No Time for Propaganda Mia!

kevin-greenidgeA couple days after Prime Minister Mia Mottley delivered an address to the nation with the Attorney General Dale Marshall in attendance- we have been informed that Dr. Kevin Greenidge, the Barbadian IMF economic advisor on secondment will provide an update on the BERT Program at 11AM.

The blogmaster has promised not to bare the knuckles with heavy critique of government’s policies until after six months to give the new government a reasonable time to signal to the country how it intends to tackle the huge economic crisis we have been gripped since 2008. Although only five months since the Mottley government won the 24 May 2018 general election in unprecedented fashion the blogmaster feels compelled to emit a growl to show concern given the parlous state of affairs.

In stark contrast to the former Stuart government- labelled the government of silence- it is obvious the incumbent sees a good communication plan as critical to successfully implementing its austere policies. In recent weeks the blogmaster has become wary that the type of information being shared has shifted into the realm of propaganda. It is important Mottley does not betray the unprecedented trust the electorate has deposited on her wide shoulders. She is reminded that to whom much is given much is expected.

Clearly the optics of appointing the largest cabinet in our history does not fit well in the minds of many Barbadians, especially the political partisans. It does not matter that the salary cost to pay the large Cabinet and consultants is negligible in the context of government’s budget or that it compares favourably with the former government. An important trait of a good leader is to exude and demonstrate empathy. The message of government to gain buyin of the citizenry will lose credibility if those being adversely affected by BERT I do not perceive that elected politicians are not equally feeling the pinch. She can initiate the best strategy by over communicating with the electorate, it will not work if the actions of government are perceived as ‘impersonal’.

Clearly the decision to touch the Barbadian middleclass  AND body corporates in the ‘pockets’ has served to attune many to the serious state of the economy. It should serve as a reminder to a disengaged citizenry that it should hunt 24/7 for ways to actively participate in government. The blogmaster and members of the BU family have been warning this day would come when the government is forced to siphon from the saving of Barbadians to support the unsustainable policy of unbridled conspicuous consumption.  All of the economic indicators paint the horrific story. What is unfortunate although understandable is that it only when people are personally affected that they respond. For years the Auditor General has detailed cases of malfeasance that the important working committee of parliament – PAC – has failed to pursue.  For years we have witnessed bold face evidence of contracts awarded to the ‘boy’ as a way of legally channelling tax dollars into the pockets of a few. For years we have witnessed the mismanagement of SOEs because of successive government giving jobs to the boys and girls and not others who are more competent. BU’s pages are littered with ALL the examples to explain the current state of the country finds itself. The few examples are symptoms of the decay that has been gnawing at the bowels of our society for years.

While the focus is on the economic performance of the country we should not forget there is also bound to be a negative impact on the social landscape.

There is no doubt the country has to suffer more pain in the continuing attempt to extricate itself from the economic hole it finds itself. Barbadians were asked to hold strain for 10 years by the former government, this will not make the task of the incumbent easy. It is very important the Mia Mottley government takes decisions which demonstrate she is walking with and holding hands of the people who will have to suffer more pain. We understand her challenge of keeping a large backbench ‘happy’. The blogmaster suggests she will have to give the electorate credit for dealing with backbenchers that will risk destabilizing the government at this time for less than honourable reasons

Mottley is a millionaire, she is not in the seat to secure a salary. Do the right thing and stop the pandering to interest groups in and out of the party!




  • @Hal Austin October 16, 2018 9:00 AM “I humbly suggest that she works for a nominal Bds$1 a month and donate the remainder of her salary to the exchequer?”

    @T.Inniss October 16, 2018 9:08 AM “I agree with you ! The blog moderator on here telling us that Mia Mottley is a millionaire and she does not need the money – so why…she don’t take a token $100.00 per month salary.”

    You see wunna DLP people.

    Here is Hal suggesting a nice, modest salary of $1 per month, and you out to give a bigable raise to $100 per month. These big raises are just what gets governments,individuals and companies in trouble.

    Why would you suggest raising anybody’s salary by 100%?

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  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hants October 16, 2018 7:43 PM
    “FSD Pharma Inc. announces $55 million dollar indoor cannabis grow partnership expansion at its Cobourg facility.”
    Barbados is going to be a great place for cannabis growing and processing facilities just like Canada.”

