Should the West Recognize New Rulers of Afghanistan?

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Most Global Powers are reviewing a direct challenge, a so called “Dare” to their administrations. Will these nations recognize The “Reformed” Taliban Administration in Afghanistan and work with them towards a mutual benefit?

When America’s troops were flying away a few weeks ago the representatives of Asian Powers Russia and China were opening up shop in Afghanistan. What did these powers see that America did not? Afghanistan is essentially a very poor nation, but they do grow certain things there that are illegal in most nations of the world. Opium and its by products has filled the agricultural fields of this land like forever. Cultivated by various tribes, gangs and feudal lords that make up the Taliban, these items are desired cargo shipped to Russia, China, Australia , The EU and The America’s. 

While a spokesman for The Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid told reporters The Taliban will not be producing narcotics, nor allowing Afghan’s to get involved in the Heroin Trade. There are vast fields of the stuff present in Afghanistan today, and the very people who grow and process the stuff also are essential members of The Taliban Organization. Do we give The Taliban time to issue policies that make the growth, its processing and smuggling of Opium illegal, and do we actually believe The Taliban?

Most Citizens of Afghanistan are Muslims. Muslim Doctrine opposes the illicit business of drug trafficking. We have seen extremist groups of all political and religious stripes proclaim one thing only to do the other in secret. The Taliban needed to raise revenue for its struggle, so they became one of the largest drug cartels in Asia. The Means justifies the end Goal.  The Taliban developed extensive smuggling routes, and partnerships with various illicit and legal organizations that protected their trade of drugs. Why would they throw this away, to appear as though they are what they claim to be, religious, righteous followers of their religion? No they will not, they cannot. Why? Their various partners will demand they stay the status quo. Pakistan’s Intelligence Service  has been one of their chief allies through out their struggle for power. Monies flow into the hands of Pakistan’s various governmental and military leadership. They need revenue, and walking away from the drug trade will be a challenge they cannot accomplish. They can promise to do so , like they promise to allow their female citizens to go to higher learning, travel unescorted, work in  businesses from their homes too. What is believable? Guess we will have to wait and see.

In order to consolidate their power in Afghanistan The Taliban must appear to be lenient, compassionate and open minded in the ways they govern. Leniency is not a trait of extremist religiosity. The Taliban Administration needs massive infusions of currency to modernize a functioning nation. That is what China has to offer. China has been buying up much of our world’s infrastructure , so too Afghanistan. China is building a massive trade route though Asia, and they will not allow The Taliban to hold it up. Furthermore,  Afghanistan is a vital strategic launching pad for their military in Asia, So they will need both an ally and friend in The Taliban.

If The Taliban does put a stop to the illicit drug trade in their nation, many of their “customers” will substitute heroin with Opioid’s like fentanyl. The Mexican, Chinese and Myanmar Cartels will continue supplying the globes drugs. Nothing changes except the Taliban actually does what it said it would do.That is to be seen as future events unfold before us all.

Will America and The EU shake the hands of their former opponents? Enemies forever, or status quo as usual. America can simply enter the Afghan market place and compete along side all other power elites for future contracts to hopefully rebuild Afghanistan. Has The Taliban learnt their lesson from the first time they held power? Brutal revenge and retribution with tunnel vison achieve little last time. This time can Taliban leaders see beyond their quest for power, and see a nations bright future? Such a future can happen you know. Can a new “Muslim Democracy” come to fruition? the Peoples Republic of China calls itself a “democracy”, a peoples government. It is all in the eyes of the believer to perceive positive change. Can The Taliban transform itself in time?

Communist China was once a closed society to all foreigners. Now it is a Communist -Capitalistic Society. A society that saw the errors of its ways during the cultural revolution and made changes allowing their citizens, businesses and even government approved churches to practice within their borders. China attracted their former opponents, and developed prized customers through out the world. The Taliban can do the same thing. Will it? A failed state walking, or a future blossoming with a bright economic and cultural future?

I know extremism in many forms. Extreme political, religious and cultural organization can transform over time. Will Global Powers be tolerant and patient, or will they show their claws and act as war hawks have in the past. For some nations, war is an essential economic sector. Will the Taliban’s Afghanistan become another target of future war mongering, or will the globe realize there are more immediate global issues to deal with today.

