Let the Debates Begin

Grenville Phillips, candidate for St. George North and Leader of Solutions Barbados

The Prime Minister advised that CBC should allow debates between all candidates contesting the St George North by-election.  Political parties do not have to participate in these debates.  However, we think that it would be unwise not to participate.

By participating, Candidates have the opportunity to both explain their plans to voters, and defend their plans from scrutiny from other candidates and the moderator.

At present, candidates are simply mentioning their plans to voters.  But neither our professional organisations or journalists are checking to see whether the plans are workable.  Neither are they questioning whether the candidates have any capacity to implement their plans.

The debates are an opportunity to expose the plans to scrutiny.  In preparation for the debates, let us review each party’s plans.  The parties can then improve the plans for the benefit of the constituents, and to better prepare for the debates.


The BLP plans to bring prosperity to the people of St George North through fish farming.  The main questions are: Is this an idea whose feasibility now needs to be studied?  Is the implementation date this year, or 2023?  Who is funding this idea?  What experience does the candidate have to implement it?

The DLP plans to assist the youth in cricket, and to have a skills bank.  The main questions are:  What about the youth that do not want to play cricket?  The skills bank idea has been tried and failed, because people want to employ the best skills available in Barbados for their job.  So, what is different about this skills bank that improves its chances of success?  What experience does the candidate have to manage a skills bank?

The UPP plans to monetise the creative industries.  The example given was making money by uploading videos to YouTube on the Internet.  The main questions are:  What training is required to implement this idea?  What experience does the Candidate have in making money from YouTube videos?

The BFP plans to do construction activities.  The main question is: What capacity does the Candidate have in implementing this idea?

Audio Link of Article

The PdP plans to do farming.  Farming has been proposed by political parties in every election since our Independence.  Those who try it have to contend with monkeys and humans stealing their produce.  There is also the risk of excessive rain, drought, and limited water.  Farmers have to invest much for months before seeing a return.  So the main question is, how are these foreseen issues being addressed?

Solutions Barbados plans to employ persons in the construction of houses, and to train families to start businesses, with no start-up money.  I have 30 years of experience in the construction industry, and am the 2014 winner of the National Innovation Competition.  I already train people how to build strong and low-maintenance houses, and to start profitable businesses.  Therefore,
I welcome the scrutiny.

Let the debates begin.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer, and the Solutions Barbados’ candidate for St George North.  He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com


  • @Hal AustinOctober 24, 2020 6:18 AM “There is something frightfully unsettling when someone chooses to stalk you on social media. Stalking is a criminal offence in most jurisdictions or is in need of urgent psychiatric help.”

    Nobody is stalking Mari, and nobody is stalking you either. Show me where anything was sait to about Mari which is a criminal offence in any jurisdiction.

    A few weeks ago you were supposed to have me sectioned.

    How is that working or Dr. Psychiatrist?


  • @William SkinnerOctober 24, 2020 6:43 AM Those of us who understand our people , know that they are patient and kind but abhor high “high-handedness”. Note how we gave Stuart a chance and then massacred him; note how a previous generation voted out Sir. Grantley; Barrow and then Arthur.”

    Truer words have never been spoken.


  • @William SkinnerOctober 24, 2020 8:56 AM “But then again on BU the established brainiacs have dismissed kitchen gardens by some strange argument position on “ globalization”.

    You know that we “established” kitchen gardeners have NEVER EVER asked the opinions of the “established brainiacs” on BU re: kitchen gardening. We have however asked robert lucas, because even though he does not know us, we know him and we know that he knows what he is talking about when he talks agriculture.

    So we grow, weed, harvest, eat, aand start the cycle all over again. The “established brainiacs” are useless for what we do.

    And tobesides we know a thing or two about WTO rules too, and we know that there is nothing in such rules which prevents kitchen gardens. However if our government should ban this thing or that it might be a violation of free trade rules. However if we do not import because we grow our own supply it is NOT a violation of such rules.

    Was able to give away some produce today. Cooked some for my supper too. The WTO police have not yet come knocking at my door.



  • @Hal AustinOctober 24, 2020 1:06 PM “Seriously has Louis Lynch been recognised in Barbados, apart from naming a school after him? There is not even a plaque on the wall of the insurance company that now occupies the spot.”

    When I went to ICBL on Roebuck Street in September 2019 there was a lovely bust of the late Louis Lynch in the equally lovely garden there.


  • @WURA-War-on-UOctober 24, 2020 11:11 AM “There is a video circulating on FB of a quarantine facility on the island, so now we have to ask if only certain people are being quarantine in hotels belonging to minority crooks who got it at knock off price and other people are being housed in less than safe ideal conditions….i can’t tell where the facility is, not familiar….maybe if someone recognizes the place they can say where..”

    One of my siblings is currently quarantining at a hotel, and we certainly ain’t white, nor rich, nor foreign nor nuffin’ so, buncha barefoot country girls more like it.

    I know exactly where the government quarantine center is located. But I ain’t telling you. I have stayed there myself. Pretty decent place, but basic. A lot better though than Girl Guide camp which as you will recall is 3 basic meals a day, cold showers, and a bed on the floor. But we survived, did we not? And it strengthened our characters.



  • @”it’s SAD to see they’ve reduced themselves in their retirement years, to ‘picking fights’ and trading insults with people in a forum they obviously DO NOT KNOW, respect and regard as ‘appallingly ignorant.”

    The loneliness of old age can be a*itch.

    Hence our British nemesis.


  • Two or three of my siblings went to the Modern, and I heard the name Mr. Gall mentioned plenty of times during my childhood.

    But like all school masters of old, I did not know that he had a first name.



  • A news report on the dailies about two demonstration groups clashing, with one arguing re same sex unions ”not bout here”.

    The news also reports another item referencing October 16, the International Day of Tolerance.

    Can people be serious?

    After all, people ”tolerate” it behind closed doors and with sealed lips. But I guess they prefer to keep in in the gossip and scandal venue. Hypocrites.

    The more things change….


  • “I know exactly where the government quarantine center is located.I know exactly where the government quarantine center is located.


    so if it looked basic when you were a girl guide 60 years ago, imagine what it looks like now since it has been neglected like everything else on the island….it’s deplorable, they could at least have upgraded the place, it’s not cattle being quarantined.

    and when they neglect constituencies filled with people like St. George, leaving them in abject poverty, lacking water and the basic living necessities, they award the lying, uppity, corrupt idiot minister who did the neglecting with a piece of glass or metal or some shite like that, saw Gline with one in his hand, he must have given up the Canadian citizenship because they still got him as heading up to Canada,

    all Lawson’s boyfriend gotta do is keep an eagle eye on him…see what self-serving plans they got going and watch their elderly..lol


  • This is all the stinking rats and Barbados’ parliament and bar association are good for robbing the elderly, the young and unborn, continue keeping silent while the rob you and yours your birthright to share it with dirty ass minorities, whites, indians and syrians…stay in poverty watching and gossiping about each other instead,instead of watching the corrupt thieves and see how much further that gets ya…

    “Soon, I, Jerry Mervriel Nurse will close down my Facebook Accounts as I am preparing to depart Barbados having completed God’s Assignment, I came here and have successfully accomplished.
    It is time for all Barbadians worldwide to say enough of this Barbados Corruption and follow the advise of America President Hendry Ford who said, “The aim of education is not to teach the human mind to answer Radios and Television quiz’s “The true aim of education is to train the human mind to think; what can you do with your education to make your country and this world a better place to live in.”

    And so I have taken Thirty (33) symbolic Years of my life investigating, pursuing knowledge of truth revealing most of my findings here on Facebook, With such knowledge freely available.

    Why are Barbadians remaining silent and continue to do absolutely nothing, aware that their actions will benefit this country by eventfully removing corrupt officials from offices of responsibility for their wrongdoings replacing themselves with members of their families whilst those qualified for those positions are overlooked?

