Solutions Barbados – Playing With Fire

The unemployment situation in St George North is dreadful.  Disappointing voters with false promises is not an option in this by-election.  Candidates must offer workable plans, to effectively address the mass unemployment problems in St George North.

There are six candidates seeking to work for the people of St George North, for the next 30 months.   It is important that none of us follow the bad examples of those who have gone before us.

Candidates who plan to use the desperate unemployed people of St George North as pawns, just to secure a seat in the House of Assembly for their party, are doing the unconscionable.  They are ensuring that the people continue to suffer, during these exceptionally difficult times.  The present suffering is compounded by an unnecessary IMF austerity program, and a global COVID-19 pandemic.

Candidates who make promises that they know they cannot keep, are deceiving voters’ families.  Candidates who know that they have no capacity to implement their party’s plans, push that deceit beyond tolerable levels.

Career politicians have repeatedly broken their promises to previous generations of voters.  Those voters had the patience to tolerate and forgive those, who repeatedly deceived them with empty promises.
The current generation of young voters are different – they will not forgive that type of deceit.  Candidates without any workable economic plans for the families of St George North, are playing with fire.

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Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer, and the Solutions Barbados’ candidate for St George North.  He can be reached at


  • Donna….i saw one half of the Morrison twin, the one the lawyer who got 4 years in prison the other day and am like robbed, what the hell is that, i remember when they were the toast of Barbados and the shitehounds in Barbados acted like they were gods on a rock, would not have recognized her if not for her name, bears no resemblance whatsover to the arrogant so and so when young….well the other one named Sharon too went to pot/ hell on drugs decades ago and looked like she got steam rolled over, those are the kind who do as they like in Barbados and the sell outs in the parliament and the police don’t touch them….so don’t be surprised that ya looking at bridezilla and don’t recognize her…lol


  • I have been saying for years that these farmers have to get serious security. Government through the Ministry could offer duty free concessions for any purchases. Loans could be offered to serious farmers at low rates. It must be cheaper to spend the money in securing your livestock than it is to lose the livestock after you labour and spend money to raise them and then have to replace them after the theft.

    How could you expect to keep livestock in one place and live in another without serious security?

    Other businesses have security. Government does not provide it.

    Come on! Write security into your costs!


  • …the one the lawyer who got 4 years in prison fpr robbing the other day and am …what the hell.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    DONNA 11.02AM

    Well said.

    No one is blaming the farmers but they have to learn to also help themselves. Like we have to do farmer or not. They is nothing wrong in my opinion to saying that.


  • “Why is Mia seeking to bring back massa day?”

    That is all sell outs know, Barbados and the Caribbean has to RID THEMSELVES OF THEM they are a SCOURGE on the earth….main reason why neither DBLP governments should be (re)elected come 2023…and if they new parties do the same shite, as am sure Grenville will…..KICK THEM ALL OUT TOO…never to be reelected..

    they are BLIGHT and CURSE walking the earth and in Black/African people’s lives…i don’t use those words lightly..

    African countries are working overtime to get rid of them..


  • Northern,

    Did not see your comment. It was Jennifer.


  • CCC,

    I have often wondered why they don’t set up joint patrols as well. I know they work hard but they could take turns. Crops and livestock take a while to be lifted. There is time to catch the thieves in the act, not necessarily to confront them but to let them know that the authorities have been called. They would have to leave the stuff behind and run.

    I find we make things too hard.


  • Wura,

    You are saying that Sharon had a substance abuse problem?


  • DONNA 11.21 am

    ”i we make things too hard”

    So true.


  • “substance abuse problem?”

    speaking of the Morrison twins, there is a Sharon there too, don’t know if you know either of them.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Another thing when MIA AMOR MOTTLEY was in opposition and on the campaign trail , she was on the rampage, she had ALL THE SOLUTIONS for every problem in Barbados .

    Barbados got all sorts of problems now and she is in office.


    We watching, but we don’t like we see.

    All she appear to be is a FIGUREHEAD for the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS.


  • The end result of government sanctioned tourism DEPENDENCY……now they have all been ISOLATED…lol

    don’t want to see ya own Black people prosper, create wealth nor even have their own estates they work for to pass on to their beneficiaries. ….tek dah…

    “That’s it. They allowed private jets to make a fortune flying the ultra wealthy Americans to the Caribbean. They made it a well kept secret. Now the Caribbean is loaded with Covid19 … Now they issue travel guides to the Caribbean”


  • These islands had no to low cases, i know what happened in Suriname, Brazilians crossed the border and they had opened their borders for election, that was enuff to cause a serious high infection rate…from no deaths and a few infections to.

    Suriname / COVID-19

    Active Cases

    but Bahamas just jumped.

    “BOONE, N.C., Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — At the request of the Bahamian Prime Minister, Samaritan’s Purse is deploying an Emergency Field Hospital to Nassau after an increase in COVID-19 cases has overwhelmed the local healthcare system. With more than 2,000 active cases across the islands, hospitals have been inundated with patients suffering from the coronavirus. Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau is full, and they have shut down medical transfers from neighboring islands. Samaritan’s Purse is coming alongside Bahamian healthcare workers, providing additional support as they continue the fight against the devastating COVID-19 virus.”


  • There are more than enuff valid toxic reasons and examples to REMOVE black face sell out leaders from among Black/African populations, out of the parliaments, out of the people’s finances, out of the people’s lives….rid the earth of their dangerous love FOR RACISTS AND WHITE SAVAGES…whom they promote above and in front of their own people…the world is fed up of black face sell outs calling themselves leaders…we should really check to see if they too are wearing black face masks or they are just in Black Skin, White Masks as Franz Fanon said.


  • So now if Moore win “labour” got “two” voices in the senate and one in the house( or one and one) plus sit on the social partnership.
    that should add up to a greater voice to influence government decisions towards the workers.


  • Ah wonder what Grenville’s partner in Atherley’s party Weatherhead is saying now that tourism is KAPUT….goddamn bunch of parasites and frauds in Black people’s lives, just waiting their turn to rob the treasury..


