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This week a strange development unravelled in the glare of the public. One minister stayed home and one minister went to…

The eagerly anticipated Integrity in Public Life Act 2020 failed to pass the Upper House again. If it did we understand it would have died this week with the prorogation of parliament. If the government is serious about enacting and operationalizing the failed Bill, we HOPE to see it listed on the Order Paper in September 2020 when the House of Assembly resumes after the break. Are we gluttons for receiving punishment from the political class.

What led us to this point civic minded Barbadians want to know? Was the debate designed and orchestrated to fail by hoodwinking independent and opposition Senators or were they willing participants in the show?

It is incomprehensible the government side – led by the experienced Senator Jerome Walcott and member of the kitchen cabinet – was not able to win the support of three Senators. The assumption is that Senator Lucille Moe is onboard with the Bill and not off sulking some where shirking the people’s business. Do we need to remind the political class and so called independents this Bill was recorded in the Chamber for three years before it died in the last session of parliament?

… is that if you have a good bill, then that means it will have support and opposition because the bill will actually do something. Because of this, the bill will require some negotiating and compromise. This means that you should start with the biggest, broadest bill possible because as your bill moves through both houses of the Legislature, you will inevitably have to remove or change some parts of the bill…


To this blogmaster’s simple way of thinking, enacting integrity legislation is expected to be a contentious undertaking in any place. It follows the citizenry of Barbados expect elected officials in a mature setting to negotiate a final position in the interest of who they were elected to (Rh) serve. We have been trying to pass this type of law since the mid 70s . Our failure to accomplish the task exposes the political class – read Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and Democratic Labour Party (DLP) – as a disingenuous cabal.

How in heavens name can the Minister of Health Jefferey Bostic make a decision out of caution to remain isolated after receiving a negative COVID 19 test AND the Chief Medical Officer (ag) issue a medical clearance to rookie Minister Lisa Cummins to attend the Upper Chamber where the Integrity in Public Life Act 2020 was about to be voted. The minister is the the de facto boss of the CMO for crissakes.

What was the point?

How is it connected?

Minister Lisa Cummins’ apology

Minster Lisa Cummins was instructed to apologize to public criticism. Not the way she wanted to start her tenure as a new minister of government but she appears to be a smart lady and will have to wrestle her conscience if being a politician allows her to the individualist she appears to be.

The blogmaster continues to reflect … if this pandemic does not disrupt what will?

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  1. @ Donna

    The problem is the lady DON’T EVER ADMIT WHEN SHE WRONG!!!

    Then she does go on a tirade about how long she was on BU and what she achieved, WITHOUT EVER TELLING WE WHAT ARE THESE SO CALLED ACHIEVEMENTS.

    And when yuh ask her what is the achievements, she gine then tell you that she ain’t telling you because yuh get left behind. Left behind from what???

    Then she gine talk about teaching something that she could never explain what it is. If you ask her a simple question that just deserve a simple answer, she gine tell you she ain’t got nuh TIME TO WASTE. But yuh know she gine write 3 or 4 long contributions to tell you why she ain’t got nuh time to waste, which in itself is wasting time, when she could of answer the question in the first place.

    Hear she now: we have moved so far ahead that we are at the stage of sharing information only when necessary and certain things just cannot be shared anymore {Quote}

    Now Donna, you is a woman I respect. You does don’t hide yuh mouth and anything you got to tell somebody, you does tell them. Be honest with me. How it is that she want to teach people something, but saying there are somethings that cannot be shared anymore? Wuh type of foolishness is that?

    I mentioned somethings to you the other day and she say I should mind my business. But she now telling we bout how people … adverse to learning their true history and don’t want to learn anything new so they can pass the information on to their current and future generations {Quote}

    How she know if or not people learning bout their history? This is an anonymous blog and SHE DON’T KNOW WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DOES DO WHEN WE AIN’T ON BU. So what she getting involve in the people business for, when SHE SHOULD STOP MALICIOUSING IN PEOPLE AFFAIRS AND MIND SHE OWN BUSINESS?

    Donna, as man to woman, you could tell me at least 3 things WURA achieve in the 8 years she always talking bout?

  2. Never mind that those samples are capable of contamination {Quote}

    Mari, you could explain how blood samples, as you call them, could spill on the road and contaminate people?

  3. asstin
    re How were they recruited? Who did the interviews and checked the qualifications? Or were they selected by the Ghanaians?

  4. The colonel appears to have a great understanding of what is/was needed.
    There is an expression “Perfection is the enemy of the good”.
    The colonel is doing a good/great job.
    This is one avenue that is/will not be productive. You need to find a next bone to gnaw on.

  5. So long as the mosquito is found only in the swamp we should be ok. But I have no sickle cell in my family and so I do not need malaria.

  6. Robert,

    You are correct. WURA does not like to admit she is wrong. She is not alone in that. She really should try it. It is liberating!

    As to what she has achieved, she has posted some informative videos sometimes. How do we measure achievement on the blog?

  7. I going back and read how Simple Simon handled Sista Well Well. It need to get out the rest of my giggles. They keep popping up when I am trying to talk.

  8. What avenue
    This is a bone that has already being crushed and dissected across social media with results showing lack of credibilty heaped on this govt
    Carry on smartly only about 4 our five voices carry swear on BU
    Gazzert u need to come out of your little BU corner and see and hear what is happening on the other side
    Last week we had ministers running out of Parliament because of COVID
    What u should ask your self is what next and if these on going failures speaks well of govt
    Trump is not a person who is afraid however the fear of letting americans come to barbados moved the USA to send a level 3 alert
    U should think on those things
    Things u can chew on for a while
    What next u ought to ask instead of interjecting useless sidebar opinions
    Have a pleasant night hopefully a mosquito would not bite you

  9. @ Mariposa,

    I wonder if those nurses were tested for TB, Aids or any other veneral diseases. Not forgetting, Yellow fever and a host of other diseases which are prevalent on the Africa continent.