    But not before Jamaica, St. Lucia or even Cuba!

    Modern Bajans are not leaders in any entrepreneurial and commercial venture except in partisan political cussing.
    But there is hope on the horizon as hurricane “BERT” arrives to blow away the cobwebs of inertia.

    Now here is where PM MAM can leave an additional mark on Bajan history pages by not only decriminalizing the local growing of cannabis from 2019 but also use the opportunity offered by the same BERT to redirect young people back to agriculture in order to stimulate local food production to save their sorry souls from pending starvation.

    What are these shortsighted over-qualified academics managing the crippled country waiting for in order to put up the economic shutters? The tsunami called “Devaluation”?


  • @ Miller

    Very very good post.


  • @ T.Inniss Mariposa Hall Austin

    You all stranded aging DLP yardfowls have the next 20 plus years to holler on BU


  • Hants
    What I would love to see Barbados doing is producing strawberries,apricots,blueberries,apples and such exotic fruit so called for local and regional markets by use of solar energy in a controlled environment.Both the spatial component and the solar energy are there in abundant supply.
    I support your view that vehicle prices,credit arrangements and insurance are so out of whack in Barbados that car manufacturers ought to complain to the WTO for the Barbados system of taxing vehicle purchases.For every car bought the government collects two and up to four times the initial cost of the car in taxes.


  • To All:
    A 2018 model cannot be produced on a 1918 production line.
    Archaic economic theory; dysfunctional academics; an educational system that is no longer relevant; highly paid sophisticated intellectual party sycophants; spineless media; all of these will ensure that we will remain incapable of correcting the socio economic problems.
    Add to the above the decadent duopoly and the future is there for all to see. Not yet a failed state but…….


  • Not that I was paying attention to the weekend salvos emanating from George Street or from the former minister(Mr Op-per-Choo-nih-tee cos)attempt to defend his poor performance both as an ambassador and a minister,but I hear talk of a retreat to be held by the DLP. The DLP cannot hold a retreat. That word conveys the impression that a strategic decision was made to withdraw, regroup
    and return to the battlefield. The DLP has been routed,pillaged,destroyed,burnt and is no more. The DLP should take its destruction and don’t ever come back to insult the electorate with that rotten record of devastation visited upon this country between ’08 and ’18. All ‘o wunna mek buhbaydus shame. All yo is one set ‘o clown. Be gone do.


  • John 2

    The following information was included in my October 16, 2018 6:29 PM contribution:

    “(3). The statute of limitations on audits and assessing additional tax REMAINS OPEN INDEFINITELY if the taxpayer files a FALSE or FRAUDULENT tax return.”

    Does not the above rule apply to “civil tax fraud?”

    If anyone (or even the baby on the Cussons powder tot) read and understood that contribution, they would realize Austin and I are essentially “saying the same thing.”

    And, ironically, it was written: “Like a typical Bajan when exposed don’t know how to read and comprehend.”


  • @ Gabriel,

    I was going to suggest growing Barbados cherry trees in a green house and I found this.

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  • The T.Inniss Mariposa Hall Austin hollering from under David Thompson head stone


  • @ millertheanunnaki years ago you suggested that Barbados should legalise marijuana and make it a viable industry.

    If only the government of the day had listened.


  • @Hants

    check out the last panel discussion….the business of Cannabis


  • @ NorthernObserver,

    Seems like the are rolling the wicket for the Barbados cannabis industry.


  • One of the speakers is “Chris Murray – Director of Clinical & Operational Alignment, Canopy Growth


  • who is the sponsor identified as Brookfield?


  • Next conference should be titled ” The business of Casino gambling “.


  • same logo as
    icij says they have been there since 1988!! I knew they were all over the place,


  • Tell Trump he can have the casino license when he loses in 2 years, in the meantime a 3 billion grant to the GoB will suffice.


  • This is what happens when the Mia and Dale show jumps out to give the people of Barbados only the first half of the story.

    “Up to 2,500 ‘to go by next fiscal year’
    Article by
    Emmanuel Joseph Published on
    October 17, 2018
    As many as 2,500 public workers will be jobless when the dust settles on the Government’s restructuring exercise, the Barbados-born International Monetary Fund economist embedded as the Government’s senior economic advisor has announced.

