Is the UK a Failed State?

Submitted by Tee White

After nearly 400 years plundering wealth from countries in every corner of the world, in 2019, the United Kingdom government is unable to ensure that all its citizens have access to such a basic human right as adequate food. See the report below from CNN. In November last year, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights stated about the UK, “14 million people, a fifth of the population, live in poverty. Four million of these are more than 50% below the poverty line, and 1.5 million are destitute, unable to afford basic essentials. The widely respected Institute for Fiscal Studies predicts a 7% rise in child poverty between 2015 and 2022, and various sources predict child poverty rates of as high as 40%.  For almost one in every two children to be poor in twenty-first century Britain is not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster, all rolled into one”. See a link to the full report below.

This social disaster in the 5th largest capitalist economy in the world is a direct result of the application of  austerity programmes based on neo-liberal economic dogmas. If these dogmas can have such a devastating effect on a large economy such as the UK’s, what does anyone think their impact will be on a small, distorted economy such as ours?

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  1. Britain’s decline did not start with him but Cameron,descendant of a slave owning family will be harshly judged by history as driving the proverbial nail.The fool knew not what he was doing when he opted for that now notorious bogus referendum of lies and deceit.It was hilarious to see Farage the JA milkshaked in Newcastle.

  2. The UK has had darker hours. Why are we still swallowing American propaganda? Nothing is good or bad but thinking (ideology) makes it so. They would have you believe that they are – and have always been – perfectly balanced. There are cyclical structural weaknesses almost everywhere at one time or another !! Barbadians need to prepare for some austerity after years of unearned extravagance.

  3. KARMA squared.

    and the innocent and poor suffer and die

    Cameron the slave master criminal should be put on trial

  4. Maybe it is a “failed state” after allowing all the lazy Africans, Europeans and West Indians to come in live off the Dole. My sister worked her backside off as a nurse at the St. Michael Hospital and was constantly complaining of these lazy leeches.By the way didn’t this “Failed state” send money to bail out Barbados some time last year?

    • Are you referring to West Indian immigrant labour who were encouraged to travel to the UK in the 60s to work in the hospitals, transport and in other areas of menial endeavour and from all reports worked their asses off even if windrush chafted them royally?

      Please return to under tor rh rock.

  5. .”By the way didn’t this “Failed state” send money to bail out Barbados some time last year?”

    I do believe UK has british citizens born BEFORE INDEPENDENCE UNDER THE BRITISH FLAG…still residing in the Caribbean, including Barbados, who did not even know they were duals until the Windrush Slave Ships scandal last year.

    ah do believe YA REAP WHAT YA SOW.

    even if the criminals for black leaders do nothing to deserve anything …and the people are STILL being robbed by THEM and they are now suffering.

  6. apropos t-white!

    however, the analysis also must look at the number of millionaires and billionaire produced by the financialization of economy – the transfer of public wealth into private hands, the commodification of housing into tradeable financial assets, London as the premiere manufacturer of fiat money, etc

    people like Jacob William Rees-Mogg – a man whose claim to fame was marrying a relatively rich woman and then parlaying her money and connections into a hedge fund to be one of the new multi millionaires.

    for an ultra conservative his economic behaviours are anything but. all this while average people loose their houses.

  7. people like Jacob William Rees-Mogg – a man whose claim to fame was marrying a relatively rich woman and then parlaying her money and connections into a hedge fund to be one of the new multi millionaires.(Quote)


  8. If these dogmas can have such a devastating effect on a large economy such as the UK’s, what does anyone think their impact will be on a small, distorted economy such as ours?(Quote)


  9. “people like Jacob William Rees-Mogg”

    ….and a repulsive racist to boot….pretentious and ignorant, still living in the dark ages will find that we have reached a level where most WILL be LEFT BEHIND…we have no choice…

    ah already carried children, have no plans to carry anymore.

  10. or a man like Richard Branson

    who discovered that in bringing in records from continental Europe, if the reached the border crossing just before closing for the day, that the next day the customs agents would assume that he had already paid his taxes and would thus be allowed to proceed unimpeded.

    he did this for years. these are the criminals occupying London town.

    but the ugly Black man never has a critique of them,

    instead, his to engage in all kinds of frivolous distractions under the rubric of analysis.