    It should be clear to everyone that our government has been negligent in their recruitment of these “nurses”. Prepare yourself for more revelations.

  10. Would not be surprised to hear more of the same
    The chief medical officer in his haste to dismiss the malaria as a small problem refuses to realize that the people are already stressed to the max with COVID and can least entertain any other invasion of any kind of disease small or large
    That kind of insensitive jargon by the chief is another attempt to cap and to dumb down the populace with insulting language
    But then again Mia cares

  11. I will deal only with substance
    “Last week we had ministers running out of Parliament because of COVID” should read
    ‘Last week we had ministers running out of Parliament because of fear of contracting COVID”
    Note: At this time we do not know if the fear was real or fanciful
    “Trump is not a person who is afraid however the fear of letting americans come to barbados moved the USA to send a level 3 alert”
    It is amazing, how you can believe or suspend belief in trump when it suits you.

    Again, this is an issue that has or will have very little traction. Only the loyal and faithful opposition will pursue this line of thought. Find another line.

  12. Mariposa, there’s a question for you…… I knew what she meant..
    But that is a good example of why you should abandon this course…
    You must resort to hyperbole and erroneous statements to make your case.

  13. Robert

    Mari, you could explain how blood samples, as you call them, could spill on the road and contaminate people?

    Obviuosly you never heard of cross contamination
    Go goggle and find the answer
    Would not waste my time going back and forth to schooled a knucklehead

  14. @Mariposa August 10, 2020 5:47 PM “Makes for wonder what next these nurses are carrying that are undetected
    Protocols in any country calls for medical checks before a visa is given.”

    Malaria is of course not good.

    But the truth is 1.5 million people visit Barbados each year and not a fella undergoes a medical check

  15. Mariposa is correct. This is not going well. There are now all sorts of rumours of all types of diseases circulating. If the test results were insignificant why were they released? This is not good for the nurses either.

    IF blood samples spill on the road THEY CAN NOT contaminate ANYONE
    IF blood samples spill on the road THEY WONT BE ANY “cross contamination” YA IDIOT

  17. Who are the minister who ran out of parliament
    David the language i used does not change what the ministers did
    Not surprise at your attempt at distraction

    Run or walk the ministers left Parliament
    Anyhow if need to clarify here it is

    Senators walk out after Cummins returns to Upper …
    5 days ago · Without missing a beat Senator Caswell Franklin rose to his feet to voice his strong objection declaring, …
    ImageBarbados Today › bb
    (3 Replies to) “FOUR walk out of Senate following return of …
    barbados today/ caswell franklyn / lisa cummins from
    5 days ago · Newly installed Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Lisa Cummins, has expressed shock, …

    • For the record and in the interest of accuracy please name the Ministers who walked out of parliament.

  18. Q If the test results were insignificant why were they released?


  20. If not released then Mariposa, Wura and myself would jump on the conspiracy train.
    Released and Mariposa is on the doom and gloom train. Her trains depart in all directions including the wrong one (every five minutes)
    Have a great night.
    I enjoyed the day.

  21. Run or walk the MINISTERS left Parliament…. {Quote}

    Mari, the proof you bring say SENATORS, not ministers.

    And uh next thing. I ain’t no doctor or nothing so, but if blood samples spill on the hot road surface, how the hell cross contamination gine occur?

    The Fool’s Mate.

  22. Gazzert
    If there is no traction why are u replying
    Obviously there must be something about the issue that peek your interest
    The fact that you are in denial is a tell
    A tell which shows u as being confused and confounded by the incompetence of this govt
    However you are willing to give them a past
    Horray at your attempt at trying to rescue incompetence seeing it as the best way forward for govt

  23. Mariposa is correct. This is not going well. She may be incorrect in her medical conclusions but she is correct in her reporting of the reactions of the public to these test results.

    Why release the malaria test results? The nurses are already stigmatised.

    • Malaria is not contagious unless the infected nurse was allowed to participate in a blood transfusion?

  24. Donna if the test results had not been released and somehow got out through gossip, some people would accuse the government of hiding things.

  25. Robert

    And uh next thing. I ain’t no doctor or nothing so, but if blood samples spill on the hot road surface, how the hell cross contamination gine occur?

    If u have an argument with what i say take it to the many lab and clinical researchers
    Who deal with hazardous waste and report on the transportation an handling of hazardous waste
    Your silly question deals with simplistic meandering talk not with complexities
    I do my research
    You do your own
    Fool mate

  26. Gazzert
    Here u go again pushing your distraction typical denial comment
    Taking the issue as to how i would react if the results remained quite
    Have you given thought that the pushed for transparency from this govt has been a rallying cry
    Hence they know that they are being watched
    Sometimes i wonder which world are u living
    Bro time to get out of the rabbit hole David dug for u

  27. “WURA does not like to admit she is wrong. She is not alone in that. She really should try it. It is liberating!”

    i am totally liberated and did not come on the blog to play 11 plus games with those who are adults but still display childlike minds….the” liberated” ones are now the ones needing certain information that i cannot give, because am not yet “liberated” but is well aware that none of you will know what to do with the information even if i told ya………yall need to get over yaselves…i don’t know why some of you go on a blog at all if it’s to point out who is wrong and who is not..i just skip over the whole shit, because i have nothing to gain from it. and none of it stops me from doing what i came on the blog to do..

    … btw, this is the only blog where juveniles in old bodies carry on with that…it’s actually embarrassing and that is the main reason i ignore it…… gain absolutely nothing from that childish behavior either, but it seems to be an obsession with some people which is brought forward from their primary and secondary school days as someone told me, love to point out the obvious but can never see their own errors……you are free to be a laughing stock stuck in one mode., i don’t have the time..