    The figure of 1,500 announced by the Prime Minister on Monday is only the start, Dr Kevin Greenidge told journalists at the Central Bank in an update on the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan”


  • More shame and disgrace. ..and make no mistake about it, this government is equally culpable in the destruction of the transport board and any equity it might have had or gained over the last 20 years, the day, under the then Arthur government …they used corruption to hand the TB contract over to CGI Insurance/Peter Harris…only to see ALL equity the taxpayer entity might have had being backlogged and tied up in the Supreme Court through Personal Injury cases that are stuck in the court because of the greedy insurance company, wicked lawyers and evil judges who refuse to do their jobs……these cases are not moving…and the equity in the taxpayer funded entity am sure is now practically zero…with all those deliberately unsettled claims… one is buying debt…Mia must be planning to give TB away,

    “An independent auditors’ report has revealed an appalling finance and accounting mess at the state-owned Transport Board from as far back as seven years ago.

    And there has been an absence of audited financial statements at the cash-strapped, state-owned, bus company since then, according to the financial probe.

    The audit, which inspected financial statements for the year ended March 31, 2011 and conducted by accounting firm Ernst & Young last year could not confirm the source of $48.9 million the Transport Board received.

    When Barbados TODAY reached out to the Chairman of the Transport Board Gregory Nicholls tonight, he confirmed that the auditors had an issue with the source of the $48.9 million which was received by the bus company.

    “I can confirm that the $48.9 million of which you speak, the issue the auditor had was that there was no substantiated information to confirm the revenue. But it was money the Transport Board received from transfers to Crown Government for subsidies for paying for pensions, school children et cetera. But that money has already been spent, so it is not an issue. It is that there was no ability of the auditors to confirm that the money came into Transport Board. So they had issues with that,” Nicholls, an attorney at law, said.”

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  • Even Mia’s propaganda machine is lacking credibility.


  • Ah waiting for someone else to notice what am seeing.

    Yardfowls…yall now got problems, but yall are incapable of seeing what those problems will be until they are sitting right on top of you…ah…Karma.

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  • The Mia government also needs to retool and get their own come to jesus moment, by she and Liz Thompson telling the UN, why she got her cousin Simmons, her personal lawyer AND best friend Haynes, her embattled AG Marshall accused of robbing the elderly their estates and land and a host of other lawyers, some of whom are a dirty as only lawyers can be …..drafting AND LEGISLATING CORRUPTION INTO LAW.. to cover and protect themselves from any accountability or from their own criminal actions…against the people.

    Exactly how were they planning for that to end for the same people who elected the government and who now pay all their salaries…corruption legislated as law….how.

    Confessing that on the world stage would be the perfect come to jesus moment for Mia….how the hell they ALL planned to get away with it in this day and age is amazing and takes very EXTREME intent to even begin to create such a cruel document.

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  • Hal Austin I now get the time to respond to you ,you claim you cannot remember what happened yesterday far less 2008 ?This is your response to my pointing out the dishonesty of Mr Thompson,and his wild manifesto promises?Perhaps you should ask one of your Dem friends on here like Sargeant or Hants,or Bush Tea,but like some have told when cornered with facts ,you look for excuses,pathetic,in my view you are a fraud,who likes attacking people including the blog master,who in my view is very tolerant of you since I would have ban your ass,let you start your own blog,.When you throw stones expect some to come back at you.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Hants October 16, 2018 11:20 PM
    “millertheanunnaki years ago you suggested that Barbados should legalise marijuana and make it a viable industry.
    If only the government of the day had listened.”

    Neither did the last government heed the free genuine and well-informed advice of planned privatization which would have provided many of those now swindled pensioners the golden opportunities to invest in those divested commercial enterprises as part of the real home-grown BERT.

    Neither was the last (DLP) administration or even the current BLP regime listening to you, Hants, about growing more local food instead of relying so much on the unnecessary importation of so much processed foods which are effectively encouraging black Bajans to dig their own early graves.

    As usual the so-called leaders will wait until there is some serious disruption in overseas supplies- whether through circumstances outside their local control or, more than likely, through the lack of foreign exchange leading to a deep devaluation of the Bajan dollar.

