Honeymoon Period Over for Mottley Government

Swordplay and ripostes are a feature of the political landscape of any country. Two years out from a general election constitutionally due in 2023 we have started to see a ramping up of the political vitriol and rhetoric by the two main political parties.

There is no doubt in the minds of political observers the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) took management of a poorly performing economy in 2018. The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) before its historic defeat was reported at one point to be borrowing 50 million monthly from the Central Bank of Barbados to meet salary commitment to the public sector, and the financial position of the NIS fund had deteriorated as a result of operating as government’s ATM. The foreign reserves dipped to a low level, for the first time Barbados achieved junk status credit rating and had become a pariah in the capital market. The parity of the Barbados dollar was under attack with predictably the D-word being mentioned as the ‘lord and saviour’ of our economic problems.

The Mia Mottley led BLP immediately on winning office took unpopular decisions to default on local and foreign debt by hiring White Oak Advisory, a boutique financial advisory outfit based in the UK see Barbados creditors fume at ‘absurd’ $27m advisory fees. Appointed the largest Cabinet some suggest in the world on per 1000 of population supported by the tagline – many hands make light work.

Along with taking over a poorly performing economy, external events have not been kind to the incumbent. The DLP in 2006 had to manage the economy during a global recession and in 2019 the BLP has had to manage the economy in a COVID 19 induced pandemic. That said, members of households although sympathetic to macro issues are always more concerned with bread and butter issues; maintaining an acceptable quality of life.

After 3 years in office the gloves are off and the performance of government – notwithstanding the challenges presented by the times – is attracting greater public scrutiny.

Enuff a pro-BLP BU commenter posted the following in defence of government’s performance and what is in the implementation pipeline.

  1. … who is about to redevelop the same Temple Yard through the UDC?
  2. Who about to give 50 acres to youth at Wakefield for farming?
  3. When your opponent is in your strongest seat racking up achievements and with zero seats in parliament your leader (Verla De Peiza) runs away, you’re in a bad state.
  4. More frightening is the leader in trying to get a foothold in St.Lucy is reported as saying “there is really a lot that needs to be done in St Lucy”, this is after the parish was represented in Parliament by a DLP member for 32 unbroken years starting in 1986, 18 of which the party was the government.
  5. Added to this are the topics she focused on water and buses when the BWA busy laying mains in St Lucy, a desal plant is in the works, more buses are coming and a mass transit framework. So that platform dead in the waatuh!
  6. The fact is that Dems can’t handle the government’s performance and know that with 2 years still to go another beating awaits. QEH upgraded A&E opening early next month.
  7. More HOPE housing coming, including St.Lucy and St.John.
  8. Vending legislation coming.
  9. National digital ID, licensing authority sorted (ASYCUD a lot of early noise too), new ways to pay and receive money, new mechanics and bodywork clusters.
  10. Scotland District rehab
  11. More buses
  12. More road improvements.
  13. New recycling and garbage collection.
  14. Vineyard project, new reservoirs, more water from Ionics.
  15. IL (the legislation for the commission has already been passed), whistleblower legislation etc etc all before the next election.
  16. KLM and Aer Lingus starting flights later in the year. Yuh remember empty Gol from Brazil? The Dems would do better to send a bowling machine.

Discuss for 5 marks.


  • Earlier today I mentioned the government building and leasing modern, technology-enhanced boats. Here is another progressive plan by the government carried in today’s newspaper. In referring to the workers employed to beautify the highways, the Minister “explained that his ministry was working with the Ministry of Small Business, Energy and Entrepreneurship to form a cooperative to allow the young men and women on the highway beautification initiative to form their own businesses to work with government to maintain the project.” Anyone on BU recalls how and who the former government gave the highway beautification to?🤫


  • The same one yall said was corrupt and despite that ya rolling around in bed with them now….yall are tag team remember…


  • John 2 the comedian rushes in to defend without understanding whst he defending.It was clearly stated that Mr Symmonds was the tourism minister at the time of the slogan.Hpw this simpleton interpret that to be blaming the DLP is beyond me.Then he claims he a dem losing faith in the team.He never had any to start with so how can he lose it.Perhaps as a St Lucy man as he clsims he can return home and help the political nightwatchman as she does not seem to be getting any help from ex Mp Mr Kellman.He would serve a better purpose 5han jumping on AC bandwagon trying to be Austin.


  • Enuff

    And WHO DEM sent Home and made the fight for Their money


  • @ The OGazertsMay 29, 2021 3:37 PM
    Serious note:
    Trying to link these recent gaffes to 2018 (and therefore the DLP) is a mistake. If they were unable to manage spending $750K, if it takes them two years to develop a website, then it is fair to question the haste of hiring White Hoax. Do you realize that White Hoax which is one of their ‘stellar achievements’ was not mentioned.

    Were our negotiators able to get the best deal for the money?? I Am beginning to lose confidence in this team

    Nice ‘play on word(s)’ there, ye old Gazette”!

    Have always suspected there is more in the consultancy of friends mixing mortar bowl than just that pestle made from the White Oak tree which was ‘cobbled’ together in such a short space of time and merely on the ‘advice’ of that ‘closeted’ consultant with the ‘British-affected’ accent.

    We have always tried to impress upon that Ivy league elf in investigative journalism who has been made persona non grata because he is saddled with the overseas Bajan condition called ‘# throwingshade #’ to use his well-heeled Fleet Street connections to expose the undercover deal which can have serious ramifications given the spotlight on the Donvillegate affair and as a means to recover his pre 2018 reputation on BU.

    Unlike the many monkeys wearing all-red costumes- like our original ape man dubbed “Enuff”- we are supremely confident you can read between the lines of the miller’s verbosity and, without stepping over the line of defamation where the referee in the de facto president of the bourgeoning banana republic, connect to the message of: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”
    when it comes to the philosophy of Bajan BDLP politics.