I say extend a cautious hand of expectant , but eyes wide open welcoming to The Taliban. They need us more than we need them. But saying that, another rogue nation in our world we do not need. 
Diplomacy, Transparency and Honesty can accomplish much. 

49 thoughts on “Should the West Recognize New Rulers of Afghanistan?

  1. South East North West Above Below

    Don’t watch the West

    The Sun rises in the East

    Do you want to rule the world and control it?

  2. David

    This is the wrong question. The right question should be – should the Taliban recognize the West?

    It takes a perverse logic to arrive at such a ridiculous question. Not only by this writer but by most of the talking heads on western media.

    But these kinds of questions are poised everywhere. They presuppose that somehow western countries after illegally invading and occupying a country based on lies that that West could now sit in judgement of the Taliban government.

    An even more pertinent question should be – when should war crimes trials begin for this aggressive war? Why should Tony Blair, George Bush, a dead Rumsfeld, Richard Cheney, the members of Congress, the countries which instigated and constructed the causus beli for war not be frog marched into the Hague on the most serious crimes known to man – aggressive war.

    When will war reparations be assessed and paid to Afghanistan?

    Such questions, as asked in this piece, can only be the products of western misinformed and highly propagandized minds.

    And after this colossal failure in Afghanistan these same Westerners in their profound ignorance are pivoting to China, to Russia and instead of following international law they are concocting some “Rules Based Order “as proffered by the same war criminal Tony Blair in 1999.

    International legal rules which they set up don’t serve their imperial designs any longer so they try to move the goal posts again. Sorry, tooooooo late!

    Wars, of all kinds, have given the West meaning for thousands of years. It is a constant historical theme. They end has come. And they know this. But will they accept it without the Armageddon sought by the Christian fanatics? The Nuclear Clock is less than two minutes to a global holocaust!

  3. Drone War Fuckeries and White Man Propaganda

    Western “Intelligence” is pure prejudice is scum and we need some scum removal spray to wipe them away
    Pass me my laser beam to wipe out the wicked men clean

    Scientist Dub Scratch
    Week 5 Day 1
    The reggae world is still missing and mourning the passing of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

  4. David

    Will we be ever able to envision a world where Western perspectives or sensibilities are uncentred?

    This is where we are. And the centrifugal forces are informing tectonic shifts under their very feet.

    Recently, as a sign of their defeat in Afghanistan, pregnant with meanings , was the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which is a strategic alliance., that expanded its membership amongst other things.

    The West was for decades trying to entrap India into a war woth China. At the same the QUAD met and released a communique with India, also a member of the SCO, made it clear that they will not be so used. They will instead link up with China’s Belt and Road Initiative while keeping a distance for its own play for global leadership ambitions.

    With these events and more the Great Game for Central Asia has been utterly lost by the West. In the geopolitical literature it is considered that those who control this massive region control the world.

    Instead, of you and Barbados continuing to rest on the present, leadership requires us all to at least recalibrate, develop, a plan for a fundamentally different reality even in circumstance if our reading proves to be entirely wrong. Maybe this is too much to hope for.

  5. I suspect Afghanistan will be inherently unstable in the forseeable future.

    Even China cautious!!

    “A series of diplomatic statements by China has indicated a “cautious alliance” between the country and the Taliban. On their part, the Taliban have declared China to be Afghanistan’s “main partner.” In the wake of the violent return to power of the Taliban, international leaders have made much of China’s potential role in Afghanistan. Most statements emphasize the possible dividends of growing levels of Chinese investment in Afghanistan in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – China’s central foreign policy scheme that seeks to create land and sea infrastructural links designed to facilitate economic activity within and beyond Asia.”

    “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Gang aft a-gley”. Or to translate, the best laid plans of mice and men can still go wrong.

    No matter how well you plan, there is no guarantee of success.

  6. David
    Despite what the people in the media are saying that conclusion is uncertain.

    There are far too much interests at stake for such an early determination.

    Far too much foreign investment with all its neighbours interested.

