Murder Statistics March 2019

The following compiled by – David, Barbados Underground

Based on the data I collected (via media reports), there have been at least six deaths associated with violence for the month of March 2019, an increase of one death compared to last month. The table below lists six individuals.

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  1. David, and what does this all mean? In other words: as a new comer to BU how am I to interpret your statistical data as it relates to violent crimes in Barbados?

    • Tracking murder stats greater than zero is a useful exercise you think?

      Especially for a country that has build a brand where key elements are peace, calm, paradise etc?

      What is the data telling you?

  2. I resisted as long as I could, but my evil twin won the battle

    What if no-one is murdered in April? Do we get just one chart or do we get a January to April summary?
    Let me disillusioned the blogmaster. Presenting data by bar charts is a lower-school exercise.

    • A bar chart is used for a specific purpose. In this scenario it is being used to track the number of murders in Barbados given a deepening concern. It is not a stats class.

  3. Before murder stats use to be compared annually or for the period-to-date from the previous year. Then we had a comparison by the AG for past decade. Now its a comparison monthly. The highest murders we had was 35 in 2006. Lets hope that even with these early numbers for 2019, that that number is not surpassed.

  4. Is it “how things are said’ or is it “who says it”?

    “Referring to the first three months of this year, Hinds said “Never in the history of Barbados has this happened, so something has gone amiss . . . . If we continue on this trajectory we are on course for something like 80 to 90 murders in Barbados. God forbid that these things happen because already there is fear and panic among the population in Barbados,” he added.”

    Piece’s estimate was 50 murders for the year and it was the worst thing he could have said.. The above is a quote from a retired retired deputy commissioner of police. No one jumped on him.

    Hopefully, the statistics for January February and March will come to be considered as outliers and not as a trend/signal for the remainder of the year.

    • This person extrapolated based on the trend. Compared to wishing the number 50 is achieved to make a point.

  5. This person extrapolated based on the trend. Compared to wishing the number 50 is achieved to make a point.


    You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth here boss.

    • Extrapolating based on trend analysis compared to wishing for a high number you failed to see the difference? The blogmaster calls as he see it.

  6. It may be the exact opposite of wishing. 20 murders in 3months would give a estimated 80 in 12 months

    An estimate of 20 to 50 is very conservative and signals a man who wishes the rage to decrease.

    One life loss is too many

  7. It has been a while since the ole man has been here.

    And it is interesting what is being said about my stance on this matter of 50 deaths.

    One of the greatest advocates against all of the murders in Barbados at the height of the killings was the church

    A few people who I heard speaking said that after their weekend of prayers nothing happened but then again 3 of them were/are atheists.

    It is interesting that a few of you recalled the toxicity of my wish for 28 more people to be killed in the gangland violence.

    Yet few of you recall that, the very same person who voiced this prediction has also been promoting other campaigns for Employing the Unemployed

    And one specific thing no one noted that was successfully employed was de ole man’s chain of command edict instruction

    But wunna ent recall that story about Etienne did you?

    1.crime czars call gang leaders
    2.czars threaten gang leaders with family obliteration
    3.gang leaders call group members and issue similar threat

    And bad boys, as opposed to one or two aberrations, behave!

    Tell me, in light of that realization, tell me how deep is my toxicity towards these misguided youth?

    Did I raise my voice any louder that the Church did?

    Was my campaign as many days as theirs?

    Were not our Hope’s for less violence against citizens any different notwithstanding their methods and my own?

    Whose worked?

    Toxicity has its place when sensible people, albeit criminals, evaluate what the outcome of 50 murders in Barbados would mean to their illegal incomes.

    Do not confuse the wisdom that has protected Soviets from *** to be one which untrained citizens and persons unfamiliar with behavioural sciences will suggest.

    Bertie Hinds extrapolated, I embraced the statistic and suggested an alternative that has had more impact on actors in this sector than all the talk specialists.

    But then again all this is statistics and speculation, and the lull in murders is what all of us wanted isn’t it?

    All of us, excluding me cause I got shares in Downes Funeral Homd right? STEUPSEEE

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