    Over Two Billion Dollars in Estate Lands and Properties have been fraudulently stolen from many Barbadians following Barbados 30th of November 1966 Independence from England. Go into Libraries and the Archives also Barbados Advocate Newspapers from May 1964 and The Official Gazette Newspapers and see the numerous names and properties stolen under “Fictitious Chief Marshals Judgement Sales” especially advertised being sold by Chief Marshal Frank DeCourcey King who was never ever Appointed acting or Appointed Chief Marshal.
    However, his name is credited with numerous Property Sales when in actual facts he was studying Law in London, England from the 5th day of May 1967 where he meet up with other Barbados Law Students such as Sir David Simmons, High Court Judge Sherman Moore, retired High Court Judge Marie Mac Cormack wife of Sir David Simmons, who married in London, England on the 31st day of July 1966.
    You can obtain information about any Attorney at Law who studied Law in England from England & Wales Bar Association and also Immigration Records.
    TOPAZ NO,11


  • “it’s deplorable, they could at least have upgraded the place, it’s not cattle being quarantined.”

    as a matter of fact, US has repeatedly been giving them money for Paragon etc to keep facilities up to date, what have they been doing with all that money???


  • “The Official Gazette Newspapers and see the numerous names and properties stolen under “Fictitious Chief Marshals Judgement Sales” especially advertised being sold by Chief Marshal Frank DeCourcey King who was never ever Appointed acting or Appointed Chief Marshal.”

    on reflection given information i was privy to from decades ago, which i never paid much attention to until now, all the lawyers in bar association need to be investigated to find out how they acquired all those acres of properties….as well as the judges…as well as government ministers and those in opposition.


  • And if yall dumbass yardfowls believe Barrow did not know or was not in on that massive theft of properties from Black people and others, ya dumber than even i think, ask those who KNEW HIM PERSONALLY and they will tell ya…it’s just that in one of his moments of maybe a conscience, he revealed what he knew all along…..THAT BLACK PEOPLE WILL GET NO JUSTICE AS LONG AS the tiefing SELL OUT NIG*AS in the supreme court, bar association and parliament are in control of your lives and have access to your information…so ya can keep them there and ALWAYS HAVE NOTHING to pass on to your future generations.

    sometimes people try to tell us things and we dismiss them, in my case, it’s because i did not have all the information, the cabal kept their dirty thieving secrets closely guarded since the 1940s, this did not start yesterday, the crime of black people robbing the descendants of slaves, their own ancestors, to enrich themselves and minorities, started before most of us were even born… stealing from those whose ancestors suffered to accumulate property after emancipation.


  • “When I went to ICBL on Roebuck Street in September 2019 there was a lovely bust of the late Louis Lynch in the equally lovely garden there.”

    @ Cuhdear Bajan

    That bust was there for years. But, you can’t fault the guy. He was only asking a question, which you answered.

    I remember immediately after passing ‘Perry Gap,’ was the Modern High School, Coco Cola and Stoute’s Drug Store, which was located at the corner of Roebuck Street and Country Road.

    The Modern High closed sometime during 1977 or 1978, with the majority of its students and teachers going to Wakefield High in Belmont Road.


  • @Mariposa
    No apologies for liking a cheap laugh.

    Some of you guys take yourselves too seriously. If contributions are measured, then most of us after our verbal diorrhrra have not moved the needle one way or the other.

    It is amusing that I was never an idiot when I said ‘you go girl’.

    My learned friend Lorenzo also has names for me when my post reflects negatively on his party.

    I think some new bloggers have also referred to me as a yardfowl as my last posts were not supportive of their party or may have been a positive comment on their ‘enemy’ .

    I am contented as long as I am not always painted on one side of the line.

    Here is a phrase that some hate. I have not figured out why.

    Have a great day, Barbados!
    Have a great day.


  • Have a great day Gazzerts and dont take yourself seriously
    Btw i did say the word idiot should be taken as a grain of salt
    No hard feelings bro
    All good
    Have a great day


  • @ Artax
    @ Hal
    Cuhdear Bajan

    Apart from the bust of Louis there was a school named after him. It closed a few years back because of environmental concerns. All past Modern Highs affectionately refer to time him as Louis. Although closer scrutiny will reveal that the boys say Louis but the girls say “ Mr.Lynch.” The real nick name was “ De Bomber”. I would not mind being corrected .
    I also think that there has been quite a few lengthy articles in the press over the years and he is considered a genuine nation builder.
    Outside of actually running the school. he had a type of six form where I understand that a number of very distinguished scholars actually taught from time to time. He was very instrumental in running evening classes and many Bridgetown clerks and so on availed themselves of such opportunities. A record holder himself in I think the 100 meters; Lynch also traveled rural Barbados and gave countless athletic scholarships to certain talents he identified.
    In the hearts of anybody who stepped through the gates of the MHS and had the honor of seeing this man in the flesh it remains an indelible mark on them. De Bomber was pure class and at least one hundred years ahead of his time. The MHS motto: nil mihi est ardui ( Nothing is difficult for me)

    A true legend.


  • @William

    Louis Lynch and the Modern High School contributed incredibly to secondary education in Barbados. To my mind, the naming of a school is not what I would call recognition, given that almost all the newer schools are now named after people of varying distinction.
    Mr Lynch should be recognised as an educational professional, a proud, slightly plump man, who stood head and shoulders above all the other privately run secondary schools. I have a mental picture of him walking along Roebuck Street heading for his home in the school yard.
    Out of the Modern came professors, doctors, lawyers, top athletes (I never knew of his athletic ability, but he certainly had an enormous interest in athletics) and @William Skinner.
    Only the Federal and Barbados Academy came close, and Presentation College and the Seventh Day Adventist School among the religious schools, were always special.
    In fact, the first time I had ever heard of athletic scholarships in US universities was when Orlando (Lanny) Mason got one for his mastery of the 220 yards (now 200m) in the early 1960s.
    If some people believe a statue, or a junior school carrying his name is enough, I beg to differ. Unfortunately, I live in a society that celebrates its great educationists in different ways.
    If we are adding to the list of national heroes, is it too much to suggest that Louis Lynch may be a good candidate?


  • Hal is an article that might be of interest to you having calls for Louis Lynch to be a National hero

    Barbados Advocate
    Fri, 01/03/2020 – 6:52am
    Modern High School Old Scholars’ Association President, Cheryl Croney-Sealy said it is the desire of the association to see the founder of the Modern High School, Louis Albert Lynch become a national hero of Barbados.

    This comment was made during the wreath-laying ceremony at Louis Lynch’s bust in Roebuck Street on the eve of the educator’s birthday. Recently, the MHOSA marked 50 years since his death.

    A handful of members of the MHOSA attended the event including one of the oldest old scholars, 86 years old, Anita Daniel and retired teacher at the Modern High School, Consuello Lynch.

    According to the MHOSA President, the late educator started the Modern High School in 1944 when he was 27 years old. Lynch who was married to Marjorie had four children, died March 1969 at the age of 53 years old in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) with angina pectoris. She added that on December 23, Lynch would have been 103 years old. Lynch is also remembered as a pioneer and a parliamentarian.

    His two sons, David Lynch and Tony Lynch were present for the wreath laying ceremony on Sunday. The Barbados Advocate interviewed David Lynch who said that his father’s legacy spanned beyond the contribution of education but transformed the nation.

    “His school (gave) quality education to the children who otherwise could not afford it. We would be in a very bad place,” said Lynch.
    Lynch said that his two sisters, Anne and Jan did not attend the ceremony as they currently reside in the United States of America.

    The Modern High School was opened on the site which is now home to the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Ltd (ICBL). The private secondary school which only had two students in 1944 grew in enrolment to over 1 700 students twenty-five years later. It closed its doors in 1978.

    Columnist Dr. Dan Carter wrote in 2017 that the Modern High School was nicknamed “Harrison College of Roebuck School” and employed (as teachers) and educated some of the most notable Barbadians in society. Teachers included Henry Forde, Professor E.R.L. Walrond, Dr Jean Holder, Dr G.R. DaC. Maynard, Sir Lloyd Sandiford, Sir Richard Haynes, the late G.E.T. Brancker, Senator R.O. Marville, N.G.A.
    Maxwell and Reverend Reginald Barrow, Errol Walton Barrow’s father. The Modernites or alumni include former MP Richard Byer, Dr. Esther Archer; Victor Forde, psychologist; media professional, Tony Best; and member of Parliament for St. Thomas and Minister of Elder Affairs, Cynthia Forde.

