The Grenville Phillips Column – Perpetuating the Harm

The safety of our children is Barbados’ most important mission-critical item.  The Hon Kay McConney is the Minister responsible for telecommunications, and our children can be helped by her action, or harmed be her inaction.

The last (DLP) administration approved our children’s use of cellular phones in our schools.  There are many benefits to this policy.  However, the main harm was that it gave them direct access to viewing the most violent rapes of other children by adults.  Clearly this psychological damage is not in our children’s best interests.  However, the last admiration, to their utter shame, did nothing meaningful to restrict access.

Well-meaning family members and friends have provided our children with smart-phones, tablets and lap-top computers so that they can be competitive.  However, most did not protect them by installing the critically necessary pornography filter, because they did not know how.  With technological knowledge advancing so rapidly, asking them to keep in front of their children and grandchildren may be an unreasonable demand.

It is likely that at our schools, only a small minority of children’s phones have pornography filters installed.  Since the Government has mandated that parents place all school-age children in its care, then the government should act in their best interests, especially while they are at school.

The primary victims of the Government’s inaction are actually not our children, but the children they are viewing being raped.  Our children are the secondary victims of this crime.  The sex-slavery trade is real, well documented, and is estimated at US$150B each year.

Children, mostly from Asia and Eastern Europe, are forced into sex-slavery, and are repeatedly raped until they are made to appear to enjoy it.  Sex slaves are perhaps the most oppressed group on Earth.  Their initial hopes of rescue are dimmed with each forced rape and each new year of captivity.  However, those who capture, rape and confine them are merely agents.

The true oppressors are those who delight in viewing their suffering, for if there were no market, then there would be no sex-slavery.  Viewers of pornography are the market where sex-slaves are traded.  By allowing our children unrestricted access to the rape and torture of other children, we are training the next generation of oppressors, and ensuring that the sex-slaves’ hope for freedom is in vain.

Most of us are descendants of persons who were either sold into slavery, or kidnapped and forcibly brought to Barbados.  Our fore-mothers, sisters and aunts were forcibly raped at will to satisfy the lusts of their overseers and ‘owners’.  What possible excuse can we, the children of the emancipated, give to actively facilitate the enslavement of modern sex-slaves?

We are a signatory to the United Nations’ Protocol to “Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children”.  However, the Barbadian who has been given the Ministerial responsibility to do so much good, or to perpetuate so much unspeakable harm, is the Minister responsible for Telecommunications.

The last administration facilitated such harm to both primary and secondary victims that should disqualify them from any sort of national leadership role for at least one generation.  The current Minister can either continue to perpetuate this harm or do what is right.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and the founder of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • peterlawrencethompson

    Grenville, porn filters are completely ineffective. Most 10 year olds of my acquaintance can disable them or find ways around them within half an hour (much faster than their parents can install or upgrade them). We cannot rely on technological devices to educate our children, we must talk to them directly about pornography, rape, slavery, trafficking and other evils in our world. We must teach them about the dangers and talk to them all the time about what they are doing online and offline.


  • I actually agree with aspects of the post, but exactly what is Grenville advocating for, it is not exactly spelt out in the article. .

    is Grenville being sincere and what pressure will he put on this minister of communications to do whatever it is he wants..

    Does he want pornography banned from the island..

    Cell phones confiscated from kids in schools..

    Internet banned..

    Cable TV banned…

    Ya need to spell it out Grenville, what do you want her or him to do.

    We get you think people who watch porn should not do so unless YOU approve it…but please explain more, out with it..


  • Grenville still dont get it…education is the key, nothing more, no amount of filters, banning, this nor that will work, only education..


  • Down the rabbit hole again.
    He comes and goes
    Too preoccupied with porn..
    i dun


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @PLT and @ WARU absolutely this post is rather hard to square…. How does govt filtering cells phones in schools affect or prevent youth from accessing sites off school premises? So yes what exactly is he proposing!

    But more important to ur point @PLT : education is vitally important.

    The MOST dangerous aspect of porno on ur device is not watching it but passing it on to friends.

    I have drilled it in the head of my young kin NOT to share ANY tapes of sexual content of jokes or even apparently innocent vids of their friends …. immediate deletion.

    In US dissemination of such tapes (particularly of minors) is an indictable offense regardless of the age of the one sharing…. THAT has got some school age folks in LOTS of problems with the law.

    Facetiously one can say Mr Phillips has great ‘turgidity’ for this subject…

    I wish him well as it’s difficult to envision any softening across society on these sexual problems.


  • Please turn off porn movies and so a void double posting.

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  • @Dee Word

    What is really your point? Schools should teach the right values with the hope that there is reinforcement outside the school.


  • Instead using filters, gov should encourage the local clubs and IP-retailers to make and to stream adult contents in order to get the much needed forex.

    Isn´t there a famous Barbadian who already set an example ???

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  • Obviously, the answer is not to place filters on phones but to ban the internet altogether then all would be well in Bim. One can’t be too careful


  • Bridgetown is not Kandahar, Abu bin Grenville!


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Mr Blogmaster…🤣….that should be posed to the author.

