PHARTFORD FILES: Covid-19 Lockdowns & the Globalist Agenda

Submitted by Ironside

‘Trildren’ and Dust Devils

If you know a little about the psychology of self-presentation or you did a really great customer service course recently, you would know that the PM’s first and second digital epistles to the country are no more than “emotional leakage”, the kind that comes involuntarily when the individual knows that he or she is lying and/or guilty. Speaking generally, guilty or embarrassed people like to talk a lot! Somebody needs to tell the PM though, that as articulate as she may be, we are not her “trildren” (my aunt’s term). This idea that you can talk down to people and on top of that threaten people, who for starters have had their right to freedom of association eroded, is reprehensible.  The Honourable PM is now beginning to skate on globally-warmed ice!

The Colonel’s not-so-veiled threat may suit the military but is inappropriate for democratic citizenry. His attitude should be a wake up call for all Barbadians but I am afraid it is a call that will fall on the pitch and tone deaf ears of the news media, the citizens general and the Laodicean church leaders in the country. Worse still is the resentment displayed by PMM to those who have expressed their strong disagreement on social media with the shuttlecock Covid protocols and the face-saving, now predictable, pollyanna pronouncements.  One more jab at freedom of expression.
Assuming it is true, I am not in agreement with the ill-timed “bus crawl” by  Her Majesty’s prison officers. However, that is just a convenient scapegoat for the Administration which is now chastising the citizenry on breaching Covid-19 protocols while having itself defaulted on two counts of prudent Covid-19 management. Trying to justify the government’s sudden and draconian measures by endless peristaltic movements of Covid-19 propaganda is symptomatic (pun intended) of a bad case of governmental diarrhoea. Hopefully, those who read the “sign” of dust devil, as the MET office called it, had a head start in preparing for the Old Year’s Night/New Years Day blackout and the curtailed strains of Auld Lang Syne!  I hope they now know what to pray more precisely about! 

PMM the Globalist
None of the PM’s tactics and antics will make any sense unless you see her for what she is: a globalist. Perhaps, this is one point on which Peter Wickham will agree since the globalist agenda fits well with his mindset (and hers for that matter). It matters little whether her alliance with the globalist agenda is voluntary or inadvertent. 

Speaking generally, Barbadians have not yet become “woke” to the supranational aspirations of the globalist elite a.k.a globalists a.k.a global resetters. You will notice that I did not use “illuminati” as a synonym for this global cabal because the term has outlived its usefulness, even among the globalists themselves!  Not at all surprising, because the term “illuminati” connotes conspiracy theory which the globalist agenda definitely is NOT!  The “global reset”, the new, alternative vintage term being pushed by the WEF (World Economic Forum) is not a conspiracy; it is a fact and an active agenda! If you are following carefully, you will discern that the globalists are a motley (no possible pun intended here) collection of strange bed-fellows ranging from feminists to communists to ecumenists ; all with good reason.

While the heart (used advisedly) of this global cabal is fixated on global control of economic wealth (a.k.a the almighty dollar) for the elite, such a state cannot be achieved without concomitant global political and religious hegemony.  Once this is understood, the agenda and strategic priorities of the globalists as well as their tools become very clear and even logical, though diabolical:

+ Eradicate Individual Freedom & Choice (=Country Level Communism)

+ Create Individual Dependence (=Increase Government Welfare Operations)

+Control Public Opinion (= Media Control & Propaganda Ops) + Control Spirituality & Morality (= Banish or Control National/Traditional Religious Belief)

+  Global Financial Control (= One World Currency)

+ Eradicate National Sovereignty   (=One World Government)

See this administration anywhere in the above? Here is MAM, in her own words at the UN. I have copied the Youtube link from 21.11 mins but feel free to listen to the entire speech:

My analysis of this speech is that either MAM is “less than informed” of the subtleties of the term globalism or is a voluntary participant in the deception that underlies the globalist movement where, for a long time, so-called global warning / climate change was the persuasive tool used to sell the globalist agenda.

To a large extent the climate change agenda has been put on the sidelines by Donald Trump’s exit from the Paris (Climate Change) Accords. Here is Trump on climate change.

The climate change agenda having failed, Covid-19 and its draconian control protocols, especially the lockdown protocols, are now the front line weapon of the globalist agenda. Have you noticed that now we are a half-step away from a viable Covid-19 vaccine that new strains of the virus have been “discovered”? How convenient!

Why did the Barbados Government allow in UK visitors even though it was “noised abroad” about the “new strains” of Covid-19?  And why is the government still in bed with the Communist Chinese Government, the global distributors of Covid-19? Again I say, either this government is a naïve participant or willing accomplice in the globalist agenda. Take your pick.

US Elections and the Leftist Agenda

You missed the point by a mile, if you are still thinking that the US election was about a brash Donald Trump vs. sleepy Joe Biden.  I can assure you that those who still believe this are exclusive consumers of the Certainly Not News network (=CNN) and the rest of what is now being called the “mainstream” media (MSNBC, CBS).   