    The idiot Robert spent i think it was Saturday making himself look foolish, yet i can show what i accomplished in all that time he thought he could reduce me and ended up reducing himself and gained nothing from the whole exercise…what are yall doing on a blog if it’s nothing constructive…

  28. Your silly question deals with simplistic meandering talk not with complexities…I do my research {Quote}

    But, Mari, how my questions get silly and simplistic? And what type of research you do?

    Wuh look, even GP that is a medical doctor rubbished the nonsense you say and the so called research you say you do.

    GP August 10, 2020 7:55 PM

    IF blood samples spill on the road THEY CAN NOT contaminate ANYONE
    IF blood samples spill on the road THEY WONT BE ANY “cross contamination” YA IDIOT

    Mari, anybody could say they do research to support foolishness they saying. But what you could do is post the link from the research you do and let we read it.

    But at the end of the day you ain’t gime post no link and we done know yuh talking shyte.

  29. Just noticed ya infections are growing in leaps and bounds…..that should take some precedence in some people’s minds.

    “A 52-year-old man, who came into the island on a chartered flight yesterday, has tested positive for novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

    The Ministry of Health and Wellness said today this brings the total number of recorded cases in Barbados to 143 – 75 females and 68 males.

    No one will be released from the isolation facility today, so the number of people there is now 24 – 15 males and nine females.”

    don’t forget to wear your masks, there is money to be made from fines…lol

    “St. Kitts-Nevis authorities have imposed an EC$500 (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) fine on persons who fail to wear a mask in public as efforts continue to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).”

    • The number of infections reported in recent days is a consequence of proper screening at the airport. The majority of them are Barbadians coming home who we welcome. Nothing to rejoice about. It seems some of you scour the news to rejoice in anything negative about Barbados.

  30. Duh for people like u David who have convenient memories
    Why dont you do a search of BU archives and read the many day after day of the negative comments and articles of past ten years
    Make for wonder if some in the past ten years like to scour and delight in the negative things of barbados

    • Was it you and a few who stated Barbados had no food when covid started and we would starve? You need to ask yourself what kind of Barbadian are you? The blogmaster suggests you are one we can do without. Trump can have you.

  31. I meant to say this for a long time, am glad Donna reminded me, am waiting for the day all the ones on here who like to point out shit to anonymous people …to grow a pair of balls and go tell the ministers to their faces that they are wrong for what they do and they should all be in jail and that you will help put them there, but not by talking endless shite, but by some radical intentions……

    … or if ya get even more confidence to tell the minority thieves, the cows, maloneys, bizzys, bjerkhams etc to THEIR FACES…that they are thieves and that they are wrong for robbing the people and island for decades along with their little parliament negros…

    ….i know i have the bravery in me to tell them all that to their faces along with a few other choice words….but do any of you?..they are the ones stole thousands of people’s futures, stole from the dead, dying and unborn..

    i was a little pissed off the other day and shouted to someone well known that they want locking up…well within earshot of everyone including a bunch of lawyers who were present too….ya should see the shock on their faces…

    .yall got a lot of talk for each other on the blog so far… surprise me..

  32. What I gained from the whole exercise is that I PROVED YOU ARE AN IDIOT that does make yuh self look stupid.

    Let me give yuh an example of yuh stupidity:

    Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service May 13, 2018 10:49 PM

    Have you seen the area where I said Hind’s constituency office is, ya can get the cops called on ya if ya look like ya should not be up there, it is not a depressed area, more the reason to investigate what was up with him.

    what the residents said is all they see him doing is driving around and want to know what kind of representation was that…but they honestly believed him to be their representative, these are not crazy people…AND I BELIEVE THEM. {Quote}

    That is what you call adding something useful to the blog?

    You like a lot of stupid gossip and once it sound juicy, you gine bring it to BU. Look how you run with silly gossip bout a man that ain’t even get elected was the representative for St. Thomas. And then yuh say yuh ain’t care if he get elected or not, you know he is the representative because people in St. Thomas tell you so.

    The dunciest fellow would of Googled to find out the truth. Not you. People show you that yuh wrong, but yuh still went on to argue wrong and strong like a LITTLE GIRL bout foolishness.




    • Also the local public health officials have made the point that our test kit produces a better quality test than some countries, therefore some a test negative csn found to be testef positive on arrival to our shores.

      Educate yourselves!

  34. The past couple weeks also shows the difficulties that govt has discovered in handling in COVID
    Obviuosly difficulties which govt was not prepared to handle
    Security of persons in self quarantine along with the safety and security of the populace
    The psychological shift in the way we treat each other
    As with the nurses populace looking and searching for answers as to how govt could not or did not see such a blatant disruption in the chain of command when the vetting process began for these nurses
    Btw nobody delights in dangerous mishaps by govt that can lead to many deaths
    Get a grip David it is what it is that being a govt lost clueless using a bicycle instead of a car as the faster and easier way to get the job done

    • The last few weeks show the WHOLE WORLD with the exception of NZ and a few countries are struggling to coexist with COVID 19. Coexist withbitvwe must.

  35. …to grow a pair of balls and go tell the ministers to their faces that they are wrong for what they do and they should all be in jail and that you will help put them there {Quote}

    Yuh admit this is an anonymous blog.

    How the hell you would know if anybody here confronted ministers or not?

    Yuh see how STUPID you are.


  36. Are actually the senators of the opposition regularly tested on Corona and other communicable diseases??? Just asking …

    On a purely theoretical level, it could be that they are trying to infect the honourable members of the government. Of course I don’t want to imply anything to anyone here. However, theoretically…

  37. David all the talk about what the health official says after the fact does not void where the mistakes where first made and where necessary corrections should have occured
    Corrections done ahead of travel and which would have saved govt the embarrassment which is being heightened and talk about across social media

    • Mistakes will be made. In the USA were you told not to wear a mask by your leader? What is he saying now.