    My point is quite clear: sharing of sex videos is a serious offense in US (presumably so too Bdos) moreso than simply viewing such videos on your device.

    More expansively the point is made that many young folks have been INDICTED for said action even when it involved simple vids of their friends engaging in acts…thus as the other blogger suggested the focus on educating the youth is important.

    What was left unsaid as explicitly is the fact that it’s quite difficult to curtail the pervasive sexual videos.

    Your last sentence has been the expectation since the proverbial ‘Adam was a lad’…so🤔


  • Thank god this religious nut job did not get to become prime minister and turn Barbados into an even bigger sh!thole


  • @ David
    I take serious offense to anybody calling my country a “shithole”. I think you should have stopped that particular post from seeing the light of day.
    I don’t care who is prime minister or which party in power. No self respecting Barbadian should describe our country as such.
    This is by far the most unbelievable post I have ever read on BU
    My country has been good to all of us. I know that it has not been managed properly but it is no shithole. I am shocked !!


  • Wiliam,

    Even Tron tells you: Despite all odds, Barbados as an island is premium class, not shithole class 🙂 🙂


  • @ Tron
    Rough political debate and so on is fine. I think the line was crossed here. And I am expecting the Blogmaster to say something. Imagine a discussion about how to protect our children from pornography ends up with somebody calling our country a shithole.
    I await the Blogmasters’s take on this.
    Other bloggers should condemn that post and who ever wrote it.
    What a shame.


  • sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore)

    There are some sub-human that live among us period. This sub- human behaviour impacts on other humans in things like child porn slavery forced prostitution etc.

    The other side of the coin that the subhumans coexist with is the purchasers of their subhuman behaviour. These operators are usually businesses or business persons unfortunately.

    Thus its merely a market for the human flesh etc. The ROI is great so don’t expect the suppliers or buyers to disappear any time soon.

    Now, we have knives in our house; its merely a tool. We drive cars; it is merely a tool. We have internet connected devices they are merely tools as well.

    Usually we don’t attend special classes or schools for “knife usage” in order to use or operate a knife. This schooling/education usually happens at home from care givers/parents etc. However a knife can be misused. In certain instances the user can be imprisoned if the usage of the knife is deemed to merit it. However usually there is no exam or certification or knife insurance required.

    A car usually requires some degree of special schooling in order to be certified as a driver etc. We as a society and parents care givers insist that this be had in order to demonstrate that the user is capable of using the car in a correct manner.
    Again the car can be misused. In certain instances the driver can be imprisoned if the incorrect usage of the car is deemed to merit it. We see the potential damage a car can produce; therefore we require insurance and certification and a we apply an age limit as part of the regime

    An internet connected device. I will say no more. its a tool, that can potentially do more damage than a car. Does not require insurance; does not have an age limit in the regime; doesn’t require special school or certification or insurance cover.

    We as a society need to see what internet connected devices do. Its small enuff to be a knife; big enuff to be a car and lethal enuff that it should insured.

    The knife user’s behaviour is usually taught at home and the car is usually done in a special schooling environment. We don’t allow a 4 year old to drive; we set a age limit because we think the user must reach a certain level of understanding etc.

    We just need to apply the basics we have applied to other potentially dangerous devices that surround us. The internet connected device is a tool that parents, the school and society can harness for the betterment of all; but also be honest with its use as some will misuse the device and any misuse should merit a level of punishment. Device education is a combination of home schooling and special schooling.


  • @William

    You disagree with the commenter and you stated your reason. The blogmaster agrees with your position. A patriotic Barbadian should not feel compelled to describe their country as a shitehole.


  • @ David
    Thanks for your response.


  • @William Skinner September 19, 2018 9:59 PM

    With respect to the SHITHOLE blogger, I sense a significant amount of frustration and disappointment with his country, management, direction, corruption, sewage etc etc in his language, however explatives are sometimes required to get people’s attention. All the do good winners(General populace) are remaining SILENT which brings FUSTRATION to the forefront. The significant amount of GARBAGE verbose by local politicians from both parties can only be described as SHIET, and is being taken hook line and sinker by the general populace.

    Statements yesterday by Govenor of Central Bank gave a WARNING to general populace, watch out as your financial situation is going to change in a very negative way shortly as the country is NEARLY BROKE, read out of money by end of Sept 2018. Pensions slashed, no bond payments etc etc. General populace may have thier thier blinders forceably removed and start to understand the Venezuela consequences of the situation. Several bloggers here see that country demographics are changing, however do not consider the situation dire.

    Populace is about to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES.


  • @ Wily Coyote
    I have contested elections and lost my deposit. Have actively been involved in at least one trade movement; seen and still see several ideas rejected ; struggle like every other small business person, especially black and I have never lost confidence in our country.
    Even now as I politically cuss the BLPDLP, I have and will never believe or accept that our country is in any way a shithole .
    Sorry, my friend ,we part ways on this one.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ William Skinner
    @ Others

    Let us suppose your neighbour has a few dogs and every day those dogs defecated on that property as dogs do.

    And, that neighbour did not clean up the shy&e but left it there to change to compost, what happens after a week, a month, a year?