  • Look what happens when ya too tourism dependent….other countries will get all the tourists….does not matter that it’s the same tourists will be flying in and waltzing around infecting everybody, the point is that yall are TOO DEPENDENT not to let them….so they will also infect other tourists…one horse economy….that is what happens when ya have ROBBED YOUR OWN PEOPLE OF THEIR RIGHT TO FREE ENTERPRISE FOR DECADES, stolen their land, money and estates, steal their taxes including VAT and penson money for DECADES…..stole their opportunities for white, indian and syrian crooks….this is your own private Karma….SUNK….

    “Six countries in the Eastern Caribbean have been deemed as safe for citizens of the United States to travel.

    According to the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the countries that have no travel notice issued against them are Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Lucia as the risk of contracting COVID-19 in these countries is ‘very low’.

    However, the CDC has listed as level 3 – the British Virgin Islands, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks & Caicos Islands, and the US Virgin Islands.

    The CDC says Level 3 means that the likelihood of contracting the virus is “high, very high”. Virtually all other Caribbean countries are also listed as level 3.

    For these countries, the CDC urges travellers to “avoid” and consider postponing non-essential travel.

    The US regularly issues travel warnings and alerts against countries because of widespread violence and natural disasters.

    But this doesn’t mean that persons are banned from visiting any country flagged by the US.

    Due to the pandemic, almost all countries have been placed on the CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination.”


  • The workers have a lot of people speaking for them. But in reality the workers have no one speaking for them. They have so many issues it is not funny.

    No work, no money, mounting bills, getting thrown out onto the streets or being threatened to do so. And the Trade Unions they give their money to represent them are in bed with the Barbados Public Sector and could not give a damn as they drive around in their Mercedes Benz and BMW’s.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Anyone else notice that the TRADE UNIONS OF BARBADOS have suddenly lost their voices or is it only me???? Taking the workers money but doing nothing for them.


  • CCC you really amaze me after hiding in shame for over two years you sudfenly hear of a by election and you arise with the same stale talking points of black and white and lec nonsense that got you redwash in 2018
    .Your head hard you ain, t learn nothing from 2018.As for the trade unions i wonder where you were when both the BWU through Mr Morris, Mr Greaves and Sir Roy were members of the DLP along with persons like Mr Maloney and Mr Clarke of the NUPW and Mr Shepherd of the BUT who in my view were also aligned to the DLP. Where was your voice back then? You beleive bajans suffering with amnesia? You could really go back into hiding with your shite talk because most bajans ain, t buying what you selling.


  • As for those POISONOUS yardfowls, they want neutralizing permanently…Sheman Lorenza learned nothing from what happened to Patrick King.


  • Lorenzo

    Go and take your medication.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Confucius says:

    ” “Think of tomorrow, the past can’t be mended.”

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  • News source Guyana:

    “‘State must negotiate settlement with Success squatters -Harmon

    Mr. Harmon called out the government for its treatment of the squatters and made it clear that the state must bear the responsibility for the way the squatters are being treated.

    Leader of the Opposition Joe Harmon led an Opposition Parliamentary team to the community of Success on the East Coast of Demerara this morning to meet with squatters who are being flooded off state lands by the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO).

    Mr. Harmon called out the government for its treatment of the squatters and made it clear that the state must bear the responsibility for the way the squatters are being treated.

    He told the squatters who gathered that “it is really our concern that the state must negotiate with you to find a settlement which allows for regularisation. Too many people here have spoken about the problems they have had with COVID-19 and that they have been thrown out of their jobs and homes and have therefore been left homeless”.

    The Opposition Leader said the government cannot run from its responsibility to citizens and ought not to treat citizens callously.

    He said the Opposition will see how it could assist those who have been affected and displaced by the Guysuco flooding. However, he noted that he intends to raise the concerns of the squatters at a higher level……………….”




  • CCC that is the best you can do? I do not need meds you do as you still think you are in 2018.You still got that migraine from the 30 to 0 in your head poor fellow.Imagine in party of the late great Mr Errol Walton Barrow getting slaughtered 30 love in an election WINNING OMLY 2 BOXES IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY.Let that sink in 2 boxes in the whole country with a group of so called wild boys as refered to by Mr Arthur and who thought that instead of focusing on issues thought it was a good idea to cuss Ms Mottley all night led by your man Mr Blackett.Where are any of them today?As to ypur non point about Ms Moore supposedly selling out workers she ain , t doinhg any different to Mr Morris, Mr Greaves or Sir Roy ya hyprocrite and you cannot refute that.Let us see what Mr Reifer comes up with other than repeating himself along with the political nightwatchman.


  • The govt not going to listen to Harmon
    Harmon should send letters to the UN and UNICEF


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Well, you know INDIANS don’t like BLACK PEOPLE unless they can use them to their own advantage, like MIA AMOR MOTTLEY and Sir Hillary Beckles.


  • The blp never ceases to amaze
    In their quest to embarrass Reifer
    Once again drag out a minister whose words were insulting to the cricket fraternity as this clown proceeded with degrading utterance to call cricketers idiots
    Words to this effect can described him as an International Fool


  • The blp never ceases to amaze
    In their quest to embarrass Reifer
    Once again drag out a minister whose words were insulting to the cricket fraternity as this clown proceeded with degrading utterance to call cricketers idiots
    Words to this effect can described him as an International Fool


  • “The unemployment situation in St George North is dreadful.”

    Time to be less arrogant and lazy. Those who are unemployed are afraid of changing their location.

    There are enough jobs on the banana plantations in Costa Rica and the mines and whorehouses in Guyana.


  • Is it libelous to say on a political platform that any idiot can be accused of murder and get away with it?


  • I am always amazed how our education system has failed. An old politician speaks foolishness in 2020 and people will laugh like if he is not speaking about their families. Once you are not academia your are an idiot .In USA they tell Lebron to shut up and dribblle because he speaks about politics .He is a multi millionaire. Floyd Reifer is an idiot because he is a cricketer. I am told that one cricket tour to England in these modern times can bring in over over US100000.Well i would like to be an idiot in those situations.