You are also a ripe candidate for a lobotomy if you thought, as many still do, that the Obama-Biden-Clinton administration was good for America and good for people of colour.  Law of Slow Learning here?

If you do not wish to remain voluntarily ignorant, now is the time to “cancel” the Certainly Not News network and sample Newsmax, Epoch Times, NTD to name a few.   Keep an open mind, search diligently and you will find the truth. 

The reason why Donald Trump has attracted the collective kinetic wrath of the left, media included, is because the leftist agenda – communism, abortion on demand, media control by the global elite, same sex unions, government corruption and curtailment of religious freedom – is part and parcel of the leftist global agenda. 

Trump made it very clear that under his watch, the US will NOT become part of the New World Order (a.k.a Global Reset) but stay true to conservative economic, political and religious values: in other words, free enterprise, limited government, democracy and freedom of worship.

Come January 6th we are going to know whether the conservative agenda in the USA will hold ground for at least another 4 years or the advance of the leftist/globalist agenda will prevail. 

In the meantime, if you are eligible to vote in Barbados 2023 (and it cannot be bought!), sharpen your vote because it is the only effective non-violent weapon you can use to fend off the globalist agenda in this country. Call me dystopian if you like, but this is going to get worse before it gets better. And no earthly government, globalist or otherwise, is going to be the one to make it permanently better. I sincerely hope you will be around to see!

Have a physically, financially and spiritually prosperous 2021!


  • Yardfowl Lorenza….what apology what, i don’t apologize to black face traitors, here’s my answer….fcuk off…..🤣🤣🤣

    we still got the photo from the Cliff restaurant, remember them, big party Mia and hundreds of wannabe elite maskless…since then Cliff refused to pay their workers severance payments….have yall apologized for that yet, or for trying to railroad 3 prison officers into prison or death with yall lies..because they have the government and prison in court for some type of human rights abuses as usual..


  • Where are those fraudulent fowls…ah still waiting to hear the apology and while ya at bout.

    DBLP apologizing to the BLACK POPULATION for selling them out to minority thieves and racists for the last 54 YEARS…telling endless lies and being deceitful….

    how about an apology for helping minorities ROB THE VAT, TREASURY AND PENSION FUND….of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS…

    how about another apology from the Bar Association of CROOKS who have robbed the old, dead, dying, disabled, young and unborn from the 1940s…stealing their birthright, estates, properties, bank accounts and everything else in between..

    goddamn frauds…


  • Not surprised at your response.You should tell your white husband the same thing.You have been shown up as a liar once again and in my view it is about time the blog master does something with your lyimg self continuimg to spread misinformation on his blog.


  • Need to do something about your fowl ass too, yall enable and condone crimes against ya own black people and have for over 50 years, what could be more disrespectful and insulting than that, then ya got a bunch of sellout ministers etc who DISHONOR THEIR ANCESTORS, have NO connection to Africa or the people who SURVIVED so they could be here , shame and disgrace, empty shells who only know how to SELL OUT…..piece of shit pretending to have pedigree….accurate information.


  • I had to make a delivery in Dover today. All of the tourists sitting around the open bars by the beach with no masks intermingle with locals with no masks. As a Virologist said on brasstacks today the government must send a clear message if the outbreak is to be swiftly contained.Wearing of masks should be put into law not if you feel like wearing one. Now this man said that he spent the last 20 winters here at his home on the west coast.He felt the Government drop the ball on the number of days persons should stay in quarantine after the first test. BAMP called for 7 days the government drop it to three days when the virus could still be incubating.He said the government should shut the the country borders to high risk countries because of the new variant strain. We have some very knowledgeable persons living here on the west coast who we should call on for help with policy and not only locals who have to speak so as keep their picks.


  • @lestweforget

    Was fortunate to listen, he made some sense especially as it relates to mitigating the possible spread of the new virus.


  • Some Bajan whites say this one should be in prison and so should all the criminals in the parliament…….Lorenza fowl looking for straws to cling to …cling to that…..🤣🤣🤣

    “The disciplinary committee of the Barbados Bar Association has made a recommendation for another attorney to be disbarred.

    It is expected to make the recommendation that Philip Nicholls be struck from the list of attorneys when the matter is heard by the Court of Appeal on November 13.

    The disciplinary committee said Nicholls had not been able to account for $860 000, the proceeds of the sale of a property in 2008, previously owned by his clients John and Hazel Connor.

    John Patrick Connor died in August 2008, while his wife remained at Rendezvous Retreat Nursing Home. However, she has since been removed from the facility as she could no longer afford to be kept there, and is being cared for by her sister.”


  • BTW…people on FB are complaining that they have not heard any Covid update since Jan 1…i have not kept up with the timeline, the fowls should be able to say what is happening..


  • yall begged, pleaded, lied, deceived and who knows what else to be hired by the people to get into the parliament to sport colonial titles and tell nuff lies all day long, now do ya damn jobs..

