Education, Educator and the Masses

Submitted by Cherfleur

In the High Court of Judicature Barbados Community College (BCC) was established in 1968. FIFTY-TWO RH years and BCC does not know that they have a contract with each student. They do not know that their Hand Book forms part of the contract.

Pray tell, if all these educators with MSc and MAs and PhDs do not know that but are purporting to educate their population what would the end product or the population be?

Mercy, mercy, me!

BCC does not know that electives mean that students must freely choose the courses. BCC does not know that what they advertise forms part of the contract and to not deliver what they advertise is a Breach of Contract, false Advertising and liable for action under
tort. BCC advertising, Hand Hook and all/none of its literature bore no caveat emptor. It is a good thing BCC has a Paralegal program in its offerings and teaches or attempts to teach Business Law in some of their other programs.

BCC does not know its Graduation Requirements in its entirety or they have forgotten it along the way.

BCC does not understand the operations of its own Grade Appeal or they tried to maliciously subvert it and discriminate against a customer.

BCC does not know or had forgotten that their students are in fact customers and that the Consumer Protection Act governs how they treat their customers or in fact what they offer and how they choose to offer that which they purport to offer.

BCC does not care when their customers take in ill with life threatening medical conditions on their campuses that they have the duty of care to get that customer to the nearest hospital or medical facility immediately.

Oh dear no!

BCC for 52 RH years was operating like an island in the sea of all other educational institutions in the whole wide world (www).

BCC trump up this funny fishy practice, which they arbitrarily stuck into their Hand Book that authorize them not to refund Caution Fees after one year of departure from the college.

BCC, a learning institution does not know that they cannot arbitrarily decide on and institute matters as this without the individual customer agreeing to this. Now how deh geh dah do?

I do not want to say BCC is a liar, I believe they were just “hignorant”. But there is price for ignorance especially when it is cloaked with arrogance. So BCC has to answer to all the above and much much more…win or lose.

Somebody or “bodies” should be fired for allowing this complaint to get to the High Court
especially after 5 years of pleading and an adjournment with opportunity to resolve amicably.

This is egregious.

It is grievous.

27 thoughts on “Education, Educator and the Masses

  1. Barbados’ Ministry of Mis-education continues to violate the human rights of every generation of the majority population, they continue to criminalize and abuse Black parents who have the RIGHT to homeschool their children if they so desire, in keeping with the right to decide.

    They continue to UNDER-EDUCATE every generation with their 1950s colonial style of suppressing creativity and expressions of genius abilities in the children of the Black majority…they refuse to UPGRADE the system to meet today’s standards of a wholesome education complete with the powerful African history of the island’s people, again, they believe once elected everything is about them and the SUBSTANDARD education they themselves received….or things would be much, much, better on the island..

    They allow closed bretherns/whites, indians and everyone else who is not black to exercise their right to home shool but would maliciously arrest black parents for doing the same..

    While the African descended in the US have had more or less limited access to their powerful African history, the African descended in the Caribbean have had even less, they were successfully completely cut off educationally from any direct link to and information about their great ancestors and still are, in this era these crimes are perpetrated against them by their anti-black, black governments to continue to re-enforce and perpetrate european historical lies to another generation, even though they are no longer being forced to, but they have become so self-hating, that they are now doing so by default and for their own self-aggrandizement because they figure that their small island powers, gives them that right to continue the destruction of their own people. Vile theft of African history.

    ▼Article XV. Education 1. Indigenous peoples and individuals, particularly indigenous children, have the right to all levels and forms of education, without discrimination. 2. 3. 4. States and indigenous peoples, in keeping with the principle of equality of opportunity, shall promote the reduction of disparities in education between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions providing education in their own languages, in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning. States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall take effective measures to enable indigenous individuals living outside their communities, particularly children, to have access to education in their own languages and cultures.

    States shall promote harmonious intercultural relations, ensuring that the curricula of state educational systems reflect the pluricultural and multilingual nature of their societies and encourage respect for, and knowledge of, the different indigenous cultures. States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall promote intercultural education that reflects the cosmovision, histori es, languages, knowledge, values, cultures, practices, and ways of life of those peoples. 6. States, in conjunction with indigenous peoples, shall adopt necessary and effective measures to ensure access and the exercise and observance of those rights.

  2. Your international right to healthcare which should never be denied, particularly since it’s YOUR TAX DOLLARS funding the healthcare system.

    The protection of the Black Family worldwide, including in Barbados and the Caribbean has never been more important, there is no longer any excuse. Stop the experimentation on the African descended. Only weak leaders would allow these centuries old crimes to still be perpetrated against their people in the 21st century.

