150 thoughts on “Prime Minister Mia Mottley Speaks to the Nation

  1. Too exhausted to listen to Mia, but really..only yardfowls of the most limited intellect would want any of you near their tax dollars and pension money for another 7 years….yall are TOO NOTOROUS…more and more will contine to come out…so maybe alyuh should consider getting the hell out as soon as ya can….what VISION for 7 more years what…ya goddamn well mad..

    Get a vision for the corrupt parliament, bar association AND SUPREME COURT…that is where vision should be applied, funny ya can n ever find a vision to get rid of the corruption and the same corrupt minorities and corrupt insurance companies.

    Ah bet everybody got a VISION to TIEF AND launder billions more though…all stolen from the people.


  2. Cannot contribute to a video that is not hosted on a “friendly site”

    Interestingly I expect that the Honourable Blogmaster and the horde of Mugabe poochlickers will have nuff to say about that comment about video file hosting.

    But, a careful read of Golden Boy Chris Halsall’s recent contributions here WILL SHOW THAT he refuses to click on video links on this site and insisted that the blogger precis his video submission

    Of course, not a fellow ent call Halsall paranoid abou his actions not to watch a video here but then again people does genuflect to these ascended ones!

    But Piece ent no ascended one


    • The debate about Sandals has always been about the wash pan of concessions given by regional governments. Trinidad was able to beat back as a result of the experience in the other Caribbean sites.

  3. You woud say all the right things too if ya had no ethics and morals, no repsect for your own people, hate ya own skin color, determined to keep your vulnerable people in modern day tourism slavery and poverty and even more determined to tief another 3 or 4 BILLION DOLLARS to offshore it….for you and your tiefing bribing friends.

    alyuh better wake up and WATCH THESE RATS..

  4. @ David January 3, 2020 7:57 AM
    “The concern must be restated that the investment pipeline is to skewed to tourism related products.”

    Given what is unfolding in the ME wouldn’t it be wise for the PM to revisit this plan of putting all of the country’s economic survival eggs in one fickle tourism basket?

    Terrorism is no respecter of vulnerable states like Barbados. On the contrary, it finds itself easily and cowardly attracted to such soft targets where national security and defence is a knee-jerk reaction by ill-equipped policymakers and policy-executors.

    What plans do the Mottley administration have for bringing those former CLICO plantations’ lands back into cultivation and production of food and other crops as a matter of urgency given the looming terrorism risks which are fast unfolding in the ME and about to spread globally?

  5. Nobody gonna take Mia seriously anymore ten years of promises has turned into a year of empty promises and gimmicks
    Gimme de vote and watch me has turned out to long exhausted travels at taxpayers expense and stealing duppy bones out of the country
    Ten lefthanded garbage trucks and now nowhere to dispose of garbage
    Begging and cow tonguing the dispora to please help Barbados at their expense while paying an oversized cabinet to do little or nothing at tax payers expense
    So we gather and hope and pray that barbados moral values would improve
    In meanwhile drug dealers walked up the steps of parliament hand in hand with govt minister
    Gimme a break
    More smoke and mirrors to fool the gullible
    Not me

  6. Oh dear. i hope that Enuff etc. int vex wid me. Becausin’ I must admit that I fell asleep during the Prime Minister’s speech. Old as I am (remember I was working long before the Prime Minister was born) I can still work hard during the daytime, but don’t ask me to do anything, including listening to Prime Ministerial speeches if it is after 9 at night.

    So David can you post a link to the speech so that I can read it in the bright light of day.


    P.S. Next time tall the PM that she must stick to the 7 p.m broadcast time if she wants the elderly people who voted “B” this time to hear her. And you Enuff and Co. must do whatever is necessary to ensure that she is on time.

  7. @ David
    What do sixty seven more rooms mean to the current state of the economy mean:
    Construction jobs food on the table for some construction workers and some permanent jobs for hotel workers.
    That’s the bottom line. You talk about “ wash pan” concessions ; I talk about jobs for people who now catching their backsides to prop up the well to do. You like many others don’t understand the competitive nature of the tourist industry.
    We are mainly attracting hotels that are franchises the majority of the profits will never reach our economy.
    The only thing that poor people get are jobs. That’s my focus. You can continue with I’ll informed analysis. It’s one sided and detached from reality.
    Something for nothing does not work in the real world. We are not the only ones with sea and sand.
    Sandals building an additional sixty seven rooms is a plus for dozens of workers.

  8. According to the PM, many children are disadvantaged for life depending on which school they go to after primary school! So the PM is stating as a fact that there are schools which are not educating students and are causing children to become failures in adulthood! Wow!

    What is the Government planning to do with the teachers and principals of these schools?

    Let me declare my hand. I voted for these clowns.

  9. @ Ping Pong

    Don’t forget that the PM wax once the Minister of Education. She speaks therefore with much authority.

    The Duopoly Rules

  10. A list of gimmicks by Mottley
    The so-called brooha about Sandals
    One of the biggest political gimmicks tossed into the public arena by Mottley to win over her blp yardfowls supporters under the disguise of “too much concession”
    Months after winning she tries another trick of going after Sandals /Paradise on the west
    The realities of this stalled stagnated and depressed economy calls for economical equality given all sides a chance of survival


    Is that your understanding of the word disadvantage….blaming the teachers?