  • The BLP has lost its way, it is without Owen Arthur and all their so call amateur economists ( wearing economic pampers). Mottley has been the biggest contributor to our pre-2008 debt just look at all her waste of programs, Edu- tech over 300 million dollars of our taxpayer’s dollars, over 350 million USD in Dodds prison, millions of dollars wasted at the Crab Hill Police Station when she was Attorney General. Ask Cynthia, why Owen Arthur removed her as AG? Barbadians need to be warned that Mia will continue to mash up our economy. Her only plan is the IMF which will mean massive layoffs, a higher cost of living, and the destruction of our society. We cannot allow her to get away with her despotic rule whenever the next general election is called. She must be held accountable for all the pain and suffering heaped upon the people of this fair land allowing the rich to get richer and telling the poor to hold strain while
    Crime keeps knocking at everyman door


  • Facts

    Our highly educated and highly paid government decided that bullying, Is the number one priority in school
    1, not that children are not getting nutritional meals at home because parents are not working or their salary are so small and taxes so high the money can’t stretch that far
    2, not that nearly a year in ,and some children still don’t have computers to do online classes, but they got 300 million to lend millionaires and billionaires
    3,not that the school’s want fixing and bringing into the future with technology labs, etc
    4, not that the school’s education system need changing, with all secondary schools becoming equal by the getting rid of that profiling test call the 11 plus.
    5, not with the introduction of all the technologies, Trades, business, arts , languages and African history in schools from the primary school level
    6, That the children are finally finding out that the adults have been lying to them for years
    7, that some of the children need counselling but not by people who use religion that don’t solve problems
    8, that the children need their parents, but the parents have to put in longer hours at work just to earn enough to barely survive
    So what did these genius come up with, an app! an app!! spent money on an app,to stop children from being children.
    To stop bullying you don’t need an app, you need adults teaching children how to stand up to bullies, that is how children grow a spine and fortitude to face the world of bullies when they become adults
    Right now because we were not taught how to deal with bullies, but taught through religion to be submissive, meek, and mild
    The bullies that are in our government has decided we don’t need a referendum on Republican status
    None on the changing of the constitution
    And we certainly don’t need to know what laws they passing willy nilly and how it will affect us!
    A fucking app! to control our children like their are animals or machines instead of being individuals and we rolling over and taking it!



  • I thank our blessed Goddess Bim for sending us Mia Mottley as her High Priestess. Soon Barbados will be restored to its former glory and will be called the true gem of the Caribbean – as it was in the 18th century.

    The attacks on our Honourable Ministers by unpatriotic commentators are mere lies and half-truths. The fact is that our Most Honourable Prime Minister and undisputed Supreme Leader has protected us from storms, too much volcanic ash and cockroaches, the DLP and other natural catastrophes. The restructuring of government finances was also a veritable masterpiece.

    If the treacherous opposition wins just one parliamentary seat in the next elections, it is obvious that electoral fraud is at play!


  • United Progressive Party


    Fresh Tailor Made Actions for Economic Recovery
    The United Progressive Party (UPP) commends and supports the Government’s continued efforts in fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic. We also commend the people of Barbados who continue to keep the Barbados economy turning over in what are very difficult times both on personal and work levels. Barbados needs a fresh tailor made strategy for our economic recovery post-COVID.
    Thus far the only discernible approach to economic recovery by our current Government is to:
    (1) Borrow money from the IMF thereby exacerbating the countries’ indebtedness
    (2) Commence a few small capital works projects which benefit a narrow band of people
    (3) Engage in tepid efforts to resuscitate tourism without considering the evolution of the tourism
    (4) Temporary jobs for a few of our people cleaning our streets
    (5) The distribution of food hampers.
    Unfortunately these efforts are unsustainable, will not yield the results required and do not amount to a growth strategy for the Barbadian economy.
    We are conscious that the world is going through a great crisis, in many ways greater than 9/11 Tourism Crisis of 2001 and the Financial Crisis of 2008. We however know that business people facilitated by an entrepreneurial government will seek out opportunities in times of crisis.
    The world economic outlook as projected by the International Monetary Fund is that the world will see growth of 6.6% in 2021 and 2022 4.4%. In the lead is the United States of America where growth is expected to reach pre-pandemic levels at 6.4% in 2021.
    Unemployment is said to have reached pre-pandemic levels of 6%.
    The European Union is also expected to see such growth but at a slower pace. The North American and European economies will benefit from the world demand for items related directly to the pandemic from vaccines to personal protective equipment, to the massive uptake on video conferencing facilities and other technology driven paraphernalia.
    We however know that despite the pandemic the USA strategy for maximizing its reliance on clean industries, especially those in the service industries matched with leadership in technology continues to generate substantial returns. The USA government provided stimulus to its residents which resulted in the purchase of many American produced goods and services which helped to boost its already established strategic trajectory.
    Within Barbados growth is projected at between 1% and 3%. And in reality this is considered to be optimistic if we continue on the current path. From 2018 Government’s fundamental strategy seems to have been IMF prescriptions for debt and management and borrowing. The IMF is a bank and except for demanding loan conditions, will not tell Barbados how to grow its economy. Approval of loans by the IMF are not victories for the Barbados economy. The IMF outlook for developing countries with an over reliance on tourism like Barbados is bleak.
    It is their view that in the long run there is an expectation that some of the social gains in areas like health care and education will be affected. There is also some evidence that investment is flowing out of low and middle income countries to benefit from the boom in the USA economy. International estimate that more than $5 billion left developing countries in March.
    The Progressive Party believes that Barbados business community is awaiting fiscal and economic policy guidance from the Government. This is especially necessary for small vulnerable economies like that of Barbados. There needs to be wide consultation not only with those in the traditional structures of business such as the social partnership and the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but also the non-traditional actors. We cannot continue to lurch from crisis to crisis no matter how well they are handled. Measures tailor made for the Barbados economy must be implemented as a matter of urgency.
    Worker retention must be encouraged and supermarkets must seek to temper their increase in prices. However it is imperative that Government develop a long term strategy for the Barbados economy which is linked closely to reforms in education, training and retraining as well as speeding up business processes.
    The UPP is of the view that COVID-19 has given Barbados the opportunity to embrace technology as a way of life and business. We must take advantage of this opportunity to increase productivity. We must however ensure that we review systems and implement better systems since poor systems digitized will remain poor systems.
    Projections suggest that Tourism will take longer to rebound than many other industries. The United Progressive Party in its 2018 manifesto had recognized that we as a country must recognize a new sector for investment. This we identified as the creative economy which has proven its resilience across the globe. The Government has however chosen to close the Ministry responsible for the Creative Economy.
    The truth is that no Government has ever supported this sector with any seriousness – not in the way that it has supported sugar, light manufacturing, tourism and international business. Governments have supported individual artists and projects but no long term structure was ever created. Certainly now is the time.
    There must be a focus on technology, culture/creativity and education as export options each strategically packaged as offerings within the creative economy. These are areas in which a wide cross section of Barbadians are interested including many of our “at risk” youth.
    Finally Barbados must as far as possible learn to feed itself. This was also a part of the policy platform in the 2018 UPP manifesto. The advantages are several fold:
    (1) Saving on foreign exchange
    (2) Reduction in food prices
    (3) Creation of employment and
    (4) Helping to mitigate NCDs by providing easier access to healthy fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices.
    Here the government must develop and support the efforts of small and large farmers as well as at home subsistence farmers. This includes the coordination of the growing and the distribution of crops.
    We hope that the Government will assume a leadership role in this matter. Barbados’ revenues have plummeted and we cannot continue to live on borrowed money and borrowed time.
    Immediate action is required.

