COVID 19 Update – Well Done Bajans!

Encouraging signs are to be seen of late from trending reflected on the Barbados Covid 19 Situation Report. Yesterday recorded 9 reported positive cases with the positivity rate falling below 2%. Compared to Jamaica, Bermuda and The Bahamas to use three regional examples of service economies highly dependent on traffic from outside of country, Barbadians, including the government have done a good job to clawback from the precipice which beckoned a few weeks ago when all COVID hell broke loose.

Another encouraging sign is the rapid rate of penetration of Barbadians vaccinated. It has been reported that 1st dose stock of vaccinations were exhausted this week and the country is waiting on the next shipment to restart inoculation to satisfy high demand.

Clearly given the unknowns associated with COVID 19 and the virulent nature of the virus Barbadians cannot allow themselves to be lulled into complacency. The state of the economy combined with COVID fatigue by citizens everywhere must continue to motivate us to listen to the health officials in whom we must trust.

Congratulations Barbadians!


  • David

    At a time when vaccines are more available is it not less than good management to have run out.

    In addition, we still have the thorny issue of variants to contend with. Be careful with your assessments. Remember, most governments have thus far been feckless.


  • Congratulation are indeed warranted for the government and people of Barbados on the achievement of this goal. Special mention must also be accorded Minister Bostic, the lead doctors and all front like workers whose sacrifices made this possible. This just goes to show what we can achieve when we work together as a team and pull in the same direction and all at the same time. The challenge now is to be able to maintain this unity in holding Covid at bay.

    With Easter just around the corner, it would be in the interest of all parties concerned if the government would give an early indication of the direction it intends to take rather than wait for the Thursday before Good Friday to so do.


  • Panch, I believe that it has been said on numerous occasions that the vaccine was on order for quite some time but government has no control over when orders are filled. Further, government has said that our (Barbados) order is so small compared to global demand that we had to group our request through a regional organization in order for our request to have any impact.

    Keep in mind that there are countries throughout the globe who are yet to see their first vaccine delivered.


  • Before anyone breaks out the champagne isn’t this “congratulations” a bit premature? What percentage of Bajans have been vaccinated? I know some that haven’t, either because they have never received a call after being registered and a few because of vaccine hesitancy.

    In North American terms its like spiking the football before they have reached the end zone, and haven’t we been here before with many praising the Gov’t for its handling of COVID until either the ill-fated bus ride or the tourists liming at bars in St. James.
    Remember the adage, “Don’t count your chickens…….”


  • The reduction in the number of positive COVID-19 cases on the island in the past few weeks could be tied to the fact that significantly fewer persons are being tested.

    That admission has come from Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George, who said the reluctance of Barbadians to come forward was one of the main reasons for the reduction in numbers.

    He said the Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health and Wellness had picked up the substantial drop off and is monitoring the situation.


  • @Pacha

    You should have a reread. The language used was in the context of where we were a few weeks ago.

    Secondly it is not secret small nations have been unable to access vaccines from those approved. Barbados is not alone.

    From all reports the COVAX order should be with us soon, a few countries in the Caribbean have received their allotment.


  • @Sargeant

    The report is posted, Barbados has a population just under 300 thousand. Do the math. The penetration is much higher that the developed countries.

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  • @ David,

    did you read what Dr. George said about fewer test ?


  • @Hants

    Yes, we must test more. For the moment we have to go with what is before us.

    Bajans, hedging bets with vaccine, avoiding tests – Bajans, hedging bets with vaccine, avoiding tests:


  • @ FearPlay March 25, 2021 8:43 AM

    Something of greater concern is that India has just announced the suspension of the exporting of that brand of vaccine until further notice because it has come to the position that home drums will be first to beat in the international vaccination race.

    But Barbados can breathe a sigh of relief as the country prepares to endure a period of heat of never felt proportions possibly up to December; after which any number can play as far as Covid-19 and its mutants are concerned.

    By that time, hopefully, most Bajans would have been vaccinated for the country’s population to achieve an acceptable stage of herd immunity.

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  • @Miller

    You should add the PM in one of her many press briefings advised Barbadians discussion about sourcing vaccines has started with China and a couple other countries.


  • Please try not to celebrate to vigorously and remember that there are a number of countries which are registering their third wave.

    Take note with what is happening in Kenya. A country that has done so well. Apparently the numbers of covid-19 transmissions has recentlyexploded in the country. It is reported that their hospitals have reached their capacity.

    Whilst we wait for vaccine handouts. Strong willed and independent minded Iran and Cuba have produced their own vaccine. They have just commenced trial vaccinations on their own medical professionals. This should be food for thought for Barbados and her citizens.


  • Who wrote that stupid article needs a good cut a..sss


  • FearPlayMarch 25, 2021 8:36 AM

    100% AGREE.

    TLSN, Kenya’s vaccination percentage to population is extremely low. Mnay European countries, where the third wave is taking place, are also low percentage vaccination.


