The decision to to retrench public workers based on LIFO has provoked comment by some who are questioning why has the PDRS- a performance based system- not been used to fairly release employees. What the blogmaster has been told is that the government has not been able to fully implement it throughout the Public Service in over 10 years.

Dare we ask why?






  • Why hasn’t the PRDS been implemented, SIMPLE, NEPOTISM is not part of the evaluation criteria.

    This leaves political corruption in the selling/buying of civil servants firmly on the table and MUGABE regimes in CONTROL. BU racial/slavery bloggers take note, your black brothers are the new slave masters and unless your wearing the correct colour(DLP/BLP) your the enemy/slave.

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  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    A few things.

    What is the Programming language that the PRDS is written on/in?

    What are the discrete elements under review? and how are those measured? quantitively? or qualititively?

    Let me simplify this for my colleagues.

    I work at the Immigration department as (a) the Receptionist and (b) one of the Immigration Officers processing illegal guyanese

    As the receptionist what are my duties? Does any of you know? So I am supposed to answer the phone and route calls through to my colleagues etc. But I does stand pun de phone with my girlfriend all day long so when people call DE EFFING PHONE IS BUSY

    So how is PRDS going to evaluate me?

    As the Immigration Officer Tekking money via backdoor and i actually mean backdoor transactions (IN BETWEEN THE STREET WHERE BITS USED TO BE) how many applications do i process a day? What is the platform that records the processes associated with my job OUTSIDE OF THE HUGE PILES OF PAPER LYING AROUND THE DEPARTMENT?

    Do you have any way to link my illegal behind and my application for a 6 month extension for the last 5 years TO THE BACKDOOR ACTIONS OF HUMPTY DUMPTY? and the associated paper work that he and his team of enriched Immigration Officers with 4 cars and 4 appartment buildings?

    Do you understand this?

    And when can or is that khan submits her or is that his application of residency and it is signed by let us say one of the big wigs in barbados, and it is fast laned by these back door mechanisms, do you think that at this point where the ongoing corruption in the system has to be routed that this now ascended regime WILL HAVE THE POWER or the BALLS to rout these corrupt persons?

    Are you with me as yet?

    But de ole man digresses.

    Let me get back to the empirical data which defines what the employee does

    Does the PRDS system do that?

    Until and unless you expand this article to include these elements in here THIS IS A VERITABLE WASTE FOOP where all of the contributors, brimlers, class idiots, brass bowls, sheeple and people will only be coming here and sounding off on emotive, uninformed babble full of hot air and signifying nothing…

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  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item her for you thank you


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster Grateful if you could retrieve my comment about the PDRS travesty thank you


  • What is posted is what is known to the blogmaster.


  • @David
    “Dare we ask why?”

    The same unions that are wailing over a lack of an appraisal instrument are the ones that obstructed its widespread introduction. Simple.

    Find me the union that proactively promotes productivity through projects, programmes and collaboration and I’ll show you a union that understands its changing an needed role in the 21st century.

    Too bad there are none in Barbados.

    Just observing


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your response is appreciated but here is the thing

    You have direct access to Senator Caswell Franklyn who MUST have much deeper information about the PRDS travesty.

    You are reputed to have access to the Red Council which should, given Mia’s waving bout her telephone and saying she has instantaneous access to the finances of every ministry, in May, would suggest that she at least is disposed to a better system than this PRDS monstrosity.

    Let de ole man ask you a simple question

    I work at MTW cutting grass on the highways. How do you apply that LIFO to me?

    Is it because I am a young woman, with an ample botsie, dat the supervisor is anxious to hold in a wuk for wuk arrangement or by the number of linear feet I clear?

    Do you know when I have normal easy grass or when I hit river tamarind and cuss cuss? And it retards my output?

    As simplistic as this sounds, this is what PRDS IN ITS CURRENT DESIGN, is incapable of doing, with equity to all government workers!!!

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  • The information posted is what we have.



  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Here is something additional

    I tend not to go to any Charles Jong Government of Barbados supported websites under watchful eyes of the regime

    A few things to note.

    This initiative in 20 years old.

    And in 2001 declared the following as prerequisites for its implementation

    “…before the system is implemented in any Ministry,
    Department or Agency, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

    1.A current Strategic Plan
    2.Full Job Descriptions
    3.A current Operations/ Procedures Manual
    4.An Organizational Chart
    5.Unit/ Team and Individual Work Plans

    De ole man would ask you to ask Senator Caswell Franklyn, of the above list, which items exists, at today, and in which departments.