  38. David comparing apples with oranges would not cut it
    Diseased nurses were giving a stamp of approval by two govts to enter barbados
    The languishing questions are being asked across social media asked why were these nurses allowed to leave Ghana and travelled to barbados with a job on hand to work in the health care system
    Also Mia is recognized as a lawyer
    One would believes that as PM and one familiar with legal question that one of her thought of concern about these nurses would be one of their certification and medical history
    It would not take a rocket scientist to make those two areas a major concern

    • Why not asked the Ghanaian government? Our public health officials are doing what they have to now that the nurses are in Barbados. Stop politicizing the matter.

  39. I have spent years observing clowns on BU, who are still not cognizant and awake despite HISTORY lessons showing that there are very highly skilled people, the descendants of very highly skilled people who spent centuries designing systems around your unaware ancestors, so it’s a cake walk to observe your 2020 dumbed down limited 11 plus mentalities and redesign even better social systems around you and your current and future generations too, hence you will always be their possessions as long as you remain in that mental state of flux……and you won’t even notice, because you are so distracted and stuck in your mindless stupidity…that even the local nobody shitehounds crooks and thieves like the cows, bizzys, maloneys etc can do it to you too as they have been for decades with the help of your complicit leaders…..and ya will always get other minorities crawling into the island to carve out their space out of your dumbness to achieve success leaving you as their minions, consumers and workers..

    they don’t need your permission, you are easy prey because that is what you want..

    these reconstructed systems can last for centuries, in case the dumb still have not noticed despite all their negative experiences and financial losses that they cannot face and address…. .

    ….in the earlier years i tried to tell them, most have dropped off the blog because they had reached their mental limit as expected, i am not a nursemaid so i watched it all play out…but i always used to warn them that i do not spoon feed grown ass people, who upon reflection, many are still trapped in teenage minds despite their big talk…..

    there is a very valid reason why i say that your leaders have UNDERDEVELOPED minds, compared to others, their counterparts, who are more flexible in mental areas mostly through ancestry and centuries of practice….

    …ya foolish ministers and politicians know that their minds are underdeveloped and that they are no match for the more mentally strong or they would do much better by their people…and just like BUs little cabal of fools, you know who you are, they focus on destroying and keeping their own people in mental captivity always degrading and demeaning each other and are in leadership positions so they get rich in the interim, because they know Bajans only have mouth to fight each other and can’t fight back against other forces including corrupt sell out leaders nor minorities, WITHOUT SEVERE CONSEQUENCES, just as they were socially programmed……to be pliable to the weapon of fear mongering….and are ALL TALK…

    too late for BUs dumb asses who were not paying attention, who were too busy attacking each other over dumb shit.., yall have already been observed and assessed , ya voluntarily came on an open forum to display years of being uninformed clowns trying to impress only those who know no better, they don’t need to know who you are, they just have to get a glimpse of your lacking mentality, it’s their program and handiwork still in play so they know the areas to improve on, the same way i have observed you, guess what, they are even better than me, so if ya get caught again and are reassimilated, you will never be able to escape this time…but that’s yall business..can’t happen to me nor mine…nor those who are already wide awake..

    my good deed for the day, i have known this for years, but thanks to Donna, this is a good time as any to share, no one can say i kept the info to myself like most of you would do given half a chance, because it would make you feel important knowing something that your fellow Black people don’t know…. that is how you were socialized and programmed… your own detriment.

  40. @GP

    Answer the questions and stop with your what aboutism. If you do not know then keep quiet. I would ask the same questions if the nurses came from Dominica.

  41. See that arrogant limited mentality again…wuh he must be the only person surprised or disappointed. Him and his limited mentality could u be disappointed when u commuted a crime against your peopleand even had the nerve to admit that under your laws you would never have been held accouutable and when ya own laws are used to convict showing you that the law would work if enforced all of a sudden ya disappointed..
    .goddamn genieass.

  42. Top doc not budging


    ACTING CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER Dr Kenneth George is standing firm.

    He is sticking with his decision to sign a letter of clearance for new Minister of Tourism Senator Lisa Cummins and endorsing her presence in the Senate last Wednesday, which led to a walkout by four senators and, later, heavy public criticism.

    George was bombarded by questions from the media yesterday at the ministry’s Culloden Road, St Michael headquarters during a press conference to reveal that one of the Ghanaian nurses had also tested positive for malaria. He was resolute he had done the right thing.

    Scientific approach

    “I believe what I did was the scientific approach. Obviously, things were said in other places regarding the decision I have made. We in this ministry have assured the public we use a steady hand when we make decisions. We have agreed the risk, to start with, was extremely low, and I stand by my decision to issue the letter.”

    President of the Senate Sir Richard Cheltenham had read the letter from George declaring Cummins to be not infectious.

    The senators who walked out had public health concerns despite the minister having a negative PCR test result for the COVID-19 virus six days after being part of an official contingent which welcomed 95 nurses from Ghana at Grantley Adams International Airport. Twelve of those nurses would test positive for COVID-19.

    During the sitting, Cummins had accused the senators of stigmatising her, but the next day apologised for her actions.

    Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn had blasted George, saying the acting chief medical officer should resign from the public service or retire.

    George said yesterday the ministry would continue to make sure protection of the Barbadian public was paramount. “We have a very competent team and Barbados’ ability to navigate this process, and we don’t take any decision we make lightly.”

    He reiterated the country’s COVID-19 protocols supported the decisions they made.

    “We have said in our protocols that persons coming from high-risk areas should be tested before they come to Barbados, and five to seven days after be tested again. After that period and we consider them to be non-infectious, they can move on. That is good information. We have also said that for those stubborn persons who do not want to be tested, they will remain in quarantine for 14 days. These are public documents. It depends on when you test, how you test and the disease process,” he said.

