To the Commissioner of Police, Royal Barbados Police Force

Dear Sir,

Death Most Strange – WITHOUT PREJUDICE

My name is David Weekes and I live in Washington DC.

I recently received the picture used in the banner above which shows the body of my uncle – George Aubrey Collymore late of Pioneer Road Spooner Hill. It was sent to me by my Cousin Martina Collymore whose unfortunate duty it was to accompany RBPF Officers to Uncle George’s home yesterday, Wednesday 23rd December.

It is without prejudice that I make the following remarks. I have sought for what amounts to 6 years, to get representation for George during his dementia. I sought that aid from this BLP administration and the previous DLP administration. I have written (i) the Ministry of Elder Care, (ii) letters to Social Workers at the National Assistance Board, (iii) letters to then NAB Chairman Senator David Durant, (iv) letters to Minister Cynthia Forde (see attached pictures) (v) correspondence to her Permanent Secretary, (vi) email to the aide of the SMNE Parliamentary Representative Laverne Goodman and (vii) even communication to the Prime Minister (both when she was just an MP and when she had recently become Prime Minister).

Mr. Commissioner, I have chronicled the matter of the mistreatment of my uncle at the hands of this Eric, a man who took his pension, every single month, with no action being taken by these authorities to aid with his dementia, for a purpose.  While it is true that George was truly ill, as his medical records will show, and George was issuing cheques for services with no money to cover said services, what i wish to draw to your attention sir are the following irregularities surrounding George’s death

Eric whose picture I append has stated to your officers that (i) he was with Uncle George when he died at 1 a.m on the 23rd of December 2020. Eric (ii) did not call the police at the time of his death but waited until (iii) 6.15 am and called my cousin and proceeded to accuse her of “killing my Uncle” because she had insisted that he clean the house.

Now Commissioner Griffith, look at the picture, Uncle George was found staged like this, hands folded, in pajamas!. For over 60 years i knew Uncle George, he has never slept in pajamas. George’s bedroom is in the back of the Pioneer Road property, yet mysteriously, Uncle George’s body is found in the front room, on a makeshift bed!

Hands folded, in death repose WITH HIS TOES TIED TOGETHER!

Mr Commission I am seeking your intervention as the Commissioner of Police regarding this matter. Which man, knowing a man he has put in pajamas, and knowing him to be dead, at 1 am, (Eric’s words) leaves George’s body in a house at 2 a.m. and ties him up this way?

And then, Commission which man waits, 5 hours after said man’s death, to then decide to share information about that death, at 6.15 a.m. *NOT WITH THE POLICE, Mr. COMMISSIONER, AS WITH ANY NORMAL DEATH, BUT TO CALL A PERSON WHO RECENTLY STARTED CARRYING FOOD TO THE HOUSE?

Mr. Commissioner should I mention that this same man carries uncle George’s house keys to the same party, instead of bringing them to the Police?

Should I also mention that, while the police were in the house, Eric passed the house and did not got to the Police?

Should I also mention that the police could not find Uncle George’s ID and, on questioning Eric, Eric revealed that “he had George’s ID at his home, in St Thomas?”

Mr. Commissioner, my daughter and I, have sought the assistance of several ministries for George Collymore, and to have him die like this is disconcerting to say the least.  

We are coming to you for your assistance with this matter and pray that this picture of George, with his toes tied, this final ignominy will secure your much needed assistance. And while it it true that THERE WILL BE NO MORE PAIN FOR GEORGE, I would beg that you afford a thorough investigation and autopsy to George’s mortal remains.

Yours respectfully

David Weekes
For the few of the Clan Collymore that remain

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  1. Black lives don’t matter to the black crabs in the parliament, unless it’s associated with money, land and stealing from black people, to enrich their fellow thieves and crabs, black deaths matter even less unless there’s an estate and money to tief.

  2. You are not in a unique position as you may think. There are several people in the same position as you.


    The Royal Barbados Police force, the Barbados Labour Party, the Democratic Labour Party , the DPP, and some BLACK PEOPLE will not do anything about this situation.

    And I dare say that you are at fault as well. While this unhappy man was in is misery it would seem that his family did nothing to protect him. I might be wrong, it won t be the first time.


  3. Well, Mia did say that the Black Lives Matter protests around the worls was just a trend in hopes of keeping the repulsive nelson statute in Black people’s personal space and further cementing the disgusting colonial system of racism, discrimination and disenfranchisement of black people in place, until she too realized that protesting the violation of BLACK HUMAN RIGHTS is a trend that’s never going to end.

  4. Just a thought, the last person that would want a senior to pass, is the person benefitting from them being alive .Now that is not to say they were being taken care of 100 percent, but this is easily checked by overall health, were they starved, sores. living in filth etc. This could just be the last act of someone who knew pictures would make it to the papers and didnt want them to be of a man naked on floor. All that to say I am sure the police checked person for trauma . checked scene for turmoil check beneficiary if there is estate is large , then an autopsy may be warranted but trust the cops it isnt there first rodeo.

  5. Unable to contribute
    Out of curiosity.. Why is there a need to tie his toes?
    Be respectful or say nothing.
    My sole contribution to this post.

  6. “I see Santa brought you coal again.”

    Happy holdidays Lawson, the way things are going, i may have to buy you some shoe polish too.

  7. Just wondering, is this our David, can’t remember if the surname is Weekes, that the governments love to steal his intellectual property to parade around as though it’s their own?

  8. @ David Bu
    I am a little puzzled as to what is being asked of the COP and what response is expected from commenters? Surely the police would have done what is normally required of them? What is the motive?

  9. @David BU
    I see nothing in the article that would encourage public trust in the Police. I see also , seeds of distrust being planted for a number of public service agencies where there is no credible evidence of negligence.

  10. Dear fellow bajans,

    When I wrote this, it sought to do 3 things.

    The first obviously is to provide, without prejudice, a synopsis of George’s passing with verifiable information as to parties who stated the were with George Collymore.

    The Police who are well versed in these matters of strange passings, will take care of the first.

    Let me repeat, I do not seek to cast aspersions against the police, THEY WILL DO THEIR JOB NOW.

    What I have mentioned further down is that, in the Chain of Outreaches for Assistsnce in this matter, when the assistance of the police was sought, nothing could have been done BECAUSE THEIR REMIT HAS BEEN CONSTRAINED TO, murder, bodily harm and theft.

    The second, is equally important and speaks to an ubiquitous practice in Barbados that, while it is happening with much frequency, I NOT BEING ADDRESSED!

    An astute reader looking at the above chronicle will, while seeing and empathizing with the ignominy of George’s mortal remains, see much more.

    They, being wiser than the pack, will take a step back and recognise the following:

    1.this matter of Elder Care, is not a Barbados Labour Party nor Democratic Labour Party issue, both parties were engaged at the highest levels, for 6 years, unsuccessfully

    2.What becomes evident therefore is that, irrespective of the government, and irrespective of the administrative officers contacted, Barbados has a serious problem.

    3.these weaknesses are entrenched because the Police have no jurisdiction unless the abusers break a law like physical, verifiable assault, murder etc. Soft theft IS MUCH HARDER TO PROVE and the Police will tell you that they can’t interdict for pension check theft.

    The Ministry of Elder Care is run by Auntie Cynthia who, bless her soul, is not like Mia Mottley, a doer, but is full of platitudes. She ent want to get nobody vex. Contacting her us a waste if time!

    Look where this matter is with George, he is dead in these suspicious circumstances and she ent respond to my correspondence yet!

    4.The Social Workers find themselves overworked and, even though they try to help, IT COMES DOWN TO AN UPPER MANAGEMENT DECISION!

    5.The Banks can’t insist and pay utility bills when Eric comes for the cash with the ID he has taken from George, even when I call them or my daughter goes to them and shows them the wounds in his head.