  • Seems like during this SGN campaign the bees would be going stark crazy with ignorant utterances hurling out of their mouths
    Worrell must be turning in his grave to hear the level of degrading insults the Bees are hurling at cricketers in general and the likes of cricket giants like himself
    Sir Garfield Sobers Wes Hall and those who helped place WI cricket on international stages worldwide
    Whenever the blp found him they out to send that minister back to the place of his abode called Jenkins


  • So friggin embarrassing not withstanding that the blp clown uttered threatening words of violence against Reifer
    What kind of example is he setting at a time when crime and violence is out of control
    This minister got to be a madman


  • He should know better because he as a politician had to overcome a horrible incidence of the Pele case murder. He switched from the BLP to the DLP and run in St.Michael South East against Hamilton Lashley who run for the BLP and talk the same foolishness about Hamilton Lashley who won by a large margin


  • Bradshaw gonna rip throats out


  • The blp so desperate Mia drag a lunatic out of Jenkins to take on Reifer and the international cricket world


  • WTH????????????

    Is this man mad?????????

    Any idiot can play cricket???????

    He is coming after people to rip their throats out???????

    If he were my father I would disown him!

    What has Floyd Reifer done to him to deserve that?

    We shall see if he is allowed back on a platform again. That will be the litmus test for the Barbados Labour Party!


  • It seems like any idiot can be a minister!

    My seventeen year old son wants to know if he isn’t supposed to be talking about policy. He thinks an apology should be issued.

    Bradshaw needs to crawl back under his rock. I actually thought he was dead. Seems like he is just brain dead.


  • LMAO Reifer really needs help if that is what he got from Delisle Bradshaw’s speech. How does “any idiot could play cricket” be the same as “you could only be an idiot to play cricket”? He only proving the man right.🤣🤣🤣


  • It is the silly season.


  • Enuff
    Is this the best the blp having a 30-0 victory can do in putting up a fight for Moore
    Lawd have merci
    Jenkins for sure is missing a lunatic called Bradshaw
    Wunda what is Dale Marshall gonna do about these threats
    The evidence is on video


  • Political wrass meetings in Barbados are for ejats to stand on a platform and denigrate their opponents.

    In the 70s I attended said wrass meetings to hook up in the shadows with females who did not want to be seen in public with me. lol


  • David
    it is the silly season but remember this man is the consultant to the Minister of Education,Technological &Vocational Training. Just highlight Vocational


  • Enuff
    I have heard Kenny Best make speeches as a Lawyer/politician and Gline Clarke as a Teacher/politician and both were pretty green sometimes .A person can attend public speaking courses to improve on their delivery but Barbadians are the most hypocritical persons in the world.


  • Quite true that he did not say that you have to be an idiot to play cricket but still the connotation is that cricket does not require any brain power. Thus cricketers will feel insulted.

    I see you have not addressed the throat ripping imagery.

    May God help you partisans. NOBODY else can, it seems.


  • Donna

    Context dear donna DESe donna


  • It a rip ur through politicslly / on the plattform if there come after him


  • A Nothing burger.

    Wha threat wha? Waste of police time


  • These Dems behaving like politics is a sunday school.If Mr Reifer cannot stand the heat stay to hell out the kitchen.How can someone saying any idiot can play cricket equate to insulting all cricketers.That logic escapes me.All it seems is that Mr Reifer is out of his depth as a politician and people are looking for all kind of excuses for him.My advice although i would not have said those words would be for Mr Reifer to face off with Ms Moore in the proposed debates woth the others and discuss issues as this is a red herring .This is no way comparable to the disgraceful waterford meeting where the Dems cussed Ms Mottley all night with female ministers on the stage laughing.Where were you Mariposa and Lest we forget i did not hear any condemnation from you two as women.Hyprocrites.


  • There are two things which i would like see happening to Bradshaw
    1. Put him in a straight jacket next time he set foot on a political platform and take him to Jenkins
    2.arrest him for threats against Reifer which he stated publicly
    Bradshaw is a loose cannon and the evil by which he expressed his violent intentions is frightening
    His face and his expressive actions on video speaks of a person who can cause harm


  • From what I’ve been reading on BU so far, it seems as though it’s only the BLP’s campaign that’s ‘robust.’ But, that is expected when ‘ball by ball commentary’ is given by two known DLP supporters. Obviously, they would exaggerate silly political campaign rhetoric.

    However, in the interest of ‘BALANCE,’ perhaps someone from the opposing team (or a neutral commentator) could give us commentary of the DLP’s ‘innings’ as well. Are the DEMS suggesting no one from their team has made any disparaging remarks about Toni Moore or any other member of the BLP? Or, do they want us to believe the gospel is being preached on their platform and hymns such as ‘Blest are the pure in heart’ are sung?

    Although I don’t CONDONE Delisle Bradshaw’s comments, I’m aware he’s from the ‘old school’ and that’s the campaign style those ‘grass roots’ type politicians used ‘back in the day.’ Bradshaw is not a government minister, so why would anyone believe he should have spoken about policy?

    Some of you guys take politicians ‘WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.’ And, the manner in which you’re behaving, would make anyone who’s unaware of Barbados’ politics believe the BEES and DEES are SWORN ENEMIES. It makes one wonder if any of you actually think Bradshaw’s opposing DLP colleagues would ‘stop speaking’ to him tomorrow. Or, if Floyd ‘dun speaking’ to Carol and her children?

    What if find to be very funny is, while Carson C. Cadogan and Mariposa cuss the BLP, Mottley, Enuff and Lorenzo on the DLP’s behalf….. and Enuff and Lorenzo reciprocating for the BLP…………..

    …………….. Mottley, Verla, BEES and DEMS eating, drinking and singing karaoke together….. while laughing at those guys mentioned above.


  • Political wrass meeting


  • Is this an apology or what
    But why is he speaking
    Shouldn’t Bradshaw be the one ushering an apology to the cricket fraternity


  • Members of 49 churches across the island came out in strong force this morning to show that they are standing up against the legalization of same sex unions in Barbados.


