Difficult Conversations – Ceremonial Governor General?

We are approximately five months away from when Barbados is scheduled to become a Republic.  The news media are doing Barbados a grave disservice by not allowing fair discussion of this now critical issue.  They are also misleading the public by claiming that the Governor General’s role is only ceremonial.

Barbados cannot afford the luxury of maintaining expensive ceremonial posts, while our debts are over 150% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  For context, the unsustainable debt threshold is 60% of GDP.  Therefore, if the Governor General’s post is only ceremonial, then the Prime Minister should call a referendum, get the consent of the people, and make us a Republic already.


The fact is that despite the media’s disinformation campaign, the Governor General is not a ceremonial position.  The Governor General is supposed to protect Barbadians from sustained economic and physical harm.

Since a political public service is not based on merit, it normally ruins an economy through unsustainable debts.  This forces the public to live in hand-to-mouth or pay-cheque to pay-cheque poverty.  To avoid this nightmare, the Constitution gives the Governor General the authority to hire, fire, and discipline public workers (Section 94.1).


Unfortunately for us, past administrations recommended aged persons (close to or past their three score and ten allotment) to the post of Governor General, burdened them with tiresome ceremonial duties, and appointed intermediate bodies to manage our public services.

The result of those actions made the Governor General’s function of protecting the public from economic harm, de facto ceremonial – and ineffective.  Since our Independence, none of our Governor Generals asserted their authority to stop the politization of our public services.  Therefore, the public must rely on Prime Ministerial benevolence.

If the Prime Minister is not willing to relinquish the power that a Prime Minister was never Constitutionally intended to have, then whether we become a Republic, or remain as is, will not make any difference to us.  Therefore, if this was the Governor General’s only role, then we should become a Republic, and end this farce of a de facto ceremonial Governor General already.


The fact is that the Governor General’s most important role is to protect citizens from sustained physical harm.  Since our Independence, we managed our affairs, secure in the
knowledge that we were insured against aggressors.

There are only two types of countries on Earth – those whose citizens are insured, and those whose citizens are not.  An uninsured nation normally attracts the attention of an aggressor nation, that tries to destabilize the government, including through internal strife.  The historical record is full of examples in South America, Africa, and Asia.


Historically, nations negotiated trade and military alliances with other nations.  It is because of these military alliances that the world experienced the two World Wars, which culminated with nuclear weapons and the United Nations (UN) in 1945.

Larger nations now self-insure against aggressors, by investing in nuclear weapons.  There are currently nine countries with nuclear weapons, but only five of them have enough to strike every nation, namely: Russia, USA, France, UK, and China, who are the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.  The other nuclear-weapon countries are: Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea.


The only countries with the capability to deter aggressor nations, are those with nuclear weapons.  As a Constitutional Monarchy, we are automatically insured through the UK, as are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Papua New Guinea, and eight other Caribbean countries.

Since aggressors do not dare threaten insured countries, we have taken our insurance for granted.  We are oblivious to the risks that uninsured countries face, and wonder, in child-like ignorance, why uninsured countries tend to be in conflict.


If we are planning to become a Republic, and have not started to negotiate international insurance, then our Prime Minister is being very badly advised.  If the advice is to insure us through the United Nations, then we are sunk.

The United Nations is willing to accept any amount of collateral damage, to prevent war between nations.  Therefore, UN insurance is an illusion for citizens.  This was proven during the murder of at least 800,000 uninsured Rwandans in 1994, when the UN was present in the country and allowed the genocide.


Today, the citizens of countries in conflict, who their political leaders tricked into cancelling their international insurance, desperately plead with the UN for help.  The most that they can hope for, is a useless UN Security Council resolution, asking all parties to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict.  Insured citizens have a realistic hope of help.

In 1982, Argentina seized the Falkland Islands.  Despite the population of the Islands being approximately 2,000 persons, they were insured.  Three days later, the UK sent a naval force which defeated the Argentine military.


Venezuela had territorial disputes with Guyana, Dominica, and Trinidad & Tobago, and has threatened military action against Guyana and Dominica.  The US has threatened military action against Cuba and Haiti.  The targets are all uninsured Republics.