    As is usual with things in Barbados, people can’t come here to discuss the issues BUT WILL FOCUS PUN THIS PERSON OR THAT PERSON!

    No one seems to want to say our system is broken and its constituent parts are not doing what they are supposed to do! Nor recommend solutions.

    And because I will publish substantiated information (don’t get confused I will publish ALL THE INFORMATION THAT I SPEAK OF) info that shows how these “title holders” failed to do their jobs over 6 years, while being paid to be the Chairman of the NAB, or as the Minister of Elder Care, people will want one to remain quiet AND DEAD OFF!

    But that IS NOT WEEKSIE!

    Even pun my death bed, I going speak up against what is wrong and what has happened here

  11. Question
    What is Eric affiliation to George
    How was Eric able to get access to George Property
    Were family members familiar with Eric
    Was Eric a close family member

  12. Hold their feet to the fire, let them BURN…and throw in a few yardfowls who love to support this gross wickedness.

  13. Dear Mariposa,

    1.What is Eric’s affiliation to George?

    None! Eric is an indigent of no fixed place of abode!

    He is called the running fool who, when “under the influence” will run 🏃‍♂️ the length and breath of Barbados “fuelled by…”

    Before Uncle George experienced his dementia he hated the same Eric and had nothing to do with Eric.

    2.How was Eric able to get access to George Property?

    George, in his delirium, let him in.

    It was is not only Eric who stays at the property.

    It was Eric and it was also Puck Rat 🐀

    To show you how serious Uncle George’s dementia has been since Mummy and my sister Beverley died, let me give you this story.

    A search of the Court Records will show that one “Puck Rat” broke into George Collymore’s property some years ago and Puch Rat was consequently charged with breaking and entering AND RECEIVED 7 YEARS for this night time crime!

    The records are there and this permits any person in their right senses to query why would a man house an indigent, and the person jailed for breaking and entering his house, as two caretakers in his property?

    He, George had several unexplainable severe wounds on his body which he was never able to explain to me or my daughter.

    Fortunately the medical records are there for the world to see, Miss Mariposa.

    Much more will be revealed to show George’s state which several people assembled to take advantage of, bless their souls! (If RATS have souls)

    3.Were family members familiar with Eric?

    Yes, we were “familiar” with Eric and Puck Rat, we grew up with these characters.

    4.Was Eric a close family member?

    My Mother, my Sister, my daughter, I, nor my Uncle George (before his distraught state when Mummy and Beverley died) NEVER TRUSTED ERIC (OR PUCK RAT!)

    They would never have darkened the steps to the Collymore House when Vernese Weekes née Collymore and the late Beverley Weekes Former Deputy Permanent Secretary of Education, were alive!


    Their death brought irreparable damage to his mind. He quarrelled with Keith Jones (of Keith Jones Funeral Home) since Uncle George wanted Beverley to be “buried in white because it was the colour of purity!”

    Her death broke him!

    Eric was the man who took my Uncle’s pension and then, when he died, suspiciously refused NOT TO CALL THE POLICE TO REPORT THE DEATH OF A MAN WHO HE ERIC SAID, DIED AT 1 AM!

    So Uncle George dies at 1 a.m. and Eric takes his keys to St Thomas, delivers the keys to my cousins and then accuses on of them of killing Uncle George!

    Is my explanation thorough enough for you?

  14. @ Mr. Vincent Codrington

    I will try to answer your comment(s) in sections

    “Vincent Codrington December 26, 2020 6:16 PM

    @David BU
    I see nothing in the article that would encourage public trust in the Police.”

    1.I will repeat. There is nothing in my article that intends to sow any distrust against the Royal Barbados Police Force!

    As it relates to elded care interventions I sought to say that they are powerless to do anything. continued to say “I see also , seeds of distrust being planted for a number of public service agencies where there is no credible evidence of negligence.”

    Like I said earlier I am going to post the responses from these agencies to show that I do have credible evidence of negligence for these public service agencies.

    You have always been a man who needs evidence and will not run into emotively designed compositions.

    So I going give you what you need.

    But I do hope that once you get this proof that I can rely on you to provide solutions to ensure they never occur again

  15. NOTHING WLL HAPPEN , NOTHING WILL BE DONE. And you can take that to the Bank.

    The man is a BLACK MAN and nobody cares about them. Trust me.

  16. I see obeah here. In some of the islands they tie the toes with red string after death. In Haiti they wear a red string around the neck. However, I have never heard of the corpse having the toes tied.

    Seems to be a sad situation. The surviving family at home and abroad should have put him in a home. My aunt and I put our cousins in a home and they are both still alive. their savings and pensions pay for their care and before covid the family visited Mondays,Wednesdays and Saturdays. Now with covid, they can visit only every two weeks and for just 15 minutes. The home is small and the staff appear to be dedicated from the conversations I have with them when I call to check on my cousins. It is in the country, Kendall, St. John.

  17. @ Madame Bajans

    In a perfect world, everything you have said, would be achievable.

    But life IS NOT so picture perfect.

    I signed that document above as one of the few Collymore Clan remaining not because it sounds good BUT BECAUSE, in the last 9 years I buried my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, in quick succession.

    That is not easy on the persons remaining whether you are in Barbados, or in America where I live.

    Right at this moment, I am once again in a hospital bed and have been here from 5 pm Christmas day having been brough here as an emergency.

    I have been in hospital for of and on from December 26th 2017.

    My point about picture perfect is this.

    Fighting 5 government agencies, from a distance, is hard.

    Fighting them while fighting an uncle with dementia is harder.

    Fighting that battle with your own health problems is harder still

    And fighting that with a character like Eric and Puck Rat in residence with a daughter “on point” and neighbours in the same gap who work at the Ministry of Health bringing trucks and stealing furniture from the family home IS NOT EASY!

    It is very easy for you and others to write about what the 2 of us who remained should do, but the reality is significantly different.

    I wrote a specific man, a lawyer by the name of *****, whose family and my family have known each other for over 100 years.

    I asked him to help with that process to have George assisted.

    If you were to hear the voice recording that he accorded my daughter when she called you would not believe that this is the same man who now heads ***.

    And yes, it will seem to you and other readers that I am holding nothing back, but what you need to comprehend is that THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES HERE.

    We get one chance to do this AND, when you get to my point on this scale of life, dissembling DOES NOT CUT IT!

    George’s illness rather vulnerability, caused him to do many things and, a sick man, guided by someone as diabolical rather “pension incentivized” by these 2 “indigents-in-residence”, well if the picture does not explain what transpired, and what my daughter and I had to contend with, then NOTHING WILL.

  18. When I get released from here, God so willing, I will do a little flow chart to show what this ElderCare Model should look like.

    And how like in any reasonable country that is not a backwoods, one should be able to secure care for an elderly person EVEN WHEN THEY ARE INCAPABLE OR UNWILLING TO ACCESS SUCH FOR THEMSELVES!

    I am not the only one here who has commented, and continues to comment, on this issue.

    There is a lady called CherFleur who has experienced this (and several other injustices) at the hands of our bajsn systems of governance.

    I commend her on her stick to it nature but for poor black people in Barbados, the system is real unkind and unjust and no-one gives one hoot about your plight.

    You have to fight the uphill battle yourself

  19. @ David

    Even in death it is the same. I know a woman who died from cancer in New York and wanted to be buried in Barbados. Her death certificate said she had died from natural causes, but the disjointed reasoning of some flunkie at the airport decided the people do not die from natural causes.
    He was asked to put the body to one side and contact would be made with New York and get the certificate amended and faxed to him (these were the days before email).
    But this heartless jobsworth, ignoring the grieving relatives, sent the body back to New York. Officials in New York, nor the airline, could not believe it, but that is Barbados. That is who we are.
    Sorry to hear of your loss.

