Submitted by Rickford Burke, President, Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

It is unfortunate that, in response to intense solicitation and lobbying from Guyana’s opposition People Progressive Party (PPP) and their lobbyists, the Chairman of the Caribbean Community, Prime Minister of Barbados, Hon. Mia Mottley, as well as the Organization of American States (OAS) and the ABCE Ambassadors in Guyana, are contemptuously interfering in Guyana’s election controversy when this matter is subjucie at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

The PPP is the most violently racist, brutally oppressive anti-black political organization is the Western Hemisphere. These foreign actors are interfering in the elections on behalf of the PPP. The results of the national recount of ballots cast in the March 2, 2020 elections show that the PPP has 15,000 more votes than the ruling APNU+AFC coalition. However the PPP’s subset of votes contain between 32,000 and 56,000 fraudulent ballots which were obtain through voter impersonation.

The Guyana Police Force, after an investigation by the Chief Immigration Officer, confirmed the presence of votes which were cast in the names of persons who are on the voters list, no longer reside in Guyana and were not present in Guyana on Election Day. The General Registrar of deaths has also furnished death certificates verifying that votes were cast in the names of dead people.

The Chief Election Officer (CEO) has confirmed in his report to the Election Commission that “In respect of the allegations of voter impersonation, responses from the Chief Immigration Officer and review of the General Registrar’s Office Deceased Reports confirmed that these were of substance.” Hence the thousands of fraudulent ballots that were cast through voter impersonation are not mere allegations for an elections petition. They are proven occurrences. These ballots cannot be counted.

The CEO’s report also states that “The summation of anomalies and instances of voter impersonation identified, clearly does not appear to satisfy the criteria of impartiality, fairness, and compliance with provisions of the Constitution and the Representation of the People Act (ROPA) Cap 1:03. Consequently, on the basis of the votes counted and the information furnished from the recount, it cannot be ascertained that the results meet the standard of fair and credible elections.”

This matter was ventilated on June 20, 2020, in the Guyana Court of Appeal, in the Eslyn David v. Chief Elections Officer case. The court ruled on June 22, 2020, that only “valid votes” cast in relation to the March 2, 2020 elections can be counted in accordance with Article 177 (4) of the Guyana constitution and Section 96 of the Representation the People Act. Consequently the CEO has prepared a report of valid votes only, which shows the ruling coalition won the elections. Foreign actors are now attempting to bully GECOM to change the lawful report to give the PPP the victory.

Guyana’s Chief Elections officer does not take instructions from the Chairman of CARICOM; the OAS of Western Ambassadors. The CEO takes instructions from the laws of Guyana; the Elections Commission and the Courts. Guyana is a sovereign State with a functioning, independent judiciary. Guyanese must reject any attempt by Prime Minister Mottley; the OAS and ABCE Ambassadors, to arrogate to themselves the powers of CECOM and Guyanese courts.

These foreign actors are attempting to force GECOM to disregard the ruling of the Guyana Court of Appeal and count fraudulently cast “valid ballots,” instead of “valid votes.” Under the laws of Guyana a valid ballot is a ballot paper which is correctly marked for the party for which the voter intended to vote. If that ballot paper is not correctly marked it is to be rejected as a spoilt ballot. On the other hand, a valid vote is a vote that is lawfully cast in person by an eligible voter whose name appears on the voters list, after that voter has been properly identified by a legitimate form of photo identification as required by law.

Guyanese are not prepared to accept a conflation of with fraudulent ballots with valid votes. We are not prepared to accept unlawful votes, that were cast in the names of dead people and people who live abroad as valid votes. Every Guyanese must resist this attempt by the PPP and international actors, to bully the nation to accept a racist, ethnocratic PPP regime based on fraudulent votes.

Moreover, the previous PPP regime, through death squads and extra judicial killings, murdered over 1400 African Guyanese, with impunity. This genocide was never investigated. There has been no justice. These black lives matter. What is CARICOM and the international community doing to bring about justice for these families?

The very CARICOM, which is speaking in support of the PPP now, was silent then when these African Guyanese young men were killed by the racist PPP regime. The PPP is the most violently racist and brutally oppressive, anti-black political organization is the Western Hemisphere. CGID calls on Guyanese to reject and resist any attempt by CARICOM and international actors to impost a racist PPP regime on our nation – via fraudulent ballots.

The bedrock of any democracy is one man, one vote, and that only legitimately cast, valid votes are counted. Guyana must be no different. CGID therefore calls on CARICOM and the international community to respect the democratic process and the courts of Guyana.


  • My many Barbadian friends and colleagues know of my admiration for their Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. I have followed her career for many years, not just in her recent incarnation as Prime Minister.

    During her term as CARICOM Chair, Prime Minister Mottley has led the region with a bold reassurance at a time, when as Prime Minister she is simultaneously navigating a tumultuous and challenging period of Barbadian economic, political and social upheaval. The Barbadian economy is unsteady, political democracy is threatened with a diminished and disemboweled opposition and difficulties have been encountered in tackling rising crime. Save for a decimated opposition, Guyanese are not unfamiliar with such difficulties and we are optimistic about a restoration of Barbadian stability and strength under Prime Minister Mottley’s leadership.

    Regrettably, today, Prime Minister Mottley, a shining light in Caribbean politics, succumbed to the temptation to over-reach and the result has been a blot on her regional reputation.

    The reckless, irresponsible and condescending lecturing of the people of a sovereign nation, by a Head of Government speaking from an ill-informed and prejudiced position ought not be tolerated anywhere in CARICOM. It weakens the region, rather than galvanizes it. It engenders bitterness rather than strengthen ties and bonds of brotherhood.

    Today, Prime Minister Mottley insulted and betrayed the people of Guyana and rekindled hurtful memories of Barbadian contempt, disdain and disrespect for Guyanese.

    Prime Minister Mottley over-stepped and breached the principles of non-interference. President David Granger graciously extended an invitation for her assistance, not her condescension and contempt.

    The recount process has confirmed fraud, the Court of Appeal, Guyana’s final court on this matter, has ruled that only valid votes can and must be considered and the Chief Election Officer has submitted his report as he is constitutionally mandated to do.

    Prime Minister Mottley, in an uncharacteristic wild flight of fancy chomped and challenged, “on what grounds and by what form of executive fiat does the Chief Election Officer determine that he should invalidate one vote, far less 115,000 votes?”

    Prime Minister Mottley is an attorney-at-law and a former Attorney General. Prime Minister Mottley is a sitting Head of Government. The Honorable Prime Minister, by training, practice, protocol, convention and duty ought to have known that she was stepping out of her crease and trespassing on the sovereignty of a sister nation. The Guyanese people cannot now be expected to ‘hold fire’ in the face of such poisoned interference.

    In Guyana, Guyana’s constitution is supreme. In Barbados it is the Barbadian constitution that is supreme. In neither jurisdiction can the constitution be superseded by external reproach.

    It is difficult to fathom a Guyanese Head of State lecturing, in an objectionable manner, the people of Barbados on how they ought to conduct their electoral affairs or instructing that they disregard their constitution for geo-political convenience in the face of proven electoral fraud.

    No entity, regional or international must be permitted to collude with domestic agents to perpetuate and foist a fraudulent election on the people of Guyana.

    My admiration for Prime Minister Mottley may have been dimmed but it is not extinguished. I shall remain hopeful that the Honorable Prime Minister will recognize her mis-step, spend some time on the bench reflecting and, in time, sufficiently redeem herself.

    In the words of the immortal Robert Nesta, the love remains singular.

    -Imran Khan, citizen, Cooperative Republic of Guyana.


  • A criminal conspiracy has been underway within the cooperative Republic of guyana.

    A constellation of regional and American forces are vying for influence over guyana’s newly found oil wealth.

    The central tendencies of those seeking to installl the racist, Modi inspired ppp cannot be fended off even when the guyana courts have found that the ppp of Jagdeo engaged in massive electoral fraud.

    Since the ppp and external interference prevented apnu from cleaning up the voters’ list. And boxed themselves in by rejecting new elections as offered by apnu. And with the courts ruling, rightly, that only legal votes can be counted ,the ppp has launched another cycle of foreign interventions in the internal affairs of guyana in contravention of guyana law.