The Governor General is the only person in Barbados who can activate our insurance, to which the UK is obligated to respond.  Before we become a Republic, the public deserves to know who will have standing to activate our international insurance, and the name of the reliable insurer.  The public also deserves to know whether the intention is to leave Barbadians uninsured with the UN.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

122 thoughts on “Difficult Conversations – Ceremonial Governor General?

  1. @ nextparty246June 28, 2021 6:16 PM

    Because they cannot defeat the gravamen of your argument that a mandate ought to be obtained if a ‘genuine’ republic is to be birthed in its true colours.

  2. Says who? You, the Miller of the UK? How many Bajans who will be so governed are concerned about it? Only DLP operatives like AC who, on this very BU, agreed with it when proposed by Freundel Stuart?

    Trump supporting, Nelson supporting Grenville Phillips 2 who thinks that abusive white people are needed to protect Bajans from Mia Mottley?

    We did not need them to protect us from him. We dealt with him ourselves. Bare licks at the ballot box and laughter galore!

    He has no influence in Barbados because we saw his crazy from the start.

    People who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome need no referendum to take them away from their abusers. The psychiatrists from the mental simply turn up and authorise their removal from the cage.

    You, who claim we are mentally enslaved by the white man’s religion, now want the same “brainwashed” and impaired people to unchain themselves?

    You want them to let go of Jesus? Let them start at the beginning with letting go of Elizabeth!

    Lookah, cyah yuh tail up dere wid she if yuh tink she should rule black people! Oops! Yuh up dere ahready!

    God save YOUR gracious queen!

    Grenville Phillips 2

    Who says it is the worst way? You who responded with a damn lie?

    THAT, to me, is the WORST WAY! And it is not the first stupid lie you have told on BU, oh man who turned his body mass and cholesterol level around in three weeks.

    I am still awaiting the proof you said you could obtain from the doctor, Mr. ORDER YOUR CASKET!

    No wonder you like Donald Trump who conquered critical condition Covid in two days but was captured struggling for breath on his “triumphant” return to the White House. He had to be persuaded against ripping open his jacket to reveal a Superman “S”.

    (I will never forgive the advisors who deprived me of what would have been the Bajan belly laugh of my lifetime.)

    This too is the man whose doctor, now proven to be a Trump nut politician, told the world that the “239 lb”
    (coincidentally just 1lb short of obese lol) president was probably the healthiest American president ever.

    Your only super power is the ability to super delude yourself.

    Just like how you have deluded yourself that you respond to me for politeness sake.

    Lookah, cyah yuh lying tail, do!

  3. Another primary school prose from the author. I have to now call his credential into question. Engineers are normally trained to think critically and be problem solvers. Mr Grenville has failed spectacularly at both endeavors.

  4. @ Donna June 29, 2021 1:39 AM

    So why a need for a referendum to decriminalize a plant given to the people by the same ‘white-man’ god in the guise of Satan?

    Why not treat it just like going republic? Just do it!

    Isn’t going republic more of a national issue than the decriminalization of a simple plant (not a banana) and whose consumption is limited to a minority of the society just like alcohol or tobacco but involving the burning of scarce forex via the underground economy?

    Now please don’t prove the Engineer right!

  5. (Quote):
    You, who claim we are mentally enslaved by the white man’s religion, now want the same “brainwashed” and impaired people to unchain themselves?

    You want them to let go of Jesus? Let them start at the beginning with letting go of Elizabeth! (Unquote).

    Totally agree! What’s the sense of going republic when the trappings of the Royal family and its ‘appointed’ religion will still remain?

    Why not go the whole hog given the 54 years of Independence but still conferring titles of Knight and Dame and QC on the royal slaves?

    It’s long past the ‘Time’ to let go of both.

    The same way you need to let go of your Anglicanism and your ‘pretend’ hatred of white people whose patronage through the tourism/welcome stamp lifeboat is beyond your criticism.

    Aren’t you being more ‘English’ than an ordinary Anglican hiding behind a black mask?

    Maybe you ought to let the Light guide you on your path to mental tranquillity by rejecting the same Anglicanism of stolen stories.

    “I am black; I am in total fusion with the world, in sympathetic affinity with the earth, losing my id in the heart of the cosmos – and the white man, however intelligent he may be, is incapable of understanding Louis Armstrong or songs from the Congo.
    I am black, not because of a curse, but because my skin has been able to capture all the cosmic effluvia. I am truly a drop of sun under the earth.”
    ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

  6. @ David June 29, 2021 5:24 PM

    ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step’.