    ” Government Information Service
    52 mins·
    Barbados recorded 211 new positive cases of COVID-19 between Friday, January 1, and Saturday, January 2, 2021, from a combined 2, 570 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory.
    The cases represent results for both visitors and locals.
    There were 198 new positives on Friday, and four persons were discharged from isolation. On Saturday, there were 13 new positives, and one person was released from the isolation facility.
    The number of confirmed cases for both days include 170 cases from Her Majesty’s Prisons, Dodds. This comprises 49 staff members – 33 males and 16 females and 121 inmates – 120 males and one female.
    The other 41 cases not related to HMP Dodds, comprises 20 males and 21 females.
    The number of people in isolation now stands at 275 – 32 of whom are awaiting clinical assessment.
    To date, Barbados has 606 confirmed cases, and there have been 324 recoveries. The public health laboratory has completed 72,827 tests.”


  • Is there a normal level headed voice of reason on this string. We have 12 months of knowledge with sars-cov2 virus.
    We also have 12 months of knowing the following.
    Lockdowns don’t work
    Masks have always been and always will be useless in the spread of a respiratory virus, they are meant for surgical procedures to stop blood and gunk from going from a patient into a surgeon, particles that are mm and cm big not nanometers like viruses
    Social distancing is useless – as all respiratory viruses are airborne spread and aerosolized and stay in the air for minutes if not hours
    99% of Deaths With Covid are in people over the age of 75 with 75% having 3 or more co-morbidities
    99.99% of people who test positive for Sars-Cov2 virus are fine immediately or within 2-4 days
    Asymptomatic spread has been disproven in 3 recent articles – sick people with symptoms get others sick just as with the flu and common cold
    The idea of robbing children of their education and closing schools is criminal. Especially for the supposed benefit of having an 87 year old in a nursing home live 3 months longer.
    You don’t catch covid or any virus from touching a handrail or a table. The WHO has in 12 months not found a single case of Sars-Cov2 spread from touching an “infected” surface. This incessant hand washing and sanitizing of tables and surfaces is useless and pure theater.
    Sars-Cov2 is spread from miniscule airborne particles and aerosolized particles that no matter what you do will eventually get to you. It will be your immune system that is the ONLY defence out there.

    Disease , whatever it is spreads around the world to everyone. This incredulous blame game that tourists bring Covid is asinine. Guess what tourists and the outside world bring you as well. Hard currency, the laptop and iphones you are using to post on this wonderful blog, every medicine that is keeping you alive for the other 1000 diseases other than Covid, electricity, toys, clothes and the list goes on.

    Barbados and Mottley have a real chance here to do the right thing. Leave the economy open, don’t fall into the covid hysteria paranoia. Get rid of on island testing of tourists as all this has done is destroy tourism and create 40% unemployment. Jamaica and Mexico are wide open to tourism and their industries are back to 70% capacity. Schools should open immediately.
    For the people who are actually ill, not asymptomatics you have Harrison point where you can treat them. The concept of taking asymptomatic 30 year olds and locking them up at Harrisons is plain stupid.

    I doubt they will do this as they are being led by the world hysteria. Only a few nations have stepped out. It would be great if Barbados did, but I shall not hold my breath


  • Ricardo who?


  • “Guess what tourists and the outside world bring you as well. Hard currency, the laptop and iphones you are using to post on this wonderful blog, every medicine that is keeping you alive for the other 1000 diseases other than Covid, electricity, toys, clothes and the list goes on”

    pure shite talk, not everyone is that dependent and not everyone wishes to be dependent on a pack of goddamn racists for tourists who think they’re too supreme to follow simple instructions and who should be in their own countries with their diseased asses…no one needs them….most of them are broke anyway and living off credit cards.


  • Alyuh won’t leave them FB people alone, ya would think yall had bigger problems, anyway, good luck..


  • Love this doah


  • Was my video block
    Well well.well


  • Wow.. can you imagine following Ricardo’s instructions. No masks, no testing (I suspect, no protocols) and open borders. Only catch and isolate when they are ill.

    Did I misrepresent?


  • All the tiefing and bribing in the world can’t help ya..


  • Theo…ya can always tell who the cockroaches are benefitting from the racist dependency slavery tourism, while the majority population aren’t…nothing they say is logical.


  • Simple instructions..

    “This pandemic is not an easy situation we are dealing with,” he said.
    “You need to protect yourself, you need to wear your mask, you need to sanitize, you need to keep your physical distance, you need to dispose of your tissues properly, stay away from crowds. I told you in the Christmas message, don’t do no foolishness this Christmas.

    “You remember that? We can’t cancel Christmas, but I told you to just postpone, mute, delete if you have to, some activities for Christmas. And still look what we getting now, hundreds of persons being positive. There is so much they can’t even count them, I suspect they could be well over 600, probably 700 cases in Barbados. I don’t know.”


  • @Waru,
    Cut and paste the Stewart article – please – as I’m unable to access Barbados today website.



    TLSN…i thought i had seen a full article on barbadostoday earlier but am not seeing it now, there is some info in the above article though


  • Here you go.

