Guyana, Spawned by Racism


Commentary by Rickford Burke

What has the PPP done for Guyana other than spawn racism, civil war, decadence, carnage, corruption, death squads, a narco-state and Roger Khan? 
The PPP was formed in 1950. The party won the elections in 1953 during British rule but was promptly removed from office by the British  government because of its radical, communist ideology and bad governance. Elections were held again in 1957. The PPP won. Shortly thereafter the party experienced a racial split.  Afro-Guyanese accused PPP leaders of neglecting their interests and left the party. The PPP narrowly won the subsequent 1961 elections. However, its racist and discriminatory politics led to racial violence and civil war in Guyana. This is know as the 1964 disturbances or civil war. The party lost the 1964 elections to a coalition of the People’s National Congress and United Force.
After a 28 year hiatus or banishment in the political wilderness, the PPP won the 1992 elections. Again racial tensions and violence ensued because of the PPP’s doctrine of racial triumphalism. Crime and corruption plagued Guyana. The PPP government was involved with death squads. A United Nations investigation verified that they were complicit with the murder of over 400 Afro-Guyanese citizens. The international community estimated that Bharrat Jagdeo’s PPP regime stole over US$20 billion from the treasury. International corruption watchdog, Transparency International, ranked Jagdeo’s PPP regime as one of the most corrupt governments in the world.
The PPP government became ensconced with drug lords including Roger Khan and murder for hire drug gangs. They enabled Khan and his gangs to import drugs from Columbia, Venezuela and other parts of South America, which they shipped to the United States, Europe and the Caribbean with impunity and assistance from PPP government officials. Just like that, the PPP turned Guyana in a narco-state and international drug transshipment center. Functionally the PPP drove Guyana into failed statehood.
Amidst this crescendo of decadence, carnage and national implosion, Bharrat Jagdeo and his PPP government were working give away part of Essequibo to Venezuela to settle the border dispute. We are still to find out if they were to derive financial gain from this give away of our country to our enemy. The nation gasped and breathed a collective sigh of relief and elation when the people voted the PPP out of government on May 11, 2015, and bit them good riddance!
The most objective of analysts will conclude, as is patently obvious, that historically, every instance of PPP governance of Guyana has been catastrophic for our nation. From radical communist policies that led to its expulsion from office, apartheid, racism and civil war; to torture and genocide against blacks, monumental corruption and state capture,  destruction  and conversion of Guyana to a narco-state and eventually failed statehood. All the PPP has left is its tattered, sordid history of atrocities and murder, corruption and destruction.
I challenge anyone to examine Guyana’s contemporary history and inform the Guyanese people what the PPP has done to advance Guyana’s development; particularly during its last 23 years in government. Its single accomplishment is building the Berbice River Bridge, with a 1940s design. They structured this bridge project expressly to curtail commerce in New Amsterdam for the benefit of its ethnic base on the Corentyne. They had the audacity to construct this bridge with money from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pension funds of hard working Guyanese taxpayers, but which they disguised as private investment. This criminal rape and a rip-off of hard working Guyanese could have only been perfected by con artists at Freedom House.  It is no wonder, therefore, that the PPP presidential in on trail for 19 fraud charges in connection with another fraud scheme.
Pregnant with unrestrained avarice and greed, the Freedom House mafia is now acting like a bull in a China shop to once again corruptly wrest the governance of our country away from the people. They are desperate to get their dirty hands on Guyana’s oil money. We Guyanese; especially our youth, must build a resistance. Stop these thieves from grabbing our oil money. Repel this evil force that spits fires of hate, bigotry and destruction. Resist this same evil force that drove our nation into civil war in 1963. Every youth, who wants to Guyana develop and not destroyed, must join the resistance against the evil PPP.
We must be organized to win. This is why everyone must register and everyone must vote. Voting is the weapon an indomitable generation used to defeat the evil force that caused the 1964 civil war. Voting is the weapon we used to defeat this evil force in 2015.  Voting must be our weapon of choice to defeat the PPP in 2020. The resistance begins anew. Rise up and register. Rise up and vote. Our lives, our country depend on it!

35 thoughts on “Guyana, Spawned by Racism

  1. That none of them have learned anything over 500 years, the racism and disenfranchisement is still alive and well…the corrupt, tainted, toxic, blighted leaders remain the problem.They remain backward, ignorant and misinformed/miseducated. All frauds.

