Smoke and Mirrors

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Every once in a while we are treated to a masterful display of “watch muh while I pull a rabbit out of my hat.” Our political culture and climate is no different. A peep at the mistress payslip after her much heralded 5% increase with only 5 months back pay that she hasn’t gotten yet reminded me of that phrase “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”. Let’s examine it for a second.

Salary increase
Public workers got 5% or an average of $140 – $400. BUT account for $45 increase in water, $56 average increase for a health levy and an average increase of $60-$70 in gas and one can see how that 5% disappears. Oh, and God help those with assessable income over 75,000. Apparently they are now taking home on average $90-$300 LESS this month AFTER the increase due to the increase in income tax. Someone said belly full but hungry? Watch muh.

Road Tax removal
Sweet we said. No more $450 or $900 road tax. BUT, 40c on every litre has revealed itself as an average monthly increase of $76 for a basic commuter. Think about the taxi operators, PSV operators, freighters, truckers, dumpers, transporters, retailers, bread and food vendors etc. etc and you can see that much more is being paid. Sure $450 at one time is alot, but I guess we can afford $800-$900 or more spread out over 12 months. Can’t we? Watch muh.

SSA off books
So, expenses for the SSA are no longer under transfers in the annual budget. Poof! Disappearing expenditure. BUT, they now collect from every household ($45) regardless of water usage (or not usage). Presto, every householder now pays for their own garbage collection regardless of frequency. $45 for 7 collections a week or $45 for 1 collection a week or $45 for non collections a week. Watch muh.

Foreign exchange stabilisation
The quarterly report was great. Foreign exchange stabilised. But hold a minute. We stopped repaying debts didn’t we? Well there ya go. To every householder that owes FastCash, Axcel, the Credit Union, Courts, Standards, Massy or God forbid the Government of Barbados, just follow the leader. Stop paying and renegotiate! Watch muh.

South Coast Sewage Fix
Priceless. Move the sewage from the road….pump it in the swamp….release it in the sea….close the beach……then blame the wells for not working. Watch muh

Reduced prices
Of course the removal of NSRL resulted in reduced prices, didn’t it? BUT, any good business man MUST pass on his increased transportation cost (fuel levy), increased water costs (50% of standard bill), increase in corporation tax (up to 30%), the employer contribution to the health levy (1.5% of each employee’s salary) and the compensation for profit margins (i.e. keep muh profits the same or higher no matter what). Of course we all know who these corporate level increases are passed on to! yes! We!!! Watch muh.

Increased tourism income
Without detail Barbados is perhaps the 2nd most expensive destination in the Caribbean. But, we have increased costs on virtually every aspect of tourism endeavour. I guess if 5% fewer visitors come but pay 10% more to get and stay here we can claim tourism is doing better. I guess. Watch muh.

Public input for privatisation and divestment
It’s always good to ask what people think and then do what you planned to any how. It’s even better when you have a survey monkey and a few New Unified Puppets Working with ya. Watch muh.

Less than 4000
Words, semantics, numbers, statistics. Po-ta-to, pota-to, To-ma-to, Toma-to. No more than 4000 workers will go home. Too bad for the 3,999 that are shaking in their boots. I could be wrong but this sounds like deja-vu

Anyhow, I was told to watch muh, so I will keep watching….and genuinely hoping it all works out. After all, um is all uh we!


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  1. Notice how the blp yardfowls are distancing self from the love fest that happened yesterday between Butch and Mia
    The woman stood on the podium and in a jaw dropping and twisted moment with mouth wide open knelt at the feet of Butch Stuart and kissed them softly

  2. Barbados had an construction boom during the tenure of Owen Arthur.

    The rich and very rich were building mansions costing $900 per sq. ft.

    The problem for Barbados was the construction boom ended and thousands of Bajans had to spend their savings or find alternative sources of income.

    Having had the boom / bust experience it should be obvious that Barbados needs to find ways to build on the existing industries while finding new ones to add variety and sustainability to the economy.

  3. The next growth industry in Barbados could be indoor and greenhouse fruit and vegetable production.

    Solar power would provide electricity to sustain the air conditioning.

  4. I am still awaiting some comment from.the “intelligentsia” on how the reinstituted free UWI should be factored into the “increases” as posited by this blog. Additionally, I would like to see some debate on WTP in relation to the $76 increase per month in fuel cost. Not everyone is ending up in a worse position, those that have always driven less and those that have changed their driving habits are saving. We continue to situate debates in too narrowl defined parameters. Finally, how can one evaluate the impact of the removal of NSRL without knowing what stock has been imported post its removal? #justsaying/asking

  5. @ David BU at 4:55PM

    “Squander-mania” ? And “fault lines in governance”?

    Would you please elaborate?

    In any case what does Mr OSA past performance has to do with the current submission of smoke and mirrors?

    This current assertion is certainly a lot of smoke. I will provide the mirrors. I hope you like the reflections.

  6. @ Mr Bernard Codrington
    @ Observer

    I am not an economist but what I have learnt about feed a population and which might be, and i emphasize might be likened to a country, in some small measure lies in seeing my grandmother and mother feed several mouths, clothe several backs and educate several minds by “diversifying” the “economy” and making gardens, raining pigs, goat, cow, and such.

    Therefore I must say that not only do i agree with Observer when he says “…what Owen Arthur did not do, was to diversify the economy past tourism and international business. Neither did he establish true foreign exchange earners or a services based export industry…”

    Neither did Sandiford not did Fumbles and IF Chairman Mottley continues on her path with her inept Thought Leaders neither will she.

    A concept for Chairman Mia Mao.

    In many things Bajans must accept that we DO NOT THE “NATURAL RESOURCES” nor the FINANCES to agressively pursue most capital intensive initiatives.