    Lynette Eastmond
    Spokesperson: Law, Governance & the Economy


  • As long as they know that creatives DON’T NEED THEM in this new age….they have always been useless and disenfranchising to these individuals, no need to change that approach now.

    they can’t BULLY creatives to project the demeanor of Slaves, it will never happen..


  • You should never kick a dog when it is down, so here is some free advice for the “DLP”.
    DLP should talk about DLP not BLP and should have something good to say about themselves.


  • Anybody went through the manifesto yet? ✅ after ✅. Would love to see electric cars being cheaper and the EVCP infrastructure to support the shift. Can’t achieve net zero carbon with so much gasoline and diesel vehicles on the road. WLC assessments of new buildings and circular economy principles need to be pushed too. Come on my red wearing peoples, leh we leff Dem and the coven in de dust talking about Landor (not Brandor), websites and White Oak.🤣😋


  • EnuffMay 29, 2021 8:20 PM

    There is a conundrum. Net zero carbon emissions are the least of the worries now. Who has money to buy cars, or will have for the next five years?

    But I agree, solar farms are the future anyway, the Sun’s energy is free and only the infrastructure costs and local operating costs need be met, no ongoing import costs of fuel.

    No doubt the bloodsuckers will be looking at ways to extract money from people. Every home should have an automatic license to generate its own electricity, at no license charge.

    This foolishness that people need to pay for licenses to use te energy of the Sun, must end.

    Guv’ment put the Sun up there?


  • @Lorenzo
    I see that you can only process one post at a time. For this reason, I will give you time to digest the ‘subliminal’ post.


  • Wuh look at thing, yardfowl don’t know that they have ALL been left in the dust YEARS NOW and that’s right where they will stay, no one has the time for any of you jokers…..

    those who can see moved on long time ago, yall still struggling through trying to keep the 1800s to the 1950s alive, while some of us already said hi to the 22nd century..

    and these call themselves intellectual competition…🤣😂😍 if they saw what has already been achieved and had the ability to understand any of it, they will CRY…


  • Off topic.

    This is an extremely fascinating interview with a well- known restauranter who had to overcome adversity to safeguard her business.

    Her ethnicity gave her a slightly better opportunity to survive than an Afro-Bajan.

    The predatory sharks are alive and kicking in Barbados with their eyes always set on low-hanging fruit.


  • @ Dompey

    I never knew prostitution was legal in Barbados, as I cannot remember if any laws were enacted to legalize it.

    However, because women or men are not arrested for engaging in prostitution does not mean it is legal.

    Could you please explain how and why ‘government’ is involved in the ‘trade?’


  • Looking at the caption’s photo and watching that long line of parasitic MOUTHS….sucking sucking on taxpayers, them and their consultants….and none have done anything worth shouting about for the tens of millions of dollars taxpayers are spending on them annually.


  • Artax

    Just google as to whether or not prostitution is or isn’t legal in Barbados.


  • The government changing the slogan. Stupse!


  • Artax

    If Prostitution is legal in Barbados, it is obvious or self-evident that the government or the BLP government is complicit, because such a law has not been repealed as of yet.


  • @enuff

    Has the PM rebooted for political reasons or does she buy in to the words credited in the article. Some things we will never know. Actually we probably know.

    Did the Symmonds appointed Chatrani Board submit the booted campaign for cabinet approval?


  • @Dompey

    Prostitution is not legal in Barbados.


  • Dompey has painted a picture of himself in his writings that makes for wonder


  • David
    You’d have to ask the PM. My stance remains, as we are little yet “big”. Plus the theme song is very catchy. Do you know that song was actually released in November 2020? Little island, big, big love that wud neva go awaaay.🕺🏾💃🏾


  • David

    Well David, I tried painfully to convinced my Jamaican friend who two nieces are involved in the Go Go Dancing trade in Barbados that isn’t, so she told me that it is written all over Google. So I decided to googled it to find out if she was telling the truth, and there is was: Prostitution is legal in Barbados, but not Brothels.


  • It’s a pity you ended your Google search at Wikipedia, perhaps because the information therein satisfied your curiosity.

    I suggest you read the Barbados Sexual Offences Act, L.R.O 1993, Cap 154:

    (1) A person who

    (a) knowingly lives wholly or in part on the earnings of prostitution;
    (b) in any place solicits for immoral purposes, is guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fme of $5 000 or to imprisonment for 5 years or to both.