    The british must be laughing themselves silly. I would too.

  2. Hope they understand if they continue on this downward spiral…a clear path to destruction…they will lose all that oil.

    .it is inevitable, because they are uppity, arrogant fools, lacking basic commonsense, blighted with paper degrees, useless titles and very little

  3. @ David BU

    You wrote “What are we missing?”

    That the love of money is the root of all evil.

    And the second is like unto it:

    2.” It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”.

    Guyana has traveled this same route before:

    It has gold.
    It has/had bauxite.
    Now it has oil.

    Where is the human factor? Where is the love? Where is the vision for Guyana as a society?

    Meditate on these things.

    • @Vincent

      In some part yes. We live in a world where priority is placed on the economic indices over human. Take for example like you stated Guyana is being projected as the country on the up and up by the HoGs, yet the racial tensions exist, same tensions that continue to destabilize the country.

  4. I lived in Georgetown, Guyana from 2002 to 2008 and did not detect many of the experiences quoted in this article. My anecdotal experiences could be summarised as follows:

    There was no civil war.
    Yes, there was racism based on political party tribalism. Therefore unemployment amoung Agro-Guyanese appeared to be high.
    There appeared to be colourism between dark skinned and light skinned Indo-Guyanese.
    Many Indo-Guyanese appeared to be illiterate.
    The vast majority of local companies seemed to be owned by Indo-Guyanese, and they seem to be reluctant to hire Afro-Guyanese. This latter group seem to be get jobs with Trinidadian owned companies and internationally owned companies. In turn, these companies seem to demonstrate equity in their hiring practices.
    There were many news stories and rumours about the drug lords. I had first hand experience with one such alleged drug lord, who had purchased the apartment building in which I was living for 4 years up to that time. Essentially I was forced to leave the complex. The new owner was of Indo-Guyanese extract.
    I did not detect a poliferation of news stories about politically inspired extrajudicial killings of Afro-Guyanese. I did not hear any rumours about such killings either.
    There was no mention of off-shore oil and gas reserves, except for a few maritine border skirmishes with Suriname.
    The then President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez did visit Guyana during my tenure, and promised that there would be no border issues with Guyana during his term in office. Quite noticeably, he did not relinquish Venezuela’s historical territorial claim to more than half of Guyana. He simply spoke for his administration. He also confirmed that when he was a military officer, there were plans to annex portions of Guyana. I was present at a meeting when I heard the President make these statements.
    From a social standpoint, I got along well with just about all the Afro-Guyanese and Amerindian-Guyanese that I met. I estimate that I got along well with about 75 percent of all Indo-Guyanese. For me, it was a great social experience. Afterall, I was a dark skinned Afro-Bajan who had a well paying job while living in Guyana.

  5. @ Roland Clarke at 9 :51 AM

    All that you have written may be true from your personal perspective. It does not connect with the concerns in the submission,that of potential civil unrest based along racial lines. These may disrupt the potential for rapid economic and social progress for all Guyanese. We need to acquaint ourselves with the reports in the media. It does not look well from this distance.

  6. The writer of the article fails to mention the fact that the PNC rigged the elections for many years. As I have stated previously, my dad was a Guyanese of Amerindian extraction who came to Barbados in the late 1920’s. He refused to register when Guyana introduced the first overseas voting, Yet he was sent a flier indicating that he had voted. He showed me the flier. The writer does not mention that the British and the Americans fomented unrest which culminated in civil war and the replacement of Jagan by Burnham. I am aware of the racial undercurrent that prevails in Trinidad(having lived there for ten years ) and Guyana. I have family who are of mixed East Indian extraction from Guyana as well as the old bogey of mixed white heritage here in Barbados and of course me ( black and some Amerindian). I try not to let racism consume my life. I have the right by descent to claim Guyanese nationality if I so desire. I tried talking one of my sons into looking at the idea, which he promptly refused citing the situation there. However one looks at it ,there is going to be problems there, that will affect stability.

  7. South America’s second poorest nation is bracing for an oil boom that could catapult it to the top of the continent’s rich list – and beyond. But can Guyana avoid the so-called oil curse and ensure that its newfound riches benefit all Guyanese?

