Government Moves Full Steam Ahead with the Debt Holder (Approval of Debt Restructuring) Bill, 2018




This Bill would provide for

  1. (a)  certain individuals and institutions holding treasury bills, treasury notes and debentures issued or guaranteed by the Government of Barbados; and
  2. (b)  certain individuals and institutions holding certain other Barbados dollar denominated debt instruments incurred or guaranteed by the Government, state owned enterprises or Government supported entities,

to facilitate the restructuring of those instruments through the voting process set out in this Act and to bind all the affected creditors to the terms of the comprehensive debt restructuring proposals where a specified super majority of those creditors approve the proposals.


  • @ T.Inniss September 26, 2018 6:39 PM

    “Have a Chinese spy come in to surveil we every move on the internet…”

    So how come MIA Jong Un has NOT yet figured out that you are just a rebooted “Fractured BLP” pretending to be the brother of Crooked Inniss DLP soon to be banged up abroad?

    But we take your main point. Mia is bitch-slapping the ordinary household in the face by imposing the draconian levies on the water bill while the likes of Hal and his lawyer buddies in chambers ‘Gollop’ away with their untaxed millions salted away from the prying eyes of the politically-controlled BRA.

    You are entitled to continue with your politically-orchestrated guerilla warfare against MAM as long as she continues to allow those bold-faced thieving scumbags and tax dodgers- all friends of your deceitful lying party- to get off the hook; unlike your corrupt motor-mouth brother in verbal diarrhea the Don of Bribery now on an extended vacation in the grand ole USA.

    Minister Hinkson, you appear to be an honourable man, most worthy of the highest respect.
    You have been given- by the goddess of karma- a job to do. Don’t be sidetracked by those with a vested interest (even in your own cabal) in keeping the corrupt habits of the ancien régime still much in situ.


  • @David

    You seem to be in the KNOW about this DEBT RESTRUCTERING PLAN and it’s various PHASES, where can one find a readable/printable hardcopy. Wily needs to read see a hardcopy for detailed evaluation.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Why Willy Coyote you have asked a serious question indeed of the Honourable Blogmaster.

    I wonder if de ole man can speculate on its answer for you IF I CAN BE SO BOLD heheheheheheheh

    Membership of various groups will require one to have certain characteristics.

    Loyalty, dedication, competencies, certain skills and acumen.

    Membership of the Red Council requires much more than this.

    This devotion supersedes your pledge of allegiance to your country Barbados and is much akin to a covenant and pact with the devil.

    Now de ole man does not know which black magic books or movies you have watchd but you would be advised to read “To The Devil A Daughter” by Dennis Wheatley.

    Now please do not infer that one is calling the Leader of the Red Council a necromancer, or any such scurrilous name, but indeed, membership of this coven does have its price like “once you go black you cant go back.”

    many of them have recited this in modern words to their new mistress Wily Coyote

    “…I, the loathed of God . . .Her too, her peace, I must undermine . . .This was the sacrifice I owed to Hell!
    Help, Devil, to shorten my time of torment!
    What must be, must be; hasten it!
    Let her fate hurtle down with mine,
    Let us go together to the pit!…”

    I do hope my accustomed meanderings and drivel have helped answer your question


  • Stupsee!🤫


  • @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right September 26, 2018 5:34 PM “…he is going to get locked up in the United States of America and no amount of favouritism and back door begging is going to avert that sentence.”

    But why would anybody seek favours or beg?

    I tell my own children, if you do the crime, you will do the time, and when ya get ketch, don’t call my name, because I int know you.

    So I don’t understand your talk about begging and favouritism.

    I don’t feel that anybody is too good to go to jail. Not even my own mother.

    If she wasn’t already dead.

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  • One of the major problems we have is a very real polarization. It means that the call to rally around the government will continue to be rejected by those who oppose the ruling party, in the same manner of those who oppose the former government.
    Even on BU, this rampant polarization is clearly evident. In the broader society, we find media professionals taking pure party lines. Our system of government, when stripped naked is a backward and unproductive melting pot of potent stupidity.
    Anybody who believes that the decadent duopoly will ever put the country before its narrow self interest and that of its cronies, is absolutely delusional.
    The current economic malaise is indicative of how far we have retrogressed in the last five decades. It is now patently obvious that we are going to be in the economic doldrums for an unnecessarily long period of time because we are going to be attempting to tax and beg our way out of a self inflicted and protracted period of economic mismanagement, that stretches back to the mid seventies.
    In most recent times we are slowly coming to grips with the sad reality that Arthur was in real terms only a modest success while Sinckler was a spectacular failure. In other words, the basic problems within the economy will remain essentially the same for the better part of the next twenty years. While those of us with a national consciousness will wish Ms. Mottley well, we are already being exposed to the hard fact that even pensioners , who thought their hard earned nest eggs were safe may now be on a certain path to penury in their golden years. No amount of political wishy washy nonsense about suffering for the common good, will eradicate this painful reality.
    The duopoly’s apologists have brought us to this sorry state and they seem incapable of now getting us out. It seems that the best case scenario is that even if the operation is successful the patient might die.