    St George vs HC
    GAM vs QC

    You cannot see the disavantage there without blaming the teachers?
    The poor teachers at St George and GAM probably have to work a lot harder than the the ones at the other schools and first thing you want to do is pull them down.

  12. @ David January 3, 2020 9:08 AM

    That parasitic sector is woefully dependent on Government initiated and funded projects while making super profits in the importation and distribution sectors of the economy like the same Massy and its Trinidad-owned competitors.

    We shall soon see if the budding barons in the tourism business are genuine when the financing of the construction of the Hyatt hotel and the gentrification of greater Bridgetown move from dreams in the investment pipeline to real(i)ty providing much needed jobs and economic activity to stem the rising tide of social unrest among the young people of Barbados.

    We will see whether these private sector business tycoons are prepared to put their own money where their mouths are instead of sucking from the already sore financial nipples of the overburdened taxpayers.

  13. @John2

    That is the crux of my concern. I am NOT blaming or pulling down the teachers of any school. It is the PM who, by insinuation, is pulling down the teachers at unnamed schools! I fully support the teachers of ALL schools who are trying their best. Other than the students there is very little difference between schools in Barbados.

  14. Ping pong

    There was never close equality between the schools in Barbados. what the PM said is !00% correct.
    There is a huge gap between the schools I mention and everyone in Barbados will tell you that.
    then there is the one in St james where you had the killing. If you went school There you are at a total disadvantage.

    You just don’t understand what the PM said. She said nothing or insinuated nothing towards the teachers! that’s the conclusion that you jumped to for whatever reason.

  15. @ Ping Pong
    @ John 2
    The educational system we have is elitist. The PM knows this. She was once the MOE.
    The problem I have is that we are being fooled into believing that the inequalities within the system only became pronounced or evident last week.
    It’s called hypocrisy. The Duopoly has been beating up on teachers since the mid seventies.
    In terms of St James Secondary. One unfortunate horrendous occurrence does not reflect the entire school. That’s like telling me that I should not live in any parish where somebody was murdered.
    I will therefore now be living on Pelican Island !

  16. @W Skinner
    Don’t forget that the PM wax once the Minister of Education. She speaks therefore with much authority.
    What are you trying to insinuate? Are you hinting that as a former Minister of Education the PM could have done her part to ensure some equality among the Secondary Schools? Are you a subversive? Looka here we are embarking on a 12 month bank Holiday we want sweetness and light we don’t want anyone from “ova and away” to cast any grey clouds over we celebrating, we gwine issue an APB for you if you try to enter the island and ship yuh bach to wey yuh come from.

    • The other argument is that the has learned from that time and should be in the best position (today) to make good on that learning. She promised that her MOE will be leading the nation in a discussing about education, the expectation is to make it more relevant. Should we give Bradshaw the time to see what she has up her sleeve?

  17. Ping pong

    What the PM is saying is that if you went to a schools like St Goerge, GAM, ST James and you go looking for a “good” job that people who whent to HC, QC applied for, the students from HC/QC most likely to get the job than the one from the first three mentioned schools. that is the kind of disadvantage she is referring to.

    The ones who went to the “lower” schools would more get the jobs like working at NCC etc – where you would never find the ones from the hc/qc working unless it in the top positions.

  18. WS

    You are getting me wrong on the st james school. I think there was a name change and I cannot remember the new name so that why I mentioned the killing.

    That school was always at the bottom of the list from the time I can remember it. IMO it is even lower that St George and GAM.

    I am not “pulling down” because of the killing – it was down long before that.

  19. @John2
    which schools did Ronald Jones, Chris Sinckler, Magistrate Frederick, David Estwick, the Deputy Principal of UWI, Mona, the Principal of UWI, Cave Hill, Junior Alsopp QC, the owner of ShopSmart, the Principal of QC, the Deputy Principal of HC, Speaker of the House Arthur Holder, Michael Lashley QC, and many others too numerous to mention attend?

  20. A math teacher that I know is a graduate of the St. James Secondary/Frederick Smith Secondary. Truly a genius who has spent his life teaching all comers including those who go to HC, QC, Cawmere etc.

    Can teach math anywhere in the world. It is our blessing that he has chosen to teach OUR Bajan children.

  21. Other than the presumed capacities of the students what is different between HC and any other school in terms of curriculum, examining boards, physical state of the school, the qualification of the teachers, the universities and colleges that teachers attended, the training and experience of the Principals, the remuneration of the teachers and Principals, the training of the teachers, the books used, the food served in the school canteen, the sports played, the extra curricular activities or even the the desks, chairs and chalkboards or whiteboards used (have I left out anything)?

    The PM has explicitly stated that many children are condemned to failure because they had to attend certain unnamed schools. By mixing up the intake of students it is insinuated that ALL or MOST will now succeed. If a certain school is now failing to educate students what is going to change when ONLY the intake of students is changed?

  22. @William Skinner January 3, 2020 10:41 AM “The educational system we have is elitist.”

    All of academia is elitist. Elitism is good. All athletics is elitist too Elitism is good. Does anybody complain that I am not permitted to compete at the Olympics with Usain?

  23. Ping pong

    I have not a clue except that I have read that sinckler went to springer. but that still does not say anything.
    There are always some that will break through no matter what school they go to.
    I know of some who went to a “lower” schools after primary but then finished in one of the “upper” school because did so well at the “lower” school. Hell, I know of some that got degree/masters.