    Let de ole man explain.

    Let us say that we had a concept that would create “Osteoporosis Attenuation” suits out of a material that was “living rubber”

    Run with me here just a little bit, all you need to know is that osteoporosis is a bone weakening disease that makes bones susceptible to breakage.

    So for the sake of my hypothetical situation the suits which i am thinking of manufacturing require (1) a design which I would have (2) raw materials which in this scenario if rubber and (3) machinery to extrude

    For the optimal configuration such an initiative should be a Public Private sector Partnership where

    (i) the GoB and I contract to collaborate under mutually agreeable terms vis a vis inputs and revenue sharing

    (ii) but what then would obtain is that GoB & PUDRYR would then UNDER THE COVER OF some named legal entity make joint representations to the Government of Canada for there to be a Government to Government collaboration.

    Under that G2G the idea would be to secure Canada’s resources and HR to manufacture the OsteoSuits and provision would be make for a % of the labour to be bajans who would be issued visas to work at the Canadian OsteoSuit Factory

    (The scenario here does not include any local assembly etc so we would be creating our own “farm work” contract so to speak)


    And please DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT our private sector. If it not a hotel I can tell all two of you that they will tell you that “if it was possible to have OsteoSuits de Canadians would have built it already.”

    We are barking up the wrong tree with these exercises where we are thinking within the box and therefore those “Outside the Winner’s Circle” become a Bridge Too Far.

  7. I am Still awating the blp yardfowls response to the love fest that took place between Mia and Butch
    This is present news and widely talk about on social media
    Mia is taking a hit and dubbed as a hypocrite with no plan for creating growth in the economy .
    Hence her backpedaling move towards Butch Stewart
    This govt is shaping itself into a govt of watch muh do more of the same ole same.Yicks

  8. @ sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore) August 25, 2018 5:00 PM

    UWI access should possibly be free for the bright, but fees and entrance tests for the rest.

    As I told before, Barbados cannot sustain a second Sinckler again.

  9. Hants,

    Barbados did have a construction boom, but what were the underlying factors driving this boom. First, the global factors: the world was going through an enormous boom driven by the rising price of commodities, that encouraged overseas buyers to move in to the local property market mainly at the top end. Many of them were Irish borrowing cheap money from Irish banks. Look what happened to those banks?
    Then the English were also getting cheap money, the same low-cost money that drove the sub-prime market in the US; at the middle end of this local consstru8ction were many returnees with cash; that market has exhausted itself, the majority of the remaining Barbadians and their children may visit Barbados, but they do not want to return permanently. I should know.
    In any case, who got the jobs and what kinds of jobs? At the height of the boom, according to a former minister, in one financial year there ere about 2000 property sales in Barbados. With about 1000 active lawyers, that averages out at about two each; and we all know that at the top end the leading old solicitor firms would get most of the work. So, in reality, there are young lawyers in Barbados who go most years without getting a single conveyancing job. This means they lack experience and have to rush back to their university notes every time they get a job. This may explain the mess up in some property deals.
    @Hants, there was no economic boom during the Arthur years. We were caught in the drift of spectacular global growth, the most outstanding since records began. Barbados has spent the last 50 years under-performing the regional and global economies. We have been living on borrowed time. If you doubt me just look at the latest ECLAC report. At some point we must wake up. Barbados is a failed state.

  10. The article highlights Mia smoke and Mirror policies
    However some are more drawn into the distractions instead of dealing with what this govt is presenting as solutions to fix the economy.
    Solutions which are burdensome and which in time will over heat the economy bringing barbados households to a complete financial meltdown
    The question which should be asked of this govt (are) where are the growth plans which will ease some of the financial burden of high taxation off the population
    Mia seems to be globe trotting sticking her nose in small island affairs while her at home more bellies go hungry public servants worry about further job losses
    This govt seems to be determined that the only way forward for barbados to come out of the financial malaise is for poor barbadians to pull the whole load
    The private sector promised to get on board but their voices so far has been the loudest to reject
    We have heard the private sector give a loud NO to increase in wages

    • You are correct, she should operate in a bubble like the recluse Stuart and ignore the benefit of building strategic partnerships. Go, you are in to something, you have them on the run.

  11. @ Hal

    i dont believe that Bim is a failed state and cringe at your constant usage of the phrase. however i agree with much of your last post. the Arthur years were the years we could have really progressed but he was obsessed with making Bim a 1st world country and as usual, never defined what he meant by that.

    i believe i have posted about that period but it deserves repetition.

    in order to make Bim a first world country Barbados’ priced assets were sold off. when the people complained about the wholesale sell off of the West Coast they were told that land was only an asset. in addition the govt borrowed and spent and average Bajans followed suit. so drunk was he with selling off assets that he argued that Oistins police station should be relocated and that beach front property sold and even Coleridge and Parry it was rumoured was on the chopping block.

    Bajans shopped in Miami sometimes on a monthly basis. and slowly Bajans turned into Americans. we ate American food turning our backs on stew food, cou cou and the local fare. we were well on our way to becoming first world with all the attendant problems- huge debt, greed and a voracious appetite for every American gadget and latest style including obesity from junk food. our goose was cooked. we even adopted the get rich at any cost, rip-off American culture as seen on TV.

    there was a feeble, halfhearted attempt by David Thommo to address the crime situation in an election but he was laughed out of town for campaigning on law and order. Then there was the depression construction wages by the Govt under the guise of CSME, by allowing Guyanese who flouted immigration rules to work in Bim at reduced labour cost. when Bajans complained Arthur bragged and said he too employed illegal Guyanese immigrants at his house. nothing was said or done about it. some bajans did the same and exploited the influx of Guyanese by renting them newly renovated pig pens and such like. i posit it was during this period that our down spiral if not started was exacerbated.

    i remember going back one year and driving down the west coast which was something i enjoyed back in the day because of the scenery and was appalled to see that overnight buildings had sprung up on the seaside blocking the once beautiful view. i wept at the desecration. that is one thing i would never forgive the BLP for.

    the signs were there that the economic boom was built on sandy footing but in the euphoria that was ignored. and even with all this money in the air no black business of significance came about. a lot of people became rich but a sound business is one of the only ways to obtain and truly maintain wealth. in terms of economic sustainability the Arthur years were a false dawn

  12. James Greene,

    I agree with all of your observations and had no problem in concluding that you are a Bajan who lived outside that little bowl. One question: If Barbados is not a failed state, just name a single state institution that works without any fundamental problems? Just one, forget the sentiment.