    It is better to vaccinate more people with the first shot, than half that with both. The first shot gives the body a chance to see what the virus looks like. If that keeps more people out of hospital then that is a better approach.

    The Barbados government has demonstrated foresight and excellent management of the situation, circumstances considered.

    Next step is to get more vaccines. Bear in mind that latest estimates are that some poorer nations will not get vaccinations for a couple of years. Therefore they will rely solely on naturally acquired immunity, with accompanying hospitalisations and deaths.

    Well done Barbados!


  • It is good to know that our moderator is also on the right, neutral side.

    Tron has been predicting since last April, with unwavering loyalty to our Supreme Leader, that we will handle the pandemic brilliantly. That is exactly how it is turning out. We are a celebrated role model internationally.

    Thank you, dear Supreme Leader Mia Mottley!


  • Good news was always expected.
    . Masking, hand washing, social distancing and sound covid-19 protocols is the way to go. Regardless of the course of action pursued by the GOB, the risk of a spread in reduced if all safety procedures are followed.

    Apply the protocols equally and more people may be tempted to follow them

    Note to Mia:
    Any senior official that goes or or promote a “brandy and poonanie”, ‘whiskey and hussy’ or “rum and pum pum” tour should be punished. Leaders should set a good example.

    Good Luck


  • Cursoe

    There seems to be no discussion about buying the Russian or Chinese vaccines.

    They are both much more affordable. However, geopolitics may be taking precedence over health. Western medical organizations have given them approvals.

    There is no evidence that a single of the double shot vaccines is efficacious.


  • @Pacha

    Those vaccines are included in the COVAX arrangement. We will know the composition at delivery.


  • “It is better to vaccinate more people with the first shot, than half that with both. The first shot gives the body a chance to see what the virus looks like. If that keeps more people out of hospital then that is a better approach”

    I think you missed the most important part of that strategy,
    So far I have received just a single shot with the second due sometime in April (4 weeks after the first shot). Before, being vaccinated, I was just going crazy. I even whipped of a nasty email (with my full name) to the state .
    After being vaccinated, I still maintain my safety routine, but my mind is quite a different place.


  • There was a box where one could complain. My complaint was something like this (95% accurate)

    All I am getting from you are silly emails and no vaccine. Keep your stupid emails, I do not want them.

    I was petulant and I was going crazy, but I have not received an email since


  • There a 10 week recommended wait for the Aztrazeneca vaccine between doses. This is based on scientific data.


  • I got Moderna:
    The available data continue to support the use of two specified doses of each authorized vaccine at specified intervals. For the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, the interval is 21 days between the first and second dose. And for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, the interval is 28 days between the first and second dose.


  • @Sargeant March 25, 2021 8:51 AM “What percentage of Bajans have been vaccinated?”

    My math is not too good, so somebody who is better at that than I am can do that.

    Population: 287,632
    Those who have received at lease one dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine: 62,765
    Those who have already had covid and may have some immunity: 3550
    Those younger than 18 for whom no vaccine is yet available: 54,400
    Those who are antivaccine and may never take the vaccine: 3,500 guesstimate
    We still need to vaccinate about another 163,420 people before we can say that we are nearly there.

    Wash your hands
    Wear your masks
    Keep 6 feet or more from others


  • A good read
    “he original recommended interval was 21 days between doses for the Pfizer vaccine and 28 days for the Moderna shots, the two currently authorized in the U.S. Now the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its guidance to say that people can wait up to 42 days between doses, though the agency still advises individuals to stick to the initial schedule. And developers of the University of Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine—which is authorized for use in the U.K.—suggest even longer stretches are possible, saying their shot performs better when its doses are spaced 12 weeks apart. ”

    “Two-shot vaccinations aim for maximum benefit: the first dose primes immunological memory, and the second dose solidifies it, says Thomas Denny, chief operating officer of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. “You can think of it like a gradient,” he adds. One dose of the Pfizer vaccine can reduce the average person’s risk of getting a symptomatic infection by about 50 percent, and one dose of the Moderna shot can do so by about 80 percent. Two doses of either vaccine lowers the risk by about 95 percent.


  • David
    Aware but countries are also going directly to Russia and China. Just like how Mugabe went directly to India.


  • @Pacha

    Auntie Mia go this.


  • @TLSN March 25, 2021 9:41 AM “…Strong willed and independent minded Iran and Cuba have produced their own vaccine…”


    Iran has a population of 84,773,193, therefore 294 times as many brains to pick. For every Bajan brain, 294 Iranian brains.
    Cuba has a population of 11,321,570, therefore 39 times as many brains to pick. For every Bajan brain, 39 Cuban brains.
    Barbados has a population of 287,632

    We trying.

    Don’t give up on us yet.


  • Nobody told these poor Indians they could get COVID from water!!

    They all tested negative before the pilgrimage where they took a bath in the rivers.

    Here is the result 2 weeks later!!