  20. I copied this text below from an American site to highlight what a country that has a system of governance provides.

    “Many local, state, and national social service agencies can help with emotional, legal, and financial abuse.”

    Unfortunately, it would seem that, while we have about 5 agencies NONE ARE CAPABLE OF HELPING IN ELDERCARE ABUSE, though they talk bout what they (are supposed to be) doing ALL THE TIME!

    “The Administration for Community Living has a National Center on Elder Abuse where you can learn about how to report abuse, where to get help, and state laws that deal with abuse and neglect.”

    When *** from the top of the gap took state resources and got the Ministry of Health trucks to take all the furniture from Spooner Hill, who was i to call to this matter? The Ministry of Health? The specific office where the trucks came from? The Police? My paiamentsry representative?

    And what if I say I called all of them and nothing happened?

    This making sense now?

    “Go to for more information. Or, call the Eldercare Locator weekdays at 800-677-1116.”

    DOES BARBADOS have any such website? Or a Rapidcare or Anonymous phone number? I doubt it!

    “Most states require that doctors and lawyers report elder mistreatment.”

    When George was carried to the doctor 3 times with *** if we had this practice AS LAW, they would have been automatally reported 3 times.

    And the lawyer *** would automatically, have been required to notify the police

    “Family and friends can also report it. Do not wait. Help is available.”

    “If you think someone is in urgent danger, call 911 or your local police to get help right away.”

    The Police in Barbados will shift the responsibility of managing ElderCare Abuse to another party.

    Test it and see!

  21. They got the San Jose Charter on the Rights of the elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean that they ignore and i keep warning them about all the time, but they will get reported, they can’t help themselves.

  22. Decision pending on Tasker extradition
    by Randy Bennett
    Alex Tasker should know early in the New Year if he will be extradited to the United States to face money laundering charges.
    More than two years after he was named as a co-conspirator along with former Government Minister Donville Inniss and former chief executive officer of the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) Ingrid Innes for allegedly laundering money, the 60-year-old Tasker, a former senior vicepresident at the insurance company, appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court today.
    Inniss has since been convicted of money laundering conspiracy and two counts of money laundering related to bribe payments he received from ICBL to secure Government contracts on January 16, 2020. He is awaiting sentencing which has been set for next April.
    Tasker, meanwhile, will remain a free man until he reappears in court on January 12, 2021, after his lawyer, Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim successfully convinced Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes to grant him bail.
    Tasker, who is accused by the US of money laundering and conspiracy to launder money, was released on $200 000 bail with one surety.
    He was also asked to surrender his passport, report to the Glebe Police Station every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday by midday, and adhere to a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily curfew.
    Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Alliston Seale and Senior Crown Counsel Oliver Thomas, who are appearing on behalf of the Crown, told the court that an investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) discovered that sometime between August 2015 and April 2016, Tasker conspired with others to launder money and actively laundered money into the United States, in violation of US law.
    “As a result of the information gleaned from that investigation, a case was filed in the United States’ District Court of Eastern New York and this resulted in a second superseding indictment charging Tasker with the following offences: conspiracy to launder money and money laundering,” Seale said.
    “Having satisfied those requirements, the Attorney General then accepted the request of the United States of America and directed that we assume responsibility for the apprehension and subsequent committal for surrender of Alex Tasker.”
    Seale asked for Tasker to be remanded to HMP Dodds, citing the serious nature of the matter and the fact that he expected the accused to be back in court within a week.
    But Pilgrim asked the court to treat the case as any other indictable matter and grant bail accordingly.
    He argued it was not fair for the US to command Barbados to “lock up” Tasker until they were ready for him while Inniss, who has already been convicted, remains on bail.
    “This is not treason, this is not murder, this is not a firearms matter, this does not allege violence or sexual conduct in any sense,”
    Pilgrim pointed out as he urged the court to consider granting his client bail while the matter was being addressed.
    Furthermore, Pilgrim questioned the legitimacy of the US’ authority to order the court to imprison a Barbadian without providing any evidence.
    He referenced the extradition case of the late Christopher Hawkesworth who spent time in prison in Barbados pending an appeal to stop his extradition to the US on drug charges.
    After Hawkesworth was released following a successful appeal, the US decided not to proceed with the matter.
    “I am nothing short of amazed when persons like Donald Trump and the United States of America can come into our little country and say to us, ‘Go and lock up your citizens, don’t mind I haven’t shown you anything yet; go and lock them up. Go at their house at 3:30 in the morning and bring them to court’,” the attorney said.
    “They’ve never seen Alex Tasker, they’ve never charged him with anything according to our law, but I guess if they say they are going to charge him up in New York we should believe them.
    “What is special about Alex Tasker, who has been living in Barbados his whole, entire life, for them to bring some five-year-old charges now for whatever reason? I don’t know if it is because Mr Inniss is up there slipping through their fingers, I don’t know.
    Even more hard to accept is that Mr Inniss is up there on bail having been found guilty, but we gine lock up Mr Tasker here in Barbados,” the Queen’s Counsel added.
    Pilgrim asked the court for 56 days to properly prepare to represent his client.
    He said while there was a minimum of seven days in which documents should be served before a hearing, it would be insufficient in this particular case.
    “While I concede that the minimal limit is seven days, I would hate to think that I would be such a stupid lawyer that I would agree to send this Barbadian citizen to the United States of America after looking at some papers for six days. I would be less than a lawyer if, as a bare minimum, I agree to a month to two months for me to look at papers to determine whether we should take a Barbadian and send him to God knows what awful prisons they have up in America,” Pilgrim said.
    The Chief Magistrate, however, reminded Pilgrim that Barbados was signatory to certain agreements.
    He said while he could not comment as it related to matters of “small state, big state politics”, Barbados had to honour its commitments.
    “Barbados has agreed as a small state to enter into arrangements with other states in relation to a number of things. Barbados has a choice – some may argue, in the political space, not really, but Barbados is signed on to certain things and having done so, Barbados as a player in that space must accept its responsibility,” Weekes maintained.
    He said the main issue before him was whether to grant Tasker bail or not.
    In the end, the magistrate agreed that Tasker was indeed a fit candidate for bail, even though he imposed tough conditions.

  23. Allegedly there were 3 people allegedly involved in the crime. Two Bajans get charged and one get convicted so far.

    Cuba is a great place for Canadians to vacation.

  24. A very powerful argument by Mr Pilgrim. Barbados should not be extraditing its citizens to be tried in another jurisdiction on alleged offences that are also crimes in Barbados.
    Like Israel, Germany and some other countries, if there is evidence of wrongdoing for which the other jurisdiction is requesting an extradition, then that jurisdiction should be able to used that evidence in a trial in Barbados.

  25. “Barbados has agreed as a small state to enter into arrangements with other states in relation to a number of things. Barbados has a choice – some may argue, in the political space, not really, but Barbados is signed on to certain things and having done so, Barbados as a player in that space must accept its responsibility,” Weekes maintained.”

    they believe that because lawyers and government ministers IGNORE every human rights charter or law they’re signatory to as is it relates to the majority population, particularly in the court system, they believe they can also ignore laws related to international crime depending on who commits them…well go right ahead…

  26. And Pilgrim inadvertently made it that much worse, not for his client but for ******************* 🤣🤣😂😂

  27. wuhloss, wuhloss, ah wonder who else name getting called…2020…what a year….😂😂🤣🤣🤣.

    “As we have predicted, corrupt senior government officials who find they are targeted for indictment by the United States are beginning to point fingers at those with whom they have engaged in a life of crime, hoping that they can obtain immunity from prosecution, while their associates,whom they implicate, end up serving long sentences. There is no honor among thieves.

    Today’s information, which was received from two reliable sources, confirms rumors that our sources have been hearing of late, but which we previously have withheld, awaiting independent confirmation. We now have high confidence, and are sharing this important information with our readers.