    The place smells does it not!!

    What NOT GRENVILLE IS SAYING & Wily Coyote is agreeing with is that successive governments have been dropping faeces in our mouths for decades and even though some of you wish to fool ourselves that putting pickles, mustard and ketchup on that turd stuff makes it a hotdog IT DOES NOT.

    After a while you get tired of the shy%t diet and you call it for what it is.

    “…Who Kill Pele, I want a Plantation, I shot my son but I am free cause I am white, Greenverbs IS NOT A LEPER, The Speaker of the House better get a Lawyer, Pornville lock up in Miami but not a feller ent charged in Barbados…” this litany of corruption that assails our nostrils daily WITH NOT A FELLER SAYING A WORD BOUT UM, well i would got reason to call it a veritable shitehole too.

    It is a prison, the Blackhole of Calcutta for some of us where the stench has us faint because we are subjected to it

    So while you are not experiencing the shit of having to put up with employers on Swan Street fooping you for $250 a week in 2018, cuffing you in your face, and kidnapping your ass from your home, WITH IMPUNITY, or employers taking the head of customers and pushing it down and asking people if they are blind, or people teifing over 3 billion dollars and kidnapping de whole cuntry’s while not a man ent saying or doing a ting, it is a fine cuntry for you William.

    This is not your reality so like the ostritch with its head buried in the sand YOU ARE CONTENT TO SAY OTHERWISE.

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  • @Willism,

    I broadly agree with you. We cannot condemn the behaviour of young people when the elderly, under the guise of anonymity, come on BU and use the foulest and most obscene language because they know they re unlikely to be identified. It is our culture.
    The behaviour of young people is learned behaviour – they get it from the adults: their parents and grand parent s, their teachers and bus conductors. They get it from reading some of the most regular contributors to BU, including the chairman, whose favourites words are RH and yardfowls.
    The other issue is national loyalty. Am I right in thinking you are saying my country, right or wrong? If so, that is very Trumpian. In fact, there is a continuing international debate about the future of the Nation-State, does it have a future?
    I live in the City-State of London, and love it, but I cannot say the same for England, the UK or Great Britain or the EU. I can easily live without travelling out of London to visit the provinces again – or Europe. In London, 45 per cent of the population were born outside the UK; and we voted to remain in the EU. In London we are different. It was the regions and nations that voted for Brexit.
    In terms of Barbados, my loyalty is to the Ivy, people whose families I have known since I was a toddler; people I have been to school with their relatives and have played with them in the streets. These people mean a lot to me. I think of them every day. My heart does not beat he same way when I m staying in Christ Church as when I am in the Ivy. That is home.
    @William, there is a need for a wider debate, but first we must learn to have differences of opinion without retreating to abuse and obscenities.


  • @ Piece
    All I am saying is that our country is no shithole. I am more than aware of everything and the examples you are using. I am very critical about many things but shithole is not an adjective I care to use.
    @ Hal
    Nothing Trumpian at all. I was just very taken back by the description used . I agree with you about how we should communicate. However we have allowed so much use of expletives and so on that I don’t know if we could pull it back now.


  • @WS

    I agree it does seem a little outrageous to call one’s home country a SHITHOLE, however how would you realistically, truthfully and ethically descibe PRESENT Barbados in ONE WORD.

    The world has known a number of these feces described countries, Uganda under Idi Amin, present Venezuela, Libia under Kadaffi, present Syria etc etc. The word maybe a little harsh but very descriptive.





  • Barbados is indeed a SHITHOLE Island.

    Fraud, corruption and cover-up everywhere.


  • @ Wily Coyote

    One word: “mismanaged”

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  • I clearly remember when barbadians would look down on other small islands with a sense of inferiority
    How times have changed so much that recently David quip that barbados can learn a thing or two from Grenada as we enter IMF agreements

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  • “I clearly remember when barbadians would look down on other small islands with a sense of inferiority…..”


    I also remember that as well…….but was taken aback when they also referred to St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica as “small islands.”

    However, I came to realize those people that “look down on other small islands with a sense of inferiority” never even visited a “Coney Island”…………and their criticisms of the islands are based on what they heard or believe to be true.

    But if one examines David BU’s comment re: “…….barbados can learn a thing or two from Grenada as we enter IMF agreements,” within its specific context, perhaps he was comparing Grenada’s effective leadership in brokering an agreement with the IMF, resulting in economic growth…….with the ineffective leadership style of Stuart, whose abysmal performance as PM is responsible for what you seem to be implying.


  • One has to engage the children in age appropriate conversations from the day that they are born. One has to give them a healthy attitude to sex and all its wonders and place it in its context. One has to ensure that they understand that many of these “actors” in the videos are being forced. One needs to point out that anything that is done to somebody else can also be done to them. There is no way to stop them from seeing this stuff if they really want to see it. One can only do so much and then it is up to them.


  • I believe in calling everything what it is. Wherever man lives there will be shit and therefore they are all shit hole countries. Some are just shittier than others.

    Little old Bim is corrupt. But so is the big old US of A. They’re all corrupt.


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