    ▼Article XVII. Indigenous family 1. The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society. Indigenous peoples have the right to preserve, maintain, and promote their own family systems. States shall recognize, respect, and protect the various indigenous forms of family, in particular, the extended family, as well as their forms of matrimonial union, filiation, descent, and family name. In all cases, gender and generational equity shall be recognized and respected. 2. In matters relating to custody, adoption, severance of family ties, and related matters, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration. In determining the best interests of the child, courts and other relevant institutions shall take into account the right of every indigenous child, in community with members of his or her people, to enjoy his or her own culture, to profess and practice his or her own religion, and to use his or her own language, and, in that regard, shall take into account the indigenous law of the people concerned and their points of view, rights and interests, including the positions of the individuals, the family, and the community.

    ▼Article XVIII. Health 1. Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical, mental, and spiritual health. 2. 3. Indigenous peoples have the right to their own health systems and practices, as well as to the use and protection of their vital medicinal plants, animals and minerals, and other natural resources for medicinal use in their ancestral lands and territories. States shall take measures to prevent and prohibit indigenous peoples and individuals from being subjects of research programs, biological or medical experimentation, or sterilization without their free, prior and informed consent. Likewise, indigenous peoples and individuals have the right, as appropriate, to access to their data, medical records, and documentation of research conducted by individuals and institutions, whether public or private. 4. Indigenous peoples have the right to use, without discrimination of any kind, all the health and medical care institutions and services accessible to the general population. States, in consultation and coordination with indigenous peoples, shall promote intercultural systems and practices in the medical and health services provided in indigenous communities, including training of indigenous technical and professional health care personnel. 5. States shall ensure the effective exercise of the rights contained in this article

  3. @Cherfleur

    Tell us examples of students being forced to take electives? As far as the blogmaster is aware students do not have a choice in the core subjects but electives is a choice.

  4. I truly don’t understand what this rant is all about. Maybe Cherfleur should have spent more time in the college’s classrooms and less in courtrooms.

  5. BU
    Electives mean student choose courses of their fancy.
    That is not the case for some programs. The elective is stated.
    One program, from its inception, or somewhere along the way had none.

    • @Cherfleur

      The blogmaster understands what are electives. Can you specific about the program that did not permit electives. Also what is the amount of the caution fee.

  6. Students are not forced to take electives, per se.
    The issue is that, in some programs, they do not get to choose the elective(s). It’s stated in the course offerings.

  7. @ Hal Austin
    Breach of Contract
    Breach of Consumer Guarantees:
    Misrepresentation/misguiding/ misleadinginformation
    Customer experience

  8. @ Cherfleur

    I like you bad doah!

    How can a single item be a choice?

    But dat too hard for dese ingrunt people to understand okay?

    If I pay caution fees and I ent damage nuffin um is like my security deposit to de landlord AND UM DUE TO ME WHEN I LEFF YOU PREMISES!

    But that is too hard from these ingrunt people called Bajans to understand causing dem bright.

    De term is called UNILATERAL CherFleur!

    Dis is the policy of the BLP regime of whom Santia Bradshaw is one!

    Why I calling she name Cherfleur?

    Cause effin she dont step in and direct dem to give people back dem RH money IT MEANS DAT SHE, AS DE RH MINISTER OF EDUCATION is encouraging the RH!

    And effin den complain bout Ronald WeJonesing den den got to be subject to de same standards!

    I agree wid you CherFleur but you got to understand dat you conversing wid the poochlickers association of Barbados euphemism for BLP REGIME SUPPORTERS!

  9. @BU re Caution fee.
    The amount is irrelevant. The industry standard is that it is to be refunded. The college decided that its thers if you do not request it within a year post graduation. Consumer Guarantee Act disputes that (unless the student had agreed to that). But this case is about Breach of contract n Consumer Protection/Guarantees. When you file such a suit you then identify the breaches. Caution just happens to 1. That also happens to be MY MONEY. No one. No one gonna scramble money from my child and then spit some bull shit at her. Its nit BCC’s money to keep.

  10. @BU re which programs denied the elective/choice.
    David this is bad enough as is. Many people still depend on this single govt run institution.
    You’d be shocked at the amount of practices at BCC that are breaches to Consumer Gurantees. But then BCC never viewed their student population as consumers, perhaps because the product is “free”
    I understand that BCC’ Chair has a law degree and a PhD. I am embarrassed that this matter was allowed to get to court.
    You see it began with 2 tiny issue which they were wrong n strong about since 2013/14. When I filed n lay claim, they were left like the king without his clothing.
    The Deputy Chair too, has a PhD and it seems it is the only way she introduces herself.
    BCC programs are so poorly structured that in @lmost all where there is the option, only 1 elective course is allowed contrary to handbook. In others the program schedule list which 1 course they want you to do. That doesn’t spell elective.
    BCC Handbook states how n how many electives students must take. Program brochures state another amount and still further the timetable displays another or in the case of Finance & Investment NONE. NADA. That is a breach of graduation requirements as per BCCs own Hand book. Yet the last batch and the one before that and perhaps the one before that was graduated without a single elective.
    No one at Hospitality Institute ever get a choice of a free course. Its only when I began collecting information n levelling accusations that I was proudly told, cources with the code GEED are electives. What the hell.
    So transcritps for that campus shows GEED courses but students DID NOT choose them. They were fashioned into the program aka dictated.
    BCC failed its Accreditation assessment recently – post 2014.
    You’d think that after all these kinks were identified n pointed out BCC would work on overdrive to remedy them before the date of assessment. Alas no.
    It tells me BCC didn’t think a fool like me really know anything that they with their PhD didn’t know.
    That is the real indictment against BCC. Only PhD people know.anything about college business; The business of colleges. Lol.
    So Velma Newton n Velma Denny et al received my suit and decided to defend an indefensible set of actions/breaches including Transcript Tampering.

