CCJ Dismisses Appeal of the Estate of Marjorie Ilma Knox v John Vere Evelyn Deane and others

The feud between the Knox and Deane families spans decades. Several of the protagonists et al have crossed have shuffled off this mortal coil. The one good the matter has presented is to give the Caribbean Court of Appeal (CCJ) another opportunity to ridicule the supine nature of our justice system.

May this matter rest.

Media Release – CCJ Dismisses Appeal of the Estate of Marjorie Ilma Knox; Calls Delay Unacceptable

29 Apr 2021

In a judgment released today, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) dismissed the appeal of the Estate of Marjorie Ilma Knox in the matter of the Estate of Marjorie Ilma Knox v John Vere Evelyn Deane and others [2021] CCJ (AJ). However, the CCJ criticised the unacceptable and serious delay of the Court of Appeal of Barbados in delivering its judgment. The CCJ heard the appeal on 16 March 2021.

Access the full media release here: Media Release 04_2021.

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  • Ring My Bell


  • So Johnny lost again!


  • This is the judgment for the following matter: During her lifetime, Majorie IIma Knox unsuccessfully carried on a claim against the Respondents and was ordered to pay their costs. The trial judge made an order to garnish the dividends of Knox for the financial year 2009/2010 to pay the Respondents’ costs. This decision was appealed and on 26 June 2020, the Court of Appeal of Barbados affirmed the trial judge’s decision on garnishment. The Appellant contended that the decision of the Court of Appeal is invalid and void and that the Court made several errors in law and in fact. The Appellant appealed to the CCJ on 16 March 2021.

    BBCV2020/002 – Estate of Marjorie ILMA Knox v John Vere Evelyn Deane and Ors


  • John Knox and his sisters have more money than sense.


  • Told him word was out for the whole of 2020 that they will not get back that Estate…


  • Heil Trump
    around 450 trump nuts have been charged for insurrection riots in capital hill on jan 16th for the big lie that everyone knew was a lie, they are now claiming to be reporters on events


  • There are other places in the world to invest in property, estates etc, no need to get robbed of your estate in Barbados because that is what has been happening to the elderly and their beneficiaries since the 1960s…invest ya money anywhere else.


  • Besides party politics, there is such a thing as personality politic.. Also with our love of pedigree it would not surprise me if Donville returns and get a second or third bite of the apple. It has been done before (see below). Of course those who are now spouting fake outrage will continue to do so, but they are not part of his voting block.

    From Wikipedia
    “Saunders was Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos in 1985 for the Progressive National Party.[1]

    Saunders was arrested in March 1985 together with Commerce and Development Minister Stafford Missick. Saunders was alleged by the US Drug Enforcement Administration to have accepted $30,000 from undercover agents to ensure safe passage of drugs by permitting safe stopover refuelling of drug flights from Colombia to the United States. Video evidence showed Saunders accepting $20,000 from an agent. Saunders was convicted in July 1985 of conspiracy, though he was acquitted of the charge of conspiring to import drugs into the United States (which Missick was also convicted of). He was sentenced to eight years in prison and fined $50,000.

    Later political career
    In January 1995 Saunders was elected to the Parliament by just six votes. His former party, the Progressive National Party, had disowned him, forcing him to run as an independent.”


  • @John

    The blogmaster hopes you and family can find the room to bring emotional closure to this matter.


  • Personally, I don’t give a damn about the obnoxious John Knox just as I am sure he does not give a damn about my black self.


  • This dude here, everyone knows he traversed the supreme court for DECADES and know exactly what is going on and WHO IS RESPONISBLE for what, long before becoming CJ…the lawyers are rightly getting the blame they deserve….fine, but what about the JUDGES who refuse to complete cases or hand down decisions as the CCJ has been lamenting for YEARS…

    Why is a decision taking 3-5 years or NEVER to be handed down to close cases….why, if a judge is ROTATED into the assizes, they REFUSE to finish civil cases, as one former CJ said, that should never stop them from handing down decisions, that too needs to be addressed, ya can’t expose the lawyers and not the DELINQUENT JUDGES….who NEVER RESPOND TO QUERIES…don’t just expose the lawyers now you are CJ and allow the Judges to get away with what they are doing, knowing that it’s WRONG and ILLEGAL at all levels…

    “There were 70 Court of Appeal matters “lying idle”, where attorneys had filed nothing else but the notice of appeal, said Chief Justice Sir Patterson Cheltenham.