  13. Albeit Mia is creating a bubble of PR stunts that would eventually burst which would give all a first hand look at her hypocrisy and an open view of the nothingness plan which she had in store for the economy
    It is now apparant that whatever decisions made it by this govt are those which the IMF would impose and agreed by this govt
    The people voted for change hoping that this govt would have a release valve to open which could decrease the pressure of more taxation
    Unfortunately they were wrong

  14. @ Hal

    i havent lived in Bim for about 35 years. i go back about 3-4 times a year. especially for our school reunion at the end of Oct every year where i catch up with the latest unvarnished news and keep friendships going. therefore i am connected. i have properties in Bim and hope to return “for good” as they say

    right, before i answer your question, tell me, what do you mean by a failed state?

  15. A state where the key institutions do not function properly. By the way, it was my great plan, along with my wife, to retire to Barbados and enjoy the sun, sea and ham cutters. I have not changed my mind, but now have serious reservations.

  16. “UWI access should possibly be free for the bright, but fees and entrance tests for the rest”

    Instead UWI should start out being free for no one. Every student should know the full cost. A prospective student can then get reductions based on for example:
    1. Volunteer history (Rotaract, Optimist etc)
    2. Involvement in cultural activities (Pinelands creative workshop)
    3. Community involvement (Community sports clubs, mentoring)
    4. Test Scores (Bright)
    5. Relevance of area of study to national development (no waivers for studying Law)
    6. Need
    (feel free to add to the list)

    In order to develop productive citizens they must first understand that nothing of value is free and what it means to be productive. To be productive means to add value. Every student will then know the value they added to the country for their degree.

  17. Good morning one and all@

    David responded accordingly. But, let’s assume I am beginning to see you point (maybe). Outline for me any of the major, regional or international economic hurdles that OSA had to contend with during his 14 years, excluding the 9/11 that I just mentioned. You have the floor.

    @James and Hal
    Good discussion. Exposure to life on the “outside” makes you realise how far behind “1st world” status re really are.
    We really should am for being the best functioning and effective “2nd world” first of all and then move from there. Hal we are not “failed” but many of our institutions and leaders have failed.

    still looking forward to the grandson poster. I don’t need any royalties! and You are correct. If MAM goes down the 1st world, borrow / spend etc. without making the most critical decisions needed then we will inevitably be in the same position years later, albeit with improved financial and economic statistics.

    Just observing

  18. @Hal

    sorry to be pedantic, please state the key institutions.

    a lot of the houses in early phase of the West Terrace area in St James were sold to British bajans in the 90s. it was like a little UK for a time. many have returned to the UK having become frustrated with Bim and working life in Bim but a lot stayed and made something of it.

  19. @David

    The glory is yours.

    My pen, keyboard and vocal chords are now getting warmed up.

    “Gimme de blog space and watch muh”

    Just observing

    “For the cause that lacks assistance,
    the wrong that needs resistance,
    for the future in the distance,
    and the good that [BU] can do”

  20. You just pick any state institution and tell me if it works competently. Anyone – from parliament to the SSA and everything in between. You say many people return to the UK and North America. First, many do for medical reasons. A collective lack of confidence in the local health service, a key institution. Second, many have problems interacting with civil servants..
    I know of one celebrated Barbadian, who went to the New York embassy office (consular general) to renew his passport and asked the clerical officer to put his full title in the document; the young man screamed “I ain’t putting nuttin'”. He was not the only one. Another woman, this time in Barbados, made a similar request and she too was shouted down.
    I can go on, but will end on this note. Sometime ago I wrote a column in the Nation and while on a visit to Barbados went to a government department to carry out some business; the young lady I dealt with was so polite, efficient and helpful, I mentioned it in my column. Although she was not named, she was identified by her line manager and called in and given a rollicking. Bajan customer service.
    In the UK, however racist people may be in private, at work they are generally polite – even the Windrush civil servants would be polite while putting you on the plane; or the police would call you ‘sir’ while punching you in the face.

  21. Speaking of implementing policies that are worth while and prudent to building and creating a sound social and healthy environment for this country
    Take a look at Mia response to not getting the Trucks
    Also take a look at having not alternative answer for replacement

  22. @ Hal

    by your definition yes. i have had some v unpleasant interactions with Govt clerical officers. i have had pleasant ones too. actually in recent years there has been some effort to improve on the customer service front but there is a ways to yet.

    we have a systemic problem in Bim in how institutions function.

    they simply are not run efficiently. a prime example is getting a temporary permit to drive. it costs about 10$ or 20$ and you are given the certificate and a big long bill after the attendant inputs all the details into the computer system. the experience takes about 20 minutes and cost in terms of man hours and paperwork far exceeds the cost of the permit. why give a big bill when the permit itself is a proof of payment? why should a permit cost 20$ bajan why not 50$?