  • David, google defines Barbados as a Sex Tourism destination and more ….I shocked and utterly embarrassed by this ….


  • @Dompey, please move on.


  • Artax

    Tell that to the Jamaicans who are coming to Barbados by the numbers to commit these illegal acts because of what is written on Google. Remember Sir, perception is in fact reality….so urged the Barbadian government to tell Google to take down such libel.


  • Dompey May 30, 2021 7:38 AM #: “If Prostitution is legal in Barbados, it is obvious or self-evident that the government or the BLP government is complicit, because such a law has not been repealed as of yet.”

    @ Dompey

    When I read your first comment on the issue, I knew this was the direction in which you wanted the ‘discussion’ to go. That the BLP legalized prostitution. Please note, I would’ve made a similar comment if you had mentioned the ‘trade’ was legalized by the DLP.

    You guys view everything through your ‘narrow political lens.’

    However, as I mentioned previously, because an individual may not be arrested and charged for the ‘activity’ does not mean it is legal.

    Your Jamaican friend is an idiot for insisting prostitution is legal in Barbados, simply because her “two nieces” dance in ‘strip clubs.’

    Unfortunately, my friend, you are equally an idiot, and even more so, for allowing her to convince you it is legal and you rushing to Google for confirmation, rather than read the Laws of Barbados.


  • You have the patience of Job.


  • @ David

    It is not “all over Google,” as Dompey is suggesting, but Wikipedia,

    “Prostitution in Barbados – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    “Prostitution in Barbados is legal but related activities such as brothel keeping and solicitation are prohibited. The country is a sex tourism destination, including female sex tourism.”

    And, yes, it is time he “moved on.” But, I’m sure you are aware the guy’s definition of ‘moving on’ is not to end the ‘discussion,’ but to go on and on and on and on……ad infinitum….. ad nauseam.


  • @ David May 29, 2021 6:39 PM

    The UPP has no democratic mandate whatsoever. The statements could just as easily have come from a beggar or a drunk. I only believe official government news approved by our Supreme Leader.


  • @John A

    Listening fr your intervention.



  • Dr. Kristina Hinds’ closing remarks on today’s Brasstacks were on point. The public was promised transparency in government, we are not feeling it yet.

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  • Artax,

    You have my admiration.


  • David BU i lidtened to yhe Brasstacks programme today with my favourite moderator Mr Ellis and my 2nd favourite Mr Wickham.I do not really listen to the others excrpt maybe Ms Haigh.Today we had a balance of two Ministers Mr Symmonds and Mr Straughan plus MrWickham for the bees and on the dems side Dr Hinds Mr Ellis and a young lady who seemed to thimk she was on a political platform and who seemed short on manners constantly interupting Mr Straughan in particular.I notice Mr Ellis seemed to cut off the statsman without letting him develop his point.All in all both Mr Symmonds and Mr Straughan represented the party well.Heard Mr Blackett talking nonsense about if people are better off today than prior May 2018.The answer is a redounding yes.There is no shit flowing on the south coast 2 there are an abudance of buses and garbage trucks to serve the public and 3 any party taking over from the dems is an improvement.I gone.


  • Like

  • RYAN Straughn sat on brasstacks and bodly stated he did not know how much money govt has borrowed over the two years
    Either Straughn is a big mouth bold face liar
    Or his level of incompetence is the worst ever


  • https://barbadostoday.bb/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/IMG_9819-730×452.jpg
    Lucille Moe

    #SpeakingOut – Where is the transparency?

    Article by

    Published on
    May 30, 2021

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by this author are their own and do not represent the official position of the Barbados Today Inc.

    by John Goddard

    Three years ago, the Barbados Labour Party assumed office, promising transparency and accountability in Government. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that the administration has taken its promise seriously.

    Since the last Cabinet reshuffle, Senator Lucille Moe has been absent from sittings of the Senate, and not a word of explanation has been given to Barbadians.

    Is Senator Moe still being paid from the public purse? Is she on sick leave or has she resigned?

    Why should the public be left to speculate, especially since the Government has access to GIS, CBC and a newly created propaganda arm, better known as The Department of Public Affairs?

    This is simply not good enough coming from a Government which accused the previous administration of not communicating with the electorate.

    Secondly, it is months since Mr Gline Clarke vacated his parliamentary seat to take up the position of High Commissioner to Canada. Yet, we are still awaiting a credible reason for his not being on the job.

    We are not sure whether absence of flights to Canada or some inexplicable delay in that country’s acceptance of Mr Clarke’s appointment is the reason.

    If it is true that the High Commissioner designate is not being paid, there is need for an explanation for his treatment by the party he has faithfully served.

    Barbados has always enjoyed an excellent relationship with Canada, and Barbadians deserve to know when the island will again have representation in that country.

    Contracts have been awarded without transparent tendering processes, on the flimsy grounds of urgency and, in one case, that the company offered the contract was the only one with the experience and expertise to do the job.

    Did the BLP, when in Opposition, not lambaste the then administration for giving sweetheart deals? This business of doing things in Government which the party condemned while in Opposition breeds cynicism, especially among the younger segment of the electorate.

    Moreover, the tendering process or lack of it opens the door for corruption which both major political parties claim interest in stamping out.

    Much song and dance was made about consultants prior to 2018, but we are yet to find out how many consultants and or advisors are employed by this Government. In addition, we do not know their job descriptions or how much they are paid from the public purse.

    Why can we know the number, salaries and allowances of the Prime Minister and her Ministers, but not consultants? While I am at it, can somebody please tell us what has become of Ambassador Clyde Mascoll, and whether White Oak and Mr Jong are still advising the Government?

    Madam Prime Minister, the country awaits the answers to these and other questions. After all, you pledged that your Government would be characterised by transparency and accountability.

    John Goddard, retired but always an educator.


  • Good intervention from Minister Kirk Humphrey this morning.