    “REGIONAL: Sandals’ Butch Stewart has died AvatarArticle by
    Barbados Today TrafficPublished on
    January 5, 2021

    Sources: Jamaica Gleaner and Jamaica Observer – Legendary Jamaican hotelier and Chairman of the ATL Group, Gordon “Butch” Stewart passed away this evening. He was 79. Butch was the founder, owner and chairman of Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts, and their parent company Sandals Resorts International, as well as The ATL Group and its subsidiaries Appliance Traders and the Jamaica Observer.

    “Butch” passed away in the USA while receiving treatment for an illness, he leaves behind seven children and his wife Cheryl.

    In a moving tribute while making the announcement, Adam Stewart said of his father:

    “It is with great sadness that I share with you today the passing of our Founder and Chairman, and my father, Gordon “Butch” Stewart.

    This news seems almost unbelievable, since our Chairman was as involved and forward thinking as ever. He chose to keep a very recent health diagnosis private and we respected that wish.

    The Hon Gordon “Butch” Stewart OJ, a distinction he was so proud of, was a gifted entrepreneur. He was a marketing genius and talented showman, but those who knew him best recognised that he was a dreamer who could dream bigger and better than anyone. It was often said, “the best thing for people around him to do is be dream catchers”.

    That’s why he always credited his success to the incredible team around him, why he listened intently when it came to creating innovative things that would excite and delight our guests, and why it is so important that I remind you today of all days, that we will all continue to be his dream catchers.

    Together, we have all been part of something bigger than ourselves, led by a man who believed in us and who gave us opportunities to learn, grow and the tools to make dreams real. For him, and because of him, we will continue to dream big and deliver on his certainty that true luxury is always best enjoyed by the sea.

    My dad lived a big life – husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather entrepreneur, statesman, dreamer. A singular personality and an unstoppable force who revelled in defying the odds, exceeding expectations and whose passion for his family was matched only by the people and possibility of the Caribbean, for whom he was a fierce champion.”

    ‘Butch’ Stewart is widely considered to be one of the Top 5 wealthiest Jamaicans.”


  • @TLSN

    Did you see the president giving her CoVid address last night?


  • The first and most obvious conclusion that we can drawn from this new outbreak of covid-19 in Barbados is that Barbadians are paying a very heavy price to have this apprenticeship BLP administration absorb anything on its steep learning curve as managers of public welfare.

    The second is that, despite our shytopian pretensions to be a world class country, the now demonstrated truth is that the “first world” still thinks of us as a Caribbean banana ‘republic’ (N.B. we are now going for the actual status of republic according to the Hon PM) where anything goes and where white is always right!


  • “Why you can trust Sky News
    Boris Johnson has announced a new national lockdown for England – with people instructed to “stay at home” as they did during last March’s first shutdown.

    The prime minister revealed the action in an eight-minute TV address on Monday night, after being told that COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly in every part of the country due to the new coronavirus variant.”


  • Trust Sky News?????


  • @Waru,
    Thanks for the article. May he rest in peace. Stewart like many an African leader had to leave his country to receive treatment in America. What does that tell you? I cannot recall either of the Castro boys receiving medical treatment abroad.

    @ Hal,
    Unfortunately, probably to the horror of Tron, I missed the maximum leader’s address to her adoring public. I understand that she stood firm and appeared reluctant to change course. Evidently she has faith in her Colonel to control and defeat Covid-19. No don’t egged on by her preening and faithful servant: Tron.


  • @TLSN

    It was awful. The president was also economical with the actualite. What was also interesting was that she undermined the CMO on public television.
    The poor doctor was trying to differentiate between clusters and community spread of the virus, when she intervened and asked for someone else to explain.
    Imagine, the nation was trying to have confidence in the badly dressed doctor and she in effect told them he did not know what he was talking about.
    But, he stood his ground and came back with a further explanation. Bit were incomplete.


  • @ Hal,

    Straight from Donald Trump’s text book. If this is correct then I feel sorry for the majority population.


  • After last night warned over soup with some more added water
    I was aghast to hear PM saying that all incoming flights are welcomed
    Only a few hours ago an additional 37 tested positive Covid persons were added to the increase of numbers
    A few months back govt said the QEH had a bed shortage
    Our worst scenario so far has many negative attached as many poor barbadian households with limited housing space runs a high risk of spreading the virus amongst family members
    Our PM told the nation that the current situation has been stabilized
    Does she got an understanding of what it means to stabilize a health crisis thrown into the depths of COVId


  • @ Mariposa

    She was being deliberately economical with the truth. The nonsense of flights out of the UK mainly coming to collect people already in Barbados is fine, but why do they have to bring in other passengers?
    She has not imposed a ban on UK travellers because she is a prisoner of the hotel mafia. She is putting the survival of their businesses ahead of the lives of ordinary Barbadians.
    The other thing I was not clear about was why if she has a CoVid task force, which is doing a fine job under Dr Walcott, why does she have to hijack all the press conferences?
    I was under the impression she had something major to say, other than the usual waffle. She even tried to tell David Ellis what question he should ask.
    The task force must start by having their press conferences at the ministry of health, and not Ilaro Court. Put space between themselves and the president.