  11. “but the ugly Black man never has a critique of them,”

    too AFRAID….

    … typical Bajan style, the perpetual victim…making excuses for their brutalizers.

  12. Sick, lying racist,

    My mother was one of those West Indian immigrants and she worked her ass off while you lot spit on her. She was such a GOOD NURSE that even though she JUMPED INTO THE SICK BED, GRABBED THE RACIST SPITTER BY THE THROAT AND CLOBBERED HER, the Sister and all the other nurses claimed to have seen nothing so she could keep working with them.

    PS: Another of her stories that I found funny was the one where she was able to “purchase” extra bath days from the other live -in nursing students by doing some of their work. So they weren’t only lazy they were also NASTY.

  13. lol…some people live in an alternate universe where reality is completely out of their reach…and they fully expect to survive and continue TELLING LIES ON BLACK PEOPLE … in this ERA…where nothing can be hidden.

  14. Don’t know if the UK is a “failed state” or not but it does have a Minister of Loneliness whose office should be busy when Brexit comes into force.

  15. WURA,

    I may not have been there for the spitting and clobbering but I KNOW MY MOTHER. And EVERYONE I tell that story to that knows my mother never question its truth. Not to mention that it is exactly what I would have done. As for the bath story, the white people that raised me used to fully bathe me once a week and that’s how I KNOW the English were not bathers.

  16. Again

    If these dogmas can have such a devastating effect on a large economy such as the UK’s, what does anyone think their impact will be on a small, distorted economy such as ours?(Quote)

    Plse discuss.

  17. There is Poverty in every Society we live in BUT ENGLAND TO BE DESCRIBED, AS A CAPITALIST SOCIETY is a FAR CRY FROM THE TRUTH, (Tee White Lies.) How can a country whose Government that gives Free Health Care to All, Free Housing to the House-less, Free Money to those who Do Not Work, Free Education, can be called a Capitalist Society?

    THEY ARE ELEMENTS OF FREE ENTERPRISE BUT ENGLAND IS NOT A FREE ENTERPRISE SOCIETY. They are like Barbados, full of Rules, Regulations and Obstacles that one must overcome to Start a Business.

    England is Noted as a High Tax Region for Individuals as is Barbados. People that live in a SOCIALIST country like England and Barbados CLAMOUR for more CRADLE TO GRAVE CARE.

    ENGLAND IS KNOWN FOR ITS BUREAUCRACY AND HAS EXPORTED THIS TO ALL ITS FORMER COLONIES. Nevertheless, it also has ILLS Attached to it as in Endless Regulations.

    We see with the Advent of Few Free Market Principles in America what Possible is. Lowest Unemployment, Rising Wages, Highest Workforce in History, Lowest Unemployment among Minorities, a President that is willing to Right the Wrongs in the Justice System, with Independence, Enthusiasm and Hope returning to those from the middle class on downward.


    Have you Not Noticed that the Doldrums that England are in; is the same Doldrums as the European Union? The BREXIT Movement is an Effort to Manage their Own Affairs and to get out of the Doldrums even if it is at a subconscious level.

    It is Not Surprising that a MARXIST is ADVOCATING THE SOLUTION of MORE SOCIALISM to SOLVE the PROBLEMS OF SOCIALISM but Does Not Want to Admit what MORE SOCIALISM LOOKS LIKE AS IN VENEZUELA. And We in Barbados who have Suffered the ILLS of SOCIALISM Continue to Tinker and Promote MORE SOCIALISM with PREDICTABLE OUTCOMES!



  18. England declined was also due in part to its loss of command of the high seas… As America gained command of the high seas …Bristish power started to drendel…

  19. @ Lexicon,

    I like you because you are trying to make a little go a long way, but sometimes you just talk nonsense. Britain’s (not England’s) decline did not start after India’s independence, which was in 1947. Plse.

  20. I have never been to the UK neither do I have any desire to go there … because there is something about that place which makes my skin crawl …

    Moreover, I have not so fond memories of the Bristish who visited Barbados during the 70s … when I was a young child in primary school.

