In Praise of Capitalism

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

This video is highly recommended in times like these when multitudes walk blindly without a sense of history.

Time to lift the blindfold that keeps the masses organizing to go the wrong way, listening to the wrong music,and dancing to the wrong drums that do not inspire thoughts of African Liberation.


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  1. This video exemplifies why it is so important that minority business people who have taken advantage of their access to ministers and permanent secretaries, the land bank and taxpayers money and the pension fund for the last 40 years or more do not be allowed under any circumstances in the future to have such easy access.

    What we viewed is the model used worldwide by the greedy to keep majority populations in eternal poverty and in slave conditions so that only a few can be wealthy, it is a decades old scam conceptualized post slavery using weak, stupid governments ….. and if these governments cannot see that they are helping the greedy to impoverish their own people when they collude with, enable and give easy access to these parasites to enrich themselves, the people cannot keep any governments for more than 5 years.

    I never even knew that Jamaicans found themselves enslaved by these beasts in Costa Rica in the 1920s.

    Yet none of these governments learned anything, presuming they themselves just like me are still unaware of that history.

  2. Differences between Capitalism and Communism

    • System of government is democratic
    • Property is privately owned
    • Driven by free enterprise
    • Wealth distributed unevenly
    • Education and health care provided by private entities
    • Freedom of the press Class distinctions: upper class, middle class and working class
    • Focus is on the individual and his/her own progress in life

    • System of government is totalitarian
    • Property is owned by the state
    • No free enterprise is allowed
    • Wealth distributed equally
    • Education and health care provided by the state
    • Press controlled and owned by the state
    • Classless society: all members of society are considered to be equal
    • Focus is on the progress of the community as a whole

    Following this Capitalism and Communism have the following opposing sets of ideas:

    The Ideology of capitalism
    • People need freedom
    • When people compete against one another, they achieve greater things
    • Some people have more than others because they make better use of their abilities
    • Governments should not interfere with the rights of individuals to make their own living
    • The government should interfere in the economy as little as possible

    The Ideology of Communism
    • People need one another
    • When people work together as equals, they achieve greater things
    • No-one should have more than anyone else – everybody’s needs are equally important
    • Governments should make sure that everyone’s needs are being met
    • There is central control of the economy

    Totalitarian: A political system in which the Government has Total Control over the public and Private Lives and Actions of that State’s Citizens.

    Free Enterprise: The Freedom for Private Businesses to operate for a Profit Without Interference from the Government.


    • Again, is it possible for you to comprehend that both system have up and downsides, the goal therefore is to reach for an ideal system which is always a mix of the two extreme systems?

      We have a pure capitalist system where 1% commands 80% of that country’s wealth. There is China which because of the historical, geographical, educational and others factors makes a capitalist system ideal.

      The bigger point is that no one has the right to condemn any system based on some fatal attraction to a system of government.

  3. I don’t know how anyone could look into these greedy people’s faces, like the one above, and not see they always were and always will be criminals, stealing from anyone who is dimwitted enough to allow them, a practice they will continue for further centuries, only if allowed..

    Let’s see what other vile crimes they have to commit against the people before the leaders will learn, or not.

  4. There’s such a thing as “wrong music”? Seriously?

    You’re really not a big thinker, are you?

  5. China is a Communist Regime there is Nothing Democratic about the “People’s Republic of China”’

    They are No Elections held Except within their Own Communist Party. It is said that XI is now Equal in Status to Mao. He is there for Life, by any Standard that is a Dictatorship. China’s Rise was Fueled by Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit of their people and they have more Billionaires than other Country in the world. But the Chinese Government is Still a Government of FORCE, it owns All the Major Industries. Nearly All of the Trading Arrangements with Countries are by the Government to gain Access to the Natural Resources of the Countries giving them Preferential Treatment and Subservience.

    Classic Example…China will Approach an Undeveloped African Country and say we want to help, we would like to Build a Road into your Interior. It comes with Strings Attached, however after the Road is Built they will then Exploit the Mineral Resources of the Country for China with Chinese Workers on Chinese Trucks by Chinese Companies and on Chinese Ships. There is a Benefit for the Countries However but it is SMALL. And this is Repeated OVER AND OVER AND OVER IN AFRICA. The Road maybe a Railway line but all such Promises of Help comes with Strings includes VOTING the Chinese Way in All International Forums.