  • Here was the situation in India 3 weeks ago before everybody decided to go take a bath!!


  • Both Iran and Cuba are under US illegal sanctions for 40 and 50 years respectively. Barbados has never been.

    Maybe if we imposed such sanctions on ourselves we too would exhibit the scientific ingenuity to develop not only vaccines but the vast range of cutting edge items which they have.


  • @Pacha

    You know what they say- necessity is the mother of invention.


  • Johnny
    You still selling that one dimensional snake oil bout water!


  • JohnMarch 25, 2021 4:10 PM

    Its not the water, John. It’s the mass of pilgrims!
    Yuh tested de water?


  • Sibling in TO, older than 75 got the Pfizer vaccine, a few minutes ago.


  • The Minister of Education, the Honourable Santia Bradshaw is now speaking, Teachers return on 19th April, students beginning on 20 April. A phased return starting with the 11+ class 4’s and the 5th and 6th formers returning first.

    1,500 teachers, aides and other ancillary staff and officials of the Ministry of Education have been immunised. This includes the Minister herself who has had well documented health challenges.


  • Students who are not ready for exit exams can defer.

    School day shortened.


  • I posted a link where an Indian professor was discussing Sputnik V on the other COVID blog and he said that the Russians had submitted their info on Sputnik V to WHO months before the others came on stream but he hinted that WHO has ignored the Russians (probably due to pro -western sensibilities) but the general Russian population doesn’t trust Sputnik V either, still because of the high demand and low supply of the vaccines produced in the West some countries are going to approach Russia to obtain Sputnik V.

    The Russians probably chose the name “Sputnik” to remind the world of their scientific achievement in launching the first man in space.


  • Things like they out of control in India!!

    Latest explanation from the experts, its “the old double mutant ” strain!!

    I expect that soon they will tell us it is the mutant ninja turtles that are appearing in their rivers biting the pilgrims in their exposed parts.

    First time ever India had more than 50,000 cases in a day!!

    …… and this country is on top of its vaccination program!!

    All sorts of experts heaping praise on it up to 3 weeks ago.


  • Meanwhile Dominica still to record a death, Australia has its spread under control, ANZACS in control, Singapore in control, Bermuda cool even we seem to be in control, …. at least for now.

    Even most of Africa cool.


  • “The ministry said up to 40 people were testing positive for COVID-19 daily around the site of the weeks-long Mahakumbh that began this month and peaks in April in the Himalayan holy town of Haridwar, next to the Ganges.

    The festival is held only once every 12 years. Organisers have said here more than 150 million visitors are expected, as many Hindus believe bathing in the river during this period absolves people of sins and bring salvation from the cycle of life and death.”


  • Shades of Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day last year, but on steroids with the water dimension!

    Still, no expert is able to figure out it spreads by water as well!!

    Where is Faucci when you need him?


  • Once India figures out the Chinese are responsible, don’t look for any warm and fuzzy Sino Indian relations in the near future.


  • NorthernObserver

    Congrats to your family member.
    Keep following sensible precautions, dis en done yet.
    My precautions are to keep in the woods, and far away from Torunna.


  • PachamamaMarch 25, 2021 4:22 PM Johnny
    You still selling that one dimensional snake oil bout water!

    I am beginning to think that ‘John’ is from the past and found some time portal to the present. Whoever he is, used to travel about the Wild West in a caravan selling snake oil medicines.

    Maybe he has some ‘Father John’s Spectacular’ remedy to heal Covid. Come in a nice brown bottle with a cork stopper and all.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    I don’t think anybody is “popping the champagne” just yet but the fact that with community spread, we can beat down the positivity rate to ~5% for all of March 2021 (after it was uncomfortably high for the first half of Feb 2021)is an unqualified success. Added to that the ability to have one fifth of the population vaccinated with “free” vaccine only 3 months after the vaccines have been made available
    globally can definitely be celebrated . It is a case study of how to manage out a situation. From my observations Barbados have managed the COVID-19 pandemic the best out of the CARICOM and one of the best in the entire Western Hemisphere.
    With the further opening of the country we can hope to maintain this positivity rate and the current number active cases for the rest of the pandemic until “textbook” herd immunity is achieved


  • There is the issue of the quarantine policy that was skewed towards facilitating the tourism sector. This is the big learning.


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan,
    You stated:
    “We trying.
    Don’t give up on us yet.”

    Covid-19 should inform us how we in the Caribbean need to combine our forces. What was stopping Caricom from combining its resources with Cuba to research and develop a vaccine for the region.

    Cuba appears to the only country within our region carrying out research into sickle cell anemia. A condition largely associated with negro people.

    Since the revolution, Cuba has become largely self sufficient. It is country with a make-do-and-mend mentality. When presented with hurdles it does its best to overcome them.

    This is why Hal often refers to Barbados as a failed state. A country which prefers to borrow its way out of trouble rather than to innovate its way to a brighter future. A critique which some find unbearable.