  • Are you not done yet, John 2????? Are you still hiding in the bushes waiting to catch me out???

    Have you not yet learnt your lesson????

    Teacher Donna says, ” LOOK UP THE WORD IMAGERY!”


  • But looka muh crosses the video unavailable
    Well yes the minister of sports has taken upon himself to say
    The govt does not support what Bradshaw said
    Only thing missing was an apology from him or the lunatic Bradshaw


  • Donna

    Although the video did have much of what he said before or after

    Any idiot could tell what he meant.

    So that mean u not an idiot Right?


  • I thought this would be a walk over for the BLP but it seems that something has them rattled, could they have miscalculated and, in the process, upset a whole legion of cricketers? What if the unthinkable happens? Poor Toni would be hung out to dry but she would have time to devote to her day job.

    As for Bradshaw could someone tell him that we are in the 21st century and that rum and corn beef politics are not in vogue but didn’t he run a rum shop er sorry bar?


  • IMAGERY. He conjured up violent images. Inapproriate. Often children accompany their parents to these meetings. Unlike yardfowl Mariposa, I did not take it literally as a threat.

    I don’t give a rat’s botsy what they tell each other. It is the impressionable youngsters I am concerned about.

    As for politics being a blood sport – politics is what humans beings make it. If you like it being a blood sport then you should also like survival of the fittest style winner takes all government from the pugilists who emerge victorious. Do not expect the blood sportsman to share the spoils of victory with the losers.

    The leopard cannot change its spots.

    Some of you do not have brain enough to challenge what is and imagine a better way. And some of you cannot connect a simple dot to dot.

    The acceptance of politics as a blood sport will scare off decent people from offering themselves. Then you complain about the incompetence and corruption.

    But…. wuhnuh like it sooooooo!

    P.S. I am not against sharing licks at all but there is a line that should not be crossed, remembering that children are often around.

    John 2,

    Please try to grow up and get over our little spat because you are becoming a virtual stalker. Or perhaps a pesky little fly would be more accurate since you are not at all menacing like a stalker.

    You are so easy that it bores me to answer you.

    Please, spare me your inane attentions! I like a real challenge. You ain’t it!


  • Artax,

    Are you seriously suggesting that one cannot discuss a broad policy or the BLP vision of Barbados unless one is an MP??????

    What are you doing on the platform representing the party if you haven’t a clue what the party is about?????



  • donna

    There you go again… twisting people words to mean what you want them to and not what the person said,

    i asked a question but did not expect an answer from you. I made my point / stated my argument (according to you)


  • Trotman was a dem as long as i know. he spoke on the blp platform to support support moore. should he have spoken on goverment policies also?

    her dad spoke on a blp platform should he have spoken on a goverment policies also?

    didnt you hear the moore and bradshaw are related why in supporting her one would/should expect him to be speaking on goverment policies?


  • Shoo fly!


  • Wuhnuh too like shite! David was right! Eat wuhnuh shite, man!


  • ”When faced with senseless drama, spiteful criticisms, and misguided opinions, walking away is the best to stand up for your self.”


  • Clear need for rational debate

    By Ezra Alleyne

    On a daily basis, the current by-election in St George North provides proof of the need for rational, constructive debate.
    Let us take one issue to show that a lot of hot air is escaping from brainless mouths and that a number of “people” simply do not understand the system of government.
    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate Floyd Reifer, spoke about some major project he will be spearheading as part of his campaign. No problem. That is par for the course. Prime Minister Mia Mottley, in a platform response, pointed out that all major projects of that nature have to come to her desk, or words to that effect. True dat!
    In less than a cooking minute, some Mottley critics jumped from the frying pan into the fire . . . and got burnt to a crisp!
    Up went their half-baked comments: “Is the Prime Minister now behaving like a dictator?” “Yuh see what happens when you get all the seats?
    I cringed. The Prime Minister was being criticised for speaking a political truth.
    As Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, especially at this time, and given her overall experience in government and as a former Minister of Economic Affairs, Miss Mottley owes a duty to the voters to know about every single major decision.
    It is not only her job . . . it is her prime ministerial duty to know and to approve.
    Yet by stating a hard core political truth her critics started throwing misplaced shade about dictatorship.
    Lord of the Treasury
    Government is a continuum. The specific historical job and duty of the man whose office later evolved into the office of Prime Minister was that he was First Lord of the Treasury. By his job description, he had to know about every cent spent. The financial buck stopped there . . . at his desk. In early times he reported to the King. Essentially that role has not changed. Any Westminster type Prime Minister is still the First Lord of the Treasury . . . . Consider former Prime Minister Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford’s statement from Page 64 of his book: Politics & Society In Barbados And The Caribbean. He writes: “At one time the dominant power was the Sovereign, but in due course that power passed to the Cabinet and now resides with the
    Prime Minister . . . . The power and authority of the Prime Minister adds up to more than that of primus inter pares.”
    Sir Lloyd also stated that “primus inter pares” does not fit with today’s realities, and I think, he has a point!
    Sharp legal mind
    But wait a minute . . . .
    I recall in the 1970s the Duffus Commission was set up to examine the Barrow government’s decisions on some business ventures.
    Sir Herbert Duffus after applying his sharp legal mind to the matters under review, declared that “all roads led to Prime Minister Barrow.
    Of course they did.
    Now remember this: Mr Barrow was the first of four DLP Prime Ministers.
    He was unquestionably the most successful of them at managing the economy. He led from in front. He faced the problems and fixed them!
    So also, in the BLP governments, all roads led to Tom Adams, from 1976 to 1985, and all roads led to Owen Arthur from September 1994 to January 2008. For almost 24 of our 54 years as a Nation, Adams and Arthur successfully managed the affairs of this country with all roads leading to them. As with Barrow, major financial decisions could not be made unless it passed their desk!
    Mind you, I am not surprised at these kinds of wild goose “dictatorial” comments flowing from within the DLP camp.
    You see, after Barrow died in office, the Right Honourable Lloyd Erskine Sandiford became Prime Minister, and he tried to tackle economic issues.
    He was Prime Minister from 1987 June to September 6, 1994. He too understood that he had to lead from the front.
    Brilliant writings
    Let Sir James Cameron Tudor’s brilliant political writings speak to you about some of Sir Lloyd’s travails.
    On March 3, 1994, Sir James having cogitated on the state of upheaval then gripping the Democratic Labour Party, was moved to record for posterity this important question: “Why for example, were Errol Barrow Tom Adams and Bernard St John able to govern with such relative ease and Erskine Sandiford finds himself moving forward only by hotly contested inches.”
    Sir James knew his political
    onions. He knew he was watching the slow burn demise of prime ministerial power within his beloved party . . .
    and this was long before the Eager Eleven episode . . . .
    No wonder that since Barrow’s death, internal turmoil has been a recurring decimal within the DLP . . . .
    Right up to the present time that party seems not to understand leadership and political power. If they did, their leader would have been the candidate. That is exactly what Barrow did in 1958.
    Having lost the seat in 1956, he threw himself into the St John by-election and won, leading from the front.
    The rest is history!