    Dominica’s Prime Minister ROOSEVELT SKERRIT, who is known to have long feared serving time in Federal Prison in the United States, where his personal safety could be an issue, has asked two of his country’s senior diplomats, one posted in the UK and the other to the EU, to reach out to European law enforcement investigators, promising to supply first-hand information and evidence on European and Middle Eastern targets. The information, which is said to specifically include money laundering as well as other financial crimes, will be offered by Skerrit in exchange an agreement that provides that he serves no prison time.

    The individuals who PM Skerrit has reportedly offered to supply incriminating evidence against include, but are not limited to:

                                                                   Joseph Muscat 

    (1) Former Malta Prime Minister JOSEPH MUSCAT. Readers of this blog will recall that the CEO of Malta’s money laundering PILATUS BANK, the suspected Iranian intelligence agent, HAMIDREZA GHANBARI, holds a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passport from Dominica.

                                                               Hamidreza Ghanbari

    (2) MOHAMMED ASARIA, the Managing Director and Board Member of RANGE DEVELOPMENTS, as well as related corporate entities, in the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere.

                                                                 Mohammed Asaria

    (3) A number of career criminals who hold Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passports issued by Dominica, including specific information on their past and present criminal activities. In the interests of justice, we are not publishing their names, so that they do not engage in unlawful flight to avoid arrest and prosecution.

    Additionally, Skerrit told his diplomats that he has information to share regarding intelligence collection being conducted by the Peoples’ Republic of China from the East Caribbean States. the Chinese Embassy in Dominica, which is situated in the most exclusive area of the country, near the PM’s new mansion, has a staff of more than 900, which is believed to include a listening post directed at North America, with a sizable contingent of Peoples’ Liberation Army ELINT and COMINT specialists.

    Subsequent to the receipt of the above information, we have received details of another offer Skerrit has made, informally and not through diplomatic channels, to the United States Embassy in Barbados, the American entity designated for Dominica, of his interest in becoming a Cooperating Individual to the Department of Justice.

    We expect that government officials in the Commonwealth of Dominica will deny that this information is true, but government spokespersons may not themselves be aware of the facts. Skerrit, who is said to be considering permanently leaving Dominica, pending the conclusion of an agreement with law enforcement, due to recurring rumors that he has already been indicted in the United States”

  28. Pity the innocent always have to pay for the crimes of the guilty..

    “One of the men involved in the industrial accident at the Arawak Cement Plant in Checker Hall, St Lucy, died on Monday.

    In a brief statement last night, the company confirmed that one of the injured employees passed away, but did not identify him. Police could not be reached for comment.

    However, many on social media expressed condolences, naming the man who is said to have passed away.

    Earlier, police said in a media release that Brian Moore and Vincent Ellis were injured around 3:08 a.m. on Sunday. They were attempting to fix a blockage during the cement mixing process, when they were burnt by an extremely hot mixture.

    Moore is said to have sustained burns over 90 per cent of his body and Ellis had burns on the hand and feet.”

  29. Not too sure about this Pilgrim issue and Alex Tasker and cant comment on it really but what i will do is revert to the George Collymore matter if you commenters will allow me to do that.

    By your leave

    These are a few images that i share here to put the state of George’s mind in context and why, after seeking to reasonably converse with him and determining the state of his mind, it was necessary to co-opt the authorities to assist.

    like i said earlier, the outreach to a specific lawyer whose family and mine were very close for years, he and i went school together, his sister and my sister went to school together, his father and my grandfather were well acquainted with each other

    The toilets and bathrooms were filthy because there was no running water in the house since Eric never paid the utilities.

    I will send pictures soon of how the telephone line to the house was cut so that no calls could come to Uncle George.

  30. I am told that Bajans have a serious malady -an inability to focus their attention on a subject beyond 90 seconds.

    I sincerely hope that is not the case here where the subject matter is NOT REALLY ABOUT GEORGE COLLYMORE but about Eldercare and abuses thereof.

    Abuse perpetrated against people who are incapable of effecting their care.

    If that subject matter does not interest a fellow jes roll along, it ent important to you causing you don’t have parent or relatives that fall into thus category, jes get off the topsy!

    What is evidenced in these pictures is that George was incapable of living by himself and Eric, his so called caregiver, certainly was not assisting, in George’s upkeep AS IS SHOWN BY THE FILTHY STATE OF THE HOUSE!

    Is it any wonder that when Martina went to the house last, and she gave George the ultimatum to clean the house, or she would not return, can anyone blame her?

    And she was only coming for 6 months!

    We have been tending to george for 7 years!

  31. I am told that Bajans have a serious malady -an inability to focus their attention on a subject beyond 90 seconds.

    I sincerely hope that is not the case here where the subject matter is NOT REALLY ABOUT GEORGE COLLYMORE but about Eldercare and abuses thereof.

    Abuse perpetrated against people who are incapable of effecting their care.

    If that subject matter does not interest a fellow jes roll along, it ent important to you causing you don’t have parent or relatives that fall into thus category, jes get off the topsy!


    @ David Weekes




  32. Eric Lewis threatened to cut off my daughter’s head with a cutlass!

    Which of you, if you are a parent, in hospital, with health issues, would not seek the assistance of people you know, to intervene with a death threat?

    The issue that presented itself was not a simple one?

    George in his demented state, thought Eric was Sai Baba, an Eastern tantricist!

    Ergo the 5 inch gash in George’s head filled with mud! Doctor’s records available on request!

    I will not mention the name of the lawyer who was contacted to assist again cause wunna dun know who he is!

    But is it reasonable to believe that a discussion about real options to stop elder abuse might procees here on Barbados Underground?

    Or is it true that bajans is all about talk?

    We just ready to criticise but any serious discussionsor solutions WILL NOT COME FROM OUR MOUTHY SELVES?

  33. @ Baje

    Oh woe is me for “never once commenting on Barbados Underground in any of these cases but because it is my family now wanting everyone to be on the same page as me”

    The irony of that comment is lost on you because you now come to Barbados underground while i have been here long!

    But I, being caught out for these sins of omission cry guilty as charged!

    Insensitive swine as I am!

    So, being chastised AS I AM, let us move one from my sins and “hypocrisy” to address the substantive issue.


    Can you do that Baje? Just for a few moments?

    The famous punch line of an old joke comes to mind the one with the cursing fishermen and the pious priest

    “you think we should tell he where the ROCKS are?






  35. @ Baje

    Again, sincerest apologies for my “hypocrisy” and not being here on Barbados Underground championing all the various issues AS YOU DO!

    Sincerest apologies sir.

    But tell us all, now that you have chided me for not championing the rights of other citizens, while here on Barbados Underground, what would you as, the “resident US champion of Rights and Individual Privileges” recommend for me and my hypocrisy?

    More specifically, do comment on, when my daughter goes to her great-uncle to carry food, or carry him to the doctor, for those many unexplaned wounds, what should one do?

    I also know you well because the name you retained it is one you used wine rather while in your previous incasuch a threatrnations here.

    So tell me sir what are your non hypocritical views of what recourse I should employ to champion the protection of my daughter given the beheading of Christopher Griffith who was beheaded by an indigent like Eric?

    Cat got your tongue ?

    Once again I ask you to speak to the matter at hand and not get sidetracked like how many of them do.

  36. This is heart breaking. I am sorry to hear/see that your uncle did not receive adequate care. I have heard that dementia is very hard to deal with, although thankfully I have not had to deal with it [yet] among my elders or myself. Many other issues related to aging and declining health, but not dementia.

    It seems to me that some good, reliable, loving person [who?] I don’t know should have been appointed a guardian for George and that person should have been allowed to receive George’s pension and to disburse that money “in George’s best interest”, and if it became impossible for George to be cared for at home, then he should have been institutionalized. It may seem unkind to put an elder in a nursing home, or district hospital [formerly called alms houses] but sometimes an institution is finally the best option. If George’s relatives were unable to act on his behalf because of their own aging/illness/geographical distance etc, then the state should have acted in George’s best interest.