    “I have written letters to persons [who would have been at the airport for the arrival of the Ghanaian nurses] today because based on the information I made the determination these people are not infectious.

    The public is not at risk,” he stressed.

    Isolation facilities manager Dr Corey Forde, an infectious disease specialist, said people usually converted from a negative to a positive infection within three to five days, and this was borne out recently when three nurses from Ghana tested positive four days after their arrival.

    “The incubation period of 14 days will also tell you that within that period people weren’t being tested. But we have now learnt that past Day 8 or Day 9 after a positive test, data shows that you cannot actually spread the disease.”

    Source: Nation Newspaper

  43. Sista WURA,

    Take the time to read the old blog Robert posted. It was hilarious! If you cannot laugh at yourself then you have a problem. My favourite jokes are the ones I tell on myself. I can enjoy them unreservedly without hurting anybody’s feelings.
    When I look back at some of the things I have said and done in my life, what frivolities occupied my attention and some of the matters about which I was totally ignorant all I can do is laugh. Now I am having senior moments, both mental and physical, I counteract by getting my best laughs ever. If laughter is the best medicine I intend to take the highest dose possible.

    I feel you need to acknowledge your mistake and move on.

    And then Robert should allow you to move on.

    P.S. Keep on posting the good videos!

  44. Donna…am way past that, i don’t read everything as some believe, i have my moods for reading and just because someone devotes their precious time to me and me alone, don’t mean am impressed and will read all their essays…i am not only on BU..and i told you already it’s only on here you get people with that much time to waste on what does not benefit them in the slightest. If i put something out there, it’s always because i know there will be some kinda results…

    here is where i have a problem, insurance companies DON’T PAY OUT MONEY UNLESS THEY GET SOMETHING IN RETURN..wuh they even hate to pay injured people and ICBL has one of the worse reputations on the island right next to CGI….lol…no, that was no political contributions,..that was ya take my money under the guise of political contributions…YA OWE

    “Inniss said during that same period other politicians from both the Democratic Labour Party and the Barbados Labour Party also received monies from ICBL which were political contributions. “Were they considered bribes too? Politicians from both sides of the political fence. I have no reason to believe they were bribes, they were political contributions,” he said.

    He noted any findings by Barbadian authorities should be made known to the public. “The matter was also investigated by the Barbados authorities and I don’t know what were the findings but they are free to tell the public. I have no secrets. There is no email, no text message, no form of electronic communication that I am afraid of the public seeing. There never was and there is none now but I have been convicted in the USA entirely on circumstantial evidence at a time when I didn’t have the financial resources to get people in Barbados to provide information or even to fly up to the US to testify on my behalf and help my case.

    “Let me state here that at no point in time did I ever deny receiving money from ICBL – I never did. I did not deny to the authorities here or anywhere that I received money indirectly from ICBL in the US or even in Barbados. I indicated to my lawyers and all parties that any monies I received from ICBL were all through third party and all as political contributions. So I didn’t hide anything, there is nothing hidden. I must also make the point that a review of my personal finances during the period would indicate that I had no reason to engage in any such nefarious activities as others may be hinting at….”

  45. Wuh if anybody doubt me about insurance companies, they can ask the effervescent Peter from CGI…..or ask anyone with a case about ICBL…

    ….if ya old and dying or young and dying, they will not pay out a goddamn cent, they will pay 100 times the amount to half-assed lawyers to delay the case for 15 or 20 years first before they settle a personal injury case and drag it through the corrupt court system until you or them and all the lawyers and judges DIE….so what were they paying Inniss for again….lol.

    Donna..see why i don’t dwell on the unimportant, this is much more important to me right now than dumbass Robert …

  46. @David

    This is the kind of situation that skits are made for, as if a doctor would not defend his “sick” note. I won’t comment on the health of the Minister but show me a Doctor who in a situation like this would say “now that I think about it, I should have taken an action to the contrary”.

    After all the questions from the media, we are no further ahead on this issue than we were before but everyone should take the Minister’s apology at face value and move on to the next challenge.

    • @Sargeant

      The CMO was ill advised to issue the letter. The question is , who asked him and did he feel pressured given his acting role.

  47. need to focus on what you and your son need to do…am way older then you…and am doing what i need to do…which can also benefit other people, if they will stop being so fcuking idiotic and brainwashed by a system they did not create but has them so mindless that all they can focus on is the frivolous…and the unimportant…..that is a sign of mental weakness…that is easily manipulated as shown on BU over and over…

  48. In a properly regulated insurance market, an insurance company will be compelled to publish all its claims, the percentage it has honoured and the reasons for declining those they refused.
    But in the world class regulatory system in Barbados insurance companies do not even have to correspondent with the insured.

  49. @David, I most respectfully request that you start a post that could be titled ” Donville speaks ” or The Don responds ” or my preference ” DONVILLE ”

    You could also ignore me but other bloggers could read pages 3 and 4 in BarbadosToday..

    • @Hants


      The article is long but is a rehash. He named no names. He said nothing we have not discussed on BU.

  50. Now to important stuff!

    I do not often agree with Mariposa but even she is right sometimes. She was correct in sounding the alarm on the very real threat of Corona virus. I called her Henny Penny. And here we are trying to hold up the sky!

    Where I was more correct was in the faith I had in our public health officials. They have held the sky up so far. I trust them to continue.

    However….there is much more to consider.

    This Ghana nurse saga may not be a public health challenge but it is very much a public relations challenge.

    Long has it been known that Barbadians are conditioned to regard Africa as a ‘shithole’ continent from which nothing good can come, including our ancestors. This conditioning was not by accident but rather a deliberate pillar upon which the ideology of the inherent rightness of white supremacy was built. This was the justification for brutal chattel slavery, colonisation and even now the continued world domination and exploitation by the white powers that be.