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  • Why are the accomplices to the alleged crime not being charged in Barbados.


    You already getting your wish to see Donville locked up.

    Why are you all willing to give the FORMER ICBL employees a free pass ? Is it because one of them is a female who is a lighter shade of pale ?

    I gine an get muh headphones an listen to Procul Harum.

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  • @Hants September 27, 2018 12:05 AM “Why are you all willing to give the FORMER ICBL employees a free pass ? Is it because one of them is a female who is a lighter shade of pale ?”

    I am not willing to give them a free pass, because I noticed that mu ICBL premiums dropped sharply this year, in spite of Hurricane Maria nearby lat year. I thought it strange and asked a question and got a wishy washy answer. This was BEFORE Donville was arrested. I believe that ICBL was charging me and likely many others too high premiums for many years, and using MY MONEY to pay bribes. I don’t like it.

    I am not into lighter shade of pale people, and especially I am not into lighter shade of pale female people.

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  • “Anybody who believes that the decadent duopoly will ever put the country before its narrow self interest and that of its cronies, is absolutely delusional.”

    More the reason to KICK Mia and her gang to the curb come 2023….29-0 sounds about right because WE KNOW…

    …this government has no intention of ending the corruption, locking up their companeros in DLP and the minority thieves for ripping off the treasury AND pension fund,

    … recovering the money belonging to the people’

    fixing the Supreme Court so there is actually a Supreme Court that dispenses timely justice,

    …Fire Judges who take bribes from insurance companies to destroy personal injury cases of injured claimants AND help their fellow lawyers TIEF Estates from the elderly and their beneficiaries…..AND cause cases to backlog in the Supreme Court through unnecessary adjournments for a decade and more.

    .. locking up lawyers who rip of the elderly their Estates, as can be found inside her government…

    and all the other crimes against the people they all feel so comfortable and proud of committing to enrich themselves..

    It’s obvious, apart from attempting to undo some economic damage, that the Mia government’s priorities are suspect…given this Bitt push to force what is quite obviously a self serving scam on the people…not meant to enrich the people but to suck even more from their pockets..

    And even worse… the Mia government’s reluctance to pursue charges against ICBL former executives AND Donville….in their bribery/money laundering scam against Bajans..using a taxpayer funded entity.

    I am not impressed..


  • Hants,

    A core of a democratic society is the rule of law; a society that has a criminal law for some, and a free pass for others is a corrupt society. Barbados is a failed state.

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  • @WS 11.50pm
    Much truth. Bim maybe an island, yet the polarization you reference is a global pattern. Even in places where the precise policy differences between the main competing political entities is blurry.
    One challenge is so many elected bodies seem to believe they can SPEND their way out of problems. And without any counterbalancing revenue measures. So they spend and spend, run one deficit after another, the cost is initially 5% of revenue, then it’s 10%, then 15%, etc etc. And neither of the duopoly or triopoly can “take away” any of the bestowed benefits, rather they promise more. This is like giving every government a credit card, and when they max out, they get 3 new ones with lesser credit limits, and use them to pay the monthly fees associated with the first one, plus current deficits, then they get 12 to pay for #1 and 2-3-4.

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  • William Skinner correct me if it wasn’t you who introduced duopoly as a talking point. It couldn’t be Mia Amor’s glorified yard fowl the gatekeeper. To kill off the duopoly a special talent is mandatory with the charisma and intellect to attract the bases of the duopoly. That personality must own a track record of success at the highest levels. A mastery of multitasking with certifiable results the solutions to bread and butter issues that affect mankind is mandatory.

    The advocacy here is for Rihanna Fenty to be identified as a Prime Minister of Barbados in the next 5 to 10 years. Her deeds and words in the global arena suggests a deep political appetite and an emerging political nous. The vision is for her to lead a party of national unity in five to ten years culling the best and brightest young blood from the Dees and Bees. No room for the Donville’s , Kellman’s, Pain ,Teets surely not wife beater and crooked lawyers.

    She’s already broken bread with heads of state like Macron, her extraordinary stature in world affairs, philanthropy and business speaks volumes for her qualities to shepherd Barbados to unprecedented heights. A new generation of political breed will accompany her. The Motley/Stuart eras will be history. We would have moved on from the duopoly.


  • @ Josh

    I did not “introduced” the term duopoly to BU. It surfaced on the blog many moons ago.
    Your position on Rihana is quite interesting- perhaps food for thought.
    As for getting rid of the duopoly, all I can say is whenever is not soon enough. I don’t really know of any young new breed of politician in the Bees or Dees.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright


    Gents ammmmm…

    @ William Skinner
    @ Josh

    I was with both of you when you repeated Brother in Arms Bush Tea s observation of how this BLP and DLP exchange is just a rearrangement of the chairs on the deck of the Titanic but ammmm. .