    That said I too used to live “over and away” One year I came home and saw my mother struggling to move around. I was born fairly late in my mother’s life. I was only 31 then but I determined that I would not let my parents depend on “the kindness of strangers” as they aged. Two and a half years later I came home. I had no job lined up. I had no house. I had a young child to care for,. I begged my parents for a lodging while I job hunted, and they were kind to me. My elder care duties to my parents and an aunt lasted 14 and a half years. Even while I worked full time and raised my children. I along with 2 siblings created a roster and ensured that in the final most difficult 8 years one of us visited our parents EVERY SINGLE DAY to provide early morning, evening and weekend care and to ensure that the daytime care we and our siblings abroad were paying for was actually delivered. With auntie the same thing.

    Caring for elders isn’t easy. Caring for elders isn’t cheap. Caring for elders is time consuming. Caring for elders can eliminate social life. Caring for elders is emotionally draining. Elder care like child raising is a four letter opportunity BARE HARD WORK. Except that unlike child raising one does not get the joy of going to joyful ceremonies, graduations, weddings, christenings. At the end if you are ordinary poor people all that you will get is a funeral.

  37. I just posted a statement pertaining to the actions of the Ministry of Health particularly its cleaning unit for homes.

    Truck pictures and names of staff available if requested!

    Once again, having addressed the advertisement for Wine, we continue onto more pressing matters!

    The Theft of Furniture by the Ministry of Health

    Officers of the Ministry of Health, under direction by Mona did bring 2 trucks and remove all the furnishings from the residence on Spooners Hill under the guise of cleaning the premises.

    They too, like Eric, pretended to be cleaning but used the opportunity to remove several furniture items from the building.

    Again, I, hypocrite that I am, ask the indulgence of this Barbados Underground audience, and beg you to forgive me fir not coming to Barbados underground and representing issues like unexplained citizen deaths, or murders of children where one black parent gets charged and a white parent goes free, or any other such injustices against citizens

    Nor have I spoken out against any citizens who, having purchased homes in Coverley have been disadvantaged by their white bajan property owners.

    I hypocrite am only focused on these selfish things.

    So please comment on if it is right for a government office tasked with cleaning a pensioner’s home to relieve the pensioner of all his possessions this way!

    Cat got your tongue?

    And you a connoisseur of *** should not be impaired thus!

  38. Once again I ask you to speak to the matter at hand and not get sidetracked like how many of them do.







  39. Got to agree that the mainstream media might be a better option. If you have solid evidence it would be a good story for them to pursue.

  40. David….there is a reason i put the San Jose Charter on the Rights of the Elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean that Barbados is SIGNATORY TO….and should NOT BE ABUSING THE ELDERLY, you can find telephone numbers if you google to reach out to them and really expose Barbados for elder abuse, from the parliament to the supreme court to the bar association to the low life on the street that’s what they do, disrespect and violate the basic and fundamental human rights of the elderly, the young, the unborn, the disabled, the sick and helpless, only if you are African in ancestry just like them, and unless it’s REPORTED at an international level, they will just chase and run you around with long talk, legal threats and arrest if you enter the island, ya already said you are not healthy, you DO NOT want to have to deal with any of those self-hating, subhuman, anti-black savages in Barbados, if ya don’t have to, especially if you have health issues, it’s for your own good.

    you know am always able to feel your frustration, but if you don’t report them, nothing changes, you have evidence, use it at the international are not the only one have problems with them and others will have to report them too, another person makes the case so much stronger..

  41. @ Baje

    The rumours of my stupidity are much exaggerated lolol!

    I will explain a few things to you and a few here so that you have a clearer understanding of “the method behind the madness”


    Who reads Barbados Underground? Who therefore is my audience? How many of the “comments” here are from “bloggers”? Am I seeking blogger comments? Am I seeking exposure? Why would I ask the Owner of this Blog to be kind enough to feature a story with this Elder Abuse matter? Barring putting my name at the beginning of the article and signing the end of the article what “exposure” of myself did i seek? So what is my endgame?


    From how I am writing this document and the succession of evidence that I have submitted DOES IT SEEM TO YOU, knowing me that I am writing a document for “the bloggers” according to take the law into their own hands and deal with the two men whose names I have had no fear of highlighting here?

    Does this narrative seem like if it is being written by an individual who is promoting any vigilante justice? Again, what is my endgame?


    I have been writing stories to mainstream media in Barbados for years. I have taken out advertisements for $8,000 a page in mainstream media for issues like this where a serious injustice is done and what has been the result of that? Money wasted and nothing has been done, not one thing.

    So ask yourself this question, what is my endgame here?

    When you look at the body of George Aubrey Collymore what do you see Baje?

    And since you see what everyone here is seeing DO YOU THINK THAT IF WHAT VIEWERS SUSPECT HAS HAPPENED that there is any need for this puerile suggestion of Blogger vigilante action?

    When White people come on BU and argue their cases in the court of public opinion, or get a proxy represent them here as in the case of Charles Herbert I do not see anyone of you bloggers opening up your mouths to say anything contradictory regarding Herbert but for Donville Inniss, all of you jump up and castigate de black man Donville ANF NOW TASKER but not a feller ent have the balls to talk bout any white shadows.

    I come here to prosecute a matter of the third of my family members who, as black people get unfaired by the Country of Barbados

    A. My grother Phillip Weekes who get send home from de Queen Elizabeth hospital in a pamper to die from a hardened stomach wall,

    B. My sister Beverley Weekes a former deputy permanent secretary of the Ministry of Education who a so called doctor misdiagnose and let she die from a simple fibrosis issue

    C.My father Samuel Weekes whom a nurse let fall from a bed and even when he told her he was in pain, let him remain with a broken hip for one week, and then sent him to die from gangrene at the QEH

    and now I David Weekes come to Barbados Underground aagain and show an uncle who never sleep in pajamas, lying in a bed in the drawing room, wid he hands folded and he big toes tied and a man who lef him dead at one oclock and ent say one word to the police.

    And for this you have called me a hypocrite Baje as I a poor black man come to de poor black man newspaper to share with Bajans MPRE OF THE TWO BARBADOSES that obtains there.

    But you chastise poor Weeksie for representing this facts to the world.

    I wonder if I add that I was in a hospital bed from Christmas 5 pm till yesterday at 5 pm and have been in hospitals off and on for 3 years ef you would understand what I, the hypocrite, trying to do here against these big bad giants.

    As long at the gentleman who owns this blog allows me to, I going post ALL the correspondence and the lost distance begging that I have been doing.

    The end game is that no bajan citizen should be made to beg for these services which de national anthem lies to say “these fields and hills beyond recall are now our very own”

    The strategy Baje is to speak up and speak out till, one day a change comes, or we die trying

  42. @ Donna

    The Barbados media, does not have any use for stories like mine!

    They get advertising dollars from the government of Barbados and my stories DONT COMPLIMENT THAT GOVERNMENT, so not a fellow going give me the time of day!

    And, if it was of interest to them, they would contact the owner of this blog and ask him to publish it!

    Its a simple matter really

    I can give them articles that I don’t have here yet, like my begging to the Prime Minister of Barbados.

    Things like that!

  43. @ WARU -War on You

    Barbados is signatory to these Treaties in name only or when it suits their purposes

    The international Waters shrunk to 5 miles when the Cuban Air Lines craft was bombed in the 70’s and expanded to 200 miles for its oil exploration ambitions and yearly flying fish fiascoes.

    When they refused to give me a date for my court case after purposely losing my files against Caricom, I wrote to the United Nations Human Rights Commission

    The Office of the Attorney General lied to them and said that my matter involved companies and therefore was not covered by the treaty.