    the QEH is a national disgrace yes. i dont even want to discuss that. you know that when it first began people from the other islands used to come to Bim to be treated? yet we never saw the value in that. over the years we have allowed the building and the services to slide down to such an abysmal level that only those who cant afford private health care go there. with a little attention to details we could have made medical tourism even from an inter island perspective a valuable proposition.

    i wont go into the other institutions suffice it to say that from an efficiency and customer service view you are correct. we have somehow linked proper customer service with servitude. to be unpleasant in Bim is somehow seen as an assertion of individuality and independence. yet when we go overseas we are the nicest people.

    this is one of the things i am pissed off about with the last DLP administration. they did not seek to improve govt services. they seemed to be no attempt at problem solving in govt functions. if the DLP were smart and knowing with the state of the economy they could not do much except to try to stabilize they should have certainly attempted to make work and throw all their efforts in that area. they didnt and deserved what they got

    however inefficient and unpleasant it may be at times, Bim still functions and we still get things done. your definition of a a failed state is not mine. a failed state to me means that nothing works. that there is a total breakdown in law and order and institutions that impact the daily lives of the citizenry do not function. we are not there yet. in fact we are far from there and i hope we never reach that level. but anything is possible.

  23. Who is John King? The feller playing God. Did we hear right that he announced he never fails. Jesus put a hand this grinning clown playing God because the bible said only God is perfect . Only God never fails.

    As a non nuptial Watch Muh honeymoon is beyond wildest expectations. She’s warned of three of her lieutenants who could interrupt the honeymoon. John King with his arrogant statements, Abrahams distortion of facts and hogging the press. He ‘s gone quiet of late. Last but not least Steve Urkell Simmons a feller whose mouthing’s are not widely believed for good reason. Time will tell.

  24. @ James Greene August 26, 2018 7:49 AM

    I completely agree with your history of the so-called Platinum Coast. A completely destroyed part of the island.

  25. It seems Mia’s response to every audience is to point to the DLP as the reason she can’t get things done.

    Yesterday speaking to Toni Moore and her tribe it was because of a contract for the Desalination plants and money to pay back tax refunds etc.

    This woman really taking bajans for fools or what?

    She told the whole of Barbados ‘GIVE MUH DE VOTE AND WATCH MUH” and now every time she speaks she can not speak of any National plan to take this country forward.

    Everyone ,including some on here think she is so brilliant -but I have been suggesting that people listen carefully and dissect the hodge podge of words that she throws together and mesmerize the simple minded among us.

    I have seen nothing AS YET,which suggests that after 10 years in the opposition -fighting to be Barbados first prime minister – that Mia has a strategic plan – outside of borrowing, and spending the little that is left.

  26. T. Inniss,

    You are spot on. On this very blog I said two key things about the general election of May 24: first, do not vote for lawyer/politicians, they are the ones responsible for the nation being in a mess; and, two, do not vote for a party that has not spelt out its policies in a Manifesto.
    In modern political theory (what some in Barbados call political science) it is customary for a new administration to et ut its intentions within the first 100 days of coming to power; this has been the case since Roosevelt’s New Deal. Every US president since, down to Obama, has set out a programme of change.
    During his first 100 days, Obama laid the groundwork for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009, the stimulus that rescued the US economy. Obama’s presidency started on January 20, 2009, and the ARARA was put before the House of Representatives on January 28 and the Senate on February 10.
    During his first 100 days, Obama also announced the closure of Guantanamo Bay, and got the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act through Congress, he published new ethics guidelines and health care reform proposals. Roosevelt got his New Deal through within the first 100 day.
    I can go on talking about every President since Roosevelt – even Trump, even if he spent most of his first 100 days trying to reverse everything Obama did.
    On the contrary, some of the most exciting things the new BLP administrations did were: force through constitutional changes so that family friends and buddies can sit in the Senate; offer the public sector a five per cent pay rise; defaulted on the sovereign debt; went cap in hand to the IMF; raised the state pension; and re-introduce so-called free university tuition fees. Not a single one of these appeared in the party’s Manifesto. And, of course, opening the floodgates to an anticipated massive movement of Caricom nationals since the organisation was founded.
    All that had nothing to do with the biggest Barbadian Cabinet in living memory, a cast of consultants and even a Chinese communication ‘expert’. Then there was the controversy over an offshore university.
    Of course, there was no national debate about any of these, not a whisper, only picture opportunities for the new prime minister and the BU chairman telling us to give the new government six months to prove itself.
    Some apologists have even dragged in the Greek tragedy as evidence that Barbados is not so badly off. But Greece, a member of the EU and the euro, has signed up for a further 42 years of austerity, ending in 2060, when it is expected to pay off its debt.
    This is after the so-called Troika forced the Greek government to cut wages by 40 per cent, pensions by 45 per cent, the minimum wage by 30 per cent, and health service spending by 32 per cent. All our prime minister is telling us is that the number of people to be sacked by the government is not as high as 5000. That is great.
    In case people are not sure, the Troika included the IMF, the very Brettons Wood organisation which is set to come to Barbados to negotiate a loan agreement. We are led to believe that the highly articulate, intelligent and perceptive Ms Mottley, with her army of consultants and Chinese PR people, are expected to put the brakes on the IMF.
    Further, under the new agreement, the Greek government must start re-paying E96.6bn, which has been put back from starting in 2023 to 2032.
    I won’t go on, but suffice to say that generations of Barbadians not yet born will be lumbered with this debt. After 100 days, the new administration still cannot tell us what its plans are.

  27. @Enuff
    The cost of UWI &
    I am still awaiting some comment from.the “intelligentsia” on how the reinstituted free UWI should be factored into the “increases” as posited by this blog
    Heads up for trying to stimulate debate on the merits of “free” education so let me recap:

    The previous Gov’t introduced a user fee for University students on the grounds that the country couldn’t afford it.

