Beware the Trojan Horse @Ministry of Education


One of the many observations made about the “useless” Auditor General reports is that the obvious corruption exposed private sector players to have been involved in questionable government contracts. Regrettably malfeasance in public office is endemic to how many governments govern in the region. Some will say it is the lure that attracts members to the political class.

In 2019 there was a debated issue in Antigua around a flawed procedure followed in the acquisition of 6000 e-books for $9 million used in secondary schools. The supplier in the matter was an Indian firm, FortunaPix. At issue was a license fee per user in the amount of $5 million not brought to the attention of the Cabinet of Antigua when the matter was considered for approval. This issue reminded the blogmaster about an issue raised by the Auditor General of Barbados regarding the inability of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) to have meters read wirelessly – 2019 Auditor General Report Provokes a Yawn.

It was reported in Barbados this week 5th formers and teachers preparing for CXC CSEC exams next month will be able to access an application known as LernPrep for free up to July 31, 2020. The supplier of the App, FortunaPIX.

Fifth-form students preparing for CXC CSEC final exams in July, now have some help thanks to a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and US-based digital education company, FortunaPIX.

Students and teachers may now access the CSEC Exam App, known as LernPrep, free of cost until July 31. The test preparatory app is a product of OneLern, a brand owned by FortunaPIX.

See CBC Barbados reportFree CXC CSEC Exam App Launched In Barbados

Here are a few questions that spring to mind to what looks like a ‘sweet’ deal.

  1. The free partnership expires on July 31, 2020. What happens next?
  2. The partnership was consummated by Radleigh Consulting…a company responsible for “business and investment” NOT education. Can Barbadians expect an explanation about the “fit for purpose” capability of Radleigh Consulting?
  3. As for FortunaPix, will they be looking to send the Government of Barbados an invoice like they did Antigua and Barbuda recently? See –

With a revenue of $21M and “island connections” it cannot be that hard for outside investors to get a foothold in the Caribbean market at this time of need. Especially with the reluctance by government to operationalize Integrity Legislation. Is this another case of all that glitters is not gold?


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  1. @ Enuff June 24, 2020 6:02 PM

    We want to pose the question to you, again.

    Was it you who acted as the complainant to ‘force the CoP to arrest Greenverbs?

    What has happened between the blacklisting of Bim by the EU & OECD and Friday last?

    Or are you going to get into one of your usual tantrums and “Stupse” stupse away?

    Hal is really yanking your WC chain today!

  2. @ NorthernObserver June 24, 2020 6:45 PM

    Noted, “NO”!

    But we can congratulate the current administration for being proactive even if it is one year too late after the Donville-gate affair was exposed.

    The most recent AG’s report about those massive financial irregularities and infelicities ‘executed’ under the previous administration might throw a spanner in the works in any efforts by the current administration to appear to be serious about cleaning up the jurisdiction.

    The AG in his report made it abundantly clear that legal proceedings ought to be instituted based on the evidence unravelled in his audits.

    We shall see if it will require ‘additional’ intervention by ‘foreign’ observers to force the local law enforcement agencies to do their job properly if the country is to be considered for any chance of removal from the EU & OECD ‘blacklisting’.

  3. BU Gang: You’re liar, a pimp, a yardfowl, dishonest, uneducated, not a true member of the political class, an insider of the BLP, a minister, Kirk Humphrey, a lawyer, not a lawyer, a project manager, pooch licker, fabricator, Google-dependent, jackass etc, etc, etc

    Enuff: Unbothered! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. He has never made an independently intelligent contribution to any conversation on BU, from Hyatt to the lockdown to online sales killing the UK high streets………………..The guy has psychological problems.(Quote)

    • All of us walk with inherent biases, even you. Enuff is actually a very intelligent person which can be gleaned from posting. It does not mean there will not be disagreement on different issues. It is how we are wired. In fact out of disagreements good things can happen.

  5. “He has never made an independently intelligent contribution to any conversation on BU, from Hyatt to the lockdown to online sales killing the UK high streets………………..The guy has psychological problems”

    Yet I wiped the floor with you on the matter of CPOs, urban regeneration and private non-residential development. You know so much that in 2020 you describe HR management as box ticking. Then you have the nerve to portray Barbadians and Barbados as backward because you read books. Who have you advised on economic, finance, social policy, fiscal policy, planning, regeneration or any of the multitude of topics you speak with such faux authority and pomposity on BU?

  6. @ Enuff June 25, 2020 6:06 PM

    Well, well!

    A classic case of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black in this tit-for-tat display of vanity in a double-sided mirror.

    Now who is being verbose to a ‘T’ in this exchange in the black art of ‘lyingology?

    Yes, Hal is right. Bim is indeed a “failed state” as far as it its judicial system is concerned.

    For it is taking the EU blacklisting to force you guys to find the cleaning cloth to remove the years of dirt from its smudged and broken surface.

  7. The Dullard said shortly after the last election 2 years ago that @Enuff is merely the BLP version of AC/ Mariposa.
    And should be viewed/ treated as such. Enuff’s comments, are all crafted to fit and conform to the BLP narrative, so the truth really does not matter to her.
    Every comment from Enuff should be taken as being politically motivated.

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