  • Don’t count the chickens before they hatch, numerous other jurisdictions looked to have COVID under control only to have significant reoccurance.


  • The vaccines are to be paid for. There is no such thing as a free lunch.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    @DavicBU re March 26, 2021 7:14 AM

    No doubt, but i’m separating it from the actual managing of community spread which has been a reality for most countries. I’m hoping that the bus crawl super spreader event would have beat some sense into the COVID19 doubters (and to Bajans in general) that we are not “immune” to the COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot play with this virus.
    Globally, the pandemic is not yet over by any measure, so Bajans cannot allow any complacency to creep in, but with vaccine production and distribution being ramped up, it is being brought to a slow but eventual end.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    “The vaccines are to be paid for. There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

    I think that it was deduced earlier in this blog that if there was any “nefarious” aim to India’s vaccine donations it would be a win win for all parties involved. India basically gave us free samples of a product. If the region wanted any more they would have to pay. At that point the Oxford vaccine was not approved by the WHO, It is the only “western world” developed vaccine that has licensed out its manufacture. If the donations worked India could take “market share” from the two vaccines that were approved prior to the Oxford vaccine (Pfizer and Moderna).


  • @Wily Coyote

    Who is counting the chickens? We are giving recognition to the fact that as a country we have clawedback from where we were in February. It was done while issuing the caveat that we cannot afford to become complacent.


  • Air Canada flying to Barbados from May 9th.

    ” Uptick in variant spread means Canada facing ‘strong resurgence’ of COVID-19 ”


  • Wily CoyoteMarch 26, 2021 7:27 AM Don’t count the chickens before they hatch, numerous other jurisdictions looked to have COVID under control only to have significant reoccurance.

    Yes. Most of which have a low vaccination rate or have not even started.


  • TLSNMarch 26, 2021 7:37 AM The vaccines are to be paid for. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Nothing is in politics. So what. Of all the countries to be in partnership with, India is one of the better ones and they actually believe their religion, unlike some who only use it as a cover.


  • You heard it here first. 100 thousand vaccines coming from China in the next 7-15 days.


  • The ones from India don’t seem to be working in India!!

    Why not try something else.


  • India got 62,274 cases for today so far, up from the 59,069 record of yesterday!!

    How long before someone twigs that water is another means of spreading the virus.

    … and then does something about it like the folks in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Dominica, Bermuda etc etc.


  • @ Ricardo,
    Our borders will remain close.

    Here are some numbers which will truly shock you:
    Brazil has just recorded the deaths today of 3650 of her citizens from covid-19.

    Germany, Europe’s power house, has estimated that 100,000 of her citizens are expected to contract Covid-19 on a daily basis, if it cannot dampen the huge spikes of infections throughout the country.

    Whilst in Kenya, a quarter of those recently tested have come back as covid-19 positive, as opposed to two percent from earlier tests.

    Let’s face it people, we are witnessing a period where the tourist industry is in deep, deep hibernation and is unlikely to bounce back.

    Barbados is the envy of the world. Its citizens can roam relatively freely on the island without becoming infected. Let’s keep it that way. Let’s keep the borders closed off to tourists.


  • @NorthernObserver March 26, 2021 2:38 AM “@SS. Keep following sensible precautions, dis en done yet. My precautions are to keep in the woods, and far away from Torunna.”

    Sibling was relieved and cheerful this morning.

    Except for my gardening when I associate with 1 person in a car with open windows and masks on, I am keeping close to home. Only 2 trips to the supermarket for the year. I grow, eat, grow some more, eat. When blood relatives visit we wear masks and meet outdoors. Had my hair done at home for the first time for the year a week ago. We sat outdoors wearing masks. The hand sanitizer was available and used. Haven’t met with anybody outside of the home since then. May resume gardening at the “plantation” on Monday as ten days will have passed by then.

    Keep safe. The woods in surely safer that the big crowded cities right now. Several of the younger relatives are still required to go out to work, and the 20 and 30 somethings are not a priority for vaccines anywhere, so this thing is still a worry.

    The grands here are supposed to return to school beginning April 20, but the teachers’ unions are giving pushback. I will wait and see how that works out.


  • @Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV March 26, 2021 7:08 AM “Added to that the ability to have one fifth of the population vaccinated with “free” vaccine only 3 months after the vaccines have been made available.”

    I’ve heard that the government will accept donations to help pay for the vaccine. I’ve heard that Sandy Lane donated $6 million.

    I am nor Sandy Lane, but I am s appreciative of the vaccine that I have received that I’d be happy to throw in a Grantley [$100 BDS] but I don’t know where to send it.

    If you are close to the government, please ask them not to keep the donation site a secret from people like me who would like to donate.

    After all if half of the 62,802 of the people vaccinated so far threw in a Grantley that would add up to over $3 million

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  • @Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TVMarch 26, 2021 7:08 AM

    All very well said and true. If the DLP were in power, Barbados would now be like Brazil.