    The then Opposition criticized the move and vowed to reinstate “free” UWI education

    The Opposition on taking over the reins of Gov’t stuck to its guns and once more “free” university education is the flavor of the day.

    The “freeness” came with a catch i.e. an increase in taxes to pay for the “freeness” which is now being criticized by some on the blog.

    Some would call the Gov’t’s move a self- inflicted wound.

    Perhaps the Economists/Political Scientists/ Historians and/or others could present a cost/benefit analysis about the long term effects of the Gov’t’s decision.

  28. Hal

    It is my strongly held view that Mia sooner rather than later will prove to be a disaster for this Nation – but by then the cake has already been baked.

    If I were members of the NUPW and the BWU I would agitate to get rid of those Union Leaders Caswell so rightly called ‘political prostitutes’ who sold the members down the river for their personal gain and with the obvious aim of getting Mia Mottley in as prime minister – which they believe would satisfy their political ambition.

    Has Tennyson Joseph gone quiet now?

    Is every thing all hunky doory now with all the critics of the last 8 years.

    Wickham,David Ellis,George Belle,Abed,Sanka Price,Lisa Cummins,Jeremy stephens,Marla Dukkerhan, – are their mouths glued down now – or is their nothing to critique – everything must be perfect then huh?

  29. @ T Inniss
    Who would you have suggested the units support as PM then?

    Just dumping the damned DLP was the national objective…
    Where the unions failed was in not shutting the damn place down after Bajans supported the march…

  30. …not that it matters much…
    Once Caswell decided NOT to BUP – our dog was condemned to death.
    It is only a matter now of who gets the job as undertaker….

  31. @ Bush Tea August 26, 2018 1:07 PM

    Hmm, That makes us all members of the “living dead” or “zoombies” and definietly not “children or seekers of the light” lol

  32. @ Hal Austin August 26, 2018 11:10 AM

    The Barbadians on this island think they are somehow “special” and that the IMF MUST treat them in a special way. This is the reason why the Barbadian masses are so clueless what an IMF programme really means for Barbados.

    Everybody who has been in Southern Europe or has some friends from Spain, Portugal, Greece or Jamaica knows how things will work out.

    The IMF will only be helpful if local Barbadians improve their work ethic and get rid off their arrogance. Otherwise Barbados will face a whole cascade if failed IMF programmes.

    • Do you expect the work ethic to change with the snap of fingers? Have you been reading some of the comments on the blog where so many are not prepared to make a sacrifice because they expect even as we have accrued the status of third most indebted country in the world many expect a business as usual approach at the household and by extension the national level.

  33. @ Tron August 26, 2018 1:35 PM
    “The IMF will only be helpful if local Barbadians improve their work ethic and get rid off their arrogance. Otherwise Barbados will face a whole cascade if failed IMF programmes.”

    This will be achieved only by means of an ‘official’ devaluation of its Mickey mouse currency and let the forex devil take the productivity hindmost.

    How can Bajans expect to get money from the IMF and still import tamarinds in a pretty-looking box from Thailand or sugar packaged on a plantation in Jamaica or gas-ripened grapes from California or luxury vehicles from Germany and Japan or marijuana from SVG and hundreds of acres of once arable land now ‘lying’ idle while the devil finds work for thousands of lazy hands?

    Devaluation is the most viable economic elixir for Barbados to ‘expurgate’ from the entire bull-shit talking system the parasites living in the country’s intestines made of poor productivity and incompetence.

  34. TInniss
    You duz mek me laff. Three months and a few weeks and you’re ready to dismiss the BLP. But after 10 years and 3 months your government should have been re-elected, so you appeared around the 26th of May. You will continue to get bad feels from the reality that the Dems got wiped out. Bajans are not stupid, they know what they experienced 2008-18. Sit back and await phase 2 and 3.

  35. Putting my two cents worth. T. Innis you are correct about theUnions
    if memories serves correct the constant tirade of belitting govt efforts even when those efforts like the NSRL was helpful in keeping the public workers paid
    The day to day agitation of strikes all which now adds up to a measly 5percent which might have sent the Unions into a comotose state of shock leaving the workers to eventually having to face the loaded barrell of the IMF

  36. TInniss
    You duz mek me laff. Three months and a few weeks and you’re ready to dismiss the BLP. But after 10 years and 3 months your government should have been re-elected, so you appeared around the 26th of May on BU with vengeance. You will continue to get bad feels from the reality that the Dems got wiped out. Bajans are not stupid, they know what they experienced 2008-18. Sit back and await phase 2 and 3. In the meanwhile enlighten me on what promises Mia has reneged on and or her failures. Jong?🤣🤣

  37. @david

    Office of Public Sector Reform
    National Productivity Council
    Multiple White Papers and Strategic plans

    Zero real improvement.

    Credit MAM with ideas etc., but implementation and success depends on breaking a particular culture, mindset and way of doing things “bout hey”.

    Miller is right, the IMF isn’t going to give away money for us to end up back here.

    Time will tell.


  38. @ James Greene& Hal

    I have to agree with James on this one. Barbados is far from a failed state. There is no complete break down in the functioning of government and law and order. It is not that state apparatus does not function; it really is how it functions that is cause for serious concern.
    Unfortunately, this calamitous state of affairs will continue because the two political parties that have been given the task since independence have failed miserably. It is the political class that has failed.
    Our people are still resourceful and hard working. Bring over critical of the public service while giving the corporate/ private sector a free pass, is intellectually dishonest.

  39. @ Hal Austin August 26, 2018 1:56 AM

    You should write an article in an English “quality” newspaper about this topic!

    I would like to add two items:

    First, professional land registry is quite new in Barbados, explaining the mess with the “plantation deeds”.