    So again the caribbean court of appeal is to now decide whether it can consider a case brought by the indian dominated ppp. A function contrary to the constitution of Guyana.

    This constant meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign country by caricom”s political children will not end until a race war engulfs Guyana. Thet are playing with fire. And likre the proverbial children there will then be all manner of ringing of hands, pretending not to know the fire these assholes, all of them, were playing with.


  • @ Pachamama June 24, 2020 9:23 PM

    This contribution is an absolute low on BU and once again clearly shows that at least 80 percent of the writers do not live in our region. Apparently P. was never in Guyana and certainly not since March.

    Another point: Some peole on BU on the one hand condemn the democratically elected Prime Minister of Barbados as a “dictator”. On the other hand, the same people worship Burnham the Slayer as a saint and the mass murderer called Guyana-Jones as their patron saint.


  • What does it say about a people’s ability to self govern if the machinations of the last three months are weighed? This is a country with untold mineral wealth.Guyana and Trinidad should be at the spearhead of a region economic action plan. Instead…


  • Tron
    Unlike you, we have no particular liking for either political party anywhere.

    If the only rock you can hide under is your erroneous assumption that we don’t live in barbados, sometimes, or the region, at other times, then we must conclude that you should withdraw to the unglobalised rock you have been hiding under for the last 40 years.

    Notwithstanding, you should try to make contact with any of our substantive points or prove us wrong on any argument. That will require something more than a supreme devotion to the dictatorial BLP and Mr Mugabe


  • As the chairman of Caricom and the fact Caricom delivered an observer group on request from the government gives Mottley some room to comment?


  • But when those comments have been, over time, tantamount to an aggressive interference within the internal affairs of a sovereign country then they become a hostile act by a foreign power. An act of war!

    You should tell us when any government of Guyana has so interfered in the internal affairs of Barbados, if balance or justice is what you so seek,


  • Your comment does not address the substantive point. Mottley is head of Caricom and there was a Caricom Observer mission that submitted a report.



  • And it is not only Mr. Mugabe. Recently, the prime minister of SVG, the so-called incoming chairman of carigone made a similarly partisan comment.

    In any event the chairmanship of carigone is neither person’s substantive post.


  • Many BU commenters called for her to comment in her role as Chairman of Caricom. Have you seen the comment posted to the author’s Facebook page that the US Congress is monitoring and will comment on the mess the election result has produced?

    The irony.


  • The report submitted by carigone has been made mute by subsequent events. Those events have shown conclusively that massive electoral fraud was conducted largely by the PPP.

    The Guyana courts and its constitution prohibit the types of interferences which have long be aimed, by carigone and others, from behaving in these ways.

    In fact, if only valid votes are to be counted, like the court ruled, the apnu alliance would win 67 percent of the legal votes. This result overturns the erroneous numbers previously declared. Those numbers included the fraudulent votes.

    Because Mr. Mugabe is carigone’s head that does not give him a right to violate the constitution of Guyana.


  • This writer has long known what’s happening in Washington, the players involved. We have no need to rely on the article you’ve posted.

    Our conclusion is that American interests are about creating confusion, not democracy, nor free and fair elections. We’ve had GCOM staffed by people who are paid by foreign agencies. In Jamaica as well.

    By creating confusion, it opens us the country for the worst forms of exploitation. And that is the role of Washington. Mugabe and other Carigone placeholders are playing checkers on a board of sixteen dimensional chess.


  • The substantive point here Pacha is that Mottley is the head of Caricom, she must be sharing a position of the body she chairs and not her personal view.


  • Guyana situation worries Mia

    CHAIRMAN OF THE Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Mia Amor Mottley, is not satisfied with what has transpired in Guyana since that country’s general elections on March 2.

    “Many of us have observed with great sadness what has been transpiring in Guyana. It is more than 100 days since the people of Guyana went to the polls. And yet there is no declared result. From the very beginning we have been clear and said consistently that every vote must count and every vote must be made to count in a fair and transparent way,” she said in a media statement yesterday.

    Mottley, who is also Prime Minister of Barbados, added that regrettably, regional residents have seen a level of gamesmanship that has left much to be desired and has not potrayed the Caribbean in the best light.

    Not finest hour

    “This is definitely not our finest hour and we must not shy away from that reality,” she said.

    The chairman noted CARICOM was concerned at reports that the Chief Elections Officer has submitted a report to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) which is contrary to the directions given by the Commission and which do not reflect the results of the recount process as certified by the very staff of the Guyana Elections Commission and witnessed by representatives of the political parties.

    “These numbers and the certification of them were also witnessed by our CARICOM Observer Team. They travelled to Guyana (despite the pandemic

    and the risk to themselves) and they scrutinised the recount process. The CARICOM observer team was of the unshakeable belief that the people of Guyana expressed their will at the ballot box on March 2 and that the results of the recount certified as valid by the staff of GECOM led to an orderly conclusion on which the declaration of the results of the election would be made,” Mottley said “We must ask on what grounds and by what form of executive fiat does the Chief Elections Officer determine that he should invalidate one vote, far less over 115 000 votes when the votes were already certified as valid by officers of the Guyana Elections Commission in the presence of the political parties.

    “We must remind all that if there is any evidence of fraudulent or improper conduct then there is a clear and well-accepted route to deal with these matters. It is through an Election Petition to an Election Court,” she said.

    Mottley said she believed any attempt to provide numbers different from those certified by the staff of GECOM would leave many in shock and wondering what next would happen to frustrate the will of the Guyanese people.

    She said the role and focus of political parties must be useful and not obstructive in embracing and promoting the clear and expressed will of the people.

    “When we confuse and frustrate that will, is when we begin to sow the very seeds of discord and acrimony that we are sworn to dissuade and discourage.”


    Source: Nation Newspaper


  • But, as we said previouly, the position of chairman of caricom does not endow Mottley with powers which supersede the constitution of Guyana.

    It certainly does not or should not permit her to create conditions for a race war in Guyana nor suborn external intrigues in the country.

    You may have the last word.


  • Mottley cannot avert what is endemic. This is the history of Guyana where Indians and Blacks struggle to coexist.


  • William Skinner

    Amazing the Head of CARICOM cannot comment or support the Black Lives Matter movement; cannot even take a clearly articulate position on removing a Statue from her capital city that offends the Black citizens of her country; cannot bring Mark Maloney for Justice for the crime he committed, according to her ,that resulted in the death of a young child but she can meddle in the affairs of Guyana.
    The damn truth is that we are broke and Mottley believes that getting into bed with Jagdeo is her path to a front seat to get the spoils that criminal would try to extract from the people of Guyana if the ppp is installed as the government. Gonzalves is of the same mind.
    But in Mottley’s case Mark Maloney was a crook up to elections in 2018. She has a penchant for elevating and enriching crooks when convenient.
    Let the games begin……….


  • Sir William
    Quite right are you.

    They will sleep walk guyana into a race war in your one caribbean we are afraid.


  • So if you admit that Mugabe cannot controll the forces on the ground then why add tinder to fire


  • Sir William

    If you ever had a dream that rassoul Mugabe would ever prosecute a white man in bulbadus it’s time to wake up. That will never happen by either side.


  • Is she speaking on her behalf or Caricom.


  • i will support MAM’ s right as present head of Caricom to speak as long as she has been given such a mandate in these circumstances. there is no reason to believe she hasnt.

    what i take issue with is this- is MAM and by extension Caricom, saying that 115k votes which were declared invalid should be accepted as valid or that GECOM should not discount those votes?

    i am surprised that a statement from Caricom went as far as this did. usually such statements are crafted carefully to veer to a middle of the road stance.

    my take is that MAM and Caricom are hedging their bets. come down on the side of PPP and they will have a role in the get rich schemes in Guyana from the oil economy. if the APNU by some miracle prevails, it does not matter, they will be involved anyway


  • @ Greene June 25, 2020 8:53 AM

    As you know, some people criticize DLP and BLP for their closeness and personal friendships.

    The question is whether we really want two parties, like in Guyana, who go at each other with knives and slaughter each other, knowing that they are pulling the nation into the abyss.

    I really prefer our model.