    Also pertinent is that many people are indeed medical illiterates. Some of us have the capacity to be educated to a level sufficient for the circumstances even outside of medical school and others cannot even spell medical school.

    SO…. the combination of ignorance about Africa and medical illiteracy makes this not a public health disaster but a public relations disaster. And even more….

    Whether some people know it or not there is a big hole in our soul where our ancestors should be. This was a great chance to start filling that hole.

    An adopted child with great adoptive parents is happy as a young child. But more often than not when told that he is adopted feels a yearning to know his biological parents in order to feel whole.

    Our ‘adoptive parents” were not nice. Even more, therefore, do we need to know “our biological parents”.

    First impressions are impactful. I hope we can move past this in way that benefits Barbadians AND the nurses who will now find it harder to be accepted.

  51. Wuh Donville said it was both political parties DLP taking “political contributions”….from ICBL…..all of that that might need more than one blog…lol….murdahhhh!!…and Piece keeps hiding…

  52. A negative test showed that the virus was not in Lisa system therefore she could not spread it to anyone even if she didn’t wear a mask.

    All the other senators that were not tested were more likely , than Lisa, to spread the virus.

    Crystal , if she was asymptomatic, was the mostly likely person to infect Franklyn than Lisa.
    This is the MAIN reason Barbados still require the wearing of mask in public.

    Yet Lisa who was proven to be free of the virus was treated with scorn.

    IMO. It should have been all the senators that walk out that should issue an apology to Lisa

  53. “Long has it been known that Barbadians are conditioned to regard Africa as a ‘shithole’ continent from which nothing good can come, including our ancestors. This conditioning was not by accident but rather a deliberate pillar upon which the ideology of the inherent rightness of white supremacy was built. This was the justification for brutal chattel slavery, colonisation and even now the continued world domination and exploitation by the white powers that be.”

    that’s the SUBSTANTIVE ISSUE…that no one in the Caribbean wants to address, not the flimflam leaders anyway….a Jamaica blog asked this morning if they should get rid of the descendants of colonizers as head of state and were told point blank …..what is the use of getting rid of the head of state if you are not going to also get rid of the anti-black, anti-Africanness, anti-African roots and culture that is the colonial social construct…they both came hand in hand and both designed to be destructive to BLACK PEOPLE and they work in conjunction with each other…..and while they are at it, get rid of the racism, apartheid, oppression and exploitation….the substantive issues plaguing Barbados and other Caribbean islands..

    a good example is St. VIncent, dude claimed he unshackled from UK…but he still got the same old stinking system in place to exploit and oppress the St. Vincent people…so he is just fooling the people that anything changed…

  54. @ Donna

    Your friend likes to come on BU and call people idiots, dumb asses and that they have slave minds. All I do was to show that she is just as much dumb ass as the people she likes call so.

    And a next thing too. She say she ain’t bothered. Like me, if I ain’t bothered bout something, yuh could talk to the cows come home, I just ain’t bothering myself. But look at what she do. She WAKE UP BEFORE 3 AM this morning to post a long ass EIGHT paragraph contribution to regurgitate the same shyte she does talk everyday.

    Everyday for she saying SAME shyte bout Bizzy, COW, Maloney, Peter Harris, minority thieves for EIGHT YEARS, bragging that yuh educating people and GETTING RESULTS. Yet, COW, Bizzy and Maloney still in business and people still insuring their cars with CGI and buying Hondas from Platinum Motors.


  55. Wuh this getting sweeter and sweeter…but it’s such a long article, i gotta read it in pieces…murdahhh!!!…lol

    “I was accused of preparing false invoices and I was most shocked when I sat in the courtroom and heard the former chief financial officer of ICBL admit that she is the one that created false information and that she had been granted immunity from prosecution by the US authorities providing she comes to the US at their expense, airfare, accommodation, to testify against me. But she may have committed a crime in Barbados and the Barbados authorities were free to have picked her up for questioning, but that is not my concern,” he said.”

  56. “Dr. Smith how come you provided a letter noting your patient Mr. Jones was too ill to work when he was observed in Trinidad participating in carnival parties”.

    “I wrote he was too ill to work not that he was too ill to party”.

  57. I really don’t understand what Donville is whining about though…ya play in the big leagues drinking big drinks at Bush Bar…we know who frequents there.. ask CGIs Peter…….and if the newspaper article is accurate…he is now a US citizen, which could have happened after he said he was not…so, wipe the tears Donville, ya may only pay a fine and still get to hang out in ya condo MEEYAMI..

    ..these things happen all the time, it’s only in Barbados your friends will act as though it’s the end of the world, limited mentality. at play…..and now you know you have no friends…bajans are quick to run away….lol…cowards….that’s why they are kept at a distance…fair weather

  58. WURA-War-on-U August 11, 2020 4:38 AM
    Marcus Mosiah Garvey was another Moses a Black Prophet who said :
    “Look to Africa, when a black king shall be crowned, for the day of deliverance is at hand”
    “Live outside the shitty city of iniquity”

  59. The blighted plight of the government yardfowl slave when they voluntarily take taxpayers money to do dirty work for politicians. Heard about this couple days ago.

    “Patrick King charged
    Four criminal charges under the Computer Misuse Act have been leveled against a 52-year-old man. One of them involves veteran broadcaster David Ellis, Station Manager of the Starcom Network.”

  60. Sista WURA,

    So… you are saying that your being older means that you have nothing to learn from me.

    I have always found teaching and learning to be a two way street. I bet there is no-one with whom I have spent a signigicant amount of time conversing that hasn’t taught me something. I pick up some gems from the most unexpected places. Those are the ones I treasure most.


    Changing channels…..