    But gents I do caution you NOT TO ASSIGN COMPETENCIES TO Jack Phillips, the senior wireless operator who typed out the last messages on Guglielmo Marconi’s state of the art Morse code machines ON THE SINKING TITANIC IN 1912

    Let me disavow you of any and all such misconceptions right here and now.

    This is the problem with you gents.

    People can blow smoke up your pooches and jes so, wunna does capitulate.

    Do stay tuned on this popular misconception to be debunked.

    Such is going to be the outcome which, at s time while the country is in the throes of the IMF grip, unfortunately wont do the failed state Barbados any good but “sometimes the tree of democracy needs a little pruning” to improve its health…heheheheh


  • @ Piece

    Agreed. However, both public discourse and that on BU, to a large extent, is extremely distressing , to say the very least. It is amazing, that we fail to see , that the country is in serious need of thinkers and not tinkers. While we engage in senseless nit picking, the reality is that the IMF , has stated that the intended goals will not be met and or achieved until 2033. This means that a considerable portion about a recovery in “three or four “ years is deliberate propaganda.
    The damning revelation is that we are celebrating fifty two years of self government and we still cannot properly manage or effect: a proper public transportation system, a proper garbage collection system, a proper public market system, a highly functioning emergency room department, a forward looking tourism industry, an education system designed to meet current socio economic targets, a Justice system that is productive etc.
    Now any reasonable person will conclude that if we cannot master such areas after fifty two years of self government how can we go from “broke” to prosperity in thirty six months. It is pure hogwash.
    And when Sir Lloyd asked : How did we get back here ? Somebody should have asked him: When did we leave?
    Sir Lloyd seems to have skillfully convinced himself that he actually took us to prosperity.
    Sometimes , although I am not there yet, I have to honestly say that when Hal says we are a failed state, it is a position that cannot be totally ignored.
    Imagine that begging the IMF for money has now suddenly become a worthwhile national benchmark of excellence. It boggles the mind.


  • “To kill off the duopoly a special talent is mandatory with the charisma and intellect to attract the bases of the duopoly. ”

    One half of the duopoly DLP has already been killed off by the PEOPLE, killing off the other half merely involves the PEOPLE…handing the other half of the duopoly, Mia and her gang a massive 29-0 come next election….and the PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER vote for anyone associated with either DBLP EVER AGAIN……kill off completed,..

    There will be more than enough candidates vying to take their place and the electorate will know whom to avoid, lawyers among many others, should be avoided at ALL COST when selecting a candidate…in the 2023 election.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ William Skinner

    William, William, William…

    You said and I quote “…Imagine that begging the IMF for money has now suddenly become a worthwhile national benchmark of excellence. It boggles the mind…”


    you have spoken a blasphemy and we invoke jihad upon you.

    You know what is so sad about the reception that statement will get? It is the number of Chairman Mia Mao s adipose suckers who will come here, and see that, and not feel ashamed of touting this IMF beggars mission to be a superlative accomplishment of Mottley.

    But you know what William? That ability to observe requires an ability to think independently and unfortunately that is not a quality that Bajans possess

    You listed 7 things to represent where we are after 52 years.

    And incredulously another 50 years is going to pass and our Mandarin speaking banana will be no further along than we are in 2018

    In the abundance of water THE FOOL IS THIRSTY…


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster. Your assistance please with an item here


  • @ William
    The problem is not the duopoly.
    The duopoly is the RESULT of the problem.

    The real problem is brassbowlery…. people who DO NOT LEARN FROM MISTAKES.
    People who only focus on self …and on materialism – and who jump at ANY scheme that PROMISES to fulfil these needs.

    Such is the idea of a PM Rhianna…. a girl after Bushie’s heart…. but a leader of Froon’s mode
    ….whose FAME has been linked to doing whatever it takes to make money…

    This fetish to run after ‘people with money’ for leadership is the very ROOT of our brassbowlery.

    This is why we jump from B to D to B to D …as the scamps PROMISE us rewards without effort and luxury without sweat.

    The ACTUAL solution is so simple and natural that it boggles the mind how it continues to evade us….
    WE NEED TO YEARN AFTER RIGHTEOUSNESS., yearn after expecting, .. requiring, ..DEMANDING, and ENFORCING – that the Bajan CULTURE be one of doing that which we ALL know to be RIGHT…..

    So far, we are doing SHIITE… with (both literally and figuratively) appropriate results.


  • So when will the Barbados government go after Duprey AND Leroy Leper for ripping off Clico policyholders..

    “A HIGH COURT judge has ordered former executive chairman of CL Financial Lawrence Duprey to repay British American Insurance Company (BAICO) a US$122 million debt he owed to it.

    Justice Ricky Rahim made the order this morning in the Port of Spain High Court. Duprey was not in court for the decision.

    In October, last year, BAICO’s attorneys Andre Rudder and Bryan McCutcheon filed a claim for the sum of US$122,636,450, plus interest.