    “Many people still do not get how big this is,” then-US Ambassador to Guyana Perry Holloway told a reception in the capital, Georgetown, last November.

    “Come 2025, GDP will go up by 300% to 1,000%. This is gigantic. You will be the richest country in the hemisphere and potentially the richest country in the world.”

  8. The rich oil companies will exploit Guyana and maximise profits.

    Guyanese people should realise that they can all become financially secure if they put aside the racial divide.

  9. @ robert lucas October 13, 2019 2:40 PM
    “I am aware of the racial undercurrent that prevails in Trinidad(having lived there for ten years ) and Guyana. I have family who are of mixed East Indian extraction from Guyana as well as the old bogey of mixed white heritage here in Barbados and of course me ( black and some Amerindian).”

    Sounds as if your ‘colo(u)rful genealogical tree makes you the ‘ideal’ candidate to make an irrefutable claim for reparations from both the British and Dutch with the Portuguese enjoined in the compensation suit for good measure.

    What could you be looking at? At least 5,000 acres and two JCB tractor/excavator to sweeten the reparations pot?

    After all, given the amount of ‘illegal immigrants’ from the small islands chain who will be lining up to get their hands on this imaginary pot of liquid fool’s gold some body would have to be growing the food to full their hungry bellies unless the Indo-Guynese controlled government put up a sign at all ports of entry marked:
    ‘To all ya black Baje, ever so welcome but ga back where ya come from in starving brek-down Baje-town and wait fuy we to call ya’.

  10. @ Hants

    Is that optimism? Guyana is bigger than England and has more natural resources (rice, gold, timber, aluminium, diamonds, etc) and a population of about 800000, so its poverty is not resources, but something else. Will that unstated thing go away when the black gold starts to flow?

  11. @ Donna October 13, 2019 4:09 PM
    “It remains to be seen whether this will be a blessing or a curse.”

    Just look at the record of Guyana’s neighbor which has the largest known deposits/reserves of similar crude oil and see the paradoxical answer to your question.

    The paradoxical phenomenon called the ‘resource curse’ would spread like an amoeba of sargassum seaweed proportion should this oil boom ever materialize.

    Unless this Guyanese oil find is of the ‘Light Sweet’ quality with much more valuable natural gas to boot then the marketing of any heavy crude would be as challenging as getting molasses to climb a mountain.

    Here is what can be called the Guyanese Oil Wealth Paradox:

    Who would be buying all this oil in a world full of talk about global warming due to the burning of fossil-based fuels and an unstoppable movement towards alternative energy sources?

    Would it be countries like Barbados where there is an abundant of cheap talk of widespread alternative energy programmes to be in place by 2030 and the imminent dangers of climate change being preached on the international altar of political expediency by its evangelical sounding leader(s) while licking its oily-faced chops about its own long-in-the-pipeline offshore oil exploration plans?

    Talk is cheap just like oil would be in a coming world in which a litre of potable water in countries like Barbados would be more valuable than a gallon of ‘Guyanese’ crude oil.

  12. To read the Stabroek News is to read of heinous crimes of violence and mayhem in Guyana and to read of the social discord put out by the Indo Guyanese lawyers with political axes to grind.From this distance Guyana can do without the Jagdeos, Nandlalls,Chris Rams,Ramkissons,Like Trinidad India is a divisive force in Caribbean politics and if I had my way I’d pack all those like Persaud Bissessar and those corrupt UNC former ministers now under investigation and send them back to old Calcutta.
    There was a time when Guyana had a reputation for being among the most welcoming folk to visitors.They have all left since Jagan and Burnham and even politicians hedge their bets but holding dual citizenship.As long as Trinidad and Guyana have Indians who do not recognize that they are Trinidadian or Guyanese and not Indian first,there will be no ethnic harmony in those countries

  13. @ Gabriel October 13, 2019 5:43 PM

    “As long as Trinidad and Guyana have Indians who do not recognize that they are Trinidadian or Guyanese and not Indian first,there will be no ethnic harmony in those countries”

    You are spot on with the above statement

    @ Miller October 13, 2019 4:43 PM

    ” ‘colo(u)rful genealogical tree makes you the ‘ideal’ candidate.’