    I do recall going down to Browns beach and asking the tourtists for money for the school Sponsor Walk … and the Bristish tourists would give us 5 and 10 cent … whereas the American tourists would give us 2 to 5 dollars so we made it our business to avoid the Bristish tourists and their fugal ways …

    So probably their fugal way are responsible for their declined …

  21. @ Lexicon,

    You said originally that Britain’s decline started with Indian independence. Instead of justifying your statement, you move on to nonsense about begging on Browne’s beach. What is the real cause, in your view, of Britain’s decline: is it Indian independence or not giving to street urchins?

  22. Hal Austin

    I appreciate your compliment, but these two factors are the reason for the declined of the Bristish Empire … Before America formed her Navy the British commanded the high, but after the war of 1812 where the Bristish defeated the Americans and burned the White House down … America started to developed her Navy which over took the British … As well as, after the Bristish loss its most prosperous colony India this signed the beginning of her declined …

  23. @ Lexicon,

    From 1812 to 1947 is a period of 135 years. Did it take that long to connect the dots. At the turn of the 20th century the US economy and Argentina’s were level pegging, what went wrong for Argentina. How about Germany? What about the Napoleonic wars? What about the cost of the Second World War?
    I suggest you spend more time reading about economic history before lecturing on the subject.
    By the way, @Tee White used the UK (as I understand his submission) to raise questions about austerity in Barbados and the keyboard warriors have gone to war again about the UK, not a word about Barbados. I call it the culture of Bajan discourse..

  24. I can understand the obsession ethnic minority refugees from the brutality of the Soviet Union could have with Marxism. But at some point they must appreciate that most black people are not that concerned with Soviet Marxism and the worship of everything American. At some point it becomes tedious..

  25. Hal Austin

    There is a book called the Rised and Fall of the British Empire … which I’ve read about 20 years ago …and the author of the book conspicuously expressed the view that the loss of India( the British most resourceful colony) signal the starting point of the true declined of the Bristish Empire.

    Hal, you have to admit that after the Bristish Navy loss its supremacy on the high waters … this also weakened the Bristish influence throughout the world.

  26. “As for the bath story, the white people that raised me used to fully bathe me once a week and that’s how I KNOW the English were not bathers.”

    Everyone knows the brits have an aversion to water, ah hope some dumb black people.bajans did not go copying that shit. Even when some can envision their ancestors hung from trees, demons can still do no wrong for some of them…they are so mentally demoralized.

  27. Hal Austin

    The most beautiful thing about the British that I love is their accent … no one can match it not even Australians or New Zealands … I had me a British girlfriend from Stratford whom was of Jamaican parentage …

  28. @ Lexicon,

    I am trying to help you, plse. Ignore the book; there are good books and bad books; the same as there are good bloggers on BU and bad ones.
    India got its independence in 1947; common sense tells you that the start of the decline of the British Empire did not start there, three years after Bretton Woods, when Britain, through John Maynard Keynes, was ORDERED by the US to get rid of its colonies.
    Britain won the war, but its economy was totally destroyed. Germany and Japan lost, and became the dynamic economies of the 1960s/70s.
    Stop making statements that are historically not true – similar to Barrow being the Father of Independence.

  29. @ Lexicon,

    Stop drifting off the point with trivia. What have accents got to do with the decline of the nation? Britain has hundreds of different accents.

  30. Wura-War-On-U

    The British can’t treat them like whores if they do not them to treat them as such …but you know the mentality of some of we black people … We want the haft white kid with de pretty brown skin and curly hair …to walk around and tell people she or he is haft … they never say haft black …

  31. Wura

    You would be surprised to hear the kind of shit people either than black in the Caribbean believe about Afro West Indians … I had two Chinese girls in my days … one from Jamaica and other from Trinidad and Tobago and an East Indian girlfriend… And you should hear de kind of shit their parents tell them about Afro-West Indians …

  32. “Lexicon” must be quite the lover, he keeps writing about these various girlfriends from, hither, thither and yon. I suggest he change his moniker to Don One; Don two etc.

  33. Kindley Field, Bermuda
    Coolidge Field,Antigua
    Atkinson Field,Guyana
    Vernam Field,Jamaica
    Beane Field,St Lucia
    Carlsen Field,Trinidad
    All airfields in the Caribbean area during WW11 and named after Americans.