    That is not the point
    The PM said MANY – not all that went to those schools.
    The fact still remains and we all know it …..there is no equality in the school system. and the lower schools are disadvantaged.

  24. @ Silly Woman
    When looked at from that perspective it always appears to be good. It’s like how some look at democracy or capitalism.
    We have an educational system that discards a great proportion of our children in a very crude way via something called the eleven plus.
    I have heard and lived your perspective for over fifty years. I therefore respect your position but believe me a child that can run fast can go to Harrison or Garrison and that’s a given. Beating Bolt is no problem.
    A child that feels dejected after leaving primary school and can’t spell his or her name and then has to survive secondary school and then later tries to get a job is in another situation altogether.
    Like I said I understand your position and if you embrace elitism within an educational system we have to agree to disagree.

  25. How can you say that teacher are failing to teach when the evidence is there with the” break out” students or is the breakouts teaching themselves?

    It is the stigma of the schools that is disadvantaging “the many students for life”

  26. this talk of making all the schools the same is just smoke and mirrors again. just like how they made the schools co-ed. it is pure nonsense.

    maintain the positives and work on the negatives in the education system.

  27. Ping pong
    Answer honestly

    Three people apply for an accounting job
    The requirement us cxc general grade 1
    St george, hc, gam (all grades 1)

    In Jan 2020, who do u think is the most like on get the job in Barbados ?

    Same school
    Which one do u think would be found working a job as a landscaper at NCC?

  28. @John2

    Of course the one that one to HC because that’s all that is important. (Isn’t that what you believe?) You are being quite silly but at least you are consistent.

  29. Ping
    Both u and i know that most likely the one from hc would get that job
    It had nithibg to do with what i belueve
    U just want to bury you head in the Sand and believe all is equal or nearly equal

  30. All balanssi know the jib would go to hc
    If i was doing the hiring most likely i would give the job to hc
    That just how it is and that the disvantages for the other schools
    But u dont wanta admit it so u trying to out it on my
    U a total bullshitter just like Hal u probably even Hal for all i know

  31. Good going forget all of the jump and boast theatrics last night and talked about an educational
    Certain the issue of education has be hashed and rehashed a million times over
    Having the same ole managerial administrators at the Helm would change nothing
    Lets start at the meat and bones of what is driving the global community and connect the various ways technological skills are important to productivity

  32. @ Ping Pong
    @ Simple Simon

    I tend to agree with both of your comments. There are other factors other than the schools attended.
    No one is condemned as failure. Of course it depends on how one defines failure. Is book learning the only requirements for a productive and useful life? Does it measure intelligence and wisdom?
    Not every one wants to be an academic. Nor does a happy well adjusted society requires it.

    It is this type of narrative that undermines the social objectives of Education. Barbados has done very well so far because of our system of education. We must continue to improve it to meet the demands of the decades ahead.

    The system is competitive not elitist. But on the current trajectory there will be no need for the competitive system. The Population is an ageing one. Please note that primary schools are being closed and amalgamated. Secondary schools will go through this process soon.

  33. @ john 2

    Will you give the job to the HC graduate despite the fact that he does not have the training,qualifications and aptitude for the job? I doubt it.
    I do not think other employers do that either. Please do a survey and tell me if all competent performers in this society came from “the good schools”.

    • @Vincent

      What John2 is opining was true back in the day when the school tie approach was prevalent. These days the process of recruitment is more transparent. Especially in unionized organizations.

  34. @ David Bu

    Not even when I was a lad 50 years ago.
    There were agreed criteria for selection to positions. One met them or not. Of course there were situations where ethnicity, classism, and connections played a part. These arise in all societies but they were not the general rule. What intelligent person would want to work in such environments any way?

  35. there MUST be some individual approach to the situation





  36. @ GP at 2:24 PM

    Having done some teaching at all three levels my experiences are similar. I would like to add attitude to your list of two. Those who met the criteria were prepared to put in the work, were interested in passing, and had positive attitudes. The parents were also supportive psychologically.

  37. Vc

    I and most would hire the Person with the most experience etc

    What i am saying is that with things equal
    Most people would go for the one from hc before the other two schools
    This is the dusvabtage for those schools

  38. @ john 2 at 3:29 pm

    Barbados is lucky that things are seldom equal. All like now so we would be in Duck’s guts.
    And that is coming from a graduate of a “good school”.

  39. Thanks Ms Stewart for summarising Mia’s speech. Keep up your fine work. You have saved me the agony of trawling through 52 minutes of pure propaganda.

    Whilst we in Barbados have had to put up with several generations of the Mottley crew; spare a thought for our poor Angola brothers and sisters who have had to endure a family dynasty called the Dos Santos. We are in good company. Punching well above our weight.

    Click through the various hyperlinks on the link below to discover more about Angola and the Dos Santos family.

    What is been played out in Barbados is the norm for the entire African continent when one discusses leadership.

    If there is one certainty about Mia’s leadership – she will leave office a richer (financially) woman than when she was first elected.


  40. @ de ole man guess that with the song Auld Lang Syne pun wunnalips all of wunna conveniently forgot that Mugabe Mottley administered the EDUTECH 2000 debacle as Minister of Education

    At US$236 million dollars of RH wastage

    But de ole MSN gine keep quiet because “a fool convinced against their will, is of the same opinion still!”