    Second, Barbados lacks a profession called “notary” (known in civil law jurisdictions) to execute property transactions.

    Indeed the lacking qualification of many Barbadian lawyers in comparison to professional notaries plus the uncertainty of deeds is the cause for many problems in Barbados.

    Both failures (lack of notary and the lack of land registration in the past) are typical for common law jurisdictions. So it is not a specific Barbadian problem but more a British heritage.

  40. @T.Inniss
    August 26, 2018 12:49 PM

    No, everything is not hunky dory. A mess takes a long time to fix.

    But, at least two other indictments are waiting to be unsealed, I would say, based on recent events and news.

    How many more? Enough for a cricket team?

    Wrong place though, but this age group like basketball anyway.

    Dominoes will fall one by one, in a chain of events.

    A lot of people must be worried now, both public servants and businessmen, local and foreign.

    Wowzie, the proverbial is now being put in front of the fan and a lot are going to get splattered. Must be quite worrying, knowing that it is the US and files cannot go missing like ’bout hey’.

    I had an epiphany yesterday. Finally was able to come to some sort of conclusion why a certain person was so against xxx.

    Wow! Some things take time to be revealed, but when they are, the wait is worth it.

    Just how far does this corruption go?

  41. 12345
    Disappear DLP- W e do not want you around here
    You are not worthy of forming any Government in Barbados. Get off the scene. You are a blight and a disgrace
    Barbados is finished with you. St. John is finished with you. Let the UPP or SOULUTIONS fill the breach of perennial Opposition. No DLP – You not only want purging , you need to crawl in a cannon.

    Dornville Inmess
    is not the only disgrace to the Country Barbados and all Caribbean people
    Fucmble had to know what Inmess was doing Chris Sinking – Hiding had to know Macoon Carrion had to know
    Macoon Lashes had to know Steele Blackmout had to know Deworst Kooman had to know Adragoon Brothmout had to know Stupifcun Lashes had to know. Jammoit Picass had to know and whole lot of them willy wonkers masquerading as LTBGI – Liars Theives -Bulllackers Goons and Imbeciles had to know

    Vurlap Deposer is just like double six POSING and will not save this hapless strapless clueless visionless miserable excuse for a party political cadaver called the DLP and
    cannot erase the fact that the DLP destroyed Barbados and left in on its knees as seen in 1976 when they left Office – 1994 and 2018/ All of these periods show a Barbados struggling and on its knees having to be rescued by the BLP. Kudos to those persons who left the stink DLP rotten from the core. DLP 30 – 0 says it all as to how to deal with a bunch of wild boys 2 Terms were 2 too many
    That is why Steele Blackmout say he done – a disgrace to his wife

  42. @ Observer

    Here is your Stoopid Cartoon (with some “artistic input” from de grandson.

    I soon going have to speak to him again.

    I give him your script and he using this thing he calls “literary latitude”!!

    It sound like a bowel movement to me.

    Stick to de script i tell he but you know these young people with these sorts of things

    I tell he to put it in square brackets so only you can get it but i ent know what to say.

    De bank got him travelling tomorrow so he said that he would do the item today before he left for the airport.

    I tell dat boy to see ef he could do some work for someplace else other than de bank, it does mek him wuk too hard though.

    You ent know nobody in government who would hire he?

    THat way he could be assured to be paid under 3 contracts instead of one!

    What do you think?

    I wud have to be hush hush though cause fellers like Teets and Pain wud try to get he loose he pick

    Write back to de ole man in square brackets OK?

  43. First…offload some of your blight, start at the beginning, there should be no black schools still named after dead white slave masters on the island , when you remove that curse off the island’s landscape, that should help lighten the load to move forward, but ya also have to remove BLP land thieves out of the parliament…the island cannot experience any growth with 2 Ghouls, lawyers/ministers as leaders investors will be afraid because they know that they too will become old and helpless and would do anything to avoid being the victims of ministers now being exposed worldwide as land thieves ripping off the elderly., yall got a lot of work to do…so chop chop..

    “Southeast D.C. School Finally Removes Slaveholder’s Name

    Anne Branigin
    Thursday 10:11amFiled to: EDUCATION
    As another school year begins in Washington, D.C., one elementary school has undergone major changes. Like many older schools, it will now be housed in a new, updated building. But this primarily black Southeast D.C. school will also be shedding its’ decades-old name: Benjamin Grayson Orr elementary, named for the city’s fourth mayor and a former slaveholder, is now Lawrence Boone Elementary School, named for the school’s first black principal.

    WAMU reports that the name change was spurred by the school community, including its young students, who were shocked to learn about the history of their school’s namesake.

    “As students and as faculty and as people involved in the school, we were like, ‘Well, as a predominantly black school, could we have that name represent us, our student body?’ And the students were just like, ‘No, that’s not right,’” special education teacher Kelly Jones told WAMU.

    Of the school’s 400 kids, almost all are black, writes the radio outlet.

    Schools and localities around the U.S. are renaming schools, highways, and other prominent landmarks tied to the country’s Confederate and slave-owning past. As WAMU notes, it’s not the only school in the DMV (shorthand for the metropolitan area of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) that has undergone or is undergoing such a change:”

  44. David August 26, 2018 1:54 PM

    Do you expect the work ethic to change with the snap of fingers? Have you been reading some of the comments on the blog where so many are not prepared to make a sacrifice because they expect even as we have accrued the status of third most indebted country in the world many expect a business as usual approach at the household and by extension the national level.

    No the work ethic will not change in the snap of a finger or overnight. But our or my economic reality will probably change overnite if a devaluation occurs. Its not business as usual but “we need to extract our head from the sand or the nearest anus”

    We better “get this” “fuh real” or “watch muh” flounder and die.