  34. Magistrates and judges talk a good game, but they only know how to lock up black people and give them long custodial sentences, they frighten for everyone one else..

    .. but don’t worry, O’Rourke made it as an international facebook handcuffs for the world to see, can’t beat that..

  35. A 60 year old black man got more time for stealing a 3 dollar nail clip than some white riffraff from UK assaulting a black female…..can’t remember if it was the same shite magistrate.

  36. Ya no when you go on a holiday and you bring back stuff that you look at a couple of years later and say why the hell would I buy that or did I wear that?? or what was I thinking. Well that is the problem with the UK as a failed state they used to bring back things from all over the world and now the things they brought back want to be in charge.

  37. What are these “things from all over the world” that the English brought back?

    Are you referring to human beings of darker hue?

    And when England went all over the world did they not take over with their superior fire power and insist on being in charge of these “things”?

    What right did they have to be “in charge” of the place belonging to the “things” they found in their country minding their business?

    Does the whole world belong to the white man, then? Do the things have a right to exist anywhere on the earth in any capacity other than underlings?

    I guess they weren’t a failed state when they were plundering and pillaging and enslaving. Is this then just the way it should be? Is this the natural order of things?

  38. Sergeant, I am no Don One …but when you are tall dark, handsome bow-legged with sex appeal and a little cash … It is hard for the females to resist …

  39. @lawson at 6:23 a.m.

    It would have been better for the British, and for the rest of the world if the British had stayed at home from 1492 to the present. Wherever they went, they left trouble behind. In Canada too. The way they treated the indigenous people there was a great shame.

  40. you do know that Columbus was Italian …right …..all that aside did you know there was no syphilis in Europe until Columbus brought it back I think the treatment went both ways

  41. The question I have is-

    If all diseases originated outside of Europe what used to kill the Europeans before they travelled outside of Europe. Don’t recall that they used to die of old age.

  42. Lawson there was no syphilis in Africa either. Maybe if Columbus and his men had kept it in their pants…

  43. The Europeans called it the Black Death.

    It had nothing to do with black people though

  44. Before Columbus there were no tomatoes in Europe, no chocolate either, no hot peppers, no beans

  45. The origin of syphilis is disputed.[2] Syphilis was present in the Americas before European contact,[55] and it may have been carried from the Americas to Europe by the returning crewmen from Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the Americas, or it may have existed in Europe previously but gone unrecognized until shortly after Columbus’s return. These are the Columbian and pre-Columbian hypotheses, respectively, with the Columbian hypothesis better supported by the evidence.[26][56][57]

  46. ss the black plague was not syphilis, closer to bubonic plague but you are right about the other things, Donna tb smallpox typhoid remember an old man back then was 40

  47. A next big lie exposed. 1320… before columbus

    In 1495, a “new” disease spread throughout Europe: syphilis. Christopher Columbus was said to have brought this sexually transmitted disease back from his voyage to America. At least, that has been the accepted theory up until now.

    Using morphological and structural evidence, researchers from the Department of Forensic Medicine and the Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology (bone laboratory) at MedUni Vienna have now identified several cases of congenital syphilis dating back to as early as 1320 AD in skeletons from excavations at the cathedral square of St. Pölten, Austria “The discovery clearly refutes the previous theory,” say study leaders Karl Großschmidt and Fabian Kanz of MedUni Vienna.

  48. And what killed those who died before forty? What killed babies and toddlers and young people in Europe before Columbus’ travels?

  49. Hear ye, hear ye! The white people had no diseases before they mixed up with the black and brown people. As Bushie would say –

    Lotta shiite!

    Y’all were emptying your night shit buckets out the window onto the streets of London. You were the nastiest of the humans, thought bathing would kill you and would want us to believe you had no diseases.


  50. Erasmus Quote on Middle Ages Health and Hygiene:
    The great Scholar, Humanist and Reformer Erasmus (1466-1536) wrote to friend describing the state of the Medieval floors during the Middle Ages:

    “The doors are, in general, laid with white clay, and are covered with rushes, occasionally renewed, but so imperfectly that the bottom layer is left undisturbed, sometimes for twenty years, harbouring expectoration, vomiting, the leakage of dogs and men, ale droppings, scraps of fish, and other abominations not fit to be mentioned. Whenever the weather changes a vapour is exhaled, which I consider very detrimental to health. I may add that England is not only everywhere surrounded by sea, but is, in many places, swampy and marshy, intersected by salt rivers, to say nothing of salt provisions, in which the common people take so much delight I am confident the island would be much more salubrious if the use of rushes were abandoned, and if the rooms were built in such a way as to be exposed to the sky on two or three sides, and all the windows so built as to be opened or closed at once, and so completely closed as not to admit the foul air through chinks; for as it is beneficial to health to admit the air, so it is equally beneficial at times to exclude it”.

