Adrian Loveridge Column – Eyeing Incentive Motivational Travel

Incentive or motivational travel is one of those target markets that I believe we can do substantially better at, especially to help fill those arrival and accommodation gaps which help drive down our overall annual occupancy.

Income thresholds, particularly in the United Kingdom, for many, prove to be a massive deterrent to boost personal earnings, with a relatively low level of compensation, before you are paying at least 40 per cent of payment remuneration in tax.  Unbudgeted serendipitous travel where the cost ceases to become the issue is often a greater motivator than taxable income.

Over the past decades Barbados has managed to project this reputation of being an iconic or aspirational destination, which for many ‘ordinary’ people might appear beyond their financial reach. And if ‘we’ were vaguely affordable, then it was only after paying that 40 per cent tax rate on a considerable part of their income.

What prompted these thoughts at this time was stumbling across an article which was carried in a number of British regional publications highlighting British based The Group Company, who specialize as their website describes ‘We provide worldwide tailor made tourism itineraries and accommodation options for our international tour operators. We work directly with all our suppliers, only work with groups, and only sell to tour operators, ensuring exclusive offers and unbeatable service to your groups.’

The company, which also has offices in New York and Maastricht (Netherlands), are currently actively looking for new employees in its tours, reservations and business development teams. The successful applicants will join around 35 existing management and staff on a ‘luxurious weekend’ away in Barbados during January 2020. To me, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone.

The intimate product knowledge gained by each participant that can only be acquired from personal experience is priceless and knowing that your staff can effectively sell a major destination is a resulting bonus.

The company, whose headquarters is based in York, Northern England, a city which experiences an average daily temperature barely above freezing point throughout January, so the attraction of being whisked away, albeit for a short period, has infinite appeal.

According to the news release the idea was originally created by Helen Bilton, chief executive officer at The Group Company, to celebrate a 50 per cent year-on-year growth since it was founded in February 2006, and has been brought back this year as a way of rewarding staff for all their hard work in 2019.

Naomi Stewart, managing director of the company said ‘Barbados has now become our go-to destination for our grandest celebrations. We reward staff throughout the year, but this trip will truly showcase our appreciation for all our teams’ hard work’.

I really hope that our tourism planners and policymakers have flagged this particular trip and are offering their total support and co-operation to truly make the visit memorable for all involved.


  • @ Mr Adrian Loveridge

    You said and I quote

    “…Over the past decades Barbados has managed to project this reputation of being an iconic or aspirational destination, which for many ‘ordinary’ people might appear beyond their financial reach.

    And if ‘we’ were vaguely affordable, then it was only after paying that 40 per cent tax rate on a considerable part of their income…”

    Niche marketing strategies of the type you are suggesting AGAIN, aims in the stream of multiple suggestions you have made and continue to make vere weekly, have their obvious merits.

    A fellow who de ole man knew years ago tried to suggest a similar niche product 35 years ago to these same tourism experts.

    His suggestion was AirBnB but 35 years too early MADE TO A RH IDIOT!

    You dont get this do you?

    One of the key things about colonial rule is that, leading up to independence in all the enslaved colonies, the colonists instituted the “civil service strategy”

    Massah only appointed a tier of mendicant negrocrats who, during the so called post slavery period, were representative of the good negro.

    These negrocrats were of the mentality that, even after massah left, much life absentee plantation ownership, the negro wid de keys STILL SENT MASSAH THE SPOILS OF LABOUR, dutifully to the motherland!

    Ergo the experience of independent Africa and the Caribbean where, while de ole massah has left, since the negrocrat mentality transformed into the genetic makeup of the remaining natives, we dont have a massah to send the plantation proceeds to no more so we send them to ourselves.

    But here is the thing about massah’s genetic selection of that type of negrocrat.

    Inherent with the gene marker of obedient negro committed to massah the gene automatically denied self actualization!

    So the new massah WHO WAS OBVIOUSLY BLACK, is the perfect absentee owner appointee, and in the absence of massah SENDS EVERYTHING FROM “THE PLANTATION” TO HIMSELF.

    Take for example the matters of Pornville Inniss and ex PM Denzil Douglas others might be inclined to say that the gene described above, is alive and well in them.

    But, if you doubt my posit about the mutual exclusivity of the innovation, positive mirror image and self actuation gene vis a vis this absentee land owner genetic marker, we can put it to the test!

    Or you can tell me, how many innovative ministers and or tourism employees YOU ENCOUNTERED IN YOUR EXPERIENCE IN BARBADOS!

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  • other than sandals adds for bim not much advertising for barbados here in toronto


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