  • Yeah, they were on GIS popping endless shit about a program they did not create, why did they not use that same space to tell the people what happened to this senator and if she and Billy the Goat is still sucking on taxpayers for free..


  • That is how easy it is for them to WRITE OFF the people’s money, now they will never know exactly how much the treasury got hit for, but it’s about to be hit again…people are suffering with their children, can’t buy food, can’t pay bills…..

    and the money does not belong to the government as they have always deluded themselves and their fowl Slaves.


  • Can some one tell how many committees this govt have put in pace since 2018
    Also does any one have idea of any results given by these committees


  • DavidMay 31, 2021 11:14 AM

    Good intervention from Minister Kirk Humphrey this morning

    It isnt what he said
    Unfortunately Ellis is not well schooled in environmental issues


  • It seems as if Barbadians are getting their voices. Once, one would have been presented with a good article every few days or weeks, but some delicious treats are being served up almost daily.

    I regret not keeping a written list of the many journalists who produce these fine articles.

    I used to say that we are men of words and not men of action. Then, I believed that we lacked the courage to speak boldly and honestly. It looks as if my old history teacher (Ralph Jemmott) and now John Goddard will prove me wrong.

    Gentlemen, keep up the effort.


  • Reluctantly, I must add Angela Cox to my pantheon of writers
    “Can some one tell how many committees this govt have put in place since 2018
    Also does any one have idea of any results given by these committees?”

    With a few short sentences she can rip a government to pieces. I suspect another admirer would have said “Spot on”.
    You go girl.


  • I remember sitting in class and thinking poetry was a waste of time. I am a little older and wiser and I learned to find poetry in strange places
    “The BLP has lost its way, it is without Owen Arthur and all their so call amateur economists are wearing economic pampers.”

    “She must be held accountable for all the pain and suffering heaped upon the people of this fair land allowing the rich to get richer and telling the poor to hold strain while Crime keeps knocking at everyman door.”

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    A Shakespeare when it come to political commentary.


  • You want an independent view of how the amateur economist performing?
    Count the down grades for the 3 years!


  • The ones that did not have any economic pampers caused the shite to flow in the streets


  • TheoGAzertsMay 31, 2021 7:43 PM

    Reluctantly, I must add Angela Cox to my pantheon of writers
    “Can some one tell how many committees this govt have put in place since 2018
    Also does any one have idea of any results given by these committees?”

    With a few short sentences she can rip a government to pieces. I suspect another admirer would have said “Spot on”.
    You go girl.

    Have been doing a little research on the number of committes put in place by Mia
    Here is what.i found
    Drum roll please

    Joint Select Committee on the integrity in Public life

    Committee to manage transition to

    BERT committe

    Vaccine global research Committee

    Mental health Committee to adress the needs of children

    Public sub commitee on COVId

    The slogan Commitee

    Question where is the transparencybon cost


  • TheMiner (formerly TheOG)

    Wasn’t there a committee for the relocation of Nelson statue?


  • TheMiner (formerly TheOG)

    Online definition
    Entry from March 31, 2012
    “A committee is a group of the unwilling, chosen from the unfit, to do the unnecessary”


  • @ john2 May 31, 2021 8:58 PM

    The (red) Johnny No.2, what ever became of that ‘small-island’ Large Committee which was convened early last to advise the MAM administration on the way forward for the economic recovery of shellshock Barbados?

    Have any of those working recommendations been copied like the slogan small island Big Barbados by the large mini-cabinet of economic consultants and advisors?

    Or did the same Peter principle-promoted Sinckler-who never grew out of his “economic pampers”- play a ‘vital’ part in turning that same ‘imminent’ committee into another group of eminent persons talking the same brand of worthless bullshit?


  • Applause please

    It is truly mindboggling that with all these committes boards and consultations and a big guts cabinet the only ” accomplishment ” that this govt managed to ” execute “was to dump.shite from the south west sewer off the streets into the ocean
    Lol very loud


  • NorthernObserver

    I was taught a Committee is generally a group of persons who individually can do little and get together to determine little can be done
    Wasn’t Chris S on a committee? They had a whole bunch of Covid ones.


  • NorthernObserver

    Since you had Herman for history is the #14 on MAM’s latest committee Anthony Walrond the same person as Corn Flakes?


  • Let us hope the DLP will be ready in 2023.


  • David
    May 31, 2021 11:48 PM

    Let us hope the DLP will be ready in 2023.


    See how silly u are

    Next in line would be a Committee on gun violence
    The entertainment industry show their creative expression in a gun toting video yesterday
    This is who we are


  • Your credibility on political issues is zero level. As Artax has stated, you see red in every issue.


  • DavidJune 1, 2021 5:37 AM

    Your credibility on political issues is zero level. As Artax has stated, you see red in every issue.


    Poor u
    Unable to see the forest but for the trees


  • Blogmaster…ya falling down on the job, i have heard about this since yesterday..

    In a 113-page report for 2020, Leigh Trotman expressed concern about instances involving millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money wrapped up in transactions that lacked full disclosure, not fully accounted for, misstated, understated, lacked supporting documentation or could not be verified.

    Trotman’s annual report which covers the financial year ending March 31, 2019 called on the Government to properly explain its involvement in the controversial Four Seasons Hotel project where millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money were at stake.

    “The treatment of the investment in Clearwater Company needs to be further explained. The investment in this Government-owned company was recorded at a value of $124 million investment in prior years. It represented an investment by Clearwater in the Four Seasons Hotel project. The value of this investment remained unchanged on the books of Government for several years even though the property on which the investment was based was significantly impaired,” the Auditor General reported.

    “In the 2018-2019 financial year, the entire investment was written off. It has not been clearly established what was the basis for the entire write-off of the investment. It was also not clear what was the nature of the investment relationship Clearwater had with the hotel owners. The investment and subsequent write-off could not, therefore, be verified by the auditors,” he added.

    Trotman also identified the case of the collapsed British American Insurance Company (BAICO), in which he said the Government issued $101.7 million in bond support and created a new investment account.