  • Bajans loves to talk about officials rights to say or not say instead of more diplomatic language, even when wars of words could turn into real cold or hot wars even race wars in other peoples countries while in their own all types of atrocities can be inflicted on black people while these same bitches are sworn to secrecy.


  • PM Mottley violates sacred tenet of her legal profession- called on to harness her behaviour

    It is disappointing that none other than the sitting head of CARICOM, a Queen’s Counsel in law, choses to make comments subjudice even as the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is yet to hear a case brought before it on the recent election. Evidently forces are at work not to have us conclude this election in a lawful and orderly manner.

    Guyana continues to struggle to conclude its election amidst legal challenges, international interference as to the credibility of the results, and the most recent ruling by the Appellate Court declaration that only valid votes must be counted.

    The Opposition has approached the CCJ to pronounce on the Court of Appeal decisions. It is their right to so do. They and the respondents are entitled to due process to aid closure in our election and this must be respected. Guyana is no less deserving than any CARICOM member-state or any member within our diplomatic community fold to seek resolution through judicial process. All parties in Guyana, inclusive of government, are entitled to pursue legal justice.

    Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados, by speaking to an issue before the court, in violation of the sacred tenet of her profession, has sought to compromise herself and the process. In this regard she is either deliberately setting out to influence judicial ruling or public opinion. Some may consider her interference as an insight to her judicial integrity and an impartial leader in CARICOM when such leadership is required.

    This is not the first instance, since Guyana’s electoral struggle, that Ms. Mottley has put her foot in her mouth. The last time she displayed contempt for a Guyanese right to judicial recourse she completely ignored that the first CARICOM team played a part in seeking legal review as to the scope of their mandate in the recount exercise. The Prime Minister has a tendency for speaking out of turn. I don’t have to be diplomatic in telling her to harness her mouth. If she or any other considers this to be rude, disrespectful and out of order I am saying in advance she is reaping what she sows.

    When the election is over Guyana can survive without CARICOM, Barbados cannot. This statement is made in light of prior threat of former CARICOM leaders that Guyana can be expelled from CARICOM and other international organisations. The disrespect of Prime Minister Mottley, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves or any other Caribbean leader will not be tolerated by Guyanese. Not at this juncture. We will not tolerate this political interference, diplomatic bullyism and our right to resolve our conflicts judicially.

    We remind Prime Minister Mottley that though she feels safe today secured in her office she, like Prime Minister Gonsalves also faces political opposition. Whereas her government functions with a pseudo parliamentary opposition, Guyana is a true democracy where people have choice of leadership and are not subjected to one-party rule as she presides over. Guyanese have choices. We have a genuine opposition and genuine government collectively representing the people of this country.

    I hope Barbadians are taking note as to where their leader stands with regards to justice through the court.

    Lincoln Lewis
    Guyana Trades Union Congress
    General Secretary
    Tele # 592-697-1102 (cell), 592-226-2481 (office)


  • Every insider into all these events knows full well that our Prime Minister Mia Mottley is absolutely right.


  • We wonder where these charlatans who now appear were when the PPP government of Jagdeo was killing Black people in Guyana, particularly OSA the then PM of Barbados.

    What was happening in their minds when Guyana was under the illegal sanctions by empire in the 70’s and 80’s. When nobody wanted to have any to do with that country.

    We remember well other leading Bajan politicians from the BLP were seeking to interfere in the internal affairs of Guyana even then. Particularly Henry Debullah Forde.

    We want to know how Mugabe could pretend to have breakthrough relationships with African countries, on the one hand, but on the next, side with Hindu nationalists in Guyana against the Black Guyanese and other indigenous peoples. This represents a stark contradiction.

    The fight for resources in Guyana, represented in a flawed election, will determine the balance of real power for the next hundred years.

    That Mugabe comes down on the side of the Indians, under the rubric of their electoral crimes, while failing to factor these events as existential tells us that this loud-mouthed braggart is no more a pan-Africanist than Modi of Indian.


  • Apparently Mia is indeed interfering in Guyana’s business…she is being exposed and accused on another platform accused by a lawyer of interfering on behalf of Jagdeo another repulsive racist. What is with her and these slimy racists while she models a big black face. African descended in Guyana number nearly half million and all can tell you they have been oppressed and disenfranchised by that same criminal and others. Racism is also a staple in Guyana against Black people. But that is right up heralley because she does the same to her people.

    So when is Caricom member states actually going to sanction these evil leaders who refuse to stop the practice in the Caribbean while knowing it’s a human rights violation under international law and illegal.


  • “We want to know how Mugabe could pretend to have breakthrough relationships with African countries, on the one hand, …..”

    Let her keep it up. They are burning sell out Nig*ers alive all across Africa…they have had it up to here with black skinned sell outs and are ridding the earth of them.

    and she is a very clear case of one with an inexplicable hatred for people who look just like her…she sells out her people everytime into oppression, disenfranchisement and racism and see nothing wrong with that..


  • This is very serious because while researching my bloodlines, i can find a cousin in every island…which means they ARE ALL OUR COUSINS…..the divisions were engineered and contrived and the bullshit small island nationalism is another weapon to keep US AND OUR COUSINS across the Caribbean DIVIDED….another colonial construct..

    so if that sell out for a PM would do that nasty act to our cousins in Guyana, she would do the same or even WORSE to any other Caribbean state where the population is the Black majority …or have significant numbers and she would also do the same or even worse to the Black majority in African countries…selling out Black people is in her DNA.

    It is time that Caricom states as a collective, rid the populations of the repulsive racists and corrupt sell outs posing as leaders, do something for once in yall over 80 year old existence……cause ya have never done anything worth talking about for the majority populations before, there has never been a better time to start..


  • Piece ya old gal is doing what comes naturally to her, making sure that poverty, oppression and racism remains a staple in the Black populations of the Caribbean’s lives…..

    Greene…she had no mandate to speak, she was giving her corrupt partner the repulsive indian a platform with which to create destruction in Guyana’s black population’s lives as a favor to that racist…she was out of place, that is why the other islands that are not like her and her 5 other partners are so outraged…she had no right and authority to be thus TREACHEROUS to people who look just like her….but she does it to Bajans too so no big whup and still she will see nothing wrong with that…morally bankrupt…..


  • Pacha ….here is a video i came across, the dude is Guyanese, he is from the Indian group, don’t know which religion, but you can be sure many from that group are well aware of the games being played against them to KEEP THEM DIVIDED…AND KEEP THE COUNTRY INVOLVED in chaos…that is what the corrupt pretend leaders do and think the people don’t know…..he was having some technical difficulties for about 3 minutes into the video, then he got it fixed, he also has a take on the outgoing Caricom chair Mia and her clear attempt to feed the chaos and keep it going..


  • This is the history of Guyana where Indians and Blacks struggle to coexist should be
    **This is the history of Guyana where Indians struggle to coexist with Blacks **


  • Felicia Doughtz

    BU “…indians and blacks struggle to coexist”
    There is no “struggle to coexist” on the part of african guyanese! The so-called Hindus and indians as a whole are a MANIACALLY,RUTHLESSLY ANTI-BLACK/ANTI-AFRICAN community…Wherever in the world they run away from india and migrate to! Where in world history have africans been known to “struggle to exist” with another peoples???


  • Well…Pacha ah gotta tell ya….Mia better stay in her farm yard and mind her damn business, cause she got a ton of business to mind….lol…cause Barbados will have an election in less than 3 years and guess what, she just made sure everyone will keep their eyes on her shenanigans so she don’t even think she can tief the election and have dead people voting or hide boxes of votes…

    she should just have kept her damn mouth shut and let the racist Jagdeo fight his own battles because at the end of the day and i have been hearing it for a couple days that the coalition granger government is still in power….


  • @ Pachamama June 25, 2020 11:13 AM

    An insightful exposé revealing the hypocrisy of the Bajan politicians.

    Do these misinformed Bajan politicians appreciate that of a significant number of black Guyanese have their ancestral roots buried deep down in Bajan soil and any racial conflict could witness the mass killing of their own kin?


  • It does not matter if it is the Blacks or Indians the point remains, both groups struggle to coexist. Farming out the cause of the issue to Mia and Caricom is taking a convenient out.