    My dad’s doing. It looks as though he thought he was patriarch like Abraham in the old testament.

  14. Dearest David & All,
    Go to Youtube; Search For “Dr. Velu Annamalai”
    Dr. Velu Annamalai ,Indian National,born & raised an “Untouchable” SLAVE in “Hinduism” Speaks Out Warning to Africans!!! Brief Introduction by Guyanese Host
    His Lecture is specifically On Indian Racism & Where Their Hatred Of Blackness & Africans comes from
    MUST SEE For All African People!!

  15. Update:
    I recommend That you watch Dr. Velu Annamalai’s comprehensive,heartfelt,lecture specifically from the youtube channel:
    “TV 108 – THE BLACK SIDE”, as it has only divided the lecture into two Parts.
    Be Prepared for shocking truths hidden in plain sight!! Barbados,Guyana,Trinidad HAVE BEEN Surreptitiously UNDER SIEGE by Colourfully Draped Anti-Black\African Racism Hidden in Plain Sight!!
    Watch Entire lecture!!

  16. Why do so many black West Indians keep whining about the “racism” of the East Indian Hindus of Guyana (and Trinidad), while at the same time supporting government policies that facilitate the movement and settlement of these same East Indians throughout the English-speaking Caribbean?

    Obviously, the spread of Hindus is bad news for everyone else. Yet blacks at all levels of society continue promoting the idea of “regional integration” as if they are blind to the demographic consequences of the integration process.

    Some of the dunces who support integration (read CARICOM) contribute regularly to this blog. As far as I know, none of them has ever adequately explained his position to the rest of us.

  17. Hi Ewart,
    Firstly, as the Indian explains, even in india, indians run away from the racism in “Hinduism” (Brahmin-ism) to christianity and islam, but they CARRY OVER the racist ,Anti-Black,Apartheid mindset & practices of “Hindu” ‘caste’/”Varna” into Those religions,thereby RECREATING the same racism wherever they go! so, in effect, you have what i call hindus for (white) christ and hindus for Allah.
    Secondly, with regard to WHY Do Arrican Caribbean leaders not speak out??? Well , a couple Inter-related issues
    (1) Enslaved descended christian culture isn’t warrior culture…No war,just BEG for jesus ‘love’
    (2) Arrican Men Love sexual Access to non-African Women (Natural Straight Hair) their loins are more important than the nation
    (3) Self loathing Africans especially with power love be in company of non-Africans, are petty & will easily take bribes against the interest of their group’s future!

  18. @ Ewart Archer at 5 :32 AM

    Until we reach the next stage of our evolution where we have love and respect for each other,there will always be racism,classism and caste systems. They emanate from the same disease, the need to dominate, to be better than the next person. It is a human condition born of insecurity. The need to be validated by others.

    We can take an individual route or attempt to ensconce them by force. History reveals that the latter never works.

  19. @ Vincent Codrington
    This is your response? Deflection AWAY from the specificity of indians’ and “Hindus” INSTITUTIONALLY & Religiously spawned Anti-African racism and it’s Bajan demographical implications to “we” as humanity have a general problem?? This is an example of the Faux Intellectual, Bourgeouisie, Negro mind that always seeks to run away from (never confront) and rationalize racist abuse. “It’s We humans.” NO! WHICH humans are systematically racially abusive and more importantly WHY??!!!
    Dr. Annamalai specifically explains to an African Audience Indians are so Damned, Obnoxiously Scornful & Hateful of African People in his lecture & reads quotes from the “Hindu” (Brahminist) Religious(sacred) texts proving where it comes from. He also warns africans about their DISHONESTY on these issues… “They will purposefully LIE to you”

  20. @ Felicia Doughtz October 14, 2019 7:55 AM

    (2) Arrican Men Love sexual Access to non-African Women (Natural Straight Hair) their loins are more important than the nation>”

    You seem to have a point .Had a friend who got married to one. All he talked about was the hair. Ended in divorce after he had supported her through law school. She ended up marrying one of her own.