    The MHOSA has hosted a lecture in his name in the past and he was also remembered with the renaming of Roebuck Secondary School located on Whitepark Road. The Louis Lynch Secondary School which was opened April 1978 closed in 2005 due to health and environmental issues.


  • (Quote):
    If some people believe a statue, or a junior school carrying his name is enough, I beg to differ. Unfortunately, I live in a society that celebrates its great educationists in different ways.
    If we are adding to the list of national heroes, is it too much to suggest that Louis Lynch may be a good candidate? (Unquote).

    How about a similar level of outstanding recognition for A. Rawle Parkinson?

    The man excelled during a period when social and economic conditions were much more challenging for black people in Barbados.


  • @ Mr. Skinner

    My brother attended the Modern High School and years before him our uncle’s wife. He said he never met Louis Lynch, but was there about for about three years before it closed in 1978. Dennis ‘Poo’ Holder was the ‘headmaster,’ and among the teachers there at that time were, Tony Thompson (of CBC fame), Elton Mottley, Shirley Yarbough and Deputy CoP Oral Williams. Consuello (Shillingford) Lynch was married to one Lynch’s sons, the photographer.

    According to him, when they went to Wakefield High, they continued to identify themselves a ‘Modern Knights’ and, instead of wearing gray, they continued wearing blue trousers, in remembrance of the Modern.


  • With all the accolades being showered on Mr. lynch no one wrote that he was a Mayor of Bridgetown and a Member of the H of Assembly. I addition to all that has been mentioned Mr. Lynch also wrote a book called The Barbados Book which he dedicated to his mother. It was published in 1964 and provides as the fly cover states a portrait of Barbados and all its aspects. It’s in three parts covering the islands institutions, its appeal to visitors covering places of interest and recreational activities, food, recipes etc. and the island’s character including short stories; it also includes photographs and sketches.

    All in all, it provides a look at Barbados and present day readers will have a means of comparison between Barbados then and now. E.g. I found this fascinating “ The Barbados Sea Food Company, with a fleet of fourteen trawlers which fish for shrimps off the mouth of the Amazon river has recently commenced operations……”

    I think the propensity to name buildings, roundabouts, schools etc. has gone a bit too far, soon they will lose any relevance they once had. Recently we had the Mighty Grynner Highway replacing Spring Garden ……..Why can’t some schools maintain the name of the district that they are associated with? It seems that as soon as someone who may be associated with a particular school dies there is a rush to name the school after them the same for roundabouts and politicians.

    If we want to maintain the islands character we should step back and take a long hard look at what we are changing and whether these changes are beneficial.


  • @Sarge
    The precursor to “The Barbados Book” was called “West Indian Eden-the Barbados book” published in 1959.


  • Ambassador Liz Thompson put the Gline Clarke having to renounce his Canadian citizenship to bed today. Senators Franklyn over to you.


  • What has Ambassador Thompson said?


  • Geez, I am not a lawyer.

    Barbados can call him anything they want and he may be able to perform some functions in the name of Barbados, but I doubt if he would have all the rights of an ambassador.

    Would be interesting to see her full statement.


  • . A record holder himself in I think the 100 meters





  • @ Baje
    Louis Lynch was a sprinter in his day that is why he took such a deep interest in athletics. The MHS school sports was a major event on the athletic calendar back in the day. MHS produced great local stars such as Patsy Callender and Lorna Forde.
    Barney Lynch is of a much later time.
    @ Sargeant
    Thanks for some very good info on the De Bomber.


  • @ Mariposa
    Thanks for the article on Louis Lynch and the MHS. Highly appreciated.👍


  • @ William

    I remember the great Modern athletics days on Weymouth. I attended one or two to watch mainly Patsy. In those days I was keen on athletics (still am).
    Somehow I am not surprised that Lynch was a sprinter. The Modern had good springer, such as Patsy Callender and Lanny Mason, and I remember he took a personal interest in them.


  • sprinters


  • @ Hal
    We don’t as a nation like to write books . The history of education in Barbados is to be found once a year on the front page with those who get top marks in the 11 + and who get island scholarships and exhibitions six or so years later.
    I don’t know if there is any educator whose school had such a profound effect on lifting poor people from poverty as Louis Lynch. The MHS was an amazing place to be as a youngster. You wanted to go school every day. There were also some special treats: sometimes we would be told to “ line up” that the coke truck coming and we had free sweet drinks. We had pageants at Kensington. Louis was immaculate in dress and lived well.
    As de old people talking about those glorious days still give Modernites goose bumps. The man was certainly unforgettable.
    Some say he should be a National Hero. I suggest that a historian/ writer should be commissioned to write his biography.


  • U are welcome WS

    Loop news
    50 Things you’d know if you went Louis Lynch Secondary School
    Louis Lynch Secondary School, previously known as Roebuck Secondary, may have been officially closed but the memories gained by students and staff live on.

    The girls wore peach and white, and the boys wore that powder blue that was so distinctive as they trekked to Whitepark Road, St. Michael, Monday to Friday.

    When Louis Lynch Secondary School closed down in 2005, those who were enrolled were scattered across the island but they too forever remember the school’s motto, “from strength to strength”.

    Let’s journey down memory lane with the scholars of the Louis Lynch Secondary School.

    When Ms. Lashley fell down the stairs that would lead to the canteen. Mrs. Lashley who would always tell us when we misbehaved to pulled our socks up to our throats. Also, when we were in 4th form one morning at full assembly Mrs Lashley took a stroll up the first form block and a guy name Ryan Nurse shouted across the courtyard “Mrs. Lashley look like a big tub of lard” whole school went in an uproar. May she rest in peace.
    Mr. Callendar was the beater. He was a slim brown skin man who would beat anybody – male or female. You misbehaved around him at your own peril.
    The French teacher was a bit of a wackadoodle.
    Going over to the church next door for services or walking to Roebuck street for church services.
    Standing in the open courtyard for school prayers.
    The year ‘The Matrix’ came out and we got to set up the TV over by the second form rooms where the Music class used to be, and we got to watch it with our classmates
    The smell that used to come over from WIBISCO in the early afternoon and make everybody hungry. I remember endless tours there and all the free biscuits.
    The vegetable garden on the right of the guard hut where we used to do practical Agricultural Science.
    The trips to that pasture down Baxters Road to practice for sports.
    The Valentine’s Day celebrations when you’d be checking to see who got sent flowers or had a song requested for them. Many hearts used to get broken.
    P.E. was almost always rounders, except if you went out onto the hard court by the road and saw the volleyball net up, then you knew you were in for a treat. P.E. rounders was for girls, the boys almost always did football while we were playing this.
    Van rides from the van stand to Bush Hall down to school wid de music pounding. And the time some school-girl mooned the deputy head on a number 6 van, so she called all the students who took the number 6 van to school into the guidance counselor’s room for interrogations and she still ain’t figure out who it was.
    Ms. Grimes, a great Maths teacher, you never messed about in her class. She demanded and took respect and she treated you with respect.
    The English teacher would throw her chalk at you.
    Mr. and Mrs. Chandler being the after care in addition to selling their snacks, tomato balls, snocones and golden apples. Mr and Mrs. Chandler were our parents away from home. I remember de snowcones wid milk, de golden apples wid salt, de home made popcorn, tamarind balls and de other delicacies from their car then they had to get a van. “Chandler – This woman was great vendor, not just in it for the money. I remember after I told her a friend was diabetic she refused to sell her anything she shouldn’t eat.”