  • Felicia Doughtz

    David, i have an unusual but earnest request…Please post Kumar Mahabir’s article titled “Black power agenda threatens national treasures.” i would love BU to see WHAT he is!


  • Miller….we know… and Mia cannot pretend not to know what Black Guyanese suffered under Jagdeo and all the previous leadership including Burnham, yet there she is creating more divisions just because she could…

    ….again, i warn Caribbean Black people that we are ALL RELATED BY BLOODLINE…..just as everyone in Barbados are cousins you can easily find hundreds and even maybe thousands of your bloodline cousins across every island in the Caribbean, am yet to find an island big or small where i dont have hundreds of cousins per island…..even in Cuba, Bermuda….all going through and right along the other side of the island chain…..

    So stop allowing scummy, deceitful, destructive leaders to continue to set their dirty agendas using the colonial construct of nationalism and racism designed to keep us divided and passed on to them by the UK who needs to take it all back and take their nasty leaders with it…..cause they should all be in prison anyway, what better place than UK, those are your creations take them back, you can have them…..


  • As the dude in the video hinted, they are playing with the people’s heads to create all out violence, that was the intent…..they know what will happen when they wind the people up and cause old racial tensions to rise..they used to get away with that like clock work in Guyana…but the people are now more awake, share information with each other and understand how the no good leaders operate much better than their foreparents ever would have, so Mia’s efforts fell flat and the backlash is now on her…


  • ▼Article III.
    Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination.
    By virtue of that right, they freely determine their political
    status and freely pursue their economic, social, and
    cultural development.”

    It says nothing about enriching minority crooks, Syrian Cartel or foreign thieves at the expense of the indigenous majority population. It’s 68 pages long so we got a long ass way to go.
    I want Mia to remember this Article right here because i know every government has a copy of this and it’s dated 2016 barely 4 years ago. I know as soon as you get these things you chuck them in a corner and dont bother to acknowledge them let alone apply them to the lives of Black Bajans as they were created for, but i will be posting it bit by bit cause yall are evil and deserve no less.


  • @Pachamama June 25, 2020 5:04 AM “But when those comments have been, over time, tantamount to an aggressive interference within the internal affairs of a sovereign country then they become a hostile act by a foreign power. An act of war!”

    Some people never seem to tire of writing sh!te.


    But there is plenty, plenty of nasty politics in Guyana.

    When a “Afro-Guyanese” party is in office they treat “Indo-Guyanese” badly.

    When an “Indo-Guyanese” party is in office they treat “Afro Guyanese” badly.

    This has been going on for decades and decades and decades and decades.

    But the last time I commented on Guyanese politics on this blog, some foolish woman called me the bed wench of an Indo Guyanese man.

    As though at my age I able to be anybody’s bed wench.

    And as though I did not spend my whole life, from age 4 earning my own living by the literal sweat of my brow. And as though I am still not working for myself.

    But Guyanese politics is so dirty that anybody who “dares” to comment gets cursed.


  • It does not matter if it is the Blacks or Indians
    India is a place so we know where Indians originate from. Is there a place called Blackland? Do we really have such a problem with calling ourselves Africans?


  • Cuddear…this is a different matter going on here….same dirty politics but you have nasty governments with agendas across the region, it’s oil and their greedy looks more sinister than the oil…Mia really should not have opened her damn mouth and that’s the truth..she knows how easy it is to trigger people whose thought processes have been manipulated and wired to be violent to each other……they would all know because they helped continue that crap over and over without any noticeable changes, do you see Caricom ever doing anything about the Guyana situation, all they do is sit on their fat asses and talk and talk and nothing, until next election…same old.

    People in Guyana are not stupid, their foreparents may not have been able to see this for what it really is, but they have no such problem,….Mia was warned a week or two ago to stay out of Guyana’.s business, i thought it was just because of the volatile situation, because we have seen this before sans oil….but she said nothing much for 114 days and then as she is about to leave the Caricom chair she says something volatile, while cooler heads are trying to prevail..

    besides everyone is talking about dead people voting in the last election, on FB…they got the place in an uproar….lol,,,so if that is the case…glass house…..stones…


  • @Tee White

    Point noted. Often times we allow ourselves to go with the flow.


  • Cuddear Bajan
    Loose lips sink ship.
    Wars have resulted from much less.


  • Felicia Doughtz

    @Cuhdear Bajan,
    “when an “Afro-Guyanese” government is in power, they treat “indo-Guyanese” badly.” LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    THAT IS AN INSIDUOUS, BOLD-FACED LIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Telling these lies ENABLES Indian Anti-African/Anti-Black RACISM! These are religiously induced, socially spread MENTALLY ILL people with respect to their mouth frothing HATRED of BLACK & AFRICAN! Brahmi-ism/Hindu-ism, is the mother of Nazi-ism & systemic Anti-African/Anti-Black RACISM.You cannot reason with them just as you cannot reason with a muslim that pork & alcohol are good for you. Muslims are taught that pigs are FILTHY ANIMALS that should be scorned & untouched…This how Brahmin-ists a.k.a. Hindus are taught to view black skinned, african featured people!!! This has been so for THOUSANDS of years! Did you know that the Buddhism came about as a SOCIAL PROTEST MOVEMENT against Brahmi-ism/Hindu-ism’s racism and oppression??? Brahmin-ists a.k.a Hindus, FABRICATE abuses by africans outside of india, to justify and mask their religious hatred & religious desire to enslave africans. They will constantly lie about victimhood while abusing africans. Research their behaviour anywhere on the planet they migrate to and interact with africans.South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius, UK, etc These are rabidly racist people!


  • Dear Prime Minister Mottley,

    After a hard day’s work, I listened to the statement by Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Chairman of CARICOM, regarding the election which were just held in Guyana and who was asked to use her good office to assist in the finality of the results of the March 2nd 2020 election. Your statement, Prime Minister, is one of blatant disregard for the respect which should be afforded a sister Caribbean State. Listening to you Prime Minister Mottley and knowing of all the details related to this process, you should know what occurred during the 80’s, when Barbados was against CARICOM’s relations with the Republic of Cuba; you should know that Barbados was a leader in the gang of seven for the invasion of Grenada; you should know that this is not the first time that Guyana was threatened with expulsion from CARICOM. Guyana has been down this road and we have experience to withstand whatever you and the other members of the “cabal” may try to bring pressure on the Guyana Elections Commission. I am amazed that you would walk away from a process which you started but maybe you came like the Trojan Horse, but you must know that our steel is sharper.

    Prime Minister Mottley, you are an attorney, and have been the Attorney General of Barbados and hence should not be a stranger to truth. However, today your statement has raised serious doubts in my mind. You were in agreement with the gazette order which had established the process which should be followed in the recount. The process examined the ballots and identified the irregularities which were executed in a transparent manner. Among the irregularities were votes cast by the dead; votes cast by impersonation; proxy votes cast without the requisite document and many more categories of irregularities. Now as far as I am aware Prime Minister, your mental health is optimum. So why would you want to ignore the objective and the defined recount process established by a legal process? I am indeed saddened by your behavior as the Chairman of CARICOM, in showing your umbilical linkage to gamesmanship and the willingness to ignore principles of truth and fairness. Your avoidance of these sacred principles must raise question marks in the minds of your political opponents. One does not know what a retrospective analysis might reveal for Barbados. I am sure that you are very familiar with the Order and understood the relevance of the Observation reports in the recount process. If they were not important, why were the signatures of all parties required? What is your message Prime Minister? Are you in fact saying that you have a comfort level with the inclusion of fraudulent votes in the electoral process of Guyana? This is indeed worrying that the Chairman of CARICOM, and sitting Prime Minister would accept fraudulent votes in a democratic process. Would you accept fraudulent votes in your Party’s elections?

    Guyana has its own Appeal Court, and of course its own Constitution. In a rather gross and disrespectful manner, you have issued a statement ignoring the ruling of Guyana’s Court of Appeal which in a most bizarre manner seeks to influence the Caribbean Court of Justice. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Prime Minister Mottley, you have ruled yourself out of the Guyanese Electoral Process and you are likened unto the families of Ananias and Sapphira and Judas Iscariot. Additionally, your silence was deafening when your colleague Prime Minister Owen Arthur called for the expulsion of Guyana from CARICOM. But as the good book says, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”.