    The final victory over the pandemic will lead to an unprecedented economic boom in 2022 and another period of rule by our Supreme Leader. The final order of the new People´s Republic of Barbados with our president for life Mia Mottley.


  • John; 3.09 pm

    You said “… and then does something about it like the folks in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Dominica, Bermuda etc etc.”

    Grateful if would show us some documentary proof that any of the countries you list explicitly did anything to remove non existent viable Covid-19 from their water supply.



  • NorthernObserver

    “People´s Republic of Barbados”???
    Are we now selling naming rights? And they have been pre-purchased by China?


  • TLSNMarch 26, 2021 7:35 PM

    Germany, Europe’s power house, has estimated that 100,000 of her citizens are expected to contract Covid-19 on a daily basis, if it cannot dampen the huge spikes of infections throughout the country.


    Germany gets its water from the Rhine.

    The Rhine is a river like the Ganges and others in India in which the Indian Pilgrims bathed, splashed each other and drunk the water.

    I think the Ganges is for next week!!

    Sewage from German citizens is the same as sewage from Indian citizens and both end up in their respective rivers.

    All Germany has to do is to find out what Singapore, New Zealand and Australia are doing that it is not doing in its water treatment and do it.

    This is not rocket science.

    India had 62,291 new cases today, up from the 59K day before and 53K the day before that.

    10K increase in 3 days, 50 K increase in 2 weeks?

    India may beat Germany to the 100K.


  • The name fits very well after all. It indicates the unity of people, party and state.

    Like China, we are a one-party democracy with a powerful ruler. Like China, we have defeated the pandemic.

    The only difference is that we interpret human rights a little differently.


  • Oh dear ! Hal Austin gone and somebody is resurrecting his miserable spirit.

    Barbados is not a failed state! It is a state that needs to do better in several areas. If we use Hal Austin’s definition of failed state then almost all the countries of the world can be so called, including those where most of you live.

    Steupse! How could I live so happily in a failed state whilst hardly breaking a sweat???

    But there is still much work to be done. Time for a reset!

    Covid will become the mother of invention. If you look whilst actually wishing to see, you will notice some movement.


  • JohnMarch 26, 2021 3:05 PM The ones from India don’t seem to be working in India!! Why not try something else.

    Oh, just stop the trolling now. MUST you seek attention? What the heck is wrong?

    India is only now vaccinating its people, hence why it has curtailed exports of the vaccine.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with water and you darned well know it.

    Trolling is not a good look.

    Boggling that you can troll post but Hal cannot post.

    Please ask whomever is paying you to discredit the blog to pay you more, because you are very successful in being a total xanker.

    Someone must be paying you, because I cannot think why you would post this nonsense of your own accord.


  • Nobody is paying me.

    I’m doing it out of the kindness of my heart.

    I could keep my understanding to myself but we will all lose out, including me.


  • @NO
    “People´s Republic of Barbados”???
    Are we now selling naming rights? And they have been pre-purchased by China?
    @Tron wants to get in there first lest some wag ( I didn’t say anyone in the DLP) proposes “The Democratic Republic of Barbados”.


  • I used to make fun of the bitcoin digital wallets and call them digital passports…now look.

    “Digital vaccine passports may become a reality in the future, but for now your paper vaccination record card is an extremely valuable possession. Here are five easy ways to protect it for safekeeping.”


  • “Covid-19 should inform us how we in the Caribbean need to combine our forces. What was stopping Caricom from combining its resources with Cuba to research and develop a vaccine for the region.”

    colonial slaves can’t think that far, remember they don’t even recognize Cuban doctors unless they are in a pinch, refuse to let fully qualified doctors practice in Barbados, particularly those Bajans who studied Cuba…

    they are the ….tief everything and then go begging brigade.


  • Why doesn’t the Johnnie go and read his serious Kraken lady’s legal defence statement in her Dominion lawsuit?

    Apparently she does not think he is a “reasonable person”.



  • Ah guess the prison “may probe” is better than go to hell ya on ya own…

    “Prison ‘may probe’ remanded shopkeeper’s death

    Authorities at Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds may investigate the circumstances surrounding an inmate who fell seriously ill three days into remand and later died in hospital, they said Friday.

    Family members of shopkeeper Hamenauth Sarendranauth, 43, have questioned the circumstances which led to him entering prison in relatively good health and leaving in a wheelchair.

    Sarendranauth was remanded after pleading guilty to opening his shop in February in breach of the COVID-19 lockdown directive.

    The relatives have also vowed to sue the state and petition Prime Minister Mia Mottley after the businessman died on the day he was due to be sentenced.

    Superintendent of Prisons Lieutenant Colonel John Nurse on Friday vowed not to engage in any public “tit-for-tat” with relatives over the highly sensitive matter.

    But when asked if an investigation at the Dodds, St. Philip penal facility would be done, the prison chief said: “Any investigations that have to be done, will be done, Yes. That is all I can say on that.”