  • Not only was she economical with the truth but had the minister also going along with the game
    Had not for Ellis probing about the QEH that piece of info would have been placed in a hideaway until testing results which could not been hidden


  • This is all Mia fault her head became big arrogance with a false sense of wanting to prove that Barbados could defeat the virus


  • Mia Mottley let the virus in the country
    Now Mia finds a scape goat to blame for the crisis
    Watch out Freundel u might be next to tek the blame


  • Where are all the blp mouthpieces like Tron whose praises for Mia is enough to cover the island from one end to another


  • Aljazeera reported that one in fifty of the UK population has covid-19.


  • @TLSN

    One in 50 and rising. Mia should stop all flights out of the UK.

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  • Medical official today says the COVID numbers were trending downward
    Well at the slow rate of results moving forward those numbers would be slow and coming
    However the totality of those numbers will tell the true story


  • @TLSN January 5, 2021 4:59 PM “Stewart like many an African leader had to leave his country to receive treatment in America. What does that tell you? ”

    It tells me that maybe the American treatment is not so good, since the patient is dead, dead, dead. Dead as a door-nail, in spite of the expensive, leading edge, first world treatment.

    And who says that he “had” to leave? Maybe he chose to leave? Maybe he left because he had the money to do so? Maybe leaving to go to America in the middle of a pandemic was not a wise choice? Successful businessmen are not always the best judges of what is good for their health. Because you are good at business, that does not mean that you are good at making medical decisions.

    And as we can see he was old and fat and male, and likely sedentary. Not much that medical science can do for old fat sedentary men.



  • Melville Williams will be 111 next month.


  • For months now I have been hearing ADULT MALES saying “we int no covid ’bout here” including some caller to talk radio previously know to listeners as Anti-America; and currently known simply as Anti.

    My response was and is “we won’t know until we know”

    Now we know.

    I’ve long said that if we play the @rse we will run into trouble.

    Old Bajan saying “trouble don’t set up like rain”


  • It’s a pity that Mia is incapable of looking beyond tourism. I was never a fan of Margaret Thatcher. She decimated a swathe of British industries without having a plan for alternative replacements.

    This crisis presents the perfect opportunity for Mia to have her Madame Thatcher moment. She should remove all artificial support for the tourist industry and allow it to collapse. From the ashes you will see an improved industry with a truly sustainable future and a country with a brighter future and a stronger economic base.

    There are a number of relatively small countries who have performed miracles over the years and transformed their economies and their societies. One of them being Estonia. A country which we should study if we would like to advance our society.

    @ PLT,
    Check out the Estonia government website


  • Going to America didn’t work out for Donville.

    Going to America didn’t work our for Butch.


  • @TLSN January 5, 2021 8:28 PM “It’s a pity that Mia is incapable of looking beyond tourism. I was never a fan of Margaret Thatcher. She decimated a swathe of British industries without having a plan for alternative replacements. This crisis presents the perfect opportunity for Mia to have her Madame Thatcher moment. She should remove all artificial support for the tourist industry and allow it to collapse.”

    Since decimating a swathe of British industries without having a plan for alternative replacements didn’t work for the British, why are you suggesting that “this crisis presents the perfect opportunity for Mia to have her Madame Thatcher moment. She should remove all artificial support for the tourist industry and allow it to collapse.”

    If Mia does as you have said that Thacher did, and since it did not work for the British, why are you suggesting the same for Bajans?

    And can you explain how it would work for us?

    Or are you just being mischievous or even malicious?


  • @Ironside “Trump made it very clear that under his watch, the US will NOT become part of the New World Order (a.k.a Global Reset) but stay true to conservative economic, political and religious values.”

    Help me out here becausin’ I simple, but how does the 3 wives thingy and the pussy grabbing square with conservative religious [Christian?] values?




  • Mia could as welll swallow pride and closed down the country for two weeks
    Ongoing are many establihments closing their doors because of employees tested positive for the virus
    Banks included in these ongoing closures


  • Fact Check:

    Establishments are closing to clean and wait for results of second testing out of caution because of reported contact with primary contacts.


  • Fact check
    Some establishments have stated that employees been tested positive
    Btw David uh very quite i remember during the Ebola epidemic u had plenty to say and write about the govt of the day
    Be that as it may
    The going ons in Barbados did not escape the UK daily mail mentioning Harrison point as a mosquito borne with few windows no a/c and limited bathroom for patients to acess
    Mia has opened a huge hornets ness that gonna bite barbados in the arse
    Oh Zara Holland presence and court appearance serve purpose for the Daily Mail to give outsiders a in depth look of life in quaratine


  • GP January 5, 2021 10:03 PM

    Do me a favor and quote me chapter and verse, because I am planning to investigate the possibility of having 3 husbands.

    Does it mater if I have them concurrently, or must I have them consecutively?