    Mrs. Chandler (2016)
    16. Asking for a hot cheese and malt from the canteen

    Ms. Lashley from Home Economics who always emphasized each syllable of your name.
    Mr. Medford from Metal Work always had a smile on his face and was always ready to inspire
    Music Teacher, I have forgotten her name, but she would throw chalk or the chalkboard cleaners at you if you weren’t paying attention in class
    Classroom could be like a fish market and someone would say Mr. Brathwaite, Cadogan, Adams or Callender coming, the silence would be deafening.
    Independence celebrations and Ishaka McNeil performing Krosfyah songs
    Damien Daisley patrolling the school as a prefect like he was the Principal.
    Captain Patch, the nickname for the Deputy Principal Mr. John Blackman.
    Small Lunch – Full meal for only $4!
    Computer Room…. nuff said!
    Mr. Hope’s constant lecturing DURING class and missing lots of time due to said lectures.
    Legendary stories of Mr. Calendar spankings… oh and being afraid of him.
    Epic conversations with Mr. Marshall. May he RIP.
    Music room being the hangout spot for all non-Christian or sick students during full assembly.
    Mrs. Rochester’s parking
    As for teachers 1s4 and Ms Perkins speech day and Last Man Peak along with Ms Patricks beating an entire class with the exception of 1 person for not remembering what were ‘rests’ in music …. To this day after all that I can still remember clearly ‘Rests are signs of silence, Rests corresponds to notes of value’.
    Badass basketball team in the early 2000’s
    Teachers who were mentioned by many: Mrs. Lashley Home Economics class; Benjamin Craig was the Eng. Lit. Teacher; Mr. Clarke was the Maths and Typing teacher; Mr. Reginald Farley, Mr. Best, Ms. Sivers. and principal Mrs. Jemmott.
    Mrs Niles using my T Square to share lashes. Don’t say you forget homework because you will do it on the board using only the textbook
    Sneaking out the back of the school and going to buy Mappies. Going by mappy for breads. De fellows used to go and de mappies and coke and bring back for de girls. In 1984, going through the dippy and meeting Mr. Niles at the other end, oh boy we were in trouble.
    I remember walking to Calvary Moravian church for Ash Wednesday service. Up to this day I still attend Ash Wednesday service. I remember Mappies and cheese for lunch
    I remember getting beat by Mrs. Lashley for playing Super Grover in the Home Ec, Room. Boy! I was so scared of Mrs. Lashley. You could imagine my supportive classmates watched me mimic Super Grover, apron around neck as cape, hopping from stool to stool, shouting “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…..and I am cute to” as Mrs. L was entertained from the back. When she said “young lady….” I froze. Mrs. Lashley nicknames were de school bus, tub o lard. When she walks down de corridors she used to clap her hands and say why are we out here standing
    Mrs. Browne who use to make sure she sounded out every T or D at the end of a word. And she use to say to us, “Can I have your undivided attention?”
    I remember every last day we use to have some sort of concert…and at Christmas we use to decorate the chalkboard.
    I remember that Noni tree that we use to call dog dumplings.
    Ms. Patrick use to have us singing those songs like ‘Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious’
    Mr. Best never got a science class controlled no one ever used to listen to him and his favorite phrase to get our attention was “listen class face front”
    Who remembers Mrs. Alleyne who used to teach Spanish? Well the boys in our form used to give her bare trouble even calling her “olive” from Popeye. So when they get on bad she would always put them outside or tell dem take the door; this guy Julian Waithe went to the woodwork room came back with hammer and took the form room door off and prop it against the wall. I ain’t gotta tell wunna how Mrs. Jemmott tear up our backsides.
    Mr Niles ‘Pow Pow’ coming and the place gone silent and people trembling and Pow Pow’s red marina which we called the fire engine.
    Anybody remembers a group of about 3 or 4 girls who use to call themselves the ‘A Team’?

    Pitching, jucking goots under de mango tree before school start and got de fellas fingers swell.

    Laughing till I nearly passed out at Rodders Boyce rendition of “Sousey”, de man nearly kill Lady Jemmott dah day!!
    Don’t forget Inter-School Sports Day where Edsel Chase was one of the school’s star athlete,and who remembers Sean Dupigny and Troy Sage too. Oh and I remember there was a guy we use to call Cave Man…he was really fast.
    Remember one of the guys in Mrs. Lashley Home Ec class putting in an entire pot spoon of salt in a meal that was being cooked. Needless to say the entire class got detention cause all we could do was laugh when that dear lady took a taste. I’d never actually seen anyone’s face turn literally green before……
    Mrs Niles using my T Square to share lashes. Don’t say you forget homework because you will do it on the board using only the textbook.
    Ramasese who kicked the football over the fence and broke a car windscreen

    One teacher got in on the do and shared:

    “All those who objected to my making them play games and taking the many ruffles and excess socks lol but I also recall those who enjoyed learning, those who represented the school in the many debates and other quiz competitions i entered them in. It was my honour and pleasure to teach you all and to give you of myself. I pray god’s continued blessings on you and that you continue to be worthy ambassadors of the school you will always call your own.”

    To which a student said, “Mam, I think you still have a couple pairs of my socks. Can I have them back please!”

    After all the nostalgia, the resounding statement by the scholars and staff who walked those hallowed halls was summed up by one person who said, “The physical place may be in shambles but those lessons will forever live on. They cannot be taken away. From Strength To Strength


  • @ Hal
    We also had swim meets at the Aquatic and excellent table tennis players. Imagine all of this in the 60s.


  • Mariposa, you know that Roebuck/Louis Lynch Secondary and the Modern High School are two different schools?


  • @ William

    You are right about everything you have said. The easy way to write a book is to award a PhD fellowship to someone over a three-year period. The Ministry of Education could sponsor such a project. But you are right about book writing. It is one of the symbols of the paucity of our society.
    But in a culture when Harrison College is over-rated, when pupils sit multi-choice exams, and so-called subjects called Caribbean Studies and Communications to get awards which are gamed by smart parents and schools, it is this mediocrity that if frightening. Now they want to dumb down the 11+.
    Modern boys also used to get up to naughtiness. They would roll down the top of their socks, hop on buses in the bus stand and the public would blame Combermerians.


  • And the stench of smoke and the breaking of miirors continue by this govt

    Ronald Jones

    Whither Gline Clarke citizenship – Serious Implications for Parliament

    Please note that prior to June 2018, under the Constitution of Barbados on Disqualifications for membership of Assembly, Section 44. (1) a) STATES No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Assembly who is, by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign Power or State;

    The Constitution was amended at June 2018 to allow Barbadian born citizens who have attained dual citizenship to serve in both Houses. This was driven by the need to accommodate Rawdon Adams and Kay McConney as Senators.

    The issue here is not whether Gline Clarke can renounce his Canadian citizenship (?) in order to serve as HC to Canada? Yes he can.

    The bigger issue is if Gline Clarke is a Canadian citizen and if so, when did he attain such citizenship. In order to attain Canadian citizenship, he would have had to swear allegiance to Canada. If this was done at anytime prior to being elected to Parliament or whilst serving as a Member of Parliament, then Mr Clarke’s presence in Parliament would have been an illegal act. He could not have offered to serve as an MP is he had sworn allegiance to a foreign country.

    This is a very serious matter and merits urgent clarification from Mr. Clarke, his political Party and the Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

    This is not a partisan political issue as the same rules applied to all Candidates over the life of the Constitution.

    Yeap now watch how the blp yardfowls gonna attack the messenger as a defense
    Just watch


  • The constitution was amended in June 2018 to deal with the one-year residency. If Clarke was a citizen of Canada and sat in the House of Assembly without notifying the relevant authority, that should be a criminal offence, punishable with imprisonment.
    It is not for Mr Clarke to confirm this, but for the parliamentary authorities. That is why there is a high commission in Barbados.


  • @NO
    Thanks for the info, wasn’t aware of what preceded the latter book.

    De nada


  • Everything Mottley tries to.implement has plenty shade attached
    Makes for wonder how much she knew of this problem but try to pull a fast move to get Clarke out of the country
    All these slick moves makes for wonder about how she got her LEC
    Being a lawyer and now PM one who think she is knowelegable in Constitutional law
    The dead horse about her qualifications as a lawyer would continue to rise as these illegalities of law raise its ugly head


  • (Quote):
    If Clarke was a citizen of Canada and sat in the House of Assembly without notifying the relevant authority, that should be a criminal offence, punishable with imprisonment. (Unquote).

    But he did sit in the HoA prior to 2018 as an elected member in breach of Sec. 44 of the Constitution of the banana republic of Barbados.

    “44. (1) No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Assembly who:

    (a) is, by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign Power or State….”


  • The $64 million question: Is he the only ‘guilty’ one?


  • “The dead horse about her qualifications as a lawyer would continue to rise as these illegalities of law raise its ugly head.”

    Nice spinning.


  • Hence the toy train analogy.

    All the bells and whistles and even blows smoke. But if you want to go somewhere, then get out of the basement and look for a real train.


  • Perhaps that is why a safe seat was abandoned.

    It was A preemptive strike before stuff hit the fan.