  45. @ sirfuzzy
    It is uncanny how well you understand the situation…
    Bushie could as well dun wid the blogging ting now….

  46. @ Bush Tea August 27, 2018 10:41 AM

    The old folks consumed plenty BushTtea and living pass 100 etc. We Need some de BusHTea in out diets if we wan to live and hopelessly proposer.

    I advice all here to “Take BushTea either as a beverage or as a medicine; but do consume your BushTea; you are needed. lol

  47. Economics is not my thing; barely scratched the surface in school. But i had a look at my BL&P bill for this month. The FCA is roughly 37 cents. That up from 28 cents in June. Energy prices are indeed rising in Barbados at least. Now if we devalued to 3:1 and i think 3:1 is really unsustainable in the real world.

    If i applied that linearly to my Bl&P bill my cost will rise by 34%. I know other industries will do their own things with prices increases, but the BL&P FCA can be easily seen and factorted.

    Imagine the cost of all fuels rising by 34%. and the knock on effect on food prices and services etc. Say what u like i don’t want a 34% increase in anything unless is a salary increase. And guess what; that is the said thing that will not be increased

    we are playing with fire and thinking we gine be getting a cigarette burn?

  48. @ Bush Tea August 27, 2018 10:41 AM

    Corrected post.

    The old folks consumed plenty BushTea and living pass 100 etc. We Need some of de BushTea in our diets if we wan to live and hopefully proposer.

    I advice all here to “Take BushTea either as a beverage or as a medicine; but do consume your BushTea; you are needed. lol

    • @sirFuzzy

      The real concern is the effect rising oil prices will have on foreign reserves. Made more so by unchanged attitude and behavior of Barbadians.

  49. David August 27, 2018 11:40 AM

    As i was told once by an old gentlemen;; “one day u gine wake up dead and u gine see what i was telling u about:”

    We need to change before change is force on us in a rather force able way.

  50. Bajan love crooks and liars for love of Party and not self they were warned we warn them, We take back now words printed or typed unless they evidence, proof, findings that We or I was wrong, Better use their computers and do some real non-Mason Homework. CXC is a set up, And the blacks can do nothing with how much lies they pass in subjects that were lies, the mind set and the high grade make them feel good and shuts down their brain now tobe Educated, CXC dont mean nothing when you are stupid not to look ahead, The DLP and BBLP are to be the Best we have for the future? hahahah lalalla wawawaaaa, still asking whiteman for help,, here comes the I M F,

  51. @sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore) August 27, 2018 11:01 AM “If i applied that linearly to my Bl&P bill my cost will rise by 34%”

    Lemme see. I too am challenged by numbers bigger than three. So if this month’s BL&P bill is $136.94, then my bill will go to $183.45, that is it might go up by $46.51.

    Not good especially as my water bill has just gone up by $46.50.

    I suppose that I would have to up my food production. I currently work at that 6 hours a week. I may have the strength to double that to 12 hours per week.

  52. I suppose that I would have to up my food production. I currently work at that 6 hours a week. I may have the strength to double that to 12 hours per week.

    Maybe so; but it seems your are part of the few that truly understand “not business as usual” or maybe your head was never buried in sand or an anus.

  53. Whats happening with Mr. Inmess now ,He plead guilteee yet ? The DLP is a Disgrace to Barbados
    Politicians who are not prepared to serve this country should not be allowed in the House. Stop looking to enrich through corruption and serve the country or do not say come

  54. Present govt told all and sundry they had all the answers and the guillble people of barbados belived the lies
    The vendors of the fairchild street market are crying murder while the blp yardfowls keep mouth shut

  55. The Stinking Nasty DLP Government failed to run the affairs of Barbados properly>
    The DLP destroyed Everything
    The DLP has been a Blight on Barbados . The DLP on leaving Office always leave Barbados in a Big Stinking Mess > It would have been in a greater mess if Dornville Inmess or any of his gang of wild boys were reelected

    The Electorate dealt with the DLP –Correct. St. John people dealt with the DLP -decisively -This was a most satisfying occurrence

    Cah wunna ………..

  56. @ Mariposa I seem to recall personally posting quite a hand full of photos on BU highlighting the garbage build up all over Barbados, long before the 25 May 2018. At one point one of the main tourist drags in the Dover area, resembled somewhat Fairchild Street market area of today.

  57. But if govt is a continuum why hasnt present govt who had all the answers before being elected does not clean the garbage off the street.
    The people voted for change not more of the same
    That picture reflects a past that present govt complained daily when in opposition
    Now having a chance to clean up the street refuses to do so
    Hear Mottley saying that any new buses and trucks are going to cost the taxpayers more money
    Never mind she has just placed a double whopper of taxes towards Sanitation

  58. Members of the Guyson Mayers-led Police Service Commission (PSC) have been asked to resign.
    Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson has written to the commissioners asking them to immediately send their letters of resignation to Prime Minister Mia Mottley(Quote)

    This naked power grab by the prime minister is a bit autocratic. Why should members of a commission, which reports to the minister of home affairs, be asked to send letters of resignation to the prime minister? She must learn to delegate authority to her ministers. What is more, it appears as if the minister was forced to ask for the resignation of the commission members. It looks like tears before midnight.

  59. David (BU) what doe that cut and paste mean? The commission’s reporting line is the minister of home affairs, that is why he is the person asking for the resignation letters. Let us make it simpler: in any organisation the hiring and firing is formally done by the HR department, but in every organisation I have worked in the line manager is the one who made his/her choice of recruit known. The formal letter is sent by HR, but the appointment is made by the line manager. So it is in politics.

    In the UK, certain appointments are formally and constitutionally made by the Queen, acting on the advice of the prime minister (head of government), who in turn would be acting on the advice of her minister. If the Queen/prime minister make an appointment the minister is not happy with it runs the risk of a resignation. In any case, this is not a one person government.