    Let’s get rid of the laws which criminalize people because of their sexuality or for using marijuana.

    How can the country talk about liberation through republicanism while transitioning those kinds of laws into the future form of oppression?

    There is no major financial cost involved. No re-branding exercise required

    What do you have to say about that, King David?

  7. When did I ever pretend to hate white people????? Do you BU old men think you are my favourite old men?????

    Nah man! My favourite old men are The Rolling Stones.

    I love the English Language, English literature, English comedy.

    There is much to admire about the English.

    And I found much to enrich an understanding of life in the teachings of Jesus conveyed to me by the Anglican church.

    No people are all good or all bad. I enjoy the good from every culture. I would not wish to see any culture eliminated.

    However…. our knowledge of our African heritage has been omitted and needs to be reclaimed to complete the sense of self of all people of predominantly African descent.

    And the world needs to acknowledge how Africans have indeed contributed to it.

    When asked what he thought of tye Black Lives Matter protests, Keith Richards stated, ” It’s about fucking time. I would not be here without black music.”

    Now….. there’s something for white people to consider. Their rock gods owe it all to the same people they demean!

    P.S. Much as I retain most of the teachings of my parents but do not wish to be ruled by them still, I see no need to purge myself of all things English. I simply believe I should not be ruled by them.

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how wrong the Miller can be!

    I have stated many times that I do not hate white people. My early childhood was happily spent in their bosom.

    Who of sound mind can hate an entire race of people????


    I hope this is the last time I must correct your misinterpretations or misrepresentations.

    I grow tired of repeating myself for your benefit.

  9. I have thought of a better way to state this. Rather than “who of sound mind could hate an entire race”, better would be “who of sound mind could hate a person for the colour of his/her skin”.

  10. @ Donna June 30, 2021 6:20 AM

    Good for you!

    Then you ought to revise what you wrote when you state:
    “Third World” is in the eye of the beholder. That is a white man’s description. I do not accept their definitions of ANYTHING.

    BTW, it’s not too late to convert to Roman Catholicism to know about Jesus since the ‘English’ Queen and Her Heirs and Successors will still be the (Titular) Head of the Anglican Church after Barbados becomes a republic.

  11. I wonder if the Miller believes that Mia Mottley has a problem accepting homosexuality or weed smoking.

    If the answer is no, then there must be another reason for the stalling.

    Some would attach nefarious motives but I believe she understands that change must be managed.

    People can only handle so much change at a time. Too much sudden change and their brains will overheat trying to deal with it. The result will be chaos.

    “Change management is a professional specialty,” my old campus buddy recently informed me on a chance meeting that turned into lunch. He makes a living from it.

    I bet I could recite its major principles without taking the course. All it takes is a knowledge of people.

  12. Sigh…..still trying…think you bowled a bouncer? In your half of the pitch????,

    Ok, Miller, let me take you back to the basics!

    A little thing called context.

    I was taking exception to the designation of mainly non-white nations as “THIRD WORLD”. This is the white man’s way of deliberating demeaning all cultures but their own and so cementing it in our minds that we cannot conceive of ourselves as equal and neither can the average white man. Such defintions and descriptions are designed both to justify and ensure their continued dominance embodied in constructs and associations that supposedly operate in the interest of global “prosperity”.

    So…I do not suscribe to ANYTHING defined by the white man in this context.

    Next little lesson.

    When the black power people spoke about “THE MAN” he was not referring to one man. They were referring to the system of WHITE SUPREMACY.

    And so it is with me.

    P.S. The Anglican church never ruled me. I am not forced to swear any allegiance to it, nor to the queen.

    But FYI, we have not been for three years and have no intention of returning. Took the good with us and left the bad behind.

    Baby intact, bathwater thrown out!

    You may be confused but I am not!

  13. Anybody ( especially black people) who supports that despicable of a creature name Donald Trump cannot be trusted and should never be taken seriously. Can you imagine the level of dumbness and stupidity one has to undergo to get to that man level. ?

  14. Hi Grenville
    Now would be a good time to repeat some of your advice on construction/home building.

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