  • With situation being illegal cant see how he can now become ambassador to anything to do with foreign govt.


  • I remember when Rhianna was made youth ambassador how the blp yardfowls hoot and hollered about her character
    Now look at this situation with Clarke a worse illegalitie.and the hue and cry nowhere to be heard coming from their quarters


  • Have we heard the facts of the matter before we leap to assumptions?


  • As for lizzie Thompson
    Look what fb thinks of her

    Liz Thompson is just a disagreeable and uncouth pit bull for the BLP. She should comment on how she used her office to direct business to her husband for $300,000 to remove asbestos roof and for other contracts. About her “golden shower” and Greenland Landfill fiasco which caused taxpayers millions of dollars as her friends and families rejoiced. She is an embarrassment.


  • Steupse David
    Getting facts from who
    Not this govt ..since May 2018 getting truth on serious matters have been left to speculation
    U can wait
    Only when Caswell opens mouth are barbadians get whiff of the deceit and lies that this govt keeps underground


  • @ Hal
    I was one Modern Boy who would never impersonate of all people a Cawmerian. There were too many stories circulating about the influence some English masters had on Cawmere boys. But we would hold that for a private conversation. I happen to absolutely adore how Cawmerians look out for each other throughout the world. It’s something they learned to do from quite early to love unconditionally.
    Next time we meet up I will tell you the truth . I still got a pair of Cawmere socks…….. only kidding.
    About not wanting to write. The University in conjunction with the National Culture Foundation and the Ministry of Education should have set up a department about forty years ago to give grants to people who want to write about others from the professions as well as people who only by the goodness of their hearts did great things in their villages and communities. These books would have been written for children from nursery right up to university. They would have been found throughout the world and our present and future citizens would have had a peep into their society. But as is usual we see education in its narrowest sense and culture is being nude on the Highway .
    We go to political meetings and underage people are given alcohol.
    That’s who we are . Who the hell wants to read about the real builders of Barbados ? Only those stupid can’t run a baker shop idiots who live over and away.
    Funny thing is how we rate even those who succeed. Tom Adams , Owen Arthur and David Thompson died young. Imagine anybody could look at any of these men and call them failures. Thompson died before 50; was a parliamentarian for over two decades; had a successful law practice; engaged himself in public/ current affairs before he left high school; raised a family ; served as prime minister and leader of the opposition; won a government exhibition; was loved by a cross section of his people. And just because he wasn’t a member of your party he was a failure and waste of time. That’s who we are.
    It’s a good thing he wasn’t a cricketer because he would have been an idiot. In any other society books about Thompson.,Adams and Arthur would be in the book stores. In any other society, there would have been books out about Mia Mottley our first female PM. We have a long road to travel and every day , some try to even make it longer.


  • Was looking at some old posts re the change of the Constitution and was reminded that DeLisle Bradshaw and John Williams were sworn in as temporary Senators to facilitate the amendment of the law allowing McConney and Adams to serve in the Senate.



  • quote] I happen to absolutely adore how Cawmerians look out for each other throughout the world. It’s something they learned to do from quite early to love unconditionally.[unquote

    one of the v best things about Cawmere. they dont call us the Cawmere Mafia fuh nothing. i can tell you some stories about wearing my Cawmere wrist band in continental Europe and north america. great stories of camaraderie. Hal must tell me how that all came about and why it has endured for so long


  • Is Glyne Clarke a citizen of Canada or not ?


  • Dual citizenship issue
    BARBADOS IS PLANNING a major shift in its political structure by moving from the monarchical system of Government to that of a republican, but there are some constitutional issues which must be addressed before we cross the Rubicon.
    One matter which ought to attract our attention is that of dual citizenship and any impact on the right of such holders to sit in Parliament. There are both legal and political ramifications.
    It would be interesting to know whether any of the candidates handing in their nomination papers today for the November 11 by-election in St George North holds dual citizenship with any other nation.
    It would also be enlightening to know how many Members of Parliament, elected and nominated, hold dual citizenship and with which countries.
    This is not about prying into the private affairs of legislators.
    The issue has generally been ignored since Independence and there is no doubt there were parliamentarians with dual citizenship who served, without any fuss over their status, in this country’s legislature over the last 54 years.
    However, times have changed.
    The missteps in the attempts to appoint Government senators and even the recent revelation that the former MP for St George North, Gline Clarke, holds dual Canadian citizenship makes it more than a talking point.
    The situation must not be brushed aside and dismissed as being “no big thing” since it begs the question whether Members of Parliament should hold dual citizenship given that such individuals, by their own volition, agreed to be obedient, adhered and pledged allegiance to a foreign state.
    It is a matter of utmost public interest and one which the Law Reform Commission headed by retired jurist Sir David Simmons should give its urgent attention. The commissioners should indicate a legal position to ensure there is no conflict within The Constitution.
    This issue of MPs holding dual citizenship should
    also be taken up by the Commission on the Reform of Parliament being led by Sir Richard Cheltenham, which should make a recommendation to the Government on the way forward.
    Even if the matter does not call for a referendum, certainly it should require the widest discussion involving the public.
    Some influential people may argue that to demand legislators not hold dual citizenship is archaic and even an infringement on human rights. It will also be stated that to prohibit Barbadians resident outside of the island and holding citizenship of their adopted nations, will bar such people from being able to give back in representational politics in Barbados and deny the country of the best talent it needs.
    There are many benefits to being a citizen of countries like Canada, the United States and Britain which a small developing nation like Barbados cannot offer. It is not going to be an easy decision for those with or who seek dual nationality, especially where the family must be considered.
    This is not about political jostling or the zeal for power. It is fundamentally about who we are as a nation.
    Some influential people may argue that to demand legislators not hold dual citizenship is archaic and even an infringement on human rights.

    Source: Nation


  • “There were too many stories circulating about the influence some English masters had on Cawmere boys./”

    a lot of them still sound nostalgic about being mentally and physcially raped by school masters in slave schools, oh yes, i heard all about it for years…


  • @ William

    I once met a boy from the Modern, one of the brightest, posing as a Combermerian; he was found out because he could not walk and talk. @William, take that.
    Seriously, we had the wonderful Frank Collymore teaching us English, and the great thing about it was that he took us beyond the curriculum and expanded our minds. Look at Timmy Callender and what forms the Barbados canon.
    The root of Combermerian togetherness is in the culture cultivated by a tall, bending, bald Welshman, who taught those boys (and there were boys) that there had special talents; more than that, he taught that the collective was more powerful than the individual. What is remarkable is that the young women who have joined the club have lived up to expectations.
    Remember that snide remark made by Hartley Henry on Thompson’s death that in making decisions he always thought of Combermerians. That was not old school bias, but confidence in the abilities of the training they received.
    Here is Greene, an engaged legal person; we also have Ezra Alleyne, who may misinterpret the key points on legal theory, but he is also engaged. I have always admired Ezra and his brothers.
    Harold, although not a lawyer, was one of the founders of legal aid centres in the UK and a first class administrator. I remember Harold with affection and remember clearly the Friday night he died.
    He had recently returned from Barbados and was chairing a meeting at the Ralph Straker community centre in Hackney, East London, at which a lady from the Barbados central bank was speaking.
    When I arrived Harold said he had a message for me from Sir Richie Haynes, but he would call the following morning as the hall was too crowded. I said fair enough.
    The following morning I got a call asking me if I had heard; heard what, I asked. Sadly, Harold had gone home that night and collapsed. It was a light that went out. He was no Combermerian, but he had a sense of community.
    Barbadian educational technocrats did everything in their power to destroy that Combermerian togetherness, they still do. But, to my mind, the worst of that was to impose the despicable Stanton Gittens on Combermere. He was dreadful.
    I am a member of a mainly Old Scholars Facebook group, which includes former teachers, and to a man, not a single one has anything good to say about the angry, bitter and alcoholic Gittens. I sum it up by reminding people that he was an old Kolij boy and a member of Spartan cricket club. That says it all.
    But, @William, what is the purpose of the National Cultural Foundation, apart from funding a song that reinforces the silly cult of the resident; that is certainly not who we are.
    I do not think it should be disbanded, but reorganised, with a proper mission statement and clear objectives. It must first define what it understands by culture.
    I still have enormous respect for Thompson and sincerely believe that Barbados was robbed by his early death. I met him, but did not know him well, obviously. I can tell a story about a couple of our conversations, but will not, but they confirmed my belief in his sincerity.
    @William, you talk about books. Some time ago a biography of ‘Sleepy’ Smith came out just as I was about to visit Barbados and I made the mistake of promising myself I will get a copy in Barbados and read it while there.
    One of the first things I did was to go to the university bookshop, they had not even heard of it; I went to all the major bookshops: Warrens, Broad Street, etc, not one had it. The same thing with the political biography of Barrow by an outstanding old Modernite Hilbourne Watson.
    When I say we are a failed society it is not knocking the old country, it is reality. We can do so much better.