    The claim is for the sum of US$122,636,450, plus interest. The application followed a ruling by a Florida judge in July last year, against Duprey to pay more than US$60 million to BAICO in damages in relation to the TT$1.9 billion Green Island project in Osceola County, Florida. The application also noted that Duprey had not filed an appeal of the Florida judgment and the time for doing so has since elapsed.

    The insurance company had taken Duprey and one of its former executives, chairman Brian Branker to court claiming a breach of fiduciary duties on their part by allowing it to pump billions of dollars into the real estate transaction which was executed by BAICO and British American Isle of Venice in January 2008 for the purchase price of US$295 million.

    Duprey and Branker were ordered by Judge Erik P Kimball of the United States Bankruptcy Court in the South District of Florida to each pay BAICO US$61,318,225, a total of US$122,636,450. In November of that year, the US court entered judgment against Duprey for the entire sum.

    Court documents stated that the companies had pursued the land transaction that resulted in a loss allegedly exceeding US$100 million.

    This loss was a primary cause of the insolvency of the companies and their multi-national insolvency proceedings. The Florida Court found that the Motion for Judgment should be granted in part, ruling that Duprey and Branker shall be held liable for damages.”


  • The Mia government better move fast, Duprey will end up bankrupt and in prison in Florida, it’s not like he can run to Trinidad, some smartass might have a bullet there waiting for


  • I would behoove the Government of Barbados well to run a campaign such as this for its Government Bonds and Sovereign Debt.

    This mandatory unilateral devaluation of people’s investments is to be viewed for what it is.

    A highway robbery perpetuated by the government of Mia Cares.

    If Chairman Mia really cared we should start to see some cases being pursued in the Law Courts of Barbados so that the common man does not feel that they are required rather FORCED TO MAKE sacrifices while the theives and perpetrators of these crimes sit freely in their homes in the United States and the UK.

    Just pick one Mia that you have the goods on and run with it to the point where you get JUST ONE FELLOW PROSECUTED.

    Just let people know that you are not just blowing hot air up our pooches as we are inclined to believe


  • Dear Chairman Mia,

    Most people believe that the Stoopid Cartoons that de grandson does are directed at you or formrly at the late great Fumbles.

    They are not!

    You are but an agent in the service of My Lord as are we all servants to His Will.

    Your policies and practices are flawed because you begin at the point that you want people to take up their hard earned $$ and invest in your ideas and the airy-fairy ideas of a government that all it has done in the last 120 days HAS TAXED THE BADWORD OUT OF PEOPLE.

    You have brought nothing to the table that inspires the least confidence in any observer IN fact a few things that you have brought to the table have brought some concern. But that is another matter entirely.

    Let me suggest something Chairman Mao.

    I will speak to you directly because I have an insight that you are not a fool and are willing to learn things ALBEIT by surreptitious means.

    But let me give you this insight.

    You need to task you so called Thought Leaders (i saw that somewhere here on BU i think) to deliver.

    You hired these brimlers to do what ALL OF THEM tricked you into believing that they can do and dem is not doing a pang.

    An, unlike Grenville Phillips another pretender to the throne (sorry i shoule have erased another but i had typed it already, de ole man will give you alternatives

    “…”Belt and Road” is a massive trade and infrastructure project that aims to link China — physically and financially — to dozens of economies across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania.

    It consists of two parts: The “Belt,” which recreates an old Silk Road land route, and the “Road,” which is not actually a road, but a route through various oceans…”

    And that route requires secure shipping with inviolable records so instead of Rawdone playing with Mickey Mouse Mia Chump Change we need to have a bigger vision. Are you feeling me?

    De ole man is not going to blow smoke up your pooch like your thought leaders Mia, de ole man dont play dat, but what i would ask you to give serious consideration to is something that is more meaningful than all this poop than that Mandarin stand alone idiocy or the meaningless piffle that Rawdone is proposing.

    All de rest of dem showing you how to teif money our of a limited scope economy.

    De ole man showing you how to make money that will address all the economic pitfalls of yours and previous governments WHO HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO BUILD FOR PURPOSE.

    The Chinese are planning for 2050 and a world domination that will be en vogue when both you and i will long be dead.

    What you have to craft is “empire” not “term” and that is where they and the Japanese and the orientals will always beat the rest of the world with their planning.

    They have a Vision for Country that is not limited by your 5 year term.

    You need to embrace the lasting Vision and not these 5 year terms which, when the people tired of your badword they will dismiss you.

    Rise to the occasion Mottley and let these remoras release their parasitic attachments to your body.


    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right
    Leader of the Opposition (because Lorenzo you had Enuff? told me so)


  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here for the Chairman thank you


  • The cut is an absolute necessity. I really wonder why gov does not cut the capital sum itself, given that Barbados is the world´s champion of high debt load.