    Lastly, as a University graduate and a person not wedded to mediocrity, you should not be guided by the report of your CARICOM team of Observers/Scrutineers. The report was severely flawed in the sampling methodology, and filled with bias. No one who is serious will accept the report with the sampling frame and methodology. I am sure that if any of you professionals who work around you were to submit a report of that quality, you woul deal with them condignly. Hence, Prime Minister, what is it that is in store for you? That is the million gram of MERCURY question?

    Roxane Burnham Van West-Charles


  • ▼Article V.
    Full effect and observance of human rights
    Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right to the full
    enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms,
    as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the
    Charter of the Organization of American States, and
    international human rights law.

    Well I am yet to see any of the two governments whose colonial practices have been so destructive to the majority Black population.. observing or practicing any of these fundamental and international human rights as outlined in this documemt or in the UNs 30 Articles of Human Rights ratified since 1948.

    Both governments in their arrogance and absolute backwardness, pretend that these documents dont exist, the people were never made aware of them until recently and that can be attributed to social media; ministers continue to act as though these charters that they are all signatory to and love to be seen signing does not apply to the majority population who elected them; that they only apply to minorities who they make sure have access to and enjoy these fundamental rights along with enriching themselves at the expense of the same majority, these people whom they prefer to have a relationship with for corrupt reasons while cutting out generationally the very people these international laws were created and meant to PROTECT completely out of the equation.

    Some charters that once adherred towould help to alleviate poverty and oppression, they outright refuse to ratify so that the people remain helpless and vulnerable..

    They boldfacedly allow the practice of racism and apartheid to be practiced on the majority population in direct violation of international law and then insultingly and disrespectfully call themselves leaders and got the absolute nerve to return to the same victimized population begging for votes every election cycle..


  • Glass house….stones.


  • Mia knows what she did was malicious and deliberate and if the Guyanse people were less knowledgable in this era her actions could have acted as an incendiary device thrown at decades old tensions simmering just below the surface which did not need much to explode. But that was the intent.Caricom has a responsiblity to sanction chairs and member states who continue to create destructive divisions within other island states including in their own and among other countries of Caricom.

    Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley Reprimand At CCJ Hearing
    By Editor
    June 25, 2020 4:11 P.M

    Former Attorney General of Trinidad & Tobago, Mr. John Jeremie, SC., today chastised the Prime Minister of Barbados and incumbent Chairman of CARICOM, Mia Mottley, for making prejudicial statements and attacks against Guyana’s Chief Elections Officer, although she was fully aware that Guyana elections matter is subjudice at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

    Mr. Jeremie asserted that it is unfortunate that the Prime Minister, who is an Attorney-at-Law, interfered in the matter. Chief Justice of the CCJ, Mr. Adrian Saunders, assured the litigant that the court will not be influenced by statements made outside of the courtroom.

    Reacting to this development, CGID President Rickford Burke said he supported the concerned raised by the former Trinidad and Tobago Attorney General and that what Prime Minister Mottley did was repugnant to jurisprudence in the region.”


  • That interference was an EPIC FAIL…Guyanese are not falling for those vicious crimes committed against their people anymore, they are ready to move on from that decades old blight of falling for creation of violence among the two groups through interference.

    This generation is not that gullible.


  • Thou should not throw stones at glass house’s if you live in one yourself. First you have to practice before you start preaching.


  • Some countries would be in a far better position if they still were colonies of civilized nations. The former servants cannot govern themselves. They need a strong master to command.


  • Sounds a lot like Barbados…

    UK abolished slavery and your lowlife governments still invite in minorities to enslave the black population..

    racism and apartheid were made illegal under international law, yet both black governments continue to allow the practice against the majority population to collect their bribes……decades after these crimes were made illegal…

    the problem is not the people for sure, it’s your black face sell out leaders who believe everything is about them and enriching themselves and taking bribes once they are elected by the people …so….they must be removed.

    yall greedy eyes are all focused on Guyana to see what ya can rob, but the people are waiting for ya backsides, hope they got their cutlasses well sharpened.


  • @ WURA-War-on-U June 26, 2020 10:01 AM

    We already have such a master in Barbados. It is called the rightful Government of Barbados with Mia Mottley as Prime Minister. So my comment does NOT concern our Royal Island. We live in a post-post-colonial society where performance counts, not origin. That is why the people have chosen the most capable person to be Prime Minister.

    After our victory over the Wuhan plague, we are obviously a civilized nation, which entitles us to rule over other undeveloped territories to bring them progress and prosperity and to teach them modernity.


  • Yeah…spoke to some Guyanese recently…their cutlasses are indeed well sharpened, ready and waiting, so go right ahead, yall think you can rob everybody… taking a front seat for this one….don’t disappoint me yo…..saw some Guyanaese on FB having their say, they can’t wait for yall to show up.

    Don’t forget to go into Africa to rob the African people also …they are waiting too….supersized tyres can be also found there and they burn just as well as any other size……yall know how ya love to rob Black people…so they also know and are ready..


  • Sweet talk.


  • Snake oil nonsense. I just cannot understand how sensible people can fall for this waffle – with hands flaring, fingers pointing and sentimental waffle about who we are. How we wished we had the quiet dignity and calm of Santia Bradshaw to make important announcements..
    The truth is that the president’s lifelong ambition was to be prime minister of Barbados, every move, every achievement, was towards that aim. Then she blew it with ridiculous crap about being world class in seven years and brain-dead idiots thinking she is great..
    For two years she has been in charge and has been found wanting. She is not as clever as her fan base believes. Fortunately for her, but unfortunately for Barbadians, CoVid provided her with breathing space.
    We still have a number of questions to ask her, which our dynamic press seem to forget. What happened to the CoVid economic council which she came off her sick bed to announce. All we got were eight sub-committees with chairpersons and, she said, they had four weeks in which to report. The four weeks have long gone. Have they reported back?
    Mottley can read Barbadians like the back of her hand. She knows we have a short attention span and this time next week will forget everything she said today.
    Have you noticed how she throws in nonsense about the health of the public comes before tourism, but in the meantime opens the nation to tourists. She knows the natives will not query the rest of what she says.
    This is a woman who neutralises her opposition: Commissiong, Arthur, et al. Give them a job, put them on a committee. In Arthur’s case it is humiliating. He walked out o the party on a 100 per cent pension, got a desk and title at UWI, yet he allowed her to offer him the chairmanship of LIAT and some CARICOM Guyana election nonsense. She can play them like toys.


  • @Hal

    you are on MAM like white on rice. lol


  • @Greene

    I am like a spurned lover. On May 25, 2018 I was in love. Since then I have been disappointed. We have a two-year old grand daughter who has recently discovered the word disappointed and relates it to when she is being naughty.
    So, if anyone does anything she does not like, she says “disappointed”. It kills us with laughter. Mia has disappointed me. Until the general election I would not have believed she was so out of touch and self-obsessed. On May 25 I was a convert, on May 30, when I heard of the White Oak deal, I was bashing my head against the wall.


  • Bajans, especially the party yardies, like to assign great intellect to their uber politicians.

    Now Mugabe has said her piece it turns out that under the constitution of barbados errors and omissions by electoral officials can be overlooked. However, not so under the guyanese constitution. Why would a supposedly bright lawyer not know this. Tron would say, because she lives over and away. Lol

    A former attorney general in trinidad and tobago marveled at Mugabe, as a trained lawyer, commenting on a matter which was sub judice.

    Now we have to wait until Wednesday to see whether the final caribbean court can even hear this case.

    Conclusion. Mugabe and her coalition of internation exploiters are failing in these reckless efforts to feed off the oil wealth of Guyana.


  • I want to know why she is not worried about the fact that the people want that racist statue removed, she don’t care what they want, but she is worried about Guyana which is none of her business, she is not worried that in the last 60 years and particularly since the advent of human rights laws ratified internationally, the majority population were denied their right to these human rights by leaders like her, denied the right to their own money and pension fund, but she don’t seem worried about any of that, she is not worried about the decades of corruption or thefts against the same people, she is not worried about the racism and apartheid practiced against them and the fact that they were barred from creating businesses in their communites, criminalized for even thinking about their African spirituality and deprived of their African history by backward thinking leaders like herself and denied the right to create wealth and to progress generationally, but she is worried about Guyana as though she has interests there…the low calibre leaders Barbados was blighted by, who have nothing to offer the majority population other than to suck on them like parasites, they and their fellow crooks.