    All HAIL Mugabe! who de Honourable Blogmaster says may got something up the “sleeve” of the current Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw


  41. Frauds Piece…all frauds…they say one thing, mean something else, care not one shite about the people only about the billions they can move offshore and move around in other countries, ya should hear the local companis names being called in Money Launderer’s Inc…local vehicles to move tens of millions at a time, offshore….true definition of a criminal syndicate …a large one.

    ….the Cahill scam is now the lawsuit scam…unfortunately for them they got so damn uppity and full of themselves…they took their criminality to other jurisdictions and now cannot pull any of it back..

    “Douglas Trotman Charles Alleyne thanks bro. What many don’t know is that I had this discussion with the PM prior to election.
    I have sought “outside” help as well. However, it looks like there is a plan to pretend that nothing untoward happened… and only to mention “the neglect of the last ten years” as a sound bite..and move on!
    Cahill is an international matter… the law of the contract is the UK.
    That can’t be swept under the carpet!
    The port contracts… the port in general… deals mentioned “in the wind”.
    If you have renegotiated then you have evidence… follow your promise to the country… a promise that got you 100% seats and DISCLOSE… freely and honestly!”

  42. Not everyone are dumb asses.

    “Charles Alleyne Douglas Trotman Yes it is time we are able to see these deals they are getting us into, and this can only be possible if our people see those contracts.Thereby the FOI and Integrity Legislation must be put in place to prevent further corruption.This country must do better and can do better only if we the people insist on accountability and transparency.Barbados cannot move forward unless such measures are put in place and do not care how much gathering or plan in 7 years it is not going to work.”

  43. @ WARU

    a suggestion for you if I may.

    The 1st of the Rented Jackasses Hee Hee is saying that what you say is illogical.

    Give me leave to comment on what he is saying please.

    There are a number of things you place here that people dont understand BECAUSE THEY DONT SEE THE OTHER THINGS YOU POST ON FACEBOOK.

    For example you said some things earlier about Leslie Haynes and Frank Alleyne and CLICO and people here, for the most part were lost by what you said.

    The fact is that you are referring to the Panama Papers and the clearly cited links between directors in several companies overseas!

    The thing about that incestuous director information is THAT IT IS NOT THE TYPE OF INFO THAT PEEPLE OR SHEEPLE HERE will read!

    So the Rented Jackasses can take pot shots at you.

    De ole man will suggest that you take SOME, not all the pictures, that show the connections, between a so called forensic investigator and a company that he is supposed to be investigation AND POST THEM TO IMGUR and then include your link to that here.

    This is what I have been encouraging Senator Caswell Franklyn’s team to do VIA PROXY!


    All you have to do is upload a few of the really incriminating images.

    Dont make it a repetitive thing though, use it for impact!

    Please accept this suggestion in the sense of camaraderie given!

  44. Piece…got ya…

    The rented jackasses will help everyone bring Money Launderer’s Inc. all down, let them keep it up, they can’t help themselves, they are dumb like that….ah want some of them to get caught in that big net, serve some serious prison time for the thieves in parliament, because when it’s save ass time, guess whose asses will be most likely to save themselves and throw these ignorant, slaveminded dummies for yardfowls right under the bus.

  45. The dimwitted fowls should be asking Mia, what is she doing with all those offshore accounts in her name..all of which are being posted to Facebook, the world is watching.



    The dimwitted fowls should be asking Mia, what is she doing ?

  47. Since tourism is the only game in the private sector, why not diverse the industry one step further and go for a vegas-style casino attraction. Give Atalantic resort in The Bahamas some competition.

  48. “The dimwitted fowls should be asking Mia, what is she doing ?”

    asswipes don’t ask questions, they just take orders.

  49. Born into money my ass…ya mean BORN INTO TIEFING from Black Bajans…since the 1940s, so how come we have not heard about all these millions before…they are THIEVES..who robbed the island and generations of Bajans with their fellow THIEVES>.

    “Don Article My boy if it in her name it legal, she come in government with 81 million she int new ta money , so she can have off shore on shore sea shore I sure and you sure accounts ANWAYYYYYY !! she legal.”

    They were in power…TIEFING…they are carrying millions and the country is broke…

    “Don Article Alex Mitchell do you understand that her party then was in power for 14 years ? And her father got bout 5 times more money than her ? She born into money , it’s only obvious she would have to had created businesses over 14 years that me and you might know nuttin about.”

  50. Yall are looking real good, ya all over social media showing how all those millions parked offshore were really accumulated…keep it up i say, am quite sure there is more.

    better stop telling lies about being born into money…LIARS.

    all those old people now deceased who were coerced into signing that great big ledger while the FAKE MAYOR pretended he was feeding the poor in queens park…he made these vulnerable people detail what properties they had, easy scam, pretending to feed the poor while getting info on what proerties they owned…and guess what…THEY ALL GOT ROBBED…and so did generations of their beneficiaries..

    and yall carried on the legacy of robbing the cash poor but estate rich Black people for decades…..THIEVES…

  51. With all the multimillion dollar offshore accounts all of you have…WHY IS BARBADOS BROKE and how did it get that way..