    “It was however unclear what actual asset was represented by this investment account. It was not stated whether any assets from this former company were acquired by Government and represented this investment. The absence of this supporting information casts doubt on the accuracy of information recorded for the investment transaction,” he declared.

    The Auditor General again raised credibility issues regarding Government’s issuance of a Series ‘A’ Amortization Bond totalling $74.807 million as part of its Domestic Debt Restructuring exercise.

    According to him, there was a lack of written instruction which made it difficult to verify the authorization of this issue.

    “There are disclosure requirements as noted at IPSAS 19 (International Public Sector Accounting Standards) which indicate that provisions in relation to restructuring should be accounted for. The disclosure of these provisions would enhance the credibility and understandability of the financial statements.

    “It was not clearly stated in the accounts what were the overall gains and losses from the debt restructuring process. This information should have been provided to users of these financial statements,” Government’s chief auditor wrote.

    Trotman also indicated the department remains in the dark about why $48,941 in overdrawn salaries was written-off to the Equity Account.

    “This represents amounts due from public officers and it is unclear why these amounts were written off. No approval for these write-offs was provided for audit inspection,” he complained.

    Trotman also reported on another major Government project which he determined was inappropriately classified and for which no evidence was provided to justify the millions involved.

    “Documentation to support the amount of $133.337 million being classified as equity in Whitepark Development Limited was not provided for audit inspection. This company, which was established to own the Judicial Centre under a Public-Private Partnership Project, was subsequently acquired by the Government.

    “However, a memorandum from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs … indicates that Government had purchased the property. This would support its classification as Property, Plant and Equipment rather than as an investment in a company. Given this conflicting information, there is some uncertainty as to the correct recording of the acquisition. This matter needs to be rectified and the asset appropriately classified since accounting for a building is different to accounting for an investment in a company,” the Auditor General contended.

    There was also an issue relating to the Treasury’s accounts and that of a local bank account that saw the Government’s chief auditor raising the matter of potential fraud.

    He noted that bank reconciliations for the Treasury accounts with the Central Bank of Barbados and the commercial bank were not completed up to March 31, 2019.

    Trotman said the commercial bank account was last reconciled in May 2018.

    “Statements should be reconciled monthly as this is an important internal control that can detect fraud or errors in the account,” he warned.

    He also referred to a number of “outstanding issues” which need to be addressed regarding cash in hand.

    Trotman pointed to the sum of $474,550.47 which is recorded as cash in hand for the Barbados Licensing Authority as at March 31, 2019. He said that figure has remained unchanged in the general ledger since March 31, 2012.

    The Auditor General was also concerned about Government’s dishonoured cheques totalling some $6.7 million which were not seen in the dishonoured cheques register.

    According to him, the law requires that an accounting officer examines the Dishonoured Cheques Register of the department not less than once a month and ensure that clearances of the cheques are pursued and recoveries are effective.

    “The omission of pertinent information from the Dishonoured Cheque Register impedes the department’s ability to determine whether the dishonoured cheques are actually outstanding,” the Auditor General contended. (emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb)”


  • One of the most disrespected people by DBLP in Barbados is this Auditor General, he faithfully and loyally does his job and they all ridicule and ignore him..

    Minister of Hairstyles and Neglecting the best interests of the Elderly is also in the news..

    Then there is the questionable cockup at liat with corrupt “Mia’s words) maloney et al sitting on the board for far too long…well we know how that ended.


    “Tens of thousands in public funds trapped in constituency councils’ bank accounts – by Emmanuel Joseph June 1, 2021
    Outstanding accounting issues relating to the disbanded Department of Constituency Empowerment are still to be resolved.

    Pointing to the fact that the operations of the department were shut down since 2018, Auditor General Leigh Trotman has found that half of the 30 constituency councils’ bank accounts are still open with more than $100,000 in them.

    “There were thirty (30) Constituency Councils in operation each with a bank account to facilitate transactions. However, our investigations revealed that a large number of these accounts are still open. The office was provided with statements for fifteen (15) of these councils and the aggregate amount of the sums on these accounts exceeded $100,000,” Trotman revealed.

    “Bank account statements were not provided for the other fifteen (15) councils. There needs to be proper accounting for amounts spent from these accounts. Statements, up to the date of cessation, should be provided and after the settlement of any outstanding liabilities the balance should be paid into the Consolidated Fund,” he said in his annual report for 2020, covering the financial year ending March 31, 2019.

    He also highlighted other areas of concern relating to the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs.

    Trotman said that equipment is stored in a number of containers at the ministry’s headquarters and off site.

    “However, the Ministry was unable to provide the auditors with a listing of what was stored in the containers. There was also no evidence that periodic checks were carried out to ensure the items were adequately accounted for. The ministry needs to ensure that there is the appropriate Asset Register in place and that it is brought up to date including all relevant items,” the Auditor General declared.

    He reported that the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources also has some unresolved accounting issues which need to be addressed.

    Trotman noted that the Asset Register contained information relating only to assets purchased for the 2019-2020 financial year which totaled $164,000.

    “However, the value of the fixed assets recorded by the Treasury for this ministry totaled $25.4 million. The ministry indicated that it had purchased a number of assets such as a Photovoltaic systems for other ministries and departments but these were not currently included in its records. This matter needs to be resolved so the information of the respective ministries is updated,” the Auditor General reported.


  • didn’t the yardfowls say that Mia the WRITEOFF ARTIST was the LAWYER for all of this, maybe they can confirm..

    .people are suffering for food on the island, can’t pay their bills, can’t adequately take care of their children and themselves, they have nothing, everything was STOLEN FROM THEM, but the write off artists keeps writing off billions of dollars of the PEOPLE’S MONEY so crooks and criminals can escape prison time…watch muh nuh..

    “The treatment of the investment in Clearwater Company needs to be further explained. The investment in this Government-owned company was recorded at a value of $124 million investment in prior years. It represented an investment by Clearwater in the Four Seasons Hotel project. The value of this investment remained unchanged on the books of Government for several years even though the property on which the investment was based was significantly impaired,” the Auditor General reported.