    Is a manual available online anywhere? after 20 years?

    Has any of the thousands of government workers ever seen theirs?

    Do they ever get tested to ascertain their competencies?

    Has any one of the BIDC effers who are talking bout providing Cartoon services to that Toon Software company ever thought of converting the manuals to easy reading formats or hiring Troy Weekes to convert them into an online testing mechanism?

    You feeling me Honourable Blogmaster?

    We will always be hewers of wood and drawers of water, a spiritually lost people, even though the answers are there for our taking…

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for you thank you


  • It is my humble opinion that some of these obstacles have simple solutions with respect to evaluation. For instance – the roadside weeder could have a signed report on the daily clearance that includes a brief description of the terrain cleared. if I were the worker I would also take pictures using my cell phone and attach them to the report.

    As for the receptionist – it is easy enough to tell when someone is on a personal call. The supervisor would have to be vigilant, speak to the receptionist at the same time and issue a signed report of the incidents. Also I believe that if callers have difficulty reaching persons or encounter impoliteness etc.they tend to complain when they finally get through. These would need to be investigated promptly.and records kept. Also a brief survey of frequent callers could shed some light on the receptionist’s job performance. On a performance appraisal form there is always provision for the appraised employee to record factors that hindered performance and any disagreement with the assessment..

    One just has to tailor the performance management system to fit the specific job. No system is going to be perfect but it would be better than nothing.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Donna

    The fact is that after 20 years WE HAVE NOTHING.

    Ergo this LIFO PROGRAM @2018, this is the point.

    When you call the Royal Baygon Police Force your call and telephone number are recorded and IT IS PURPORTED THAT a former AG and once Deputy Prime Minister was using said technology on her Prime Minister

    If such telephone records could be used for so nefarious a purpose do you not think that the Avaya system purchased from Massey Technologies or was it LIME, at the mobaton of $$$ could not be used to generate such metrics as a tool to see personal call usage?

    I think you are missing the critical point here

    It is not that the tools do not exist to effect Performance Appraisals, it is that they are conspicuously absent because, if it depends on my say so Donna, for you to het an appointment or a raise or consideration for a new job, unless you consider my wuk for wuk proposition, you going be LIFOed even if you been here for 12 years.


  • I was assuming that we were trying to do it cheap.

    As for the rest.- perhaps I did miss your point. Are you saying that we do not have them because the powers that be do not want them?

    Forgive me. Lack of sleep. I’ve been watching the destruction and dismantling of democracy. It is a worldwide trend. with serious implications for all of us.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    I am saying that we already have them but the Powers that be prdfer to us them to “dismantle democracy ” to use your words rather than promote meritocracy

    It is better to have mendicancy and foster wuk fuh wuk than promote independence.

    There are some people who delight in improving the place that they incarnate and bettering the fluid of consciousness but there are others for whom such is anathema and those who would promote such ARE DESPISED.

    ONCE you understand that, you are free Donna, absolutely and TOTALLY FREE


  • Got it.

    Seems as though the despised ones have to just keep on fighting or things will only get worse. I can’t see how it helps us to give up.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ PUDRYR

    @ Wily

    On the ball as usual. PDRS, as most performance appraisal systems, is ? logical ? “scientific”? But it lacked one important ingredient …. “Buy in” by the stakeholders. It did not have the approval of workers nor management.

    When one is providing a service the metric can only be qualitative not quantitative. Qualitative measures are subject to bias.

    You may also notice that the Performance aspect is balanced with an Employee Development aspect. This implies no firing or censure but development i.e second chances. How can one document serve two potentially opposite purposes?

    PDRS is unfairly being contrasted with each other as a retrenchment tool. They are conceptually different. LIFO is an accounting contrivance for valuing stock/ inventory. So Wily you are right employees are chattel again with Black Slave masters.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Mr. Vincent Codrington

    I partially agree with the part of your statement which posits that PRDS leans towards being a professional development system.

    But I would counter to say that in first world countries, almost all jobs, there are tools which permit a degree of quantitative measurements of employee performance

    I wont mention software names cause I ent want to expose de grandson identity but…

    At *** bank there is a tool that associated customer wait time at teller A with the nature of the transaction, the accuracy of the money delivered, and the complaints and compliments.