  52. Making the rounds on whatsapp. This is how they all ended up as millionaires and billionaires. This is how they started stealing from the country from the 1940s when the bar association syndicate of thieves was created by Edwy Talma et al and every generation of bar vipers carry forward the tradition. They use their many layers of BAGMEN, insurance companies and the supreme court to pillage and launder. They would have never opened those sealed envelopes declaring assets they have sitting in the parliament. They plan to THIEF another 3 or 4 BILLION dollars (not going to happen) first, then claim they were born into money. Evil negros. They all need to declare their assets especially since so many tens of thousands of people are on the poverty line because of their thefts. Boasting of being millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the people. I told you they were boasting. And making every lowlife minority thief like themselves millionaires and billionaires too. Everyone except who they steal from. Yep. Both filthy DBLP governments did that for decades and still intend to. They are partners in crimes against YOU.

    “This is how they all became millionaires and billionaires through their bagmen and laundering the money and estates they stole and offshored through insurance companies and the supreme court.”

  53. Blaming the international community for what YOU continue to do to the island AND people will not cut it anymore.

  54. Verla Depezia responds

    Leader of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Verla DePeiza has questions about the arrangements related to the procurement of the new garbage trucks in the island.

    And she said that Prime Minister Mia Mottley failed to answer them, as hoped, when she spoke on Thursday night about her seven-year plan to transform Barbados into a world-class society.

    She described Mottley’s 60-minute speech as eye opening for what was not said, adding that it sent a clear signal that tougher times were ahead for Barbadians.

    “It didn’t answer any questions. Even in relations to the garbage trucks and circumventing the procurement rules. I don’t recall any state of emergency being declared or any emergency situation surrounding the garbage that would permit circumventing the procurement rule.

    “We have not been told who it was that brought them in. If there is any connection close or business to any person in Government or Cabinet. There is a lot that we have not been told,” DePeiza said.

    “We need more information on the garbage trucks. We haven’t been told costs, who brought them in, nothing. And it seems to me as though we have two shipments. The one that we were always expecting from Simpson Motors is still coming, plus this shipment [that recently arrived].
    Not that we can’t do with more trucks, but what is the additional cost, who brought them in, was any due diligence done in relation to this person or company that brought them in? We need to have the answers to those questions, this having been one of the fastest procurement ever,” she added.

    In her conversation with the nation, Prime Minister Mottley cautioned Barbadians to brace for the inconvenience that would come with Bridgetown being redeveloped. DePeiza said she was particularly interested in what would be happening to landmarks in Bridgetown as that transformation took place.

    “We know that the National Insurance building is to be demolished, but she dropped hints in relation to the Treasury building. When in Opposition, there was a lot of concern about the World Heritage Site designation, and I am wondering if that is no longer a consideration,” she said.

    The attorney-at-law also added that while Government borrowed money to prop up the country’s reserves, she did not find “any joy in knowing how many weeks of reserve” the country has while not knowing the specifics of the loans.

    The DLP President said she also thought the Prime Minister would have outlined specific initiatives to help develop the country’s social landscape.

    “The abolition of the 11-Plus, what are we replacing it with? Have we had consultations on that? I recognize that we are lapsing in terms of consultations.

  55. Imagine……in post slavery Barvados you are an estate rich but cash poor person …..assets you either acquired through hard work or left to you by your brutalized ancestors, you have hungry children and grandchildren to feed…and there is this FAKE MAYOR claiming to feed the poor in Queen’s Park….but FIRST…ya have to enter your name in this huge LEDGER…declaring the properties ya own……if you want any FOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN……or go hungry….because remember ya are land rich but CASH POOR…

    That was the scam in a nutshell…the cash poor, hungry and vulnerable would never have seen it coming.

    Now these lowlifes are claiming to be born into money….delusional, reality is BORN INTO TIEFING YOUR MONEY AND ESTATES.

    even with millions and billions of dollars ah done know they still have 15 second attention spans and short memories so i will make it a ritual to keep reminding them that …ah have ya SUPERSIZED COJONES in my hands and i know HOW TO SQUEEZE….in case yall get any exotic ideas.

  56. Not everyone died…there are people still quite alive who remember all those crimes against themselves vividly, they just did not know they were crimes against themselves their parents and grandparents THEN ….but they do NOW though…and YA CAN’T KILL ANY OF THEM….

    And ya know why…..”gimme de vote and watch muh nuh”

  57. that is one of the better deliveries from DePeiza as DLP leader. no need to get bombastic. Just point out all the flies in the MAM’s ointment and let the people decide. DePeiza just keep reminding yourself and the people that there is a lot of flies and a lot of ointment coming. also go back to MAM’s numerous speeches and criticisms when she was in opposition and juxtapose them against the positions she adopts whilst being PR PM.

    as to the Union and Miss Moore- wunnuh deserve whatever wunnuh get

  58. Unless some documents fall off one of the trucks that will prove kickbacks from the procurement, she also need to let the trucks pass her by considering DEMs record in purchasing

  59. So despite alyuh being millionaires and billionares off the backs of your people, ya still believe ya have some right to continue STEALING and selling out the properties of the elderly and deceased so they can leave nothing for their beneficiaries and future generations…

    this lady is still alive yall stole the property her mother willed her and you renamed it….and refuse to give it back/

    don’t you think it is time that you greedy pigs allow Black people and others on the island to pass on their estates and bank accounts to their beneficiaries so they too can become billionaires and millionaires…it’s time to stop stealing the people’s money and estates, ya can now boast about being millionaires decades after robbing the people and island BLIND …so how much more do you really need.