  • Which establishments have declared employees with positive cases?

    Tell us, if you can.


  • @TheOGazerts January 4, 2021 9:17 PM “Wow.. can you imagine following Ricardo’s instructions. No masks, no testing (I suspect, no protocols) and open borders. Only catch and isolate when they are ill. Did I misrepresent?”


    If we follow Ricardo’s advice we will soon be all the way up there with the USA 1101 deaths per million population and the UK 1121 deaths per million. If we hurry up instead of having only 7 dead people why not have 300 or so including Ricardo, his parents, siblings, children and spouse.


  • David that is your job to follow up
    All day local media has been giving names of establihments closing because of employees tested positive for the virus


  • But this i will say govt had a good many runs of playing Russian roulette with the public
    Well the bullet has been shot and people lives are being caught up in the cross hairs


  • It is no surprise that you continue to make inaccurate comments although being corrected. Again, the establishments posted notices that they were closing to allow employees to test because of reported contact with players from the super spreader event and to do a commercial cleaning.


  • SMH
    You have perfected the art of being an ostrich with head buried in the sand
    Go read the nationews and they make mention of establishments that have closed because of employees tested positive


  • Please post the links.


  • “It’s a pity that Mia is incapable of looking beyond tourism.”

    and that contributes to the economic collapse significantly, none of them know how to extricate the people and country from that colonial construct, they trapped themselves being stupid and one dimentional 11 plus style, they can only go down with the sinking ship…no diversification forthcoming.


  • The word they were trying to avoid and sidestep is finally here…community spread, not that they will use it now, they’ll still pretend until something even more serious happens..


  • TLSN..these people have been warned and warned and warned over the years, let them feel the pinch now, hope it hurts real good for their wicked ways, sending yardfowls to oppose and parade, let’s enjoy their discomfort and embarrassment..the fowls are still trying to wipe shame off their dull beaks.


  • “Evidently she has faith in her Colonel to control and defeat Covid-19.”

    straight from the narcissist playbook, create the problem then claim to have the formula to fix it, invite the diseaseinto the island then claim to be wrestling it into the ground, any deceit to avoid dismantling the whole corrupt system cause they can’t think any further than their fake colonial titles and even faker pedigree..

    this one can’t be controlled with long, delusional talk though…countries with much better resources lost control.


  • @ Wura,

    In today’s Advocate, Dr Worrell calls for a return to tourism unaware that we HAVE community spread within Barbados.

    Barbados tourism industry will soon become infamous for the genocide of its workers and by extension the genocide of Barbados majority black population.


  • “In today’s Advocate, Dr Worrell calls for a return to tourism unaware that we HAVE community spread within Barbados.”

    dude needs to sit his ass down and shut the hell up, always knew something was very wrong with him, they’re all on a self-destruct course and can blame no one but themselves…the level of brainwash is now presenting itself and is astounding…the people need to start protecting themselves within families and stop listening to these titled, mindwashed, paper degreed idiots.

    I absolutely refuse to delve any further, they’re on their own if they still even entertain these asses or anything they say .


  • Let’s see if the majority Black population sit back and allow these black face sellouts to genocide them.


  • @ TLSN

    Dr Worrell has been a huge disappoint. Under Sinckler as minister of finance, I believe he tolerated a lot of nonsense. He should have walked away.
    Since his resignation, he has not added a single original idea to economic discussions in Barbados. The notion of abandoning the Bajan and adopting the Greenback as legal tender is the road to suicide, since it removes all currency sovereignty from an elected Barbadian government.
    His claim of the brilliance of Canadian regulators was misguided. The reason why Canada did not suffer as much as the dominant economies during the 2007/8 global banking crisis was because they were middle ranking players.
    Now his suggestion about tourism is simply silly. But he is not alone. Our academics are avoiding any serious debate, and in the process, educating ordinary Barbadians about the way their country is managed.
    The media too play a part by always going to the same people who repeat the same old mantras as if it was economic gospel.
    The people who suffer are ordinary newspaper readers, television viewers and listeners to radio. There is a lot of background noise, but none of it of educative value.
    Many of us are afraid of serious debate because we fear that after the shouting our limited knowledge may be, will be, exposed.

    Liked by 1 person

  • David you asked for the link
    I provided them
    So say what now


  • A few businesses have closed with positive cases yes.


  • Barbados is caught in the grips of a pandemic and govt insist on spending money to fight the virus in part to govt policy of inviting people from hot spots to Barbados
    Would it not have been better if govt had pursue a path of rebuilding infrastructure which can put people back to work in the interim
    Exposing barbadians towards a path of self empowerment
    to be good productive workers
    Whereby setting a stage of restructuring an economy of self reliance


  • @ Mariposa

    We who live in London are not even free to travel as we like. Yesterday I was stopped in a road block and had to explain myself, provide insurance details and driving licence.
    If this is so in the UK, why is Barbados still allowing travellers from the UK in to the country. Further, this is the worst health emergency we have ever had, the equivalent of a war, yet the president still finds time to go off and chair some international meeting.
    Someone needs to ell her that her job is prime minister of Barbados, not a world class performer. Rihanna already does a good job.