  21. What African bajans (who built the society while enslaved & onwards) SHOULD be concerned about is there is this obnoxious minded migration of racist Indians from Trinidad,Guyana,India & elsewhere to Barabados NOT because they love & respect the black skinned African Bajans and their culture,religious moorings,morals & values etc. BUT because they lust After the HIGH VALUED REAL ESTATE,VISA & Access to wealthy foreigners and their tourism $$$$. They have absolutely NO INTENTION of trying to “fit in” with black skinned African Bajans to build a better society, but rather, they will buy up and steal as much land as possible (surreptitiously appropriating the society from under your feet…literally) While simultaneously Squeezing themselves in between the Whites,Arabs,Chinese, & Mulattoes! THOSE are the bajans thry want to fit in and Intermarry with while USING Black skinned African bajans as their cheaply paid, abused exploited labour force, RENTERS, ILLEGAL DRUG MINIONS & ASSASSINS of their legitimate business/Political rivals! This has been their Pathology in Trinidad,Guyana,Suriname,FijiMauritius,Kenya,South Africa, Uganda (Why Do you think Idi Amin Expelled Indians specifically??) Indians IN GENERAL, but specifically Brahmin-ists(Hindus) are OBSESSED with shapung society according to a white supremacist pyramid scheme that NEEDS Black Skinned (Specifically Africans) AT THE VERY BOTTOM. They will NEVER be happy,content or sleep well with Black bajans in Authority… Neither Politically, Nor Economically!! They want ALL the high paying Jobs, All the Power Positions in EVERY SECTOR…Just wait until they believe they have enough numbers to do a hostile takeover politically and economically…Just wait…Then the fake smiles recede! Overt Racism takes over simultaneously with accusations of black bajans being ‘racist… They are ALWAYS the victim.The whites, chinese,Arabs and mulattoes are alreadyl sligning with them politically and otherwise to ‘outflank’ Africans ! It’s a Racist ‘straight & curly’ coalition!
    You Have Been Watned!!

  22. As an over 70 year old Black elder I pass on this info. It’s to help us find ways to deal with India’s and China’s exploitation of us globally. 50 years ago in the era of Burnham and Jagan I wrote a well-received report on the Maurya dynasty of India at a Black American university and have followed India, Sri Lanka ,etc. ever since. In other words I learned decades ago of the suppression of true Black Dravidians history that lying white Brahmins have co-opted and their horrible, unpublicized enslavement today which Velu Annamalai so wonderfully exposed. The rise of white supremacist Hindu nationalists like Modi and Trump in the USA did not surprise me because of this hidden knowledge.
    The evil Powers That shouldn’t be had to destroy Black power in the South after the Civil War and Reconstruction so they could continue killing the Native Americans out West before they kept going to the Caribbean and Pacific. So too now Barbados power must be thwarted. Thus the elimination of Black senators and congressmen in the US became a crucial necessity for their worldwide white supremacy campaign. Let alone letting the tremendous success of our people in South Carolina becoming widely known. This is why they’ve been so vicious to Haiti and South Carolina similar to the bombing of Black Wall Street! So Today for the next phase of the ancient Venetian Empire/Vatican/Middle Eastern Sanhedrin creators of the Jesuits/Knights Templar on the one hand and Protestant Evangelicals on the other under the umbrella of Brahmin/Kautilya Satanic white supremacy unified in the cabinet/administration of Modi/Trump to attempt to finish off the extinction of Black America and Black Dravidians and the massive depopulation of Blacks from our Caribbean islands.
    Our enemies are not worried about Black intellectuals. What worries them if you learn and apply scientific Voodoun. I remember talking to a Zairean Brother who related how his father taught him how to become invisible and the powers men like him had over nature. I asked how come you don’t use that power to drive out European, American, Indian and Chinese exploiters. I then noticed his picture of a white Jesus which means he’s believing in a white god and being Black is evil – a shame. In addition it’s a secret I suffered greatly to learn that so-called UFOs are really Black operated vehicles. They portray them as Nordics, etc. as a cover up. The Brothers in these vehicles helped me when I was in prison in the US fighting against racism. WAKE UP FOLKS. Stop being smart only! Use the Voodoo power Haiti used to drive out our enemies. The highest level evil white Brahmin rulers in the US, India, Europe as well as ancient, hidden Chinese and Japanese royal families all have deep occult training while they make sure the universities around the planet mock it so their graduates will be intellectually led to the slaughter. Healthwise you all must learn and practice detoxing and therapeutic fasting!

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