    Of course, there will be stricter adherence to Sharia Law but the neighbours already have all out relations with many other countries which enforce a strict adherence to Sharia with no problems, seemingly. So does the West.

  7. John
    Have you witnessed up close how the Chinese operate. Caution is the watchword within every facet of their structures.

    Have you not noticed how they play the long-game trying to wait out a dying empire to run out of steam.

    You should study your enemies. The first lesson in war.

  8. David

    It’s Islamic jurisprudence in the same way that your christianity informs Western legal traditions.

    Weeeeeeeeeee know that you are getting at the popular memes but the story of Afghanistan is far bigger than those.

    Unlike your predisposition, Islamic jurisprudence played a role, for example, in the setting up of the USA. See for instance Morocco’s role and the”Treaty of Friendship or Amity between Morocco and early America. There has been some cross fertilization, of course, which the people informing you have failed to mention.

    When has the West cared about women or children or Black people?

  9. David

    Stop being so naive and get up from Barbados and go see the world.

    Have Afrikan people in the USA not lost the Voting Rights Act by a supreme count decision?

    What advances? There for powerful women in leadership in Iran. Right next door. We’ve met Muslims women living under Sharia that will have it no other way.

    And yet we must confess that the last Taliban regime was awful in many ways including a Byzantium treatment of women and girls.

    But are these not similar to the brutes Daesh your sacred West used in Syria, Iraq , Libya to overthrow governments they dislike.

    When they were having slave markets and marrying very young girls, where were your arguments against it. Those whose war agenda you buy into using “poor” Afghan women as a shield.

    • Are we discussing Afghanistan and diminishing rights of women loss since the Taliban took power? If yes the blogmaster does not give a rats ass the references cited .

  10. PachamamaSeptember 27, 2021 12:41 PM

    Have you witnessed up close how the Chinese operate. Caution is the watchword within every facet of their structures.

    Have you not noticed how they play the long-game trying to wait out a dying empire to run out of steam.

    You should study your enemies. The first lesson in war.


    The best laid plans of mice and men can still go wrong.

    The Chinese are mice but they don’t really understand that … which is how it is supposed to be!!

  11. David

    Ok. So send back your christian soldiers to occupy it unlit jesus comes then. Like the militarist you never had a care about Afghan women until US media told you to.

  12. Did you know along the Belt and Road Initiative lies the Euphrates River.

    Looks like Turkey has the ability to make it run dry at will.

    More mice busy at work!!

  13. It was 1996 we seem to recall when then Afghanistan President Mohammad Najibullah was killed by the Taliban, hung from a street light in the middle of town.

    This was after a guerrilla war first sponsored by Brezinsky and the CIA. Brezinsky’s wish was for the for.mer USSR to have its Vietnam. A war which would bleed it to death. Now his daughter is on msnbc everyday talking shiiite.

    But Afghanistan under Najibullah was communist and as progressive as any majority Islamic state has been.

    So it was the Americans who brought down Najibullah who had a modern Islamic approach to women rights etc because the destruction of the USSR was of utmost importance then. It was this American illegal war which made possible the first incarnation of the Taliban and their Byzantium edicts.

    Nobody cared about women rights then. They care now because it suits them.

  14. David,

    The Royal Wee Wee is clear so far today.

    You need to flush the western crap.

    It is hard but not impossible to do.

    When you, in vexation, closed the other blog, I had one more comment to make for clarification.

    The Royal Wee Wee is also correct about what Africa needs. He was incorrect in assuming that GP hates Africans. GP is simply mistaken about what Africa needs. Most people are because we are raised on the crap from the West. And most people do not stop and think about it.