  • When is govt officials gonna come clean and tell the public that there is community spread

    Read ePaper
    Home / Top Featured Article / Port staff off the job

    Port staff off the job – by Kobie Broomes January 6, 2021
    Staff members at the Barbados Port Inc are off the job.
    Employee tested Positive


  • I noticed all the blp faithful in past two days have gone in hiding or quarantine
    All praises and cheering has cease following the staggering two day numbers of positives





    Curfew ‘upsetting’ sex workers

    Local sex industry expert Charles Lewis on Tuesday appealed to health authorities to work with the sex trade to mitigate the impact of commercial sex on the spread of the coronavirus.

    Declaring that sex will always sell regardless of whether there is a pandemic, recession, or any other global crisis, Lewis said that the 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew now in effect until January 14, has caused some upset among sex workers, as much as it has other businesses that operate at night.

    Lewis, the founding leader of the Adult Industry Association, told Barbados TODAY: “Right now nobody is happy about the curfew and the sex industry is also upset about this. But the people in the sex trade need to survive can be different from people from other sectors.

    “Those individuals on the street level, particularly those on Bay Street and Bush Hill, it’s a do-or-die situation.

    “Whereas many people may have alternatives, many of these individuals don’t. They probably do, but they are not aware of the alternatives.”

    He claimed that rising joblessness brought on by the pandemic has pushed more people to the sex trade for economic survival.

    The sex trade has become more competitive, prices have dropped for sexual services and the demand has shrunk as customers are afraid to contract the COVID-19 virus and take it home to their families, he said.

    Lewis said that there is no fixed decrease in prices for sex services, which is determined by negotiation between the seller and buyer. Nevertheless, he said due to the impact of COVID-19, sex workers are prepared to go far below the prices that they would normally charge, adding that it is currently a free-for-all where customers are benefitting from the low prices.

    He said his association has written Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Minister of Health and Wellness Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bostic indicating the AIA’s readiness to join the fight to mitigate the impact of the activities of sex workers on the spread of the virus.

    He said the correspondence was also copied to Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George and Chairman of Cabinet’s COVID 19 sub-Committee, Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Dr Jerome Walcott.

    He told Barbados TODAY: “The Adult Industry Association would be happy to offer the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit the benefit of our thorough knowledge and understanding of the sex trade to assist them in their efforts to mitigate the impact of commercial sex on the spread of the virus.

    “There is an extricable link between the sex trade and tourism obviously, and it has been for years, and there will continue to be a link. Tourists are still buying the services of sex workers and the Government has got to be mindful of this.

    “And this is why I suggested that the Adult Industry Association would be happy to consult with the Ministry of Health. Because without having expert knowledge and understanding of the sex trade, you are not properly equipped to mitigate the impact of the sex trade on the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”


  • The Government of Barbados is doing a good job managing the Covid 19 crisis. The ministers are doing the best they can.

    Next steps could include ” Field hospitals ” and more hotels used for quarantine as the virus spreads. No need to panic.


  • Oh dear! More pissparading and pompesetting in the Overseas Parade Ring!

    Some people still do not understand what is community spread.

    The APPROPIATELY DRESSED doctor explained that it is defined as cases that cannot be traced back to a contact.

    So we have local spread but not community spread.

    Mia admitted to identifying with the lay person’s understanding and asked for either Dr. George or the other doctor present representing some regional organisation to explain it again so that people, including herself could understand.

    Dr. George’s accent and manner of speaking does present some difficulty for me also but this time I did understand at the first hearing.



  • You know, I think I need to be even clearer on the definition of community spread. When I said it cannot be contact traced I meant that the contact tracers have run into a dead end.


  • There is no reason to panic at all. In our main tourist areas USA, UK and Europe, two more (American Moderna and British Oxford) vaccines have been approved after the German Biontech-Pfizer one. Of course, the British vaccine is less effective than the German and American ones because the British are known to be technologically backward. Anyway, the Chinese vaccine is even worse than the British vaccine.

    I hope we get the best vaccine in Barbados! No British or Chinese vaccine.


  • Common question
    What does the term community spread of COVID-19 mean?

    Community spread is when someone gets the virus without any known contact with a sick person.Sep 23, 2020

    What does local transmission mean?
    Local transmission indicates locations where the source of infection is within the reporting location.Mar 19, 2020


  • So we have local spread but not community spread.






  • @ Baje

    You are on form. You have forgotten that Barbados is unique, community spread in the other 195 countries has a different meaning.
    Ask the ministry to publish its epidemiological model so we will all understand.