  • In an earlier communication it was said that the shopkeeper had uncontrollable diabetes.

    I am not sure what was meant by that.

    Was it uncontrollable?

    Or uncontrolled?


  • Under those conditions whether uncontrollable or uncontrolled…he should not have been put in any harsh settings, house arrest is still a detainment, their ignorance and backwardness and constant urge to show how brutal they can be to local and regional citizenry will see them in major trouble all the time….no commonsense is ever used with they are parading around with their slave titles.


  • Paradise is about people
    It’s a paradise, this country that we live in, when we compare with other countries and how some people suffering. Things could be worse, you must agree, that we Bajans really live in the best country. – Ronnie D.
    In 1983 calypsonian Ronnie D sang this refrain. If you see him before I do, ask if he still feels the same.
    Perspectives can change in 38 years.
    Especially with recent developments.
    Some people who felt like they were living in paradise might now feel like they are living by the roll of the dice.
    But paradise may be like the kingdom of heaven. Within you.
    Ronnie D’s song might tell us more about Ronnie D’s state of mind than the state he lives in. Happiness comes from within. Not that external things don’t matter at all. But mind matters more than we think. Some people can live in paradise and feel like they live in hell. Some people can live in hell and be chilling.
    But things could be worse, I do agree. Imagine if this country didn’t have citizens who felt free enough to speak out and speak their minds.
    Paradise needs people with free minds and free spirits, who will speak truth to power. It also needs people in power who will speak truthfully to the masses. In short, the people of paradise need people skills. Especially the people in charge. Else if it is paradise lost.
    How you rate your Government is a key element to high or low paradise ratings. The world happiness index came out recently. The social democracies of Europe dominate the top ten on the happiness list . . . again. Economist Jeremy Sachs believes that one of the reasons the Nordic countries come out on top is that the people have high levels of trust in each other and their governments.
    Apparently, a perception of low corruption is part of the landscape of paradise. The paradise formula also includes a narrow income gap and a robust social welfare system.
    The United States is not in the top ten. Apparently, even though they have a lot of happy people with enough money and a lot of happy people with more than enough money, they also have a lot of unhappy people with more than enough money and even more unhappy people with not enough money.
    More poverty than many other similarly wealthy nations. When Ronnie D compares Barbados to those other places where people are suffering, he is not only talking about the less financially prosperous nations at the bottom of the happiness index.
    He is also talking about the slums of North America. You can have paradise and hell side by side in the same city.
    Social welfare
    The United States is a more religious nation than many of its happier counterparts. It also has a holier social welfare net. Holier in that it’s easier to fall through. It probably has a lot more millionaires too. But also a lot more homeless people.
    There is a lesson here. The version of paradise we have been pursuing is patterned off of Uncle Sam’s suit.
    We have to ask ourselves, will it fit us when it fails to cover so much of Sam’s own tail?
    Finland is No.1 on the happiness list. The Finnish claim to fame over the years has been its education system. Check it out. It is the polar opposite of our educational approach.
    They have prioritised the happiness and development of their people.
    It can’t be paradise if people are miserable, no matter how blue the seawater.
    Paradise is about people, their state of minds and spirits and, yes, their financial health too. If you want to live in paradise, paradise may have to live in you. Barbados is a paradise depending on what we Barbadians feel, think and do. Yes, Bajans, paradise depends on you. It’s a paradise.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email

    Source: Nation


  • I don’t even know what to say…lol

    “Venezuelan President Maduro banned from posting on Facebook for talking about Covid-19 remedy – media

    “Maduro apparently posted a video on his Facebook page in which he talked about Carvativir, an herb-based remedy which he believes could neutralize the deadly virus, Reuters reported on Saturday.

    Facebook deleted the video and froze the president’s page, accusing Maduro of spreading misinformation.”


  • Good article by Adrian.

    Calling it as I see it.
    No imprisonment – two Barbadoes
    Imprisonments -Brutes
    No matter which one of the two positions the GoB takes, criticisms will follow.


  • @WURA-War-on-U March 28, 2021 4:44 AM “Under those conditions whether uncontrollable or uncontrolled…he should not have been put in any harsh settings.”


    No need to lock up a seriously ill man, unless he had been convicted of a violent offense. And this man was not. Did the man know that he was seriously ill? Was the man compliant with the medication, exercise and diet advice given to him by the health professionals? ? Did his family know that he was seriously ill? Did his lawyer know? Did the court know? Did the prison know? Did the hospital know before he arrived at their door? Is there a medical team working at the prison every day? If not why not?

    We need honest answers to all these questions.


  • Chief Magistrate Weekes was demoted from hearing COVID 19 cases.


  • Ah Boy

    I see the scientists finally figuring out there is another way of transmission … by water.


  • “New Delhi: Indians are at high risk of contracting the covid-19 virus from sewage spills and river water contaminated with faeces, a team of scientists warned after studying the risk in over 39 countries.