  15. There was fuck all about Woman’s Rights in GWB’s US War Mission Statement for Afghanistan
    those hippo cunts added that in 10 years later with Obama

    Things that make you go hmmmm..
    Did you not see the Devil’s Face in the Smoke when NYC was nuked in false flags by false leaders
    GWB had papers on his desk about war with Afghanistan project on 10th September 2001
    US and Israel developed and used drone technology for the Pentabomb which destroyed evidence of $15B missing funds by CIA Black Ops
    WTC1 WC2 WTC3 WTC7 were allegedly destroyed by controlled demolition and small nukes and photos of thermal sensors showed heat spots over NYC for a couple of weeks and there was molten steel and craters on bomb sites
    $240B in 10 year bonds in CIA Covert Funds held in Black Eagle Trust from Iran Contra Black Ops failed settlement in BNY Bank of New York which SEC cleared under Emergency Law

    The whole world knew septic tanks were lying like Mother Fucking Son of a Bitch Bastards and coined the phrase
    “Something’s not right” for their shenanigans for illegal dubious war agendas ulterior motives

    In case you did not know white people bullshit and lie and are the Devil’s Pickney

    their cunting bent propaganda now has China in their vision

  16. The Afghan army threw down their weapons, abandoned their vehicles and ran even though they severely out numbered the Taliban. Why save a country where there own citizens are cowards. Now, the country will be overtaken by different factions of terrorists. That’s why they shouldn’t be recognized, and denied any aid. Just let them kill each other off. They left the country fester for 20 years!

  17. “The Afghan army threw down their weapons, abandoned their vehicles and ran even though they severely out numbered the Taliban. “

    For 20 years the Yanks and Brits brought wars drones bombs into the regions of Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria and only employment was as mercenary soldiers working for $100 or $150 a month for local militias or US militias

    US is loath to put their own youths boots on ground and risk their own lives and has been training locals to fight Isis

    The biggest Chickens in the world are toxic loud yanks with their big fat mouths whose stupid wars are rightwing political platforms for flagwaving jingoism racism patriotism

  18. “You should study your enemies. The first lesson in war.”

    The first lesson in war is study yourself first

    US cannot take on China as they will be outsmarted and defeated even if they go round the houses with their lies for allies

  19. Women’s liberation in various cultures is achieved by Women’s protests for their rights and not by propagandists and armies with corrupt agendas. Now the filthy warmongers are talking about human rights.

  20. 555dubstreet

    Yes. Correct. Self knowledge is primary. Was externalizing. Assuming self knowledge. One must know self in order to know one’s enemies.

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    It’s a good job that the cunt ting whoremongers warmongers of Amerikkka are so fresh and clean with their own women’s rights truth and rights and equal rights when they war in foreign lands killing droning bombing shooting black brown children women and men. Why don’t they play their racial and gender war games at home instead in their own backward back yard to free up their own frigging in the rigging God damned inequality.

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  22. Americans are so stupid that they cannot tell when their own Government is scamming and shortchanging them by diverting tax payers funds into their massive repugnant War Industry for Gun, Bombs, Planes, Drones for profits to their shareholders and private corporations contracts political sponsors with their obvious false flags

    Employing youths to be in their army and spy networks to do their evil dirty work is their biggest crime

  23. Cu- Oonuh

    OK folks this is a wrap rap..

    If unu want to justify Americans and their Poodles and their ill conceived and deluded wars then you can go to hell..

    If unu want to go to heaven listen to musical protests instead and sing and dance and have some fun

    work back to the roots

    Roots of Contempory Music

  24. Y’all So Stupid

    The First Casualty of war is the Truth

    David should misrepresenting truth

    the following title should have it’s emphasis on the text which I have emphasised in bold for teaching dummies how to gain some clarity within all the bullshit clouding their mind

    Medics overwhelmed as Afghanistan healthcare crumbles
    Hundreds of health facilities have shut their doors to patients since aid money to Afghanistan was halted amid a mounting humanitarian crisis.

    USA created more problems in Middle East with their Neo Con NWO Illuminati PNAC war games which they stopped reporting and caring about about 10 years ago

    There is a school of thought that says when Africans in America were fighting for their basic human rights which was coined civil rights protests by any means necessary the tables were turned by youths willing to go to jail instead of school for their cause while Africans in Africa kept quiet as mice as they were scared they would lose their aid money

  25. David,

    America is not much further than those it condemns in its attitude to women. The West is only about 100 years ahead with a long way to go to true equality.

    What do you think #metoo was about?

    Men in control and wielding their power with impunity.

    • That is the point Donna, there is the opportunity to protest in the USA, in Afghanistan women have no avenue to do similarly.