  • Seems to me that both local transmission and community spread can apply to what is happening now in barbados


  • Govt needs to stop playing games with the truth
    Barbados has a crisis and the naked Truth is what matters inorder to avoid doubt and complacency


  • Community spread ot local transmission
    Hope Mia realize the errors of het policy
    A penny wise and a pound foolish
    Next it might be the fire dept
    Watching how the dominoes are falling

    Read ePaper
    Home / Local News / Hastings/ Worthing Police Station closed, Force recalls officers on vacation

    Hastings/ Worthing Police Station closed, Force recalls officers on vacation – by Kobie Broomes January 6, 2021
    The Royal Barbados Police Force is advising the public that the Hastings/ Worthing Police Station has been temporarily closed until further notice.

    Spokesman, Station Sergeant (ag) Michael Blackman said, this closure resulted after a police officer tested positive for COVID-19. The force has requested all police officers currently on vacation leave to report to their respective stations, formations or units immediately.

    Blackman said the public should avoid visits to the police stations unless as a last resort or in emergency cases in the meantime, people can direct their calls for service to police emergency number 211 or 4307100.


  • Three banks closed over COVID-19 fears – by Barbados Today January 6, 2021
    Two commercial banks in The City and one in Six Roads, St Philip have been hit by closures as two bank workers come down with the coronavirus.


  • Lost wages is what workers must give up in order to be tested for The Virus
    Mottley and Private sector locks horns on that issue


  • How did we get here?

    The management of the National Insurance Office was made aware that a small number of our staff members attended the Boxing Day Bus Crawl or had some contact with those who did. All affected members of staff have either been tested, or are in the process of being tested and are following the guidance of the Health authorities until they are cleared to return to work.

    The National Insurance Office has been thoroughly sanitized and will be open for business to the public on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    Due to the increased incidence of COVID-19 in the country, we are kindly requesting our valued customers to utilize our conveniently located drop-boxes and available online facilities wherever possible.

    In keeping with the COVID-19 Safety Protocols, the National Insurance Office appeals to visitors to its premises to queue in an orderly manner, keeping the safe distance of at least three feet between persons. In addition, the public is advised to wear face masks or shields, receive temperature checks and sanitize hands on entry to its Office.

    For further guidance, please see COVID-19 procedures on our website.

    Follow and like the NIS on:


  • We need just sentences for those on the so-called bus crawl. The videos of the event clearly document not only sexual excess, but also numerous violations of the law.

    Our government must now crack down like Stalin once did. In my opinion, a fair punishment would be 5 years of penal labour. We don’t need sensible judges who sympathize with such frivolity, but executioners who place dangerous elements in preventive detention.


  • whether it’s local or community spread, ya will be just as dead if ya get a virulent strain/mutation that resists treatment.

    trust asses to want to split hairs…it’s spreading in the community and they’re not saying they’re hardpressed to identify some sources.

    at least they’re no longer blaming the black population when they can’t dispute that THEY allowed a bunch of diseased tourists into the island.

    so has Lorenza the idiot fowl been infected yet, if we miss some of them for a few months we will know.


  • Just so they know, someone in Europe sent me that clip, it’s been viewed by nearly 15,000 people around the world already and counting.


  • @ WARU




  • What the man is saying is true. I wrote about this a few weeks ago. A 101 old man went tothe hospital and had to wait in A&E for four hours; after calls to get him assistance, all the porter who came to get him could ask was if he had contacts.
    He went off to the ward, no visitors allowed, and when his daughter rang from Canada all she could hear were nurses laughing in the background. He died soon after.
    It was awful. Then his MP came to the funeral talking crap.


  • @Blogmaster

    Will you block this one too?

    Is our Jamaican cousin deserving of the AG’s “in and out policy at Dodds given Covid outbreak” policy? Or did he just fail to make the cut?

    Why are “bail requests and fines” not given priority when a local shoplifts a bar of soap of a tin or sardines?

    What is “happening on the ground” is the usual bull shit that has always been happening — just presented differently.

    As I said. Grovelling, unctuous and two-tiered.

    @ David
    How much are they paying you?


  • What the man is saying is true. I wrote about this a few weeks ago. A 101 old man went tothe hospital and had to wait in A&E for four hours; after calls to get him assistance, all the porter who came to get him could ask was if he had contacts.
    He went off to the ward, no visitors allowed, and when his daughter rang from Canada all she could hear were nurses laughing in the background. He died soon after.
    It was awful. Then his MP came to the funeral talking crap.


    @ Hal





  • Man oh man things dread
    Lock down or lock out the virus is making a mad stampede across barbados
    The poor would be severly hit as their households are usually small and family members share the same bed
    Children should also be tested


  • @ Baje

    I have spent a career when we would sit in the news room and wonder which spy agency our colleagues were working for, from Special Branch, to Naval intelligence, to the ATF, etc.
    From Philby and Blake to those we do not know. During the Leveson Inquiry we heard of journalists who were on the security pay roll. Sadly, one was a very good friend and former colleague.
    BU has all the characteristics of the old Encounter magazine, set up by the CIA to be a front organisation. Whoever is paying David, he is doing a good job.


  • Today the COViD dashboard only gives details of number isolated ..recoveries and total testing done
    Nothing on how many were tested today or if none or any were positive
    As i stated before the transparency of the dashboard would shed less light on what is happening in regards to number of positives


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