  • @Hal
    thanks for that. in my time the headmaster was Devere Moore affectionately called behind his back “Bumpy”. i believe his father was Cuthbert Moore after whom a primary school in St George North is named.

    whilst at school it was Harry Sealy who ingrained the Cawmerian in all of us, including the females even more so, which is his enduring legacy. the same goes for the females even more so. the girls i met in 6th from who came from other schools have embraced Cawmere like they went there from 1st form. it is truly a remarkable thing that even they cannot explain. i have managed to go back for a Cawmere week some years and it was just like at school. i met guys from my years and guys and ladies who plan their vacation around that week. it was marvelous. the thing is people from other schools attend and are astounded at how well we bond. it does not matter if you are rich or poor, brilliant or average, successful or in the dumps, we are we.

    Multiple Citizenship
    i do not agree that multiple citizenship should be a disqualification for sitting in parliament. the administration of the parliamentary or ministerial oath should be enough to ensure compliance to the laws of the land. giving up a citizenship or two does not mean one is no longer incapable of betraying your country or accepting bribes. that is archaic reasoning which do not take into account the cross border movement of people today and the ability of people to understand such complexities if it is as complex as some think. i dont think so.

    of course i am being self serving as i have about 4 passports but consider myself a bajan through and true. that being said if i am engaged in a national role in any one of those countries i would comply with and be bounded by the law that speaks to safeguarding state secrets or not betraying the national objectives of the respective countries.

    i have a lot of time for Sir David Simmons and i am sure he will get this right


  • ” Canadian law allows you to hold two or more citizenships. This means that you do not have to give up your citizenship in order to become Canadian.

    Some other countries, however, will take away your citizenship if you become Canadian.

    If you are a citizen of another country, check with your government office to find out what the laws are.”


  • @ Greene

    I have fond memories of both Bumpy Moore and Harry Sealy, both decent men. Harry, however, also had a presence, something about him that spoke to a higher being.
    I remember once running through the school corridors, which at the time was forbidden, and he caught me, gave me a look, not a word was said. I not only stopped running, but now I am an old man and still remember that look.
    Teachers do have an impact on children, their little asides, their words of encouragement; in fact, decent people do have that influence. It shows that they care. Harry is another of our great educationists – every Combermerian of his time will say the same and have a very high opinion of him. Where is his recognition? By the way, he was also a very good cricketer.

    As to dual or multi-citizenship members of parliament. Parliament is the guardian of national security, members make key decisions about our safety, our social cohesion and indeed of who we are.
    If a member is discussing national security matters, and at the same time is worried about the other passport in his back pocket, s/he is not focussing on the security of the nation. There is a conflict of interest.
    If someone of dual citizenship want to serve either or both of his/her countries, then they can do that in other ways than being a member of parliament. That is not archaic; the present way is archaic.
    Would you, in all honesty, give the son of a former Soviet KGB officer a peerage in the UK parliament on the basis of ownership of a couple free newspapers?
    This opinion first came to me when a former member of Tony Blair’s Cabinet, resigned from parliament and returned to head up a university in New Zealand. Does this sound familiar? Think of Donville; we have had the same in St Lucia, Grenada and Jamaica, that I know of.
    I was also a member of the National Union of Journalists black members’ council, and at one point it became obsessed with getting jobs in journalism for refugees from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
    My concern was, and still is, getting jobs for black Brits who are brutally marginalised. I could not believe it. I left the committee. I said then, and I say now, black Brits must come first, whatever we may think about refugees. We have done a world of good for refugees by saving their lives.


  • whilst i agree with much of what you said, i dont share your view re multiple citizenship, notwithstanding the example you cited. being the son of a KGB officer may be disqualifying from peerage for other reasons besides citizenship.

    a lot of these arguments relate to swearing allegiance to other countries and do not encompass where citizenship is gained by birth. whilst there may be a difference in how the law operates there is no difference in implication of allegiance to another. if one can be corrupted it matters not where one is naturalised or born.

    BTW has GP2 or any other candidate for this by election declared where they were born or how many passports they hold?


  • @ Hal
    Maybe COW’s biography will do better. Excellent marketing of it in the Sunday Sun. It should be interesting reading. I have completed a very short history of my involvement in the NDP. Should have been out there a few years ago. Hopefully I’ll get it out in the near future.
    The funny thing about BU is that with a progressive modification and rebranding, it could become a tremendous force both in Bim , the region and the diaspora but sometimes people can easily see the bush in their neighbor’s back yard but not theirs.
    Up up and on my Brother but please don’t try to put St Giles above Bay Street/ Primary. Chances of St Giles producing a Sir Gary are very much way below zero! And don’t tell me about Cumberbatch because we had S O Lorde. I’ll be fair and settle for a draw.
    As for Cawmere, I give you the best public high school but you have to give MHS the best private high school


  • @ William

    Remember that old anecdote that when the WICB sent the letter to Garry Sobers it was addressed to G. Sobers and Garry grabbed it. That it was meant for Gerald. Some of the best cricket I have ever seen, both in Barbados and the UK, was by Bayland boys, most of whom went to Bay Primary. Respect. But you are no St Giles.
    In my time, some parishes never produced any cricketers at all, that one could remember. Seriously, BU is what the owner wants it to be, but it is not what the nation would like.
    I no longer consider the Advocate a serious newspaper, and both the Nation and Barbados Today fall far short of the quality of journalism I am used to as a reader. Barbados is aa nation without a proper publication, traditional of new.
    I have told you about offering work experience at Financial Times Group, to a young Barbadian journalist, who had just finished an International Journalism course at City University, and she turned it down. I also gave work experience to a couple Barbadians, both black and white and male, and not one said thank you when they left. But that is life.
    You need a vastly improved journalism, which no one seems interested in, and better and more popular academic writing and not the mumbo jumbo a lot of them think is great.
    Another issue that puts a smile on my face was when Reifer was called just a cricketer by Braddie. It goes right back to the damage learning by rote has done to us.
    I raised a similar issue on BU before in relation to Rap/Hip Hop, the most popular musical genre in the world, one created by boys and girls on the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles blocks, turned many of them in to multi-millionaires, and instead of celebrating that, some have chosen to talk about the dirty lyrics. It is a cognitive problem.
    Same with cricket. An ordinary boy (and girl), facing a 90 MPH missile approaching them over 22 yards, in my time without safety helmets, and in that time they must spot the ball, anticipate its movement, hit it with a small wooden bat and in a stylish and entertaining way.
    Or a spin bowler, over the same distance, trying to outthink a batsman who again must anticipate the movement of the ball and hit it delicately. We take for granted the artistry, the mental skills, and dedication of our sportspeople.
    The real problem is that we have been playing international cricket since the 1920s, and when Malcolm Marshall, the greatest fast bowler of his generation, retired and was training to be a coach, he was in a class taught by an old English school teacher, telling him what being a fast bowler was about.
    When I read that in the Mail on Sunday I was hugely embarrassed, and still am. We are incapable of devising our own coaching system, even in 2020. Compare that with India.
    It is the same thing with trying to teach functional mathematics to a chap who left school prematurely. It may be better instead of talking about ratios to a young chef, if we talked about recipes; instead of talking of complex percentages etc, if we just talked about earnings and deductions.
    In other words, relate what we are teaching to people’s experience. Instead of polygons, talk about making kites.
    Simplicity, dear boy. In my craft , if someone has read a story and at the end do not know basic answers to questions (why, what, where, why, how, when) then the story has failed. How often do you see such stories in the Nation and Barbados Today?
    There is a difference between qualifications and knowledge; between information and cheap laughs.