    Facebook and a Lot of Western Internet Access is Banned. Any Criticism of the Emperor is Banned. Any Religion that is Not Officially Sanctioned is Banned. Any type of Dissent that is Deemed Unacceptable is Banned. Although Christians Exist in China their Activities are Severely Restricted and many Churches are Demolished.

    China has Systematically Cohered people of their Technology. They have Also Steadily Stolen through Cyber or Otherwise all of the West Technology. China is the Largest Criminal Organization in terms of Theft of Patents and Copy Right Information even down to Ladies handbags.

    Most Economic Activity is by Government Businesses. All Banks are Owned by the Government. All Arms are Owned by the Government. All Military Suppliers are Owned by the Government. They are Countless Cities Built with No Residence. If China’s Goal was Moving Towards More Freedom we may be able to say I understand that people must be taught to Love Freedom, to Respect Freedom and to Ensure its Survival. But this is NOT THEIR GOAL. THEIR GOAL IS TO ALLOW ENOUGH ECONOMIC FREEDOM THAT THE STATE MAY PROSPER AND RULE.

    The Only place in China that you are Allowed some sort of Mental Freedom, Vocal Freedom, Somewhat Free Exchange of Ideas is in Hong Kong and Hong Kong is a Tiny Fraction of China.

    David from your comments above about not condemning other Forms of Government is Absurdity. It is this Type of Leftist thinking that has Led us to the Conclusion that All forms of Behaviour are Acceptable, All Cultures are Equal, All Laws are Acceptable and All Governments Regardless of their Beliefs, Ideologies, Behaviour are Acceptable. Wither you are going from the Culture of Cannibalism to a Refined Debate they want to say it is the Same and Justifiable. That will mean the Countries that Execute their own Citizens and send others to Re-education Camps is the same as Barbados.

    The David’s on BU see China as A Role Model. The Lefts Ability to make Two Opposing Ideas that could never could co-exist together co-exist in the minds of Leftist such as All Cultures are Equal.

    I love Goodness and I want More of it Every day…If you Love Socialism/Communism if we look as Close to us as Venezuela who have implemented Socialism Perfectly and their Fruits are Repression, Poverty, Misery, Loss of Life, Starvation, Unrest, and you want me to Say “A MIX IS GOOD?”

    There is no other System of Governance that is Equal or Approach the System of Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Choice, Equality Under the Law and the belief that the Individual is Supreme.

    The Method by which this is Brought to Pass is Free Enterprise with the Protection of the Individuals. And I want to See more of that. Please do NOT ask Anybody to eat a Julie Mango with a little bit of Arsenic it, may be sweet to the taste but Certain Death is Assured.

    Understand the State Uses your Own Money To Enslave You.

    May we Always be Resilient …Do what is Right and Let the Consequences Follow.

  6. Yes Ras…the Black race are STILL dancing to the wrong music, it is embarrassing to see some on here so socially engineered, their black minds totally destroyed and wiped clean, that they are now mere shells ….and they don’t even know it, they actually believe the crap that was programmed into them for hundreds of years, generations after generation.

    Some, I no longer read, the posts will have to be extremely short to grab my attention, so embarrassing to see the level of damage.

  7. The interesting part of the video was the giving of coupons to the immigrant labourers which forced them to spend their hard earn dollars with the capitalist. The same model is used today albeit using a more covert model.

  8. As i have said before, we adopt things and try to make them work bout hay. We often dont know the genesis of the economic models we are adopting. What is the true purpose of the model and what role we are destined or mandated to play within.

    If an economic model see Barbados and its inhabitants(most of them at least) as a “provider of labour at low rates, and the purchaser of finished goods” How can we adopt this model and expect it not to turn us into anything other than “labourers and purchases of finished goods”.

    Many of our well learned intelligent citizens are often disciples of the economic models that keeps us enslaved and not punching above out weight(if we ever really did). We have travelled(walked; stumbled; dragged ran etc) to long and to far to be where we are now.

  9. For All those Anti-Capitalist…Take Note

    David…. What you Describe here is not Capitalism it is Socialism where the people at the top Control the land, the means of production they Control what they pay you and they Control the Goods that they Supply at whatever Price they want to Supply it at. And you Call that Capitalism? That is Socialism where Everything is Controlled. What you have Described happened in Countries that have Socialist Governments. They don’t care about the People. Free Market also means Free Movement of people within their own Country. There is not a Country in the World today that Practices Free Enterprise.