  51. So who did not know the descendants of the cave dwelling neanderthal caucasoids brought and spread their nasty diseases and killed thousands of the native populations of the Caribbean and the Pacific.The native African and native Indian and African in the Americas were infected and diseased with syphlis,tuberculosis,whooping cough and such like debilitating and life threatening illnesses.Even influenza floored these healthy natives.

  52. Don’t say “even influenza”

    Influenza was and is still a big killer.

    If as the CDC estimates ‘flu kills 80,000 Americans each year and 646,000 worldwide we should never underestimate ‘flu.

    In the 1918 ‘flu pandemic it is estimated that the ‘fly killed 1/3 of the indigenous populations of Labrador and Alaska, in Fiji 14% of the population within 2 weeks. It is estimated that that ‘flu killed 20 to 100 million people. Our parents or grandparents survived that one.

    I remember the 1957-58 Asian ‘flu. It was the only time I ever saw EVERYBODY in my home being sick at the same time. None of us died, but I felt so bad at the time that death would have been a release.

  53. 14 MPs turn up to discuss UN report on 14 million people living in poverty

    The UN’s report on poverty in Britain is at risk of being swept under the carpet after just 14 MPs turned up to debate the issue in parliament yesterday.

    A festive hangover appeared to have swept over the House of Commons as politicians returned from their holiday break.

    Only a handful of MPs bothered to turn up to an adjournment debate on the findings of the United Nations Report on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights in the UK and Northern Ireland, with new Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd sending a junior minister in her place instead.

    Although such debates are rarely well attended the Labour MPs who turned up lamented the government for the disdain it had shown towards the report, with Liz McInnes saying the United States Government showed a similar lack of interest when the UN highlighted issues in regards to poverty in the country.

    “I know that we have a special relationship with the United States, but I think it shames us all that we share that disdain,” she said.

    Following his visit in November, United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur, Professor Philip Alston gave a scathing report on the level of poverty in the UK, saying it risks causing damage to “the fabric of British society”.

    He said the UK Government’s policies are entrenching high levels of poverty and inflicting unnecessary misery in one of the richest countries in the world, but warned that amid the country’s impending exit from the European Union the government appears to be treating it as an afterthought.

    Yesterday his grim predictions seemed to have come true.

    Labour’s Shadow Minister for Children, Emma Lewell-Buck hosted the debate on the UN report which was pushed back late into the evening.

    With 14 million people living in poverty in the UK there was just one MP for every one million people who are suffering at the hands of the government, with the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions both absent and both previously “dismissing” the findings of the report.

    Home Secretary Amber Rudd Prime Minister Theresa May

    Conservative MP Justin Tomlinson assured parliament that the Tories will “consider the report seriously”, but added that they “obviously do not agree with all the points”. He added that his department will “keep on working with all stakeholders and partnership organisations to ensure that those in most need in society receive the support that they should”, saying they are “also looking at homelessness” too.

    But his assurances fell short of the mark for the MPs in attendance.

    DUP MP Jim Shannon said: “My constituency office is about 100 yards from the social security office—it is as close as that—and I have had numerous distressed people come from the social security office to my office looking for advice.

    “I have written perhaps not to the Minister directly but to his Department to outline some of the changes that we feel should be made. In the light of those things, perhaps more needs to be done in the social security office to address the issues early on.”

    And Labour MP Thelma Walker added: “As a former headteacher, I talk to a lot of my former colleagues. Many of them, of a morning, are washing children’s clothes and giving them breakfast.

    “They are having to give children extra lunch because they are starving. Does the Minister agree that that is totally unnecessary and inappropriate? We should be caring for the most vulnerable in our society.”

    The House was adjourned at 10.40pm.

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