  11. @BU
    Please call BCC Registry and ask.
    Actually BCC doesn’t take a refundable caution anymore. There is a new Administrative fee (I believe) which is exhausted at registration.
    Talking of fees BCC takes a materials fee from people’s children for photocopies etc but lo and behold students receive course work by email but have to print them the best way they can. They make you pay medical for your children yet when they fall ill on BCC’s property, BCC calls you to come get your baggage or, worse leave your child to die unless divine providence intervenes.
    All total it appears BCC is just a “shell company”. 🙂

  12. @BU
    We ended our relationship with BCC since 2015. All this time we were negotiating n pleading for commonsense to prevail allto no avail.
    So your question “what IS the caution fee or what IS anything, we do nit know.
    I filed my suit since March last year. That’s another episode in this saga.
    I actually started with intention in breach of contract and it escalated with breach of consumer Guarantees and Consumer Protection. 🙂

  13. Talk about twilight zones.
    I misplaced a text: Origins of Architecture (intended elective) in BCC’s library. They told me I have to pay for it. I agreed. But before I did the book was found in the bagbay and returned to the Circulation desk. The Librarian advised me that the book was found and returned to them. They had frozen my library cards. I asked to release my cards and the mad woman told ME that I had to still pay because I wasn’t the one who brought it back. I asked to speak to the Librarian who confirmed n condoned that rhetoric.
    Well I had to open “me koka” and flush some river water out pun dem in deh library. Wrote the Librarian a juicy piece of literature and copied the Principal (I believe) they released the debt from my acciunt.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Not having competition as a free tuition college gives BCC license to commit lots of fraud n abuse on people’s teen children.
    BCC acted all these years with impunity n without remorse and unchallenged. Until the messed with my too-too.

  14. @BU i hope I answered your question re which programs deny electives. They were many. But off hand, Hospitality for sure and some in Commerce.

  15. David is this the same Cherfleur who came to BU

    Complaining for her daughter’s employer. After her very fat daughter broke several of the employer’s chairs?
    Who complained that a non-relative old demented man was being abused, because his children refused to let her take him to HER lawyer to change a document?
    Who is complaining now about being unfaired by BCC?
    Who many years ago gave the Ministry of Education hell because her daughter was assigned to St. Lucy Secondary, instead of Queen’s College?

    Sometimes people complain of being persecuted when nobody has done them a thing. The persecution is all in the mind.

    A nutcase maybe?

  16. @Cherfleur “that electives mean that students must freely choose the courses.

    Not true.

    Colleges and universities typically define which electives a student may take. This is done in order to ensure that the students receive a well rounded education. So an institution may advise a student to chose an elective from group A liberal arts; and one from group B science; and one from group C history; and one from group D languages. And in each group there may be 3 or 4 or many more courses from which to chose. So for example in group D one student may decide to study Spanish, while another studies French, and another Chinese.

    The people at BCC are well educated, competent, and experienced. I don’t see why the institution is being dragged through the court.

  17. @ Piece the Prophet
    Thanks for the support
    Like BCC people don’t seem to understand that when money is not theirs they cannot arbitrarily so as they please. BCC didn’t know that the Law doesn’t allow them to withhold caution as per their hand book ‘disclaimer’ Only financial institutions have that right by nature of their Article of Agreements or Incorporated. This statement in BCC’s Hand Book is a breach of the Consumer Guarantee Act. BCC cannot look for ingenious ways to raise funds. Not with MY money. And especially not being disrespectful to my child while doing so.

  18. @BU re value of Caution fee

    I am just out of court and realize, perhaps, what your beef was about. The defense Attorney raised the objection that amounts below $10,000 are legislated/subjected to the Magistrates’ Courts.
    “You don’t know what you DO NOT KNOW”. that is the real challenge with many local Attorneys.
    1 There is no law that forbids an amount less than $10000 from being claimed in the High COurt.
    2 The matter/claim filed was for breaches. The caution fee became 1 among many. So it was not as if that was the only charge.
    The amount claimed in other breaches and damages way outstrip the Magistrate’s Court’s maximum,
    At any rate, if this was what you were aluding to, large firms and Govt. Ministries always upgrade claims made against them to High Courts.

  19. Simpleton Simon is Cuh Dear Bajan!

    You must recognize her simpleton style.

    Every article she write bot sheself


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