    America’s Constitution is How a Free People should Govern themselves and the Left’s Ideology has been trying to Usurp the American Constitution, American Freedoms and the Rights of Individuals to Replace it with a Socialist Hell where what you Describe is the Norm and the Elitist Rule as they think is their Birth right.

    Have you not Noticed yet that Most of the Billionaires that we know of in the Western World are Socialist, Including the People at Google, the People at Facebook, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates among others. They did not Start out that way they competed in the Market Place and got ahead, but to Stay Ahead they turned to Socialism, where they Collude with Governments to make sure they Stay on Top.

    Please learn to tell the Difference otherwise you will be Confused all the Days of your life and you will put Good as Evil and Evil as Good.

  10. David
    June 26, 2018 4:03 PM

    The interesting part of the video was the giving of coupons to the immigrant labourers which forced them to spend their hard earn dollars with the capitalist. The same model is used today albeit using a more covert model.


    Seen that process in mining towns in America as well in various cruising on the internet.

    It is called scrip.

  11. If an economic model see Barbados and its inhabitants(most of them at least) as a “provider of labour at low rates, and the purchaser of finished goods” How can we adopt this model and expect it not to turn us into anything other than “labourers and purchases of finished goods”.
    Many of our well learned intelligent citizens are often disciples of the economic models that keeps us enslaved and not punching above out weight(if we ever really did). We have travelled(walked; stumbled; dragged ran etc) to long and to far to be where we are now.(Quote)

    You are on to to a great thing. The economic orthodoxy that has imprisoned our nation.

  12. This age old UK scam works on black leaders each and every time, I hope this one read AND UNDERSTOOD WHAT HE so eagerly SIGNED,,,STEUUUPPPS…

    .the UK already knows the problems in the Caribbean, they created the problems in the black race, they monitor, update, refine and modify those problems as they go along and keep the same problems alive and functioning for their own self serving interests..

    That is why although I am willing to give Beckles some latitude, outside of the reparations scheme, I also view him with suspicion, because he knows this, he knows the UK “aid” is mere bait…from which black leaders cannot or are not willing to separate themselves…

    The University of the West Indies (UWI) has signed an agreement with the United Kingdom (UK) Government to facilitate development research on climate change, disaster resilience, security and justice, and prospects for economic growth.

    The agreement was signed last Friday by Mark George, deputy head of the Department for International Development and Professor Winston Moore of the UWI’s Economics Department, Cave Hill Campus, during a meeting here which discussed issues facing Commonwealth Caribbean countries.

  13. If an economic model see Barbados and its inhabitants(most of them at least) as a “provider of labour at low rates, and the purchaser of finished goods” How can we adopt this model and expect it not to turn us into anything other than “labourers and purchases of finished goods”.

    We don’t produce any finished goods for export … or local consumption.

    We long lost any claim to be the provider of labour at low rates.

    In fact, I doubt it could be said that we are even labourers.

    The economic model we live on is CREDIT …. and our falling ratings worldwide means even this model is failing!!

  14. Arthur Lewis of St. Lucia had early childhood sickness and his father’s early tutoring to thank for his advanced mental development…he was not exposed to the early childhood programming in schools of those days, so he was able to display the clarity of mind that comes naturally to people of African descent, untouched by british social engineering….that programming would have come later after he was accepted into the british system..

    Lewis understood quite well the economic problems that plagued the Caribbean islands back then and still do today…..he however did not understand the social engineering problems that aided the economic problems , as well, and that lack of knowledge nearly killed him..

  15. In India they worship the lingum a symbol of divine generative energy, especially a phallus or phallic object as a symbol of Shiva
    In west they worship the $ money is bigger than religion and penises

  16. And just for those who are still unsure where and to whom sovereignty belongs in Barbados and who drafted the constitution…despite Jeff’s many promptings, sharing of knowledge and nudging for those who are struggling to understand…..for a whole month..

    “PORT OF SPAIN – Judgments were delivered by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in a pair of unrelated death penalty cases from Barbados.
    The cases, Jabari Sensimania Nervais v The Queen and Dwayne Omar Severin v The Queen, were consolidated because both appeals challenged the murder convictions of each of the men and the constitutionality of the mandatory death sentence for murder in Barbados.