    But, since the patent was owned by me personally, I was personally named as one of the plaintiffs against Caricom.

    So they lied to UNHCR and UNHCR dropped the matter.

    And this is how deceitful these people are and I don’t really have the time to play with them.

    Look how Covid-19 has proven that my Border Crossing Solution was the correct methodology to be used 13 years later!

    Look how Barbados and all their member states still getting lick up by Covid-19!

    They are mountain goats 🐐 people, so those treaties are useless pieces if paper and, if mountain goats had hands, they would tear up the treaty and wipe their botsies with it!

    That is a waste if time for me at this point of my life

  44. @ David Weekes,

    You have a case. It is fine to protest about the nonsense of Nelson’s statue, or in support of Venezuela, but when it comes to the brutality of Bajan institutions and governments there is a deafening silence.
    The widow of the victim of the man killed by police office Gittens was promised support, has she got it? What about medical negligence at the QEH? We all have relatives and friends who have suffered at the hands of doctors and nurses at the hospital.
    You mention the media: just get a typical publication and work out the ratio of advertisements to editorial copy, get hold of the advertising rates and you can do a rough calculation of the money the paper is making and who from. And from that you can also work out the influence of the advertiser on editorial policy.
    Of course, the journalists will deny this, but the publishers are only interested in the bottom line, not the integrity of journalism. Readers must demand that, and Bajan readers do not.

  45. Cuhdear Bajan December 29, 2020 9:31 PM #: “Except that unlike child raising one does not get the joy of going to joyful ceremonies, graduations, weddings, christenings. At the end if you are ordinary poor people all that you will get is a funeral.”

    @ Cuhdear Bajan

    One of your best contributions ever and everything you wrote is sad…….. but, true.

    However, to bring some level of ‘balance’ to this sad situation, I hope Mr. Weekes would post correspondence from those institutions he sought assistance, which would present the ‘OTHER SIDE of the story.’

    Who was listed as Mr. Collymore’s next of kin?

  46. @David Weekes “…it is right for a government office tasked with cleaning a pensioner’s home to relieve the pensioner of all his possessions this way!”

    No. It is not right.

    However from the pictures posted it looks as though the furniture might have been beyond repair, except at the hands of a highly skilled joiner. I know one such joiner. He is my maternal cousin, the 3rd generation of superb craftsmen from his father’s side of the family. A beautiful, beautiful craftsman, but alas can’t afford him

  47. “The Office of the Attorney General lied to them and said that my matter involved companies and therefore was not covered by the treaty.

    But, since the patent was owned by me personally, I was personally named as one of the plaintiffs against Caricom.

    So they lied to UNHCR and UNHCR dropped the matter.

    And this is how deceitful these people are and I don’t really have the time to play with them.”

    When international agencies call them up about their human rights abuses against black people, the black face liars always LIE..even when international police agencies call them up …THEY LIE…

    But you have evidence…that you can PRODUCE TO…*************

    Organization of American States
    17th Street and Constitution Ave., NW
    Washington, D.C., 20006-4499
    United States of America Main Telephone: 1 (202) 370 5000

    call and get further information…there is no amount of lies they can tell these people, not with the evidence you have in your possession.

    I know what the stinking no good black face pedigrees do when they get position and titles the same black people they violate and threaten and abuse after begging them for their votes…why do you think i drag them around and give them worldwide exposure., because i know what they do, if they think because am not on BU as often they don’t get exposed everywhere, they should think again. …they are a disgrace to black humanity and should all be imprisoned.

  48. Once a neighbor accompanied a relative to hospital. Said neighbor knew my name/address/home and work numbers, but listed self as next of kin of my elder. My elder twice divorced and childless had a house and land worth about $175,000 at the time. I had been many times a week providing care for years. I had said to my elder as I had said to my parents “I will never leave you nor forsake you”

    Once I discovered this mis-information I gave the hospital the correct information and they did the right thing. I am not sure what the neighbor was up to but it seemed funny to me. The neighbor died within about 2 years of my relative…no, not murdered but of an aggressive cancer. Neighbor was 30 years younger than my relative.

    The truth is we do not know how much time we have left in this vale f tears. We do not know how much we will need.

    If money could ALWAYS save lives, would Steve Jobs not still be living, and would not all of us BU folks be long dead?

  49. Another time a relative, a visiting foreign based health professional, intervened to have an elderly in-law admitted to the main geriatric hospital because it was evident to this health professional with decades worth of experience and to the social workers and health professionals here that the elderly husband could no longer care for his sick and disabled wife. Their only child, also based abroad stopped speaking to my relative for years, because “how dare you put my mother in the almshouse?”

    Sometimes whatever is done is perceived as the wrong thing.

  50. Finally all I can say to the BU folks is that there will be more of the same to come. Our parents had 4 to 12 children, and in spite of heavy migration there were enough strong, healthy hands left here on this rock to provide good care to most elders, but our generation has had 1 to 3 children.

    Who will care for US when we are over 80 or over 85? And “yes” some of us will have dementia, and some of us will have small pensions AND dementia.

    I say to myself, to my siblings, to friends and relatives, save something for you old age, contribute to a reliable pension fund so that you have something more than National Insurance to depend on, but I also say perhaps even more IMPORTANTLY, build excellent relationships with your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews, your godchildren, and YES with your stepchildren and their spouses too, and YES with your sons and daughters in law as well.


    I have walked the long, hard walk. Don’t say that I knew but that I didn’t tell you.


    Actually, BU bloggers who like me have walked the long hard walk can offer the wisdom gleaned from our lived experience.

    I do not regret my decisions. When the situations presented themselves, every day I determined to do the best that i could that day. And I thank my siblings, especially my many. many sisters. I would not sell any of them, not even $100 million dollars.

  52. David,

    Those who are not concerned with elder care should at least worry about what will happen when they get old.

    Nobody knows what will happen to them or to those they expect will be their caregivers.

    Sometimes your children die before you do. And sometimes the next of kin is uncaring, neglects or abuses you and spends your money on themselves.

    That is why we need systems in place to deal with such. I don’t believe we are doing enough.

    Where is BARP? Is that organization useless these days? I ran into a lady with great ideas who said she gets pushed aside at meetings. It seems to have devolved into cliques as these things often do in Barbados.

    Unfortunately I missed the last one. I will try to make the next.

    Maybe it is time to get into some “good trouble”!

  53. When White people come on BU and argue their cases in the court of public opinion, or get a proxy represent them here as in the case of Charles Herbert I do not see anyone of you bloggers opening up your mouths to say anything contradictory regarding Herbert but for Donville Inniss, all of you jump up and castigate de black man Donville ANF NOW TASKER but not a feller ent have the balls to talk bout any white shadows.






  54. @ Hal,

    “It is fine to protest about the nonsense of Nelson’s statue, or in support of Venezuela, but when it comes to the brutality of Bajan institutions and governments there is a deafening silence.”

    You have said what needs to be said here without any apologies

    We have articles here that are close to 4,000 comments about the President of the United States WHO DOES NOT KNOW OR CARE ABOUT 2X3 Barbados

    We have persons who are experts on POTUS and POTUS does not even know they exist.

    Hal, I know that “no man is an island and we need to interact with varied subject matter in our daily lives BUT LOOK AT THE OVER-EMPHASIS bajans place on issues that we can’t even change minutely”

    So, as we consider the “landscape ” and the allegiances of people and media etc., it is a wiser strategy for me to pursue the course of public awareness via this very linked in virtual community than trying to garner support from media houses that fear writing a story like this, however true, WILL OFFEND THE POWERS THAT BE!

  55. @ Artax

    In these my latter years I have affirmed my faith in God the Father and Jesus his Only Begotten Son.

    The Trinity if Godhead IS THE ROCK ON WHICH I STAND, all other ground us sinking sand!

    Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verses 2 to 4 states

    “2Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

    3What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun?

    4One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: ”

    We as men seek to aggrandise ourselves and our works yet, like Steve Jobs, or George Collymore, we pass and all thst we have done, in a second, IS NAUGHT!

    I’d like to believe that George’s worth to those few of us remaining merits this simple act of enquiry.

    And can generate some type of discussion regarding the wider circle of Eldercare and Abuse issues.

    A previous poster made one absolutely fantastic suggestion where they suggested that these matter be investigated

    I append to that suggestion as follows

    “ANY SITUATION WHERE A DOCTOR, LAWYER, OR SOCIAL WORKER, or police officer, becomes aware of a report of Elder Abuse, IT MUST BE RECORDED and by way of new procedure, Escalated!

    And an authorised entity MUST COMMENCE AN INVESTIGATION FOR SAME MATTER irrespective of who de body is”

    What i believe Barbados Underground has become is the de facto DIGITAL Social Conscience of the country where what is hoped for, as the best for Barbados at least gets aired, though not implemented

    • Elder abuse in Barbados is a forgotten subject which is a contradiction if one recognizes there is an entire ministry assigned to this group headed by Cynthia Forde.

  56. @ David

    You have a very strong case. I cannot understand the reasoning, no matter how I try, of the Barbadian political class. I can understand, even if not agree, why young people in the prime of their lives may not say anything controversial in case they lose their jobs, especially if they have children.
    Some of us have been lucky to escape from that brutality and make a decent living elsewhere. However, what I cannot understand is why people in their old age are still fearful that if they speak out they may suffer, still being intimidated only hours away from the grave. If they do not speak out now, when?
    Barbados is not a rose garden, and the people who are the custodians of this repressive society are the products of Barrow’s ‘free’ education, our professional middle class. They are traitors, both to the nation and to the class from which they came.
    Their greatest fear is that ordinary people may develop a class consciousness, that they may develop sound leadership from among themselves, that they may demand change, that some things are worse than death.
    The one thing we know is that Barbados is 14×21, and these people must live somewhere and cannot escape, no matter how well armed they are.

  57. @David Weekes at 12:49 ““ANY SITUATION WHERE A DOCTOR, LAWYER, OR SOCIAL WORKER, or police officer, becomes aware of a report of Elder [or child] Abuse, IT MUST BE RECORDED and by way of new procedure, Escalated!
    And an authorised entity MUST COMMENCE AN INVESTIGATION FOR SAME MATTER irrespective of who de body is”

    My response: Agreed.

    However please note that WORLDWIDE lawyers/politicians etc. are pretty damn useless when it comes to providing ACTUAL HANDS-ON elder care. All too often such people provide little or no hands-on care for their own parents. And it will be a cold day in hell before a person does for your relative such things that he or she has NEVER done for their own parents/relatives.

    If you has asked earlier I would have told you that instead of appealing to politicians, lawyers etc. you or your relatives here should have found a good, loving, black working class, woman down the gap or out in the village and hired such a woman and paid her well, including her national insurance, to care for Uncle George. Please note that our PM is childfree, our GG has only one son. When they become too old to care for themselves their families will have to hire a good loving black working class woman or women to care for them. Because in Barbados as in most of the world hands-on care giving is provided primarily by working class women, women of color, immigrant women. And in Barbados those women are primarily black. The most disrespected group in our community. The women who care for elderly Governors General, elderly Prime Ministers, elderly Commissioners of Police, elderly Attorneys General, elderly judges, elderly business people are the same women unlikely ever to be invited to the cocktail parties or dinner parties where the politicians, and the captains of industry share stories and start to formulate policy. So if they are not at the table, why are we surprised that their valuable experiences do not inform policy?

    Truly The rest of us are too posh to do hands-on care-giving.

    We are too busy with our important jobs.

    There is no way we would accept the low pay and the dirtiness of care giving jobs.

    Here endeth the sermons.

    Don’t say that I did not tell you.

    Best wishes for better health to davidweekes.

    May Uncle George rest in peace,

  58. Elder abuse is when you have a man aged 100 living alone with his water supply cut off and an idiot tells him to check the BWU Facebook for information.
    Or when his MP talks crap at his funeral when he never once went round to see what conditions he was living under.

  59. @ Artax

    You suggested or asked this earlier

    “However, to bring some level of ‘balance’ to this sad situation, I hope Mr. Weekes would post correspondence from those institutions he sought assistance, which would present the ‘OTHER SIDE of the story.’

    I was in hospital at the time I made this outreach actually i had just come out from a Renal Cancer operation and was recuperating when I made this outreach to a Permanent Secretary Jehu Wiltshire, a kindly gentleman who knew my sister well and was intervening purely as a friend.

    Remember that, during this period (i) I have been writing and begging NAB board personnel for assistance (ii) speaking to the Chairman of the Board The Reverend David Durant ( i going to send you screen shots of my conversations with him too) (iii) callling and speaking to the aide of the Parliamentary Representative of the MP for the area Mia Mottley (I going send you that correspondence too) and (iv) sending communications to her boss as well Mia Mottley (I going send you those too )

    I want you to understand that while there are cousins, family members are dying and those who are not dead, has their own health challenges.

    I am in hospital in Washington and it is only my daughter (who Eric Worrell is threatening to chop off her head), and me using email or Whatsapp. Remember also i am writing or calling these people I know directly and speaking to them and they are promising to help.

    So let me send you screen shots of these “conversations” to confirm what is happening Artax. I will send the email later

    Here is a screenshot of my conversation on October the 18th 2018 with a PS who is really kind enough to do a favour, here is one PS, reaching our to another PS Springer, for assistance for a family member to a third recently deceased Deputy PS

    The landscape screenshot truncates the Whatsapp text, so here it is in landscape

  60. @ Artax

    Here are two more continuance of these threads on conversations pertaining to George and his state which a person, no less than a Permanent Secretary confirms for all readers here.

    And a fourth item

    I want you to examine their content carefully Artax and see if you can glean anything from this matter that gives you an insight into the workings if the waste entity Ministry of Elder Care headed by Cynthia Forde and her PS Gabrielle Springer!

  61. @ Hal Austin December 30, 2020 1:06 PM “Some of us have been lucky to escape from that brutality and make a decent living elsewhere…”

    i am glad that you taught me that we must always ask questions of everybody and everything. I have a few questions for you and the other BU folk today.

    When you anrd others” were luck enough to escape from that brutality” did you take your elderly parents and elderly aunts and uncles like Uncle George with you? And if you did not, does it mean that you left them in the hands of us brutal Bajans? And leaving your elders to be brutalised by us, is that not also a form of brutality?

    Thanks for your response.

  62. @ Hal Austin December 30, 2020 1:55 PM “Or when his MP talks crap at his funeral when he never once went round to see what conditions he was living under.”

    No MP has ever come to our family funerals, although when my parents died the parish church was full to over flowing, extra chairs, people standing outside… But not an MP. And certainly no MP would ever be given a speaking role at our family funerals.

    We have never told them not to come. But they know better that to show up around our family funerals.

  63. @ Cuhdear Bajan,

    Her is my response to part of your comment which was “However from the pictures posted it looks as though the furniture might have been beyond repair, except at the hands of a highly skilled joiner.”

    All of that furniture INCLUDING THE PICTURES THAT I DID NOT SEND, was in excellent condition!

    They were purposely damaged so that they would be deemed in a state “beyond repair” just like you said.

    Here is a picture from the day that Eric (worrell) threatened to cut off my daughter’s head!

    The furniture that you see in that picture IS THE SAME FURNITURE!

    Could the 2 truck loads of mahogany beds and chairs and crystal cutlery and electric pianos and electrical equipment and my sister’s clothes an jewellery have so deteriorated in 2 years to have to be dumped?