  • Guyana is facing a civil war, our CARICOM leader tries at the last moment to prevent the worst. And what is the opposition doing on BU? They want to pour more oil on the fire, blinded by their ideology, their rage, their hate for other people and their radical racial doctrine. The difference to disappears more and more. There is a theory, after all, that you only have to radicalize yourself far enough to become one with the ideology of the other side.

    Therefore I pray that the gods will heal the blinded and protect our leader so that she may continue to work for peace in the world.


  • Pacha…they thought they were being slick and the incendiary device she was throwing at the Guyanese people blew back and knocked her on her ass, she had to run from the Guyana question but not before trying to make more mischief….., she, the black looking man Jagdeo and Gonsalves are being dubbed the Pirates of the Caribbean…


  • What about the US Congressmen who spoke out today about the mess in Guyana. Focus on the systemic problem plaguing Guyana and stop looking for scapegoats.:


  • The civil war that it is being said that she, Jagdeo and Gonsalves, a few others were also named, designed …to destabilitze Guyana and tief what is not theirs….got derailed, the Guyanese people saw through that scam….so no civil war…..the only war coming her way is if she don’t remove that cursed nelson statue, dismantle the racism and apartheid along with all the thieves she has sucking on the people and island, get them out of everyone’s lives….that will be the real civil war right there..


  • Guyana has always had dirty politics and even dirtier politicians, no different to Barbados, dirty politics, dirtier politicians, except that Guyanese don’t fear violence and bajans are very docile and accept their exploitation … for now….the issue here is Mia’s interference in the people’s business although they told her to butt, but she would do and say anything to distract from removing that musty statue of nelson….

    …. she can twist and turn it however she wants all their dirty deeds in Barbados and crimes against the people will still be exposed everywhere long after Guyana gets their mess sorted out…so her focus should be on correcting the wrongs both DBLP corrupt governments have visited on generations of their own people….and start by removing filthy nelson..

    it’s a waste of time focusing on the politics in Guyana , it won’t get any cleaner..


  • @ Tron June 26, 2020 6:12 PM
    “Guyana is facing a civil war, our CARICOM leader tries at the last moment to prevent the worst.”

    You really mean a ‘racial’ war, not so?

    What will the people of African descent be doing after they are dismissed from the public service under an Indo-Guyanese political regime?

    The British are directly responsible to this current state affairs going back to the 1840’s.

    That old colonial policy of ‘divide and rule’ works well only when the white man is in control of the economy.

    The British need to fix the problem the same way they resolved it in Uganda in the 1970’s.

    On the other hand, Ghana the gold coast and Barbados (badly in need of additional people according to the politicians) can take those blacks willing to emigrate and effectively return to their ancestral home(s).


  • Guyana is a country with a Korea like DMZ only demarcated by racial distrust.



  • @Hal

    i dare say you will be “disappointed ” more and more. and there will be lots of head bashing ahead.

    not even the court jester will be able to alleviate your headaches or mend your cracked skull


  • Pacha…they thought we forgot, we done know the Fowls forgot long time, but now it is back in her face….what Guyana what, the people there got their business well handled and i still got 68 pages of human rights violations against the African descended population in Barbados to EXPOSE……all committed by the sell out negros of DBLP> against their own people in the last 50 years..


  • “The British are directly responsible to this current state affairs going back to the 1840’s..”

    don’t even get me started…they are probably sitting their asses down glued to the internet watching which way the wind blows……all their wonderful, well engineered half human designs and creations…a goddamn mess.


  • @ Miller June 26, 2020 6:39 PM

    Living in the multiverse, Tron has insight into many things …

    Almost 20 percent of all Guyanese are now mixed. An Indian is prime minister under an African president. In the opposition, an Indian runs for president and an African for prime minister. The three election observers from CARICOM look to me as being of very African origin. Our Prime Minister also has African roots.

    Things are not as simple as they were in Burnham’s day, my friend.

    Another example: the current government has concluded oil contracts to the detriment of Guyana and to the benefit of the US oil companies. The current opposition promises to change that. Why should the USA have an interest in a regime change? Please explain this to me in more detail.


  • “Our Prime Minister also has African roots.”

    what the hell does that even mean…

    the election observers “look like very African origin”

    but Mia also has African roots????….all i see when i look at her ARE VERY AFRICAN ORIGINS …although with all that SELF-HATE she probably believes herself 85% european even though the genetic test more than likely says 70% nigerian and the other 15% other African countries…..the mix blood would be of south american texture, but they got a ton of black people too so there are no guarantees ……..

    yall better stay your asses out of Africa, they do not tolerate black face sell outs and house negros who don’t know where they came from…..and who disrespect their AFRICAN ORIGINS..

    And you think the black looking indian would do any different in Guyana, he would just tief everything with the other Pirates of the Caribbean., someone was describing his house to me and it sounded very much like a castle………..not to mention the repulsive history he got as president or pm or whatever he was and the people were happy to see the end of him….


  • @ Tron June 26, 2020 7:00 PM

    Our straight shooting no-nonsense Robert Lucas the mixed breed Amerindian has the ‘best’ solution to this intractable Guyanese problem.

    Get to ‘F’ out of those Indigenous people aka Amerindian lands.

    The Europeans, Africans and Indians are all illegal immigrants and should be treated in the most extreme Trumpian fashion.

    The current state of affairs in B G could provide the ideal opportunity for the Bolivarian republic to claim back what was stolen from them by the British land grabbing Cecil Rhodes of South America; that German agent Diplomat Schomburgk; a dear friend of Victoria’s consort the cock-piercing Bertie.

    Our BU John should be capable of filling in the details about Robert Schomburgk’s connections to Barbadoes in those good ole halcyon colonial days when Great Britain ruled the waves


  • @ Miller June 26, 2020 9:00 PM

    This is no time for humor. This is a very serious situation. The biggest crisis in the Caribbean since the American attack on the communist island.

    Guyana is our only economic hope. If this Burnham admirer blows up the country, we’ll be the economic collateral damage.


  • I’m seeing people commenting that the Prime Minister is right. No objective person who arms themselves witj the facts will support Prime Minister Mia Mottley misguided position. Again these are the facts:
    1. Guyana’s opposition PPP is part of an international conspiracy with international actors to force out the APNU+AFC coalition government to control Guyana’s oil and gas.

    The PPP is attempting to sneak into government through the back door with fraudulent ballots. The March 2, 2020 election was plagued by fraud and voter impersonation. The Police and Registrar of Deaths conducted separate investigations and confirmed, through immigration records and death certificates, that PPP operatives around Guyana voted for dead people and people who live abroad; whose names remain on the voters list. To cover up the fraud they destroyed elections documents required by law to authenticate each ballot.
    The PPP and their international actors are trying to bully GECOM to count fraudulent ballots along with valid votes.  There is a big difference between a valid ballot paper and a valid vote. A valid ballot paper can be fraudulently but correctly marked for a political party by someone who is impersonating a legitimate voter.  However, a valid vote is a vote cast in person by an eligible voter, whose name appears on the voters list, after that voter properly identified him or herself with a valid photo ID as required by law. The PPP’s vote total consists of thousands of fraudulent ballots that were cast via voter impersonation and are therefore invalid votes. The recount total shows that the PPP has 15,000 more votes than the ruling APNU +AFC coalition. However, the Elections Commission has evidence that over 32,000 ballot papers marked for the PPP are actually fraudulent ballots.
    The Guyana Court of Appeal ruled on June 20, 2020 that only valid votes cast in the March 2, 2020 elections shall be counted. The Guyana constitution mandates that the Court of Appeal ruling is final.
    However, the PPP has appealed the Court of Appeal’s decision, that only valid votes must be counted, to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The PPP is the only political party in the history of the world that is appealing a court decision that says only valid votes must be counted in an election.  The PPP is the only party in the world that is fighting to have dead people’s votes and fraudulent votes counted. Every Guyanese and Caribbean citizen must reject this, and demand that only valid votes must be counted!
    The previous PPP government used death squads to kill over 1400 African Guyanese. There has never been any investigation or justice for this genocide.  We must all join the relatives of these death squad victims and the people of the Caribbean Region to demand justice for these black lives that were murdered by PPP death squads; the operators of which are now trying to regain power by fraudulent ballots.

