Belly Full, Still Hungry

Submitted by Mr. Anonymous

Overheard government MPs today shouting from the mountaintop about the 5% salary increase and how it will give “breakfast before the long journey.”

I just found out that because of the generous 5% salary increase graciously bestowed on me by my caring government that I will get an increment of $154. (I’m an extremely prosperous and affluent middle class worker at Z5 in the salary scale).

Finally I will be able to pay that minor $45 increase on my water bill without worry.

Clearly this will now let me pay that welcome 1% or ($52.80, Z5) in my Health Service Contribution starting October 1.

And yes! I am eternally thankful for the removal of $450 ($48/mth) in road tax. This means I can now fill my 42 litre tank 6 times a month at ONLY a MERE increase of $76.49 more than I would usually pay. (EY Budget Analysis page 10)

Again I say AMEN! My $154 increase COMFORTABLY takes care of my $45 water + $52.80 health + $76.49 gas increases. By the way, I applaud the conscientious and civic minded retailers for dropping their prices since the NSRL removal. My dollar is definitely stretching now!!!!

I have a colleague at the lower end of the scale who feels as good as me. After all, she’s now going to get $76 – $87 more a month to handle her business. Woo hooo!!!!

Lastly, all repects to Mr. MacDowall and Mrs. Moore. They have certainly served us well.

Why hold out for 15% or 23% with back pay when you can take 5% from April this year and 0% from before then???? Sweet!!!

Even sweeter is the fact that I get to keep my appointed job so I can console my temporary friends who are about to lose theirs with a scalpel rather than an axe. The scalpel will surely ease the pain.

My Prime Minister said it well – “We are not being profligate, but if you want people to embark on a long march then you have to make sure they don’t do it on an empty belly,” (Wigglesworth, R., June 5, 2018)

Brother Bob said it better though – “A belly full but them hungry” (Robert Nesta)

“A regular but anonymous blogger”


  • Dr Marshall
    Animal farm
    Alice in Wonderland
    Groundhog Day
    fake news
    alternative reality….


  • If the GoB has about 30,000 workers a 3000 reduction would represent 10% of the public service for a 5% increase before added expenses for water, tax, nis and so on. The unions were not even in the game


  • mr anonymous my situation is very similar to yours. give me a meal and later charge me double..when will we open our eyes and look past all the fluff


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