  60. Caswell are you serious calling out Guyson for lack of integrity when you are sitting on an integrity Committee where one of the members are accused of deception and fraud and you do not have the balls to say something

  61. Waterbills are making the people mad as hell
    A 33.00 dollar water bill now runs in the hundreds
    Wuh loss
    Mia cares

  62. The water bills are punishing

    What say ye Enuff and Artax
    The people voted for change and now this govt is punishing them

  63. So Mia asked for suggestions
    Hope she is listening to what the people are saying on social media about their water bill

    One person said it looks like the steel donkey (Mia) alive and well kicking everybody a.sss

  64. I guess the ole stan pipe would be back in vogue
    Back then the stan pipe made for some great early morning entertaiment
    Imagine a couple months back paying a thirty dollar water bill then 2months later the bill over a hundred doallars

  65. This is a new Beginning
    The DLP has consistently destroyed Barbados
    Anubody decent persons would be shame to come here to defend the stinking nasty corrupt self serving DLP

    People of Barbados
    The DLP is corrupt nasty blighted party
    They do not deserve your vote
    Shut them down but ignoring them
    They are no good in Government and even worse in Opposition.
    Somebody in the DLP should be locked up
    Wait a second , Dornville Inmess on Bail ?


  66. What new beginning seems like more of the same even a lot worse taxing people to death
    Garbage piling up on the streets and in places like the fairchild street market where food is sold
    Sewage emptied in the ocean
    People waiting for tax refunds
    The QEH falling apart
    Govt ministers Payne and Dale accused of land fraud and theft of beneficiaries money
    What new beginning joker

  67. LOL @ Maripoka
    You are like a sick, mentally disturbed family member – who burnt down the family home and is now grumbling because the sane family members are being forced to sleep in the garage and wear the clothes on their backs…

    You actually have the gall to accuse your big sister of being deceitful for making everyone collect water from the stand pipe while trying to rebuild the house?

    You REALLY think that you are the best person to be complaining that Pain and Teets playing with matches?
    – after your 10 years of raging fires from Carrington, Stinliiar, Pornville and Froon?

    You have no shame…..

  68. Bush Tea i can complain bitch !bellyache as i dam pleases ole boar
    Now get you my face this morning with yuh two cents worth of bile

  69. With all these glorious taxes there is a concern that barbados would become the dumping ground for “recalled” products as merchants not being able to acess credit they were accustomed seize the opportunity to buy products of lower grading (which are cheaper) and which were graded recalled for various reasons

  70. Now how about them “free trucks” Nuh suh
    No such thing peeps wunna got to pay fuh dem
    Don’t worry Mia caressssss

  71. @ Mariposa August 30, 2018 7:39 AM
    “What new beginning seems like more of the same even a lot worse taxing people to death
    Garbage piling up on the streets and in places like the fairchild street market where food is sold
    Sewage emptied in the ocean
    People waiting for tax refunds
    The QEH falling apart
    Govt ministers Payne and Dale accused of land fraud and theft of beneficiaries money
    What new beginning joker..”

    Does that list of “people waiting for tax refunds” include the 24,000 to whom the bold-faced liar Stinkler gave the assurance (as he spoke) that his people in the BRA were stuffing envelopes with their tax-refund cheques since 2016?

    Now who intercepted those envelopes to commit mail fraud? Payne & Dale the modern-day Bonny and Clyde?

    The previous DLP administration consisted of nothing more than a thoroughly rotten and corrupt bunch of deceitful lying propagandists.

    And nothing you say today can change that FACT.

    Just look at Pornville Inniss (the twin brother to the newly born T. for thieving. Inniss) who is now the poster boy for the last crooked and corrupt DLP administration!

  72. I saying a lot of what is truth

    The dlp got Inniss his fate has not been sealed until the America justice system has the last word
    You can also add Carrington who paid his debt
    Now on to the blp
    Charles Herbert caughtbred handed with evidence in tow on a luxury yacht
    Dale Marshall in cohotts with the notorious George Payne accused of land fraud
    Evidence to proof

    Miller nothing u say can change that fact
    Now how about addressing govt 2months daily deluge of pumping sewage in the ocean
    The astronomical water bills pumped into the pockets of bajan households with a reality of all turning to the ole fashioned stan pipe for relief

  73. Many persons with insight bolted from the DLP between 1971 and 2018 -The period of DLP DESTRUCTION
    Even Richie Haynes –Can you imagine that ?
    PEOPLE OF BARBADOS –Do not ever vote for the DLP again
    Every time you vote for them -they bring the Country to its knees
    Is that what you want ?

    The DLP and its supporters are the worst entities anywhere in politics
    The DLP has been destroying Barbados from 1971. These hogs in the DLP believe in one thing and one thing only. There are not about Barbados, They are about themselves
    The DLP Consortium including so-called Mariposa , Carson Cadogan ac and such nick names , past DLP candidates operating under the pseudonym approved by the DLP Consortium that includes former candidates of the DLP , former heads of statutory Boards, mothers of former candidates PM and Cabinet members could really stay off the Blog -No shame at all but no wait –continue on the Blog and show yourself let people see you and say : DEMS THEN; DEMS NEVER EVER AGAIN

  74. Poor wunna did you hear the diplomatic PR meeting by govt that gonna send many bajans from the poor house to the mad house

  75. “Now on to the blp
    Charles Herbert caughtbred handed with evidence in tow on a luxury yacht”
    Since when is CH a politician? Does that make Toni M and Askanni BLP members too?
    Oh I see, effen ya ent fah ma, you mussee de enemy?
    but wait….ya find a copy of dat letter yet?

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