  26. Under chattel slavery women had more opportunities than men to protest. They could poison their enslavers, refuse to heal the children of the slave master when ill.

    Any world view that women, under any circumstances cannot protest must therefore be informed by a minimized view of what is the power of women everywhere, in an aquarian age especially.

    These lenths are merely gone to in order to establish the rightness of stinking christian wars at the heart of the Muslim world. It cares not a “rat’s ass” about Afghan women.

    And these agruments are not new. Leading up to the Iraq invavasion these same people brought out the daughter of the Kuwati ambassador to Washington to testify on Capitol Hill saying that Saddam Hussein’s soldiers had thrown babies from incubators. All merely excuses to make war on non christian countries. Vietnam, the same thing. Soon causus beli will be the “Martians are coming”

    Poor little Afghan women christian men in the West want to save you in jesus name.

  27. “The West is only about 100 years ahead with a long way to go to true equality.”

    It was only about 50 years ahead but US UK war in Afghanistan for last 20 years has put it back another 50

    Nineteenth Amendment became part of the U.S. Constitution on August 18, 1920. “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

    The 1964 Constitution of Afghanistan granted women equal rights including universal suffrage and the right to run for office

  28. David, David, David!

    Have you looked at America lately? They are backpeddling with respect to women’s rights.

    Now we have women being advised by elected officials to “lay back and enjoy the rape if it is inevitable. We have elected officials, mainly men, telling women who are the victims of rape and incest that they have six damn weeks in which to terminate the pregnancy. Many women do not even know they are pregnant by then. So the traumatised woman must carry within her body the child of a nasty stinking brute.

    Tell me again how America can civilise Afghanistan! Tell me again about women’s rights!

    You cannot seem to clear your head of the propaganda. Get a grip!

    America is not and never has been what it purports to be.

    The Afghan people must sort out their own problems. It will be hard and messy. It always is.

    Look at America! They are on the verge of civil war!

    What can America teach anybody?

  29. This just in!

    White w6oman who was looking for Nancy Pelosi to shoot her in the brain gets slap on the wrist!

    Nasty, stinking, filthy America!

  30. Blood a Run Red
    World War Criminals must face Justice

    First World Honkies say they are well civilised when they use bombs and drones to kill in dubious illegal war
    but now they want to use spaceship technology

    Third World Ghetto-ites still decapitate enemies like the white man used to
    while some chop off hands and lips and let people live tortured and deformed

    Pasty White Faced Amerikkka and Yurope should stay the fuck out of Middle East Asia Africa

    Babylon Cookie Jar Crumble

  31. As mentioned before those who support and supported Trump are cunts
    the black ones like GP John CA GPII are the worst and dumbest cunts
    they are a waste of space and a damned disgrace to their race
    You cannot reason with cunts and their cognitive dissonance
    Trump showed the world Americas true colours that they are still the 21st Century version of the Ku Klux Klan
    Dems and GOP political charades are 2 sides of the same coin with same Pentagon Perpetual War Machine American Dreams and Schemes

  32. To summarise the higher conscious stream of consciousness that is coming from up above
    The West does not truly know or recognise God

    which means that for all the fuckwits in Amerikkka and all the other prejudiced Europeans in captured lands like Canada Australia New Zealand and all over UK and Europe aka Wicked Babylon

    the real existential question for discussion


    should be replaced with


    20 years of white peoples cunting war propaganda from the next chapter in their book of hook and crook is over
    so they should shut the fuck up and stop spunking tax money on war technologies weapons of mass destruction
    next they will plan a false flag for revelations with spy satellites, spaceships, robots, holograms, drones, weapons of mass distraction

  33. Barbados Underground
    Bringing news and opinion to the people

    I made a couple of attempts on other threads to provide a commentary on the subject of Colin Powell’s life and death obituary with regards to emphasis on the Iraq War debacle and the criminal gang of Vulcan foreign policy makers for GW Bush’s Presidency and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) (continuous war) Agenda for US dominance modus operandi and dubious scripts fed to public home and abroad which require to be debugged and stopped

    (but algorithms and/or (outdated) IT technology and/or agents stopped global messaging flow for communication)

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