    The Court stated that a section of the Offences Against the Person Act was unconstitutional because it provided for a mandatory sentence of death.”


    And since the british can be called many things, but stupid not being one of them, don’t be in the least bit surprised since they ran around stealing islands that were already inhabited in the 1600s, that they haven’t drafted Deeds of Ownerships of these islands and still have them for future use and just to continue being the bitches that they can be, has everyone of those islands insured with Lloyd’s of London, who also underwrote criminal expeditions to Africa to steal slaves and whatever else they could tief, to also back then underwrite insurance for the Caribbean islands for when hurricanes strike and demolish them,….the sovereign crown would then be handsomely paid out for centuries to come…after each event of destruction.

    wuh they had insurance for slave ships, they paid out slave masters, so insuring islands they stole and laid claim to would not be a stretch…besides, I am not insulting anyone, but were I that evil…that is exactly what I would do too.

    So all my mentally damaged friends like Bernard who don’t know which way is up, and Enuff with his mental obsession with politicians etc can continue living in th though…I quite understand…cause it gets even worse than that…

  17. So all my mentally damaged friends like Bernard who don’t know which way is up, and Enuff with his mental obsession with politicians etc can continue living in THEIR FANTASY WORLD……it is their coping mechanism…I quite understand…cause it gets even worse than that…

  18. This is a perfect example of… the brits stole your Benin Bronzes belonging to your ancestors from the Kingdom of Benin around 1918, they also raped, murdered and pillaged everything else in sight 4 or 5 or more centuries before, but will not mention that one….too many lies they have to tell to keep that explanation straight…ah don’t think this new generation in this era got the stomach or brains to pull off that one..

    ….then they tell you in 2018, “some bronzes were not really stolen and we will loan them back to you, because we are not finished studying them”. …read, making money off them.

    Loan them back to me?…study them? a hundred years later… really, ya stole my damn bronzes and now want to loan them to me and with a straight face….just give me back my damn bronzes ya thieves.

    …..what a bunch of freaking white thieves, liars and criminals..

  19. Please call me a conspiracy theorist if you wish. Some may even think what i am about to say is food for the further capitalism in Barbados.

    The boiling frog is a fable describing a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of threats that arise gradually

    I was asleep this morning and jumped up out my slumber with a thought running through my brain. THE GCS which is $1.50 a day for BWA consumers is the prelude for the pre-privatisation of the the SSA. The $1.50 is made up of $0.25 for sewerage and $1.25 for the SSA or any entity the succeeds it.

    a) The background. Bajans are not familiar with DIRECT PAYMENT for the collection of garbage as it has been a social service provided by the central government. Therefore a change of culture is required.

    b) Any private entity that wants to take over the collection of garbage in Barbados will like some certainty of revenues. Therefore the decoupling of any revenue stream from the “CENTRAL GOVT.” where bureaucracy can get in their way of being paid. Also, the gathering of data over a period of time on how the new industry behaves is important. Additionally, the fine tuning of the system at BWA that makes it as smooth as possible since the BWA is the only Govt. owned entity that has 100% of the householders as a customer base, and therefore the perfect collection agency.

    c) The changing of the prevailing mindset in the country where it becomes accepted that you pay for the collection of your garbage. Is essential. This will probably take over five years of a concerted PR effort on the benefits of the GSC. Therefore i expect the SSA to be micro-managed. The delivery of service to the householder with be paramount, as this will be part of the PR campaign. Look out for real and sincere privatisation talk at the beginning of the second BLP term. I am assuming the BLP will win the next general election.

    d) As the GSC is a contribution that has 2 owners(takers), the BWA and the SSA, any private entity that takes over the SSA will be in a position to suggest to the Govt any increase in the portion collected on their behalf without affecting the “WATER RATES” paid by householders.

    The trade unions gotta see this a real possible outcome given the negotiation between the GOVT and IMF are just around the corner.


    On another note we are due for a potable(note potable) water rate increase in Barbados given the millions being spent by the BWA on water mains replacement over the last few years and scheduled to continue .

