mission accomplished.

  3. Angela Cox
    Maybe you could muster a modicum of empathy for the millions of nameless Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis killed by these crusaders over the last 20 years of imperial wars.

    The presupposition that America is some force for good is puerile. ISIS is an instrument of America foreign policy. In other words and as the Great Malcolm X has said this is a case of “the chickens coming home to roost”. Yours is an irrational sympathy for the killers.

  4. “The presupposition that America is some force for good is puerile. ISIS is an instrument of America foreign policy. “

    That is a theory / hypothesis I heard several years ago (circa 2013 after Cameron lost the vote on Syria action) except they were allegedly set up by Israel. ISIS have never attacked Israel which is a target for true muslims.

  5. 555Dubstreet

    Well sighted

    More fundamentally if one follows the history of what they call, derisively, “terrorism” you’ll see that it has nothing to do with Muslims.

  6. Well said! Time too for ALL people to look at the 400 yr narrative through corrective spectacles wiped clean of the smears of racism.

    Angela Cox’s spectacles need a little wiping.

  7. “Well said! Time too for ALL people to look at the 400 yr narrative through corrective spectacles wiped clean of the smears of racism.”

    Legacy of British Empire is responsible for many or most of the world problems and conflicts manifesting today

    Bearing in mind that they also established USA and then Israel who are responsible for Middle Eastern conflicts

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  8. And let’s not talk of how they MOOCH and SCROUNGE off OUR Afrikan continent…WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION…we are THE SURVIVORS and should be CONSULTED….by the original welfare recipients.

    let me clarify because i know most people have NO CLUE about this, when i say that they should CONSULT and ask PERMISSION form THE SURVIVORS….am not speaking about the manufactured negros in haunted parliaments or the talking heads from universities, they ARE ALL STILL YOKED and owned by the system as colonial agents.. and cannot speak on our behalf, none of them…..they are still in the process of starting to REDEEM THEMSELVES..

    am speaking about SPECIFIC BLOODLINES, the moochers and scroungers know EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE….

  9. Lawson…ah saw ya cussing at Justin yesterday in BC…not even the police could get you to shut up…

  10. Waru
    The Craig Witlock Afghanistan papers in the Washington Post provides insight into the criminal, graft, nayure which kept this immoral war going for 20 years.

    You’ll notice that the media is covering the botched withdrawal but not the unjust war itself. Of course, White people can always presume that pretexts like women’s rights gives the West some moral superiority. Which is another lie.

  11. This is a horror show, no matter how we look at it, i noticed ISIS is also in Africa, they are obviously being funded and armed…it takes real money to do that, wondered why there was a suggestion to house Afghans in Uganda which will draw terrorists to that a magnet..

    nothing makes sense…maybe that’s the whole point..

  12. Pacha..i saw your reference.

    from the Intelligencer: i stopped reading after these 2…that’s when too much politics entered the reading.

    “Approximately $19 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars fell into the hands of the Taliban and allied groups, according to a study of Defense Department contracts in the country.

    The head of a construction firm had a brother in the Taliban and the two created terrorism’s version of an everlasting gobstopper. One brother would build infrastructure projects, and the other would destroy them, so the first would get the U.S. contract to rebuild.”

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  14. A good news story

    Sen. Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin was granted parole Friday after two of RFK’s sons spoke in favor of Sirhan Sirhan’s release and prosecutors declined to argue he should be kept behind bars

  15. Big Dread say “There will be fire in babylon”

    Wicked Warmongers know there time is up for bloody War Games and have to run like pussies as babies who get born in War Zones are fearless and rebellious and fight evil back with a vengeance like Jamaicans in London Town

    439 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TA
    Fire/New Cross Fire

  16. @ David,
    You could find yourself in trouble by allowing a personal address to be printed in your blog. Word to the wise: take it down.

  17. That’s the address of the New Cross Fire 40 years ago and is part of black history studies and has a blue plaque. This plaque on New Cross Road commemorates the fire that started during a house party at this address on Sunday 18th January, and which resulted in the death of 13 individuals, all of whom were teenagers, and all of whom were black. The party was a joint birthday celebration for Yvonne Ruddock aged 16 (one of the victims of the fire) and Angela Jackson (who survived).

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