  • @ Hal
    Pure common sense writing and not pie in the sky regurgitated nonsense . I have argued for years that unless we bring our educational system into concord with our national goals ,we could as well shut the shop.
    A very good piece , Comrade. Not bad for a Cawmerian👍


  • @William



  • “Constituents of St George North who are offered bribes in exchange for their votes in the November 11 by-election are being urged to file formal complaints with the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF). This was the advice from political leader of Solutions Barbados Grenville Phillips who claims to have received “credible reports” of bribery by political operatives in the constituency. I have heard credible reports of bribery in this election. I heard rumors before, but I can confirm credible reports of bribery in this election, and I don’t think people need to accept bribes in this election,” declared the Solutions Barbados Party leader just before 11 a.m. My message to the people of St George is that if you are offered a bribe, take it and then come down here to the police station and give the evidence to the police and let them charge the person that gave them the bribe and perhaps the party…. In this election, bribery could come to a halt if they do the right thing,” he added”

    William… I don’t believe Grenville understands the filth for politics that has permeated and destroyed everything on the island, his intentions may be good, but he ignores all that has been posted before about the spread of dirty politics by DBLP for the last 60 years that continues to DESTROY THEIR OWN PEOPLE, their lives and wellbeing, but what do any of them care with their lies, deceit and bribes, as long as they get that vote and their repulsive yardfowls who can be found in every corner of the TAXPAYER FUNDED SOCIETY…..are happy to comply>..that’s what you get with smallminded politicians…more of the same. Let’s see who the police will arrest for vote bribing… WITHOUT GETTING FIRED.

    see the HYPOCRISY…these are the same lowlife lawyers who want to penalize people for speaking about their cases that are SABOTAGED by both them and judges….matters that are public knowledge, you can’t speak out when they use the supreme court to VIOLATE THE RIGHTS of vulnerable people, elderly, young etc.

    “Mr Phillips needs to understand that in our system of justice, documents that are filed in litigation are public documents. So, any citizen of Barbados has the right to walk into the Supreme Court Registry and, except in family law matters, you are able to… request a copy of the documents. That is the nature of our High Court Registry because justice is something that flourishes in the light of day. So, it is not a question of leaking any document to the public or to the Press,” he added


  • All i can tell them is, they better STOP violating the rights of the elderly in those personal injury cases, or Dale’s LIES will be tested in the court of SOCIAL MEDIA OPINION…..what a day that will be, can’t wait..


  • Gline Clarke to give up his Canadian citizenship do states Mia
    But what about the other isdue of hom being a minister anf having dual citizenship
    Would that be swept under the rug an act which is Constitutionally deemed illegal
    Shouldnt that information be handed to the relevant Canadian officials in the decision process


  • Gline Clarke to give up his Canadian citizenship so states Mia
    But what about the other issue of him being a minister and having dual citizenship
    Would that be swept under the rug an act which is Constitutionally deemed illegal
    Shouldn’t that information be handed to the relevant Canadian officials in the decision process


  • The PM accuses the Opposition of running scared by refusal to a TV debate.

    Shame on DLP, suggests Mottley
    If Barbados’ Father of Independence – The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, the country’s late Prime Minister David Thompson or any other outstanding political leaders were alive today, they would be embarrassed with the current state of the Democratic Labor Party (DLP).
    That was the position of sitting Prime Minister Mia Mottley in response to the party’s decision not to take part in the upcoming national debates in the lead-up to the St George North by-election.
    Meanwhile, the party’s candidate Toni Moore has vowed not to speak on her opponents as they had “diminished their own relevance”.
    Addressing reporters after Moore’s nomination on Monday, Mottley expressed disappointment with the state of the party and suggested its current leaders go back to the drawing board before attempting to represent citizens of this country.
    “This is not the party of Errol Barrow. This is not the party of David Thompson. Both Errol Barrow and David Thompson would have been embarrassed with a party that does not know how to debate and both of them would have walked away from this,” the PM told journalists at the Valley Resource Centre in St George.
    “I am saying to you that I know those men and what is now masquerading as a political party in the Democratic Labor Party is a far cry.
    “This is the first time in 30 years that I know of a government saying ‘come, let us talk. We are facing serious problems in the country, globally, and we want to discuss with the people what the issues are, and how we may come together to go through them,’ and this is the first time that I have seen people who want to represent people, who are not in government who would normally be the ones calling for a debate, saying they are not in any debate,” she further lamented.
    Of the three opposition parties that have boycotted the debates, the PM appeared to be most disappointed with the DLP, which is the country’s second oldest party and by far the most established opposition party.
    Last week, DLP President Verla DePeiza and the party’s election candidate Floyd Reifer rejected the debates, arguing that they were not focused on the interests of people in St George North. This decision was followed by the United Progressive Party (UPP) and the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) which is the lone opposition party with a seat in Parliament.
    Nevertheless, Mottley, took aim at the DLP’s decision to hosting “shop limes” and “bus crawls” at a time when the political class ought to be getting serious about “the people’s business” amid the social and economic challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic. Adding insult to injury, the PM declared that it was the first time in her 30-year political career that an opposition party has sought to “run” from debates.
    “It is of concern to me that at the very time that the country needs our political class to be as focused and serious as possible, that we have the unfortunate situation where people are not agreeing that ideas should contend.
    That is what a debate is about,” Mottley argued.
    “The opposition parties therefore have to determine whether in the third decade of the 21st century and in the middle of the greatest crisis in almost a century since The Great Depression, whether they are serving the people of Barbados well by running from a discussion on the issues and running from the debate.
    “Get serious and get back to the table. Get back to the George Street [headquarters] and come to the people of Barbados with a credible programme that represents the basic fundamentals of democracy and politics as we have practiced it in this country,” the PM suggested.
    Along with Mottley, the BLP candidate was accompanied by a multitude of supporters including sitting Members of Parliament and Ministers of Government.
    Moore, who is General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) was nominated by outgoing St George North MP Gline Clarke and seconded by Granville Leach.
    Meantime, Moore described the event as a “defining moment in time” for constituents and working-class Barbadians in general.
    “I am humble enough to admit that this process has fortified my commitment to serve working-class people and their families and to ensure that all Barbadians can have a better life. This is the mission of the Barbados Workers’ Union and the mission that must be in focus in the coming months and the coming years as we sail this ship called Barbados into calmer waters,” she told reporters.

    Source: Barbados Today


  • Grenville shouts fraud!!!

    Report them!
    by Kareem Smith
    Constituents of St George North who are offered bribes in exchange for their votes in the November 11 by-election are being urged to file formal complaints with the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF).
    This was the advice from political leader of Solutions Barbados Grenville Phillips who claims to have received “credible reports” of bribery by political operatives in the constituency.
    Moments after completing his nomination at the Valley Resource Centre without much fanfare, the by-election candidate suggested it would be foolhardy to accept temporary gratification in the form of small amounts of cash while accepting poor representation in the long term.
    “I have heard credible reports of bribery in this election. I heard rumors before, but I can confirm credible reports of bribery in this election, and I don’t think people need to accept bribes in this election,” declared the Solutions Barbados Party leader just before 11 a.m.
    “My message to the people of St George is that if you are offered a bribe, take it and then come down here to the police station and give the evidence to the police and let them charge the person that gave them the bribe and perhaps the party…. In this election, bribery could come to a halt if they do the right thing,” he added.
    Phillips, who is a chartered structural engineer, declared that if elected as the Member of Parliament for the constituency, constituents would have the option of participating in a rebuilding initiative in the constituency that could pay them around $150 daily for building houses in the rural constituency.
    The details of that initiative are contained in his party’s by-election manifesto.
    “We plan to start a non-profit construction company and employ every unemployed person in St George North who wants to work in construction. A labourer who has no skills can make $150 a day… and it takes about six months to build a decent sized house.
    Therefore, a labourer could make $12 000 for each house that he assists in building and a skilled labourer could make $18 000. Why throw away your vote for $50 or $100 or $150? That is a pittance in comparison to what you could make,” he declared.
    On his chances of victory, Phillips said the outcome would be a test of the constituency’s political maturity.
    However, he acknowledged that in many cases, the public had been so “politically abused” by mainstream parties they would vote for the main political parties even if they were running “the carcass of a dead sheep”.
    “Our aim is to make St George North the most prosperous constituency in Barbados and we can do it. We tried to save Barbados in the general election with a very good economic growth plan…. The people of Barbados voted to suck salt, so they have to suck the salt. I can’t save the people of Barbados but I can save the people of St George North,” Phillips contended. (kareemsmith@barbadostoday.bb)

