Belly Full, Still Hungry

Submitted by Mr. Anonymous

Overheard government MPs today shouting from the mountaintop about the 5% salary increase and how it will give “breakfast before the long journey.”

I just found out that because of the generous 5% salary increase graciously bestowed on me by my caring government that I will get an increment of $154. (I’m an extremely prosperous and affluent middle class worker at Z5 in the salary scale).

Finally I will be able to pay that minor $45 increase on my water bill without worry.

Clearly this will now let me pay that welcome 1% or ($52.80, Z5) in my Health Service Contribution starting October 1.

And yes! I am eternally thankful for the removal of $450 ($48/mth) in road tax. This means I can now fill my 42 litre tank 6 times a month at ONLY a MERE increase of $76.49 more than I would usually pay. (EY Budget Analysis page 10)

Again I say AMEN! My $154 increase COMFORTABLY takes care of my $45 water + $52.80 health + $76.49 gas increases. By the way, I applaud the conscientious and civic minded retailers for dropping their prices since the NSRL removal. My dollar is definitely stretching now!!!!

I have a colleague at the lower end of the scale who feels as good as me. After all, she’s now going to get $76 – $87 more a month to handle her business. Woo hooo!!!!

Lastly, all repects to Mr. MacDowall and Mrs. Moore. They have certainly served us well.

Why hold out for 15% or 23% with back pay when you can take 5% from April this year and 0% from before then???? Sweet!!!

Even sweeter is the fact that I get to keep my appointed job so I can console my temporary friends who are about to lose theirs with a scalpel rather than an axe. The scalpel will surely ease the pain.

My Prime Minister said it well – “We are not being profligate, but if you want people to embark on a long march then you have to make sure they don’t do it on an empty belly,” (Wigglesworth, R., June 5, 2018)

Brother Bob said it better though – “A belly full but them hungry” (Robert Nesta)

“A regular but anonymous blogger”


  • Can some one explain this vodoo economics for me. 5000 public servants going home and the ministers including all the additions getting pay hikes
    What is Wrong with this picture


  • David why havent u posted all this breaking news about Mia policies the headlines screaming
    From default! To ministers pay increases and 5000 public workers lay off.
    David stop trying so hard to be a cover up agent for this govt.You can do better

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  • Bernard Codrington August 15, 2018 2:12 PM/”…There are no losers and no winners…”

    I disagree where tax defaulters receive waivers and investors in GoB debt receive reduced interest or other reduction in their investment.


  • To the revenue commissioner – every company in Barbados files a document with corporate affairs called a notice of directors. Cross reference the names of the directors on those documents to directors fees declared as taxable income and investigate the ones that are not congruent and ease off the investors in the process.


  • The last set of posts to BU see,m to be a rehash of earlier stuff. Just that those on the left seem to be on the right and those that were on the right seem to be on the left.
    Alice in Wonderland?
    Piece seem to think it will be 1984

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  • Many of the investors are pensioners that invested in the GoB debt to supplement their monthly pension.

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  • @Guest

    “Many of the investors are pensioners that invested in the GoB debt to supplement their monthly pension.”



  • Wily Coyote August 15, 2018 7:51 PM/”…FOOLS AND THEIR MONEY ARE EASILY SEPARATED.”

    Yes, I agree, by crooked political yardfowls.

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  • Saw this post about a woman, her land and some BLPites.
    Not one blogger commented.
    Reminded me of when the Herbert story first broke; couldn’t even find it on FB.
    Had to go to the naked woman.
    Scared of their own shadows and will fix a country


  • @Mariposa August 15, 2018 5:51 PM

    5,000? You are joking. We all know that Barbadians are unable to improve productivity.

    Uncle IMF won´t be so easily fooled like Credit Suisse in 2013. The old gov sent home 3,000 initially and rehired most before last elections. So expect if the IMF demands to kick out 5,000 and there is no substantial improvement as in 2013-2015, the IMF will demand an even bigger purge with 10,000 and/or devaluation in 2020.

    The IMF won´t waive any debts to enable “educated” Barbadians to play gov in their silver E 250 toys. Barbados is not yet amongst the least developed countries. Not yet.


  • With a 29-1 majority that the last administration did not have the GoB should consider a law to adopt ES’ solution and reduce salaries across the public service by the desired percentage. This way everybody eats, everybody hurts


  • @ Guest
    the GoB should consider a law to adopt ES’ solution and reduce salaries across the public service by the desired percentage.
    This will never happen. Brass bowls do not operate with such common sense.
    It is too obvious and too comprehensive a solution.


  • At least the 5% salary increase will accelerate devaluation and serves a higher purpose at the very end.

    Ceterum censeo BBD esse devaluendam.


