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My How They “care”

Submitted by Observing First they gave a non-impactful salary increase. Then they raised taxes and rates in every place possible. Then they kept gas prices high despite world conditions. Of course they watch silently as retailers raise their prices left right and center. Then they restructured government bonds that found bondholders getting less and taking longer to do so, maybe

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Most Expensive Fast Food in the Caribbean

Visit caribbeansignal.com for more details Back in 2019, I wrote a series of articles on KFC in the Caribbean. Today, I am following it up with a look at Little Caesars in the Caribbean, and in particular, a price comparison of one of their menu staples (and a personal favourite of mine), the Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Large Pepperoni pizza. Before I

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All across the English speaking Caribbean, there is an ominous movement of sorts, a movement of low frequency rumblings without patterns, without form, not like the rhythms of bumbatuk or soca or the one drop of reggae or mento that we are accustomed to. The essence of all of these known rhythms is that they link us to a past

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