    These are the plain facts!


  • Tron…Guyana’s election is not the biggest crisis in the Caribbean, THIS IS…and if all the riffraff governments in the other islands did like Barbados’ governments and deprived the African descended of their human rights in the same vile manner…it is the black on black CRIME OF THE CENTURY.

    just lookee here…Barbados’ deceitful governments have not only colluded to DENY the majority population ALL their HUMAN RIGHTS for 50 years, but they REFUSED to acknowledge that the African descended also have COLLECTIVE RIGHTS TO THEIR OWN LAND, that was systematically stolen using the land registry, the supreme court, robbing 3 generations of their lands and rights..

    I will address the stealing by sell out governments of the right of the African descended to judicial fairness and the right to practice their African spirituality that the black governments also colluded to rob their own people of in another segment. They have robbed the indigenous African of everything. And that is why the Black majority can never figure out if they are coming or going….crime of the century against the most vulnerable, perpetrated by the nastiest of 2 Black governments.

    ▼Article VI.
    Collective rights
    Indigenous peoples have collective rights that are
    indispensable for their existence, well-being, and integral
    development as peoples. In that regard, States recognize
    and respect the right of indigenous peoples to their
    collective action; to their juridical, social, political, and
    economic systems or institutions; to their own cultures; to
    profess and practice their spiritual beliefs; to use their own
    tongues and languages; and to their lands, territories and
    resources. States shall promote, with the full and effective
    participation of indigenous peoples, the harmonious
    coexistence of the rights and systems of different
    population groups and cultures.


    relating to judicial proceedings and the administration of the law:
    “clear words are a matter of practical rather than juridical significance

    Land that both governments and the gaggle of lawyers in the Bar Association and in the Supreme Court have been stealing for themselves and colluding with the evil, no good minorities both local and foreign to steal from the people from 1964, robbing generations of Bajans their futures, their right to wealth and progress, robbing their beneficiaries and sinking them into generational poverty, none of you have had any problem with those crimes against the people…and all that stolen land should be RETURNED.

    Right here is the evidence in Article V1 shows that you knew that you were committing crimes against the people, but was never deterred, that is why you hid this book of human rights, you thought the people would never find out, but here it is, can’t hide it anymore..


  • It would appear that the regional observers do not see anything wrong with the inclusion of invalid votes. The observers appear willing to give a nod to stealing. The recount also included an audit of the votes and was conducted in the presence of Caricom observers. The observers would like the votes to be accepted as is, although conceding that there were irregularities. The process is going through the courts and the latter should be allowed to settle the matter without extraneous actors getting involved.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    The Guyanese are trying to deflect some their disillusionment and frustration over THIS election onto PM Mottley and her comments thus far in a controversial election. It is not the same as the valid criticism of Mr Gonsalves premature comments where GECOM had not fully completed its 4 stage method to validify the recount.
    This is a case of trying to kill PM Mottley as the messenger (and Chairman of CARICOM) and not listening to the message. The reality is that GECOM’s ability to even validate this election is seriously under question. People must not forget the first act which drew CARICOM attention to this election. That is Mr Mingo’s, as returning officer, allowing a clearly fraudulent vote count in Region 4 to “help” the APNU win the election. So a neutral observer will ask, by what method CEO Lowenfield can now invalidate 115,000 votes( 25% of all votes) 4 months after those same votes were certified???. Is there a conspiracy by CEO Lowenfield to give APNU the elections also???. The lack of transparency in invalidating 25% of all votes is the problem at this STAGE in an already controversial election. Naturally it is GECOM mandate to root out any electoral fraud. but if even if CEO Lowenfield can validate his method in invalidating votes, how can any party take any comfort knowing they came to power in an election where as much as 25% of total votes were voided or invalid??


  • Annie Dookhan worked as a drug analyst at a laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts.

    She worked for the Hinton State Laboratory in Boston, and her phenomenal results led to her being given the nickname “superwoman” by her workmates.

    Dookhan would test 700 samples of narcotics per month in comparison to her colleagues’ 300.

    In an act called “dry labbing”, she would visually identify drug samples without even testing them.

    This led to her achieving a lot more test results than her peers.

    She would also add illegal substances to samples which came back negative.

    One court case saw the chemist testify that a piece of cashew nut was actually cocaine.

    Despite concerns from employees, bosses turned a blind eye often calling her actions a lapse of judgment.

    It didn’t become clear until 2012 why Dookhan was able to churn out so many results, when it came to the light that she was falsifying drug tests.

    This raised eyebrows within the department and further investigation revealed she had forged the initials of another evidence officer in the log book, an act which saw her suspended from her duties.

    Despite being suspended, she was still able to testify at trials in court, this continued until the state attorney of Boston was notified and Dookhan was placed on administrative leave, she then resigned from her role in 2012.

    Netflix has released a documentary detailing her life and crimes called How To Fix A Drug Scandal which is available to watch now.

    Dookhan would identify drug samples without testing them in an act called ‘dry labbing’.
    Dookhan would identify drug samples without testing them in an act called ‘dry labbing’.Credit: AP:Associated Press
    What was Annie convicted of?
    Although the lab where Dookhan worked at was in Boston, it was being run by Massachusetts Department of Health, but control of the facility was passed on to Massachusetts State Police in 2011.

    During this change of power, the state police, who became aware of Dookhan’s foul play, decided to mount a probe into her case.

    This probe opened a can of worms and it was revealed that her bosses had turned a blind eye to her behaviour, for example when she had tested over five times the average for testing, producing 500 samples a month-even though her peers had hardly seen her in-front of a microscope.

    She was charged for her crimes in September 2012
    She was charged for her crimes in September 2012Credit: Getty Images – Getty
    These worrying findings were enough to get the lab shut down.

    Dookhan came clean about the full extent of her crimes, admitting to altering and faking test results in order to cover up her frequent “dry labbing,” or visually identifying samples without actually testing them.

    She even went as far as to add cocaine to samples in which no cocaine was present, and said she had been dry-labbing for as long as three years.

    Dookhan also lied about her academic achievements, after she claimed in sworn testimony that she had a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

    This led to Dookhan’s arrest and in September 2012, she was charged with obstruction of justice and falsification of academic records.

    The following years resulted in 36,000 successful appeals of convictions that used analysis from Annie’s lab.

    Annie received three to five years in prison and two years of parole.

    When she was being sentenced the judge said: “The integrity of the criminal justice system has been shaken to the core.”

    Dookhan was sentenced to five years in prison and two years probation
    Dookhan was sentenced to five years in prison and two years probationCredit: AP:Associated Press
    Where is Annie now?
    In April 2016, Dookhan was released from Massachusetts Correctional Institution, Framingham, after being approved for parole.

    She served three years of her sentence.

    The Boston Herald, reported that Dookhan is now focusing on family and “adjusting to normalcy”.

    Her attorney, Nicolas Gordon, said she wasn’t surprised about her early release.

    He told the paper: “She’s moving forward with her life and she has a very positive outlook on the future.

    “I don’t think she’s made any major life decisions about what she’s going to do. She’s certainly keeping her options open.”

    She was told to have mental health evaluations after leaving prison.

    She has not spoken to the press about her case.

    The ramifications of her actions were felt far and wide and it is said that up to 40,000 people could have wrongfully been convicted as a result.

    This resulted in over 20,000 of those getting their convictions overturned in 2015, at the Massachussets Supreme Judicial Court.


  • I remember that case…a real dirty low life…she served time in prison for being such a bottomfeeding racist from the Caribbean…

    None of it takes away from the fact that Mia lives in a glass house and cannot throw stones at anyone in Guyana…read the above, no one is likely to believe her anyway…i sure don’t simply because what is going on in Guyana is none of my business, neither is it hers, she got more than enuff dirty business to mind in Barbados, of her own making..