    The scientists who calculated the transmission risk posed to humans by contaminated waterways found that India, with exposure to down-the-drain chemicals released by human pollution in rivers, has areas of potentially high risk.”


  • Only five new cases!

    Many thanks to our Most Honourable Prime Minister, her wonderful team and all frontline health workers.
    You are simply the best! Your work is the very best advertisement for Barbados.


  • Let us keep our guard up fellow Bajans!

    Weekend watch
    Authorities to crack down on protocol breakers
    THE COVID-19 MONITORING UNIT and Royal Barbados Police Force will be cracking down on anyone in breach of the health protocols over the long Easter weekend.
    Head of the unit Ronald Chapman told the DAILY NATION yesterday that having got wind of activities people were planning, they would be out in full force.
    “We are pretty much putting brakes on the Easter weekend to some extent because we had good intelligence that there were a number of persons who were planning a lot of little getaways, parties and liming events. We can’t undo the work that we have done so far. We don’t want a weekend where everyone decides they would abandon all protocols and safety and get ourselves back into trouble again.
    “We are at a point now where our cases are anywhere at an average of 15 per week and falling and we want to keep that going down. To that extent, the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit, and I am sure the Royal Barbados Police Force, would be out . . . to ensure we don’t have a return to what happened in December,” he added.
    Stay at home
    In the latest directive, No. 7, released over the weekend, Sundays will remain closed to most commercial activities, while the stay-at-home order will be in effect for Good Friday and Easter Monday. Church services are permitted with a capacity of 75 people. The curfew, which starts at 9 p.m., now ends one hour earlier at 5 a.m.
    Chapman also said that over the past few weeks of Government’s phased reopening, they were still finding instances where people were not complying with the protocols.
    “One of our biggest concerns is that [though] employees in the stores are protecting customers, when the employees go into the back rooms and they are by themselves and working together, they are not protecting themselves from each other,” he said.
    “They are having conversations without masks, eating at the same table, not observing the necessary physical distancing and to some extent they are not sanitising among themselves. They seem to think that once we are all working at the same place, that that has become a bubble and that is not the case. Your bubble would be the persons who live in your home and you treat everyone outside of your homes as being outside of your bubble. They would have had contact with other persons that you don’t know anything about and you need to maintain the protocols in the workplace.
    “That is why in the past you had incidents at workplaces where maybe four or five employees, maybe even management, became ill but not the customers because the employees are taking chances among each other.”
    Chapman said the unit was also concerned that there were several people socialising and liming, especially in The City. He said that last week, with the help of police, the unit had to break up gatherings on the outskirts of the old Fairchild Street Market.
    Adding there were still incidents where youngsters were playing football on the beach, when team sports had been banned, Chapman said he did not want a case where a youngster could get in trouble with the law and pleaded with parents and guardians to be more mindful of their children/wards’ activities.
    The unit head also pointed out that residents in close-knit communities were still interacting with each other without wearing masks.
    However, Chapman said overall, he was pleased that people in general were adhering to the health protocols.
    He said public sector vehicle (PSV) operators were following the protocols and the unit was not getting the number of complaints it did in the past.
    However, he said some were still refusing to enter the Constitution River Terminal to get the vehicles sanitised after each trip.

    Source: Nation


  • “⚡️Germany suspends the AstraZeneca anti-COVID vaccine for people under the age of 60 due to the risk of blood clots – German medicines regulator

    People who have ALREADY received first AZ vaccine dose will have clarification of next steps by end of April.”


  • Nasty reaction it looks horrible and very painful.

    “WARNING: DISTURBING! Man’s skin “PEELED OFF” after Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine

    A HORRIFIC body rash triggered by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine left a man hospitalized after his skin “peeled off”.

    Richard Terrell, 74, started suffering from the severe symptoms four days after he received the one-dose vaccine jab in Virginia.

    He first felt some “discomfort” in his armpit but soon an itchy rash covered his whole body, turning his skin bright red and causing his body to swell.

    After being rushed to the emergency room doctors reportedly determined that Terrell had experienced an adverse reaction to the vaccine – which left untreated could have been FATAL! (WRIC).”


  • Only 134 persons in isolation left!

    Thank you Most Honourable Prime Minister, thank you General Bosstic!