    I suspect given the vulnerability of the BWA to the price of electricity; that the BWA will be introducing an energy component into their rate structure. It will be something like the FCA that we see on the Electricity bills. This will allow the BWA to deflect some of the cost of energy cost for pumping water to its customers

  20. “I am assuming the BLP will win the next general election.”

    The electorate is wide awake, hopefully the government does not plan to get over confident that they will be returned to parliament.

    Bizzy “give me” Williams, who boldly went to the newspapers one day couple years ago and let them know that he and of course his uppity brother Cow have over the years contributed campaign financing to both political parties, so naturally they all believe bajans not only owe them something, but that they owned both governments depending on the one elected by the people at the time in the tag game both governments played with the electorate……a win win for those funding political campaigns……never mind that the money the Williams’ used to fund campaigns was the same money they and their employees and business partners bribed both governments to get access to taxpayer funded contracts, money from the treasury and pensioners money..over decades… other words, the people’s money used to bribe government ministers who were paid paid a monthly salary by the same people………but they were too arrogant the whole of them including the same two governments…to see it at the time…although the Williams gang are only too well aware, they are not that dim.

    None of the ones calling themselves millionaires and magnets were born wealthy, they all came from poverty stricken backgrounds and born into the worse conditions… so the money they made and properties they own were accumulated over the decades off the backs of the majority black population in Barbados, they are all frauds, among other repulsive things.

    Fast forward to nearly 2 years ago and the same Bizzy “give me” returns to the newspapers and declares that he wants the now defunct government to “GIVE ME” he says….. 60 millions dollars AND the BWA to manage..

    ya believe the nerve of these common class thieves though…that is how Bizzy got the nickname “give me”.

    So it has been a discussion among the minorities who believe they are entitled to be given everything belonging to taxpayers and pensioners…the plan was to divvy up everything among themselves Bizzy “give me” would get BWA, his employee and partner Maloney would go after another state entity, more likely the NIS Scheme itself because Cow believes that belongs to him…and so on…but it was dependent on keeping the exiled government and parliament filled with dummies in place…well we know how well that one worked

    Suffice it to say, the plan is just on hold, but still very much alive…they are just patiently looking for any weaknesses and corrupt, empty headed dummies that may be found in this present government…who are currently leeching off the taxpayers as salaried employees…as soon as they find the weakest link in the present government…..we will know…

    Ya are not too far off the mark..

  21. BTW…both Payne and Marshall are known to be the weakest link in the present government…they are the worst types of black men…mental runts, easily manipulated by minorities….

    just check the video with the females accusing them all, including Cow, of tiefing land from the elderly, so they not only got a reputation, but they also got a long, long relationship which should see them all sharing prison cells.

  22. @ww

    I plead ignorant. To what yo have written about certain members of parliament and business owners. I dont rub shoulders with those folks. I think i maybe outta their class and certainly outta they income bracket.

    anywhow. I want to see how the major union leadership plays this. Some how i see out union leadership surrendering as they may claim the IMF is calling the shots; and somehow gotta play along as a patriotic bajan.

  23. They can keep up the “patriotic Bajan” crap ..copying the shit from the bigger countries, when thy don’t even have sovereignty for the island they live on…..and see how far that gets them, they all. better step into reality….the sooner the better for all of them, if they care anything about their futures and that of their present and future. generations or it will be racists and racist countries like Argentina enjoying the fruits of their labor…..slaves once again.

    BTW…the british have new laws, any british citizens engaging in modern day slavery, human trafficking etc anywhere in the world, can have their asses arrested, tried and convicted, the first idiot to be convicted is a british citizen from Liberia, the criminal trafficked her own African people, women.

    It’s about time the brits, expats and business people who do crap in the Caribbean get a dose of bitter medicine.

    “UK nurse is first person convicted under modern slavery laws
    Josephine Iyamu found guilty of trafficking five women from Nigeria to work as prostitutes
    Sarah Marsh
    Thu 28 Jun 2018 15.34 BST Last modified on Thu 28 Jun 2018 18.45 BST

    Josephine Iyamu was convicted of five counts of arranging or facilitating travel for sexual exploitation. Photograph: National Crime Agency/PA
    A British nurse has become the first person to be convicted under new modern slavery laws, after being found guilty of trafficking five Nigerian women to Germany to work as prostitutes.”

    So anytime these british criminals come into the Caribbean trying to enslave black people with their schemes and scams…have the british come and collect them for prison.

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