  60. I also applaud Atherley response
    Worth reading
    Mia Mottley had positioned herself to become the Moe in elective politics with all that weight she is carrying around on her posterior underneath there is nothing more than a bunch of hot air which she expels from her mouth
    A long winded campagIn speech of nothingness
    Not one iotta of development which can create a long term growth plan for the suffering people she has put on the bread line
    Plenty long talk about moral values with an out of focus plan to tackle crime

  61. David BU

    With the exception of “die hard” DLP supporters, do you really believe anyone takes Verla Depeiza seriously?

    She’s a 3 time looser who makes “luke warm” speeches that resonates only with the George Street rum punch drinkers.

    Her response to the PM’s address to the nation sounded like something she “put together” after reading comments on Barbados Underground and reminded me of the old saying, “if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones.”

    If Depeiza was really serious about some of the issues she raised relative to the garbage trucks and circumventing procurement procedures, she should have cleared the air as to whether or not procedures were circumvented to allow Trans Tech Inc. to exclusively repair SSA trucks and why would the minister under whose portfolio the SSA fell, admit to driving a SUV owned by Trans Tech.

    Depeiza needs to show the public she’s serious. For her to embrace Denis Lowe…… the man who is responsible for the garbage debacle…….. as a candidate in the 2023 elections, would be really “meking mocksport at we.”

    Rather than coming to Barbadians with her usual “luke warm” samey, samey speeches and criticisms, Depeiza should use every opportunity she gets to show Barbadians the direction a newly revamped DLP plans to take under her leadership.

    (1). She should start by addressing the issues, make a strong case for good governance, while emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability.
    She should compile a list of all the instances this BLP administration breached the protocols of transparency, explain how they were breached and any implications of corruption.
    Send copies to P.M Mottley, O.L Atherley, G.G Mason, CARICOM, Transparency International and Barbados Underground.

    (2). Admit her previous administration must take some of the blame for many of the ills confronting the island.and explain how they went wrong.

    (3). As the DEMS used to say………”stop criticizing without bring solutions.” Outline the way a new DLP administration, under her watch, would go about dealing with issues and charting a new course for Barbados..

  62. Pressure should be brought to bear to make all of them FAKE LEADERS currently infesting the parliament declare their assets, the sealed enveloples are just sitting there like souvenirs because of course they believe they hoodwinked everyone, we know ya been lying all along, so what difference does it make now..Let the people know what they are dealing with…

    any low crawling politician/opposition aspiring to be the lastest thieves in parliament should also declare theirs…..and that includes Grenville Phillips.

  63. The mere fact that the pickanoisettes continue to call me a “rented jackass” says a lot about how I am successful in ruffling all yuh feathers. I don’t post misinformation and disinformation and all yuh can never refute my posts with any sound response–pure hysteria and conspiracy. 2020 gine be a lot more fun on BU as I witness all yuh get embarrassed. Take a leaf outta Artax’s book–make sense.

    • The blogmaster hopes that in 2020 we learn to attack the arguments and not the man. Vacuous statements will not progress citizen advocacy.

  64. Ruffle what feathers, yall are the ones under a microscope among other lovely things… me thinks that it will be harder to tief one more billion from the economy let alone 3 billion from the people..

    what ruffle whose feathers what…did yall get any sleep at all in the last 13 DAYS…it must have been tough..

    ah see one or two roads got temporarily refurbished…HOW ABOUT MAKING IT PERMANENT WITH CONCRETE..stop the 3 yearly Cow and Co ripoff of the treasury with inferior quality road works.

  65. David
    They all attack me personally! The Salemite behaves as if I am part of the “you”. She can’t address the topic, a one-trick pony that tends to be a stranger to the truth. But there is a by any means necessary mentality amongst the pickanoisettes–lies included. Thankfully, I tend to laugh more than get upset.

  66. Artax i certainly do not take the political nightwatchman or is it woman seriously at all.Only Mariposa, Greene, Baje and a few others would take this political three time loser lightweight seriously. I wonder where she will be running in 2023?Wherever it is the result will be in my view, a foregone conclusion.Imagine Ms Depeiza leading the Dems into an election against Ms Mottley and the BLP or eanie leading the PDP.As for Waru you and the englih lady or are you one and same really need a life or take some time off repeating the same stale news every day. I guess you realise that outside of Piece no one responds to your rubbish everyday and he is the same as you.

  67. Artax,

    not bad suggestions but the time will come when DLP addresses such concerns. the time may not be there yet. the populace needs to get some more bad tasting medicine- it needs more of the NSRL will lowering the price of goods moments and the forgiveness of back tax interests and VAT to certain people episodes – and given the BLP’s proclivities for such, they will come


    i agree. whilst she doesnt need to be a boisterous, know -it -all like MAM, she would be better served by being more dynamic. but time will tell

  68. “They all attack me personally! The Salemite behaves as if I am part of the “you”.”

    ya wuss…when you attack me i just laugh it off.

    so why the hell are you on here defending the “you” so vigorously for if ya nah part of dem…ya must think ya talking to toddlers, and even those nowadays would tell you the same damn thing.

  69. As “light weight” as the blp foot soldier Lorenzo states of Depezia
    It seems that her light weight makes sufficient noise giving her enough ammunition to punch above her weight and in the process land an upper cut next to the mouth of lorenzo who just cant seem to help herself in protecting Mia gladiator policies filled with yardfowl promises and gimmicks

    • Makes noise in your head only. Verla has a political leader had not even registered within her party the DLP. With 3 years to the question you need to answer- and fast – what is the record for the time a night watchman has held own.