    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney at law and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    Source: Nation


  • Come off your ‘soap box,’ Donna and stop ‘shifting the goal posts.’

    I NEVER mentioned anything about someone must be a MP to speak on policy initiatives.

    It’s Delisle Bradshaw you’re ‘talking’ about, NOT someone such as Dr. Mascoll, Greenidge or Persaud.

    Perhaps you may want to share with this forum what policies Bradshaw should have spoken about and articulated.
    Do you believe, for example, he should have discussed and articulated the BOSS program, monetary policy, or post COVOD-19 macro and microeconomic policies? How about him giving details on PLT’s idea or government’s tourism policies in the existing COVID environment?

    Or, unless you believe talking about how many roads, buildings and houses the BLP plans to repair……… or how many buses and garbage trucks will be bought, is discussing policies.

    Bradshaw is only a BLP supporter and one of those stalwart politicians that political parties utilize during political campaigns to come out to talk some shiite at meetings. His role on the platform was similar to that of Carson C. Cadogan and Mariposa on BU.

    The DEMS made a similar mistake by appointing another stalwart politician, Bobby Morris, as their general elections campaign manager. And, what we got as a result was over 30 candidates and guest speakers going on the platform, one after the other, to cuss Mottley.

    I agree with Sarge, the days of ‘corn beef and biscuit’ politics are over?


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    EZRA ALLEYNE is the last person to talk about ”rational debate”, a Barbados Labour Party YARDFOWL like him. Ask why he dint run again.

    Everything he says can be taken with a pound of SALT.

    He will is a Sunday Sun joke. Nobody takes him seriously. If Barbadians EVER want his ‘advice’ they will ask for it.


  • BLP

    Barbados Labour Party

    Statement by Mr. Delisle Bradshaw, former Minister of Government

    Saturday, October 17, 2020

    “I spoke on the Barbados Labour Party’s platform at Golden Ridge Village in St. George North on Thursday October 15. At 79 years old it is something that I seldom do but I was reenergized by the prospect of a candidate of the caliber of Toni Moore

    representing all of the people of St. George North. I said a lot of things during my platform presentation, including a comment that is being construed as disparaging and disrespectful to the glorious game of cricket and the outstanding men and women who have and still play the game, achieving honour and pride for Barbados and us Barbadians.

    I have listened to a replay of what I said and I am man enough to admit that my comment, made in the heat of the moment, was indeed not the best or most respectful way to make my point. I have the greatest admiration for our cricketers, in fact for all sports people. You can’t grow up as I did in Edgecliff in St. John and not love cricket. We played cricket as often as we could and with anything that could lick way a ball and to this day I have the utmost respect for our cricket legends.

    My point to Mr. Reifer though, is that it is time for him to tell us more! More about his record of service in the community of St. George North that he claims to be so committed to. More about his realistic plans and ideas for the constituency. Yes, he has played cricket at its highest level with some success, but politics, especially in these times demands more.”

    End of statement

    This is how this two footed rogue mongrel apologized to the cricket fraternity


  • Bradshaw might have stepped on many lions tail in the cricket farternity
    His ignorance is spreading like wild fire across media

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    Delisle Bradshaw’s comments stir Bajans up
    LOOP NEWS CREATED : 17 OCTOBER 2020COMMUNITYFormer parliamentarian, Delisle Bradshaw
    Former parliamentarian, Delisle Bradshaw

    Comments expressed on a recent political platform are drawing the ire of some Bajans, and they have taken to social media to vent their displeasure.

    During a recent Barbados Labour Party (BLP) political rally for St George North held at Golden Ridge Village in St. George on October 15, former Member of Parliament and BLP stalwart Delisle Bradshaw made statements which some have interpreted as casting scorn on cricketers.

    In the video clip making the rounds on social media, Bradshaw commented on the vast experience of BLP hopeful Toni Moore in comparison to her Democratic Labour Party (DLP) counterpart Floyd Reifer. He described Moore as possessing “international experience . . . representing people” before trodding on Reifer’s career as a West Indian cricketer.

    “What nonsense you talking about . . .about a bat and ball, any idiot could play cricket!”


    The comments were met with chuckles from those in the crowd at the rally but it incited some Barbadians, with some even demanding an apology from the veteran politician.

    Popular Barbadian blogger, The Chase Files, mirrored the outrage of the public to Bradshaw’s statements, saying:

    “Any idiot can play cricket” …Any IDIOT? Is this to imply that any idiot can play cricket but only INTELLIGENT people can play chess? Do not let this snide remark go over your head. I wonder how many IDIOTS they are trying to convince to vote for Toni Moore. I really wonder how many IDIOTS are in St. George North. Sir Garfield Sobers is our only living national hero. His fame came from his contribution to the sport of cricket. His legacy is revered around the world. Is Sir Garry an idiot?”