    So when the public and others blame the court for the backlog, it’s actually lawyers who should be taking the blame, he added.

    “On assuming office, I instructed that there be a serious dig in the Court of Appeal and that dig found 70 matters lying idle,” he revealed. “This is classic. A notice of appeal and nothing else. And we have been ferreting them out so that matters can be brought on for hearing.

    “So the word would go out that ‘we have filed an appeal and that inefficient court is doing nothing’. That’s not the story. It’s the lawyers who have done nothing.”


  • why, if a judge is ROTATED into the assizes, they REFUSE to finish civil cases, as one former CJ said, that should never stop them from handing down TIMELY decisions, that too needs to be addressed, ya can’t expose the lawyers and not the DELINQUENT JUDGES….who NEVER RESPOND TO QUERIES…


  • WURA-War-on-U

    The lawyers do have a really big hand in MALICIOUSLY CAUSING BACKLOGS to line their own pockets with payments from insurance companies and whomever would bribe them to SABOTAGE clients or other claimant’s cases, Cheltenham knows this only too well, but they are definitely NOT ALONE,,,,the Judges are equally as TREACHEROUS……they can continue with those evil unethical, ILLEGAL acts and see how they will BE EXPOSED….,,they must be very exhausted from decades of being such lowlifes and want it to end by letting the WORLD KNOW WHAT THEY DO to the Black population on the island using the judiciary as a weapon.

    ..if one judge says a case is simple and straight forward 10 YEARS AGO…..and is then rotated into the assizes causing another judge to handle the matter, why is it 10 YEARS LATER that judge who was rotated into the assizes after 2 years of playing with cases, STILL CAN’T HAND DOWN A DECISION although the case is DONE….SLOTH and corruption GO HAND IN HAND, they both feed off each other..

    “Many of the issues causing a backlog in the courts are systemic, and the Barbados Bar Association says it is time to stop pointing fingers at lawyers alone and start employing solutions.

    Responding to an article published over the weekend in another section of the Press, in which Chief Justice Sir Patterson Cheltenham chastised attorneys for contributing to delays and backlogs in the system, president of the Bar, Rosalind Smith-Millar QC said there were many contributing factors to the long-running issue.

    On several occasions, Barbados’ sloth system of adjudicating legal matters, has been heavily criticized by the country’s final appellate court, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

    Smith-Millar, criticised the newspaper’s handling of the article, saying it created the “impression that the Honourable Chief Justice of Barbados made sweeping comments attributing the backlog in the Justice system solely to lawyers”, when he was chastising “specific attorneys‐at‐law for not being present for a particular Court of Appeal hearing”.

    The Bar president said attributing blame for a large number of appeals “lying idle” in the system on lawyers, only served to “sow seeds of division and tension between the various stakeholders in the system of administration of Justice who are tasked with the responsibility of serving the needs of the public, and who strive to correct its many ills”.

    At the same time, Smith-Millar acknowledged that while some attorneys-at-law were to be blamed for not acting in a timely manner, the existence of “cases lying idle in the system” could be ascribed to many factors, including system-wide challenges.

    According to the Bar president, there were “inefficiencies in the Registration Department of the Supreme Court which have led to files being unavailable, and delayed dates of hearing”.

    In addition, she cited “insufficient or inadequate human and other resources in various government departments, resulting in untenable delays, including delays in obtaining necessary reports or enforcing judgments”.

    The Bar said, the Bench too, was also to be blamed for some of the backlogs and delays as “written decisions or reasons for decisions of some Magistrates and first‐instance Judges [remained] outstanding for inordinate lengths of time which hinders timely progression of appeals, a deficit which the Caribbean Court of Justice often mentions”.

    In defence of practitioners, Smith-Millar insisted that all these issues had collectively served to “hinder the public in resolving disputes and advancing their personal and business interests”.

    According to the statement issued Sunday, Smith-Millar said the current situation with backlogs and delays in the dispensing of justice “could be ameliorated if all of the participants in the Justice System (lawyers, judicial officers and support functionaries alike) efficiently and effectively undertake their roles”.

    She called for an end to the finger-pointing, adding that the Bar was prepared to work with the various arms of the legal system to begin an earnest process of correcting the situation.”

    “This can only be done if all stakeholders in the Justice System work together to identify where the challenges lie and implement strategies to fix them,” she added. (IMC1)


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