    In fact, the category of transaction each has a time and unless a matter is escalated, deviation from that mean is remarked as poor performance over time.

    MTW has “tellers” in the same way a bank has tellers.

    Each employee at a window has a mean time for customers at their desk.

    If the mean time is 10 minutes per customer and 60 persons a day, if my niece is only seeing 20 THDN SHE SHOULD BE LIFOed and Caswell Akanni and Toni should be able to see why I made that choice.

    Where the challenge should come is when all my employees are 60s then in when the qualitative assessments enter in the equation, this employee smiles and is customer friendly while that one is a Humpty Dumpty SHOULD BE SENT HOME.

    Dither we implement systems that have measurable standards or we will be reverting to the accustomed wuk for wuk.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Mr. Codrington thank you


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ PUDRYR at 2:09 PM

    The system of performance measurement has been around for atleast 4 decades. And I can assure you that it useless in measuring performance and determining merit increments . It has too many loop holes which are exploited by management and employee. It is even worse for deciding who will quickly adjust to a new system of productivity..


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ PUDRYR

    The system ends up with an interview/negotiation exercise with a result ending in a mid point/average grade. So It ends up with a wuk for wuk exchange. The Boss cannot get the highest grade unless 40 % of his staff scores above average.
    If you doubt me ask Wiley.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Mr. Vincent Codrington

    What do you suggest then?

    I rely on ergonomics and s=ut +1/2at squared metrics which for the most part are based on and confirmed by code but you seem to be suggesting what is being used by the fortune 500 companies of the world to determine efficient delivery of services, has too many loopholes

    I will be advised of an option if there is one


  • Vincent Codrington

    From my limited knowledge of Fortune 500 companies each one has its own internal system of performance appraisal ,promotion and monetary incentives. Qualitative systems and interviews play an important part. Metrics of outputs and contribution to the bottom line ,although arbitrary, are used.

    But that is a very different subject from a metric for retrenchment during a recession in the Public Service. You are attempting to conflate the two. They operate in different management cultures.


  • Vincent Codrington


    I have already outlined a more humane manner for dealing with the retrenchment exercise several times elsewhere on this blog. I do not intend to repeat myself.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Mr. Vincent Codrington


    You most certainly have .

    I was focusing on the PDRS aspect of the challenge and its 20 year old inability to meet our needs.

    I saw what you said and, having seen the Astrigo model presented elsewhere on this blog, retract that question.

    After a while repeating my boring chant about our readiness and the lethargy that beseiges our psyches, one has these lapses kind sir.

    Apologies again. UNLESS another tangent of thought is proffered here de ole man will retire


  • Does the Government department have any performance targets?

    The performance targets of an employee must fall in line with the performance targets of his or her employer. For example, if the Transport Board (TB) had, e.g. a 90% punctuality target – it would objectively recruit and retain employees to help it achieve the punctuality target. The punctuality target may be lowered due to staff cuts.

    Employees (e.g. bus drivers) with good attendance records would help the TB achieve a punctuality target. But the bus drivers with the best attendance records may be the “Last In” employees. And the redundancy selection criteria may include an employee’s performance, attendance and disciplinary record. The redundancy selection criteria must be fair, objective and consistently applied to the employees.

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  • Something strange is going on here.

    Why is it that you have someone who is the general secretary – the leader of a Union – that is toni moore of the BWU – and at a time when the most critical decisions are being made about the future of its members and their livelihood – the Head of the Union is missing in action ?

    Is it a case of Toni Moore being aware of the members distrust of her as she openly sided with Mia in Opposition – and stated that this government should send home the workers that the last government hired ? Imagine those words coming from a representative of an organization who take dues from workers and promise to protect their interests and their rights.

    Is it that she was more interested in the rights of the BLP workers than the DLP ?

    Weren’t there had working workers with families also in the last set that came in ?

    So now you understand why the BWU and NUPW are shouting so loudly about Last in First out.

    Questions are also being asked whether this Toni Moore – Sir Roy Trotman business – is strictly a case of ‘Wuk for Wuk” – that is, he give her a big wuk with a big salary and a big ride – and she give him a wuk as a consultant – perhaps with other perks and niceties thrown in;

    There was an old BU Blogs a few years ago which dealt with the shenanigans and goings – on at the BU – where the only thing that mattered with some of the younger females was not a good performance appraisal – but how good they could ‘wuk’ with the old men bosses.

    Nuff tings came out in that blog – it would be good to see it resurface.