    It continues: “Are we to brand sportsmen, artisans, Musicians, cosmetologists or Nail techs IDIOTS because they pursued non-traditional careers? Is the child whose skill set lies in sport an IDIOT because he isn’t competent in mathematics or geography? I am patiently waiting to see if Barbados Cricket Association & The Minister of Sport will allow this insult to go unnoticed. A NATIONAL APOLOGY IS WARRANTED.”

    A Facebook commenter wrote: “Completely out of order!!! These parties really need to reconsider who they are putting on platforms because while older people revelled in the disrespectful banter, nobody wants to hear that in these times! Speak on issues and stop speaking on people! #Focus!!!!”

    Meanwhile, another disappointed netizen stated: “The contribution of cricket and cricketers to the social and economic development of Barbados and the Caribbean is unmatched….such an unfortunate statement which is deserving of an apology to all cricketers and sportsmen smh”.

    BLP candidate Toni Moore and Floyd Reifer of the DLP will be vying against Grenville Phillips II (Solutions Barbados), Ambrose Grovesnor (United Progress Party) and David Waldron (People’s Party for Democracy and Development) for the St George North seat in the upcoming November 11 by-election.


  • It is amazing the issues being debated at a time Barbados and the world are managing unprecedented events.


  • Artax,

    Ok. If the platform is a toilet and the audience shit eaters I guess bullshitters are a good hire.

    Please forgive me if I rather hear policy. It’s “the trouble with being e[a]rnest”.

    And I did say broad policy or vision. No need for the minutaie.

    At any rate, I prefer my soap box to the shitty political platform. These are serious times and require a serious approach.

    But if Barbadians have a fetish for politicians shiting on them and prefer to gather and throw shite around in a business as usual shit show it is their choice.

    Just reminds me why I do not go to political meetings.

    P.S. The mere fact that the man is issuing an apology of sorts indicates that he put his shitty foot in his mouth.

    Case closed.


  • Mariposa you are lucky that Mr Bradshaw apogised probably at tje request of the party.As i stayed before i would not have said it but i am amazed at the overeaction of the dems on this.None of the MP,s that cussed Ms Mottley at Waterford or the hyprocrites on here apologised to Ms Mottley to this day.Here we have Donna a dem apologist talking about imagery and childrenOh ma shirt i wonder if she ever heard Mr Barrow , Mr Adams, Mr Craig, Mr Blackman, Mr Taitt, Dr Estwick Mr Sinckler or Mr Payne on political platforms? Politics is not a sunday school and no child under 13 should not be at no political meeting ending at 11 o clock.Therefore what nonsense you talking and why should Mr Bradshaw speak about policy is he a Minister?Mr Bradshaw himself suffered a lot of abuse and downright lies on his character from the same holier than thou dems years ago.Where were you then.All of a sudden the Dems holier than thou and nothing can be said against Mr Reifer.How is he going to survive in parliament if by some unlikely event he wins.Gimme a break.


  • Ok. So it seems that some people believe the political platforms need a revamp to focus on issues. It seems that some people believe the old bullshitters should be put out to pasture.

    I have some company on my soapbox.

    Time for a cleansing!


  • Every Sunday, Ezra writes about government and the constitution and demonstrates that he is more a par ty man than an expert on the constitution.
    Under our parliamentary system, government is not a continuum, and I am not clear where he gets that from, it is certainly not part of the British Constitution, from which we get our principles.
    Succeeding governments accept the principles of bilateral and multilateral agreements because not to do so would throw government in to chaos. No third party would sing an agreement if the succeeding government was to talk away from the agreement. That is practice, not law.
    As Mia Mottley’s chief apologist, he also makes a false claim about decision-making in a parliament democracy. He states: It is not only her job . . . it is her prime ministerial duty to know and to approve.” policy.
    Wrong again. The Cabinet, not the prime minister, brings policy proposals to parliament and it is parliament that approves those plans, that is why we have Bills and debates and votes. It is also why we call it a parliamentary democracy.
    Ironically, in trying to deny that she is an autocrat and dictator, he suggests exactly that. If she alone makes the decisions then she IS a dictator. Cabinet government is all about the Cabinet agreeing to policy. She is just first among equals.
    Then Mr Alleyne goes on to make an even more ridiculous remark: “Prime Minister . . . . The power and authority of the Prime Minister adds up to more than that of primus inter pares.”
    Is she losing his marbles? Of course, and |I have been saying for the last two years, that she has no respect for parliament or our democracy, and here is a constitutional ‘expert’ actually saying that the prime minister is not just first among equals. What he should do is tell us what she is.
    If she has more power than the Cabinet, then Cabinet government no longer exists. If this is the case, maybe as a stickler for the constitutionality, he could point to the constitutional amendment that gives her that power.
    Duffus was wrong, if what he claims represents the core of the Duffus commission report. All roads lead to the Cabinet, and, via the Cabinet, to parliament. All prime ministerial powers are derived from the Cabinet; all Cabinet powers are derived from the ruling party; all ruling party powers are derived from parliament; all parliamentary powers are derived from the people, the voters. That, in simple terms, is our form of government. Anything else is a myth.
    That is why it is called a government of the people, for the people. I somehow think if we still had the pleasure of @Jeff Cumberbatch the quality of these discussions would be more educative.


  • Lorenzo Mia promised change and transparency
    BTW Bradshaw words are the first transparent moment in the two year reign of the the blp
    Oh i take that back
    Mia’s also as she revealed her intentions not to help the people of SGN if Reifer wins
    Boy uh tell yuh seems like the govt of the day can no longer hide their dirty secrets
    Everything is being hung out to dry
    That apology would be accepted by fools or koolaid drinkers
    The cricket fraternity deserves better along with the youth who have big dreams of becoming world class cricketers


  • Nobody takes Ezra Alleyne seriously
    He is seen as a throwback from a by pass era of politics steeped in political yardfowl jargon and place on an outdated media platform for early morning yawning


  • Lying or illiterate Lorenzo,

    No! I never heard any of those you mentioned on a political platform. If I had heard them I would likely have been disappointed. I heard only news clips.

    In my young days I listened and watched budget debates. Tom Adams and Errol Barrow on their best behaviour, I guess. So we see the problem.