    Now here is another proposal which has already been put in the public sphere for official consideration and which to date has been given short shrift.

    What about establishing a national Health Lottery to help fund the operations of the QEH?
    Not so much in its payroll obligations but in the maintenance and physical improvement of the plant.

    There is already the island-wide infrastructure in place to give the good Christian minded people of Barbados the great opportunity to make humanitarian contributions for the good of the nation without gambling away their hard-earned fortunes.

    All the proceeds- after a reasonable management fee payable to the operators but including the government’s large share of the pie through ‘sin’ taxation- can be transferred to a politically insulated supervisory body with strict monitoring and auditing of all expenditure draw-downs to the QEH and other related public health entities.


  • The 2 old style 1950’s governments only view their own people as beasts of burden, while they and their corrupt compadres run up the island’s debts, tief as much as they want, run as many scams as they can imagine…in their minds that is ok…two generations of people not born yet will be born into debt and HAVE TO PAY…..but these jokers don’t care..

    .I saw clearly that is the main reason none of them even thought of considering the Cannabis and Hemp industries, not one of them ever mentioned it…ever, until forced to GRUDGINGLY acknowledge that medical marijuana was legislated and has been LEGAL on the island fo 27 whole years….it is easier for them to run corruption and scams against their people to fill up their own and their briber’s pockets….than to run viable industries to benefit and ENRICH the majority population….

    When we mentioned it on here, the yardfowls from the previous government wanted to put handcuffs on us….the lobotomized mind of the sheeple…at play..

    If the two governments had cared anything about their own people, they would have moved fowl progressively and aggressively to tap into that goldmine, but they didn’t so do not hold your breath…until this present government has also been permanently severed from the parliament.

    And imagine they are most of them LAWYERS in this government AND the last who not only have access but the power to change legislation in favour of creating a viable Cannabis and Hemp industry…but look at what Mia is changing legislation to do instead.


  • I always admire people who can stand up for something, even if it is their own families involved in evil, violating and destroying the rights of others…they can stand up..these are the types of people worth listening to..


  • “What about establishing a national Health Lottery to help fund the operations of the QEH?”


    This is a good idea, it addresses the present problems but in the long term it does not address the thousands of hours doctors and nurses spend treating lifestyle diseases (NCDs). All this will do is add a few more years of life that will be spent in and out of hospital.

    There needs to be a focus on prevention beyond taxing Coca Cola.

    Each person needs to take responsibility for his/her own health and the prevention of lifestyle diseases.

    The new NIS health deduction presents the opportunity to focus on preventive health care. A network of general practitioners, a national health database and a standardised 6 month health and wellness check up should be set up.

    The GP is paid by the NIS and the database is accessible to all registered medical practitioners. Citizens are therefore free to change GPs as they like. The 6 month standardised check up will include indicators linked to NCDs such as BP, heart rate, weight, smoking frequency, eyesight, diet etc.

    NCDs don’t just happen, they are the end result of poor lifestyle choices, they are mostly preventable. Using an evidence based medical approach combined with data mining, timely interventions can be made and lifestyle change initiated.

    The savings won’t be seen immediately but so long as politicians keep their hands out of it, it will pay dividends in the long term


  • The corrupt shall be exposed everywhere, no one is listening to government or yardfowl propaganda, the world is listening and watching.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Another in the Series of Conspiracies

    This is Conspiracy # 105, wunna have seen 101 – 104 already so we have 5 more to go

    The building of Crab Hill Police station by Cherry is Not going to be one of the items supplied here because its Conspiracy THEORY quotient is low and it is mere speculation but here’s another conspiracy for you for the Tin Foil Wearers out there.

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  • Vincent Codrington

    @ PUDRYR at 4 :22 AM.

    Could dear. One One blow does kill old cow. You do not have to rub it in. Soon from now we wont have a RH.


  • Over 200 individuals have signed an online petition calling on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to ensure that all ministers publicly declare all their assets. The petition claims that such a move would “renew faith and trust” in the Government.(Quote)


  • I don’t only want to see assets. I also want to see liabilities. I want to know how much our politicians owe, and to whom.

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