  • So how can any of yall parasites in the parliament and bar association still sleep so well at night for so many decades knowing that ya have stolen ya own people’s birthrights, left them in poverty, set minorities to practice racism and apartheid against them and ROB THEM, used the supreme court to steal their lands and abuse them, criminalize them and their children to hide your crimes against your own people…and so many crimes it would take an international human rights courts years if not decades to unravel… house…..stones.

    and don’t forget, yall are also being accused of having the DEAD vote in the last election 2018….but keep throwing stone…don’t stop, ah still got the same 68 pages of international human rights left to point out every one of your human rights violations against your own people..

    ▼Article VI.
    Collective rights
    Indigenous peoples have collective rights that are
    indispensable for their existence, well-being, and integral
    development as peoples. In that regard, States recognize
    and respect the right of indigenous peoples to their
    collective action; to their juridical, social, political, and
    economic systems or institutions; to their own cultures; to
    profess and practice their spiritual beliefs; to use their own
    tongues and languages; and to their lands, territories and
    resources. States shall promote, with the full and effective
    participation of indigenous peoples, the harmonious
    coexistence of the rights and systems of different
    population groups and cultures.


    relating to judicial proceedings and the administration of the law:
    “clear words are a matter of practical rather than juridical significance


  • @ DLP TV June 27, 2020 8:26 AM

    Thank you for presenting the facts here. I’d like to add one more thing:

    Lord Mingo, an old Burnham veteran, had number X for region 4, Baron of Lovenfield first named number Y, and now number Z. That means they are constantly changing numbers.

    It is very clear that some people have a fundamental problem with numbers. I just mention the legendary decision of the Court of Appeal that the majority of 65 votes is NOT 33:32, but 34:31. Whether this numerical weakness is racial, genetic, cultural or medical, I explicitly leave open here …


  • The Progressive Reform Party, a mainly Hindus party, has just taken over in Suriname. If the Guyanas have lots of offshore oil, can you imagine the fight that will take place for control.
    For those interested in the Guyana oil economy, just have a look at Angola.


  • Felicia Doughtz

    @Hal Austin 9:54 p.m.,
    Annie Dookhan is TYPICAL! You should read the other in depth articles in how Annie Dookhan BOLD-FACEDLY LIED about studying at ivy league colleges while working full time!! Her mentality coms from her hindu mindset of being insatiably obsessed with STATUS, and a willingness to lie, cheat, steal, Drug Traffick & kill for it AS A COMMUNITY. She is only special for being CAUGHT!This type of behaviuor among indians has undermined and destroyed Trinidad, Guyana and anywhere indians migrate to.


  • @Felicia

    I have read it all. I followed the case. My real interest is not fraudulent qualifications, but how she came from the pits of Trinidad in to the US and felt comfortable fitting up black people.
    Th authorities should have checked out her qualification. That is incompetence. The racism is another matter. Yet, Bajans think when the New Barbadians arrive they are going to abandon their culture.
    A culture based on caste is also a culture based on race and religion and class. Look at the Dalits (Untouchables)


  • @ Hal,
    This was a major new’s story that was reported on by the BBC and Aljazeera. I assumed it was a Chinese managed company. The reporters refused to name the nationalities of the owners. I wonder why?

    Now we hear that it was a pack of Indians. No doubt this form of employment is being practised by Chinese and Indians when they relocate to black countries.

    Why do we tolerate these abuses from foreigners. How is it possible for an employer to blatantly break the employment laws of a sovereign country.


  • @TLSN

    Barbadians somehow believe when these people come to Barbados they automatically change because we are so nice. India’s unique selling point now is that they will soon surpass the 1.4bn Chinese.
    The avalanche of Asian reporters and editors they then control the agenda. It is even worse on the World Service. I am sure you have also noticed that Africans have overtaken Caribbeans in the climb up the greasy pole at the BBC, ITN and Sky. We are constantly being pushed back. Similarly, have you noticed the number of South Asians who are now routinely on CNN talking about the CoVid?
    I have also previously mentioned the inflow of Africans in to the Tory party, this too will be reflected in the agenda-setting and how the ethnic experience is interpreted. Africans, mainly Nigerians, are now buying Caribbean passports because they provide ease of doing business in Europe.
    If our clever dicks for politicians and administrators think they can handle the Nigerians, boy just you wait.


  • “If our clever dicks for politicians and administrators think they can handle the Nigerians, boy just you wait.”

    @Hal Austin June 27, 2020 5:17 PM

    by the time they figure it out, all bajans would be living on pelican islands. Nigerians are good, v good. the greatest mid to hiogh level con artists in this world. swindling must be a taught subject there. they are that good


  • @ Hal,
    I, too, have noticed these trends. There are a fair number of African pupils who attend public schools far in excess of those from a Caribbean background. Historically, well to do Africans (especially the corrupt) have sent their children to the UK to receive their education. They certainly are embedded more into the upper echelons of English society than those from a Caribbean background. Ditto the Chinese, Russians and all those other nationalities that send their children to the UK to receive their education.

    It is a pity that Caricom is incapable of seeing the damage it is doing to the region by the selling of Caribbean passports to all and sundry. I had no idea that the Nigerians were cashing in on this scheme.

    We are a naïve people who seem incapable of recognising the threats we face with the influx of foreign people. Yet we are hasty to chastise and imprison our own for the most minor of offences. Hal, I share your concerns.


  • Today was a good day for Mia Mottley, leader of CARICOM, President of our hearts for life and Prime Minister of the Royal Island of Barbados. LIAT is bankrupt and has to start over.

    We already have a suspect: Chairman Rt. Hon Professor Owen S. Arthur.

    Well done, Mia! We are already looking forward to the results of the COVID19 council. We’ll have plenty of new culprits.


  • This is what Mia should be concerned with….she is only fooling fowls and the mentally challenged..

    Barbados’ Broken Relationship with its Prime Minister
    sickayoucorey #PopDownElections, Babadus, Politics June 22, 2020 7 Minutes

    I don’t type these words lightly, but it’s time.

    In 2 short years (June 2018-June 2020) the political landscape of Barbados has changed.

    Wholly and completely.

    Yet even the so-called intelligentsia of the country barely seems to notice.

    In 2 short years Barbados went from being a 2 party state – which was limiting enough as it was – to a country with one Supreme Leader™ and zero parliamentary Opposition (no, Joseph Atherley and his lower case opposition don’t count).

    Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley – CBC news loves to remind you her full name, yknow just in case you forgot between daily news stories;

    In this piece I take issue not with her leadership, policies nor right/wrong decisions, but instead with the precipice of disaster Barbados teeters upon with its current political setup.”


  • Mia Mottley not only reads the common Barbadian people like her own hand. No, she also exploits the weaknesses of the men around her. In the case of OSA, hubris and blindness. No manager with some class would embark on an adventure like LIAT – unless your name is OSA.


  • That is the reason no one should get involved in the Guyana brouhaha, depending on whom you speak to and their individual agendas you are hearing this side or that corrupt side won the election and all are accusing each other of election fraud of one kind or another….we shall see, the only time i use the word hate is to display my utter dislike for politics and politicians..

    So let’s not forget that Mia lied and deceived her way into the parliament and after that acted as though the black people who elected her only exist to be abused and lied to again, while the usual racists and thieves are promoted by her using the people’s money…. let’s hope the Articles of human rights being posted act as a deterrent to stop the violations of the majority population’s human rights….by consistently exposing it to the world.

    …….i saw where the people in Guyana are cussing her poisonously, after a certain time Granger told her to butt out of the country’s business after asking her to participate as observer, but something had to have happened between then and now and am sure it has something to do with the negro looking Jagdeo with the ugly reputation…..


  • It is so boring that every single issue some of you always find a way to squeeze it into your narrow and selfish agenda. So boring and sure to move us nowhere.


  • “by the time they figure it out, all bajans would be living on pelican islands. Nigerians are good, v good. the greatest mid to hiogh level con artists in this world.”

    am convinced that at least 3/4 of the African descended population in Barbados or maybe even more are predominantly of Nigerian bloodlines….ah mean despite the sentiment and pretense of being all british, a total delusion, they had to have come from somewhere IN AFRICA….country of origin….lol


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