    “In the 2018-2019 financial year, the entire investment was written off. It has not been clearly established what was the basis for the entire write-off of the investment. It was also not clear what was the nature of the investment relationship Clearwater had with the hotel owners. The investment and subsequent write-off could not, therefore, be verified by the auditors,” he added.”


  • Wait for it…some will tell ya they don’t understand what’s going on….ALTHOUGH this has already been AIRED on BU for MANY YEARS…


  • I continue to be amazed at how we jump and clap when we get $18M from the IMF and yet, on our own, we throw around hundred of millions of dollars as if they are pennies.

    Count me among those who cannot understand the accounting.


  • lawd……the WRITE OFF artists are working hard and overtime to write off BILLIONS OF DOLLARS stolen from the people.

    can’t wait for the slow thinking fowl Slaves to jump out and justify…..don’t worry, yall can take days to figure it out, we got nothing but time…lawd..


  • NorthernObserver

    I don’t think the Blogmaster is slipping up. How the RH does one even attempt to analyse the report?
    Many of the larger entities have continuously, failed to submit financials. What is the AudG to audit? It is largely a mass of nothingness outlining the state of reporting from a host of public entities.
    The standard joke entry…8 houses paid for but which authorities cannot find!!! Not one will be fired. $600,000 gone who knows where.
    @HA would go to town on the debt default accounting.
    Just sad.
    Not surprisingly Clearwater (the company not the residence) is a mass of pottage, but we already knew this, and no specifics are shared.
    Is Barbados still an owner of LIAT? The report is less than clear in this.


  • Northern…bottom line, we will never be able to tell exactly how many BILLIONS OF DOLLARS THEY ALL STOLE…it’s too messy, and will need top of the line experts in forensic auditing….to unravel much of it..

    what we do know is 5-6 BILLION DOLLARS is missing from the economy over time and the write off artists are busily writing off this and that discrepancies to cover it up, problem for them they can’t write off FAST ENUFF,,,because the sculduggery and thefts are WAY TOO GLARING and in your face…


  • @ NorthernObserver

    The Auditor General’s report came out sometime last week, around May 23 or 25. It was addressed to Parliament on May 14.

    I’ve read it and it isn’t any different from the previous ones.


  • NorthernObserver

    I think it has differences. The office of the AudG was unable to comment due to lack of information. While this is not entirely new, the decreasing number they are able to comment on has shrunk. By next year one will simply get a listing of all public entities, incl NGO’s, and how far behind they are on reporting?
    Much of this editions commentary is on basic classification of accounting entries. If you start wrong you end wrong?
    Several of their observations bear an uncanny resemblance to the ABCP scam, where companies would buy uncollected A/R for cents on the $ and transfer these former liabilities on the seller’s books to assets on their books, and not at their recent cost, but at their previously uncollectible value!!


  • NorthernObserver

    I was actually referring to what you described as “basic classification of accounting entries.”

    In addition to the “lack of information,” the Auditor’s duties are further constrained by a lack of staff, which, according to the Auditor General, “negatively impacted on the Office fulfilling its mandate.”

    Trotman also mentioned that, “During 2019 there was the enactment of the Public Finance Management Act, 2019-1 which should have a significant impact on the way Government organizations are run and on their reporting requirements. Agencies are required to submit Annual Reports showing their financial as well as non-financial performance during the year.”

    Could it be that the accounting officers in several of the ministries and quasi government organisations do not have the requisite training; hence the reason why so many mistakes are made? I know of situations where people are assigned to the Accounts Sections, especially at statutory corporations, who do not have any basic knowledge of accounting.

    I remember reviewing the transactions of a small business and realised the person responsible for accounting, was posting transactions to various ‘miscellaneous accounts’ he created, simply because he did not know to which account the transaction should be posted.


  • NorthernObserver

    You can posit at the reasons. As a non resident I am not going to target the wrath of the local protectorate and even hint at unqualified, or worse, incompetent.
    I do know there are enough trained accountants on the island to execute the required mandate. Albeit, they maybe constrained by the lack of accurate internal records.
    The AudG complains about the lack of staff every year? I am not belittling his needs assessment.
    We are told of the NHC, the period of 2015-19 will NOT be audited? The UDC has “reported” (read the AudG hasn’t seen them) audits for 18-20 are complete, but the status of 07-17 remain unknown. The QEH has “reported” reports from ’12 onwards are at “various stages of completion”. The RDC is working on 2009!!!!! The NCC have “reported” for the third year in a row !!! that reports from ’14-20 are “in progress”.
    Now some other bodies are quite current, but few of these are the big money areas.
    And not to forget the poster child of reporting, the NIS, some funds have completed audits up to 2014, but none I could find have even touched 2015 onwards. The overall body hasn’t reported since 2005(???)
    Would you invest in a company with this reporting record??


  • William Skinner

    @ WURA
    Ignore the agents of dis/mis information. They are all over the place defending the indefensible. We now have some placed to knock down every justified criticism of the administration. Skilled at or pretending they are balanced; actually acting like head masters correcting students. I crack up when I read their prosecutorial style.
    It’s all in the service of their party. Beware. Read carefully . We are dealing with very sophisticated propagandists.


  • Let them keep it up, i have something even more powerful for them that they could never envision…too dumb…they can only get away with their yardfowl tendencies on BU…when ya catch them out in the great big world of cyberspace where all the literary sharks are, they can’t say anything, cause millions of people would laugh at their small time backwardness.


  • There was a time when we would get a blog devoted to the auditor general report. It would be great if this practice was based only on the availability of reports and not on other factors.

    The negative-nellies will be negative, the positive-spinners will be positive, but let’s share the information. It may show some Departments in a bad light, but it did so prior to 2018 and will do so in 2021. Share the information.

    So far, the comments relating the report has been interesting.


