Barbados Government and External Creditors Announce Agreement

The BU intelligentsia has been following the external debt restructure talks with a keen interest. A press release issued late last week confirmed that a deal was reached by the Government of Barbados and the Barbados External Creditor Committee. A good news story.

Unfortunately the press release does not list the finer details of the agreement. We hope the final agreement is completed without event so that the country can settle down to the enormous task ahead.

Here is the press release.


  • If u ask the right people, ownership isn’t much of a secret. I “believe” SAS was losing money at a rapid rate, and why it was disposed of in the first place. And I recall reading in Massy reports, it was a money loser, at least initially for them too. GEL group has in recent times expanded from catering into ground handling in several locations, so SAS is a natural fit.
    The Cook failure was real, not any Prop. All those would had Cook on their customer list will take a hit. Hopefully the Cook inbound load will eventually get picked up by others. Until then, several local customers will be short the sales provided by Cook.
    One day, I would also like to learn all of what went on with the Apes Hill financing. But the NIS is in such a mess, by the time it surfaces, who knows what will be left.


  • That’s the problem NO…lack of information, no one knows at any given time who acquired what, especially when it is originally a taxpayer entity or taxpayer funded…if Massy aquired a money loser in 2014 a mere 5 years or more ago, who from, no one will be able to tell for one reason or another… is left to see what happens next…to hear the shitehound minister tell it, there would be no fall out from the Thomas Cook crash…so i was amazed to see it used in the Goddard acquisition…and what difference will it have made if it was a money loser for many years anyway……steupppss.

    oh, it is well known what transpired with the Apes Hill scam, but it will be covered up with government LIE AFTER LIE…..what we do know is the NIS PENSIONERS WERE ROBBED BLIND and for decades by both corrupt governments and their tiefing briber Cow…..they good news is the Williams family was uprooted and kicked the hell off their NIS Pensioner funded pretend slave plantation.

    Let’s see how long Goddards keep their newly acquired money loser for before it is passed on in the corrupt musical chairs that passes for business on the island…at taxpayer’s expense.


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