    Source: Barbados Today


  • Caswell’s candidate:-

    Walrond: I’m the man
    David Walrond believes he will be the next Member of Parliament for St George North if the pulse of the people is anything to go by.
    Moments after completing the by-election nomination process at the Valley Resource Centre, the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) candidate told reporters he was the right man for the job.
    Walrond – who was flanked by his mother Patricia Walrond, wife Ruthlyne Walrond, PdP president Bishop Joseph Atherley and several of his colleagues who mainly donned green shirts – was all smiles as he made his way to the nomination centre.
    Veronica Price was his proposer while Sonia Phillips was his seconder.
    “I am the person that the people of St George North need right now. I’m the person that has the history of service to the people of St George North,” Walrond said.
    “My confidence comes from the people. I am met on the road by persons who are saying to me, ‘I like the message you are bringing to us. I like what you’re saying about agriculture.
    I like the fact that you are saying to us that we have hope and we have an industry that we can develop’.”
    With just two weeks before the polls, Walrond said he has no special plans to unveil and he would continue to do what he has been doing throughout his campaign.
    “I am one of the candidates that does not have this large treasure chest…. We will continue to do what I have been doing before – meeting the people on the ground and talking and listening to the people. I think what is most important is hearing what the people expect of us and being able to meet people face to face. That is what is important to me right now,” he said.
    “We will continue our spot meetings and we will continue to bring messages to the people of St George North.”
    Walrond also thanked his family for their support, saying they were one of the main driving forces behind his decision to contest the by-election.


  • Caswell has been a lone wolf crying election fraud over the years.

    Vote-buying charge levelled
    The ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP) has been accused of trying to “buy” votes in the St George North by-election.
    The strong charge has come from member of the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP), Senator Caswell Franklyn, who has also alleged that the BLP was breaking the law by wearing branded clothing during an election campaign.
    Franklyn, the campaign manager for the PdP’s David Walrond, made the accusations this morning, Nomination Day, held at the Valley Resource Centre in Glebe, St John.
    When the BLP’s candidate Toni Moore arrived at the centre this morning she was accompanied by supporters wearing red shirts and holding placards with the slogan ‘Get Moore’ splashed across the front.
    The Democratic Labour Party’s supporters also wielded placards in support of their candidate Floyd Reifer.
    The outspoken trade unionist told members of the media that under the Election Offences and Controversies Act it was illegal to wear clothing or bear placards supporting a candidate before, during or after an election.
    He contended that the BLP was desperate and was using any means necessary to win the November 11 by-election.
    Section 10A of the Act states: “A person is guilty of an illegal practice who before, during or after an election supplies to another person, or wears any apparel or form of dress bearing a political slogan, photograph or image advertising any particular candidate or party in the election.
    Caswell, who along with his colleagues was clad in plain green shirts, said the Act was amended in 1980 by the BLP.
    “I’ve been told that the teeshirts come with $75 wrapped inside, which is illegal and wearing those tee-shirts is contrary to law. You cannot advertise a political party, a candidate or anything like that on any clothes, any shoes or anything like that at all,” he said.
    “What happened with them is that they thought this by-election was going to be a pushover until they got the reaction from the people in St George. If you go to those meetings you will find a few people from St George but all the rest come from all over Barbados.”
    Franklyn told Barbados TODAY he was at a loss as to why the Mia Mottley-led administration was so intent on winning the by-election.
    He said Government already occupied 29 of the seats in Parliament and therefore had an overwhelming majority.
    “This campaign is a referendum on the performance of the BLP in office and they are going all out to win it. They shouldn’t have called it in the first place but they did and now it has backfired because they thought it was going to be an easy walkover.
    “You cannot tell people that the law has not been used or nobody has been prosecuted for it so we can do it. You have to follow the law and the Government should be setting an example,” Franklyn maintained.
    “The Government has 29 seats, they could as well play fair because they don’t have much to lose in terms of control in Parliament.”

    Source: Barbados Today


  • Reifer’s Plan

    Reifer shares ten-point plan for St George North
    Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for St George North Floyd Reifer last night delivered the contents of a constituency manifesto outlining his plans for the constituency, if elected on November 11.
    Declaring that the plan was “a vision to take St George North forward”, he told the political mass meeting at Market Hill that it was built on three main pillars – the youth, the people and the community He said the ten initiatives he put forward are aimed at improving lives.
    “I will actively lobby to remove all outdoor pit toilets, because we must improve the lives of every constituent. This is the 21st century; every constituent in St George North deserves to live in dignity and have a good quality of life. I have already started working with agencies across this country and talking with non-profit organisations to address this matter,”
    Reifer announced.
    “When I become your representative, I will actively lobby for road repairs. We all know in St George North how horrible the roads are – Airy Hill, Market Hill, Bel Air. The roads ridiculous and people got to change their shocks and tyres in these hard economic times.
    That is not fair. People got to cut through bush to get to their homes and there are no streetlights.”
    Insisting that “money follows great ideas and . . . people with integrity and credibility”, Reifer said he will create safe spaces for young people to excel.
    “I will be lobbying for improved and safe community facilities. Our young people must have access to safe spaces like community centres where cultural activities can take place, where our young people can participate in wholesome educational activities in performing arts, music, dance, drama, sports,” he said.
    Reifer also plans to establish a youth scholarship trust, not only to assist in academics but also vocational skills.
    “We must appreciate that all kinds of people make up this country. The Uplift St George North programme will create opportunities for the youth sports and cultural enthusiast,” he explained.
    Additionally, Reifer said he would introduce an after-school kids homework and reading club with free Wi-Fi hotspots at key points in the constituency, noting that there were still several households without Internet access and children without computer devices.
    However, the cricket coach stressed that he would not only focus on the youth.
    He spoke about programmes targeted at the most vulnerable and the elderly and differently abled.
    “I will launch a helping hands project – a fund that will provide assistance to those vulnerable constituents. I will work hand in hand with our community and social groups. I will collaborate with places of worship in this constituency to make sure that food banks are adequately stocked. No woman, man, or child should be hungry in this constituency. It is a basic human right,” he insisted.
    “I am committed to introducing a home care programme. This programme will assist our senior citizens with getting their groceries.
    These are the people who looked after us and we must look after them now; not only our elderly citizens but those who are differently able.”
    Reifer told the meeting that given the blow to employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, job creation was a priority.
    “I intend to launch a back to work initiative.
    This is intended to find creative ways to help our people find employment and feed their families. COVID has been devastating on the workforce. I will make sure that out of this crisis the people of St George North equip themselves to meet the new realities of the new norm,” he said.
    The DLP candidate also unveiled his plans for small business people in the constituency.
    “The Start-Up St George North programme is very close to my heart. It is designed to support entrepreneurship and small business,” he said.
    “The pandemic has left the country facing 40 per cent unemployment with youth unemployment at an all-time high. My aim is to work with teachers responsible for skills training and CVQ programmes, not only for [participants] to secure job training and attachments with businesses in St George, but also to equip them with the skills and knowhow to run their own businesses.”
    He also made reference to the constituency resource bank and directory which he mentioned at his first political meeting. That bank and directory will serve as a database of every business and service provider, tradesman and tradeswoman in St George North.
    “These are our plans – you spoke and I listened. This plan is about big works, practical solutions, addressing real needs . . . ,” Reifer told the crowd. (IMC)

    Source: Barbados Today


  • What a shame. Here is the president attacking the DLP for not coming out to play with them on some TV panel. The DLP should tell them go and play with themselves.
    It is like someone attacking another individual because they did not take sides in a row. The TV debate is PR, a sham, entertainment, nonsense.


  • Now that the DLP and PdP candidates for the SGN riding will be a ‘NO-SHOW’ whom will the other debaters be attacking other than each other on the podium?

    Any irrelevant references to the so-called Lost Decade would sound nauseatingly banal.

    That’s going to be the lousiest piece of political circus ever staged on Bajan TV.


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