    I went to one DLP meeting and one BLP meeting at the age of twenty-six. Did not like them then. Do not like them now.

    After the outcry in the last election over the DLP unsavoury platform behaviour, I watched a bit of the video and could not even finish it.

    I condemned it then on BU. I condemn it now.

    I do not know how many times I would have to condemn it. The last time I did so was just LAST WEEK in response to a similar comment from you.

    You are either a liar, an illiterate or you are in the early stages of dementia.

    P.S. Some people bring their young children because they want to make informed decisions and have no babysitters. There is no law that states they must stay for the whole meeting. But if the children have no classes the next day there is no reason why they cannot stay. At any rate, it matters not if they should be there, only that they ARE THERE.

    BUT….I was not aware that political meetings should come with a rating that prohibits children from attending.

    Out with the old ways and in with the new. What was and is needn’t be!


  • The Family-Faith-Freedom of Barbados is appealing to Government not to legalise same-sex unions.


  • HAL

    You are on the ball again. It is good having you around.


  • @Hal 7:52 a.m.
    Thanks for your highly informative post. Sometimes it is good to have someone express an opinion that is consistent with what I am thinking.

    I try but have a great deal of difficulty digesting EA’s posts. They do not rise to the high level that ‘some’ would love have us to believe that they are at.


  • Donna peabrain my substantive poit stands political meetings are not sunday schools and NOT suitable to children.Therefore if the adult has no babysitter stsy at home with your child.Hesring you state you never heard whom i mentioned i can see you know nothing about political history so i would not respond any further to you as you are a political novice just like Mr ReiferAll i will end by saying is that Mr Reifer got to up his game significantly to stamd any chance of winning this by election not depending on dem apologist to cry fowl on these blogs everytime he is attacked.It is time to man up to the challenge ahead.


  • @Hal

    Ezra Alleyne is correct from a functional standpoit when he goes on about PM’s power in the Bim style governance. theoretically any Cabinet member can bring resolution for cabinet to decide and theoretically cabinet is supreme and even the PM’s wishes are subsumed in the role of Cabinet via decisions.

    but in Bim the PM is like a president and make a majority of the decisions if not all by exerting a huge role in what resolutions come before Cabinet and hold the sway in how they are decided. the PM giveth and the PM taketh away and Cabinet accedes to the wishes of the PM. that is one of the anomalies in our system that may not be present in other Westminster styled democracies or not to that degree

    by way of personalities Ezra is saying that when you have strong presidential type PMs like Barrow, Tom etc Govt seem to function well and when you have seemingly weak PM’s like Sandiford,Cabinet asserts itself and Govt seem to fall apart. may be, may be not. perhaps it is a matter of what we have become accustomed.

    what we probably need is neither of the two and what we should hope for is a PM who respects the paramountcy of Cabinet and allow all the Cabinet ministers to function independently to carry on the Govt’s stated Agenda with the PM as the leader of the Agenda but not the alpha and the omega


  • FROM THE LITTLE clip what did bradshaw said that should not be heard by children? children nowadays are exposed to a lot more on the tv and internet than anything i heard on that clip.


  • @ Greene

    There is no ifs or buts or technicality. Ezra is wrong. Any strong prime minister has an undue influence over the Cabinet. That is understood. But that is not a constitutional power. It depends on the confidence of the Cabinet members.
    Thatcher and Howe and Lawson and Heseltine; Wilson and Jenkins and Callaghan; etc. Cabinet is not supreme. Parliament is sovereign. This is what the Gina Miller case was all about. It is also what the recent clash between the Johnson government and Tory backbenchers is all about, government imposing CoVid policy without parliamentary consultation.
    I accept what you say about Mottley behaving like a president, I have said this for two years, but it is an abuse of our system. It is her way or the highway.
    Your suggestion about presidential types does not hold. Mussolini made the trains run on time; Lee Kuan Yew turned Singapore in to a prosperous City state, but at what price?
    You are giving Cabinet too much power. The power belongs to parliament and parliamentary power comes from the people. You may argue, and you will be wrong, that with a 29/1 majority, does it matter? Yes, it does.


  • @ Theo



  • in terms of practicality Cabinet and or the PM mostly the PM will be supreme. in our system.

    yes in theory parliament is where matters are trashed out and where bills / resolutions become law or govt action. when govt / cabinet is stopped that is usually achieved via a a dissenting back bench and opposition party. in our system of governance the back bench hardly ever stand in the way of Cabinet / PM. and in any case someone would canvass the back bench prior to a vote.

    You are arguing theory and i am looking at what is the practice. in that regard i am not disagreeing rather i am asserting how matters stand.


  • Guess what the blp yardfowls would call this article an “idiot ‘ point of view
    Anyway worth a read

    Sun, 10/18/2020 – 5:00am
    Sometime last week I heard a news item on radio which was reported to be the voice of Toni Moore, in which she sought to justify demanding a 15 per cent salary increase of the Democratic Labour Party administration, and then immediately accepted a five per cent increase from the succeeding Barbados Labour Party Government, after agreeing to four and a half per cent. I found her explanation most instructive.

    What I heard was Ms. Moore saying that there was downgrade after downgrade under the DLP administration, and yet her union stuck out for a 15 per cent increase. Interestingly, she said that the demand for 15 per cent in an economy that was experiencing successive economic downgrades, was the position of the executive of her union. In stating that position, the General Secretary was placing the blame for this iniquitous decision squarely on the shoulders of the Executive of the Barbados Workers’ Union. In cricketing parlance, “off of me.”

    While wearing another hat, I became aware of a labour comrade by the name of Julian Hunte. The wisdom then was that he would succeed Sir Roy Trotman as General Secretary of the BWU. I did not see him for about two weeks and when we next met and I enquired about the union, he informed me that he had moved on. He saw my shock, but chose to leave it alone. Given the quiet, mature disposition of this gentleman, I pried no further, knowing that it would not be long before the story would be told. Although others spoke, I never heard a sentence from his lips about that affair.