  • Country cluster-free
    Now’s not the time to drop guard, George warns
    By Colville Mounsey
    Barbados is almost at the point where it could be declared that the country no longer has COVID-19 community spread, says Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kenneth George.
    He told the Weekend Nation that currently there were no active community clusters, a situation which less than a month ago was a major headache for the Ministry of Health.
    Making it clear that he did not have the power to declare that the country no longer has community spread, the Chief Medical Officer also disclosed that Barbados had maintained a positivity rating of under five per cent for more than the two weeks required by the international medical community.
    “The clusters in Barbados are no longer active. We are following leads every day and the contact tracing continues.
    “The definition on whether or not you have community spread is that you need to have a positivity rating of less than five per cent for two weeks straight. We have surpassed that and if we continue along this line then the levels would have been significantly reduced. I cannot say that we no longer have community spread because I do not have the authority to do so, but I can say that we are approaching the point,” said George.
    In a national press conference last night, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said while they wanted a positivity rate of no more than five per cent, it had been generally below that number.
    “Today it is just over two per cent. Yesterday, it was 1.6 per cent. It has been below two generally,” she said.
    Mottley also said that ideally they would like no more than 25 new positive cases per 100 000 over a two-week period.
    “The reality it is at 66.8 cases per 100 000, which is down from the previous two weeks when it was 113. That is a significant reduction” she said.
    Meanwhile, George pointed out that the number of people being tested was on the rise, allowing for greater confidence in the low positivity rating.
    “The numbers of persons being tested is improving slowly. I would still like to see those numbers go up even higher. I want to take this opportunity to encourage Barbadians to continue to test. The centres are open for the entire Easter weekend. We are not taking a break and we want all persons who believe that they may have been exposed or asymptomatic to go and get tested,” he said.
    Last month, Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic said the number of community hotspots had been reduced from 11 two weeks earlier, to four. He said the spread among families was still a major concern for his ministry.
    However, despite these positive trends, George made it clear that now was not the time for Barbadians to start dropping their guard. He said the country needed to be especially watchful in the upcoming long Easter weekend and beyond. He reminded people that the country was not insulated from the global community, as some countries within Barbados’ tourism source markets were currently going through a third wave of the pandemic.
    “Barbadians need to know that over this weekend they need to be particularly careful. This is so because we have been monitoring the situation in our source markets and many of them are going through third and fourth waves.
    “The situation in Barbados, although controlled at the moment, can easily get out of hand if people continue to do the wrong things. So I am encouraging persons that over the long weekend it is absolutely critical that they follow the guidelines within the directive and try and stay off the streets of Barbados,” George said.
    This point was emphasised by the Prime Minister last night as she urged Barbadians to remain focused.
    She said: “We have done well, we are too close . . . While we have done so well – for us to sacriifce everything now before we have actually gotten there would be unfortunate.”
    George noted: “Barbados is part of a global village and we are impacted by situations that occur outside of our borders and that is why we need to be careful and prepare for all possibilities.”

    Source: Nation


  • Meanwhile in India …

    The experts need sending home, they are a waste of time.


  • India’s Covid surge is placing its population at risk and it’s having repercussions on the supply of vaccines from India to many countries.

    All any country with COVID needs to do is to keep the virus out of their water supply and observe sensible precautions.

    The virus will die a natural death and disappear over time.


  • Attached are charts for week ending 2021-04-02. The active cases do not include Jamaica (21499) as the Jamaica active cases were disproportionately higher than the others being compared. The changes in the other active cases charts, without Jamaica, now allows a better comparison between the remaining 5 countries. The Barbados positivity percentages are now consistently trending downwards and are suggestive of the relatively strong measure of control here. Guyana and Trinidad’s active cases are trending up again.

    Source: Lyall Small


  • The Covid-19 ward, with its 100 fewer beds, is again filling up fast – 170 patients have been admitted in the last couple of weeks, and the 30-bed ICU is packed to the brim with very sick patients. Deaths are climbing.

    “The virus seems to have become more transmissible in the second wave. We are admitting entire families who are infected. We are also seeing a lot of young people, aged below 40, getting sick,” says Dr Kalantri.

    “Here we go again. The situation is alarming.”

    India’s tally of recorded coronavirus cases exceeds 12 million, the third-highest in the world behind the US and Brazil. It has reported more than 16,000 deaths from the infection but the case fatality rate or CFR, which measures deaths among Covid-19 patients, is among the lowest in the world.


    These are the experts getting it wrong by not understanding the mechanics of the various modes of transmission and relying only on numbers.

    It isn’t that the virus has become more transmissible in the second wave, it is that water became a second fluid by which the virus is transmitted.

    The experts completely ignored that simple fact.

    Once the virus is in the water it will be transmitted.

    And we know it is still around when the new cases will not go to zero and are fed by a reservoir of the virus.

    Look at the new cases in India after the Hindu Festival and the ritual washing in the rivers which act as the reservoirs for the virus.

    You can see the reservoir marked at the bottom of the graph and the fact that the daily cases will probably surpass the number from the first infection.

    … and following behind is the corresponding rise in daily deaths as the increasing number of new cases develop in the at risk population.

    India is a case study in how much easier it is for the virus to spread through the water.

    Every country that has a reservoir of the virus present in the water is a month away from mayhem!!

    Lockdowns and masks are of no use if it is in the water because they are targeted at airborne spread.

    It is simple commonsense.


  • Look at Australia

    Two waves as it got into the water and the infection modes increased.

    Then they twigged and went after the water to the point where they test sewage to see if it is present in the reservoir.


  • Until we remove the chance of waterborne spread, we are blowing smoke in the air!!


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