    In my opinion, PM MAM must act like a financial Stalin and must cut the saving bonds as well and at least 1/3 of the capital sum of every gov obligation.

    All figures who bought bonds or entered gov contracts after the rating went down to B do not deserve any mercy! Rating “B” means hands off!, “C” means “hands burnt”! Barbadians must learn the hard way what national insolvency means. Otherwise the clueless masses will vote vor a second Big Sinck in 15 years. That MUST NOT happen. The harder the cut, the better the lesson for the masses.


  • @ Tron,

    Your point is taken insofar as it relates to that exclusive group of sheeple who bought these bonds as you said.

    But there is a larger subset of sheeple who do not have the luxury of discretionary income who consequently DID NOT LOSE A PANG but have been saddled with the payback of national insolvency.

    In fact Tron de ole man would actually say to you that that grouping of sheeple outnumber that elitist class of investors by some 75:1 who NOT ONLY DONT KNOW, but simply dont care.

    Go down by Moon Town opposite Kellman shop and strike up a conversation with dem fellers and tell me effing dem give a flying badword bout this madness?

    You see what I mean?

    I can guarantee you that if another buhkvunt comes to the fore like Jeremy Stephens, dat de people going vote for that buhkvunt because he does talk up a storm and sound good.

    The single prequisite for a vote among sheeple.

    Bushie is right when he says our donkeys are grass…


  • Piece,

    Local politicians should play TROPICO 5 to learn how to run a Caribbean island … 😉

    From wikipedia: “In the first part of the game, Tropico must declare independence from the Crown, a spin on the British Empire. … the player must accrue $$50,000 in their Swiss Bank Account … After this, the island must generate a total of $1,000,000 to become the richest country in the Caribbean …”

    And here the general description from TROPICO 1: “… presentation of semi-democratic banana republics, using a great deal of humor while still referencing such topics as totalitarianism, electoral fraud, and the interventions of powerful companies (United Fruit is implied) …”

    Does that sound familiar?


  • @ Tron


    That is a beautiful find Tron

    It almost sounds like the EZ Cricket Board game that Dr. Basil Springer (and his faithful cohort of cuntsultants of whom Jeremy “de Moolah” Stephens was one) was able to secure (nearly said fleece) the Late David Thompson of $1 million ) for the late James Corbin’s game.

    Wunna see why we cannot go anywhere with these pretenders as Thought Leaders and Change Management Cuntsultants?

    I dont know how to say this Tron

    Any man or woman who wants to be a Thought Leader in Barbados should be able to submit an application fot that job and receive a contract for providing said services REPLETE WITH AN AGREEMENT PROTECTING HIS?HER COPYRIGHT & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY signed my Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

    That agreement shall stipulate who get paid what ONLY WHEN THE PROJECT REALISES AGREED DELIVERABLES.

    For said same agreement the Government of Barbados shall place a non revocable security of US $ in an international organisation of international repute equal to the value of the contract (but such shall not include the profit sharing modalities that this innovation consultant will be entitled to from the initiative(s)

    So any bajan who is up to this Stepping up to the Plough as the Honourable Blogmaster recently put it can come to the real operalization of these IDEAS 4 Barbados public relations shy$# that they have been broadcasting all over the place.

    SO Let me explain how this is going to work.

    I say to the GoB I can bring you US$100 million in 3 months.

    My fee for such monies shall be 10% of the monies secured for the longevity of the programme and all revenues generated by this programme shall pay me on such a scale of x dollars for x revenues and y dollars/% for the band of revenues above x etc.

    You feeling me Tron?

    You understand what this does?

    You immediately increase the # of people who are prepared to work on a performance basis.

    You immediately show up the snake oil salesmen and remora eels who are sucking the cuntry dry

    And you get people who are prepared to put their money where their mouth is.

    That is, of course, if you seriously want to include every bajan in sharing in the economic benefits or just want to divvy up the money using the many contracts awarded to one person as they are doing now for their beloved BLP supporters.


  • Abandoning a prepared speech which she could not read because of extensive floods back home,

    Barbados’ Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley has made an impassioned appeal to the United Nations to aid the world’s small states deal with the worst effects climate change.


  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright September 28, 2018 9:27 PM

    What about a Barbados – mod for the game and then offering it for free as download on the official BB gov and tourist page?


  • After Mottley steals food off tge3 poor peoples table of Dominica she goes bold faced and use Dominica name as an example as to why the UN should help small island Nations
    This woman has no shame
    Mia really belives that the people of other small island nations are flooish and that she can use the UN as a begging bowl to rescue these nations
    The legitimacy of her begging for UN aid was lost when she used Dominica perils as aspringboard
    It was almost likened to a thief asking aid for the person from whom he stole
    What nerve


  • Recently i was conversing with a person from a sister island and Mia name was mentioned
    This person was a die hard supporter of Mia and during the course of the conversation politics came up and surprisingly out if there mouth they said ” i dont like what she (Mia) is doing
    Mia has done some awful immoral actions all in the name of politics actions which have caused pain to the poor
    Now it behhooves me to hear Mia asking for aid for small island nations when she spared no anguish on fleecing a small island nation of its bread and butter


  • Again you have made the points many time although it has been repeatedly pointed out that Ross made the decision to move from Dominica and selected Barbados from others shortlisted. Move on!