    One doubts that it resided within his nature to bait and switch the workers of Barbados. I may be wrong, but it is difficult for me to conceive of him convincing his executive to demand a 15 per cent increase in wages and salaries from a Government that was printing money to pay his members and keep them in their jobs, while battling regular downgrades from international institutions. And even more difficult to see him trying to justify moving his demand from 15 per cent to four and a half per cent within weeks, on the election of a new Government, with the economy in the same state.

    Some would say that this approach of a ridiculous demand followed by the acceptance of a comparatively minuscule increase, calls the judgement of the Executive of the BWU, not Ms. Moore, according to her, into sharp question. Others may not be so charitable and may see it as salesmanship for which the people of Barbados are now paying.

    As has been forecasted, the practice of the distribution of largess and the use of the state’s resources to garner partisan support is in full vogue. Now we are hearing that roads in St. George North are to be fixed, not in the name of Ms. Moore, but of Gline Clarke.

    Gline Clarke was the representative of that constituency for 26 years, and now, after his departure, there is the discovery that the roads need to be fixed. What a wonderful discovery. It is an interesting thing that Floyd Reifer can have no big works done. Were it not for him, the roads in St. George North would remain akin to a roller coaster ride.

    During his long tenure, Clarke was once the Minister of Housing and on another occasion the Minister of Transport and Works. These are ministries that allow the persons who manage them to look after their constituencies well. Apparently Gline was not so minded.

    One may recall when the distinguished representative of his neighbouring constituency, Sir Louis Tull, rose to his feet in Parliament and said that he was treated like an outside child, because all his pleas for assistance in his constituency fell on deaf ears. Gline Clarke was one of the Ministers who did nothing in St. George South for Mr. Tull.

    And now the Prime Minister has laid it all bare. After 26 years of representation, the roads in St. George North now have to be fixed. It seems that St. George North has suffered the same fate as other constituencies that remain loyal to the BLP. They are the most neglected constituencies in Barbados. Just look at St. Joseph, St. Thomas, St. Michael North East, to name a few. Maybe the people in those constituencies should call for by-elections too.

    This is all happening at a time when the country’s economy is in sharp reverse, notwithstanding what the International Monetary Fund is forecasting. Persons who wish for honesty in international organisations may take comfort from the fact that a former Governor of our Central Bank was able to have the then leader of the IMF admit that the policies and programmes of that organisation do not fit the needs of small island states like Barbados. When these misfits make pronouncements on your country, one needs to understand where they are coming from and their lack of relevance to our situation.

    Barbados is a one-foot pony. We have taken all of our eggs out of the sugar basket and placed them in the tourism basket: a basket that is full of holes. When tourism was operating at its maximum, the local economy could not grow more than one per cent. Now, with most of our hotels either closed or barely open, the IMF is predicting growth of 7 per cent next year. This is while admitting that tourism is expected to slowly pick back up, in the midst of increased COVID-19 cases in our source markets. What the hell are they talking about? Could professional economists really have written that garbage?

    And seven per cent from where? From where we were before the BLP took over, or from where we have fallen? If the economy declined by 15 per cent and then grew by seven per cent, we would still be eight per cent worse off than previously. If it declined by 7.8 per cent and then grew by 7.1 per cent, where have we gone? I do not know what brief they have for this Government, but the IMF should not insult our intelligence.

    Think people


  • @Greene

    You for to mention our non active working committees of parliament which are integral to the workings of parliament as originally designed.



  • I think this guy Guy was serious when he wrote this, but it made me laugh
    “Now, with most of our hotels either closed or barely open, the IMF is predicting growth of 7 per cent next year. This is while admitting that tourism is expected to slowly pick back up, in the midst of increased COVID-19 cases in our source markets. What the hell are they talking about? Could professional economists really have written that garbage?”

    Here is another point that I tried to make. I believe John A made the same point.

    “And seven per cent from where? From where we were before the BLP took over, or from where we have fallen.”

    We like to use numbers without given the “baseline”. Without knowing the baseline these numbers are difficult to interpret.

    A next peeve is when they quote dollar amounts for purchases without stating BDS or US. It should be BDS, but I seem to recall we had some confusion about a purchase price at one point.


  • This is the amusing bit
    “When tourism was operating at its maximum, the local economy could not grow more than one per cent. Now, with most of our hotels either closed or barely open, the IMF is predicting growth of 7 per cent next year.”


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    If you want to see bad constituencies, see Bridgetown constituency, MIA MOR MOTTLEY constituency, SGN constituency.

    I challenge any of you to visit MIA AMOR MOOTLEY’S constituency and see how bad it is. She has done nothing for the constituency since she is the representative. She did dig a part that was to be a daycare and bare bush growing in the spot now for years.

    Yet she is gives THE WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS who make only 3% of the total population of Barbados what ever they want.
    All the tax breaks whatever and loading BLACK PEOPLE with MOORE taxes.

    Go and take a look.


  • Theo

    the growth will be compared to this year.


  • if you compare next year growth to 20019 we will probably get negative growth. when you compare to this year you should get positive growth / more economic activity.


  • ”Coronavirus pandemic to blow $28 TRILLION hole in global economy

    This year’s output figures will be reminiscent of the 1930’s Great Depression, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It said that the world is at risk of significantly lowered investment, trade and job numbers.
    The IMF’s economic expert, Gita Gopinath, said this week that “the cumulative loss in output relative to the pre-pandemic projected path is projected to grow from $11 trillion over 2020-21 to $28 trillion over 2020-25…this represents a severe setback to the improvement in average living standards across all country groups.”


  • MAM’s constituency encompasses some areas in St George north bordering St Michael. so please do not get mixed up


  • What one is witnessing with the IMF political utterances is the moving of the hands of Esau and voice of Jacob
    Everything done before the election by this govt would slowly come to light as the IMF tries its darnest to give dimmed flashing green lights to this govt
    Never mind that Mottley has been hoisted on the board of economic affairs at the IMF
    There is a saying keep yuh friends close but yuh enemies closer ( no one can be trusted)
    Everyone in politics takes the road of self interest


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    What I said still stands.


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