  • Why have you assumed the Auditor General report will not be covered on BU? Does it matter if it is featured today or next week?


  • William Skinner

    @ Northern Observer
    This shitvhas been going on for forty years plus. The Auditor General sends out his report; the BLPDLP operatives pick at what is advantageous to them. The report is placed in parliament and the crocodile tears start.
    Forty years of corruption and not one fellow ever found Glendiary or Dodd.
    Pure BS.


  • 40 years William?


  • @ TheOGazerts

    Type auditor general report in the BU search window.


  • DavidJune 2, 2021 7:14 AM

    Why have you assumed the Auditor General report will not be covered on BU? Does it matter if it is featured today or next week


    It matters for the report to be placed sooner rather than later
    For with certainty within a day or two the matter would cease to remain of importance in the minds of many


  • @ David

    I have to agree with the “investigative reporter” that “It matters for the report to be placed sooner rather than later.”

    However, I hope contributors read it thoroughly and not rely on newspaper reports, so we could have a honest, in depth discussion, and I’m sure “the matter would not cease to remain of importance in the minds of many.”


  • @Artax

    The blogmaster has not had time to review the report. It will be uploaded like all the others although discussing the report has become a perennial talk shop.


  • General comment:
    Many time an interesting observation is made in a post but links are not given.
    Whilst I have faith in my countrymen, it would be good if they provided (if possible) the source of their information.


  • NorthernObserver

    You are correct it is merely a ‘talk shop’. The lack of content in the 100+ pages seems a direct reflection of the material available. One cannot “audit” that which is unavailable “in progress”.
    To besides, who cares? And there are few new revelations, a few questions, with fewer explanations.


  • NorthernObserver

    Google auditor general Barbados and you will get a parliament link to the report.


  • The government rushed hot and sweaty to rollout legislation to hold government agencies accountable for filing financials in a timely manner. If memory is correct it was led by Ryan Straughn. Unfortunately on the talk show when BLP 3 year performance was discussed NIS and late filing of financials was never featured.


  • Thanks.
    I may have to put you as ‘lead investigative journalist’.
    But I console myself with the thought that the ace investigative reporter may be occupied with an event more pressing investigation.
    You go girl.


  • NorthernObserver

    Not that your ace investigator has ever been known to tread carefully, but, a large part of the AudG lack of audits stems from many years from 2008 on, when several of these public bodies never filed a single annual report. The backlog was huge, and some like the Urban Development Corporation has apparently decided “forget them”, and have gone ahead with ’18-20, even though 07-17 remain outstanding.
    The solution is you fire the senior employees who had responsibility for such reports, withhold pensions for cause, and let them counter sue for wrongful dismissal and explain to a court, not some two bit enquiry, WHY the reports were not filed.
    But dat cant happen here in dis country, Dat is some stinkin’ colonial construct called accountability.


  • Thanks NO was waiting for the gem moment to update the AG report.


  • NorthernObserverJune 2, 2021 3:08 PM

    Your nod to Gabby in the last line there was not missed, very clever.


  • “Note that your ace investigator has ever been known to tread carefully, but, a large part of the AudG [Auditor General Report] lack of audits stems from many years from 2008 on, when several of these public bodies never filed a single annual report.”

    @ NorthernObserver

    That is why I made the following comment:

    Artax June 2, 2021 8:50 AM #: “I have to agree with the “investigative reporter” that “It matters for the report to be placed sooner rather than later.”

    “However, I hope contributors read it thoroughly and not rely on newspaper reports, so we could have a honest, in depth discussion, and I’m sure “the matter would not cease to remain of importance in the minds of many.”


  • one thing’s for sure, there is going to be one hell of a 2023 election party…lawd.


  • See how they love to distract and misdirect….everyone knows food HAS BEEN STOLEN FROM THE HOSPITAL since the 1970s…but yet here they are pretending they don’t know, many of the same ministers more than likely were raised stolen food, why not talk about all the meats etc stolen from BADMC still….ask many of the lawyers and those who call themselves elite and pedigree…frauds..

    everything they do is to distract, can’t work this time, the young generation are on to yall…


    “The island’s sole general hospital has launched an investigation into reports of theft from its kitchen even as it embarks on wider internal audits of food inventory to determine the level of losses and the action that must be taken.”


  • many of the same uppity ministers more than likely were raised ON stolen food, why not talk about all the meats etc stolen from BADMC still….ask many of the lawyers and those who call themselves elite and pedigree…frauds..


  • They too love photo ops to fool yardfowls…here is a genuine cause, a sick mother with children and unemployed just like the hotel workers that the thieves for employers refuse to pay…photo op this…and not to use her and her children as voting yardfowls either..


    “Cheriann Doyle, who was recently diagnosed with lupus, is homeless and crying out for help.

    The struggling, unemployed Doyle, who is finding it hard to make ends meet, is asking for assistance with a housing solution for her and her five-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter.”


  • They can do nothing, complete nothing for the people who elected them and pay their salaries, but when it’s time to pick up the people’s money by the billions and give to the corrupt minority gunrunners and drug traffickers….they can find it every time and boast about it in the news…


    “Last year, residents in Chapman Lane, The City, were singing the Government’s praises when work got under way to rectify the flooding problems they had been experiencing for decades.

    However, these days, they are voicing a different tune – one of frustration.

    The work, which involved installing a new drainage system to allow water to flow through the canal, has not been completed and the area has been flooding almost daily, even though there is no rainfall.

    On Tuesday, several pumps installed by the Drainage Unit were pumping off the water which had flooded the nearby Murphy’s Pasture and created large, dirty pools in different areas throughout the close-knit district.

    Angry residents complained about the water, which was mossy, filled with garbage and had an unbearable stench.

    Melissa Mason, whose house is next door to the canal, said she and her three children were being affected.

    “This work started last year and it was going okay for a while, then all of a sudden the people stopped working. The problem I have is the water and the mosquitoes; it is bad for the children. You don’t know when the water is going to be up, you don’t know when it is going to be down.”


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