  • Yes David i heard the political propaganda to cover up Barbados actions
    But then again actions speak louder than words
    David do u agree


  • If Mariposa, the former DLP-ministers, their families and courtesans plus 10,000 civil servants who think like Mariposa emigrated to Dominica, that would help Barbados a lot to fight overpopulation and admin overhead!

    The island Barbados cannot nourish so many retired DLP-ministers, judges, high bureaucrats and their families. They just sit around and are a very big human burden for the taxpayer. Since Old Barrow´s days the DLP was the party of food stamps, economic insanity and social entitlements. And that must stop now.

    PM MAM must act like a social Stalin and cut the pensions of said retired group.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster, beyond your smackbupside the head to move on there is also the absurdity of equating an economic revenue bearing issue like Ross and its inherent complications (well ventilated) with a necessary plea for economic grants and relief from nature’s fury!

    This blogger is the lowest form of political sycophant ….the lap dog that sniffs and licks its master’s hand regardless of what said master does to others and never pays homage to others outside its homestead.

    A good dog if you are its master but a blasted noisy, stupid cur otherwise.


  • Again you have made the points many time although it has been repeatedly pointed out that Ross made the decision to move from Dominica and selected Barbados from others shortlisted. Move on!(Quote)

    Absolutely nonsense. A deliberate misrepresentation. We just do not know.


  • The mantra “shoo fly, don’t bother me” shows that Mariposa’s dropping are hitting the mark. For ten years we were subjected to an incessant though deserving attack on the DLP party.

    Indeed, the DLP and Mariposa would have preferred silence but the BU bloggers kept pointing out the error of their way and holding their feet to the fire.

    The shoe is now on the other foot; the heirs in waiting have ascended to the throne; the defenders and attackers of the government have exchanged roles; and those who would urge protest or seek commentary are now asking for silence.

    I hope she can withstand the caustic remarks of dpD et al and continue with her efforts. Mariposa, take the viciousness of the attacks as a measure of your success. Be noisy and “stupid”. Their task is to correct or agree with you, and not to silence you.

    A good dog if you are its master but an angry pit-bull otherwise.


  • Hants

    Barbados’ Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley has made an impassioned appeal to the United Nations to aid the world’s small states deal with the worst effects climate change.(Quote)

    Begging is undignified. What we need are policies, brain power, thinking. We can start by looking at all the major hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, storms over the last decade and seeing how different countries dealt with them, how they saved lives. Or, as is our tendency, we think God is a Bajan and would not let anything tragic happen to us? It is all going to end in tears.


  • I believe if you ask for yourself (only) it is begging. If you ask for a multitude of others, then you are helping to create policy. You are strategizing, prime ministering …………


  • Wrong. If you go with a plan that is funding policy.


  • Does the requisite mitigation require funding or not?


  • David modus operandi is in allignment with the present govt .His role is to distract!obfuscate and warn.hee heee lol


  • So charities (asking)for multitudes are strategizing
    So then when does that strategy stop or have a cut off point
    Or is the strategy allowed to continue like a dripping pipe


  • There are such things as “toungue in cheek”, irony, …….


  • *tongue


  • @ Hal Austin
    @ Mariposa

    Hal and Mariposa.

    The financial doldrums that the Demonic Labour Party left the country in, is an aggregate of 52 years of lack of vision.

    Independence from the UK was deemed to have solved our problems and we bajans felt and still do feel that we have the right mix for continued existence in a fast changing world.

    Walk with de ole man a likkle while through my tin foil covered head as I bring you the NEW Virtual Frontier

    Have any of you ever seen Google Earth? It is a virtual GIS experience that takes satellite imagery and shifts it into 3D renditions because of “ground-truthing” by Google vehicles all over the US (an in some parts of the rest of the world where google feels that it is financially viable to do so)

    So I now have the ability to “see” foreign landscapes without actually going there.

    Now for those of you who are unconvinced of the efficacy of this technology I urge you to take a look a

    Not all of you will want to see this video because of its violence so here is the easy version to the Google Earth segment that is pertinent

    What does all this mean?

    If I append immersive exosuits to these Virtual Experiences that are now all over the place we arrive at a place where Virtual Tourism is now available in my living room.

    And before anyone says dat de ole man foil is too tight

    “…Tampa Bay Buccaneers to use SIDEKIQ Virtual Reality training

    SIDEKIQ Challenge is a Virtual Reality based football training simulator for athletes that allows players and coaches to unlock the true potential and take their game to the next level. Users will have access to high level football training used by elite athletes on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere…”

    This is the future that is coming and which is already here.