    Then again questions are also being raised as to whether Toni Moore really has the competence to handle the job as General Secretary – and maybe that’s why she cannot afford to send Trotman home –

    Is it a case of on – the job training for her as she hides behind Trotman’s shirt tails?


  • Notice that in Barbados Today the former Chairman is complaining of hypocrisy by that said BWU Union.The chairman is claiming when the question of lay -off s were considered – the BWU went on strike and held the CBC to ransom.

    Remember when Toni Moore called out the Water Authority workers to join that CBC strike ?


    52 % of them going home – and that is now ok with the BWU.


    The lions (Business People,BLP politicians especially Mia Motley) lay down with the lambs ( that is,the gullible workers led by Toni Moore,Akanni Mcdowall,Mary Redman) – and now the lambs getting gobbled up by the Lions.Wuhloss, well, well, well !

    Are you hearing Mary Redman’s voice in solidarity with her Union brother and sisters that are being laid off ?

    Are you hearing Akanni McDowall’s voice – when every day he was in the Nation newspaper and VOB kicking up dust with the last government ?

    You hearing Toni Moore’s voice who also used to be in the news all the time as she issued threat after threat to the after government and insisted on 15 % increase while Akanni insisted on 23 %

    Now they were happy to settle for 4 and a half person but Mia said – no man I want to look good – so I am giving you 5%

    Who having the last laugh now huh?


  • @T.Inniss

    Let us cut to the , why should taxpayers continue to support the printing of money to pay workers at SOEs? The behaviour of the union is another issue.


  • But in the case of CBC and I theresay other SOEs the Unions refused to sit down with government at look at other alternatives such as reduction in wages,lay offs etc.

    Remember too David/BU during the last year of government Chris Sinckler had drastically reduce the printing of money from some $600 million dollars to $ 90 million dollars.

    Er ,but David – Do you know that Mia Mottley up to a couple months ago was still printing money – even though she blasted the last government for it and said it should stop?

    What do you think of that huh?

    Or are you going to defer to Sir Fuzzy again – when you can’t respond to the duplicitous behavior which you were adamant was wrong under the DLP ?



  • Typo @ 8:37 a.m.

    should read 4 and a half percent %


  • @T.Inniss

    This is the point, the relationship between the printing of money and the size of the public sector wage bill is it not?

    The behaviour of the unions is related and separate matter to make a contradictory statement.


  • David
    From my experience with a PRS, I have never seen it used to select those employees to be retained in a restructuring exercise. Posts are identified not people, and persons are then made redundant or required to apply for posts affected by the restructure. In some instances there is ring fencing. I see PRS as a tool for enhancing the skills set of your employees, on-going feedback/engagement between employees and management and a catalyst for productivity; rather than for firing.

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  • @enuff

    What use is there in making performing employees redundant?

    A smart management will jig the org boxes to ensure talent is retained. How is the talent identified?


  • @David
    What about if all performing? Remember I said the system focuses on creating well equipped employees. That is my experience.


  • If all are performing then the union and government would have to agree on additional criteria.


  • David of BU

    You are a true – stool pigeon !

    Imagine in 2017 you supported a national shutdown – orchestrated by the private sector, unions & BLP !

    But on Friday September 28, 2018 – you chided workers because they were unable to heed a call to report for work – due to the fact a KIRK Storm Warning ⚠️ was in effect and your AG – Smiley 😊 face Marshall – said that the country could not afford a $ 3 million loss of business – because of a national shutdown !

    David of BU you are truly a RH shite pigeon !

    I gine fix fix you wid the next round of scratch grain !


  • They say that life isn’t fair, I guess those retrench workers will definitely be singing that song when they consider the fact that the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Walcott-Denny is being paid her full salary with perks for the past four years even though Inland Revenue ceased four years ago. She is home twiddling her fingers and receiving a fat salary. Her compulsory age for retirement was sixty she is almost sixty-five. The sad thing about it is that her navel string ain’t bury here. Young bright native of this soil are being put on the bread line while old wealthy persons who don’t need the money are receiving free money.

    Walcott-Denny is not the only one there is the former Deputy Supervisor of Insurance Ms Brathwaite .She is also receiving free money along with the Ambassador at large Ms Billie Miller. She is receiving Minister pay for flying all over the globe at the tax payers expense while our young are being retrenched! What is even worse is, as rumour has it, that she ordered a new top of the line Lincoln car to drive about Miami in because the Mercedes broke down.