  61. “So… you are saying that your being older means that you have nothing to learn from me.”

    never said that…saying that we are random people on an anonymous blog and will not know what each other need or what each other should be doing or saying…..we can be talking to half AI or bots…it’s an anonymous blog..

    8 years, i learned quite a lot of BU despite the unwillingness of some to share information..

  62. i learned quite a lot on BU despite…

    even from the fowls…..on how not to be one…lol

    we never stop learning..

  63. Robert,

    You have had your fun and “provided me with much mirth”. Unfortunately our sista did not get the joke.

    Nothing more to be gained. My giggles have finally stopped.

    P.S. Funny how we borrow the GP isms to make our points.

    BU has developed its own little language.

  64. Donna…it’s not about not getting a joke, i really don’t have the time to indulge…i am not only on BU and have several things going at the same time, the energy is better used for something constructive…there is not a lot of time left…

    i stopped spelling out things at least 3 years ago…

  65. Donville is living the good life and don’t know it, he better don’t complain too much or he can really find out what shit is……it’s time for some to stop wanting to be politicians so they can just be world class pricks to their own people….time to settle…..

  66. I don’t understand the uprising of the BU opposition at all. Everything is fine here in Barbados. No waiting lists with the workmen, just spare parts are a bit scarce…

    Nevertheless, I noticed the dilapidated condition of downtown Bridgetown. Looks almost like an american “inner city”. LOL. The best thing we can do is to relocate the remaining inhabitants, blow up the entire downtown area (except for the parliament) and build a nice marina for our foreign guests.

  67. @Tron August 11, 2020 3:55 PM “…blow up the entire downtown area (except for the parliament) and build a nice marina for our foreign guests.”

    There may be people in Lebanon looking for you.

  68. Donville may well be as innocent as a newborn babe, the U.S. may well have the most corrupt justice system in the world, but I don’t believe one word of Donville’s as reported in Barbados today.

    I am not obliged to believe the words of a convict am I?

  69. @Barbados Today “The former minister said HE HAD ONLY HEARD FROM THREE MEMBERS OF THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY WHO CONTESTED THE 20`8 GENERAL ELECTIONS WITH HIM. He declined to name them but said he understood that when one was not in politics one had few friends. “I have been treated like I had COVID-19 even before it left Wuhan Province [China]. I have spent enough years in party politics to know that when you are in office you have all the friends in the world, but when you are out, you have a plague, and my situation only makes it worse for myself and my family in particular,” he said, adding that no one from the Barbados Embassy in the United States had checked on him or reached out to him as a Barbadian. Inniss also has American citizenship.”

    I feel bad for Donville that of the 30 DLP candidates in the 2018 election only 3 have been in touch with him. S-A-D, very, very sad. But my old man, who was NOT a rum drinker always used to talk about “rum friends” that is friends who are with you only as long as the rum is flowing. Are we to believe that political friends are similar, only with you as long as the political going is good. Are we to in fact to believe that politics is a blood sport, and there are only predators and prey?

    I am here reading Owen Arthur’s obit, which he probably did not write himself, but of all the people in the DLP and the BLP and of all the people he served with in Parliament and in Cabinet only these few are mentioned by name as dear friends: Rudolph Gibson, Anthony Pickering, Tyrone Barker, Hallam Nicholls, Desmond Crichlow, Lynda Goodridge, Juliette Hall and Glyne Murray

  70. Are we to in fact to believe that politics is a blood sport, and there are only predators and prey?

    yes, with the politicians/lawyers/ministers and minority business people being the PREDATORS and the majority Black population the PREY, between them and their new found minority friends once the people elect them, they all agree on one thing only, even though they hate each others guts….ROB THE PEOPLE each and every generation and enrich themselves, no matter what.

  71. @Barbados Today “no one from the Barbados Embassy in the United States had checked on him or reached out to him as a Barbadian. Inniss also has American citizenship.”

    If as Barbados Today says Donville is a U.S. citizen, and if he entered the U.S. on an American passport, then the Barbados Embassy in the United States was under no obligation to reach out to him, because he would have entered the U.S. as an American, not as a Bajan. So if he is indeed an American then he would be within his legal rights to speak with his Congress person.

  72. Robert why are you wasting time pn the lying jackass Waru? She has been caught out lying on several occassions and refuse to admit such.Therefore Robert ignore the idiot as she spends all day and night on the blog talking the same shite everyday.

  73. @ Cuhdear Bajan August 11, 2020 6:01 PM

    As I said, the Don is first and foremost an American living in the USA. Therefore, he really must not complain about the US legal system. He should have asked about it before he was naturalized.

    In essence, our American ex-minister claims that he used the bribe money for his election campaign “politically” and did not use it “privately”. However, the Don ignores the fact that he would have had to finance his election campaign from his own funds without the subsidy. So the bribe money saved him at least the use of his own assets.

    If the Don was right in his logic, there would never be corruption among politicians.

