Phartford Files: Hard Truths – Part 1

Submitted by Ironside

For some, the predicament in which Barbados finds itself at this point in its history is purely economic. On the other hand, the extreme right might argue that we are being punished for our many sins.

I take a more middle of the road approach and suggest that we are being offered an opportunity to put our increasingly miserable lives in order. We are under mercy, but we can’t recognize it. But putting our lives in order is not primarily an economic exercise, or for that matter, a political exercise.

My thesis is that the first thing we have to do is to extricate ourselves from the spiritual cesspool that we have allowed ourselves to fall into. Getting ourselves out is the #1 priority. Political stability and economic prosperity will follow. By what authority so I say this?

++Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people. [NLT Proverbs 14:34]++


++Doing right brings honor to a nation, but sin brings disgrace. [CEV Proverbs 14:34]++

If you think I am wanting to join the ranks of the Grenville of SB and his Tuesday, now Monday sermons or Dr. GP, forget it. I am about practicality; there is nothing more practical than the Word of God! In it is all that we need to run our individual lives AND our nation.

Hello! The only person who can tell you the best way to drive and maintain a vehicle is the manufacturer. That is why Simpson motors has to send their service people many miles away to get first hand training in the factories and labs of the manufacturers- plain necessity and common sense. But I suppose that this truth is TOO simple for an educated and proud people to understand!

So in this short series, I am going to try to download the Divine Manual and upload it to our failing national economic and political sub-systems so that we can get rid of the viruses that have invaded them. In short, I am calling for a national reboot! Join me…if you have the guts!

Every year from June to November we get anxious about storms and hurricanes and keep a staunch watch. As soon we hear of an approaching system the front line against hurricanes (a.k.a the radio stations) – or so they believe – come out with voluminous commentary and APRs (all points reports) until the system passes out of our piece of the ocean only to devastate some Caribbean neighbour or parts of America. God, the Bajan did it again. And he did it because VOB put on some religious music to assuage His Majesty’s anger.

Ok! If God is a Bajan, then I am Queen Candace of Ethiopia, live and in full royal regalia!

It never ceases to amaze me how spiritually stupid we have become! If God is who he is, do you really expect to bribe Him with religious songs? Bribe Him at all? What absolute superstitious bull! And coming from people who claim to be the most “highly educated” in the Caribbean, if not in the world? Get real!

You can try to explain away our escapes by other means, e.g. our location. But in my humble opinion, we are saved every year because truly God-fearing people in this country get down on their knees and ask for mercy! You and I know, that despite all the prideful talk and clamouring we do, that we can’t take a major hit from a hurricane any time soon; especially in these perilous economic times! Let’s stop deceiving OURSELVES!

Let me get to the point: we need to repent! A.K.A reboot!

No, I did not say go to church! Or give the church some money! I said “repent!” The dictionary renders repent variously as “be sorry, apologize, ask for forgiveness, feel sorrow, be penitent, atone”. That is not true biblical repentance! You can’t seriously expect a lexicon to know what true biblical repentance is, can you?

In the New Testament, the verb metanoeo [translierated Greek word) and the noun metanoia [ditto] are translated as “repent”, “repentance”. The root meaning of these words is “to turn”. In the contexts in which they are used, “repent” means to turn AWAY from (evil) and to turn TO (or return to) God and good. If you haven’t got it yet, it means make a U-turn to God! That is true biblical repentance! Being sorry or asking for forgiveness is a quarter-turn; it is not enough; going to church, even though desirable, is not nearly enough, in point of fact, as a starter, it is irrelevant!

As I see it, in the BLP’s 30 – 0 victory, God has given us an opportunity to repent. From a lot of things! Like idolatry! You thought I was going to say “homosexuality” right? I know! In part 2, I am going to identify those NATIONAL viruses we need to eliminate.

You see, the hard truth is that we asked Him and he has spared us repeatedly from those awesome hurricanes. I am not a prophet nor indeed want to be, but, if I am “reading” His Majesty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords correctly, he has thrown us a “curve ball” known as ‘Mystery’ Babylon and the BLP. Why? To test us; to test whether we will recognize our sinfulness AS A NATION and REPENT.

Consider this. In one master stroke, the Most High has (a) relieved us of the wickedness of DLP and the hypocrite Freundel Stuart (b) given us Mystery Babylon with all her abominations and (c) betrothed us to the IMF. And why has He done these things? Is it to destroy us? I say, no! I say, it is because he loves us! Wait, you mean God got a “love-hate” thing going on with Barbados! You could that! Really?

Please see Part 2.


109 thoughts on “Phartford Files: Hard Truths – Part 1

  1. @ Ironside November 17, 2019 5:05 PM
    “Would like to compare your algorithms with the programming of Data’s positronic brain.”

    Would prefer to be more like the “Q”.

    Or even a chosen child of” Ra” instead of Yahweh which happens to be the same.

    “Hail, gods, who dwell in the house of the Two Truths.
    I know you and I know your names.
    Let me not fall under your slaughter-knives,
    And do not bring my wickedness to Osiris, the god you serve.
    Let no evil come to me from you.
    Declare me right and true in the presence of Osiris,
    Because I have done what is right and true in Egypt.
    I have not cursed a god.
    I have not suffered evil through the king who ruled my day.
    Hail , gods who dwell in the Hall of the Two Truths,
    Who have no evil in your bodies, who live upon maat ,
    Who feed upon maat in the presence of Horus
    Who lives within his divine disk.
    Deliver me from the god Baba,
    Who lives on the entrails of the mighty ones on the day of the great judgement.
    Grant that I may come to you,
    For I have committed no faults,
    I have not sinned,
    I have not done evil,
    I have not lied,
    Therefore let nothing evil happen to me.”

  2. @ Miller November 17, 2019 7:13 PM

    See! that wasn’t so hard after all! The Luciferan-Osirian-Semiramian-Etc-“Alogrithm” all nicely laid out. Same fallen creature; different guises throughout time. Don’t forget the incestuous Nimrod!

    I hope you get your wish…to be a Q. That will be one hell of an initiation, old chap!

    Let me know how it works out.

    P.S. If all else fails there is an alternative to be a member of QAnon!

  3. @ Ironside November 18, 2019 1:21 PM

    Sorry about the late repartee.

    It seems you are a widely-read person of no mere “Kabbalahistic” means.

    You are aware, then, that the serpent in the garden in your Creation fable is nothing more than a reinvented representation of the Egyptian Apep the god of Chaos aka in Greek mythology as Apophis.

    Maybe your Luciferian equivalent in Gene Rodenberry’s view of the future where not even Yahweh has gone before is ‘supremely’ manifested in Jean-Luc’s nemesis called the ‘Q”.

    In ‘Kabbalah’ thought whom would you liken Donald Trump to?

    Pity he wouldn’t be around in 2029 during the great year of the two fishes when Apophis comes ‘a-visiting’ to check on his offspring.

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