    In addition to that our politicians are flying all over the place to a whole lot of seminars and conferences that countries whose economies are far better than ours are foregoing or tele-conferencing in an effort to save money. If this government was really serious about fixing this country’s economic woes it would start with the revenue problem. There was no need for the additional taxes , VAT generates enough revenue to cover the expenditure of Barbados, St Lucia and St Vincent. The problem is that the majority of it remains in the hands of the unscrupulous business operators who collect it on behalf of the government. The tax clearance certificate threaten this activity that is why the business community protest so bitterly against it.


  • Our politicians and leaders in general have a position they take that their behaviour is influenced by the position they hold and not by the circumstance the country finds itself. Sometimes by demonstrating a little empathy it will go a long way to win the hearts and minds of those who have to commit to difficult change at a personal level.

    Will the real leaders please stand up!credit: Observing

    But we live in HOPEcredit: sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore)


  • I would be very careful in a majority BLACK country where a BLACK government in 2018 STILL does not understand that they are supposed to take care of ALL their citizens PARTICULARLY their majority black CITIZENS …as their citizens are PAYING them to…but this government will end up biting off a whole lot more than they can chew..if they do like before and ignore that reality..

    And Bajans better wake the hell up just like Brazilians will have to…..most of them who voted BLP did so to get rid of DLP…they should never allow Mia to play favourites like if she and her gang put themselves in parliament…without ALL the people.

    Brazil just changed governments and got a particularly nasty, racist trump wannabe who they will no doubt end up getting rid of as president..already his dirty ways has spelt the wish of death for the majority Black Brazilian population who share their majority status with mixed race people in the country..because his lowlife supporters intend to carry out deadly terrorism against black people…it was repulsive what they are doing, I could not even post everything..

    “Supporters Of Brazil’s New President Calling For The Death Of “These St*nking Blacks”
    By Editorial_Staff – Nov 13, 2018

    The racist who was just elected in Brazil.

    AFRICANGLOBE – Since the PSL party’s Jair Bolsonaro became a serious candidate for the presidency of Brazil, many, including myself have wondered what effect his offensive commentary and the politics he stands for would have on his supporters. Well, even before winning the election on Sunday, we got clues throughout Brazil about what the future may hold. Bolsonaro supporters have taken the politician’s cue and expressed how they really feel about a number of topics being discussed amongst Brazilians.

    One worrying thing we keep seeing popping up is the manner in which Bolsonaro supporters feel in relation to Black Brazilians. Several recent incidents signal what the next four years may be like for Black Brazilians under a Bolsonaro presidency.

    “Blacks will die”: Controversial video featuring Bolsonaro supporter Pedro Bellintani Baleotti went viral

    In one incident, a man identified as 25-year old Pedro Bellintani Baleotti recorded a startling video that went viral a several days ago. The video shows Baleotti in a car on his way to casting a vote in the election. Speaking into the camera, Baleotti is heard saying:

    “At the sound of Zezé (Di Camargo and Luciano), armed with a knife, a pistol, the devil, crazy to see a bum, a vagabond in a red shirt and to kill soon.” In this phrase, Baleotti’s reference to a red shirt speaks of the main color of the PT (Workers’ Party), the party of Bolsonaro’s opponent, Fernando Haddad, and the party that ruled Brazil between 2003 and 2016.

    Continuing on, he turns the camera and films two Black people on a motorcycle which provokes him to say: “Do you see that negraiada (group of Blacks)? They will die! They will die! It’s the f*cking captain.”

    According to reports, the video began spreading in the WhatsApp photo app the day after the election, Monday, October 29th.

    Having worked at the law offices of De Luca Derenusson Schuttoff e Azevedo Consultoria (DDSA), the young man was immediately fired when the firm discovered the video. The man in the video refused to return calls when press agents sought comments on the video he released.”

    “In her comment, the internet user wrote: “I loved that Bolsonaro won, it’s only in this way he will order to kill these negros fedidos (st*nking Blacks) and this @erikajanuza goes along. I hate this woman.”

    In response to the post, the actor wrote: “Your response was printed and taken to the police. RACIST,” he wrote, with the post having been shared on pages of other social networks.”


  • What is the talk about several employees being retained outside of the agreed LIFO policy that was agreed. What other criteria is being used? Why is there not full transparency to avoid disturbing the IR climate or is it a charade.


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