  • Every man should hear this from at least one woman in his lifetime

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  • Great record Mr Guest! Thanks for the memory! How about this one…


  • Dr Ian A Marshall

    Mr Anonymous very very well said. This fiasco reminds me of Animal Farm. The hurtful thing is that the majority of bajans are behaving like Boxer and we all know the fate he suffered. I wonder who owns the glue factory


  • The situation unfolding in Barbados is reminiscent of Greece. We want to live as there is no problem. Some MPs and Senators want increase renumeration. The unionists want pa hikes. We want every brand of cornflakes on the supermarket shelves. We want the latest ride etc etc etc.

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  • There is no need for any adjustment in the public sector nor for any salary cut. Just devalue the Barbados Dollar to 1:10 and gov can easily raise the salaries by 20 % per year.

    We will have less SUVs and Mercedes on the road, but more donkeys, slimmer people and less fast-food.


  • The most amazing aspect of our predicament is the extent to which most people are COMPLETELY ignorant of the basic genesis of the problem.

    Wuh if we spent so much time, money, resources and effort on ‘EDUCATION’ over the last two generations; and have now arrived at a point where we need assistance from countries that basically left such ‘education’ to the private sector and to the ability of parents to pay… What does this say about what we are learning….?

    Some shiite is FUNDAMENTALLY wrong…..
    it does not take a brainiac to work this out….
    Yet, we continue spending more and more …doing the same shiite over and over …and expecting that results will be different.

    Who knows…?
    Perhaps next year we can top one million visitors …and we can have 100 Barbados Scholars…..

    Brass Bowls….!!! Them belly full – while we are hungry…
    In response to the problem, brass bowls tend to :

    ..forget their troubles and dance, forget their worries and dance…
    But when the cost of living get so high, that the rich and poor they start to cry..
    Then the weak must get strong …when the hungry mob becomes an angry mob…
    They say… OH what a tribulation

    Like it or not…
    ….eventually we are ALL going to dance to JAH music.

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  • @david 6:!7
    Therein lies the problem. As Bush Tea says ad nauseum, our issues are systemic and attitudinal
    We want everything the way it was, without sacrifice, without taxes and without austerity.

    The BLP deserves their honeymoon but until forex stops leaking, shite stops being pumped into the swamp, government expenses match revenue and we stop borrowing to make our statistics look good we will always be in ducks guts.

    re. OSA – that 2 billion forex came from sales of entities, international business and increased land prices
    re. DJT – attempted to keep things as they were in a depressed climate that never had a chance of recovering
    re. FJS – did nothing really.

    So here we are. Promises galore, plenty smoke and mirrors, press conferences grandmudda and then what…..

    Same sub cultures, same socioeconomic divide, same irrelevant education, same lacksadaisical public sector attitude, same low productivity, same square pegs in round holes, same political decisions rather than practical ones.

    Why? Because we like it so. Because the last bunch were so bad, that this bunch can now do wrong. Because if you applaud one, it means you are pulling down the other.

    The rhetoric is laudable, I await the results. NUPW and BWU for another thread.
    I’ll reserve comments on

    Just observing

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  • We are living in the IG age (not instagram but Instant Gratification).

    Bajans kicked out the DLP and they demand instant gratification so:
    They got a 5% pay increase
    Free UWI tuition restored
    NSRL removed
    Road tax removed
    New fancy ministries
    Ministers with Instagram accounts

    But instant gratification is fleeting, 5 minutes of joy followed by 55 minutes of misery. The 5 minutes are almost up.


  • 5 minutes of joy followed by 5 YEARS of misery…. is more like it….


  • sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore)

    Since the senate is not an elected body actually a selected body. Mainly filled with “want to bees ” and “wash outers”.

    Why do we need to pay them; it should be a national privilege of unknown magnitude to be selected as a senator. We got 270,00 folks; about 180000 are adult age and can serve in the upper house. We chose a mere 21 for this role. Thus u and eye have a 0.011666667% chance of becoming a senator. The 0.011666667% sound like the rate of interest paid by bank on saving.

    They should do their national duty to the country/nation and serve free of cost or perks?

    Just asking

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  • Senator Franklyn cares about poor people.

    ““It is not fair to them. They waited ten years, five revisions… and in all those years you gave them basically half of one per cent, per year at the bottom… In this salary revision, people who need the money least of all [will be] getting a whopping sum; at the level of the permanent secretary he is going to get $616.36 and the Prime Minister is going to get $846.56. They don’t need it. The people at the bottom [are] who really need the money, the fellow that is getting the $96, who has children to send to school, who got a mortgage to pay, who in some instances getting in trouble for not coming to work, not because they don’t want to work, but because he ain’t got enough bus fare,” he said.”

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  • Dr Marshall
    Animal farm
    Alice in Wonderland
    Groundhog Day
    fake news
    alternative reality….


  • If the GoB has about 30,000 workers a 3000 reduction would represent 10% of the public service for a 5% increase before added expenses for water, tax, nis and so on. The unions were not even in the game


  • mr anonymous my situation is very similar to yours. give me a meal and later charge me double..when will we open our eyes and look past all the fluff


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