  70. It’s obvious the country is in a holding pattern. The responsible thing to do is to give the PM another year or so , to see how things work out.
    There is no need to declare we are out of the woods and the turn around is complete like the cool aid drinkers do . And there is no need to be overly pessimistic. With the gathering picking up steam and crop over promising to be quite big, there will be bright spots.
    The major problem now is to get our parasitical private sector to commence job generating economic activity.
    My major concern now is to see what really will be the new thrust in education.
    As for Ms. Depeiza this will be the year of political reckoning. We have to see if indeed there are moves to destabilize her leadership. The DLP is still out to sea.
    Atherley’s response was quite good but his credibility is the problem.

    The Duopoly Rules

  71. Mrs. Depezia ask relevant questions and all these blp footsoldiers answers are to attack
    What if she hasn’t registered
    As a citizen she has a right to speak for or against all things barbadian
    Mia might send her band of loyalist as a defence force
    However the concerns as to how Mia has avoided transparency by leaps and bounds would not go away
    Further noises would be included
    Get used to them.

  72. What a great speech from our leader and Prime Minister!

    Promises in 2019 not broken, but fulfilled.

    debt crisis: solved
    garbage collection: I have the garbage trucks in front of my residence three times a week, excellent!
    pensions: factually reduced through debt cut
    Inniss: further indicted in the US
    opposition: divided and humiliated

    Dear Mia, we expect further great deeds from you, for example that your government provides incriminating evidence to the USA in the Inniss case, the promised legislation on transparency and corruption, the firing of the DPP and lower land tax.

  73. re The major problem now is to get our parasitical private sector to commence job generating economic activity.

  74. @ the Rented Jackasses Hee Hee and Hee Haw

    Predictive Text!

    On my computer, once I press the “the” I am prompted for the words “Honourable” or “Rented”

    Once they are picked the entire syntax associated with the specific choice follows!

    When de ole man engages with the 2 Jackasses I adopt a different approach depending on which jackass it is.

    The 2nd jackass is a true asslicker and has no type of personality or nouns and is incapable of conversing intelligibly about anything.

    The 1st jackass is different.

    Dem got sense and procedural knowledge and can, when they shift from asslicking mode, debate topics reasonably.

    Unfortunately their instructions are quite specific DO NOT ENGAGE!!

    And we need to understand their instructions

    Engagement means discourse.

    Discourse means rational logical discussion.

    And, because he is on the side of the Regime, AND IT CANNOT SHOW ANYTHING MEANINGFUL AT THIS TIME, he CANNOT indulge in meaningful discussion.

    So, our rules of engagement revert to name calling and when de ole man points out that Mugabe Mottley was both the Minister of Education and the Attorney General for nuff years, AND DID SHY$E ALL, he gets a notification that Piece the Legend jes insult he boss and he comes , AS PER HIS JOB DESCRIPTION tasked to say the most derogatory things to de poor defenceless ole man


  75. Tron
    Growth strategy muh boy
    Growth strategy
    Nothing else
    All the smoke and gimmicks would not save barbados
    Mia knows that her numbers are down
    Reason why she quickly jump to the media with another long winded speech of hope and dreams hoisted under the banner of “we gathering”

  76. Piece the jackass you saying someone is incapable of discussing a topic with your warmed over soup. I guess you mean the corruption queen Waru. Newsflash very few on this blog takes you two seriously about time both of realise this and take a vacation from the blog as even thblog master seldo. replies to you.You are on here advising eanie andr Franklyn and neither seemsto be taking any advice from you what does that tell you.Mariposa what upper cut what the Ms Depeiza is lukewarm and lacklustre and i guess Mr Sealy, Mr Lashley and others just biding their time to replace the nightwatchman.

  77. @ Dr GP

    You said and I quote (or is that requote?)

    “…re The major problem now is to get our parasitical private sector to commence job generating economic activity…”

    to which you queried


    Your fellow myope and apostate, graduated to paedophile heheheheh will answer you to say


    IT cannot ever be a part of the recovery process of Barbados

    and to provide proof of this let me cite the names of a few entities that are in that Waste BADWORDS segment.

    The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and the Barbados Entrepreneurs Foundation WHICH SAID chamber of Commerce serves as part time mentors!

    Provide any example where the BCofC has ever become involved in any national project that focused on development of some entity other than themselves?

    Just one?

    Sadly the response will be none! Over all the years you will see zero investment in national projects yet the will have benefited from every special development funding program that gave them access to free money!

    If there was the equivalent of an economic laxative that could be given to them that would have given them the equivalent of 6 months of daily shite-ing Dr. GP, similar to that Mugabe Mottley is giving bajans today, it should be put in all their badword food.