    So Mottley’s wiggle room for propping up the single donkey economy of our “Sand Sea and Sun” paradis is considerably narrowed. because “we” never proactively diversified our economy.

    What Mottley is doing is looking for “pockets of under-subscribed funding” to assist in propping up”/developing the economy.

    And Hal, it is not begging because that is precisely the mandate of these agencies.

    Mariposa, your lot has made Barbados pariah for any and all conventional funding, Mottley is going places that wunnah, EVEN THOUGH TOLD, could never amass the brain power to court.

    Let me go further to show you how effing irrelevant many of our institutions that are entrenched in these ole ways, are becoming.

    For example the waste foop Cosacap which its heads believe that they got everything tied down with

    “…Spotify for Artists – Spotify to allow artists to upload …

    Spotify has announced changes to their Spotify for Artists service that could have a major impact on their platform and the industry at-large. Currently artists must go through a third-party service like Noname in order to upload music to Spotify…”

    You feeling me?

    De grandson could build a Spotify store on to any and all Bajann artiste, en masse, and make Cosacap a ting of de past.

    We have become the do-do bird, locked in our special version of Time Tunnel 1966, with a succession of governments that have, and continue relentlessly to contribute to our collective demise.






  • Actually I will side with Mia on this one, the industrialized countries with their myriad smoke stacks and greenhouse gases and metric tons of air pollutants are directly responsible for polluting the atmosphere on earth ….and are the drivers of climate change..negatively impacting small islands…AND even the same industrial countries themselves .. break it…you buy it…they need to put money into the destruction they caused and compensate the countries and island impacted due to their greed, carelessness and callous disregard for life.


  • Tell Mia to start cleaning up the Graeme Hall Swamp where daily deluge of pollutants coming from the sewer plant enter and destroy one of natures natural habitat
    Actions speak louder than words


    “…Occasionally, governments choose to stiff their creditors when they could pay up…”


    Elliott Management won against Argentina by using a common pari passu clause
    Singer, who took home $400 million last year, makes his fortune through activist investing. While other investors are content to buy shares or bonds, and wait for them to accumulate value, Elliott Management, which oversees almost $33 billion, specializes in taking stakes in companies or institutions where it can shape the outcome. That can include agitating for changes in leadership, or spending years and million of dollars in court pursuing its interests.


  • “ break it…you buy it…” (meanwhile) places all over the world, void of any meaningful production, are IMPORTING all the consumables the producers offer, in their over-packaged, non degradable format, thereby supporting the pollution produced and creating for themselves a garbage problem. In some places, the mantra seems to be, when in doubt…pelt it in the sea or the lake. Buyer beware. And yes we have a choice. And yes governments can impose excessive taxes on products which they deem harmful, whether the product, the packaging or the manufacturing methods.


  • @Guest
    from experience, Elliott is not one to mess with. Very low key and secretive, but they tend to hit hard when they do.


  • Hopefully they are holding Barbados debt in their portfolio – the GoB approach to debt restructuring ought to be tested by someone the GoB cannot bully.


  • If the local debt holders are expected to carry most of the burden of restructuring while the criminals, public servants and politicians that caused the situation walk away with more money, they should pay the debt holders and devalue the BD$ if that is what they are bluffing us with.


  • This scam to deprive the debt holders of their income in just a money grab. This is the same approach that is used by a government when attempting to exert more control over a country – it is like Trump with immigration. Things are bad so the GoB can do anything and anyone opposing it is unpatriotic.


  • The only thing missing is some sweetheart deals on the sale of GoB assets to friends, family and associates – BLP + DLP + Swine + BLP + DLP + Swine + BLP + DLP + Swine = Swine x 9


  • Welcome to MAMDOM
    … more taxes
    … less income
    … more fees
    … staff cuts
    Increased user fees and staff cuts could be in the offing as local banks and insurance companies seek to recoup their losses suffered under Government’s debt restructuring programme.


  • ” (meanwhile) places all over the world, void of any meaningful production, are IMPORTING all the consumables the producers offer, in their over-packaged, non degradable format, thereby supporting the pollution produced and creating for themselves a garbage problem.”

    Glad you understand that small island and other governments CHOOSE to sign on to these treaties to IMPORT garbage that helps drive the pollution that helps drive climate change, that must be the only treaties islands like Barbados ENFORCE…importing garbade that causes their own destruction..

    All other treaties, conventions etc as they pertain to the majority population’s human rights that they sign on to are NEVER ENFORCED….and are ALL ignored and violated by Barbados governments..

    I wonder if they understand that yet…ah wonder if they know that they will be called to account for those vile practices..


