Successive Governments Turn Blind Eye to Squatters at Grantley Adams International Airport

The blogmaster received several requests to highlight the matter raised in today’s Sunday Sun (p.3) under the heading SQUATTING OUT OF CONTROL.

BU followers from the 2008 period will recall the issue of unbridled immigration frequently debated in this space. The blogmaster defended a position that unchecked immigration was not the best policy. There were many stories reported about Guyanese being taken advantage of in the construction sector. There is one story about pig pens being rented to Guyanese which still resonates with the blogmaster.

Then there was the Shanique Myrie affair which brought to the fore the growing number of night club dancers and prostitutes visiting Barbados to earn a living under the freedom of movement (CSME) arrangement.  To some of us who are not ostriches, we are aware it is big business – we have the island girls, however less is said about the Europeans on the West Coast here to do a similar job.

There were a few talking heads and bleeding hearts who promoted the view that the blogmaster was xenophobic for wanting to manage immigration to Barbados. In this matter we cannot give Ambassador to Caricom David Commisiong a pass. We respect the fact he is a declared regionalist, however, an ideology cannot be at the expense of being pragmatic or exercising commonsense. Practising open borders makes no sense for any country especially a small island like Barbados.

Today’s Sunday Sun story details what happens when national imperatives are sacrificed at the altar of stupidity. From 2007 when 36 squatters gathered at Rock Hall, St. Philip and were served notice to vacate the area to 2019 where the recent count is 300.

Aviation officials have complained that the galvanize roofs of the squatter’s (illegal)  houses pose a threat to air traffic. The blogmaster can say with certainty that in any well managed country squatters would not have been allowed to plant houses in the zone space of an international airport. And importantly now that it has been brought again to public attention, no sensible member of parliament for the area would be quoted as follows: –

I am doing a compilation of the information. We are collating data on the situation at Rock Hall. We went out in the field in about three occasions, but there is so much to compile…[the exercise he said was not about] chasing people off the land.

Really Minister Indar Weir? You must be given the award for the WTF statement.

Here is what we know, we have 300 hundred illegal structures built in an airport zone. Here it is we are being told, Barbados is proceeding to acquire Category I designation and your enlightened government has been turning a blind eye to the squatting at Rock Hall?

The other point to note is that YOU Minister Weir and representative for St. Phillip South would have canvassed this areas just over one year ago to solicit votes. What collating data on the situation what!

You politicians are all the Rh same. The blogmaster recalls Don Blackman and Trevor Prescod doing the same as you dealing with the squatters in the water zone of the Belle many years ago.


  • Ohhhh, before uh fuhget…. you were inquiring about the whereabouts of Clyde Mascoll, who seems to be missing in action.

    I don’t know anything about Mr. Mascoll. Perhaps he may be hiding at the same location as Freundel, Mara, Esther, Denis Lowe, Todd, Sinckler, Sealy, Boyce, Estwick, and all the other losers who went missing after May 24 last year…..

    ……… or you could wait to find out if he’ll probably show up just like Mary, Maureen and Maxine, who seem to have suddenly appear out of “thin air” to find “Brass Tacks.”

    But for sure, if Clyde has an ankle bracelet similar to the one Donville is wearing, we would definitely know where he is.


  • David BU

    Assuming “Dorian” had inflicted more damage on Barbados and the squatters’ houses at Rock Hall were either damaged or destroyed.

    Would be government be responsible for house repairs?


  • @Artax

    The government would have some moral responsibility to give some redress given the PMs most recent perspective on the matter.


  • What is the latest information on the squatters at Rock Hall?

    Or, as is usual with certain issues in Barbados, after all the furor and condemnation, it seems as though people have forgotten about the “Rock Hall squatters” …………. and apparently the issue has become a “nine day wonder?”

    I understand a few weeks ago, government officials visited Rock Hall, took certain information from some of the squatters, and offered to sell them land somewhere in St. George. I also heard the illegal non-nationals ran away when the officials arrived, but returned after they left to ask what occurred.

    Has anything been done to regularize the status of those illegal non-nationals who have illegally occupied land at Rock Hall and built houses there?

    Or, since they continue to break the law by residing in Barbados and occupying land illegally, will they be deported?

    Has government begun to the disburse the $25,000 Mottley promised the squatters and will the illegal non-nationals be eligible to receive the money?


  • David BU

    I have a few other concerns……… that may seem simple to some.

    (1). I understand “garage number plates” (e.g. M 0052) are not to be used after 6pm or on weekends and bank holidays.

    Car sales outlets should have a book in which they must enter the route along which a salesman takes a potential customer during a test drive. Yet, I see people driving around vehicles with these number plates at all hours of the night and on weekends and bank holidays. I even saw a truck with the number plates transporting soil and rubbish from a job site.

    Has the law pertaining to the use of these plates been changed? What action of recourse could I pursue if a driver of a vehicle with garage plates collided with my vehicle after 6pm or on a bank holiday or Sunday?

    (2). I’m wondering if Fed-Ex and DHL drivers have special permission from the police to drive above the speed limit, as they can be seen speeding on a daily basis.

    (3). There are a few security companies that provide cash in transit services with armed security guards and bullet proofed vehicles. When the armed guards are collecting or delivering cash, they park the vehicle in front the business establishment….. and that is understandable.
    However, what these are doing is, while placing their hands on the firearm, they are directing pedestrians to walk into the road to oncoming vehicular traffic.

    Also, I was walking through Marhill Street one afternoon and saw traffic was moving slowly. A driver had reason to stop his car in the area of Chefette. The driver of an approaching red armoured truck “put on” a siren, indicating to the car’s driver he should move. I have seen similar occurred on a few other occasions.

    Do these security companies have special permission that allows their armed security guards to conduct themselves in a manner similar to that of police officers?

    (4). Every afternoon at about 1:30pm, vehicles park on the side walk stretching from Government House to St. Winfred’s School, causing pedestrians to walk into the road.

    But, on mornings during the police traffic reports, either Sgt. Johnson or Sgt. Alleyne continually warn motorists that parking their vehicles on side-walks and causing pedestrians to walk into on coming traffic is against the law.

    Are the “big boys and girls” collecting their children from St. Winifred’s exempted from this “no parking on side walks” rule?


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  • This incompetent government is now allowing squatters to put in running water in property they illegally occupy. Just when we thought Stuart was the as incompetent as they get.
    This is madness. Mr Abraham, a lawyer, I believe, has warned landowners with squatters to get them off the land. Is he serious? How about people who live overseas?
    @Green, watch out.


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