    What do you think?

  64. Sadly, “yes” I think that heat, humidity, termites, woodworm, extremely poor housekeeping, dampness from leaks perhaps can destroy anything and in less than 2 years too.

    I am not saying that the furniture, crystal and other niceties etc.suffered a natural end. If they got stolen. That is BAD. I am NOT is favor of stealing.

  65. Some them have been lucky to escape the brutality of our systems and face the brutality of the British system.

    Is this not the Hal Austin who complains about how the police treat the black men in England and worries that black people will be last on the list for beds and appropriate treatment on the COVID wards?

    Steupse! David Weekes seems to have found a kindred spirit in Hal Austin. He wants to tell us what we should be interested in and comment on and what should bother us.

    My man, nobody in my family has ever been left to fend for themselves in their old age. We take care of each other. I have never encountered this elder abuse or I would have attempted to deal with it.

    Here it is that I am trying to figure out how to get BARP, the Barbados Association of Retired Persons to be useful in cases such as these and you have devolved into insults.

    If all you want to do is talk shite with Hal Austin, then you don’t need me for that.

    The only smart thing you have said here over the last few posts is that Jehu Wiltshire is a kindly fellow. He is my family.


  66. When my sister Beverley Weekes died my uncle George was distraught and did not tell the police about her death till several hours later!

    While is was disturbed about the way he acted I did not insist on an autopsy.

    It however was required because she was not seeing a doctor at the time of her death and I thought it was necessary because when my mummy died, I never knew why she was on medication and what caused her pains

    I wanted to know if there was a medical condition thst killed her and my mother AND THAT MY SISTER NEEDED TO KNOW ABOUT!

    When my brother died I sought an autopsy, BECAUSE PHILLIP WAS FOUND WRAPPED IN PLASTIC!

    And Eric was there at the house at the time!

    Uncle George was totally out of it but I suspected foul play.

    No police investigation ensued and Phillip’s body was so decomposed he had to have a closed coffin funeral.

    Deaths in that house with bodies that were not reported at the time of death or where the bodies were tampered with is a pattern where there is an uncle who has dementia


    Please be aware that I have not said nor attributed and foul play IN EITHER DEATH!

    This is why there are police!

    I did ask that the police investigate Phillips death thoroughly though and will send my correspondence about same in a few moments

  67. @ Hal Austin December 30, 2020 1:55 PM “Or when his MP talks crap at his funeral when he never once went round to see what conditions he was living under.”

    Churches are essentially public places; but funerals are essentially family affairs. There is no MP in the history of anywhere, past present nor future that could speak at a family funeral without our explicit consent. And we insist on seeing the written speech beforehand too. if he or she wants to attend, fine, after all I would have placed a notice in public via the media. But NOBODY can speak at our family funerals without our explicit consent, obtained BEFORE the start of the funeral. We keep dignified funerals, not rumshop affairs where anybody and everybody can jump up and say whatever they feel like.

  68. @ Donna,

    I seem to have offended yo merely by taking time to respond to each blogger here in a sequence of FIFO.

    I am sorry for having done that and I apologise to you as I did to Baje earlier.

    You see why Hal’s “Bajan Condition” statement seems applicable for several bajans?

    You know nothing about me, NOTHING!

    I don’t breadfruit and rice at any of you!

    My position about this matter is a simple one really, there have been 2 deaths in that house under suspicious circumstances..

    And the owner of this blog has been kind enough to permit me to comment about same AND HOW THE AGENCIES RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CARE OF THOSE WHO DIED FAILED!

    Suddenly, because I am not seen to comment on everything on the blog, like others of you, I am a hypocrite!

    Or if I pause to remark on a comment from a man with whom a few of you have a problem “my submission has devolved into insults”

    So for these faults in my psyche I beg your eternal forgiveness FOR I, DAVID WEEKES, SM NOT JESUS THE CHRIST!

    You can bow out since that is your prerogative

    David Comissiong DOES NOT COMMENT ON ANY TOPIC HERE ON BU other than what he posts!

    Grenville Phillips DOES NOT COMMENT ON BU other than on those articles thst he posts!

    Adrian Loveridge does not comment on BU other than on those topics he posts yet a thing most strange has occurred here

    Weeksie, who few here “know”, has been castigated for doing the same thing others of the “elite” do here every day, without fail

    Why dat?

    The substantive topic is Elder Abuse and what do we as bajans do about it!

    Andre Lorde called Mia Mottley a rasshole idiot and was locked up at paragon for month (and has yet to face charges for his “threat”) and I call this and the previous administration, “mountain goats, cause um is my assessment and a kinder statement than saying ***

    Read, or don’t read, and move on. You ARE NOT the audience of the article.

    Who it is for HAS SEEN IT, and understands


    There is a purpose for this continuing train of submissions which goes beyond the obvious.

    Yes, Uncle George is dead

    Yes Uncle George died in very strange circumstances in a room where he never had a bed, with toes tied!

    Yes Uncle George, and my late brother Phillip, died in questionable circumstances (where Eric was present), and at times or at dates which leave us who remain with questions

    Like why was Phillip’s entire body wrapped in plastic, to his neck? and then left for one day to decompose? so much was the decomposition that Phillip had to have a closed coffin?

    Or why is it that if Eric says that “Uncle George died at 1 a.m and that he, Eric, left the house at 2 a.m?”

    Or why does he Eric call my cousin Martina at 6.15 a.m, 5 hours after George’s death and accuse Martina of causing Uncle George’s death INSTEAD OF CALLING THE POLICE.

    So finally we are at the point where we began, speaking about an elderly man who may or may not have experienced any abuse by individuals or agencies of the state and, needing another agency of the state to give insights as to if this man did suffer any physical harm leading up to his departure from this earth.

    The litany herein elucidated (and the signatures on his bank withdrawals and the fact that his utilities were never paid and the medical records) seems to support the claim that he was abused during life but now we are at that point where the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Government Pathologist will determine all that has transpired with George Aubrey Collymore!

  70. I promised to share a model upon which eldercare in barbados might be managed.

    The Layman’s Diagram suggests that

    a.A person calls to report a matter to ANY INTAKE AGENCY
    b.Thereafter the Primary Agency – the Ministry of Eldercare is charged to examine the report and conduct its checks
    c.If their investigations result in resolution then the matter is dropped
    d.if not they are escalated to the Ministry of Elder Care and the inept PS Springer and equally wasteful Auntie Cynthia Forde and their agents are tasked to hopefully act (and not pass on the Rass.hole buck (oh dear Weeksie finally cursed)
    e.they then conduct their investigations
    f.these investigations may or may not require the assistance of the police who will be required to keep records of the matters
    g.if the matter is resolved then again an entry is made in the Issue Resolution lists if not the matter is escalated further into the judicial realm etc

    The thing is that, as the chart below tries to show, none of these steps is rocket science

    All that one asks for is that, with the involvement of the internal agencies, whether they be doctors, polyclinics, the national assistance board, social workers, whomever, each of those Checks MUST BE THEN ENTERED INTO a Resolutions Outcomes list so that one will have a proper trace for each and every Eldercare matter

    And I David Weekes, “hypocrite” and “shite talker” lololol have taken this time to humbly suggest that this, or something similar, would at least make it harder for people to abuse elderly persons,

    Unlike my detractors who came here to decry poor Weeksie for this “litany” and said nothing about how to stop it, I am showing that, after being reported of physical, psychological, financial or other abuse, i am showing how a system could be set up to record all the encounters with every agency, LIKE I RASS.HOLE DID and show how no one would be able to go to a house and do what this Eric was doing to George Aubrey Collymore.

    Does it all make sense now?

  71. Mr David King to you, you household and your family, from me and my family I pray you peace, love and prosperity in 2021.

    I posted my last item earlier but it did not show up. Thank you for posting same

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