  • Wel Well now the bond holder will be paying off most of govt debt
    While Mia exercised her right as PM in the first two days to give tax cheaters a windfall in the billions of dollars
    So much for the voice of the people
    Maybe Mia could call on her father and all those to whom she eagerly extended generosity in the form of tax waivers to exercised their rights as a patriotic citizens and give back their millions in tax breaks to help save the country economy


  • Cant blame the bank
    A corporation has a right by law to recoup its losses
    Unfortunately because of govt default all must pay or the alternative can cause tremendous losses witnessing the collapse of an entire banking system along with the economy
    What we are now seeing is the shaping of a frontal trough which would slowly developed into a full blown hurricane sweeping the whole country and wiping barbados off the map
    This small population cannot all by itself withstand the windgust in form of taxation furthermore the howling hurricane forced economic winds which would engulfed the country
    Gid help us all


  • @ Piece

    I have repeatedly said that when all the shouting is done, we cannot produce a 2018 model car on a 1918 production line.
    It is obvious that we are mortally afraid, to abandon both an economic and educational model, that can no longer carry the country forward.
    We talk about poor service and red tape but we want to eliminate them within the same system and using the exact models that created them.
    We know that the country floods quickly because we simply have exceptionally poor drainage. Rather than invest in modern equipment and build new drainage facilities, we think about increasing technocrats and finding “food” for those whose larders (pantries) are already full. Constantly traking back in time.
    Our water problems could be solved if we bring in modern day problem solvers from countries that were able to use technology in real time, to manage their water resources.
    So here we are still battling with trying to keep a few dollars in so- called foreign reserves to buy goods and services that we dont need.
    In other words an entire country must now pay the price because we are afraid to lick up the retail parasites.
    Now we must sit and wait on 2033 to arrive when this new Barbados will emerge debt free.The pensioners and those who are now being slaughtered would be way too old to enjoy their hard earned nest eggs or would be pushing daisies .
    That is the future because we want to live in the past.
    Where there is no vision both people and progressive ideas perish. Soon from now, we will have our cars washed by graduates of Cave Hill. We will boast that we have the best educated car washers with a piece of cloth , some water and a bucket.
    While our “educated” car washers are walking about with skillets and rags , somebody will be operating a fully modernized , computer controlled car wash somewhere in Warrens , that will wash our cars in two minutes flat.
    In the meantime the well educated hand washer will be sitting down under a tree wondering why even with a degree , he can’t get no real business.
    He should then call Beckles , Arthur and asked: Why did you not think of everybody in de house working rather than everybody in de house with a degree? Why you did not look at what the country needed rather than what you wanted.
    And by the way the person running the gas at the service station will be about to get a PhD in something called the philosophy of economics.
    Of course underwritten by the pensioners who died penniless. It’s 2033 ……….


  • “That is the future because we want to live in the past.”

    More the reason to sever the Mia government from the Parliament completely and permanently come next election…

    If she and her ministers and hangers on for lawyers she got drafting legislation want to continue living in the past in collusion with their minority masters/crooks…let them do so on their own time and on their own or on someone else’s dime, but the PEOPLE should not allow them to continue using the majority population to live in the past at the people’s expense…anymore..

    No more…put a permanent end to that scam.


  • The video depicts clouds in Tibet recently falling to the ground..


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ William Skinner


    You said and I quote “…I have repeatedly said that when all the shouting is done, we cannot produce a 2018 model car on a 1918 production line…”

    The imagery is poignant and spot on.

    A “New wine in old vessels” parallelism that is timely, timeless and top notch.

    When God let the Israelites wander in the wilderness, He did it for 40 years “so that all of the seed of the indolent and the unbelievers would die out during that period”.

    Now that particular accommodation comes to mind because you go on to say “… It is obvious that we are mortally afraid, to abandon both an economic and educational model, that can no longer carry the country forward….”

    William, barring killing out our own set of “indolent” in a purge, like a modern day Night of the Long Knives, a la Chairman Mia and her incoming 1933 Enablement Act, what do you suggest is the required equivalent that will not get our lazy assed bajans?

    Certainly such might galvanize of Commissioner of Police up and running around barbados looking for murderers? Cause, based on his published statements, he certainly in never moved to investigate any crimes particularly as it relates to looking for people who Bribe former Ministers!!!

    Ooops that bribibin is not a crime and it has yet to be reported to him, I sorry

    A fellow sent this url to the grandson last week

    The granson was fascinated by its format.

    I was moreso interested because of its applicability as a national driving mechanism for any sector, for any Small island Developing State, that has a national hero

    The grandson said that the email auth is NOTHING ELSE and hit enter

    Unfortunately, your observation while true, DO NOT ACCOUNT FOR THE FACT THAT A PRIME MINISTER’s cadre of contributors are only persons with adpose skills.

    So you have a number of choices William. try to help (if dem ent jes like de udder set of mouf giants and like teifing your ideas WHAT A COINCIDENCE with the email)

    2.You show them to be stupid by replicating said concepts with more receptive jurisdictions (which brings them instant competition much like Ross University was teifed by Barbados according to Mariposa)

    3.Or you keep quiet and say nothing and let them walk all over you

    I is an ole man William so I gine do number heheheheheheheh


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item here to Mr. William Skinner thank you


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