    They should be purged permanently

    All they know to do is tek foreign exchange and import tings and sell dem at 12 times the cost

    The second entity, the Barbados Entrepreneurs F

  78. Three or so year ago, Owen Arthur and some of those now in Mottley’s cabinet, kicked her to the political curb. At that time Owen was the greatest. Today Mottley is the Prime Minister.
    To Mottley’s credit she showed tremendous survival skills. Owen no longer considers her a “ despot” and “ unfit” to be PM. He actually works with her in trying to solve problems.
    Ms. Depeiza was in the political doldrums and as fate would have she has emerged to leadership in the Duopoly.
    Just under two years ago Atherley was on a platform promoting Mottley and the BLP . In today’s paper he is criticizing the same Mottley. He even has his own political party.
    Sometime back Dr. Mascoll brought a no confidence motion against the BLP
    government. He accused Arthur of over spending and ruining the economy. He even led the DLP in an election. He subsequently left the DLP
    and join Arthur’s cabinet. Today he is an adviser to the BLP and a party member.
    It’s important to remind cool aid drinkers on both sides of these realities.
    With the Duopoly there is an ever present cannibalism. Sometimes they actually eat their own.
    However the remarkable thing is that they don’t hesitate to eat those who don’t lavish praise on them.
    Therefore the cool aid drinkers are guaranteed survival in some form. That’s how they have survived on BU. They eat each other and then eat the outsiders.
    Just about two years ago, @ Piece was their darling with his effective posters. Today they are eating him alive.
    The cannibals don’t rest. They are well trained. The carcasses buried in Roebuck and George Streets are evidence of the cannibalism.

    The Duopoly Rules

  79. The second entity the Barbados Entrepreneurs Foundation has one claim to fame.

    It has a $20 investment club!

    Yes $20! and its brainiac president Peter Boos is quite proud of the shy$e!

    After a while Dr. GP the stoopidness gets you numb and you jes got to sit back and look at it IN SILENCE!

    It makes more sense

  80. @ GP
    @ Piece
    The only way to do that is to put the fire under them. It calls for serious leadership. Remember it was the same private sector that gave their workers time off to march against the NSRL ( or whatever it was called)
    My reason informs that if you help a man buy a cow you should help him feed it.
    But the old people say that not every body that helps you buy a big guts horse is help you feed it. Guess they were right. But the Duopoly is always in bed with the private sector so as @ WURA says they make other deals that have nothing to do with the welfare of the populace.

    The Duopoly Rules

  81. Mr skinner you are stating the obvious just like yourself being with the Dems probably based on your defence of them anytime someone criticize them still are,and leaving to join the other dis gruntled Dems like Dr Haynes,Mr Miller,Mr Bourne and Mr Byer,When Dr Haynes was by passed by Mr Sandiford or Sir Lloyd as he now is.From my memoery that did not work out well for you or them.Therefore nothing you stated negates the fact that Ms Depeiza as a leader of the Dems will most likely end in disaster as she cannot even win a seat so what is your point again?Do not even mention persons like Mr Arthur a heavyweight compared to Ms Depeiza.

  82. @ Mr. William Skinner

    Your points are valid points

    The thing is that THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR MESSAGE, I PIECE THE LEGEND, have not changed mine.

    The country Barbados IS FOR ALL ITS CITIZENRY not a select few

    And therein lies a significant difference between these weathercocks and Piece the Legend

    And try as de ole man may, I cant change dat.

    I have lived in the 2 Barbadoses for as long as I have known myself (according to the bajan vernacular)

    I have seen the “if you white you right and if you black STAND BACK”

    As well as the Black on Black victimization caused by

    “Whose son he is” and “from which political party he be?”

    The 52 murders last year is testimony that those systems ATE NOT WORKING!

    But you know what Mr Skinner?

    52 of de poor man deading DOES NOT MEAN DIDDLY SQUAT!

    So this year de ole man will pray fervently for these deaths TO TOUCH THE FAMILIES OF THE BIG WIGS!

    I expect that this statement will draw the ire of many here.

    Dat is expected BUT UNTIL THE HAVES IN BARBADOS start to suffer LIKE THE HAVE NOTS, this callousnessness gine continue!

    So this is my prayer THAT MY FATHER SENDS THE ANGEL WHO RAVAGED EGYPT’S FIRST BORN, to make these animals shift from their disconnected state of mind.

    And for those of you who gine come to talk badword, remember the Flood!

  83. “The cannibals don’t rest. They are well trained. The carcasses buried in Roebuck and George Streets are evidence of the cannibalism.”

    that’s why it’s always good to remind them that there is a much BIGGER beast than them out there.

  84. “Newsflash very few on this blog takes you two seriously about time both of realise this and take a vacation from the blog as even thblog master seldo”

    Piece ya know anytime ya hear that, there is something vile going on in the background and they don’t want us to catch wind of it, stay tuned, ah looking for even more to hold them down with…let them carry on smartly.

  85. @ WARU,

    the second of the Rented Jackasses Hee Haw ent nobody so dont give what he said a second thought!

  86. But Piece the comments Skinner made in reference to u was correct
    The worst of it all is that you worked very hard for them and none have said one good word about u since the blp.win
    As for Mariposa i can say what de hell i care to say
    Win or lose no sweat off my backside
    Cause u can bet that i rice at nobody doesnt know what the inside of the dlp.or blp headquarters look like
    I float my own boat and careful as hell to carry lifejackets and paddles

  87. lol…

    “Bishop Atherley pointed out that Barbadians heard no plans for sectoral development, including plans to make a meaningful dent in the unemployment rate of 30 per cent among young people.”

    Piece…always with the world class bullshit but got a 30% or higher unemployment rate among the young people and wondering why there is violence every day, not thinking that these young people are under severe pressure, especially when the best that dummies for leaders can see them achieving is being maids and gardeners in racist hotels…useless leaders.

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