  74. Hot on the political front
    LAST WEEK was a busy one in politics.
    From former ministers making their feelings publicly known about their removal from Cabinet during the Prime Minister’s July 22 shake-up, to the walkout by some Opposition and Independent senators triggered by the appearance of colleague Lisa Cummins, to the resignation of President of the Senate Sir Richard Cheltenham at monthend, it was all happening.
    Let me start with the Cummins confusion.
    There is no doubt in my mind that Senator Cummins did the right thing to say sorry over the controversy surrounding her presence in the Senate last Wednesday.
    That said, many were still confused as to who she was apologising to in her video message recording on Friday.
    Walked out
    Was she addressing the other senators in the Upper Chamber, particularly the Opposition and Independent senators, some of whom walked out when she arrived to debate the Integrity In Public Life Bill, 2020? Was she addressing Barbadians?
    Some people went as far as wondering if the apology was genuine.
    I am willing to give Cummins the benefit of the doubt. We don’t know intent, nor can we assume. Many will want to draw their own conclusions based on several things but the fact is, she apologised.
    Cummins faced the music and the public and said she was sorry. That is not something everyone can easily do.
    I believe it takes some heart to publicly apologise, far less for some who have to do it in private.
    That said, I, however, do believe the new Minister of Tourism and International Transport erred in her judgement, turning up at the Senate just hours after her COVID-19 test results were returned.
    While she did receive a negative result, she should have thought through her actions, recognising that even though she was cleared of the coronavirus, the optics certainly would have been at play.
    Video-recorded message
    Cummins, in her video-recorded message, said how important the Integrity In Public Life Bill, 2020 was to her.
    “Long before I even came to Government, integrity in public life was one of the key things I spent a lot of time, effort and resources on because I believe in it. I believe it is important to who we are as a people, I believe it is important to Barbados and I am deeply disappointed that we were unable to get the support of everyone around this important piece of legislation,” she said.
    While many may understand the importance of this bill, to you and others there should have been some cause for pause.
    This is politics. In a chamber with a mix of senators representing different political interests, as well as those who are Independent, good judgement should have been exercised.
    Cummins must have known that the daggers would have been out had she stepped foot back into the Chamber so soon after getting her results.
    We know that she, along with Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic and others, including members of the media, were asked to self-quarantine

    and have COVID-19 tests done after they were among those welcoming the 95 Ghanaian nurses, 12 of whom later tested positive for the virus. Bostic made the right decision when he zoomed in on a national press conference from home, on that same Wednesday, even though he too, received a negative result. Cummins should have known that her actions would have had negative feedback. The senator acknowledged that while she usually made “proper decisions, measured and sensible choices”, this time around she had erred.
    Under microscope
    The reality for this senator is that in her new position and given this last faux pas, she will now find herself further under the microscope and public scrutiny.
    That said, it was also good to see Caswell Franklyn, the Opposition senator, who was vocal last Wednesday and making good on his promise to leave if she took her seat, accepting the apology from his colleague.
    I am almost a little sorry that Wednesday was the last sitting of the Senate before Parliament was prorogued. It certainly would have been interesting to see how this would have all played out in the Chamber now that the dust has settled and the apology made.
    The other issue that intrigued me this past week was the gall of the United States to issue a Level 3 travel advisory warning its citizens to reconsider travel to Barbados because of the risks associated with COVID-19.
    Imagine that! It hurts that the US got the jump on Barbados which really should have been in a position to issue a travel advisory against that country, given that the US has, to date, recorded about five million COVID-19 cases and 163 000 deaths.
    Minister Bostic gave his own take on the reason behind it, saying the move was “unjustified” and “retaliatory”.
    Could it really be that the big United States of America could be so petty that because some countries have listed this first world country as a “high risk” region, and understandably so, that it would now issue that advisory?
    Again, I am prepared to give that country and its top level leaders the benefit of the doubt.
    The US Embassy issued a statement last Saturday clearing the air, noting that advisories such as the one issued were par for the course in a global health crisis of this nature. It also noted that the objective of advisories like this one was to keep US citizens safe.
    This could be a blessing, especially since Barbados also needs to keep its people safe.

    THE UNITED STATES last week issued a Level 3 travel advisory warning its citizens to reconsider travel to Barbados because of the risks associated with COVID-19.

    Source: Nation News

  75. The island put itself in that position…still pimping tourists although that is now a waste of time and an exercise in disaster procurement….always too damn slow and low crawling….backward ministers who never put the health and financial welfare of THEIR PEOPLE FIRST…

    “Barbados because of the risks associated with COVID-19.
    Imagine that! It hurts that the US got the jump on Barbados which really should have been in a position to issue a travel advisory against that country, given that the US has, to date, recorded about five million COVID-19 cases and 163 000 deaths.
    Minister Bostic gave his own take on the reason behind it, saying the move was “unjustified” and “retaliatory”.”

    Lorenza the sheman slave…ya will soon end up like Patrick King…all of you including slave Enuff, you and el perrito ladrando….i must owe you slaves something…wait to collect, keep waiting…i don’t as a rule negotiate with voluntary slaves.

  76. Do we have some kind of hierarchy for bloggers.

    One man comment on a story and it draws fire.

    Along comes a similar comment from a different blogger and it is the gospel.

    Barbadians are also overreacting to the COVID-19 cases and a positive malaria test among the Ghanians.

    Hopefully, there are no COVID-19 cases in tourists from source countries like the US and UK.

    Hypocrisy is gonna kill ya.

  77. “Hypocrisy is gonna kill ya.”

    AND impoverish their backward asses..🤣🤣😂😂😂

    only people i feel any sympathy for are the helpless and unaware…who unfortunately will feel the effects of the minister’s incompetence the most, but the electorate knows well what they have to do come 2023.

    I saw Mia chastising people for going off on the nurses from Ghana…but she will never admit that it is a consequence of both black self-hating governments promoting the hatred of all things African, criminalizing Afrspiritualityality and refusing to teach African history in the schools, just because they are all colonial creatures only focused on self-aggrandizement, they deprived their own people of their history and now there is a manifestation of all they have done, she has the goddamn never to complain and feel no shame….

  78. criminalizing African spirituality…

    she has the goddamn NERVE..

    and oh yeah, not as important to me as it is to the over 260,000 BLACK BAJANS Mia LIED TO and DECEIVED with her big red bag of LIES, LYING ABOUT locking up the crooked corrupt Maloney and other minorities, LIED about locking up former ministers for corruption…..all in a bid to be elected to the parliament….we are still WAITING FOR HER CONFESSION AND APOLOGIES…

    everyone except the slaves are…

  79. So where did my special project and mascotas fly off to….BUs fowl slaves…

    must be somewhere plotting for me, but i am plotting too…

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